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Two Dads, long separated from their wives and horny, find themselves attracted to each others daughters and arrange a get-together to swap them for sex
I was tossing my tools into the back of my truck when John walked up.

“Grab a beer?” He asked.

“I should get home, it’s a little late.” I replied.

“Wife hmm? You getting some?”

“No, we’ve been separated for a while.” I said.

“Sorry man, I didn't know. That sucks. I know all about it. Man, I haven't been laid in six months. My daughter's friends are starting to look really good.”

I knew his step-daughter Alyssa well, my daughter Carol had been a friend of hers for years. She was tall, slim and had a cute little rack with long brown hair, blue eyes and a tight, small ass. She had spent a good deal of time around our house and the young girl had turned my head more than a few times.

“I know what you mean. It’s been about five months for me.” I replied laughing. “Carol is staying with me most of the year, she didn’t get along with her mother anyway..”

“No disrespect, but your daughter should be a model. She’s amazing.” John said.

My daughter was striking. She had grown up fast and when she hit eighteen she had fully inherited her mothers big tits, flat stomach and little butt. And my red hair.

“She’s a little boy-crazy. I’ve caught her with dudes in her room a couple of times, condoms in her purse.” I said laughing.

“Yeah, mine too. They get over eighteen and they think they have to fuck everyone they go out with.” John said, shaking his head.

My daughter and I had a good relationship, and I knew Carol had been sexually active for some time, recently started dating a few older college guys.

“Alyssa mentioned you the other day.” John continued, more seriously now. “After you came over to play ball. She said you were pretty hot for a dad.”

“Really? Wow, OK.” I replied, shaking my head “That’s kind of a coincidence, Carol said something like that about you. The day after you helped out on the deck rebuild. She said, ‘Your friend John is hot for an older dude.’ I remember being a little jealous, hoping there’s a nineteen year old out there saying that about me.”

“Well, there is.” John said. “Look, I’m technically Alyssa’s step-dad, she's almost nineteen, and I don’t really give a fuck who she’s screwing. I’d like it to be someone I know rather than some strange dude in the back of a car.”

“I feel the same way. Maybe we should set our daughters up with each other. Work out a daughter trade.” I said laughing.

“Dude, I’m in. If you don’t mind me saying again, your daughter is fucking amazing. I would in a heartbeat.” John said laughing.

“If I thought you were serious…” I trailed off.

“I am serious, if you are. Look, Alyssa is staying with me for a week at the new house. That weekend I’ll have the both of you over to hang at the pool. Bring Carol and let’s see what happens. I know my girl is into you.”

“Wow. To be honest, she's pretty amazing too.”

“Her and Carol are friends, they’re always together anyway so let’s set it up and give it a try. If I’m right

“Yeah, Ok, let's do it.” I agreed.

I should have felt bad about agreeing to let a forty-two year old man try to fuck my daughter, but all I could think about was his daughter Alyssa and those firm, round softball sized tits of hers. Besides, I had no idea what college guy Carol would be fucking next, and I didn’t really have a problem with her getting together with someone I knew well.

When we set the date I casually mentioned the invitation to Carol.

“Alyssa and I were going to hang out over there at the pool anyway. You guys can grill and make us food while we watch.” she said laughing.

“I think John has a crush on you.” I teased.

“I doubt it,” my daughter replied, “I’m sure he’s dating someone by now.”

“He’s not. He told me how amazing he thought you looked the last time he was here.”

“Really? And that doesn't bother you?” She said, crossing her arms.

“You're almost nineteen honey, you’re a grown-up. You can do what you want.” I said

“He’s a little old for me.”

“I know you like him. Don’t pretend you don't. He’s a good dude, and thinks you’re amazing.”

“Whatever.” she said laughing. “He does have a nice butt. We’ll see.”

The day came and all had gone well, lots of food and drink. John's new house was pretty cool. As construction contractors, John and I knew a lot of people in the business, and his place showed it. It featured a large pool, hot tub and a huge patio. The interior had several bedrooms, a sauna and each bathroom had a large stone walk-in shower.

The sun was now setting and the four of us were lounging in the golden light. We had grilled, drank, swam and were now relaxing as the day ended.

Carol was in a white bikini that showed off her curves, most notably her big tits. Her nipples were clearly visible through the material, wet or dry.

Alyssa was sitting at the end of my lounge chair as I sat behind her and applied aloe to her back.

“I hope I don’t burn,'' she said, holding her top up..

I had untied the bikini string to rub the gel on her back, and she was holding her hair up with one hand and her top on with the other.

When I looked over at my daughter and John, she was taking my cue and doing the same thing.

She was sitting at the end of the lounge chair with John’s long tan legs on each side of her, her long red hair held up in one hand.

John's big hands were rubbing Aloe gel on her back and down her arms. She let her head fall forward.

“Mmm, that feels so good.” Carol said, as John continued to massaging the gel into her pale skin.

I noticed that John was sitting very close to Carol, pressed up tight against her butt.

“Hey it’s getting a little chilly. How about we refresh our drinks and get into the hot tub.” I suggested.

Yes!” Carol said, rising and pulling John to his feet. The older man towered over the short ginger girl as he stood next to her.

“Sounds nice.” Alyssa said.

“Another Rum and Coke?” I asked as I moved to the table.

“Yes please.” Alyssa said.

“Make it two.” Carol said giggling, “By the way, the hot tub is ‘suit optional’”..

“Suit optional? “ John repeated.

“That's the rule.” Carol said, standing next to the large spa.

She unhooked her top, letting her bikini top fall away and stepped out of the bottoms.

The young redhead stepped into the steaming water, her big tits swaying.

“Rules are rules.” Alyssa said, dropping her bikini on the chair next to the tub. I watched her perfect little butt through the steam as she stepped up and into the tub.

“Rules are rules.” I said to John, and we both untied our swim jams and tossed them on the chair as well.

Both of us were still lean, although we were well over 40. Construction work had kept us muscled and tan.

I had seen John nude in a dozen locker rooms but as he climbed into the hot water I could see his dick was simi-hard, long and slim. My thick but flaccid cock was out and in the breeze as I walked up to the tub.

Alyssa’s eyes flicked from my fat penis to my eyes and back again as I sank into the water.

My red-headed daughter was already sitting close to John, one hand on his neck.

Through the bubbles I could see John had a hand on her thigh.

Alyssa scooted over next to me smiling, grabbing my arm to pull herself over and pressing a firm round tit into my shoulder.

One of her hands went around my neck and her other slid along my thigh. Giggling, she kissed me on my cheek.

I glanced at John and he gave me a wink.

I turned to his young step-daughter and pulled her in for a kiss. Her tongue slipped into my mouth as her hand curled around my now hard cock.

My hand palmed one of her firm tits, the nipple hardening under my calloused fingers.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see John making out with Carol, one hand in her red hair and one large tan hand holding one of her large pale tits.

Carol's hand was busy between the handsome older man’s legs.

I moaned softly as Alyssa’s fingers closed around my hard-on, her small hand barely reaching around its thickness.

“Wow.” she said quietly, stroking it slowly as the water foamed around us.

I continued gently fondling Alyssa’s firm round tits as we kissed.

I had seen them braless in halter tops, gazed at the hard nipples under t-shirts, even caught a glimpse of them as she toweled off after a shower at my place. Now those hard nipples were pressing against my palms as I ran my big hands over her soft skin.

“I’m getting warm.” Carol said, after a few moments.

She rose up and sat on the edge of the tub, her fire-red mound of hair just above her pussy dripping water down between her lips. Water ran off her big tits as she raised both arms over her head to pull her hair back.

John stood and moved between her legs, both hands on her hips.

“Me too.” Alyssa said, rising out of the water to sit on the edge, he soldiers steaming slightly in cool night air.

Her pussy was shaved smooth, the lips thin and slight, just a slit showing.

“I think I’ll join you.” I said, standing between her legs.

“I like that.” She said, putting her arms around my neck.

“I like your cock too.” She whispered into my ear and took my hard-on in two hands as we kissed.

John was still standing in front of Carol, one of her pink nipples in his mouth. She watched him suck her, one hand holding her big tit up slightly for him.

I was standing between Alyssa’s legs kissing the young girl as she continued to tug on my cock with one hand.

Her other hand was sliding along her pussy.

She slid back down to the plastic seat under the water, putting her mouth at the level of my thick hard-on.

I turned to see my red-haired daughter sitting in the water as well, John standing with his long, hard dick in her mouth.

Alyssa’s tongue ran around the fat head of my hard-on a few times before she slipped the knob into her mouth.

The rest of the thick shaft followed, the young brunette swallowing as much of my hard cock as she could.

“Fuck…so thick.” She purred.

For a long moment there was only the sound of the roiling water in the tub.

An observer would have seen two lean, older men, leaning back on the rim of a large hot tub. Through the steam they could make out a pale-skinned redhead servicing the long slim cock of one man and a slim brunette holding the fat hard-on of the other, licking it like an ice cream cone as she looked up at him.

“Let’s take this inside ladies.” John announced.

We helped the girls out of the tub, grabbed our towels, suits and drinks and walked to the house. Alyssa held my hand and followed me inside.

I shouldn't have been surprised that things moved as fast as they did. Alyssa had my cock out of my trunks, one hand on my abs and one wrapped around the base of my hard-on as she sucked the head gently.

My right hand was squeezing her firm little tits, moving from one to the other, her bikini top on the floor.

John was sitting in the big recliner, nude, with my daughter kneeling between his legs, her head bobbing up and down on his long hard dick.

He was watching her closely, one big hand on the side of her head as she sucked him. Occasionally he would lean forward to kiss her, while her small hands continued to stroke his long thick cock. As they kissed he took a big, round tit in each hand and massaged them.

It was like a dream, but here we were..

My daughter was across the room having sex with my forty-three year old friend, and I was watching. Not only was I watching the act, his barely nineteen year old step-daughter was between my legs sucking and licking my very hard cock.

She was trying her best to get the entire thing in her mouth again.

“Fuck..!” She gasped, coming up for air, a long string of pre-cum mixed with saliva stretching from her mouth to the round, smooth head at the end of my shaft.

She began licking the length of the shaft, her hand squeezing drops of pre-cum from the tip.

“Fuck I love your cock.” She said, wrapping her hand around its girth and stroking it.

I leaned back and let her continue fucking my cock with her mouth. As she sucked me I saw one hand was between her legs, fingering her pussy.

My daughter Carol had climbed up onto my tall lanky friend and was straddling his legs, one hand reaching back to guide his long member into her pussy.

I watched as she rubbed the head along her cunt until it slipped into her hole, and she sat back on the shaft. The length of the tall older man's cock disappeared into her slit and I heard my daughter moan.

I moved Alyssa up onto the couch and spread her legs so I could eat her little pussy. I had been watching her finger herself as she sucked me, and I wanted a taste.

Her pussy lips were small and pink, and very wet from her fingers. She laid back and spread her legs open for me, both hands on her tits, squeezing the nipples in her fingers.

I started lapping at her clit and she leaned her head back, her eyes closed.

“Ohhhh, fuuuuck. Yes yes yes yes .” She murmured.

I lost myself in the young brunette’s pussy, sticking my tongue inside her as far as I could , licking her delicate little lips and tonguing her rosebud of a clit.

The teen laid back, both hands on her round boob, pulling at her nipples.

I had years of pussy-eating experience, so I took the young girl on a journey with the tip of my tongue.

“Ohhhhh fuck. That feels so good.” She whined in a high pitched voice

Teasing, licking and slipping the length of my tongue inside her pretty little pussy I finally focused on her clit, teasing it out of its hood and flicking it until she was shuddering with an orgasm.

“Oooohh. Cumming. Ooo, oo, oooooooo.” The young girl wailed as her entire body tensed and she closed her legs tightly, trembling.

I took her in my arms and held her until her orgasm faded. A few small tremors traveled through her as we kissed.

“Did you like that honey?” I asked

“Y…yes. That was fucking incredible.” she stammered.

When I rose I saw Carol was on all fours on the big chair with John standing behind her. He was pounding her roughly, and her big tits were swinging under her. His hands moved from her hips to her hanging boobs and took one in each hand, never missing a thrust.

I couldn’t see her face, but I got a thrill knowing it was my daughter being fucked by my friend, John.

I turned my attention back to John’s step-daughter under me.

After eating her pussy and watching her cum, my dick was incredibly hard.

I knelt between Alyssa’s thighs, my thick hard-on in one hand, rubbing the fat head of my cock between her cunt lips, mixing my pre-cum with her own juices.

“Does that feel good Baby?” I asked

“Mm-hmm.” She replied, watching the head of my cock slide around her pussy.

“Here, you do it.” I said, taking her hand and placing it on my fat member.

Her small hand wrapped around the girth of my hard-on and she began rubbing the head of my cock on her pussy. As her hand gripped my hard-on, a line of clear pre-cum streamed from the tip.

“You're so wet.” she said, smearing the slick liquid on the lips of her cunt.

“Put it in, Baby.” I commanded.

It was her turn to tease me.

“You want to fuck me baby?” she said, her blue eyes looking into mine. “You want this big cock inside my little pussy?’

The slim teen was still rubbing the head of my dick along her cunt lips.

“I do, Baby. You want it too.”

“I do. For a long time.”

She smiled and pushed the head between her lips and I felt the tip slide into her opening. With a slight movement of my hips the thick shaft followed.

Alyssa’s back arched and her mouth popped open as I pushed inside her until my cock bottomed out inside her cunt.

As she watched I began slowly stroking her pussy, pushing the thick length into her until it completely disappeared into her cunt and then slowly pulling the glistening shaft back out until the head of my cock lay nestled between her pussy lips.

Alyssa stared wide eyed as I toyed with her cunt, fucking her slowly.

One of my big hands grasped a tit while the other opened her pussy a bit wider by holding a leg back.

One of her hands reached down for her clit and she began rubbing it as she watched my meaty cock plunging into her in slow motion.

“Fuck…cumming.” she gasped, and shuddered, breathing hard.

Suddenly her body tensed and released in a shuddering climax. I could feel her pussy twitching as she orgasmed, her body convulsing in a series of strong contractions as I pushed my cock deep in her and held it there.

I watched the slim teen shaking, my fat cock still buried in her, until her orgasm began to subside.

I slipped my dick out of Alyssa's very wet cunt and I noticed my daughter and John.

They had moved to the floor, and Alyssa sat up and moved off the couch to join them, taking my hand.

“C’mon.” she said, and knelt down next to my daughter.

Carol was on her back with my tall friend between her legs, fucking her slowly and steadily.

I watched as Alyssa swung a leg over Carol and facing John, positioned her pussy over her face.

My daughter's hands came up around her thighs and Alyssa lowered her pussy onto her mouth.

Alyssa put two hands on her Dad’s broad shoulders and wiggled her butt as my daughter’s tongue licked her clit.

I watched for a moment and decided to join in.

I positioned myself behind Alyssa and pushed her gently down so she was laying on John and raising her butt up a bit. I put the bulging head of my cock against her pussy lips and slid the length in.

My daughter had a clear view of my fat member sliding into her best friends pussy, while the older man holding her legs open continued to fuck her.

As I watched in amazement, John pulled out of Carol and held his cock out to his step-daughter.

John winked at me again as Alyssa obediently took his dick in her mouth and gave his wet hard-on a few long sucks. He then plunged his long slim member back into my daughter.

He had called Alyssa “my girl.” Suddenly our conversation, the daughter trade and pool party began to make sense.

I shook my head and continued fucking his step-daughter.

A few times when he pulled out, Alyssa would sixty-nine Carol, licking her clit until John slipped his dick back into her pussy.

The last time Alyssa’s tongue found her clit, Carol started to cum.

Her body began jerking and shuddering as Alyssa licked her to a climax.

John plunged his cock back into her wet cunt as soon as she started cumming, her body quivering under him.

“Fuck, I’m cumming, yes, yes, yes, fuck me, please fuck me!”

I watched as my young daughter pleaded with the older man thrusting his dick into her twitching pussy. She begged him not to stop, to continue fucking her.

Her big milky tits jiggled as John pounded her, her red hair flying.

Alyssa had dismounted the young redhead, laid down on her back and spread her legs invitingly.

She lay down with her head next to Carol’s with John behind her so I could fuck her and watch my daughter getting screwed as well.

I slipped my cock back inside the young brunette and started pounding her cunt.

“Cum inside me, baby.” The young girl pleaded, “ I want to feel your cock cumming in me.”

I was holding her legs back, watching my fat hard-on slide in and out of her little pink pussy. It was barely a slit, but it was wide open as I pushed my fat dick into her until it disappeared in her..

“Fuuuuck yes that feels so good.” she babbled, holding her legs by the ankles as I began plunging my cock into her.

I was watching my friend's lean tan body between the legs of my daughter, her big tits splayed out and jiggling as he pounded her, ne hand holding her down, his long fingers coiled around her neck Her pale small hands were both wrapped around the tattooed forearm holding her and her legs were open wide. I could hear her wet pussy and his long hard dick meeting with a wet sound with every thrust.

My own thick cock was buried in the young brunette under me, the teen still begging me to fill her pussy.

I held her legs back by the ankles so we both could watch my meat slide in and out of her.

“Please…please cum in me baby.” she pleaded.

We had been fucking them both for a while now. Alyssa had cum twice, I had observed my daughter cumming once as well, maybe more.

Watching John fucking my daughter was bringing me close to the edge of my orgasm. That, combined with Alyssa’s tight pussy and her pleading pushed me over.

I felt the wave boiling up inside me and my body tensed.

Suddenly I was spasming in an intense series of convulsions as my cock pulsed inside the young girl under me.

“Fuck, baby…I’m cumming honey.” I groaned as my balls emptied into the blue-eyed teen.

“Yes, yes…ohhhh fuck.” She moaned.

“Fuck, baby I’m going to cum.” I heard John exclaim from the floor. I turned to see him plunge his cock into my daughter’s pussy and hold it there, convulsing powerfully. Carol reached up to his tan pecs and took one of his nipples in her mouth, making the man groan and shudder.

My own orgasm was fading and I spent the last few small spasms kissing the beautiful girl as my fat shaft twitched, still buried deep in her pussy..

As I pulled out, my load of cum followed, a few weeks worth. Alyssa cooed, watching the stream of semen flow from her still gaping pussy.

John and Carol were still in the missionary position on the floor, and John was holding her tight, his dick deep inside her. My daughter’s curly red hair was splayed out on the carpet, her legs wrapped around the small of his back as they kissed. John was still convulsing as his cock pulsed the last few streams of cum into my girl.

The tall older man rose up and slowly pulled his long slim member out of the young red head. John stroked his shaft a few times, drops of cum falling on her stomach as he shivered.

Carol reached for his member, still hard, and milked the last few drops out onto her pale skin.

We laid together for a while, making small talk. The girls wanted to take a sauna so we headed into the steam. Soon we were making out again, my cock thick and heavy.

After making out in the dry heat of the sauna we then went to separate showers.

In the streams of water in the big stone shower Alyssa and I lathered each other up and I watched as the slim girl washed my cock, kissing it between rinsings. I paid special attention to her smooth pussy, washing it carefully with my big clumsy fingers.

We retired to the spare bedroom and John took my daughter down to the Master Suite.

Wrapping Alyssa in my arms I drifted off with one hand holding a soft, firm breast and my cock nestled between the cheeks of her exquisite ass.

I woke up the next morning in the guest room, and could hear the girls making breakfast. John was already up, having coffee and gave me another wink as I sat at the table, grinning.

Alyssa came behind me and put her arms around me.

“Sleep alright?” She asked.

“Better than ever.” I said, smiling broadly.

“You do know John and Alyssa set this whole thing up, right?” Carol said, smiling.

“I had a feeling. How long have you been fucking Alyssa?” I asked John.

“Since her mom took off.” He said sheepishly. “But she really wanted you.”

“We started planning it about a month ago.” Alyssa said, smiled mischievously.

“When women want something, they figure out how to get it.” Carol said, smiling knowingly.

“And we have another idea.” Carol continued. “Every other week I stay here at John’s, and Alyssa stays with you, Dad.”

“I like that idea.” I replied.

“We thought you might.” John said, grinning broadly.


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i think there is more to tell about this foursome!


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hot, fun story


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A good fap story, but no real tension.

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