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A long several part series. In Part 1, father and daughter get on the boat and explore.
My wife and I beamed with pride as we watched our daughter, Tiffany, walk across the graduation stage to accept her High School diploma. She's worked hard these past few years and it had finally paid off. She accomplished graduating with high marks, maintaining a laundry list of extracurricular, and getting into her top choice for college. She was truly a dream daughter. We waved and whistled until we caught her eye, and she waved her diploma at us happily.

Making sure she saw me there was important not only because she needed the support but also because she needed to know I could show up. I've always had a very hectic schedule with work and haven't always been able to make time for her various volleyball games, debate tournaments and what not. We had a great relationship overall, but I had earned a bit of a reputation as a no-show.

After the ceremony, we joined Tiffany to get some pictures with her and her friends in their caps and gowns. The kids were rowdy and excited, and us parents dutifully followed their frenzied joy with our cameras. Tiffany was very popular and it was fun to see her mingle with various groups of kids who all seemed to love her.

On the drive home, my wife and I showered her with praise. We got home and had a quick dinner since she had plans to go out and keep celebrating with her friends.

"Remember honey, don't stay out too late. We have an early day tomorrow to get to your graduation present. Don't party too hard," I reminded her.

"I know dad. Don't worry. I'll be very responsible," she said with a wink as she headed out the door.

When the door shut, my wife turned to me, knowing how I'd be feeling. "You put on quite the good show, Steve. A real "cool" dad with your daughter out there partying" she teased.

Between the two of us, I was definitely the more anxious one. I usually hounded her with questions and tried to impose strict curfews for fear of something terrible happening. Mind you, she never really gave us a reason to be strict. She rarely broke curfew, never got in major trouble and seemed to have a minimal and responsible way of drinking when at parties. With dating, she went through a couple steady boyfriends, but nothing too serious. She knew to keep her doors open if she had any boyfriends over the house. She was easy to trust.

"Yea, yea. Trust me, I would have rather she stayed home to finish packing, but I'm trying not to be such a killjoy" I said.

My wife, Suzy, gave me a little side hug, "I packed with her earlier. She's all set for the cruise. She'll be fine." She tip-toed up to give me a little reassuring kiss. "You however, Mr. hypocrite, are not done packing so let's head upstairs."

I finished up packing and my wife peppered me with small reminders of items I should bring.

"Are you sure you are OK not coming along," I asked her.

"Of course, babe. I know how guilty you feel about all the time you miss with Tiffany, so this is a great way for you to spend some time with her before she heads off to college," Suzy assured me.

"I know. I just know how much you love cruises and Mexico. And it's a week away. That's a long time and I worry you'll feel left out and miss me."

Suzy laughed and made her way to me. She pressed her body into mine and looked up at me. "Steve, you sound almost like you are afraid to be alone with your teenage daughter."

I scoffed, "No, it's not that. I mean, maybe a little. What if she gets bored or gets pissed at me? There's not a lot of places to escape a moody teenager on a ship."

Suzy stroked my chest, smiling at me. "You'll be fine, I promise. You act like you don't know her at all, but she's your kid. You guys get along great. If you need space, just tell her to go to the pool or something." Suzy's hands roamed my back, and she kissed me deeply. "As for missing you..." she took my hand and led me to the bed, "I think you have it the other way around. Let me show you what you're going to be missing."

With that she turned me around and gave a little push for me to fall back on the bed. She stripped off her blouse and unhooked her bra from the front to reveal her beautiful melon-sized breasts. After all these years, she's still got it. That night she fucked me so hard and long I was sure she was trying to drain me as much as she could before I left.


"Rise and shine!" I yelled in an intentionally loud voice as I opened my daughter's bedroom door at 6AM.

"Uuughhhhh," is all she could groan from under the thin bed sheet. From where I was, all I could make out was a tangle of wild blonde hair and a stray bare leg hooked over the sheets.

"Oh, did someone have a long night?" I said as I threw open her curtains to let the daylight in. The license to be obnoxious that comes with being a father is a seriously underrated perk.

Tiffany sat up in bed and shielded her eyes. "Why dad!?" She leaned against her headboard and held the sheet up to her chest, revealing her shoulders. From the looks of it she had slept with no top.

"Come on sweetie. You look rough and need to get up for the cruise. The ship waits for no one."

Tiffany just squinted at me, seeming to barely comprehend. She smiled a bit. "Ok. Just let me shower." She then opened her eyes wide enough to give me as much of a puppy dog look as she could. "And daddy, can you make me some coffee please?"

I never could resist. "No problem. I'll put it on the bathroom counter for you. Just don't take too long."

I joined my wife downstairs as she was prepping our on-the-road breakfasts, and she gave me a playful little wink as I caught her eye. Taking some fresh coffee from the french press, I brought it back upstairs to drop off for my daughter. Initially worried she was still lazing in bed, I was happy to hear the shower running. I gave a little knock and opened the door (none of us have a reason to lock doors when guests aren't over) and was met with pillows of steam.

"That you dad?" Tiffany called from the other side of the shower glass.

"Yes hun, I'm just putting your coffee down for you." I placed it carefully on the counter in a mass of blow dryers, hair products, and cosmetics, being extra careful not to knock anything over. As I was leaving the small bathroom, I couldn't help but notice the figure on the other side of the shower door. The glass was distorted enough so that you couldn't make out a ton of details, but not so much that I couldn't see what a body my daughter had grown. Like I mentioned before, she's the perfect daughter- physically as well. She stands at about 5'8'', with long blonde, straight hair, perky B cup tits, and a gorgeous ass that stands out firm against a slender frame. Being a father to such a girl isn't always easy, especially when much of the year she is clad in those amazing volleyball shorts. I stayed for only a second longer than normal, not wanting to be a creep, but the mental image stayed with me as I made my way downstairs. My dick gave some involuntarily twitches that I tried to ignore.

Within 30 minutes of waking Tiffany up, we were on the road and on the way to the dock to board the ship.

"Oh my god, is that our ship?!" Tiffany exclaimed as we made our way from the car to the loading area.

I smiled, enjoying her shock and apparent approval. She had never been on a cruise before and so had no idea how massive these ships could be. I had booked a top line cruise, with endless amenities to make sure our days at sea were as fun as possible before we reached our destination in Puerto Vallarta.

We made our way on board and found our room. Tiffany seemed like a kid in a candy store, eyes wide and pointing out different areas she wanted to check out. I braced myself, worried she would react to the size of the room. While I made sure to get us one of the nicer rooms on the ship I knew that the cruise rooms were never as big as what she was used to when we traveled and stayed in hotels.

Tiffany swiped our key and opened the door. "Oh nice," she exclaimed, and I breathed a sigh of relief. "It's cozy but check out the view," she said as she ran in ahead of me. The room was situated high on the ship and so the view overlooked the ocean as well as the pool that was exclusive to our area of the ship. "Uh-oh, dad," she said, looking over at me with a bit of a frown as I struggled to get our bags through the door. "There's only one bed..."

"What!" I exclaimed. "I specifically told them we needed a room with two beds." I pushed forward to see for myself, already anticipating the headache it would be to make it right and fearing her discomfort. I pushed past the large bathroom into the living area to see two twin sized beds. Confused, I looked over at Tiffany who was stifling a laugh.

"Gotcha!" she said letting her laugh out. "Oh man, you should have seen your face! You were so scared!" Her laugh turned a bit serious. "Geez dad, would it have been the worst thing in the world?," she ribbed.

"No, no sweetie. Sorry. I just wanted to make sure you were comfortable."

We settled in a bit and put our clothes away. I looked out at the view and was excited to get to sea. Something about cruises always excited me. There was a kind of special lawlessness and anonymity to being out in the middle of the ocean with nothing familiar around.

After we did the obligatory safety meetings and waving to the people on the dock while setting sail, we returned to the room to get changed and start exploring the ship.

I got changed into some swim shorts while Tiffany got changed in the bathroom. She emerged with a wrap around her waist and a loose flowing top. Her hair was up in a loose bun making visible the tie at her neck that let me know she was wearing a bikini underneath.

"Ready to go?" she asked as she put on her shades.

We left the room and explored the ship together. Tiffany got a kick of staring out and seeing endless ocean ahead of us as well as the endless food at the huge buffets that were always available. Eventually though we both decided that we should get to the pool, since that is the main reason we were on the ship.

"General pool or the one in our area?" I asked her.

"Let's check out one of the bigger general pools on the farther part of the ship. I can always use the other one when I want." She sounded like a pro already.

We made our way to an enormous pool that was large enough to have many groups of people without seeming crowded. We grabbed some loungers in the sun and laid out. I sprayed myself with sunscreen and handed it to Tiffany. "I assume you are going to want to tan, but sunscreen is a must."

"I know dad. I'm not a little kid anymore. I'm not going to whine about a little sunscreen," she said as she rolled her eyes at me. "Plus, I want my skin staying nice and smooth, and not like," she looked over at some older women with leathery skin, "them."

I laughed and leaned back in my lounger to enjoy the heat of the sun on my skin. I tried my best not to oggle Tiffany as she love rubbed the lotion into her skin. Her fair skin had taken on a bit a red hue from the heat and shined in the sun gloriously. I failed for a bit to control my gaze, and felt myself being sucked into the show of her running her hands over her taut stomach and shapely ass. I pulled my gaze away and tried to busy myself by finding a waiter. Through a sea of other beautiful bodies I spotted one and waved him over.

"I'll take a Corona please. And a water for her," I ordered.

"Ahem," Tiffany interrupted. "I'll take a Corona as well, thank you."

"Excuse me miss? You aren't old enough yet are you?"

Before the waiter could interject, Tiffany put on a haughty air and answered, "By my watch, by the time he gets back with the beers we should be in international waters, and that means I am perfectly capable of ordering a drink." I looked at her with surprise. "What?," she said. "I did my research."

The waiter smiled and walked away to get us our drinks. I raised my eyebrows at Tiffany and gave her a smirk. "Alright, but no puking in our bathroom. If you're going to drink, you better handle your stuff." I was pushing the cool dad thing to its limits, but I really wanted this trip to be a good memory for her.

Tiffany shot me a smile and leaned back to relax on her lounger and wait for her drink. We spent a while by the pool, enjoying our drinks, and taking a dip in the water a few times. It felt good to be lazy and to not have all my office responsibilities hanging over me. Tiffany seemed to be enjoying herself, and at one point had struck up a conversation with a few young girls. It was nice to see the ease at which she got along with other people. Eventually she was just lounging in the shallow part of the pool with a very attractive young Asian girl. Initially I could only see her face and thought she was much younger than my daughter. But when they parted, and she got out of the pool, my jaw nearly dropped to the floor.

That was no kid. She walked slowly out of the pool and revealed one of the sexiest bikinis I've ever seen worn in public. Although shorter than Tiffany by a few inches, she was stacked, sporting a C cup on a small frame. Her tits were held up by mere strings and small triangles. A similarly small triangle covered her slit and gave the strong impression that she was completely shaven. She turned to reveal...well nothing. The string to her bikini had to be buried so far in her tan, delicious ass that it couldn't' be seen. Her black, short cropped hair framed a gorgeous face, with almond eyes, delicate lips and a small nose.

And it wasn't just her suit that made her sexy. She moved like she knew how hot she was. Her step was confident and slow, as if she knew the world wanted to have more time to devour her with their eyes. Eventually she stopped in front of a very cut Asian man who greeted her with a smile and pulled her in for a close hug. They exchanged words, and then, much to the delight of all those hungry eyes, he proceeded to lovingly reapply her sunscreen. His hands showed no shyness as they rubbed and massaged her entire body, moving her ass and tits around in an obscene way. I could feel my dick stir at the site of the man's groping in public. I barely registered when Tiffany had rejoined me.

"Make a new friend?" I asked her with a smirk and gestured over to the lewd couple.

Without looking over, Tiffany smiled and answered, "Yea. That's Keiko. She's really sweet. Turns out she just graduated as well. We made some plans to get together later. Is that's OK?"

I smiled back, happy that she was making friends already on the ship. Maybe she wouldn't be bored with me the whole time after-all. My smirk from earlier didn't fade though. "Of course. Have a good time. But you sure her boyfriend won't mind giving up time with her."

Tiffany looked at me confused. "Boyfriend? She doesn't have a boyfriend."

It was my turn to be confused. "Well then I guess she makes em fast." I gestured my head over to them. Tiffany turned her head and her eyes opened wide. She stared as the man just finished lathering up Keiko's legs and gave a quick slap on her ass.

"Um...." Tiffany looked like she didn't quite know how to process what was going on. "That's not her boyfriend. That's her dad."

I nearly spit my drink out. "Are you sure? Him?" I looked back over in time to see them walking back toward the interior of the ship, his arm resting at the small of her back, as if to guide her. "Close family, I guess."

We spent a little more time by the pool until we got hungry and then gorged ourselves at the buffet. Exhausted and full to the brim, we made our way back to our room and both passed out.

When I woke up, it felt like hours must have passed. The view outside out window was dark, which made the sensation of the slowly rocking boat a little eerie. I looked around the room and did not see Tiffany in her bed. A rumpled and still wet bathing suit littered the floor, annoying me.

Beautiful, smart, hardworking, but definitely still a bit of a slob. Tiffany's room back home was always a managed disaster, and I'd be damned if she'd do the same to our room here. I got out of bed and gathered up the wet suit. I was always astonished at how little material women's bathing suits were. She and her mother loved to shop for tasteful but sexy bathing suits together. These women of mine never lacked confidence in their bodies, that's for sure. The fabric of the suite was soft and almost silky in my fingers. I had the odd sensation that I was touching something I shouldn't be. I shook it off and tossed her suit in a laundry bag provided by the ship.

The bathroom door was open with no one in it and I realized that she must be gone. Sure enough, a small note of the side table told me that she had gone out, as promised, with Keiko. Her name signed at the bottom with a cute little heart. Feeling just a tiny bit dejected as I had hoped we'd be spending more time together on the first day on the ship, I put down the note and hopped in the shower.

I got dressed in what I considered to be my "coolest" clothes, shoveled down a snack, and headed out to see what nightlife was like on the ship. After a bit of walking through the massive maze of a ship, I finally began to hear the telltale sign of nightlife. The floor seemed to shake in rhythm as the base pounded from the direction I was heading. There was no line to get in, and as I entered the club, the music was as intensely loud as the light was dim. Dimly lit small booths and high-top tables littered the sides of the club, as did the long bar. The tables looked over the dance floor so that one could lean against a banister and stare down at the dancing masses of people. Masses is likely an exaggeration, but as there are only so many people on the ship, the crowd was impressive.

I drank liberally, enjoying the strange sense of freedom a family man gets when he suddenly finds himself alone. I enjoyed the attention poured on me by the many single women my age. They must not see many attractive men my age, so had I wanted to I could have my pick tonight. I had only a small sense of guilt as I let the strangers flirt with me, slide themselves close, and let their hands linger on my leg as we talked at the bar.

My wife was never the jealous type and never cared what I did when I was out. "Just don't come home with some weird disease and don't stick your dick where it doesn't belong," is all she ever warned. On several occasions she actually liked to sit back and watch women flirt with me. We talked about spicing things up and trying to open the relationship, but never quite got started with it.

After dancing with a particularly curvy divorcee whose attempts to grind into my cock and let her loose flowing top flash her breasts at me were incredibly obvious, I went back up to the bar for what was probably going to be my last drink.

I ordered a bourbon and leaned against the bar, sweaty and tired, but pretty pleased with myself.

"You look like you've done pretty well for yourself. She looked about ready to be taken home," the stranger to my right said to me. I looked over and saw that it was Keiko's boyfri... I mean dad. From afar, he looked younger, but up close I could see that he was probably in his 40s like me. He stood a few inches shorter than I, with short cut hair, a square jaw, and strong shoulders.

I feigned ignorance, wanting to maintain a cool look. "I don't know. I think she was just being friendly."

He flashed me a bright white smile, raised an eyebrow, and said "Check your back pocket."

Surprised, I reached back and sure enough, pulled out a room key card with a room-number on it. I laughed. "Well, this isn't mine." I scanned the crowd to see the divorcee trying to catch my eye, and upon doing so, made a show to wink and headed toward the door. "Should I?' I thought to myself.

"See. What did I tell you. You going to follow?" the stranger asked.

"Oh, no. Not tonight. The wife back home might be mad if I slept with someone not 24 hours after leaving the house. My daughter probably would be pretty pissed as well." Then remembering, I said, "Actually, our daughters know each other. I saw you at the pool earlier. My daughter is Tiffany. She said she was hanging out with Keiko tonight."

Keiko's dad smiled. "Oh yea. I got to meet Tiffany earlier when she came by to pick up my Keiko. She's seems like a sweet and beautiful young girl."

I swelled a bit with fatherly pride. Then I remembered myself and felt bad for not returning the compliment. I rushed a bit and said, "Thanks. Your daughter turned more than a few heads at the pool earlier too." I kicked myself internally at my creepy compliment.

Keiko's dad just laughed. "Yup. She likes to do that. Since she was little, she loved to draw attention in any way she could." He seemed to suddenly have a distant look on his face, as if remembering some sweet memory. "The girls are actually here too. We were dancing earlier." He scanned the crowd and then gestured to a shadowy booth in the corner. "There they are, with those boys."

I looked over to see Tiffany and Keiko sandwiched in the middle of a booth, with a young boy on either end chatting them up. You could tell the guys were trying their best to flirt with the girls. With a bit of anger I noticed how the boy leaned in real close to Tiffany's ear as her head was turned slightly to hear over the club music. She laughed and pushed him a bit with her hand on his chest. The hand lingered there, much to his delight. Keiko was on the other side, and true to her growing reputation with me, was allowing the other boy to neck her. She looked to be laughing as the boy kissed up and down her neck, then put her hands on his face to guide him in for a kiss on the lips.

"What the...," I said and wanted to get up, but realized that Keiko's father hadn't' made a move. His lack of outrage kept me in my seat. I looked over to him to see he seemed amused.

"Ha. Yea looks like they found some admirers. I just hope she doesn't get in too late. I'd never admit it in front of the youngsters, but being out in the sun is exhausting at our age, right?" He looked back at me with eyebrows raised, looking for sincere validation. How was he being so relaxed about his daughter getting mauled by some club punk? Was he really more concerned with himself over his little girl?

His questions to me were so disarming, it actually did give me some time to think before I reacted. I played out what it would have been like if I rushed over there and pulled her away. I did not want to start off the trip on the wrong foot. Plus, I doubt this is really the first time Tiffany has had to deal with men. She's a knock out, after all. I could see them from my seat and could step in if things got dangerous, but I had to also let her have her fun.

I allowed myself to settle more comfortably in my stool. "Tell me about it. I passed out for what felt like hours earlier after just a bit in the sun." I lifted my drink, "And these heavy pours by the staff here don't help."

He laughed and clinked his glass to mine. "Let's say we let the young kids have their fun, and us old men can relax. My name's Jon, by the way."

"Nice to meet you. I'm Steve."

Jon and I chatted for the next hour or so and kept the drinks coming. We actually got along really well. We bonded over raising young girls, being workaholics, and a casual love/respect for surfing when we got the chance.

All the while, past his shoulder, in the dimly lit booth, I watched our girls enjoy their suitors attention. Tiffany kept things relatively chaste with her boy, allowing him to kiss her at one point, but it seemed to stop there. Keiko and her boy on the other hand were going at it as much as you could while still being in public. Even from my distance, I could see the telltale signs of a girl getting fingered under the table. It was increasingly hard to suppress a hard on and pay attention to someone, when their daughter is having an on the other side of the room. Eventually, I watched as Keiko led the boy over to the bathrooms to do god-knows-what. Tiffany waved bye to her, gave her boy a paper with something written on it, and left the table as well.

Alone, thank God.

I said bye to Jon and offered him entry into our part of the ship’s more exclusive pool to hang out the next day. He happily took me up on my offer and even suggested we take advantage of some gym time as well. It's a weird experience to make a friendly connection with someone as an adult. It's such a rare but welcome thing to just click with someone as if you'd known them for years.

I left the club and made my way back to the room, not wanting Tiffany to wonder where I was. I didn't have to worry long as I soon caught up with her and saw her leaning against the ships rail, looking out over the dark waves.

Straight out of a movie, my little girl looked so beautiful illuminated by the dim lights of the ship and the moon. The light breeze made the loose stands of her long blonde hair flow in the wind, and she seemed to have a dreamy look on her face as she stared out into the nothingness. A sense of anonymity hit me as I realized we were alone, and she was not yet aware I was there. My eyes scanned her body and appreciated her choice of dress. It was a simple, tight dress, red, and cut high up above her knee. The dress accentuated her body, making her tits and ass stand out is a way that begged to be grabbed. Her legs looked long and smooth, and her arms were thin but toned as they held onto the railing. The dress left plenty of her collar and neck exposed and I had the sudden urge to kiss her on her neck, just as that other boy had done to Keiko. Guilt flooded me and I pushed the thoughts out of my mind. I cleared my throat so she knew I was there.

Tiffany turned her face and looked over to me. What I had mistaken before as dreamy content was actually just plain old drunken slowness. Her eyes were half glazed as she gave me a hazy smile. "Dad! Hi! I'm just enjoying the night," she slurred.

I laughed and joined her at the banister. "Oh I bet. Seems like you really took advantage of the free rein to drink."

She slapped my shoulder weakly, "Oh shut up. I'm fine. What were you up to?" She looked me up and down. "You're dressed up."

"I was actually at the club. I ran into Keiko's dad, and we got to know each other."

"Oooh," she said in a longer drawl than I think she meant to give. "Keiko's dad is so cool. And he's a really good dancer." Something about the way she said this made me uneasy. Then Tiffany's eyes widened a bit. "You were at the same club as me?" She looked like she had been caught doing something naughty.

"Yea. I was mostly at one of the bars. I saw you guys over at the table," I said. Seeing her eyes getting even bigger made me want to tease her more. "You seemed awfully cozy with that boy..."

Tiffany blushed and looked away. Something about her reaction made my heart pump faster. She suddenly seemed so much younger. "I was just messing around. I was good daddy, I promise."

A mix of confusing emotions whirled inside of me. "I know, sweetheart," I put my arm over her shoulder. "I was just teasing. Come on, let's get back to the room and get some sleep."

Tiffany leaned into me and allowed me to lead her back to our section of the ship. Her body, still heavy from drink, leaned into mine as we walked and I held her by the waist. I couldn't help be aware that to anyone passing by, we might be indistinguishable from a couple who just had a night out and were headed to finish the night off in bed. Again, images of me kissing and groping Tiffany played in my mind, mixed with real memories of Keiko's getting pleasured in the club. Enjoying the anonymity of the ship and Tiffany's drunk unawares, I allowed myself to enjoy the thoughts, rather than push them away. They were just thoughts after all.

When we got back into the room, I brought Tiffany to her bed. Exhausted and wasted she shuffled her body so her back was to me. “Daddy, can you unzip? I can’t sleep in this.” Looking at the tight dress, I realized she was right. It couldn’t be helped. I unzipped her dress most of the way.

“There you go,” I said, and stepped back. I assumed she would find some discreet way to get changed, but I guess she was in condition for discretion.

She turned and gave me a messy smile, eyes barely open. “You’re the best, dad.” She then gave a little shimmy and the dress fell to the floor, without a single worry that she was in front of her father. She wasn’t wearing a bra so her perfect tits, with the beginnings of a tan line, stood firm in front of me. Further down, she wore red panties to match the dress. “Gnight,” she murmured, and laid down with the thin sheet over her and seemed to pass out immediately.

I had not been prepared to see my beautiful daughters tits and knew that had I not been a little drunk myself, I would have turned away instead of drinking the sight in. Her breasts, her body, those panties, danced through my mind. I wrestled with the fantasy of pulling back those sheets and seeing if this young girl was wanting something more to help her sleep. I took a step back, reminding myself that we weren’t two drunk co-eds in college coming back from a frat party. I let the thoughts go, forgiving myself as just a sloppy drunk and not some predator. I quickly stripped to my underwear, ignoring my hard-on, and got myself into bed to get some rest.

The next morning, the sound of the shower turning off woke me up. I sat up in bed, realizing I was half naked and very much exposed after presumably kicking the blanket off of me during the night. The rocking of the ship reminded me where I was and I scanned the room to get my bearings, trying to shake off the fog of sleep. I spied a rumbled little dress piled in the floor right in front of the bathroom. A tiny bit of annoyance welled up inside me as I looked at the mess. Just At that moment, the bathroom door opened and a bare foot walked over the rumpled mess on the floor. I looked up to see Tiffany, hair stringy and wet, with the towel wrapped up around her and coming just below her supple ass.

"Morning dad!" She said cheerily. Only a teenager could have a night out like she did and still wake up in the morning with pep.

Still, grumpy from sleep and lack of coffee, I rumbled back, "Morning. You know we really need to talk about this mess."

Tiffany was using a smaller towel to dry her hair. Her arms lifting had brought the towel up and dangerously close to exposing her to me. "What mess?" she said, actually oblivious to all the clothes on the floor. I waved my hand, as if showcasing on the Price is Right, to the messes that were gathering.

Tiffany laughed, and then made an exaggerated pout. "Sorry. I'll be more mindful. Don't want to upset your highness," she joked.

Picking up on her playful mood, I replied, "That's right. Don't forget you aren't too old for me to bend you over my knee."

Oof, too far. Tiffany's mouth gaped a bit at the remark. She laughed it off but seemed to blush a bit. Not wanting to let me have the last word, she awkwardly stammered, "Yea right. Like you can handle me now on your old man knees."

I resisted the urge to give a rejoinder, knowing that the tit-for-tat had only strange places to go. "Ha," I responded flatly. "I'm going to shower then we can head for breakfast. We are sticking to our pool today. I made plans with Jon to have him and Keiko come here to enjoy it too."

As I moved to get up I realized my dilemma. I was only wearing a pair of boxer briefs and suddenly felt very exposed. I also realized that I had a semi hard on, and couldn’t be sure if it was left over from waking up or caused by my back and forth with Tiffany.

I couldn't really drag the blanket with me into the bathroom, as that felt overly dramatic. I bit the bullet and tried to act natural as I stood and walked to the bathroom. I could basically see Tiffany stiffen out of the corner of my eye as she realized as well. We both were trying to be cool as, if last night was any indication, we would probably being seeing more of each other on this cruise than we had ever before.

I closed the bathroom door behind me and stripped down before starting the shower. As I showered I became aware of how the bathroom was filled with a wonderful, young floral scent I recognized as from Tiffany's many body and hair products. It smelled so nice and fresh. As I washed myself and passed my hand over my half hard cock; not being able to stop myself from giving it a little pull. The soap was slippery on my shaft and felt good as I absently stroked myself. I stopped, not wanting to go too far in the shower I shared with my daughter and admonished myself for being such a perv.

I finished my shower and stepped out. Grabbing a towel I began to dry myself off but realized I was stepping on something. I looked down and picked up the tiny piece of fabric on the floor. I held up the silky thong that Tiffany had been wearing the night before.

I flashed back to the image of her in the tight red dress, and in my mind imagined her turning to see me walking toward her. Her drowsy look the night before had been replaced by one of lust as she slowly lifted the dress to reveal the tiny red thong. The small patch of fabric covered her slit, but was small enough to suggest she was completely bare. In the fantasy she runs her fingers over her mound and gives a look that begs me to rush over and take her. I do and give her a deep kiss before roughly turning her around and bending her slight to lean on the railing. I spread her long, perfect legs and lift the dress to reveal her delicious ass. My cock already out, I push aside the tiny slit of thong fabric and shove my cock deep into my daughter as she gives a pleasured yelp.

In the bathroom of our cabin, I had wrapped the silky thong around the shaft of my cock as I jerked myself to the fantasy. I was all too aware that my daughter was on the other side of a thin door, but that only made the thrill more intense. I remember the shape of her tits the night before, and how easily we could have let things happen. In my fantasy, Tiffany begged for me to fuck her deeply, grope her tits, and fill her with cum. She screamed for me. My body tensed as I shot ropes of cum, careful not to get any of the tiny thong.

As the pleasure and shame of what I had done wore off, I methodically cleaned up using some towels and inspected the undergarment to make sure no evidence of my filthy moment was left behind. The images in my mind of Tiffany’s cum soaked ass and pussy started to fade.


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Interesting chapter

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