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A story containing wanton violence, with increasing sexual themes as it progresses. Review if you would like this to continue. A story containing wanton violence, with increasing sexual themes as it progresses. Review if you would like this to continue. I do not own anything from the Pokemon franchise- it is the work of Game Freak and Nintendo.
Machoke, and the group around him moved on Goldenrod. He and his Machop understudy believed they would be able to handle humans in the big city, and repeat what they had done in Azalea Town, just on a bigger scale. Their biggest problem was being fearless, and doing most of their violence in open view.

Such was the case for the Trainers on Route 34. Machoke spotted Campers on both sides of the Route, and moved to the left, while Machop moved to the right. They moved at a steady pace, believing they had not become infamous to anyone outside of Azalea.

This was not entirely true, as Team Rocket Grunts did report about a hostile Machop during their attempt to take over Slowpoke Well and Azalea Town. After that initial report, no Grunt in the area managed to report anything new to the Administrators. Aerial reconnaissance revealed Azalea’s population to be dead, and sign of trees being used to block exits out of it. Team Rocket was readying for a takeover of the Goldenrod Radio Tower, and this finding complicated the plans of Admins.

Meanwhile, the Trainers Machoke and Machop were headed for were totally unaware that their death was imminent. Machoke had approached a female Picnicker, and as she smiled in a mildly confused manner, he smiled back, starting off physical contact by groping her ass out of nowhere, to which the girl gasped.

“W-what are you…?”, she asked in verbal protest, but received only breast groping, which was somewhat rough, but skillful enough to cause her pleasure. The Machoke continued by turning her around somewhat, before giving her a kiss that started out hard, but involved tonguing. She gave in quickly, and Machoke slipped his briefs off, before pulling her skirt down.

His destructive removal of her panties caused some protest, but maintaining the kiss ensured the end of that complaint not long after it began. The muscular beast lined his cock up with her slightly wet pussy.

Meanwhile, the Machop was flexing his muscles in front of a male Camper, showing him his completely naked body. The human was confused, particularly as he could see the Machoke groping that girl he was friends with. He looked at the impressive erection of the Machop, who had grown in every way after the intense physical activity in Azalea followed by a hormonal surge.

When the Machop pointed downward, to his erection, the male Camper went down, showing some insecurity, but with the guidance of the Fighting type-s hand, he began to lick and suck, eliciting groans and gasps of approval. The male Camper grew used to the motions, realizing he was also getting erect.

The Machop loved this feeling of domination over yet another human, and it was even consensual, making his time easier. The Camper did not resist the gradual increase in pace of Machop’s thrusts, and soon ended up having to swallow a sizable load or two, after Machop ejaculated in his mouth.

The first thing the male Camper noticed after swallowing Machop’s cum was that he still sported an erection. It was impressive, but he was also afraid of anal sex- it would be his first time in any similar activity. Looking at the girl, who had been penetrated just seconds ago told him there might be short-term pain, but also, that she was enjoying Machoke’s thrusts.

As a result, when Machop moved to remove his shorts, the young male let him do it. The Pokémon appreciated this lack of resistance, and proceeded to turn the human around, removing his underwear, and lining up his cock with the puckered hole of the Trainer. The penetration was slow, but it still hurt the Camper, who protested, but Machop ignored him, pushing his rod in gradually.

As he did so, he received instruction on a new killing method- he was told that hooking his arms underneath a human’s armpits and joining them at the back of the neck and skull would allow him to break the victim’s neck by pushing forward. Of course, the human male couldn’t understand what Machoke was saying, and could only react to the reduction of pain in his ass, which was a pleasant thing.

Machoke was occasionally kissing with the girl he was fucking and fondling from behind, enjoying her moans and overall cooperative behavior. He wrapped his left arm around her neck, but his fingers were touching her breasts, and she was distracted further by a kiss, just as Machoke crossed his right arm over the left one, placing the palm on the back of her head.

Meanwhile, Machop had removed the male’s shirt, and began rubbing his chest, moving upwards as he hooked his arms underneath the human’s armpits. As the human became focused on the increased pace of Machop’s thrusts, the Machop placed his hands on the back of his head, but did not press forward and down on it immediately.

He watched Machoke slowly apply the sleeper hold on the female, whose moans grew softer, yet remained deep. The deep groan of the middle evolutionary form was mixed with her moans. Machop saw his mentor’s balls pulsate, as the fully applied hold made the girl go limp.

Machop felt unable to delay himself from ejaculating in the male any longer, and pushed forward on the place where his head and neck joined. Whining and wincing were quickly replaced by a violent, prolonged crack. That was enough to get the first evolutionary stage to cum hard, amazed not just by the effects of his neck-breaking finisher on the male, but also, Machoke’s flashy end to the sleeper hold: he had twisted the girl’s neck during her orgasm, giving her a kiss as a parting gift to take to the afterlife.

Stephen and the two girls had been masturbating to the sex acts that took place up the road, and felt a rush of pleasure after witnessing the double neck snap- Stephen even managed to ejaculate, his knees growing weak as the two Trainers went limp, for good. However, there were going to be consequences.

A policeman that patrolled the northern parts of Route 34 had heard sounds of sex down south, and came to investigate. He saw consensual interspecies sex, which was a bit of a gray area when it came to the law, but decided to let things be, acting as a mere spectator. That is, until the neck snaps happened.

Unsure of what had actually happened due to his distance from the acts, but aware that the trainers might be gravely injured, he rushed over to investigate. He soon saw completely limp, lifeless bodies, as well as the perpetrators pulling them off of their wet dicks.

“You’re under arrest for murder!”, he shouted, reaching to grip the Pokéball containing his partner. However, he never got to send him out.

Machop were known to train by hefting Geodude, and it was no problem for the trainee in the dark arts of barehanded murder to hurl the male Camper’s corpse at the Policeman trainer, and knock him down. Machoke wasted no time in coming over, eager to deal with this interruption in a punishing way.

Picking the human up, Machoke wrapped his arms around the other’s waist, immediately squeezing him painfully. Stephen was aghast- this was a bearhug, and he knew the policeman would suffer. Yet, he couldn’t turn his head away.

The unlucky law enforcement man flapped his arms about, straining to break free. However, he would soon be stopped in his efforts, permanently. The squeeze was splitting his spine in two, and at one point- it happened with a wet crack, followed by a painful scream.

Machoke grinned as the legs of the policeman twitched, before going fully limp, but he simply shifted the pressure upwards, causing more vertebrae to snap, one by one, while also breaking multiple ribs in his victim.

The worn out, suffering man would soon die, however. Machop had an idea- he wanted to impress Machoke, and the humans in attendance. He wanted to test his agility.

Having been given the nod, the apprentice did a forward handspring leap, successfully gripping the neck of the cop with his legs, which he crossed, before pulling himself up into a sitting position of sorts. The groan of his victim was overpowered by the clapping of Machoke, and the humans in behind, who were impressed even before Machop rotated his hips hard to the right, and then to the left, snapping the neck of the third victim of that day’s joined rampage.

Machoke went so far as to allow Machop to celebrate his skilled and creative kill by using the mouth of the raven-haired girl Machoke had claimed in Azalea. She was more than eager to clean the Pokémon’s cock. He almost jumped on her, humping her face hard, while using his hands to play with her nipples. This made her actually cum after some time, showing to everyone that Machop was learning when it came to sex, as well.

Machoke had heard some Trainers run for Goldenrod, having been hidden in bushes before the policeman’s cries had panicked them.

The group soon moved on, with Stephen and the raven-haired girl pushing the wheelchair in which lay the blonde whose legs Machop had broken. The sounds from Goldenrod indicated something was happening.

What was happening amounted to the initial stages of a coup: Team Rocket foot soldiers and commanders were trying to take over the Goldenrod Radio Tower. Upon entering the city, the group around the two murderous Fighting type Pokémon saw intense commotion. It seemed like the police in the city had been alerted to something, and in the process, ran into the Grunts heading for the Radio Tower.

A massive scuffle erupted slightly west of the Tower, with Pokémon battling each other, as well. Machoke and Machop paid no attention to the Trainers that had recognized them as the perpetrators of the killings on Route 34, and went for the Team Rocket Grunts that were overpowering the Trainers and police officers.

After all, the vicious Grunts were ready to have their Pokémon attack anyone that came in, and that included the three humans they saw. Machoke and Machop took an angry exception, and after a Raticate’s Hyper Fang left a small gash on Machoke’s forearm, it suffered a brutal Revenge – a blow from the other arm slammed the rat into the ground, leaving a crack in the asphalt underneath the obliterated rodent.

Machop used the divided attention of the Grunt commanding the Raticate to strike him with a knee to the groin, forcing him to slump to his knees in agony, before repeating the maneuver he had performed on the Policeman trainer, earlier, with a variation. The Grunt tried to shake the creature off, but had to breathe, and with an open mouth, be exposed to oral penetration as legs croseed behind his neck. Another Grunt tried to hit the Machop, but Machoke quickly stopped that idea with a powerful body blow, followed by a guillotine choke.

The necks of the two Grunts snapped roughly at the same time, the cracking noise followed by proud cries from both Pokémon.

These flashy kills, but also the subsequent kicks and punches in close range caused panic amongst the ranks of both goons and Trainers, and soon, the two opposing groups had retreated a bit, with Machop and Machoke surveying both sides.

This led to a Kadabra under the control of a Team Rocket Scientist scanning Machoke’s mind. The Scientist announced: “I believe Kadabra found the Azalea Town killers.”- pointing at Machoke and Machop with a trembling hand.

Machoke nodded, and flexed his muscles proudly, prompting Machop to do the same. While both Grunts and their opposition were aghast, Stephen and the two girls were oddly at peace, which everyone else found suspicious.

When the Kadabra launched a Psybeam at Machoke, another Team Rocket Grunt sent her Ekans to attack the group of cops and Trainers that was stalling their attempt to take over the Radio Tower. This again triggered a mass brawl.

Yet, Machoke was suffering, and Machop couldn’t interrupt the Kadabra. Stephen acted, once again. Gulping, he pulled out a Pokéball, and returned Machoke to it, away from harm.

This brought unshakeable attention to him. A Grunt sent his Golbat to get the Pokéball, and it took Machop a lot of strength to yank the bat-like creature down, and knock it out with a Thunder Punch. However, Stephen had lost grip of the Pokéball, and it rolled into the grasp of a Grunt whose Pokémon had been beaten. He raced towards a building near the Pokémon Center- it was a place where trades could be done, amongst other things.

Machop urged the humans to rush after him, and so they did, with the Pokémon leading the way. A Sandshrew was making the Team Rocket Grunts very busy, and thus, Stephen and others could get past. But the sequence of events that would lead to Machoke becoming Machamp was destined to happen.

The trading devices functioned locally. However, a grunt and a Scientist had separated from the main attack force in order to take over the site, and attempt to reconfigure the devices so that a Pokémon could be sent in from a distant location, such as an underground Team Rocket base. Now, a Grunt wanted to use the feature to get reinforcements sent in from the base below Mahogany.

The problem was- it wasn’t tested. He brought over the Pokéball, claiming “the guys in Mahogany will love a strong, deadly Pokémon“, but was informed that the procedure would take longer than a regular trade, if it worked at all.

As a result, the “trade” was still some time away from completion when Stephen came in with the two girls, and the Machop. Panic ensued, as the Pokémon attacked first the Grunt that had brought the Pokéball to that place, sending him into a metal cabinet, which was a fatal impact due to a broken neck.

Spurred on by the cheers of the females, the cocky fighter faced the Grunt that was providing security. He was faced with a Meowth and an Ekans, but a swift Revenge quickly dispatched the feline Pokémon, leaving only the Ekans able to fight. Meanwhile, the close-by combat robbed the Scientist of the necessary focus to efficiently guide the modified trading procedure.

Ekans tried to Glare the Machop, but Stephen remembered what Machoke had once done to avoid the paralyzing effects of the move, and shouted:

“Close your eyes!”

This advice worked, and Machop went forth blindly, successfully ramming the surprised snake, before opening his eyes to pummel it out of this world. The Grunt gulped in dread.

And it was entirely justified. Machop would break him, in front of the Scientist. Starting with a double leg takedown, he completely disoriented his target, quickly transitioning to a kimura lock.

The screams of this miserable Grunt as his left arm broke served to scare the Scientist out of his wits. The Machop then beat down the Grunt with his fists, before rolling him around to lock in a rear naked choke, while using his legs to apply body scissors.

After frantic initial resistance, the man fell limp; his body twitching spookily each time the body scissors squeezed his torso to break a rib. At one point, he stopped moving altogether, and it was then that the Machop broke his neck with a violent jerk of his hand placed on the chin and top of the head. Throughout this brutal finisher, the Pokémon emitted horny, cocky cries of pure enjoyment.

“N-no…Don’t…please…I can’t take it…”, the Scientist pleaded in utter helpless horror, and received sharp commands he couldn’t understand, although a clue was the finger pointing at the device.

“I think…he wants you to get the Pokéball out of there…” Stephen spoke, and was proven corrected when Machop nodded. The Scientist gulped. “Oh…the transfer is past the energy conversion stage…”

Machop looked pissed off, and went forward to destroy the Scientist, but he stopped at the last moment.

“Oh-no…think, Garret, think…! I…can…transfer the Pokémon to another station. Yes, I can try that!”

Machop watched over his shoulder, but the process was completed over a few minutes, and on a trading device on the opposite side of the room, the Pokéball containing the Machop rematerialized. Stephen went over to pick it up, but once he pressed the button, the flash of light materialized into… a Machamp.

Four arms and even more muscles than a Machoke. Scientist Garret was terrified, while everyone else was overwhelmed by awe and admiration for the new form of the deadly Fighting type. He was not only fully evolved, but also, had a bronze tan to his skin- probably a consequence of the altered energy transportation process. It didn’t harm him, though. On the contrary, he would be even more appealing to humans, in a sexual sense.

Upon realizing he had evolved, the creature knew he could annihilate the population of Goldenrod, and that is what he announced he would do, although only Machop could understand.

Machop immediately leapt on Garret, and locked in a perverse triangle choke, his dick inside the poor Scientist’s mouth. When he lost consciousness, Machop began to urinate in his mouth, and as the human sputtered and twitched, Machamp masturbated hard. The neck snap set him off, as he used one hand to high-five his apprentice, while he guided his cum cannon to coat the faces of the loyal human slaves. A plan for the massacre of Goldenrod was forming, and time was running out for Stephen, as well. Becoming a Machamp made him realize he needed to do away with the human civilization entirely. Bags of flesh and bone were only good for sex and death, and he would provide both.
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