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Continued from "My Weekend With Dawn - After Our Nap"

As you pull away from me you look me in the eye and say; "I hope you enjoyed that because it will be the last time you ever get to put your dick in another pussy when you are around me." You then get off of me giggle a bit and move over to Autumn and say;

"Come on girl. Let's hit the shower!"
I am worn out and just lay there on the bed relaxing. I can hear the shower running and a lot of moaning and screaming as I assume you are showing Autumn the power of the shower head. I am grinning from ear to ear as I listen to the fun you both are having and I am starting to get aroused, wondering if I should join you. Then I look at the clock and realize that if Autumn is going to get back to her hotel to pick up her bags and get to the airport, you guys were going to have to finish up soon. So I poke my head into the bathroom and noticed you sitting on the shower bench, Autumn in your lap with you holding the shower head against her clit while she was screaming in orgasmic bliss. I was paralyzed as I just looked on, drooling while starting to get hard again. Then I snapped out of it, leaned into the shower and gave you an incredibly passionate kiss as I quietly let you know you guys need to start getting ready. You smiled at me and slowly lifted Autumn's trembling body off of you and hugged her while I turned off the water and replaced the shower head for you. What an incredible sight as the two of you are, naked, wet, hugging and passionately kissing in the shower. I really want to get involved but I know that we have to get Autumn on her way so I give you both a polite "Huh huh" and say;

"You guys are so hot together, and if we had more time, I would love to watch you two continue. However, we need to wrap things up here and start getting Autumn on her way."

I hear a dull moan from both of you, but you separate and eventually we are walking Autumn to the front of the hotel to catch a cab to her hotel and then the airport. Before we part, we all hug, kiss, and promise to stay in touch (God, I hope to stay in touch as I could only imagine what it would be like if we meet up with her again somewhere. Hey…a guy can dream can't he?). We say our last goodbye's and wave her off and as her cab is pulling away from the curb, you reach out for my hand and say;

"I am starving. Let's go find a place to eat."

Since it is a perfectly warm evening in Vegas, we decide to walk along the strip, eventually stopping at one of the major casinos and checking out a few of the restaurants in the restaurant section. We find a posh looking place and decide to sit at the bar for a drink. As we sit there, sipping on our drinks, just looking at each other, I am mesmerized by your eyes and your smile. I just love you so much and wish I could go home with you and be with you until we are old and gray. You make me feel so complete when I am around you and I lean over and give you a gentle kiss and tell you how much I love you and care about you.

You see me leaning in and return my kiss with an unsaid acknowledgement that lets me know you are feeling the same way about me. It is such a warm kiss and it only makes me want you more. Suddenly we are interrupted by the bartender asking us if we plan to dine at the bar or if we are waiting to be seated. I look at you and ask;

"What would you like?"

You reply, "The bar works for me."

So, we order our meals and for the next two hours, we eat, laugh and giggle about life, friends, family, and nothing in particular. I am really enjoying this evening with you and as we finish up at the bar, you ask if we can take a walk over to the dancing fountains and just hold hands for a while. I am loving this idea, so I pay the bill, put my arm around your arm and off we go for a walk along the strip. Although I love and enjoy our sexual activities and would like nothing more than to whisk you back to the room, having this time with you is also very intimate, loving and bonding. Just being around you, having fun with you and laughing with you makes it so difficult to think about tomorrow when we have to part ways and I begin to get a little sad at the thought. I turn to you and say;

"Dawn…promise me that if you should ever leave your husband, you will come running to me!"

Although you don't say anything, you lean over and kiss me with amazing passion. I could tell it was the kind of kiss that let me know you love me dearly, but that you could never promise something like that. I appreciated it as I would never want you to destroy your family life for me or for making promises you don't know if you could keep. I guess I am just letting you know how much I care about you and would love to have you in my life everyday. We lean in on each other as we stand by the fountains and watch the magic of the water do it's dance. It is a special moment with you as your head is on my shoulders and your arm is wrapped around my waist. I could smell your perfume and I know it is now a scent that is burnt into my memory forever. I never want this moment to end.

As we got back to the room it was coming up on 1am and we were both pretty tired. I suggested that since we had such a full day, we may want to just cuddle and try to sleep. You just fell into bed and said;

"Sure…that sounds nice."

I proceeded to help you get out of your clothes as you crawl under the sheets and get settled in. I too got out of my clothes and quickly followed, cuddling up next to you. I love snuggling in bed with you as it is so intimate. Having your warm soft skin next to mine with my arms wrapped around you is just so peaceful. As I begin to fade out, I whisper in your ear;

"I love you babe…I really really love you."

And before we knew it, we are both out cold and snoring (or at least I was).

As I am sleeping, I start to have a very sexual dream about you stroking my thick, hard cock…it feels so nice and I keep thinking, OMG…I would love to cum right now, please don't stop. This is amazing! Then I start to dream that you are giving me one of your special and amazing blow jobs, only it felt too real. I quickly realized…yes…it is too real and my eyes start to open. Much to my happiness and surprise, you are really sucking my dick! It is sensual and slow, your hands and mouth working deliberately and with intent to make me explode. It drives me wild when you are stroking my shaft, rubbing my balls and swirling your tongue on my head while you are sucking. It feels like your whole body is engaged in bringing up all the cream I can create right through my dick like it was the straw to the oasis of cum in my balls. I don't know how you do it, but no one I have ever been with can make me cum as hard and as fast as you do when you are giving me head. It is like you have a magic button and when you want me to explode in your mouth you just hit that button and "Kaboom". Your ministrations are beginning to make me moan and tense up and you feel my body begin to shake. You know it won't be long before you are rewarded with a big, juicy load as you start to pick up your pace and your hand on my shaft starts to rotate back and forth as well as up and down. All of a sudden, you feel my cock begin to expand in your mouth seconds before rockets of jizz start shooting into the back of your throat. Just then, I feel the hand that was rubbing my balls reaches up and you lightly drag your fingernails over my stomach...holy shit that is so intense…especially while I am cumming!


My orgasm is so intense, I swear I would cum for an hour (although it is probably more like 15 seconds or so…but I am just lost in the moment as time seems to stand still). I could feel you swallowing every drop as you sucked and sucked trying to take all that I could deliver. I wish I could have you suck my cock every day as I could never have a bad day if it starts like this. Eventually I wind down and you crawl up to me and begin to kiss me with the same passion with which you sucked me off. I can taste the remnants of my spunk on your tongue and it is so Goddamn sexy! I return your kiss with a similar fervor as we hold each other in a loving embrace. I just love kissing you, but I love kissing you even more after you just swallowed my huge load. There is something about it (certainly not the taste)...I think it is my appreciation for such an amazing act of love. Of all the women I have been with, only a few would swallow my load and I think that makes me appreciate it so much that sharing a kiss with them when they are done, is my way of saying thank you. If you swallow it then I should share it with you…it is a sexy thing….but with you, it is more than is deeper than I want to share all of my body with you. Every single part of me wants to be shared with you.

I flip you over on your back as I start to kiss your neck and nibble on your ear…I can tell it is driving you crazy. I work my way down to your tits and start to lick the nipples, sucking and swirling my tongue all around them. You are squirming and trying to push my head down most times I would resist just to tease you...but this time I succumb as I want to return the favor as quickly as I could since I can tell, you are already heated up ( I remember all too many times how you would tell me you could practically cum just by sucking my dick). As soon as I start to lick your labia and run my tongue over your clit you begin bucking and moaning. Holy shit you are so sexy when I am eating your pussy. It is incredible how sensitive you are and how fast I can get you to cum when I am licking you so perfectly in the right spot. I can sense this won't take long and I soon begin to hear you pant and whisper through your grunts that you are going to cum. You then forcefully say to me;


As you are saying these words, I quickly insert 2 fingers into your sopping wet pussy, and using the "come hither" motion, rubbin your G-spot while continuing to work my tongue over your clit. It is like lighting a fuse to a stick of dynamite as it takes about 10 seconds of this to launch you into a mind blowing orgasm!


As you are shaking and screaming, I am just smiling…loving every second of this as I can't help but to feel so much happiness when I make you cum so hard. It is like the feeling of giving someone the perfect gift at Christmas, the joy I feel as the giver is almost as powerful as the joy you are receiving. This makes me feel so incredibly special as I know you can only cum this hard with someone you love and trust. As your orgasm subsides, you push my head away and roll over on your side continuing to spasm as you say;

"Holy shit that was powerful….I am still shaking….oh fuck me…my clit is so sensitive right now."

I am warmed so much inside when you say that and I reply,

"Oh baby…I love how you cum so hard when I lick your pussy!"

All I hear from you is a …"MMMMmmmmmmm"

Of course now, my dick is incredibly hard (I gotta find more of those!). You are still on your side and I move up to you and finish turning you over till you are on your stomach. I quickly insert my throbbing cock into your freshly eaten pussy and slowly start to piston in and out of you making sure to go as deep as I can on the in-stroke. I love fucking you from behind as it is such a turn on to look at my hips smacking into your amazing ass cheeks. The warm, wet feeling of being inside of you is so overwhelming after you have just cum that your pussy is incredibly slippery and it only makes my dick grow even harder (if that were at all possible). You love the feeling of having me on top of you…pushing into you…driving you into the mattress as my cock fills your needs. You love the weight of my body on yours as you succumb to my animalistic desire to inject you with my seed. As I continue to press into you, I hear you begin to grunt out something that sounded like;

"Holy fuck…God you have a fat dick! I can feel every inch of that fat fucking dick! I have never been so filled in my life!! I love when you fuck me with that fat fucking dick!! I want you to fuck my pussy raw!! I want you to own my pussy! Fuck me hard and shoot your hot load in me!! Make me your little cum slut!! I love your cum in my pussy!! Please....Please...Please cum deep in my pussy! Holy fuck! Your head hits me just the right way!!! Oh fuck!! Oh Fuck!! Keep fucking me with that Fat FUCKING COCK!! HOLY SHIT!!" Keep FUCKING meeeee PLEASE!! "OH MY GOD!! YOUR COCK IS SO FUCKING FAT!!! FUCK ME!! CUM IN ME!!! CUM WITH ME!!

And with that…I can't hear another word as I feel your body tense, you take a huge breath and then…you just hold it! I am picking up my pace, feeling your pussy clamping down on my cock…I don't know how much longer I can last as I start to wonder if you are going to release that last breath…All of a sudden!


And with that, I lose my composure…your sopping wet pussy clamped down on my dick, your filthy mouth begging me to cum inside you, telling me how you are my little cum slut, how you love having me cum in you was just too much to take!!

"HOLY FUCK! OH GOD!! OH GOD!! OH GOD!! FUCK!! I AM CUUUUMMING!! FUCK ME!! UGHHHHH UGHHHHH UGHHHHHH!!!! FFFFUUUUCCKKK!! UUUUGGGHHHH!!! FUUUUCCCKKKK!!! JESUS FUCK!! UGHHHHHH!!" I yell out to you as I am trying to force my dick beyond it's physical boundaries while I deposit whatever I have left in the tank deep into your womb.

After we subside, I drop onto you and kiss you all over your neck and back, wishing there was a way I could lock myself up inside of you just like this. I never want to pull out of you. I don't want this moment to ever end. But…unfortunately, nature has its own way of destroying a moment as my cock deflates and unwillingly slips out of you followed by gobs of boy and girl cum. I roll off of you and onto my back and you turn over and put your head on my chest. As we both pant for air, you say between breaths;

"We definitely need to make this a more regular event!" I laugh and pull you into me, kiss you deeply and eventually we both fall back to sleep.

I can feel a ray of sunlight on my face as I wake to notice that I didn't close the sun blinds all the way. So annoying as I really didn't want to be reminded that we only have a few more hours left before we have to part ways. It made me really sad as I looked over at the clock and saw that it said 7:45am. My flight leaves at 3pm and we have to check out of the hotel at 11am. Damn, I thought to myself. I don't want to leave….EVER!!

I look over at you as you are sleeping on your back and the thoughts of having to go home today quickly vanish from my mind. I get off the bed, use the bathroom and on my way back I grab the bottle of lube on the dresser. I slowly get back into bed, trying not to wake you and I put a good amount of lube in my hands and rub it around to warm it up. I then reach down to your beautiful kitty and begin to slowly pet her rubbing the lube around your lips and clit. You don't respond at first but after a few minutes, I can feel you squirming ever so slightly. You begin to open your legs wider for me, and that is the clue that I have your attention. You still look like you haven't quite woken up, although your body is saying "Yes Please!"....your eyes are saying..."not yet". With your legs open, I roll my fingers into your pussy while the palm of my hand starts to rub your outer lips and clit with delicate and slow strokes. In no time at all, I hear you starting to moan and buck under my ministrations as I increase the pressure on your clit. I take your reaction to my movements as a hint to stay the course. After about 5 more minutes of this tantalizing work on your pussy, you are bucking wildly and I feel you grab my hand with yours (you obviously woke up by now…and with a smile) and start to press down harder while moving my hand under yours even faster until you scream out with a nice little morning orgasm.


I just love when you cum…I just love it!! I love it!! I love it!! After you recover a bit, I crawl up beside you and kiss you and hold you. I Do Not want you to leave, I want to freeze time and hold on to you and this whole weekend like it will never end.

Just then, you reach down and feel how swollen my cock is and ask;

"Babe…this thing needs to go down. How can I help? Do you want to cum in my pussy, cum in my mouth or should I tell you bad jokes until you have no interest anymore?

You crack me up and it makes me feel so warm inside that you are able to have such fun with me. I eventually look you in the eye and say…

"You know…I haven't fucked those amazing tits of yours yet."

To which, you reply; "I was wondering when you were going to get around to giving me a pearl necklace. Aren't all women supposed to get jewelry when they go to Vegas? I have been fantasizing about you fucking the shit out of my tits and cumming all over them!"

"How turned on are you about me giving you a pearl necklace?" I ask.

"I am already wet again thinking about it." You respond.

"Hold on a minute…I have a thought" I say.

I jump out of bed, run over to our bags and grab the strap-on and remove the dildo part. I jump back into bed, grab the lube, pour some on the dildo and rub it in, I then straddle you with my dick on your chest and reach back and slide the didlo into your pussy. Your reaction is priceless as your mouth drops open and you gasp.

"Take this and fuck your pussy while I work on making that necklace for you." I jokingly say.

You reach under my leg and between yours, grab the dildo from me and begin to work it around your pussy. While you are doing that, I pour a generous amount of lube on your beautiful tits and then begin to work it into you with my rock hard cock. I pull your tits together, raise myself up a bit and begin to slide up and down on your chest as you continue to work the dildo in and out of your pussy. We are both having a really good time and before I know it you are already moaning out that you are about to cum.

"I love your legs! All those muscles bulging out of them as you fuck my tits! It is so fucking hot! OMG!! I want you to cum all over my tits and neck! Please baby!! Please cum on my tits!! Fuck my tits baby!!! OH FUCK….I AM CUMMING! OH FUCK…OH FUCK….SHIT….I AM CUUUUMMIIINNGGGG…FFFFFUUUCCCCK MY TTTTIIIITTTSSSS!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!

The scene is just too much as I look down to see my fat cock in between your gorgeous tits, fucking them senselessly. After a few more minutes, I can feel my balls churning, my cock head building up that electrostatic charge ready to shock my balls into action. All of a sudden you feel the first jets catch your chin, your lips, your nose, your cheek….the next spurt catches you under the chin and on your neck followed by 3 more blasts. I am cumming so fucking hard, my eyes are closed, my body is tense, you can see all the striations of my muscles in my abdomen, legs, arms, neck and shoulders as I continue my assault on your tits, spraying gobs of hot, sticky jizz all over you. Watching me cum, sets off another round of orgasms from you as you never stopped slamming that dildo in and out of your overworked pussy.

Soon, we both come down from that amazing high and I look down to see the mess I made. Wow! Looking at all the cum on your face, neck, lips, cheeks, hair, tits….So fucking hot! You take the dildo out of you and begin to scoop whatever cum you can off of your body and sensually lick it off your fingers.

"Wow baby…that was a lot of jizz. I love it! We should have done that a few more times this weekend. Hey, maybe next time we see each other, you can just start by fucking my tits…I loved it so much. When you are cumming your body is so fucking hot! And the visual...watching you explode all over my tits! I don't even know where to begin explaining how wet that makes me. I am really lucky to have such a stud like you fuck me all weekend!" You say with a bit of sarcasm in your voice at that last sentence....But I know you are being playful...and hopefully a little honest at the same time.

I laugh and roll off of you, but in reality, all I heard was…"next time". Those two words are the two words that will keep my spirits floating for a long long time.

"Hey…maybe we should get in the shower so we can get cleaned up!" I say with a smile as I wink at you.

Continued….Time to say our goodbye's
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