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Pete and his sister exchange ver different Christmas gifts
I'm Pete. Yes, that's about how exciting I am. 5-6 140 lb, dark brown hair. The only thing keeping me from being the typical nerd is the lack of glasses. And my skin's pretty clear. My experience with girls more or less started and ended when Mary Francessa stroked my cock awhile back. She stopped, 'before it made a mess', and really wasn't all that impressed. And that was awhile back. I'm a senior now and unlikely to get any action at my current school. Now it was a matter of surviving until graduation, then starting over at a university. At least that was my dream.

I was moping around the house when my younger sister, by a year, came into the living room. Bev didn't have my problems. Everything was easy for her. She was almost 2 inches taller, had light brown hair that was usually in a pony tail and easily attracted whatever guys interested her. Where I was short and skinny, Bev was tall and more of a cheerleader type. And to top it off, she was every bit as smart as me.

"What's up Pete?"

"Nothing. Same old shit."

"Bummer. So, what do yo want for Christmas? Nothing too expensive, cause, I'm broke."

"Um...know any girls who will go out with me?"

"Sorry Pete. You're on your own there." She plopped down next to me. She looked at me with a pouty face.

"What about Mary?"

"Nah, she, um..."

"I thought you said she gave you.."

"Sssh, Mom might hear. Yeah well kinda but not all the way."

"Crap, what a tease."

"You do that?"

"Kinda personal Pete, but yeah, I have."

"Have you also..."

"Stop there. This isn't Truth or Dare."

"Sorry. At least someone's getting some." She gave me a quick hug.

"Hang in there." Then she was gone. Off to her room. After our little chat I noticed I had the beginning of a hardon. I also noted Bev's butt as she left the room. She's my sister, but, yeah I noticed.

A few days before Christmas Bev was complaining that she was going to a Christmas party but didn't have the required "ugly/flashy Christmas sweater", and also no money to buy one. Mom agreed that I could give her my gift early. As she ripped off the paper and pulled apart the box her look of anticipation turned to excitement when she saw the big green sweater with red designs and reindeer and flashing lights.

"Oh my god, this is perfect Pete. Thanks SOOOOO much!" She hugged me. I felt her boobs crush against me. Stop it Pete. A peck on the cheek and she was off to try it on. My mother looked at me,

"That was nice Pete. Thoughtful. And you know she probably won't be able to buy you anything so nice."

"It's ok. She's happy so I'm happy. You can maybe get me that book I wanted and address it from Bev?"

"Deal. You're a good brother."

"Thanks." I really didn't mind. I got enjoyment from my family being happy. When Bev came out with what appeared to be just the sweater on, all glowing and sparkly, it made my day. Mom had another thought,

"It looks lovely, fun, but I do hope you're wearing more than that."

"Oh Mom, stop. Of course I'll wear leggings.. And anyway, I DO have undies on. She turned and flashed her butt, properly covered.

Mom, "BEV!"

My thoughts, holy shit BEV. Wow. Of course I've seen her in bathing suits. She has a nice full butt. Not real big, but not a little skinny one either. The sweater was big and loose, which hid her 34C breasts, I fold laundry sometimes, which I've also seen in bathing suits. But it's been months. And she's still maturing and why am I thinking about my sister's body?

The party was on a Saturday. Mom and Dad were going to visit friends for the weekend. I was going to relax at home. Mainly because I didn't have a better offer. But with no one home I could have a few hours, check out some porn and entertain myself. I wasn't really getting anywhere with the usual stuff. Sure, my cock was hard and the sex on screen was hot, but I was distracted. It was weird. I kept thinking about Bev's butt in her underwear. As much of a sex deprived, porn watching, masturbator as I was, I'd never given any real thought to the idea that there was a sexy young woman in my own house. Bev could sit around in shorts and a tee, walk to her room in a towel and I never gave it any thought. Until now. And it kind of ruined my mood. Not the thoughts of Bev, those were keeping me hard despite how awkward it made me feel. But I couldn't make myself jerkoff to those thoughts. It seemed wrong. Bev, in the sweater I gave her, and her underwear. Stop it Pete.

I noticed the time and got myself together. I had an almost painful need, but I was as unfulfilled as when Mary Francessa left me with blue balls. But Bev would be home soon. Even though the parents were away, she'd be home by eleven. They trusted us and Bev would be on time, and not drunk. And me. I usually had nowhere to go anyway. I heard the door downstairs. Yep, 11:10. She was singing to herself. It must have been a great party. I listened. Refrigerator, glass clinking, water running, then Bev's feet bouncing up the stair. As she came by my room she looked in. The door was open. Our sign that visitors were welcome. I had a game up on the computer when I turned in my chair.

"Hi Bev, good party?"

"YEAH! And my sweater was a hit." I'm sure. I looked at her standing there so bubbly. The loose sweater mostly hiding her boobs, then just covering her butt, her legs now covered by tight leggings. Leggings that made her legs look particularly nice. Not skinny, more athletic. Not thick exactly. And maybe I was staring too long. "Pete, you ok?"

"Yeah, yeah I'm good. Glad you had fun."

"And thanks again for this greeat sweater." She walked in the room. When she came over and gave me a hug I could feel what her sweater was hiding. I could smell what she was wearing. Light, airy, fresh. I-I, oh fuck I was getting a hardon. Shit. Then Bev stepped back and smiled at me. Then something caught her eye. Her hand went to her mouth. "Oh, oh, sorry Pete. I didn't mean to..." I tried to cover up but that made it obvious. "I'll leave. Did I. Is that?"

"No, um, yeah uh, well honestly I was watching some porn before and I guess. And you look so good." Oh fuck I didn't mean to actually say that out loud. What an ass. What a freakin' dumbass nerd. She smiled at me.

"It's ok Pete. So you think I look nice?" She stood there and put her arms up, fully displaying the sweater. I'm sure that's all she meant to do, but it lifted the bottom of the sweater and now I could see where those two legs met and the tight leggings, tight against... I squeezed my legs together. Took a deep breath.

"Yeah you do look nice." She turned to leave. The sweater caught on her hip. I could see her butt covered by the black leggings, forming to her.

"Thanks." Then she was gone. I pressed my hand against my crotch. I felt a surge through my body. I tried to get under control. If I ran to the bathroom or quickly shut my door Bev would know why. I got up and went to my bed. I lay back with my legs hanging over the bottom. I tried thinking of something, anything else. But all I saw was Bev. Her legs, her butt, her mound. Oh fuck Pete, stop. My cock had tented my shorts. Willing it to go down wasn't working.

Then she was back in my doorway. I didn't hear her at first. I don't know how long she was there, but she could surely see my condition.

"Um, Pete?" Oh FUCK. Bev could see my cock stretching my shorts. I sat up quickly.

"Shit sorry, I was..."

"I know. I understand." She walked in the room. Now she was standing right in front of me. "I'm sorry if I made your night worse, or something."

"No, you didn't, it's ok."

"I never knew you looked at me that way."

"I didn't. I haven't. But well, until the other day."

"When you gave me this great sweater for Christmas and I didn't get you anything. And you're so thoughtful and caring and I just go day by day and never think about things."

"I don't mind. I was happy you were happy."

"But still. Anyway, if you keep this between us and it's only one time. Merry Christmas Pete." And then she took off the sweater. And oh fuck, her tits were right there. And they were perfect. And real and right there. I wanted to tell her she didn't have to. She already knew what I would say and before I did, "Yes, but I want to. My brother shouldn't be alone and missing out." She took my hands and placed them on her tits. I held them there a moment, then began to feel them, caress them. "Forget I'm your sister. And I won't be a mean little bitch like Mary Francessa." She pushed me back on the bed, then pulled down my shorts. My cock finally sprang free. "You mmust have grown, or Mary had no sense, cause this isn't small."


"I've handled one or two. Or three. You're doing ok Pete. I like it." My cock was standing straight at attention. Bev cupped my balls and held my cock. It was twitching and now i was afraid it would blow and it would all be over. Bev rubbed her tits along my cock, then began stroking me. It had been building all night, she stroked some more and I could feel it coming.

"Bev, I.."

"Go ahead, make a mess." I went off like a missle. Cum flying up in the air. Cum on me, cum on Bev's tits. A build up that finally found release. "I'm going to get a towel, you wait right here, we're not done."

Bev left, but I pondered her last words. Not done? Then I realized what we'd just done. My sister had jacked me off. I'd CUM on Bev. Then I remembered how great her tits felt. She came back in. She looked different. Her hair was down. She was naked. Yeah that's it. I was looking at a live naked woman. Her dark hair down below trimmed close. He legs, sturdy and smooth. When she turned halfway her butt begging to be held.


"Well you're naked. Or almost. Take that shirt off. So, what do you think?"

"Amazing. Who knew? Wow."

"Thanks. So here's what I'm thinking. We have one night. I'm you're girlfriend tonight." She was kneeling on the bed next to me now. Her breasts shook as she moved. Against all urges I had to say,

"But should we. I mean, that felt amazing and all, but should we?" Bev looked at me. She was thinking, but also smiling.

"I don't care. My brother who is so good to me and so thoughtful is feeling bad and I'm going to make him feel great. Now get your shirt off." I took my shirt off. I was now naked on my bed with a female. Yeah my sister, but still. She lay down alongside me and threw a leg over me. "Go ahead. Touch me. Gently. Everywhere." I turned my head towards Bev. She nodded. Then she kissed me. Not a full make out kiss, but more than a sisterly peck. I tentatively put my hand back on her breast. Feeling her hard pink nipple pressing into my palm and the soft flesh filling my hand sent tingles along my body. She kissed me again, firmer on the lips. My hand had found its way around to Bev's ass. Bev's full butt cheeks were well more than a handful, shaking as I moved. Bev was looking me in the eyes, a crooked grin on her face, her hand brushed away some of my hair, then slowly made its way down my side and across my back. I asked,

"What's with the smirk? What's up?"

"I'm naked in bed with a cute guy and I've just decided I'm going to have sex with him tonight."

"What? Oh, uh but..."

"Sshh." Her finger at my lips. "Sshh, don't think like that. Ask yourself. Do you want to make love to this naked woman? Do you want to.."

"Lose my virginity."

"Yeah that too. I've already lost mine. It is what it is."

"Then what?"

"What I was saying is, do you want to enjoy what our bodies can do together?"


"OK, let me take care of one last thing. I'm on birth control. I'm certain you're clean. Yes don't worry about anything. Now kiss me like you mean it." Then she pulled my head to hers and we went well beyond a friendly kiss. Somewhere between, biting on my lip and sucking on my tongue I forgot everything and had my hand between Bev's legs feeling the warmth, the wetness, coming from her. I opened her up and let my fingers roam. She moaned and kissed and sighed. My cock was now filling some of the space between us. Her hand found me and she let her fingers tickle and tease. Bev rolled on top of me, her tits squashed between us, my hands both now full of her butt our mouths still together. Bev scooted up on her knees. I felt her reach between us, then my cock being rubbed along her slit. A moment's paused and Bev sat back, and "oh, wow, oh that's.." She kept moving and my cock kept sliding up into her. I was beyond thinking of the exact situation. I was lost in the realization that I was getting laid. There was a hot body shaking and writhing on me. My cock was lost in a soft warm wet glove, holding me, gripping me. I got into the spirit of everything. Those tits swaying above me caught my attention and I soon had one firmly in hand. I took a break from kissing Bev to suck at her nipple. My tongue circled it feeling each part. It felt like a hard pebble in my mouth. I rolled my tongue on and around as Bev rolled her hips and worked my cock. She settled onto me and pressed herself to me, rubbing her mound against me. My hands moved down to her ass, her glorious ass. My hands moved round and round, caressing her cheeks, taking a firm grip and helping to grind her on me. Bev hegan to moan out loud, imploring me to go,

"More, moooore." She knew what she was doing when she got me off earlier. Even though this was my first time, I was able to hang on as Bev, rubbed herself causing her to stutter a series of "ooohs". Then when she came down she told me, "roll me over, then go hard, fast." We got ourselves repositioned. Bev spread her legs up and wide. I moved in close and began thrusting my cock into her. Watching as she smiled and rocked her head back and forth. I felt it coming on, I tried to hold out but it overwhelmed me. I went hard, deep, then held myself there as my cum spurted into Bev. She encouraged me, "go ahead Pete, give it to me, give it all to me." When I felt I had no more energy, or cum, I lay my head on Bev's chest catching my breath. I looked up at Bev. She kissed my nose. Wiped the hair from my face.

I rolled off to lay alongside her. She on her back, me on my side. I let my hands caress her body. I had to ask,

"Was it....ok?" She turned her head to me. Again that crooked smile.

"You really need to ask? You were wonderful." Then she considered a moment, "It's not nice to fuck and tell, but for the record you were lots better than Bobby Berner." I just stared at her waiting for something else. "Really. Lots."

"You were pretty fucking spectacular yourself."

"You an expert now?"

"No, I uh..."

"I'm teasing. And girl would like to hear that. You know," Now she turned to face me. Her fingers were messing with my hair. "I'm telling you this as your sister who loves you and as a woman you just got fucked but good. You have nothing to worry about. Your stuff is perfectly fine, you're energetic and kind. You should take a shot out there. There are lots of girls who aren't getting this."

"You think?"



We lay together talking, touching, playing. Bev asked if she could sleep in my bed with me, like lovers. Just for tonight. When we woke in the morning realizing that we were together, and naked, we laughed at first, then made out with vigor. Bev agreed that since we were still in bed from the first time we could have another shot. That turned into two shots before we hurriedly showered before our parents got home. In the time before they arrived we sat at the kitchen table and both agreed that this was not an ongoing thing.

My night with Bev gave me new found confidence, but that was all in the future. For now we had to get "back to normal" with our parents home and Christmas coming. Somehow Bev was able to act normal. I was careful around her at first, not wanting to do anything wrong.

Christmas morning we gathered as we always did. Bev wore the sweater to show off my gift. She thanked me again with a hug. When I opened her gift, I thanked her profusely for the book I'd wanted. Mom seemed happy that we were getting along.

"Thanks so much, Bev!" She smiled. She gave me that little smirk. When I gave her a hug she whispered,

"Merry Christmas, Pete."


2022-01-25 04:27:43
Happy Holidays Pete...cause this will be the gift for all Seasons


2022-01-11 19:21:56
my first with my brother was about the same, he was my "big" brother and it was only supposed to be that once, it became another thing entirely, i love him!


2022-01-08 22:50:30
Great story. Tried to give a positive vote but it says too many votes at this point. So I guess a lot of people agree. Thanks


2022-01-08 17:59:20
Another great story NCfan!


2022-01-07 21:10:26
Good... really good story. Thanx

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