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I use supernatural powers to possess and control a husband, wife, and daughter in their home to get sick and extreme vengeance. READ DISCLAIMERS

This story gets VERY disgusting and brutal. I use extreme taboo themes and consider my stories "horror".

These niche things appear in THIS chapter. If any are not your thing, just back out now. You’ve been warned!

Rape/Abuse/Violence toward women



Young girl


Gross bodily fluids tastes/smells

Eating cum and squirt

Fingering dirty asshole

Sweat licking

Armpit licking




This is a work of fiction. I do not condone any of the things I write about. All characters are considered 18+, even if a story implies otherwise.

I'm not concerned with story, I don’t write very skillfully, and I write almost 100% smut. I start most stories with a supernatural, unrealistic scenario, just a quick excuse to dive into the question of "What dark shit could I do if I had the power to _?" I write in first person, as an evil, perverted, petty man, pushing my writing way past what I would ever do in real life, trying to creep myself out as I write.

Let me know if you'd like more!


Chapter 4 - Cookies & Milk

Mother and daughter. I made them both mine. I use them however I want.

My energy is already coming back. I'm not as exhausted after sex as I used to be in my old body. This guy is incredible.

I currently possess the body of Kadir, just finished using him to fuck his wife Grace, making her squirt against her will all over their daughter Ella, strapped helplessly underneath her mother.

I shift to the side of the girls a bit and pull Grace by the hips. Pussy in a low 69 position directly over Ella's face. I slap her thick ass a few times. She shifts slightly, but isn't fully aware of things anymore, still limp, still on the verge of consciousness. I slap again and again. And finally I see some jizz oozing out of her vagina onto her daughter's face under her. I dig my fingers in her sloppy hole and scoop more of it out, wiping it over the girl's lips and nose.

I reach under Grace, squeezing at lower belly, pelvic area, coaxing more cum out. Her body has little control over anything anymore. Still dripping a bit of squirt, now the creampie seeps out, caking the helpless little girl.

I leisurely sit leaning on Grace's comfy pillow ass for a few minutes, just playing with her pussy, digging around, fingering, wiping on Ella. Finally I feel her start to come back to her senses, body start to tense up again, realizing what happened, starting to whimper and silently cry into the sheets.

I smack her ass. "Ok time to clean up. Be a good house wife. Ella, your mommy's gonna clean you up, don't worry." I detach all Grace's restraints, leaving the cuffs on wrists and ankles, but letting her move freely. She's weak, still shaking a bit, barely able to roll over and lift herself. But I keep coaxing her, giving her little slaps on the haunches, flicks in the nipples. "Come on, bend down, face right here." I get her over Ella, face to face with her. "Lick. Clean it all up. I want her spotless. Come on, if I taste any of my cum later, you're in deep shit." I remove her gag temporarily, pulling out the soaked disgusting wad of her own dirty panties from her mouth. She coughs, but I've broken her enough, she knows not to resist, not to scream. I grab a fistful of her hair and push her face down. She lays on her daughter, trying not to put all her weight on the poor girl.

Grace tentatively opens her mouth and reaches out her tongue. Her face pinched in a sour expression, trying not to gag. "Come on, like you've never tasted my cum before." She hesitates and makes a weird face. "Wait really, you never have? What the fuck, you're so vanilla." I laugh and shove her face into it, tongue forced into clump of slimy white jizz. She licks. "Swallow it." She gags slightly, and I slap the back of her head in punishment. Finally she pulls herself together a bit and starts lapping it all up slowly.

While she works, hunched over, licking and slurping up my cum off her daughters quivering face, I move to behind her. I lift her ass up a bit, getting her on her knees again, straddled over Ella's midsection. And I just play around with her sloppy mess of a cunt, still oozing a bit of jizz. I stick a couple fingers in and wiggle around for my own amusement. Grace stops licking, uncomfortable, sensitive. "I told you to lick, bitch!" I shove two fingers in hard and she whimpers and gets back to work. I act angry, but I'm secretly trying to distract her and make it hard for her to concentrate.

I pull out of pussy and slide my wet fingers up to puckered brown hole. I know she's probably not very clean or prepared down there yet, so I don't intend on getting too dirty. But she doesn't know that. She stops again, whipping her head around. Shocked expression on her face, staring into my eyes. Such pretty blue eyes, I just noticed. "What are you doing?" She demands before realizing she shouldn't have spoken like that. I raise an eyebrow.

I pounce on her, quickly grabbing her hair with one hand, smushing her face down on the bed slightly off the side of Ella. She's so much weaker than me, it's simple to hold her here. With her out of the way, I use my other hand to clamp down on Ella's long black hair. Gripping hard to both girls, I twist, inflicting excruciating pain on their scalps as I almost rip their hair out at the roots. I bury Grace's face in the sheets to muffle her agonizing scream, Ella’s scream muffled by her gag.

Only a few seconds of this and Grace is screaming for forgiveness, pleading for me to stop, mostly for the pain she knows her daughter is in. "I don't stop until you both stop screaming!" It takes them a full 20 seconds to get the idea. I feel a slight tearing in Grace's hair, she forces herself to stop, and starts trying to calm Ella. Finally, peace and quiet, I let go. They both lay panting, whimpering, crying quietly.

I give them a moment, and then I force Grace back on her hands and knees, pushing her face back towards Ella's, "Lick!". After a moment she gathers herself and slowly starts cleaning again.

I let her get a little further and then continue my cruel distractions again. I sit behind her, and spread her cheeks. Her little brown asshole winks at me and Grace reflexively clenches in surprise, but she continues lapping away. I gather some slimy fluid still leaking from her sticky pussy, and then start wiping and smearing it around her puckered asshole. A squeak of discomfort escapes her mouth, but she keeps licking. I play around, rubbing, poking, prodding, flicking her dirty hole. I smile, glancing back and forth between her ass and her face, her tongue still licking away, a sour disgusted look on her face, her eyebrows furrowed.

A few more minutes and Ella is completely spotless. "Oh look, Ella, mommy's got you all clean again. Ok ladies, what should we do next?"

Grace did a great job of cleaning her daughter with her mouth. I lean in close. Ella's face smells a bit like spit, but not really any hint of my cum or other nasty fluids. Her silky black hair still smells a bit like pussy, from her mother's squirt. But I don't mind, it gives her such a lewd, erotic musk. A break in her purity. Though 18, she’s as innocent and inexperienced as a little girl.

Ella still lays strapped down flat in the center of the big bed. Grace sits freely next to her, afraid to move, waiting for my next commands. I look at her, she can't bring herself to look into my eyes anymore. She shivers, arms wrapped around her chest, concealing her breasts. She still has her tight white tank top on, but the chest is ripped wide open. What's left of her ripped gray shorts is wrapped like a skirt around her waist, draping down and covering her crotch, keeping her modest as she sits there, but the ripped clothing giving her such a ravaged look.

"Sit at the headboard. Lean your back against it." I point to the head of the bed, a fancy gray cushioned headboard. She opens her mouth to say something, I cock my head at her, and she quickly closes it again, remembering not to complain. She crawls reluctantly over there. I give her ass a little pat as she goes. I help her get comfy, propping some pillows behind her, making her sit upright.

Her wrists and ankles still have detachable bondage cuffs on them. I leave her legs to lay freely, straight out in front of her. I look up. The beautiful bed has vertical posts running up from each corner of the bed, and horizontal beams connecting the tops of those posts, with pulled back curtains draping down from them. I attach straps from her wrists up tightly to the horizontal beam above. Her arms are up diagonally, out in a "Y" shape above her head. She whimpers, "Please stop this." I sigh, finishing up her arm straps.

I step down from the bed. "When are you going to learn your lesson? I guess you need your gag back in." She whimpers something, barely audible, tears in her eyes, but knows any more complaining will just make things worse. I find where I tossed the wad of panties and strip of shirt fabric that I had used to gag her. The panties are soaked with spit, adding to the nasty funk of a full day of wearing them.

I also go grab something from the supplies I bought. A bondage gag. A simple leather strap, with a ring. I return to Grace, grab her hair to yank her head up, and start strapping the gag around her head. I force her jaw open wide, and put the ring in her mouth, her teeth clamping down onto rubber coating the metal ring. I tighten the strap and she yelps in pain for a second. Her eyes wide and filled with tears. Her mouth now forced wide open into an "O" shape.

"Just so you can't bite me when I do this." I stand on the bed straddling her, crouching down a bit in front of her. I grab a fistful of hair with one hand, and my limp dick with my other. I shove it in her open mouth without warning. "Clean me off, bitch." I force my cock as deep as a can, on her wet tongue. Holding her head steady with both hands.

She makes noises of complaint with her voice, just "Ah" sounds since she cant form words with her mouth forced open. I slap her on the cheek hard, "I said clean it! Shut the fuck up and lick it clean." She goes quiet and starts pathetically moving her tongue around with my limp cock on it. Her mouth starts making more and more saliva, and the feeling is so nice. Not very stimulating, just soft and wet. Sticky clicking sounds as spit moves around in her mouth.

She gags hard, URRP. A deep heaving motion throughout her whole body. She was close to puking. I pet her hair to sooth her a bit. I just leave my cock there, watching her struggle.

She licks and laps at my cock for a few minutes, cleaning off all my jizz and her pussy juices. She seems like she's had this cock in her mouth before, but not much. She's actually grossed out by it. I smile, god they have such a boring sex life.

My cock hardening again, a look of panic in her eyes as it starts to fill her helpless mouth. She keeps pulling her head back, so I step forward and shove hard, forcing the back of her head into the cushioned headboard behind her, my semi hard cock driving a bit deeper. She gags almost to the point of no return. I sigh and pull out. I don't actually want to deal with puke, as much as I love watching her struggle.

I lift up my balls and shove them both into her open mouth. The look in her eyes is priceless, such a prissy pure mother, such a vanilla sex life, suddenly an entire ballsack shoved in her mouth against her will. "Lick. Clean them." Her eyes so wide in shock. She has no choice and I start feeling a soft tongue lapping at my sack. Amazing.

All cleaned up, I step away for a second. I grab the nasty panties that had been stuffed in her mouth earlier. I reach down and wipe up Grace's messy cunt, still leaking a bit of my creampie. The panties are damp with her spit. As well as sweat and crusty pussy discharge and the tiniest bit of a brown stain from her ass, all from her wearing them a day or two ago. Now fresh white jizz coats them. I stuff them straight into her pried-open mouth. She shakes her head trying to escape, but I slap her hard and keep stuffing them in. She almost pukes again. Her eyes bulging in utter disgust. I finish her off by wrapping the shirt strip around her head and tying it in the back, keeping the panties in her mouth.

Then I turn to Ella, still lying bound to the center of the bed right next to us. I detach her, leaving the cuffs on wrists and ankles. She starts to cry, muffled by her own gag of panties, pulling desperately away from my grasp. I simply hold her tight with one arm, and clamp her nose shut with the other. She gets the idea real quick, if she whines she doesn't get to breathe. She stays quiet after that while I work. I bind her wrists together in front of her. She's free besides that. I then take off the gag. "Now remember, I have to punish you if you talk, baby. No talking."

Immediately she starts crying out, "Mommy help me! Why's daddy doing this? Momm-" I clamp the panties over her mouth and nose and hold her tight, cutting off all breathing. She screams into my hand, I just hold steady. She flails around helplessly. I hold. And hold. She finally stops. "I told you no talking! Do you understand Ella?" She flails around, desperate to breathe. "Do you understand? No talking." Flailing, but she's slowing down, close to passing out. Finally I feel her nod into my hand. I let go, she gasps for breath, one breath, then I clamp down again for another few seconds. "No talking!" The shock of the second time really did it. Utterly horrified, she gets the idea. I finally let go, little girl gasping for breath, coughing hysterically.

I quickly grab another bdsm leather gag and wrap her little head with it. She struggles a bit at first, so confused, but I slap her little ass firmly and she stops squirming. Ring holding her mouth open, teeth clamped down onto rubber, she looks just like her mother did, forced into a shocked "O" expression.

God she looks so wrong. Such a pure little girl forced into this bondage gag. My cock swells. I imagine her walking around the house for daddy like this all the time.

I can't resist, I lunge at her. I kiss at her face, all over, licking and making out with her forced-open lips. Digging my tongue into the ring. Swirling around and tasting her little mouth, her spit, her soft tongue.

I pull her into a deep hug, grabbing her ass, lifting her legs to wrap around my waist. Her little butt cheeks clench in surprise, so soft and delicate. I squish and knead them a bit, burying my face in her neck and hair to inhale her girly scent. A smell tainted by her mom’s pussy juice and saliva. Her cute pajamas are so soft and warm against my bare skin. I carry her with me to her mother. "Let's have some fun, baby. Let's go to mommy."

I spread Grace's legs apart and kneel down in between them with Ella tight to my chest. I'm face to face with the little girl. Her legs wrapped around my waist. Her hands bound together, cowering tightly against her chest, almost as if she’s praying. I kneel pushed up closely to Grace's legs, feeling her thighs on mine. I sit back comfortably on my heels. I rest Ella's back against Grace's belly and chest, and I lean back to enjoy the view of these two lovely girls.

Grace sits leaning her back comfortably against pillows and the cushioned headboard of the bed. Her arms bound tightly up by her wrists in a “Y” shape. A bit of a sweaty sheen to her skin, her bare armpits exposed.

Her blonde and brown hair, once so nicely done, now disheveled. Her pretty face, bound with a tight gag around her mouth, jaw forced open wide. Her gorgeous blue eyes, sparkling with tears, bloodshot, a look of horror permanent in her expression, unable to make eye contact with me.

Her motherly breasts exposed, her thin white tank top undershirt viciously ripped open at the chest, still clinging on around the sides and underside of her pale tits. A bit of that sexy sweatiness in her cleavage. Her tits hang slightly above her daughter’s head. Her legs spread wide, coming out from behind her daughter on either side. Those smooth thighs also have that damp sheen of perspiration.

Leaning her back into her mother’s belly behind her, Ella sits helplessly staring directly at me. Grace’s limbs spread-eagle out from behind her. Ella’s long dark hair is matted and tangled around her shoulders. Her pretty hazel eyes, bloodshot and teary like her mother’s. Those dark, bold eyebrows, raised in shock and terror. She sniffles continuously, snot dripping from crying so much. Dripping down into her leather ring gag, forcing her mouth open in an always-surprised “O” shape.

Her cute pale pink pajamas with snowflakes all over, still intact, hiding her little body. Long sleeves, matching long pants. My cock swells, and her eyes widen even more, looking down at her daddy’s swollen cock right in front of her. I smile and tease her, rubbing my cock forward onto her legs. She recoils and tightens up into a ball, trying to hug her knees to her chest, create distance between us.

I grab her knees and force them back down, under me. I straddle her straightened legs, sitting on her thighs, putting my cock in her lap. I grind around, rubbing my balls around, poking my dick into her crotch and belly. I then lean in and hug into Grace behind Ella, our daughter sandwiched in between us. I reach my face forward and kiss at Grace’s fleshy breasts. I lift and shove Ella, putting her head in between the tits. Not the biggest breasts, but I still have fun, trying to squeeze her warm utters around her daughters head. I nibble and peck at puffy nipple, move inward to kiss and slobber all over Ella’s struggling face, then onto the other side to lick and bite at the other nipple. I move them around, roughing up Ella's dark hair. I kiss her cute little cheek, lick at her forehead, stick my tongue into her open mouth.

I lick and suck at Grace’s soft mounds. Her skin is so salty, sweaty. I cant get enough. I breath her in, rub my face into them, feel her hardened nipples across my nose and cheek. I breathe in her scent, moving up a bit to bury my face into her cleavage. Her musk is a bit sour, but still so sweet, that smell of vanilla still so feminine. I lift a breast up and bury my nose and mouth underneath, so musty and warm. Damp, the sweatiest part of her body right now probably. I lick at the crease of her underboob. Gross, but my cock throbs painfully in Ella’s belly.

I grab Ella’s wrists with one hand, both still bound together, and lift. She struggles a bit but my strength overwhelms her and lifts her arms above her head. I grab a fistful of her pink and white snowflake pajama shirt with my other hand, right in the center of her chest, and rip with all my strength.

Her button down pajama shirt doesn’t stand a chance. Little buttons go flying, the fabric making a loud satisfying RIIIP sound, the entire shirt opens up straight down the center. The little girl squeaks in shock, her mother lets out a yelp of complaint. I ignore them and enjoy the bare flesh exposed in front of me.

Ella’s squirming against my grip holding her arms up only adds to the experience, making her small breasts jiggle slightly. Her almond skin, the perfect amount of darkness, yet so smooth and pure. Her little tits and soft belly are paler, just slightly darker than her mother’s. She swims a lot outside, always in a somewhat modest one-piece bathing suit. Amazing tan-lines where her swimsuit stops around the cleavage area, shoulders, and armpits.

My cock bounces, twitching, on her lower belly. I grind front to back on her, still holding her squirming arms above her head with one hand, still exploring. I move my free hand across her bare skin, god it’s so soft and silky. She’s tone and in great shape, yet still a bit of squish, a girly softness I can sink my fingers into a bit.

Then I notice her damaged nipple, the one I’ve been twisting and torturing to get the girls to behave. Red and swollen, finger marks gouged and bruised around her poor nipple. I caress her and speak softly, “Aww poor baby, I’m so sorry I had to hurt you. Shhh oh it’s ok.” I brush my fingers along her bruises, exploring her more, pretending to be sorry, yet touching the painful spot all the same. I hear whimpers of pain as I mess with her tender nipple. So dark, a chocolaty brown. Her nipples barely stick up, tiny little nubs, unlike her mother’s slightly puffy ones. Her dark areolas, I feel them, squeeze them less than gently, feel the slight bumpiness of the flesh. They are actually about the same size as her mother’s. Small, but proportionate to her breasts, they appear kinda big, covering much more of the surface area. Not unpleasant, just a bit different.

I dive down and suck the damaged nipple into my mouth roughly. She sucks in breath sharply, clearly in pain. I moan and slobber all over it, flicking my tongue, tasting her sweet breast. I pop my mouth off of it loudly, watching her squirm pathetically. I lean up higher and suck on Grace’s nipple right behind Ella, comparing the two. Saltier from sweat. A bigger, squishier pillow of a breast. Puffier nipple, more womanly. Then I go back to Ella, her other nipple, lathering her in my spit. I can’t get enough, my cock dripping precum into her lap, dripping on her pajama bottoms.

I nibble and bite lightly at the girl’s nipples, rub my face all over her tits, absorbed in lust. I lick up in between her tits, barely any cleavage between such small mounds. Her taste is incredible. Only a hint of saltiness, she barely seems to sweat, so pure. And that smell. Fruity, feminine, mango.

I lean back a bit and grab at her shirt again. Ripped open down the center but still covering her arms. I lift the shirt, sliding it up her body, up and over her arms and head, leaving it bunched up around her elbows, out of the way. So much more of her beautiful dark skin exposed.

I ravage her more with my mouth. Tasting the sides of her breasts, up across her chest and neck. She tastes so good. I stick my face in her little armpits and inhale deeply. Barely a hint of sweat, just more of that sweet mango scent. Skin perfectly smooth, she’s immaculately groomed. A pampered little princess. I lick and suck at the lewd underarm, tickling and embarrassing her. She writhes against my grasp, trying desperately to lower her arms. I breathe in, burying my face, enjoying how weird and uncomfortable I’m making her. God her scent is killing me.

Then I move back to her mother behind her, tasting her bare flesh again, licking at salty skin. The taste is so different, a muskiness. I lick at her armpits, sucking, biting aggressively. A hint of stubble, slick with sweat. I inhale both girls, moving back and forth between helpless mother and daughter.

I move to Grace’s tit again, sucking hard at her nipple, and my cock almost erupts right then and there, as a bit of sweet milk comes out. How could I forget? She’s got a newborn sleeping in the other room. I suck mercilessly and it squirts out into my mouth. It’s sweeter than regular milk, like it has a bit of sugar or honey in it. And so warm.

I quickly rip off the remaining pink pajama shirt from Ella's arms, throwing it aside. I let go of the girl’s wrists. She immediately covers her bare chest in front of her, tries to ball her entire body up and turn away from me. I force her little head to turn, “Ella, you’ve gotta try this! Your mommy tastes so good.” I shift the girl’s body, sitting her completely sideways, putting her legs up over one of Grace’s legs. Her face eye to eye with her mother’s tits, her body cradled in Grace’s lap, like a baby. I move in as close as I can get too, smushing the girl hard in the middle of her parents, putting my face right there at the tits with her.

I roughly grab a handful of breast with one hand, my other hand on the back of Ella’s head, pushing her in, my face cheek to cheek with hers. Ella squirms a bit, eyes tearing up, unsure what exactly is happening. I kiss the cheek next to me, kiss the full breast in front of me.

Ella’s mouth still forced open with her ring gag, I shove the nipple to her open hole, then squeeze hard. Grace whimpers in pain as milk dribbles out into her daughter’s open mouth. I turn it to me, squeeze even harder, and it spurts tiny streams of warmth into my mouth. Then back to Ella, “Isn’t mommy’s milk so good? She used to feed you this all the time.”

Ella shakes her head and I have to grip her hair hard. She’s able to turn away, but I just squeeze the breast again and squirt it all over the side of her face and into her black hair. I lick it off her face, god it’s so sweet.

I wrench the girl’s head back to the breast, but she squirms more. I shoot out more milk, some going up Ella’s nose, some in her eye, she yelps. I lap it all up, then take the girl’s head with both hands, aim, and spit down into her open mouth. She gurgles and coughs, and I use the distraction to force her mouth back onto nipple. I shove my face into the breast, while squeezing and shooting milk straight into the girl’s mouth, licking my tongue back and forth from nipple to face. I take some in to my mouth, squirt some in Ella’s, then turn the girl’s mouth to mine and make out with her. We swap milk between our mouths noisily, sloshing it around. She coughs and sputters, droplets flying out all over us. I lick and suck and spit inside her forced-open little mouth, milk swirling around, pouring down our chins.

Every father should be able to have his way with his wife and daughter like this. A wife has plenty of milk in her utters. A little daughter’s only use at this age is to be licked and sucked on by her daddy.

Still dripping milk, I push Ella aside to lay next to us on the bed. She coughs and sobs pathetically, on the verge of puking. I switch my attention to Grace, “Ok ladies, let’s get you tied up better.”


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