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My twin sister finds more ways to show her.
My Sister gets me to Show Her

by Vanessa Evans

Part 7

One of the things that Alice and I have confessed to Imogen is that the hypnotism is all a con. When we first told her she couldn’t stop laughing for ages but then she started to see some potential for her to have some fun as well.

The first real opportunity was the apartment’s end of semester / Christmas party. In the days before it Alice and Imogen talked for ages about it then told me their plan. Firstly I had to let slip that I had hypnotised Imogen as well then suggest that we could have a bit of fun getting both Alice and Imogen to do some crazy things. They’d suggested a few things to me but they really wanted the suggestions to come from the other people there to make it look a bit more genuine and ‘interesting’.

It was mainly guys that were at the party, some of the girls having left to go back to their parents as early as they could, but that made it better, certainly from Alice’s point of view as she prefers to ‘perform’ in front of guys rather than girls. Anyway, there must have been twenty guys, including some that weren’t residents, and I counted eight girls excluding Alice and Imogen, so there was still plenty of space in the communal lounge.

After about an hour, Jacob, without any prompting from me, asked me if it was true that Alice had got over her failed relationship and if so, had I had anything to do with the change that he’d noticed in Alice.

“You mean the super short skirts and low cut tops that she wears a lot nowadays?”

“Yeah, that’s it, she looks so hot these days.”

“Yes, I suppose she does, and yes, I used the hypnotism to make her forget all about the bastard who upset her, whenever I mention his name now all she says is that she’s glad that she never went out with him.”

“So is all the hypnotism over now, can you still get her to do things?”

“Yeah I can, and the other week when I was getting her to tidy my room Imogen came up to see her and asked me what I was doing getting my sister to clean my room for me.”

“So was Imogen pissed off with you?”

“She was a bit and she told me that I could never hypnotise her, that she wouldn’t fall for it and that she was surprised that Alice had. So I said that she wouldn’t mind if I tried to hypnotise her. So I did, and her brain is just as susceptible to hypnotism as Alice’s is.”

“So you can hypnotise both Alice and Imogen now?”

“Well yes, technically I left Imogen like Alice, all I have to do is say the magic words and they will do whatever I tell them to.”

“Bloody hell bro, you’ve got to teach me how to do that, the things that I’d get them doing, wow, my cock would get worn to a matchstick in no time.”

“So just what would you get two hot girls to do, apart from get them to give you never ending blowjobs and fucks?”

“Two naked hotties, when I needed a rest I’d get them to put on a show for me?” Jacob replied.

I looked over to Alice and saw that she was talking to Harper and Sophie and that Imogen had joined them. Harry was walking my way so I asked him,

“Harry, if you could get Imogen and Alice to do anything right now, what would it be?”

“Easy mate, Yoga, naked Yoga, have you seen the positions that girls get into when they’re doing yoga, it’s like they’re offering their pussies to you to fuck them. Oh sorry Archie, I forgot that Alice is your sister.”

“That’s okay mate, I’d like to see her doing naked yoga as well.”

“Hey,” Jacob interrupted, “didn’t Elle say that she used to teach Yoga, maybe she could get Alice and Imogen to perform and show their pussies to us.”

“Not without me putting them in a hypnotic state.” I replied,

“Go on Archie, do it.” Harry said.

“Yeah,” Jacob said, “it is Christmas, we could do with something nice to think about over the holidays.”

I went silent for about twenty seconds then said,

“Well it is Christmas, I guess that we all need a nice visual present.”

I turned to look at Alice and Imogen and saw that they were still talking to Harper and Sophie, then I looked around for Elle and saw her talking to Mason, and she looked a little ‘happy’.

“Jacob,” I said, “you go and prime Elle, I’ll sort Alice and Imogen.”

Jacob went towards Elle and I went to Alice and Imogen and said,

“Sorry to interrupt ladies, but can I borrow Alice and Imogen for a few minutes?”

As Alice and Imogen walked towards me I took the drinks off them and whispered,

“Action time.”

Then, quite loudly I said,

“Alice, Simple Simon Says Pineapple, Imogen, Simple Simon Says Mango”

Both girls froze staring straight ahead and Jacob appeared with Elle in tow.


Elle giggled a little and I realised that she was more pissed than I originally thought.

“Alice, Simple Simon Says turn and face Imogen and take her clothes off.”

“Imogen, Simple Simon Says turn and face Alice and take her clothes off.”

Everyone just stood and watched the two girls stripping each other and I could understand why, well I could understand the guys but not the girls and no one said a word when the stripping revealed that neither girl wore any underwear. When they were both completely naked I turned to Elle and said,

“Okay Elle, your students await you.” Then I turned back to Alice and Imogen and said,

“Alice, Imogen, Simple Simon Says that both of you will do all the yoga that Elle tells you.”

Elle started with some of the easy and not very revealing positions and surprisingly, Elle appeared to sober up a little. Then the more revealing positions started and Elle got down and demonstrated each one, forgetting that she was wearing a miniskirt letting the people in front of her see her red thong which was small enough for everyone to know that she shaved all around her vulva. But both Alice and Imogen were showing a lot more than Elle, two beautiful pussies in all their wet glory were on display for all to see, and that included quite a few phone cameras.

All credit to Elle, she remembered well over a dozen positions, most of them causing Alice and Imogen to display their spread pussies and I’m sure that a few phones memory cards got filled.

When Elle admitted that she had run out of positions she got a lot of thanks, not only for what she had got Alice and Imogen to display but also for what she herself had displayed, even if she didn’t know it. I stepped in front of Alice and Imogen, both being stood on their feet staring straight forward.

“Right ladies, oh, Simple Simon Says put your right hand in the air and bend the middle two fingers.”

They both did.

“Now, Simple Simon Says the next challenge for both of you is to get those middle two fingers in the other girl’s vagina and finger fuck her until she orgasms. The first girl to make the other cum will get to go round the room and let all the guys here finger her.”

This challenge hadn’t been discussed before, I’d just thought of it whilst the two spread pussies were thrust up in the air in front of me, and both girls just stared at each other for a few seconds before both right hands went for the other girl’s pussy.

I guess that both girls wanted to be fingered by all the guys there because they really went for each other, quickly ending up on the floor and rolling around trying to get the better of the other and in the process putting on quite a spectacle for their audience.

They wrestled around for ages, fingers going in pussies but not able to stay there to achieve their goal until finally, Imogen just lay there, she was obviously exhausted and no longer able to fight Alice off.

With her two middle fingers in Imogen’s pussy Alice went at it like a mad woman, her fingers going in and out so fast that it hurt my eyes trying to keep up with them. At the same time when her fingers went in she was actually thrusting so hard that Imogen’s butt was rising up off the floor.

Meanwhile, at the other end of Imogen’s body her head was rolling from side to side as she moaned, cursed and swore until she finally screamed,


Alice kept going until I said,

“You can stop now Alice.” then when I got no response,

“ALICE, Simple Simon Says you can stop now.”

She did, then she too lay back on the floor going into recovery mode just like Imogen was.

After a long silence Logan said,

“Well, that’s the best catfight that I’ve ever seen.”

After the laughter and murmuring died down I said,

“It’s not over yet guys, it’s a bit unfair that Imogen has had an orgasm but Alice hasn’t so I’ll give it a couple of minutes then start the next round. Is there any beer left? I really need a drink.”

When I got back with a beer I looked down at both girls. Their chests weren’t going up and down anywhere as near as fast as they had been but all four nipples still looked rock hard and between both pairs of spread legs I could see that both pussies were just was wet as they had been.

“Okay ladies, Simple Simon Says that Imogen now has the opportunity to make Alice cum first using only her mouth but Alice has the opportunity to make it two nil..”

Both girls knew what I meant and they wrestled on the floor deciding who was going to be on top, not that it really mattered as quite quickly both mouths were attacking the other girl’s pussy, something that they’d done a few times before.

Obviously, some phone memory cards weren’t full as the flashes and clicking started again as the two mouths devoured the two pussies.

This time it was Imogen who got the better of Alice, if you could call it that, and Alice let the whole room know that she was cumming. Somehow Alice managed to keep sucking, poking and nibbling until Imogen orgasmed again, just as Alice had her second of the evening.

The two girls collapsed on their backs and I let them just lay there until I was confident that everyone there had taken all the photos that they wanted and that both girls had recovered. I was about to end things there but Logan said,

“Is it time for us to finger them yet?

“Oh shit, sorry guys, I forgot. Imogen, Alice, Simple Simon Says that you will now go and stand in front of each guy, and girl if she wants you to, and you will let them finger fuck you for one full minute before moving on to the next guy.”

Alice and Imogen moved in different directions to the nearest guy then I loudly said,

“Guys, I’m going to trust you to not exceed your minute, with so many of you the poor pussies will be red raw if you all go at it until they cum for each of you.”

The guys must have realised that both girls wouldn’t survive all of them making them cum, so, in general, they did limit themselves to around a minute, mainly because the guy next in line was telling the guy doing the fingering that his time was up.

I said ‘the next guy in line’ because things developed naturally and after the first guy had had his minute, both girls went to the nearest sofa and lay there with their legs wide open so as to make life easier for them, and the guys.

I watched most of the guys doing their thing and I was a little surprised at the lack of consideration that some of them were showing for the girls. That old saying of ‘Wham, Bang, thank you Ma’am’ came to mind as some fingers just rammed into the pussies without even thinking about using the fingers on their other hands to stimulate the clits.

Anyway, having said that I seem to remember that both girls orgasmed about four times before they ran out of fresh fingers, then I let them rest for a few minutes before saying,

“Alice, Imogen, Simple Simon Says that you will now get dressed and continue the party having forgotten what you have just done.”

I waited until they were both dressed then clapped my hands three times and said,

“Rhubarb, Celery.”

“Oh, Alice said, how did you get there Imogen, I could have sworn that I was stood next to Harper and Sophie.”

Jacob chuckled and I asked Alice when she thought that we should go back to our parents for Christmas.

“Hey Archie, you know that Christmas’s have never been much fun in our house since we were little, lets go back on Christmas Eve and then come back here on Boxing Day.”

“Works for me.” I replied then turned back to Jacob.

When the party started to die down Alice and I left. When we were just getting into the lift we heard Imogen shouting,


As soon as the doors shut Imogen gave us both a kiss the said,

“Thank you guys, I never thought that I’d have the courage to do something like that, but I’m happy that you forced me to do it Archie.”

“I didn’t force you to do anything Imogen, you could have stopped at any time.”

“But if I had it would have spoilt things for Alice.”

“You’re so caring Imogen,” Alice said, “thank you so much. Now get yourself to my bed so that I can thank you properly.”

I got thanked properly as well.


Other, much less revealing occasions with a much smaller audience than Alice often has, occurred quite a few times and I got to know when they might happen because I’d see Alice put a bra and G-string in her bag, or put them on before we go out. Alice likes to go and find a bench seat either in the park or the shopping centre with just one man sat on it.

She tells me to stay back then she goes and sits quite close to the man and waits until she can see that he is looking at her bare legs, her having made sure that she isn’t sitting with crossed legs and that her skirt is covering next to nothing of her legs.

When she knows that she has his attention she will put her hands up under the sides of her skirt, get hold of the elastic of her G-string and pull it down, lifting her butt then leaning forwards to ease the G-string over her feet. Then she holds it up and usually says something like,

“These things are too uncomfortable., I don’t know how girls wear them.”

Then she puts the G-string in her bag and after a minute or so she looks over to me and says,

“Oh there you are.”

Then she get up, says goodbye to the man and walks over to me.

I’ve lost count of the number of times she has done that, or the reverse, getting a G-string out of her bag, holding it up to make sure that the man has seen it then carefully stepping into it and pulling it up.

Some of the faces that I see on the men are amazing and I sometimes wonder if they got a boner.

Alice has also sometimes does a similar thing with her bra. How girls managed to unfasten or fasten their bras under their clothes and then to get their arms our of the straps I shall never know but for a girl who rarely even wears a bra she is an expert at doing it, both ways. And when the man that is next to her sees her holding up that bra that she was just wearing it is often priceless.


I wish that I could have been a fly on the wall during this little adventure. Alice heard a couple of girls talking in the uni cafe about a pub that was wanting some part-time staff. One of the girls was telling the other that she should go to the pub early on a morning so that the pub would be closed and there would probably only be the manager and some cleaning staff there.

Alice being Alice, her brain was working overtime and she saw an opportunity for a bit of fun. A couple of days later she dragged me to the pub at 10 a.m. and knocking on the door she told me to wait outside, that she could scream loud enough for me to hear if needed.

I saw Alice smile when she saw that the man was only in his thirties and she followed him in.

The rest of this adventure is what she later told me.

The man led her to a little office where he started asking her about any experience and telling her what would be expected of her. Then Alice started asking him about a uniform or the sort of clothes she would be expected to wear whilst working. When he had told her that there wasn’t a uniform Alice had replied.

“So could I work wearing something like this?” Alice asked him as she stood up to remind him that she was wearing a really short skirt and a loose fitting top.

“That would be okay but you’ll probably get a lot of guys looking down that top.”

“Oh, so would it be okay to work without the top, like this?” And Alice had pulled her top up and off leaving her topless.

“Well we’ve had a few girls get topless in the bar but I’ve never had topless girls working for me.”

“What about bottomless girls, have you had any of those?” Alice had said as she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor leaving her naked apart from her shoes.

“No, can you put your clothes back on please?”

“But think of how much extra beer you would sell once word got round that you had a barmaid dressed like this, all those horny students queueing up to see my body, I could put on a bit of a show for them as well, you know, playing with my tits rubbing some of the ice cubes over my nipples or pushing the ice cubes inside my pussy. That would really go down well with the students, especially if I rub myself like this.”

“Please Elle (yes, Alice had given a false name), put your clothes on, my wife will be here soon.”

“The students would pour in if they knew that I’d be on the bar making myself cum like this.”

Alice told me that she kept rubbing until she’d orgasmed right in front of the man, ignoring his pleas to stop and put her clothes on, and after her orgasm subsided she had said,

“Are you sure that you don’t want me to do that on the bar for you, you would only have to pay me ten percent of your extra takings, and if I did it every night maybe twice, you’d soon be rich.”

The man had then finally had enough and shouted at Alice to get dressed and get out. I’d just about heard him from where I was and I was just about to go in when the door opened and out came Alice. Her skirt unfastened and her top just going over her head.

“And don’t come back Elle, you’re barred.”

Alice linked her arm with mine and we started walking away to the sound of big metal bolts going across the door.


One time when we were out shopping Alice saw this totally see-through, little black dress. When she tried it on in the changing room she came out to show it to me and even in the not so bright shop lights I could clearly see her slit, clit nipples and areolae. I guessed that it was intended to be worn over a slip and underwear but knowing Alice she wouldn’t be doing that. I wondered where she was going to wear it.

I found out the day after when she put it on with a coat over it and told me that we were going for a walk in the park. She picked her times to take the coat off, always when young men were walking towards us, and with me carrying the coat she walked along acting as if she had the coat on.

I love watching the faces of the men when, and they nearly always did, notice what they could see. Only once so far has someone said anything to her, and that was a compliment.

Alice has also gone out at night wearing just that dress although she, we, don’t go to the busy places, only the side roads with few people on them. One time a drunk man fell over when he lost his footing when he turned to see what Alice looked like from behind and he tripped over a curb stone.

I can see that it won’t be that long before Alice goes to a party or two wearing just that dress, she seems to be getting more daring as time goes on.


I’m pretty sure that I mentioned the fact that out university shares the sports facilities with Clarkson university and that Alice was going to get some sports clothes, well she finally did and one time that we were over there exposing Alice’s body in one of the classes that she modelled for, we went and booked some timeslots at the badminton and squash courts.

When we went back for our time slots we went and got changed then met at reception to hire the equipment that we’d need. It was then that I saw what Alice had bought to wear to play in. Jeez, her tight skirt was so short that I could see the bottom of her butt cheeks from behind her, and her clit from the front, and that was before she started running around. And her top was was nearly as bad, it was the size of a sports bra but made of some thin material that looked to give no support whatsoever.

Anyway, we went to the badminton courts where we had one of the middle ones of the six in the huge room. We’d played both badminton and squash in the sixth form but that was when Alice was dressed in shorts and a T-shirt, with underwear, so she wasn’t showing anything when she ran around going for the shuttlecock or the squash ball, but this was different. Just running around caused the skirt to rise up so that most of her butt and all of her pubis was on display just about every time that she moved.

And this was something that the players on the adjacent courts soon realised. Alice kept pulling her skirt down but as soon as she moved again, up it went again. The longest volleys were the best for everyone who was watching her as the longer the volley the higher her skirt went. I did my best to give Alice easy shots because I knew that that was what she wanted.

All the time Alice was ignoring her exposure except when she pulled her skirt down, and whenever she needed to pick up the shuttlecock she turned her back to her voyeurs then bent at the waist. I was sure that she was loving every minute of it as well as getting some exercise.

When our time was up Alice told me that she needed to go and get changed before squash so I went looking for our court and waited for her. Our court turned out to have a glass back to it that was in front of lots of benches for people to watch the games.

When Alice arrived I grinned because she was wearing one of her cut-down T-shirts, a white one. Her tits were nearly falling out of the arm holes and again the hem was only just covering her butt and pussy. What’s more it was very baggy on her.

“What?” Alice said when she saw my grin,

“Absolutely nothing dear sister, I’m just happy that you are happy. I assume that you’ve seen those guys following you.”

“Yep, and they’re about to see my goodies.”

“They probably saw your pussy when you came up the stairs.”

“I hope so, I could hear them talking but couldn’t make out the words.”

We went into the court and started playing noting that we had a little audience. The audience soon got to see Alice’s goodies as Alice ran around trying to get to the ball before it hit the floor twice, and a lot of the time she was bending to hit the ball just before it hit the floor. And when she missed it she had to bend over to pick it up and, of course, she always did it with her back to the glass wall.

It wasn’t only her butt and pussy that got put on display, the running and bending often caused her body to twist under the T-shirt which would slide over one of her tits, and of course she never realised that she was exposed so she never attempted to cover up.

I watched the size of the audience grow and I wondered how many of them should have actually being play at that time, but I didn’t blame them for watching Alice, it is a wonderful sight looking at her when she is pretending that she doesn’t know that she is exposed.

When we left the building we talked about her experience and by the time that we were back in her apartment I had booked the same courts for the same day and time each week until the end of the semester. Alice wondered if she’d get a regular audience.


The time for the Caribbean Carnival finally arrived and it was after Alice had had her nipples pierced and they had fully healed. Alice had been contacted by one of the organisers and we had gone along to a sort of vetting of the girl dancers and a rehearsal of what they would be doing. It was all very informal but I did overhear one over-weight girl being told that she should go on a strict diet then apply again the next year.

The parade would be starting at a park on one side of the city and going to the huge park that we have had a lot of fun in. Questions were asked about costumes, places to leave clothes and where they would be getting painted. Adrian had already explained all this to us before but we still listened just in case anything had changed.

The designated Sunday morning saw Alice and I getting out of bed at 7 a.m. looking out of the window and being happy that it was a dry and cloud free day. We went to the marquee where all the painting was being done and saw Adrian already at work painting streaks and twirls of bright colours all over a girl who was wearing just a G-string. As we waited Alice took her dress off ready, leaving her totally naked like she would be all day, then we looked around. There must have been twenty girls in there in various states of undress, six of them getting painted and Alice and I realised that all six were wearing G-strings.

“Maybe you should have brought a G-string Alice.” I said.

“Don’t be silly, Adrian said that it would be okay to be naked so here I am naked and waiting to be painted.”

I looked around again and say that the artists and I weren’t the only males in that tent, there were a handful of others, most of them running around probably organising things, but two men caught my eye. One was holding an expensive camera and the other a notepad and pen.

“Hmm,” I thought, “the local rag.”

I skilfully moved Alice over to near the tent’s entrance hoping to catch their attention and we did. Well Alice did. They looked to be quite normal and what normal man wouldn’t want to talk to a naked Alice, especially if you had a good excuse for doing so. I stood back as the two men zeroed in on Alice.

“Hello there, Martin Linley Gazette and Herald, would you have a minute luv?”

Alice lifted her right hand to her chest just below her tits and replied,

“Who me, why would you want to talk to me?”

“I can think of a whole host of reasons but can I ask you a few questions about why you are here?”

“I guess so.”

“So what’s your name?”

“Elle Macpherson.” Alice lied.

“How old are you Elle?”


“So why is a beautiful, white girl going to dance at a black Caribbean Carnival?”

When the reporter said that I looked around and realised that I could only see one other girl with white skin.

“Because I want to, it will be fun showing my charms to everyone.”

“You certainly will if you go like that Elle?”

“Heavens no, I couldn’t do that, I’m sure that I would get arrested.”

“Unfortunately I have to agree with you, but it would have been nice.”

“Why thank you kind sir.” Alice replied and she pushed one hip to her side, opening her feet as she did so.

“But why a Caribbean Carnival, all the other girls are black?”

“So what, I’ve traced my ancestry back to Jamaica, and don’t go cracking any jokes about ‘did you make her’.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it Elle, what do you do for a living?”

“I’m a student at Clarkson.”

“Doesn’t it embarrass you dancing down the street naked?”

“I’m not going to be naked, I’m going to get painted in a few minutes, but the thought of being naked in public does turn me on.”

“It does me too, would you mind if we watched you get painted, and take some before and after photographs?”

“Oh you couldn’t publish photographs of me like this.”

“That’s okay Elle, we can blur out your interesting parts.”

“Well I suppose so, where would you like me, here or outside where the light is better?”

I looked over to Adrian and saw that he still had a fair bit to do on the girl in front of him so I turned to Alice and gently nodded my head.

Alice didn’t give her paparazzi the chance to reply, she just turned and headed for the door and I followed the two men.

Outside I saw that there were a lot more people around, all busily doing their bit to get the Carnival Parade started and I saw Alice look up to see where the sun was then she stood with the sun in front of her with her feet about shoulder width apart and her right hand on her hip.

“Will this do or do you want some more explicit photographs?” Alice asked.

“Both.” Martin Linley said as the man with the camera started taking shots from quite a few different angles.

“But you won’t be able to publish photographs of my pussy will you?”

“Not in the paper version of the paper but online the rules are different.”

“Oh, okay then.”

I watched as Martin Linley had Alice get into some very explicit poses whilst the photographer took lots of photos.

“Well thank you Elle, would you mind if we took some photographs whilst the artist is working on you?”

“Sure, I guess that it makes sense, instead of just the before and after you can write about how the artist does me and photograph the different stages. You could talk to the artist and get his story as well. Then we can come out here again and I can do all those poses for you again.”

“That would be great Elle, none of the other girls would let us take those photographs.”

“Well it doesn’t bother me, anything for a good story. Shall we go and see if my artist is ready for me?”

Alice and the two men went in and I followed. Adrian was just taking some photographs of his work when Alice tapped him on his shoulder and said,

“Hi Adrian, it’s me Elle and I’m ready to be painted.”

Adrian looked a bit puzzled then he looked over to me. I mouthed the word ‘Elle’ and Adrian nodded.

“Okay Elle,” Adrian said, “just give me a sec whilst I get ready then we’ll start. I have some ideas that I think you will like.”

Adrian’s ideas were for lots of brightly coloured lines that started from one of two places, her visible slit and her butt hole. Each line started very thin then got broader as they went off in all directions on her body. Those that went up her front got narrower as they went round a tit then spiralled round the tit getting thinner until they ended at the nipple. Alice had her barbells, D rings and a colourful tassel hanging about six centimetres from each D ring.

I’d watched the tassels swing around whenever she wore them and she told me that the gentle tugging felt good.

Adrian must have painted hundreds of lines on Alice until I could hardly see any bare flesh and the photographer had captured her bare flesh slowly disappearing. So had I, I’d attached my phone to a little tripod and put it on Adrian’s paints table. Okay, his hand or a brush got in the way at times but it recorded Alice’s slowly changing body.

Body, arms and legs flesh hardly visible Adrian started painting Alice’s face and everyone was happy that Alice had tied her hair up before we’d left home.

Most of the time whilst Adrian had been painting Alice I had been stood behind Martin Linley and his photographer and I was sure that their concentration was on Alice and that they didn’t realise that I was there. Between photographs I heard them quietly talking and it was obvious that they liked what they saw. They discussed which websites they were going to sell the photos to and if they could persuade her to make some porn movies, even discussing which porn film maker they could make more money out of introducing her to.

I could actually see Alice making porn movies but not right then, we both had plenty on our plates to keep us busy, hell, we didn’t even have the time for Alice to go to the amateur night at the strip club, something that we’d talked about quite often but never had the chance.

Anyway, Adrian finally finished and the only real parts of Alice’s flesh that I could see were around her eyes, her mouth, parts of her ears, the palms of her hands and her clit which Adrian had been careful to not touch. I was sure that if he had, even with a brush there was a real danger that she would have had an orgasm.

Adrian started taking photographs and so did the press photographer whilst I retrieved my phone and changed the memory card.

“I’ll thank you the next time that I see you Adrian.” Alice said as she walked out followed by her paparazzi and me.”

“So where do you want to do me gentlemen?” Alice asked and I smiled knowing that Alice had carefully chosen her words.

“Same as before please Elle.” Martin Linley said and Alice went into the same pose.

Alice continued the poses whilst the photographer was busy and Martin Linley asked a few questions.

“So what does it feel like being covered in paint Elle?”

“Like I’m naked, I can hardly feel the paint.”

“Doesn’t it bother you that you are going to be dancing along the street virtually naked?”

“But I’m not naked, I’m covered in paint. I hope that it doesn’t start to rain.”

“Elle, I couldn’t help notice that the artist didn’t paint your pussy, why was that?”

“Because I told him not to, I don’t want to have to scrub any paint off my delicate parts.”

“But won’t you be doing some high kicks as you go along, people will see what we are seeing when you bend down like you just did.”

“Well the high kicks and the bending that I’ll be doing only lasts for seconds and people won’t realise, all these bright colours will blind them, and as for you and your photographer seeing my pussy, you don’t count, you’re professionals.”

“Indeed we are, professionals are the soul of discretion.” Martin Linley said making me laugh quietly. Could you just spread your legs wider and bend over and touch your toes please Elle?”

Alice did and as she was bent over we all heard a man shouting that all the dancers should make their way over to their starting positions.

Alice stood up, Martin Linley thanked Elle and left and Alice and I started walking, following the other painted girls. I was looking at the painted butts of all the girls and I could only see one other girl without evidence of a G-string and that was on a girl that was showing a bit of pink flesh, Alice wasn’t the only white girl there.

As they all got to the road I wished Alice good luck and she winked at me.

I got my phone out again and got it ready to video record again.

The painted girls were up near the front of the parade, followed by a flatbed lorry with a Caribbean Steel Band on it. I’ve always liked Caribbean Steel Bands and I enjoyed listening to them as I walked along trying to video Alice as she picked her moments to flash her pussy by doing just about anything that she could think of to expose herself, and that included handstands, cartwheel, high kicks and even standing splits for a couple of seconds. And that list didn’t include the quick bending over and squatting down so that she didn’t get left behind.

About half of the painted girls were dancing some sort of routine down the middle of the road, the rest, like Alice, were doing their own thing down the sides of the road.

Literally hundreds of people were seeing Alice’s pussy but very few of them, if any, will have realised what they saw.

It was like a tit lover’s paradise as painted tits of literally all colours and sizes were bouncing all over the place. Alice’s small tits were also bouncing but nowhere near as much as the bigger ones on most of the girls.

The parade stopped for some reason and Alice found herself stood next to another girl with a little pink flesh showing. I saw them talking and she later told me that the girl had said words to the effect of.

“So you’re here to show off your goodies as well, it’s great isn’t it?”

Alice had looked at the girl’s pussy and saw that she too wasn’t wearing a G-string and that her pussy hadn’t been painted as well.

“Yeah, I just wish that more people would realise what they can see.” Alice replied.

“I like your tassels.”

“Thanks, they’re just heavy enough to make me feel them all the time.”

“So I see. Hey, do you mind if I copy some of your moves? You really know how to flash your goodies.”

“They’re not really my moves, just things that I thought of to show what’s between my spread legs, do whatever you want, but if I see you doing something that puts your pussy on display for more than a couple of seconds I’ll be copying you.”

“Hey, how about putting on a bit of a show whilst we’re just stood here. We can flash for a bit longer and give those people a longer look.”

“Yes, there are quite a few men stood there.”

“You’re as naughty as me, I’m Emma by the way.”

“Alice, come on, lets cause a few painful boners.”

I watched as both Alice and the girl I now know is called Emma did all sorts of moves that displayed their pussies to the young men stood at the side of the road. One thing that I saw them do that they couldn’t do whilst they were moving down the road was twerking. Knowing that Alice’s pussy wasn’t covered, even in paint, meant that knew what I was looking at, a shiny pussy, and the other girl’s pussy looked the same. It looked like I was looking at 2 bare pussies, which Alice confirmed later.

Just as I thought that the young men were starting to realised what they could see the parade started moving again and I started following Alice again.

All through the rest of the parade I noticed that Emma was dancing reasonably close to Alice and I enjoyed watching both bare pussies and both sets of tits bouncing along. Although I generally prefer small tits, Emma’s tits did look good. They weren’t too floppy like a lot of the girls there with big tits, they were quite firm and it was more of a good wobble rather than the bouncing that most of the other girls there were doing.

Obviously I don’t know what it’s like to have big tits but a lot of those girls looked as though they should have been in some pain.

The parade passed quite a few policemen and Alice danced quite close to a lot of them and I’m sure that some of them were checking her out but none of them did anything about her state of dress, or lack of it in a certain area of her anatomy.

Finally the parade came to an end in the big park where I saw lots of stalls and entertainment including a funfair and stalls selling Caribbean food. I made my way over to Alice and got introduced to Emma. Both girls looked worn out so I led them over to one stall and bought them each a bottle of water. They took the water and sat on the grass with their knees up and I wondered if they realised that anyone walking passed would be able to see their bare, unpainted pussies. I didn’t tell them.

When Alice showed signs of recovering I asked her if she knew what she was showing and she smiled and nodded. Emma looked at me and smiled as well.

“So you like to show yourself as well Emma?” I asked.

“Yeah, look as much as you like Archie.” Emma replied, “it makes me feel good.”

“Happy to help.” I replied, “Are you a student as well Emma?”

“At Clarkson, doing physics.”

“Hey Emma,” Alice said, “let’s not waste the opportunities here, let’s walk around, see how many boners we can cause.”

“Well there’s on right in front of you.” I said.

“Jeez bro, I thought that the novelty of seeing me naked would have worn off a bit by now. Oh wait, it’s your pussy that he’s looking at Emma.”

“It is a nice pussy Emma.” I said.

“So you two see each other naked a lot then, and you’re brother and sister?”

“Yes, we’re living together, and before you ask, yes we are fucking each other.”

“Cool, I can see why you’re fucking him Alice.”

“Yes, he is kind of cute isn’t he?”

“Hey, I’m standing here.” I said.

“Yes, looking down at our pussies.”

“You can’t fault me for that.”

“I guess not.” Alice said, “pull us up bro.”

I did, then I joined the two girls as they wandered around. Often changing course to head towards groups of young men.

Alice and Emma weren’t the only 2 painted girls who were wandering around, we saw quite a few but Alice and Emma were the only two that I saw who’s pussies weren’t covered. Alice’s clit being a lot more prominent than Emma’s.

I bought them both an Ice cream at a van, although I should qualify that by saying that I gave Alice the money and they went to buy them with me watching the guy in the van serving them and staring at their paint covered tits. I swear that Alice was deliberately moving her chest around so that her tassels were dancing around for the man.

After that the girls seemed to find some more energy and they wanted to walk all over the place, even the crowded places where everyone was almost on top of each other. I saw a few guys staring at them but no one said anything, not even the two coppers that walked passed us. It was like the girls had a licence to be virtually naked in public for the day.

Inevitably, we started getting hungry and I again gave the girls some money to buy some Caribbean cuisine from one the many food stalls and I wondered if it was just coincidence that Alice and Elle only bought at stalls that had men serving.

Around tea time the girls decided that they should call it a day and we headed to the tent where the girls had been told that their clothes would be. We didn’t need to go for Alice as she’d given me her dress to put in my backpack. When the two girls went into the tent they were there for ages and when they came out Emma’s paint wasn’t covered anywhere and they were not carrying a bag of clothes.

“We couldn’t find the bag that Emma wrote her name on.” Alice said.

“What was in it?” I asked.

“Just an old dress, I didn’t want to wear a decent one because it would get some paint on it.” Emma replied. “I didn’t bring my purse or my key either because I wasn’t expecting to stay after the parade.”

“In that case you are coming back to our place Emma, you can shower there then borrow some of Alice’s clothes to go back to your place.”

“Thank you guys but how do we get to your place like this?”

“Walk, it isn’t the first time that Alice has gone out or arrived home just wearing paint.”

“I like that idea, are you sure that it’s okay?”

“Yes Emma,” Alice replied, “besides, we can let Archie watch us shower.”

“I’d like that.” Both Emma and I replied.

We did walk back to our apartment block with the girls just wearing paint and I could see that Emma was both excited and a bit nervous. Just as we arrived so did Henry and Jacob who both looked both girls up and down then when I told them that they’d been like that all day and that there had been dozens of girls ‘dressed’ like that at the Caribbean Carnival they both cursed themselves for missing it.

“We could all go to the communal lounge and you can look at us some more if you want guys.” Alice said.

“Yeah,” I added, “go and tell all the guys to bring some beer down and we can have an impromptu party.”

I could see both girl’s eyes light up. As Henry and Jacob almost ran off I got my phone out and started phoning some of the guys there and before long Alice and Emma were surrounded by guys all wanting to have a good look at the girls and ask them all about their day. Most of the guys there hadn’t seen Alice’s tassels before and she let them move them about and watch her nipples and tits move with them.

It was Alice that mentioned that both of them had been twerking the people at the side of the road when the parade had stopped moving and it was Henry who asked the girls to show them what they had been doing. Emma and Alice had a short private conflab then Alice borrowed my phone and got some music playing.

Both girls then danced for the guys and they seemed to be doing a lot of moves that involved spreading their legs. When they did some twerking all the guys were cheering at the sight of the two butts and the pussies between the butt cheeks.

When they finally stopped Jacob said that both girls had obviously enjoyed their day as the evidence was there for all to see.

“What do you mean?” Emma asked.

“The streaks of colour down the insides of you thighs where the paint has started to dissolve and run down.” Jacob replied.

“I think that we should go and have a shower then come back down here.” Alice said.

Emma grinned and I said,

“And bring down the beer that’s in your fridge please Alice.”

After the two girls had gone the guys started talking about the little show that Emma and Alice had just put on, all of it good things. Then Ethan asked,

“Do you think that they’ll come back down here Archie?”

“Ethan, guys, do you really think that two exhibitionists would miss the opportunity to show their naked bodies to a gang of guys? Hell, right now they’re probably planning on how to get you lot to get your cocks out and wank you all.”

“Your sister hasn’t half changed from the stuck up bitch that she was when she first got here Archie.”

“Yeah, Matt added, “thanks mate for doing your hypnosis thing on her Archie.”

“All I’ve done is got rid of her bad memories and taken her back to her old self.”

“I think that you’ve gone further than that Archie,” Owen said, “I can’t imagine for one second that you parents would have let Alice dress like she does and do the things that she does. Hell, did Alice even ever go outside her bedroom without any clothes on before she came here?”

I lied,

“Not that I know of.”

Shortly after that two even more naked girls walked into the room carrying a couple of cases of beer.

“Well done girls.” Jacob said, “can you show us that dancing again please?”

They did, but not just dancing, Alice started doing Yoga poses and other leg stretching exercises that really displayed her spread pussy, and for every move that Alice did, Emma followed and did the same.

When they finally stopped they were both flat on the floor with their legs spread wide. Alice reached up and took my bottle of beer from me and took a long swig. Then she surprised even me by teasing her pussy with the neck of the bottle then pushing it inside her.

Emma had been watching and she grabbed a bottle from Harry I think that it was, and started doing the same, fucking herself with it.

I could see that Alice was getting really turned-on and when her non busy hand reached up to Henry’s crotch she said,

“Cum on me guys.”

The guys didn’t need a written invitation and soon both girls were getting splattered with sperm on their faces and down to their pussies. All the guys emptied their balls onto the girls, well all of them except me. I was saving mine for inside Alice later, then things went quite quiet as the guys all sat back and looked at their work.

The two girls just lay there for a while then Alice rolled over to Emma, started caressing one of her tits and kissed her on the mouth. As that kiss ended Alice spun round and lifted a knee over Emma, lowered her pussy to Emma’s mouth and lowered her mouth to Emma’s pussy.

The next twenty minutes of so was taken up with all the guys watching the two girls in the classic 69 position eating each other’s pussy until they got the other to cum.

Both girls had finally released all the sexual tension that had been building all day and were exhausted. All the guys, me included, just drank and watched until Emma finally said,

“I’m knackered, I should be going back to my place,” and started getting to her feet.

Alice also started getting to her feet saying,

“You are not going anywhere other than my bed tonight Emma, we can finds some clothes for you in the morning. What time’s your first class?”


“Good, mine’s 1 p.m. Right guys, thanks for the beer and the other things, it’s been fun, see you around”

Alice took Emma’s hand and led her out and up to her apartment.

“Hasn’t Emma got any clothes then?” Harry asked.

“No, they got stolen or lost when they were dancing.”

“Wow Archie,”Oliver said, “you are one lucky bastard having a sister like that, and one that finds friends like Emma.”

“I know mate, I know.”

About ten minutes later the ‘party’ came to an end and I headed up to Alice’s apartment. I found Alice and Emma in the shower and couldn’t resist the requests to join them.

Three still tired people got out of the one bed around 9 a.m. and this one watched Emma trying on some of Alice’s clothes until she found something that she was happy to borrow. Needless to say Alice couldn’t lend her any underwear although I had already decided that Emma only wore underwear as often as Alice did.

After that weekend Emma joined us on quite a few adventures and they usually ended up with the three of us spending the night in the same bed.



Well folks, that’s about all the little adventures that I can think of right now. As we still have at least two more years at university I’m sure that there will be lots more and I may just get around to writing about them.
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