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Warning: All my writing is intended only for adults over 18 years old. All people and events depicted are fictional and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. All characters are 18 years old or older. The To Denise, my O & O Tales contains extreme situations. If this is not your kind of wine, please pass on it. But if you like this particular varietal blend, enjoy as many glasses as you wish.
-To Denise, my O & O-

I had a change clothes in the car and at the last minute at my posh office, near the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, I got dressed without anyone seeing me and I left 10 minutes later. Old baggy jeans, white Reebok trainers, and a forgotten blue T-shirt. Hair braided in a high ponytail, soft pink lipstick and barely a very slight line of the eye. Round glasses that I used 15 years ago with a light frame ... and so I have crossed all of Tacoma to almost the outskirts. My name is Kristen and I have 49 years old.

I arrived to a medium-sized sexshop. Before entering I took a deep breath trying to relax as I felt stupid and nervous. After entering timidly I waited for my eyes to become used to light since it is quite dark. Finally before I could take a step, an elderly woman has come, blonde, taller than me, slightly meaty and with huge breasts. I know that she has seen me look at her breasts, her huge cleavage clearly showing the tight skin of her chest given of her by hers at least 55 years .. and those breasts sagging by the age. She had 1 wart near her left breast. I have looked up quickly and I have looked into her eyes, Brown, and I have seen that she is dyed blonde, her roots were slightly marked and tending to gray. I have become very nervous and I have only known how to say "I'm looking for a toy".

She laughed and opened her arm in a fan indicating the whole store. To which I immediately said "I want latex masks for my owner." I'm sorry but everything has taken me by surprise. I know she doubted for a moment but then she recovered like a professional, so she indicated to me a part of the shop dedicated to BDSM. There are a lot of things! She has given me quick instructions and she has left. I have spent a while trying to relax and after 15 minutes I have gone to look for her asking her questions ... gags, strapon and strapless dildos, plugs ... whips ...

At first I felt stupid and at the end I had the feeling that the woman was getting a bit strange about my appearance and types of questions so I got nervous again and started to sweat. With the cotton t-shirt and jeans, I'm hot ... in the end I told her that I want to surprise my mistress, and I felt stupid and ridiculous, as if I was not in control of my life, as if I was worth nothing, just one more toy that can be broken.

The clerk has asked me what I like the most and I spoke openly about sado. She has led me to the part of the whips, ropes, strapons, harnesses, poles, clamps, etc. Finally I have not been able to with the pressure. Every time that woman bent down to pick up an item she practically showed me her entire chest. They were gigantic! And from nervousness I have become excited. I know that she has perfectly noticed my eyes several times on her breasts but she has neither done nor said anything ... nor has she deigned to put on the black shirt that was becoming more and more tense and showed more (even occasionally letting you see the very tense straps of the bra).

I know my mistress asked me to buy a butt plug but I already have it. She wanted me to humiliate and degrade myself buying sex toys. RThe clerk has shown me some chains that have 4 clamps, they are 2 chains with 1 clamp at each end and joined together with another detachable chain. I have liked them and I have bought them. Now I'm in the car. I feel stripped of my humanity and stupid and dumb and hot. I'm still nervous and tense and sweating, every time I've mentioned that I belong to someone else. I've felt like a miserable toy, like a used and discarded dildo ... I'm sorry I didn't do things exactly as you ordered Mistress Gaby.

I'm sorry Mistress Gabriela, I deserve that you slap hard my face as hard and as many times as you want. The day I saw your photos I wet my panties. Really. I never imagined that you were so attractive and with such a beautiful body. it excites me a lot to know that a younger Latin girl (28 years old) is so aggressive with me and can be as tough as you are. Until I break down. Because if you want it that way, I'll want it that way. I have to admit that I have run twice looking at your photos. Imagining how you feel with that beautiful ass on my face and you piss on me while you suffocate me, or looking into your eyes while you slap me. I want to feel your skin against mine and your tongue on my body, I want to feel your frustration on me.

You are beautiful and you have a very penetrating and intelligent look and that intimidates and excites me in the same way ... I hope you can forgive me and continue talking to me. I can only make you an offer, on the weekend, Saturday afternoon / Spanish night I will be alone in town. In my grandparents' house. I'll be alone there all night. I can offer you my body. It is yours to order any punishment if you wish. Or even doing it speaking at the same time ... is the most I can offer Mistress Gabriela. Excuse me. I just want to kiss those perfect lips or feel those beautiful legs pressing tight against my neck. It's everything I, Kristen the FuckSow, deserves.

About the photos you have taken of me, the one I like the most is the one were I’m lying on the floor with the mascara running. I want to be like thar forever, I want to feel like this: degraded, humiliated, hated and abused. I want to feel tied up and out of control being drowned ... it scares me. But what I really want to feel is to be a woman tied up and fucked so brutally by her mistress with a huge strapon dildo penetrating my ass to the hilt. I'm sure you would like to try to get me something so big that it would barely fit in my pussy and ass and with it inside, fuck me no matter how tight I am.

Even smiling I could see her coldness in her eyes. Of course she had made me her fucksow, her brainless bitch in heat to train, her new plaything, all stupid dumb meat.

"Hello fucksow, I see that you have returned", said Gabriela,

“Hello Mistress Gabriela ... what you did to me was…”, but Gabriela covered my mouth with her hand immediately.

"Don't talk in the street, stupid bitch, you have a lot to learn", she said.

That morning Gabriela was dressed in a beautiful green suit, long to the ankles, wearing 2 high esparto platforms and her fingernails and toenails were painted white, combining perfectly with the details of the dress. Her hair was gently tied back. She was really beautiful, awesome Young and marvelous, and at that moment I felt deep inside how much I wanted to be subjugated again.

"Fucksow" she said almost in a whisper "go for a walk and think about it, come back when I close my boutique if you dare and you will come with me", said Gaby.

I was paralyzed but obeyed. She closed in a couple of hours so I went down to the Cocina Mexicana Restaurant in Tacoma, WA. I finally meet Mistress Gabiela there, in her favorite place. I was scared and curious at the same time. She wore tight black leggings and a tight white T-shirt. I had dressed thinking about Gabriela: being sexy but plain and simple. I remembered the cold steel of her knife. Denise's fist and her nails ... I was scared and decided not to go back. How could I even think about it? I've been raped! She tied me up and abused my body! And now I am considering really going back to go with her alone and without knowing where? Not a joke. No.

It was 2:00 pm sharp and there I was at the door like an obedient whore. It is who I am and it is undeniable that I wanted to feel Gabriela's hands. She came and smiled... I was afraid, very afraid. She smiled sadistically. Mistress Gabriela came with another woman. She was a fantastic, attractive tall girl, taller tan Gabriela, and with a wonderful Sporting look, like a cyclist or gym dedicated woman, very proud of the sport she practices, almost like pro.

Gabriela barely made a gesture to me and I walked after them. Mistress Gabriela never deigned to turn around to see if I was following her, but I evidently did it like a submissive piglet. I followed them to a parked white car, where I was ordered to sit behind her. The windows were fully tinted. Gabriela was driving and the other amazing girl, that Gabriela calle Denise, was the co-driver. When I sat down Denise she turned around smiling at me, then unexpectedly she spat in my face and immediately afterwards thos girl Denise placed the latex mask on my face, with her saliva against my skin. I couldn't see anything and I was really scared shitless. Who was this Denise? Gabriela looks always at me as the Goddess she is, cold or lusting for me. But Denise looked at me as she really hated me and wanted to punch me until I end being a mess of blody meato r worst.

They drove for a long time. I tried to find out where we where but it was impossible. After a while the car stopped on a gravel road. They opened the door and pulled me with harsh violence. I was paralyzed but I obeyed. Breathe in the air deeply. It was cool and light. I was in the mountains. But where? Dash Point State Park? Viewpoint Park? ... anywhere ... I could not know.

They pushed me suddenly through a door and made me go down several stairs. I heard a heavy metal door open and then close.

"Don't move," Mistress Gabriela whispered to me.

She didn't even deign to tie my hands. I knew I must not remove the mask. After a while, which was endless for me, I noticed some nice hands loosening the mask. And there was Misteress Gabriela in front of me. Fully dressed in latex, high boots, and a huge strapon. Larger than the previous one I knew. I felt fear and emotion, I wanted to scream but did not speak a word. That was huge, I could never fit me, it would rip me brutally and split my holes. It was so heavy that it pulled hard to the ground and Gabriela needed both hands to handle it.

I turned around in terror looking at the whole scene. It was a dungeon! Behind me was awesome Denise, who smiled at me. Denise led me to a torture rack. She laid me harshly on my back and brutally tied me to the rack. I just obeyed. I felt suddenly Denise was Gabriela’s main fucksow and she commanded me. I was scared shitless of what they would do to me.

Once I was lying down, Mistress Gabriela took out a Hunt knife and repeated her ritual of cutting my clothes into pieces. She tore my white shirt despite my pleas "It's my clothes please no".

Denise hit my fase with her fist closed, dark, mercilessly.

"Shut up bitch, you belong to Mistress Gabriela and therefore your clothes are her. You possess nothing, you brainless bitch", said Denise.

I was again paralyzed and my hands and wrists hurt me. But my breasts were treacherously hard and my nipples erect. Then I knew it with clarity. They were going to rape me but it was I who had agreed ... How far would they go? Then Mistress Gabriela tapped the knife on my breasts. I tried not to move and felt the weight of the cold edge. With each blow my body reacted with a little jump.

I see that you are afraid", said Mistress Gabriela. "You do well"

She lowered the knife brushing my skin up to my pussy and there she cut the leggings, drawing my moisture into the air. I was soaked. The flow of my pussy had stained the thong and even the leggings, a dirty and smelly whitish color stained them: my guilty grool. My thighs glistening with the flow and my pussy kept dripping

"I see that you are a very horny sow, you want us both inside you", said Denise, coldly smiling.

Then Gabriela sat on my legs and placed that monstrous strapon on my body. It reached my stomach ... that was impossible for it to enter me. She warned my fear. "I know what you think Kristen bitch, but it will fit you".

Mistress Gabriela smiled then like a demon and spoke to me. “May I present you Denise? You don’t know her but she is really my One and Only beautiful sissy girl, my sissy lesbian slave. Ain’t she gorgeous? You know I’m a lesbian but Denise is the exception to this rule. She is so sporty beautiful. I love her legs and how she moans and whimpers when I break her ass into bleeding with my strapon. She is incredible! So, as she is my One and Only sissy fucksow, I’ve decided you, moron Kristen, Will be my gift to her. I want to degrade you to become slime, shit, trash… You’ll be the fucksow of a sissy slave! You’ll be Denise’s bitch, the cheap slut she’ll pimp in the filthiest streets! How do you feel Kristen, to be the lowest slut and Denise’s puta whore?

Then Gabriela got off me and gave way to Denise. She without hesitation put her clitty inside my mouth. It was at rest, flaccid, sleeping yet. I obediently began to suck it and I felt growing and growing inside my mouth until I couldn’t have it all inside me… but Gabriela pushed my head against it. I began to feel revolting urges. Misteress Gabriela pushed my head until my nose crashed against Denise belly abnd I couldn’t breath anymore. I wanted to puke urgently, to be released from Denise grip. She was raping my mouth as never before someone did. She was skullfucking me brutally now, going in and out my head mercilessly. Suddenly I wanted to taste Denise, to feel that marvelous taste.

Then Denise put her fingers inside me, she took them out, licked my clit, she played with me. Long hard and wet time until she took me to the point of maximum nervousness where I only asked to be her to whore and to fuck me. But no ... it wasn't going to be that easy

"Beg me", Denise yelled. I did. I swear I did it but it wasn't enough ... she now sat on my breasts crushing them. Then she got on her knees over my face and just pissed all over my face ... I felt Denise’s urine run down my face and my body. With the sour and strong smell of her. It was hard for me to breathe ... Then she got off the rack, I opened my eyes and her urine invaded them, stinging me. I noticed Denise's hands scrubbing all of my makeup along with the urine. She ugly me, she stripped me of my beauty, of my being, I was a poor sow tied to mercy. Then Denise came down to my pussy again and began to penetrate me counting fingers ... 1, 2, 3, 4, ...

"You want the last bitch"? "No please Denise no! Fisting is too heavy!”, I said.

"I don't even care" Denise replied.

I Heard Mistress Gabriela laughed. The laugh of a Goddess playing with my whole being!

Then I felt it, Denise with all her strength pushed until her hand entered me completely ... a lash of pleasure and pain went through my whole body and made me scream very loud. But she didn't stop, just like she entered in... she pulled it out. Clenched fist stretching my skin and my lips, she pulled it out so hard that it splashed past her. I screamed begging for forgiveness but nothing worked. And with another brutal thrust Denise charged inside me. I noticed her knuckles hitting my cervix with supreme force and I screamed with all my might ... the scream as the sensation turned into a moan of pleasure. Fuck I was going to come just with the pressure of her that she towards me.

Then I noticed how Denise was trying to open my anus as fast as Mistress Gabriela commanded her to do it. I neither refused nor implored. I was hers. I was her toy. I was Denise lowest bitch now. I noticed the pressure of her 5 fingers struggling to penetrate my anus but they could not pass. I am too narrow. I heard Denise curse and as she shoved them I writhed screaming between pleasure and pain.

Denise finally gave up on my anus now bleeding a bit. Gabriela objected something and she obeyed. But Denise didn’t relese my poor pussy. She suddenly began to shake her fist energetically inside me ... fuck ... waves of pleasure washed over me. I clenched my teeth and finally unintentionally urinated on myself. Denise at that moment stopped. I gasped for my orgasm but there I stayed: crying, disfigured, nervous, whimpering...

Denise fell silent and I raised my head. In her place there was now Gabriela. With a serious look. "It's my turn, fucksow, I know you like to be abused and today you are going to feel it, you are going to implore me".

Then Denise brought a glass to my mouth ... it couldn't be true. It was her urine ... Denise made me drink it to my disgusted face. She just giggled "that's little piggy bitch, drink myself".

Then Mistress Gabriela came down and placed the tip of that gigantic strapon in my pussy. That could never fit me. She would tear me apart completely. I screamed. I squirmed on the ropes, I pleaded relentlessly. But Gabriela, the only thing she did was push brutaslly more and more. Fuck it was like two clenched fists wide. Impossible task for my body. But she didn't care. She dedicated herself to placing the tip of that strapon on my pussy. Making me cry with my flow. I couldn't understand it, they were going to tear me apart, they were going to tear me apart and deep down I was so excited that my body wanted it. Not my mind but my body asked for what I am, a toy, bitch, a brainless cherap whore, la puta callejera más barata.

At that moment my pussy was dilated, finding no comfort in the face of the tremendous strapon size and becoming aware of its true thickness. I would have to push with all her might not caring about my pain to just get my head in.

"Kristen fucksow, I will make you come and at that moment when your pussy expands, I will push so hard that I will penetrate you, breaking you whole, making you bleed and showing that I can use you as my toy at my mercy", Gabriela said to me.

At that moment Gabriela placed a vibrator at full power on my clítoris. She made me vibrate up to my pussy lips. Tremendous power was unstoppable. I refused to orgasm. I did not want to reach that point I knew it would be my last moment or they would destroy my pussy. My young body, my smooth, well-cared skin would be broken... I cried, I screamed, I twisted until I hurt my throat asking for their mercy. I could not see anything but my tears were flooding my eyes. I regretted my decision but my body asked for it, dilating my pussy and making me squirt like never before. Fuc, I was her fucking sow and Gabriela was raping me.

And then I came with an immense orgasm mixed between pleasure, pain and fear. I froze waiting to break down, choked and coughed, and screamed loudly for forgiveness. My body trembled against the force of my orgasm so strong that my teeth were chattering in panic... and as it came, it went ... the long and stretched orgasm passed.

I lifted my face with all my makeup smeared and disfigured by urine by Denise. The taste of Denise's interior was lingering in my mouth. Would I have already broken down and hadn't I noticed anything? I tried to see clearly and when I could clarify m yeyes there was no one. Damn Mistress Gabriela had cheated on me. She played with me and my fear to the extreme. Then I understood "the worst fear is the fear of pain". I fell down on the rack and a cry of relief, joy and pleasure came over me.

She had made it. Of course. I was her fucksow and Denise cheap whore. And I was crazy in submission with both girls.
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