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New strain of COVID, villain is now a disgusting perverted vampire. He enjoys the spoils of a home invasion, plans for the future, and explores the woman he claimed. READ DISCLAIMERS FIRST!
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New strain of COVID, villain is now a disgusting vampire. Each chapter is like a stealth mission, with lots of slow build-up and pervy creeping around. With each suck-sex-full mission, he adds abducted victims to his harem of vampires. Then occasional chapters show his sexual ‘family’ lifestyle with his mind-controlled free-use slaves. Then right back to another depraved stealth mission.

In this one, He enjoys the spoils after a home invasion, planning for the future and exploring the woman he claimed. Mostly just playing house with new mind-controlled free-use slave wife.


In this series, I write from the perspective of the VILLAIN. That means I don't agree with his choices, and you're not supposed to either. We're all acknowledging he is evil and wrong. Obviously nothing he does should ever be done in real life! Please be mature adults and separate fantasy from reality. This SHOULD evoke visceral, icky feelings. That's the POINT. This is HORROR.

This is more PORN than PLOT.

All characters are 18+.This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to events, locales, or persons living or dead is purely coincidental.


Chapter 2 - My Queen

I still can’t believe my eyes. I had killed her. Drained her life’s essence. Sucked her dry. She was dead on the stone floor of the shower. And yet here she is, just sitting there staring at me with a warm smile. She called be “master”. It’s exactly as I had hoped. She’s not gone, she turned, she changed. I can see it in her pretty brown eyes. The old Victoria is gone, the face I stare at now is different, a monster like me.

Tonight has been a turning point, a step toward building my kingdom, my legacy. I died over a year ago. It was foolishly labeled the Omicron variant of the pandemic. And it made sense, that the weak pathetic man I was would’ve died from the weak strain of the virus. But it was something else, something much worse. After building up my strength and learning of my new powers, tonight I finally made a bold move. I killed the husband of my old boss from when I worked at my office job. My boss, Victoria, a sexy young mom who I always dreamed of being with. I broke into her beautiful house. And I made her mine.

I had a gut feeling she would be different, not just food like my other victims before her. And I was right, she’s back from the dead. Staring at me.

The bathroom is silent, only the drip of a shower head making any sound. I sit naked on the stone bench built into the back wall of the huge standing shower. Glass walls on the other three sides. Everything still wet. A bit of bloody water still slowly draining in the center on the stone floor. Under Victoria.

She sits with her smooth legs straight in front of her, finger and toenails painted a dark red to match the blood beneath her. Her thick hips so wet and shiny. Her face tilted up at me, patiently waiting.

She rubs at her wrists subconsciously, flexing them. They had been duct taped tightly, bruised and raw. I watch as the bruises are disappearing before my eyes. My tongue does the same. I had bit it when I was feverishly feeding on her, our blood mixing. It’s healed now.

I glance higher up her body. She still wears a ripped open beige camisole, soaked dark and stuck to her skin, her plump breasts hanging out freely. I see her dark nipples. Her left one has two little bloody holes on either side of it, where I bit her. That wound doesn't heal like her others. Her thick long raven-black hair spills down in wet waves over her neck and shoulders. And her pretty face. God I just want to ravage her all over again. Her stern sharp features, intelligent and graceful. Strong eyebrows stare with such intensity. And yet she looks kind, likable, motherly.

“Master?” she says again. So warm and concerned.

I smile back at her, “I like the sound of that. Do you remember what just happened? Who I am?”

She looks confused for a moment, thinking. “Yes. But that doesn’t matter anymore. I feel so… different.” She looks down at her hands, then her exposed body. Then back to me. She gets up on her knees, sitting comfortably back on her heels, hands in her lap. Smiling and waiting.

I can see the look in her eyes. I can tell she is being driven by urges just like me. But they’re different urges. A need to please, obey, love. All directed at me.

“Come here.” I motion and she happily crawls to me. Sits back on her heels again, with her face looking up at me from between my knees as I sit on the stone bench.

I reach out and caress her face. She nuzzles my hand. I stick my thumb to her lips and part them, pulling down her jaw with authority. She lets me, opens her mouth wide. I look inside, seeing the sharp fangs that now protrude down. She licks at my thumb. I pat her chin to tell her to close her mouth.

“You called me master. Why?” I lean back comfortably, just looking her up and down.

Again she looks confused for a moment, and then, “I don’t know. I’m… yours I guess. I just feel like I need to please you.”

I need to test this out. Need to see the extent of this. “Get up. Stand over there and face me.” She complies happily. Her wet body is so sexy, springing to her feet, a slight jiggle in her butt and tits.

“Take that off,” I motion to the ruined camisole she still wears. She pulls it up over her head and lets it splat down to the floor. “No. Fucking pick it up, wring it out, and hang it on there to dry. You’re a housewife aren’t you? Don’t just leave shit on the floor.”

She looks a bit nervous, embarrassed she got something wrong already. She does what I say, hanging it up. Incredible. This is like a dream.

I push further, “You didn’t like anal before, do you remember that? You hated it.” She nods. “Turn around. Stick a finger in your ass.”

She quickly obeys without hesitation. She faces her ass toward me, bends over a bit, grabbing onto a metal rail, then with her free hand she starts painfully poking her index finger at her little brown asshole. It takes a few seconds, she’s so tight and inexperienced. She grunts and struggles, her face pinching up, but finally gets a knuckle inside. She looks uncomfortable. It hurts. But she obeys without question. “Hold it in there. Look at me. How does that feel, be honest.”

Her face looks over her shoulder at me, trying not to wince from the pain. She hesitates a second, afraid of displeasing me, “I don’t like it. But I’ll do anything for you, master.” Interesting. So she’s clearly different after her awakening, but she retains a lot of her past self. And just because I command something doesn’t make her mindlessly obey like some robot. She’s still herself, still feels and thinks freely. But she obeys no matter what.

No matter what?

“You’ll do anything? So if I tell you to stick another finger in? Would you hate me for asking that?”

She looks worried, but quickly responds, “Of course I wouldn’t hate you.” Seems sincere. I raise my eyebrows and nod, silently giving her a look that says “well go on then”. She does. Still trying to keep eye contact with me the whole time, trying not to disobey anything I’ve said, she starts painfully fingering her asshole with her middle finger, slowly making her dark red nail polish disappear within her sphincter. She starts breathing heavily, grunting, her eyes flickering and watering with pain. My cock starts to wake back up from cumming not long ago, as she strains to keep eye contact with me. A trickle of blood leaks out of her asshole as she keeps digging and forcing the finger in.

“Stop, Victoria, that’s enough. Come here.” She sighs and pulls her fingers out, turning and walking gingerly back over to me. I turn her ass to me and pull her cheeks apart gently, inspecting her like a piece of meat. Her poor asshole, raw and abused, a trickle of blood. But as I feel her soft cheeks in my hands, I watch as the wound seems to heal up before my eyes. As I suspected.

I turn her toward me, standing over me. I take her hands in mine lovingly. “I need to see something else. Don’t worry, this one’s easy.” She smiles and waits. I hold up my forearm, “Bite, just a bit. Break the skin.”

Her eyes go wide, scared, “Master?” Her expression is just as pained as when she was forced to hurt herself. A genuine concern for me in her motherly eyes. I nod and she reluctantly leans down and sinks her fangs into my flesh. It’s painful, little pin pricks. But nothing much. In fact it’s probably just my human memories telling me this SHOULD hurt. She lets go as quickly as she can, staring at me with concern.

We watch as the skin bleeds a bit, but quickly heals up, faster than hers actually. I make her lick up the bit of blood on my arm and then make her walk back to the center of the shower. Interesting. Even if she wanted to, I doubt she could really do me much harm. I feel a sense of power over her. Even after death, in her new monstrous form, I could easily destroy her.

We suddenly hear the baby crying in the other room. Shit. I forgot about little Adam. But Victoria just smiles and asks politely, “Master, may I go tend to the baby?”

I nod and get up to go with her. I grab my shorts from the bathroom floor and put them on. Victoria doesn’t even bother covering up. I watch her ass sway as we walk.

We head to the baby room and she comforts the little guy, picking him up and bouncing him. “He needs to eat, he wouldn’t earlier. Is that ok, master?” I nod again and she sits in a rocker nearby and starts breastfeeding. I look on in wonder. At first I’m turned on, but the feeling quickly changes. For some reason, I just feel at peace. At home. She’s so nurturing. I have nothing but vile and lustful thoughts normally. But in this moment, I just smile.

A little while later, we put Adam back to sleep and head downstairs so we don’t disturb him anymore. We sit on the huge wraparound leather couch in the living room. Victoria still naked next to me. She cuddles up to me and we relax for a few minutes, both our minds clearly racing.

I stare at her naked flesh, my lust building. I reach down and caress her smooth thigh. Her scent next to me is so feminine. My cock starts to swell in my shorts. I turn to her, “Get up. Turn me on. Touch yourself, shake your ass, whatever.” I lean back and relax, a king in his castle, a jester commanded to dance for his amusement.

She happily springs up in front of me, standing up on the expensive coffee table. She grabs a breast, massaging it, sliding her other hand up and down her stomach, between her legs, across her pubes and pussy. She moves sensually and slowly, always lovingly staring down into my eyes. Always with a soft smile.

She pinches a nipple, runs her other hand through the folds of her pussy. Then she turns around and bends over a bit, shaking her plump ass. She’s a mom, a housewife, but she’s still young and sexy. Still remembers how to move for a man. How to please a husband. My cock stiffens a bit more.

But she was a modest woman. She moves slowly and smoothly. Teasingly. She wasn’t a slut, doesn’t know how to twerk or dance like a whore. She does her best, does what she thinks she should do, but with little experience. It’s cute actually. A reminder of how pure she was. A good little wife, a strong business woman. My former boss, touching herself, wiggling her ass, and trying to please me on top of the coffee table in the middle of her own living room.

I laugh, “Ok ok come here. You know how to give a blowjob, right?” At that she nods with a bit more confidence and hurries down to me, kneeling obediently on the carpet between my legs. I motion to my shorts wordlessly, and she leans her sweet face to my lap and slides my shorts off for me, face inches from my cock as she reveals it.

Her arms rest up on my thighs as she starts playing with my half-stiff cock, massaging it in her hands. She’s deft and experienced, and I swell in her grip. A motherly embrace, her hands are loving and warm. She wastes no time and dips her mouth down, licking from the base of my shaft all the way up to the tip, and then opens and engulfs me all in one motion. I get a shiver and rest my head back into the comfy couch.

My cock slides dangerously close to fangs, but this only adds to the excitement. She looks up at me with those caring attentive brown eyes.

I hear soft little sticky sounds of her spit as she slides slowly up and down. I’m fully hard within seconds, the nurturing warm affection only a mom can give you. Her tongue massaging gracefully back and forth, every so often swirling across the top.

I had seen this woman sit at her desk in the office. Seen her give mature, business presentations in front of the whole company. Seen her shake people’s hands with these hands now gripped around my cock. Seen her smile and speak to coworkers with this little mouth.

I watch her work, the woman of my dreams so casually pleasing me, and my mind starts to wander. Big picture. What’s next for this household.

“Victoria, do you know what happened to your husband?” She looks up at me with those pretty brown eyes and my dick swells inside her mouth.

She pops off just long enough to respond, “I’m guessing he’s dead.” She says it so nonchalantly, her lips planting kisses up and down my shaft. She shrugs and then engulfs my cock again.

I glance around the room, smiling, taking it all in. “I want what he had. All of this. And more.” I look down at her again. “An empire.” She slurps and pumps her head slowly. “A legacy.” She looking up into my eyes with admiration.

I continue, “I’m going to give you some commands. These are big, so I’ll need your honesty with all of this, ok?” She nods with my cock in her mouth.

“I’m your husband now. Your king, your lord, your master. This is my house. Everything your husband owned is mine now. You. Are mine now. My plaything. My slave. Everything you do is in service to me. You will clean yourself and present yourself as perfectly as possible at all times, ready to accommodate my urges at any given moment.” She swallows spit, still wrapped around my cock, then flicks her tongue along my tip. Never breaking eye contact.

“You’re my queen now, my wife. You’ll be protected and worshiped in your own way.” She hums in pleasure, her eyes going a bit hazy, her mouth pumping hard.

“And Adam,” at the mention of her baby, she slows, her eyes looking at me intently with worry. “Is my son now. My heir. I’ll protect him and make sure he’s raised well.” She smiles with her eyes and continues sucking loudly.

“Oh and enough of the constant ‘master’ shit. I want you to speak freely, try to be yourself. I want a wife, not a robot.”

She lifts her mouth off me and smiles, fangs protruding, “Yes… my lord.” Then she plunges down onto me again and my cock goes rock solid against the back of her throat. This fucking woman, so incredible.

I struggle to concentrate, “So, what do you say? Any objections?”

She sucks hard and lifts off of me with a loud POP. My dick twitches a few times, pulsing, getting close. She replies, “My husband and I were planning on one more baby. Before I got too old. I always wanted a daughter. Can we get one?”

“Many,” I respond with a wicked grin. She smiles with excitement and drives her mouth back onto me.

I hold her head down suddenly and lift up my hips, plunging deep into her over and over. Without warning, without permission. She coughs and sputters. She was used to giving blowjobs, but nothing crazy. She’s not used to this, but I can’t hold back. I thrust up rapidly into her pretty face. Her arms gripping the couch cushion on either side of me, trying to endure, trying not to gag. She lasts a handful of stabs but then coughs and gags violently, spewing out a mouthful of mucus and spit. I make her slurp it back up, patting her cheek roughly.

Then I position her mouth over me again and pull down with force. She makes loud disgusting GAKGAKGAK sounds as I violate her throat. I hold her head with both hands, a firm grip, complete control. Her fangs sliding along my cock every once in while, sending shivers down my spine.

“Hands behind your back.” She obeys, her eyes bloodshot and watery. She coughs again, but holds herself together. It’s so cute watching her struggle to please me. She’s not very good at this, we have to stop every few thrusts so she doesn’t puke all over me. But she gives it her all, god bless her.

My boss, now my wife. A good little toy that I can use whenever I want. She was so mature and sophisticated, respected and admired in the office. Now she gags on my cock, her spit dripping onto my balls. Squelching and slurping sounds fill the room.

I feel myself about to cum, and I don’t hold back. I shove my entire length into her face, pushing her head down hard, all the way, balls deep. She convulses, but steadies herself, her throat allowing me. I let go with my hands as I can feel myself about to burst. “Stay there,” I tell her, grunting as I start to cum. She holds perfectly still, her face pinched and straining to hold herself together. Without me having to hold her head there, she obediently leaves the cock buried painfully deep as I erupt inside her. Spurting jet after jet of hot cum down her gullet, her throat forced to gulp it all straight down.

The feeling is unreal. Unloading, flooding her with my jizz. In her past life, she would never allow this. But now, Victoria, my wife, lives to serve me. This mouth, these lips, this throat, it’s all mine, not hers.

“You don’t need to breathe, just focus. Swallow it all. Good girl.” She coughs and sputters, but manages to swallow it all down. Her face flushed, hair a mess. I make sure she has every last drop down before letting her raise her head.

She lifts off of me, slurping and cleaning my cock off nicely on the way up. I grab her chin with my hand lovingly, opening her mouth up with my thumb to make her show me she swallowed it all. I pat her face with affection, then lean down and pull my shorts back on.

We relax for a few minutes, her head nuzzled in my lap as she remains sitting obediently on the carpet between my knees. She rubs my leg and I pet her hair, as we just silently enjoy the afterglow.

The sun is beginning to rise. “We should go. I’ve got a lot to teach you.” We head to the bedroom upstairs again, closing every curtain we can along the way, making the house as dark as possible. The bedroom has nice blackout curtains. We lay snuggled in bed together as I explain everything I know about the changes to our bodies. Strengths and weaknesses. What it means to be a soulless creature of the night. She lays her head on my chest, taking it all in.

Both of us agree that as much as we enjoy each other, we still need to feed. Both to satisfy our thirst for blood, as well as our lustful urges. While her main urge is to please her master, she needs more, needs a harem of sex slaves almost as much as me.

As we discuss our plans for the future, our cravings and bodies, Victoria can’t help but get wet. She lays with one arm and one leg over me, snuggled and cozy in bed. She starts grinding her pussy onto my leg, smearing her wetness on me without shame.

Before we know it, she’s riding on top of me, sliding her cunt onto my cock. I let her take control, curious to see what she does with the freedom. Moments later, she bounces up and down in cowgirl position, her hands gripping the cushioned headboard behind me. I put my hands behind my head and relax, letting her do all the work, just enjoying myself.

Through panting breaths, we decide we’ll have her call in sick, have her claim she got COVID. That’ll buy us some time for now. People will stay away.

We’ll go to the park tomorrow for her first easy feast. She also plans to find someone to turn, so we can command them to take the blame for her husband’s murder. Once we inherit all of Rick’s wealth, she can safely quit her job and we’ll be sustained for at least a while.

Victoria will need to stay home with the baby, while I will need to go find us a daughter. At the mention of this, she starts moaning, still riding me. She pumps her hips down with surprising nimbleness. Her tits hanging right above my face, I worry that she’ll outlast me if this keeps up.

We decide on a location for me to search for a daughter. It’s not the easiest, but the quality of candidates should be great.

I consider it. “I used to live there. Actually I worked the front desk for a while too. I know the place in and out,” I think out loud, my head foggy with lust, her pussy slamming down onto my cock.

She struggles to concentrate, but replies through panting breaths, “And the rooms aren’t permanent - OH FUCK!… homes. You shouldn’t need an invitati-OHH my god I’m so close, master!” Her sloppy cunt slaps down onto my raging cock over and over.

“Yeah - fuck that’s good - yeah the dorms should be perfect.” It’s decided then. It’ll be much harder than say a gas station, but I feel like the challenge is part of the fun. I look up at her flushed face. She’s about to cum, boiling over as she tries slamming down faster.

“Victoria. Babe,” I start. She looks at me with a lovingly shocked face at the sudden pet name. “I command you to cum exactly how you want. What’s your favorite thing? Do it now.”

Her face scrunches up, shock at having the freedom, overwhelmed with pleasure, confusion and deep thought after being asked that for the first time in her life, past or present.

She smiles at me with her fangs out, a look of decision on her beautiful face, then hops off my cock and scrambles up my body. She plants her pussy straight onto my mouth and nose and starts grinding up and down. My face smushed and smothered. Painful but I don’t mind. She humps her way to climax, her sopping pussy coating my face with her fluids, as I just relax and lay there allowing it. I smile a bit underneath her folds as she has her cute little way with me.

She rides me with such passion and freedom, a feeling she’s never been allowed to fully express. Worried her wet cunt might be too gross, she might look like a whore, she might be judged. But now she’s commanded to toss all those feelings aside. She moans and shouts, the queen of her domain, power in her voice, riding herself to one of the best orgasms of her life.

I inhale deeply, smelling my magnificent queen, breathing her excitement. Grinning beneath her powerful cunt as her juices slide all over me. My hands behind my head, still relaxing and enjoying the moment. Hands-free, sticking straight up like a stone monolith, my cock pulses and cums on its own. My jizz shooting up and landing all over me.

Victoria collapses in exhaustion next to me. We smile and breathe heavily for several quiet minutes. The smell of sex thick in the bedroom. She laps at my cum, cleaning me up like a good wife should.

We will create so much pain and death for those that stand in our way, the pathetic and weak, those only worthy of being raped and consumed. But the life we grant to a lucky few will be unlike any other. We will share in moments like this. Moments of carnal pleasure, satisfied lust.

I kiss my queen and fall asleep, dreaming of the girls I’ll soon collect.


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