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Susan's new man goes rogue. She isn't going to be happy when she discovers with whom.
Carrie was having a lazy morning. She had been out with girlfriends last night and had slept through to….she squinted at her clock….11.15am. She rolled out of bed and headed to the toilet. She still had a lot of vodka left in her bladder that needed evacuating. She peed about a gallon, smoked half a cigarette and drank two cups of coffee. A relaxing shower, back on with the bath robe, and settled in front of the tv with her phone and a bowl of cereal. It was now barely midday. What a productive forty five minutes that had been. Her phone was buzzing like crazy with messages from her friends. She was struggling to keep up with them all. Eventually she muted her messages and loaded up some porn instead. She loved watching porn. It was something she got into just before becoming a teen. Most of the girls at school experimented watching it around that age. But Carrie became obsessed with it. She matured sexually earlier than her friends. Her clitoris blossomed at a young age and she would orgasm at almost anything. A bumpy car ride could do the trick. Sometimes she felt it was a curse. But not now. It was a guilty pleasure for her to browse the latest porn, or her favourite saved pages, and finger herself to climax. It didn’t take her long and she could cum multiple times too. In fact, it wasn’t a guilty pleasure, just a pleasure. Everyone knew she did it.

Her movies of choice were fairly mainstream. Anything that involved a girl having her pussy licked was a winner, so obviously lesbian porn became a keen favourite. But she was also a fan of blowjobs too. And facials. She loved watching those. Her ex-boyfriend was lacking in that department. When he came, there wasn’t much goo and it normally just trickled off the end of his cock. So Carrie ended up just swallowing it. Which kept him happy but left her feeling something was missing. Actually there was a lot missing in that relationship. Sexually in particular. She started going out with him almost five years ago. She lost her virginity to him. Then they split up. Then she became a lesbian for about six months. A trial period that never lasted. She went back to her ex for a while until she caught him sexting with her best friend. Then she left for college and tried a few different partners. Nobody really satisfied her the way she wanted. Perhaps they were too inexperienced or she was too fussy. She had had a fairly unfulfilled sex life until this point. But she still had porn. It was like an old friend.

After a short amount of surfing, she settled on watching a black guy with a monster cock fucking a tiny teen. She was in the mood. She didn’t really think about it but she was only just out of her teens herself. Twenty last birthday. Not sure she could envisage herself taking that size of weapon in her pussy. She was more about finesse that length as she was quite petite herself. Not that it should matter but she just wanted to be comfortable. It was getting to the good part now. He had just pulled out and was about to cum across the girl’s face. Carrie was nearing her own climax as she sat with her fingers slowing stroking her red button and occasionally inserting a finger.

“Oh fuck,” she said. But not in a good way. Somebody had rang the doorbell and a most inopportune moment. She did briefly consider not answering it but she relented, fastened her bathrobe tightly and opened the door. She was glad she did.

Her visitor was a good looking man in his thirties. Tall, well dressed and a nice physique. In her mind she was nodding fiercely with approval but in real life she opened with a mild ‘hello’. He seemed surprised to see her. He turned and checked the door number. It was the right place sure enough.

“I was looking for Susan.” The man said with an air of puzzlement.

“Oh. Well she’s not here at the moment. She got called into work unexpectedly. I’m her daughter. Can I help?” Alex thought on it for a few seconds. Daughter. Not sure he got that memo. I mean family members never really came up as a topic of discussion. Her and Susan weren’t actually dating so it wasn’t especially relevant, he guessed.

“Ah. I see.” He saw a lot more than he bargained for. A young blonde girl in her bathrobe. Nice face. In fact downright pretty. Pierced lip. And if he was not mistaken a pierced tongue too. Difficult to tell but it looked that way. Big blue eyes and long eyelashes. Natural too. He could see why Susan was keeping this one secret. “Well, it’s just that I left my jacket here last night. Leather jacket?”

Carrie started to put things together. She knew her mother had stayed out all night last Friday. It was not that unusual for her to hook up at the club but normally she dished all the gossip about any new men. Especially if the sex was good. They were like best friends. So if this was the same guy, and he dropped by yesterday too, then she was keeping this quiet. Maybe because he was much younger than her? Or something embarrassing happened? Carrie had to find out.

“Oh. In that case, do some in. I’ll have a look for it for you.” She showed him into the lounge.

“Well this is where I left it.” He pointed to the couch. “But it’s not there.”

“Perhaps it got hung up. I’ll check for you. Would you like a drink while I’m looking?” Alex could hardly turn down an offer like that.

“Tea would be good. Or coffee.”

“I’ll put the kettle on.” She did as she promised and returned instantly. “So you and mom. How did you meet? I mean you’re friends right?” She was probing.

“We met at the club. The Foresters. You know it?” Oh Carrie knew it. Every single girl in town knew it. And most knew to avoid it.

“Yes, I think so. You met there? What, Friday?”

“Yes, Friday. I own the club. Susan was a guest of mine.” Owns the club. That’s an interesting development. Must be wealthy then.

“I see. That’s nice. Must have been a good night. Mom didn’t come home until the next day.” Alex was nonchalant.

“No she didn’t. She stayed at mine all night.” Carrie raised an eyebrow. That was a bit bold to admit. “We fucked a lot.” That went passed bold.

Carrie was enjoying this. So mom went off with the owner of the club, spent all night fucking him and then he came over again last night. But she didn’t tell Carrie anything? Yet this guy seemed quite proud and very open about it. She admired his honesty.

“Well, I better see if that kettle has boiled yet.” She said changing the subject and disappeared from the room. As she was making his drink she imagined what the two of them had got up to. She knew mom liked a hard fuck. Was he any good? If so, why hadn’t she told her? Perhaps he was crap. But then he came round again last night, so he couldn’t have been that bad could he? She slipped back in carrying his hot beverage. He accepted it graciously.

“So you fucked?” Carrie blurted out showing she could be just as bold.

“A lot.” His was reply was instant and didn’t seem boastful at all. He sipped his tea.

“Strange, mom didn’t mention you.”

“Does she tell you about all of her lovers?” They were fencing.

“Only the good ones.” She riposted. Alex laughed.

“I must have been shit then.”

“I somehow doubt that.” The two of them had been standing watching each other during this conversation. Watching and ogling. Alex liked Carrie’s legs. They were thin but perfectly smooth and unblemished. And he could now confirm her tongue piercing. Carrie liked everything she saw in Alex. Handsome but rugged. Tall and well proportioned. Nice ass. Time for her to make a move.

She wandered off down the hallway. As Alex watched her walking away from him and heading for one of the bedrooms, he noticed she had undone the belt on her nightgown. He approved. A very short while later, Carrie called to him from the bedroom.

“I’ve found your jacket.” Alex took a deep breath, put down his cup and made his way to the bedroom. It was clearly Susan’s room. Nicely decorated in red and gold, with dark wood furniture. A wardrobe, two sets of drawers, matching nightstands and a vanity table. The vanity was covered in a multitude of lotions, creams and perfumes. The main feature of the room was a large double bed. And the main feature of the bed was Carrie lying naked across it draped in Alex’s leather jacket. He stood by the door staring at her. The jacket was positioned so it just covered her breasts and reached just below her pubic region.

“It suits you.” He said.

“Thanks. But you can have it back. Just come and get it.” She put a finger in her mouth playfully. Alex responded by removing his shirt and unbuckling his belt. He knelt on the bed, tugged at his jacket and inch by inch revealed Carrie’s young firm, slim body. Her small titties with puffy nipples, one of which was pierced. Her torso decorated along both sides with tattoos, a snake to the left and some gothic writing on the left. Further down he revealed a butterfly tattoo on her hip. And with one final flourish, he threw the jacket to the floor and laid bare her pussy. Which, in turn was completely bare itself. Carrie was petite and with her fully shaven pussy, looked almost pre-pubescent.

Alex positioned himself directly above Carrie in a press up position, raised up on muscular arms. He stared straight down onto her face with a glint in his eye. She stared back giving him a slightly wicked smile. He lowered himself and they kissed. It was full on. Nothing subtle, just tongues entwined and lips pushed hard against each other. Alex got the first feel of her tongue stud at this point. Their kissing was intense and Carrie had her arms wrapped tighted around his back. He lowered his head and kissed one nipple before crossing to the pierced one. The piercing was a bar and he flicked at it with his tongue. Then he took one end in his teeth and pulled at it carefully. Carrie loved that and felt it all the way down to her loins. She groaned and dug her nails into his back. He slid down her body, trailing his tongue all the way until he found his face between her legs. He pulled off his trousers and slid off his socks. Now unencumbered, he moved freely around her body, kissing and licking as he went. She writhed in pleasure. Having finally arrived at her feet, he kissed another tattoo on her ankle, which looked like a dolphin or fish of some kind, then began working his way up the inside of her thigh. Her legs spread to accommodate him. This was way better than porn.

With the help of a finger he parted her pussy lips and lapped at her exposed vagina. Carrie flinched. His tongue darted around her labia and inside her. She was starting to get wet. He slipped a finger inside her pussy and at the same time, his tongue landed on her clitoris. She arched her back and grabbed a handful of bedsheet. She loved his fucking tongue. Even more so when it pressed tightly against her clit and shifted side to side. How did he know that’s what she liked? Well if he didn’t before he was about to find out as, after a few seconds of this, she screamed, bucked and emitted a face full of her juices onto his mouth and chin. He didn’t stop. He had found her ‘spot’ and continued with his head buried between her legs. And now he had two fingers inside her and was slowly finger fucking her too. It was a difficult task, as Carrie was twisting and contorting in ecstasy. She was making a lot of noise too. The only word that was audible was ‘fuck’ and she used that to excess but it was accompanied by moans, sighs and some loud screaming. She was like an orgasm machine. The sheet below her was drenched with her cum. Alex was more than ready for action himself.

His underpants came off in no time and he gripped his nicely shape penis in his hand. He touched his tip against her slit and felt the heat of her sticky cunt. Carrie didn’t see his cock but she felt it as it slipped deep inside her. It was simply delicious. It fitted perfectly for her and was nice and wide. She folded her legs behind him and he began gyrating his hips rhythmically. Carrie had never experienced such all consuming gratification. She sunk her teeth into his shoulder in a fit of passion. In response he lifted her left leg and drove his cocker even deeper. This was a good position for him as he could maintain a rhythm and enhance the pressure on the head of his manhood. In this same position, his pubic bone was repeatedly rubbing against Carrie’s clit. She lost track of how long he was fucking her in this position but it finally came to an end when she orgasmed three times in succession and squirted over his cock. He took this as his cue and pulled his weapon from her. It was glistening with her cum. She lied back, resting her head on the pillow, almost totally exhausted. Alex knelt astride her chest. Her eyes lit up.

“Are you going to cum for be darling?” he let out a low grumble. “I want your come. All of your come. Cover my face. Fuck, I want this bad.” He twisted and pulled at his shaft, the tip of which was almost touching her chin. As the motion got faster, the end slightly brushed against her lip ring. That was enough for him. His ass cheeks clenched as he shot a jet of ejaculate onto Carrie’s face. The first spurt grazed her lips and landed on the bridge of her nose. The second went further and landed in her hair. Then the thick stuff came and covered her cheek, narrowly missing her eye.

Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Alex was happy. Carrie was delirious. Susan was soon to find out.
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