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Tags: ffm, first time, siblings, blowjob, 69
"Orgasm?' What does that mean? Can everyone do it?" Jacob asked, still coming down from the indescribable high of his first-ever climax, at the hands (and mouth) of his sister and her friend. "Can I do it again??"

"Yes, everyone can do it, and MAYBE we'll give you one again, after you help us get them, too," responded Jessica, darting her over eyes over to Courtney, whose face, red from sucking her little brother's soul out his dick, was smiling giddily back at her. The evening had gone even better than Jessica had planned so far, but now her virgin pussy was soaking wet and demanded attention, and she knew Courtney felt the same. The girls desperately needed release, as they had just given Jacob.

" am I supposed to do that? Especially if I'm all tied up?" Jacob asked, sensibly, seeing as how his hands and feet were still securely fastened to the bunkbed frame as he stood there buck naked, his erection still coated in his sister's mouth juices but slowly starting to deflate. "....and why did you put your fingers in my butt??"

Courtney giggled at his question, as she, too, finally consciously considered what Jessica had done.

"Oh please, tell me it didn't feel amazing," Jessica rebutted. Jacob wanted to speak up to prove her wrong, but in actuality enjoyed the act greatly, and didn't want to possibly close off the possibility of her doing it again. Defeated, he just made a face and rolled his eyes a bit.

"That's what I thought, loverboy. Now as for your other question, we'll untie you--IF you agree to help give us orgasms too."

"--And if you don't tell mom or dad about any of this!" Courtney quickly interjected, her more childish mind bursting through to avert hypothetical parental punishment.

"Does that mean you two will have to get naked too?" Jacob asked excitedly, his mind racing with visions of hot Jessica and his big sister stripping down to their bare state.

"Yes, would you like that? To see me and your sister without any clothes?" Jessica replied, already knowing the answer, but enjoying making the boy explicitly confront his fledgling horny desires.

"I, uhh, well....yeah, I guess so," Jacob admitted. Courtney's already-red face blushed further, charmed that her little brother was curious about her, too, as she had been of him. If nothing else, it also helped validate her desires, as throughout this whole crazy experience, she had still been pestered by the feeling this was all wrong. But if her brother wanted to see her naked, too, then maybe this was totally normal! Although, she'd be lying to herself if she said she wasn't turned on by the feeling of naughtiness, anyway.

Jessica smiled. "I thought you might. Come on Courtney, let's untie him." The girls, still fully clothed, began to release Jacob from his makeshift restraints. Though the bondage experience would certainly ignite a lifelong kink in the boy, he was glad to be released now, since his arms were starting to hurt from being up high for so long. He was also excited to use his freed hands to explore his captors and their feminine mysteries. Soon enough, Jacob was free, and rather than re-dress, he kicked off the sweats and underwear that had still been piled around his ankles. He was now 100% buck-naked, which he didn't mind, and felt was appropriate for the sort of activities they were up to. The girls were happy they would still have this chiseled piece of totally nude boyish eye candy to feast on as he helped them achieve sexual satisfaction.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Jacob asked, impatient for the girls to join him in adolescent nudity. Jessica and Courtney looked toward each other, waiting to see who would make the first move. Surprising Jessica, just as she had when she sunk her mouth around her brother's hard cock earlier, Courtney went first, crossing her arms in front of her to grab the bottom of her loose white blouse and pull it up and over her head. Her budding little breasts remained covered by a white training bra, but her flat tummy and cute little belly button were on display to provide a visual appetizer for the feast to come. Jessica followed her lead, pulling off her thin gray sweater, then immediately moving to unbutton and unzip her jeans. Keeping pace, Courtney did the same with her capris, and in no time at all, both girls were standing before Jacob, who was sitting on the lower bunk watching in curious delight, in nothing but their bras and underwear.

All three youngsters looked at each other, surveying their young bodies. Jessica had long, toned legs, while Courtney's were still more tubular and childish, though wonderful nonetheless. Courtney's white bikini-style panties matched her little bra, while Jessica sported high-cut gray boyshorts and a matching gray bra that nicely gripped her respectably sized boobs. Embarrassingly, each girl had a sizeable wet spot in their panties, where their virgin sex had leaked its juices amidst the achingly hot activities which preceded.

"Eww, did you pee yourselves?" Jacob asked in childish ignorance.

"Oh my god you're such an idiot," Courtney chastised, "when girls get...when they...think sexy things, our, uh, slits get wet." She was incredibly flustered by explaining this simple concept of female sexuality to her little brother. "It means we need to orgasm like you did."

"Oh. Well why'd you stop then?" Jacob said, prodding the girls to finish undressing and start the action. As if commanded by the boy who was just minutes ago their prisoner, the girls resumed disrobing, unbuttoning and peeling off their bras, then briefly locking eyes with one another before hooking their fingers around their waistbands and pulling their panties straight down and tossing them utop the pile with their other clothes. Finally, the gorgeous young women were fully nude, their svelte and curvaceous young teen bodies finer than any artwork. Jacob stared at them both joyously, his little member hardening again at the sight of the two angelic beauties before him. Both girls' pubic areas were totally hairless, as Courtney's had simply not yet grown in, and Jessica meticulously shaved to stay silky smooth. Courtney was slim enough to have a clear thigh gap when standing upright, her tiny slit and tight lips in open air facing down to the floor. Jessica's fuller figure framed her pussy in between her legs, pushing it up to face slightly more forward, drawing Jacob's absolute attention with its larger but still-neat labia forming an appealing arrowhead-like shape he already felt like sucking on.

"Wow, you're both...really pretty," Jacob offered, his brain overcoming its arrogant boyish misogyny to pay the girls a compliment in awe of their nude pubescent beauty.

"Aww, thank you! You know, you're quite the looker yourself, Jake," Jessica responded, more than willing to start treating him more as an equal, if he himself was willing to act more maturely to them, as well. She sat down next to him on the bottom bunk and stroked his chest briefly, grinning in amusement at his returned rock-hard erection. "Here, kneel in front of me. And Courtney, you come over here too," she instructed, patting her hand on the bed beside her. The siblings did as they were told, so Courtney and Jessica were seated side-by-side at the edge of the bed, and Jacob knelt on the floor in front of them, eager for further instruction.

"You know how you liked your nipples being rubbed? Well so do we," Jessica said, grabbing the boy's right hand and placing it onto one of her soft young breasts." Just...feel around. And Courtney too."

Jacob reached his left hand up as well, and placed it onto his big sister's budding breast. He began to move both hands around, one on each girl's little tits, delighting in their squishy voluptuousness. After some basic childish exploration, he finally turned his attention to the girls' hard nipples and small, bumpy areolas, eliciting a deep moan from Jessica and a high yelpish one from Courtney. Jacob looked up at his sister, who only nodded at him to keep going. Though the younger XX-year old girl had explored herself somewhat on many occasions prior, her experience was still very limited, and the foreign touch of another person was something entirely new to her. Jessica, however, was put back in mind of some of the fondling sessions she'd had with her two previous little boyfriends, and how she delighted at their worship of her tits. She had been only too eager to experience such attention again, and this time, from a younger boy whose inexperience was actually a huge turn-on for her.

After a minute or two of lovingly rubbing the girls' tight breasts with his two hands, Jacob became overcome by a sexual impulse he couldn't explain, and quickly kneeled upward and placed his little XX-year old mouth around Jessica's right nipple. "AAaaaooohhhh, that's so good," she reacted, placing her hand on the back of the boy's head and ruffling her fingers through his hair as he sucked away at her tit like he was drinking a chocolate milkshake. He began to circle his warm little tongue around her areola, eliciting further moans of pleasure from the young teen girl as she started to gently thrust her chest into his face. She also reached down and began rubbing her sopping-wet pussy, unable to starve it of attention any longer.

"Hey, what about me?" Courtney complained, her heart beating fast at the sight before her, but feeling left out and a little hurt that her brother chose to focus his attention solely on her friend rather than her. Jacob quickly rectified the situation by moving the warm suction of his young mouth to her left nipple, while replacing it on Jessica's with his little fingers once again.

"Ohhhhhh, Jacob...." Courtney moaned, seeing her 5th-grade little brother in a completely new different way than she had just hours earlier. She knew their relationship would never be the same after tonight, but that was fine by her, as she'd traded her dorky kid brother for an enthusiastic, albeit inexperienced, sexual playmate. As the boy put his small mouth and fingers to grand use on the girls' upper bodies, Courtney followed her friend's lead and began to touch herself, amateurishly running her warm fingers between the lips of her vulva, coating them in her slippery girlish fluids.

After a few more minutes of this tantalizing foreplay, Jessica felt it was time to move things forward. "Jake, I want you to finger my pussy," she said, deliberately using a 'naughty' word to sound hot and mature.

Young Jacob released his lips from his sister's petite breast with a pop and turned to Jessica. "Umm okay, what do I do exactly?" he asked innocently.

"Just take your fingers," she said, grabbing his hand and moving it over to her wet mound as she scooted forward on the bed and spread her legs wider," and make circles right around here." She guided the XX-year old's slim fingers to the approximate location of her throbbing young clitoris, gasping slightly as they made contact with her intimate flesh. Jacob looked intently at the pink treasure before him, taken aback by the sight of something he knew nothing about, but tried to do as he was told, drawing circles within Jessica's hot young sex with his right pointer and middle fingers. Jessica gasped then moaned in a high voice at the intense pleasure of the cute young boy's touch.

"Like this?" Jacob asked. Though he had started out the evening's activities an unconsenting captive, he was now deeply invested in this exciting and naughty affair, and couldn't wait to tell his best friend Reece about it later on. Twenty-four hours earlier, he had never seen a girl topless and didn't even really know what a vagina was; now, he was staring directly into one and rubbing it like a genie's lamp.

"Yes, oh, YES, like that, keep going!" Jessica confirmed through a voice oscillated by carnal delight, while throwing her head back and resting on her arms outstretched behind her. Courtney continued to rub herself and nibble on her lip as she jealously watched her little brother explore and stimulate her best friend's velvety crevices.

"Hey, don't forget about me!" Courtney lamented, yearning for the warm touch of the adorable naked boy before her. He reached up with his left hand and began to ditto the actions on his sister which he was performing with the other hand on Jessica, both his young hands now absorbed in the act of massaging hot, wet teen pussy.

"MmMMmmMmmmm," Courtney emitted in pleasure so sharp it sounded almost of agony. Unlike Jessica, this was the first time anyone else had ever touched Courtney's virgin sex, and the feeling was incredible; better than herself, and even despite Jacob's dextrous ignorance. He himself was overwhelmed with sensory curiosity as he moved his head all over to look at each girl's smooth pink slit, their jiggling boobs, and their cute girly faces, and ran his fingers all through the slick folds of both girls' womanhoods. Everything was new for him, and he delighted in this hands-on learning experience. Precious few 5th-grade boys are given the opportunity to learn sexual education first-hand, via unsupervised, incestrous masturbation.

Every time Jacob grazed the tiny beadlike clitorises of the girls, they would moan harder, throw their heads back, and thrust their pelvises into the boy's hungry hands. "Ok Jake, now I need you to shove your fingers inside," Jessica commanded urgently through heavy breaths. She grabbed ahold of his hand and repositioned his fingers at the entrance to her beckoning love tunnel, then pressed them inside.

"Ohhh, my god, Jake," she cried, thrusting upward to plunge the boy's slim digits deeper into her. "Move them in and out," she continued, and Jacob acquiesced, pulling his fingers out of, then pushing them back into her warm wetness. Without being asked, he started to do the same to his sister.

"AHHhhhWWW!" Courtney screamed in pleasure turning to pain, as her brother's fingers penetrated her pubescent vagina for the first time. Since she had not yet tried any penetration during her fledgling late-night masturbation sessions, her hymen was as-yet undisturbed, obscuring her young opening. Jacob's enthusiastic hands pushed right past it, thrusting upward into her unexplored vaginal canal and bringing her untold pleasure accented by unfortunate pubic pain.

Jacob stopped what he was doing and looked up at his sister. "I'm sorry, did I hurt you? Should I stop?" he asked sweetly, his innocent young mind still commanded by innate human sympathy, rather than the potential corrupt sexual greed of a grown man.

"NO!" Jessica roared in her girly voice, her primal urges outraged at the abrupt halting of her pleasure. "Courtney, it'll get better, I promise. Jacob, keep going" she commanded. She was not about to let her friend's total virginity deprive them of sexual gratification, and she knew Courtney would agree, if she knew better.

"....Ok. Just please go slow, Jacob?" Courtney submitted, looking down at her little brother in his beautiful brown eyes, in an act of loving request. "Ok, I will," he assured her.

"But not for me, Jake!" Jessica interjected, as she was hot, wet, and craving vigorous attention on her hungry pussy. He tried his best to match his fingerwork to each girl's preferences, thrusting his right rapidly in and out of Jessica, while giving slow, loving care to his big sister's tender young cunny. After a few minutes, Jessica was overcome with yearning. She leaned forward, grabbed little Jacob's head with both hands, and pushed it between her legs, shoving his mouth up against her hot vulva.

"Lick, suck, just go down on me!" commanded, and Jacob didn't need to be told twice. He suckled on her labia and loved the feeling of it in his mouth, then reached out his warm, wet tongue to explore within her. He was at once delighted by the taste and smell of Jessica's fresh girl juices as they soon coated his chin and nose. She had a clean and healthy young vagina, and her pubescent lubricant had just a faint smell and taste of tangy womanhood. Jacob gleefully buried his face into Jessica's groin and plunged his tongue into her warm opening.

"Oh, god, Jake, oh, baby, oh, don't stop!" she moaned, grabbing the back of his head and running her hand through his smooth boyish brown hair while holding him close. Jacob frankly found it hard to breathe with his little face pressed so tightly against the warm sex of this hot teen, but was in too much sexual bliss to care.

Jacob's fingering of his sister had all but ceased as he was more than occupied with devouring the hot young pussy before him. While Jessica was close to orgasm, Courtney was worried yet again that she'd been forgotten. Her fears proved unfounded, however, when something she never expected happened.

"Courtney, Courtney, come here," Jessica said to her between breaths as she leaned all the way back onto the bed. "Get on top of me," she continued. Courtney had never really been put in any position to consider her sexuality, and wasn't sure how she felt about doing 'sex-things' with her best friend. What they'd done so far was one thing, both just individually messing around with Jacob then being played with by him, but Jessica doing something to her was something different. Nevertheless, she did as she was told, and climbed up on top of Jessica, facing toward her and straddling over her on her knees. She sat herself down on her friend's torso, her petite asscheeks making contact with Jessica's warm stomach.

"No, up here!" Jessica instructed, clearly meaning her face. Still unsure, Courtney nevertheless kneeled back up and walked herself knee by knee forward until her drenched little slit hovered above her best friend's mouth. She sat back down again, planting her beautiful young sex right onto her friend's waiting face. Jessica took charge by immediately shoving her tongue up into Courtney's vagina.

"OHHH MYYyyyyy!!!" Courtney screamed as her fresh XX-year old pussy finally tasted the wonder of cunnilingus for the first time, and from another girl, at that. Whatever trepidation Courtney had felt before instantly melted away, and she began instinctively bucking herself back and forth on Jessica's face, also inadvertently rubbing on her tits with her tight little ass. Jacob looked up between his eager gobbling of teen cunt to see his sister's smooth nude back and beautiful butt facing him. He was deeply intrigued by the sight, but knew he had to keep to his task at hand; bringing Jessica to orgasm through his mouth.

The fragrant smell of young sex filled the room heavily as the three little lovers engaged in the wonderful act of bisexual oral stimulation. Jacob had begun ignorantly rubbing his rock-hard dick while he lapped away like a thirsty dog at Jessica's pussy, and Jessica paid Courtney's the attention only another female can ever give. Their collective youthful moans and heavenly whines wove a sonic tapestry of young sex whose wonder was unrivaled by any symphony.

Writhing in pleasure, Courtney leaned forward and arched her back, giving Jacob a glimpse of her little asshole between her small white cheeks. Entranced by its puckered allure, he now understood why Jessica had given special attention to his own boyhole, and the sight invigorated him to double his efforts.

"I'm almost there! Jake, whatever you do, don't stop!" Jessica yelled from underneath Courtney's silky girlhood, bucking her hips back and forth into Jacob's face as she approached the most dramatic climax she'd ever had. His right hand furiously rubbing his hard little cock, Jacob took his left and managed to slip its pointer finger into her vaginal canal as he sucked on her little clit. The combination of Courtney's little ass rubbing on her nipples and Jacob stimulating her clit and vagina was too much, and she burst into orgasm

"OOOOH!!! OHHH GOD! YES!! YES!" she squealed in bliss, her warm breath further stimulating Courtney's labia. Her pussy overran with slick juice as Jacob continued to fuck her with his mouth, and he thirstily lapped it all up like the good boy that he was. Her young teen body continued for some time to writhe in climactic euphoria, before she eventually began to lean forward, prompting Courtney off of her and pushing away Jacob's little head from her netherregion. Courtney was initially quite irritated until she heard Jessica's next order.

"Jacob, come up here! Courtney, lay down on your back!" she said hurriedly, feeling obligated as the night's de facto coordinator to ensure the siblings experienced the same total bliss she had. "Jake, get over her, like this," she said, gesturing him to climb over his sister on all fours while facing away from her. "Do to her what you were just doing to me! And Courtney, suck him off again!" Jessica finished instructing, as the two gorgeous little siblings positioned themselves to 69. As promised, Jacob would get another opportunity to orgasm, while he would give his big sister the same joy.

Jacob leaned down and looked down past his chest at his dangling, diamond-hard erection to position it near Corutney's mouth. She grabbed ahold of it and helped guide it into her mouth for the second time this evening, to no objection whatsoever. Once he felt the now-familiar but still-magnificent warm wetness around his boycock, Jacob plunged his own mouth down onto his sister's hot pussy and once again began licking and sucking as he had been with Jessica. Courtney's labia were much more modest, possibly on account of her younger age, and, as he'd felt with his fingers earlier, her vaginal opening smaller. Nevertheless, he had already become a certifiable pussy hound, and loved the taste of Courtney's similar, but slightly sweeter, natural lubricant. Right before Courtney's eyes were Jacob's beautiful, smooth asscheeks, and during his upward thrusts, she could see them part just enough to reveal his pretty pink hairless asshole. She, too, immediately become an asslover, and reached up to cop a feel of the milky white globes.

Jessica, still coming down from her thrudrous climax, could only watch in stupefied awe at the indescribably hot incestruous acts before her. Jacob's animal brain had taken quickly to sex, despite his premature age, and expertly pistoned his hips up and down to fuck his sister's mouth as he sucked hungrily on her oh-so-sensitive little clitoris. The familial bond between the couple seemed to fuel an innate knowledge in each sibling of what the other needed, and within no time, both were approaching the majesty of orgasm. Both thrusted away at one another's eager little mouths until Jacob felt a brewing sensation within his young balls, which made him slow down and make his thrusts deeper and more deliberate. Courtney began to gag on his member as it plunged straight down her girly throat, giving it even more stimulation, and bringing Jacob once more to a powerful orgasm.

"UUUUnnnggggg!" he exclaimed in his high boyish voice as he experienced the very adult pleasure of climax within the welcoming mouth of a young woman. Courtney could not feel it, amidst all her own saliva and gagging, but a few little drops of semen dripped out of Jacob's hard tween penis and down her gullet, signaling where none could see that he was in fact much closer to manhood than any of the three had realized. What Courtney could feel, though, was his cock's rhythmic pulsations, a sensation so hot that, in concert with Jacob's loving tongue-fucking of her silky tunnel, sent her herself into the throngs of her first-ever orgasm.

"OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD OOOooOOoHHHHHHH!!!!!" she screamed after pushing up on Jacob's pelvis in signal to remove himself from her mouth. He snacked away on her slick girlhood with delight as he knew he was giving his big sister the magical feeling she had now given him twice. "Oh, Jacob, this is so-- sooo--- gooooooood," she commended him. She could never in her wildest of dreams have thought that she would ever receive her first orgasm at the mouth of her 'dumb' little brother, and after giving him his first two, all while her best friend watched. Having experienced it, though, she would never have chosen to have it any other way.

The three youngsters were now exhausted, and Jacob removed himself from above Courtney and laid down beside her. Jessica did the same, and all three sweaty, satisfied adolescents laid together buck-naked, staring in disbelief of their actions at the bunk resting above them. After thinking for a moment, Jacob leaned over slightly, and gave Courtney a gentle kiss on the cheek, then nuzzled up against her and shut his eyes. The girls, their breathing finally slowing along with Jacob's, cuddled together as well, and all three drifted off to sleep.


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The story was rejected with the canonical ages listed. Use context and your imagination to make them whatever age you prefer.

But yes, Ch 3 and 4 will be 'cumming' in due time


2022-01-15 16:46:45
I gave it a positive, however, loose the XX age designations; ...young...teenage...etc., will work better.

Part 3?

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