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These stories are all fantasy. Don't try to turn fantasies into reality and ruin people's lives.

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The first half of this chapter is very lore heavy.
Jacob sat in his car, lingering in his driveway before going inside. The memories of what had happened today filled his mind, swirling around in a tempest that left him uncertain as to how he should be feeling. First, there had been the rather dramatic changes to his body; then, those images he kept seeing in his mind whenever he was near people; and thirdly, the threesome that he had had with Madeline and Abby.

He smiled as he recalled that particular event. He had never imagined, at the beginning of his senior year of high school, that he would be able to lose his virginity this year, let alone fuck two of the hottest girls in school. They had practically dragged him to a place where they could be alone and proceeded to blow his mind. His dick immediately began to grow as he remembered how it felt to have the two girls sucking his cock, then burying his dick inside both of their cunts.

The rest of the day has passed rather quickly, although every girl or woman he passed by acted very flirtatious with him. "Something has definitely changed", he thought, for what felt like the hundredth time today. Something had changed indeed, but he could not identify what it was. "Whatever it is, I'm not going to figure it out sitting in the driveway", he told himself, clearing the confusion from his mind.

As he exited his vehicle, he noted that his mother wasn't home yet. "She must have had to work late", he thought, as he walked toward the front door of his home. As he reached out a hand to open the door, a strange pressure filled his mind. It wasn't painful, more like a sense that something that was potentially dangerous was close at hand. He immediately looked around him, but saw no one in the vicinity. "I'm going crazy", he thought with a chuckle, then reached for the doorknob again.

The same pressure buzzed in his mind, stronger this time, but he did his best to ignore it. As his hand closed on the doorknob, it felt like reality shifted; that was the best way he could describe it. With more effort than it should have taken, he yanked his hand away from the doorknob. Looking down at his hand, he saw that it was covered in a very fine, magenta colored dust. "What in the hell", he said, then looked up when he realized that he wasn't standing in front of the door to his house.

"Where am I", he wondered as he looked around, trying to identify his surroundings. He was on the sidewalk in a very busy part of a city. Cars were driving back and forth and people in business suits, carrying briefcases, were hurrying down the sidewalk, narrowly avoiding crashing into him. He quickly pulled his phone out of his pocket and opened his location app. "New York City", he nearly yelled as the phone told him where he was. "How in the hell did I get here", he wondered.

"I can answer that, if you'll come inside", said a voice and Jacob looked up. Before him, in an open doorway, stood a woman; she had raven black hair, straight and cut shoulder length; her eyes, bright green with flecks of a color he couldn't identify, seemed to pierce directly into him; a yellow sundress barely concealed ample cleavage and hung down to just above her knees. "Come inside, Jacob", the woman said and stepped back, gesturing for him to enter the building.

"How do you know my name", he asked. "How did I get here, when I was just at home?" "Inside", she said, her tone making it clear that she wasn't going to answer any of his questions until he obeyed. "Fine", he said sullenly, surprised when he saw a small smile touch her lips, before it vanished just as quickly. He took a deep breath and walked up the few stone steps, entering the building.

The woman closed the door behind him, then quickly began to walk in front of him, heading deeper inside, leaving Jacob no choice but to follow. As he did, he looked around, trying to take in all the information he could about where he was. Judging by the shelves filled with books, he assumed that it was a bookstore or library. "Bookstore", said the woman, not breaking her stride as she led him toward the back. A door with a sign that read "Employees Only" was on the door, but she opened the door and motioned for him to follow.

Inside the back room, Jacob was surprised by what he saw; rather than a storage area or filing system, the room was filled with cozy furniture. Two armchairs faced each other, divided by a small table, upon which sat a vase of flowers; a fireplace, with a small fire burning, was on the wall opposite the door; a counter, upon which sat various bottles of alcohol, was in one corner; in another corner, lounging on a large rug, lay a large cat. Jacob stopped when he saw it; he had never seen a cougar in real life, but he had seen plenty of them in documentaries.

"Don't worry", the woman said, motioning for him to sit in one of the chairs, "Mina won't bite, unless you provoke her." Jacob eyed the cougar warily as he took a seat, although he felt a strange lack of fear around the animal. As the woman took the seat across from him, she made a strange gesture with her hand. Suddenly, two glasses appeared on the table between Jacob and the woman, then one of the bottles of alcohol began floating through the air. It poured some of its amber colored liquid into each glass before returning to its place on the counter.

"How did you do that", Jacob asked, his mind racing as he tried to logically figure out what he just saw. "That", the woman asked, smirking a little. "Why, that was nothing more than a simple spell. Even the lowest of magicians and sorcerers can do such things. I would think you'd be more impressed by the fact that I transported you here, thousands of miles from your home."

Jacob stared at the woman, suspicion and a hint of fear in his eyes, as an answer came to his mind. "You're a witch", he said and the woman nodded. "For the sake of ease, you may call me Elena. Now, drink", she said, reaching for the glass that was sitting in front of her chair. "I don't drink", Jacob said and Elena shrugged, sipping her own drink. "Now, why did you bring me here", he demanded. "That question has a very simple answer", Elena said, setting her cup back down. "Your father asked me to."

Her words hit Jacob hard, as if a great weight had just been placed upon him. He had never known his father and, every time he had asked his mother about the man, she had been reticent to speak. "How do you know my father", Jacob asked. "And how do you know me?" "I know you because, as a favor to your father, I've kept an eye on you your entire life." As Elena spoke, her face began to twitch and suddenly Jacob saw his mother's friend, Susan, sitting across from him. Elena quickly resumed her original form before continuing.

"And, as for your first question, I've known your father for a very, very long time", she said, a strange look in her eyes. "She dated him", Jacob thought as he tried to absorb the information that Elena was sharing. "No, I didn't", Elena said, as if she had heard Jacob's thoughts. "Your father and I have a unique relationship. We've worked together on many occasions and, perhaps, we enjoy each other's company." "What kind of work would require a witch", Jacob asked. "The kind your father has often been involved in. You'll have to ask him for more specifics, if you ever meet him", Elena said.

Jacob sat back in his chair and, almost absent-mindededly, reached for the glass in front of him. The liquor burned as it went down his throat, but it wasn't unpleasant. "Okay, well, assuming that I believe everything you've told me so far", he said, not sure if he was trying to irritate Elena with his words or placate her, "you said my father asked you to bring me here. Why?"

"Because you've come of age", Elena answered. "And that means that your life is about to change drastically; perhaps it has already begun."  She looked suspiciously at Jacob as she said this. "Therefore, your father wanted you to know the truth about him and, in finding out that truth, to understand yourself." "Bullshit", Jacob exclaimed, leaning forward in his seat. "My father abandoned my mother when I was a baby and has never shown an ounce of interest in me."

Elena sighed loudly, then responded. "So angry about things that you don't understand. Your father left in order to protect you." Jacob was taken aback, not expecting that answer. "Protect me from what", he asked, trying to find anything in Elena's words that would indicate whether or not she was lying. "Your father has many enemies, some that are very powerful. If they had known about you, those beings would have destroyed you before you came into your own power." "What power", Jacob asked, the frustration clear in his voice. "I don't have any power."

"Ah, but you do", Elena said, finishing her drink and setting it on the table in front of her. "It has lain dormant within you for your entire life and now, now that you have become an adult, it has begun to blossom. Have you noticed any strange behavior from those around you today?" Jacob's mind raced as he recalled how his mother, his teachers, and the girls at school had acted around him; not to mention the threesome between him and Madeline and Abby.

"Maybe", he muttered, "but that doesn't prove anything." "Yes, it does", Elena said quickly, preventing him from speaking further. "You have a great power, inherited from your father, that has just sprouted; in time, it will grow tremendously." "If you know so much, then tell me what this power is", Jacob snarkily responded. "Simply put", Elena answered, "you have the power to affect others, specifically in regards to sexual desire. It's a very common power for a young Incubus."

Jacob sat back, absorbing the words that Elena had spoken; he wanted to argue, but his logical mind stopped him. If he did have this power, it would explain most of what had happened today. "What did you mean when you said I was an Incubus", he asked. "Isn't that some kind of demon?" "It is", Elena answered. "To be precise, it is a demon that feeds on sexual energy. Have you ever noticed, after having sex, that you felt revitalized?"

Jacob just nodded as he thought back to what had happened after his earlier threesome. "Your body absorbs the energy that is released when someone orgasms in your presence", Elena said. "In addition, you produce a pheromone that makes people, especially women, find you desirable." "That would explain a lot", Jacob muttered. "But this can't be real. I mean, demons don't exist." "Says who", asked Elena. "There are many things which exist, in spite of people's avid denial of them."

"Well, for the moment, let's say I believe you. Can you explain why my body changed overnight or why I keep seeing these strange images in my mind when I'm talking to people." "It's very simple", Elena said. "An Incubus, for the most part, resembles a human being. Then, on the first day of their eighteenth year, their biology begins to mutate. You've become the epitome of human fitness and more changes may come later. As for the mental images, were they sexual in nature?"

"They were", Jacob said, gulping as he remember the images of both his mother and Madeline that he had seen. "Those were the desires of the person you were focused on", Elena said. "Because of your powers, you have the ability to sense and even manipulate others' sexual desires." "You're saying that I have the ability to control other people", Jacob asked, his mind whirling at the possibilities. "Not control them", Elena said. "Rather, you can bring out any desires they have and those desires will become focused on you. You can't just take control of another person's mind."

"Still, that's a pretty powerful ability", Jacob said. "One thing still bothers me though; what has all of this got to do with my father?" "Your father is, like you, an Incubus", Elena said, as she snapped her fingers. A velvet bag, tied with a drawstring, appeared on the table next to her. She tossed the bag to Jacob, who caught it and gave her a questioning glance. "Inside that bag is a crystal; it contains a message from your father, which will further illuminate exactly who you are. When you are ready, just hold the crystal in both hands and focus upon it."

Jacob loosened the drawstring and saw the crystal, obsidian dark and about the length of his hand, resting inside the bag. Even without touching it, he could feel the power emanating from the stone. He tied the string once more and looked at Elena. "Thank you", he said and she nodded in response. "It's really no trouble", she said. "However, I do believe that it is time for you to be getting back home."

Without another word, Elena waved a hand and Jacob felt the world around him shifting. Suddenly he was once more standing in front of his house, reaching for the door handle. He felt a wave of nausea pass over him and he leaned on the door until it passed. A million thoughts raced through his mind as he stood back up and looked down at the velvet bag that he still held. "All of the answers to all of the questions I ever had about my father are right here", he thought. He sighed and pushed the bag into his pants pocket, then entered his home.

As he stepped inside, Jacob was immediately struck by the smell of his favorite meal. He inhaled deeply, savoring the scent of chicken baking, seasoned with the same herbs his mother always used. Then, as he neared the kitchen, another scent assaulted his nostrils; it was unfamiliar, yet extremely pleasant. As he stepped into the kitchen and saw his mother, his mind suddenly identified the smell.

It was similar, yet very different, from the aromas that Madeline and Abby had been exuding earlier, after he had fucked them. "She had an orgasm recently", Jacob realized as he stared at his mother. He was surprised to see what she was wearing. Sheer leggings clung to her skin, accentuating the legs that his friends often stared at; her torso was covered by a dress that barely covered her ass as she bent over and pulled the chicken from the oven. As she stood up and turned toward him, he could see ample cleavage thst threatened to spill out of the tight dress.

Carolyn was startled for a moment when she saw Jacob standing there, not realizing he was home yet. A deep flush of crimson colored her cheeks as she unconsciously looked him up and down. After her very shameful masturbation session earlier, she had berated herself for over an hour. Finally, she had managed to dispel the strange attraction she had suddenly felt for her son this morning. However, as she saw him standing there, that attraction returned, in increased force. She felt her pussy pulsating and she suddenly wanted nothing more than to bend over the table and beg her son to fuck her.

Jacob's mind filled with the very images his mother was conjuring up and he also blushed, knowing now that he was seeing his mother's fantasy in his mind. Looking back at her, he felt his cock twitching and knew that, before the day was done, he would fulfill her fantasy. But, at the moment, he was hungry for actual food, so he walked over and kissed her blushing cheek.

"That smells so good", he said, Carolyn nodding in response. "I always make your favorite meal for your birthday", she said, trying to regain her self-control and focus on anything other than what she saw in her head. "And I always appreciate it", Jacob said. "I'm going to go wash up and then we can eat." Carolyn simply nodded, desperately trying to rid herself of her depraved thoughts.

Jacob tossed his backpack into his bedroom and then headed to the bathroom. He still had a bit of Elena's dust on his hands and, although he suspected it no longer held any magic, he wasn't about to take any chances. As he washed and dried his hands, he saw a razor sitting on the rim of the tub and he suddenly wondered if his mother had a shaved pussy. His dick began to grow inside his pants and he realized that he wasn't going to wait long before he fucked his mother.

That thought filled his mind as he walked back into the kitchen and saw Carolyn finishing the mashed potatoes. He walked up behind her and reached for a cabinet, grabbing a couple of glasses. Carolyn, suddenly feeling her son pressing against her back and his rock hard erection pressing against her ass, couldn't stifle the moan that escaped her lips.

Her cheeks inflamed with shame and desire, Carolyn turned slowly, refusing to meet her son's eyes. Jacob, moving back a few steps, smiled and then filled the glasses with water. As they sat down to eat, Carolyn tried desperately to force from her mind the thoughts of Jacob grabbing her, shoving her against the counter, and ravishing her cunt.

"How, um, how was school", she stammered, mentally reprimanding herself for being unable to say more than a few words. "School was interesting", Jacob said, smirking as he thought back to Madeline and Abby. "Interesting in what way", his mother asked and Jacob just shrugged as he swallowed a piece of chicken. "It's not really important." He stared at his mother, her fantasies playing out in his own mind, and he decided that it was time to take action.

"What is important", he said, his voice once again filled with the strange confidence he had felt earlier, with the two girls, "is the fact that you've been drooling over me all day." Carolyn blushed an even deeper shade of red as she opened her mouth to deny his words, but no sound would come out. "When you saw me this morning, you looked as if you wanted to devour me. And, even now, your desires are written clearly on your face. Not to mention that, from the moment I got home, I could clearly smell the aroma of an orgasm."

Carolyn stood up, staring at her son and wondering when he had become so perceptive, then turned as if to flee the room. "Don't move", Jacob said, his tone firm and commanding, and, to his surprise, his mother obeyed. He stood and walked around the table until he was standing directly in front of her. Looking down at his mother, he wondered how he had missed that she was an incredibly sexy woman.

Without a word, he slipped a finger through each of the shoulder straps of her dress, then began sliding the material down. For the briefest of moments, Carolyn considered stopping him; if she put an end to this now, she could try harder to be a good mother and pretend that none of the bizarre things she had experienced today had ever happened. But a louder voice inside her told her to let this happen; that if she quit fighting her desires, she could be incredibly happy. She would be depraved and perverted, a slut for her son to use however and whenever he wanted, but she would be happy.

Jacob wondered, as he slipped the straps down, if his mother would stop him, but she just stood there. Her eyes burned with desire, her face flushed with shame, as if she were afraid to give voice to the things she wanted. "Alright then", he thought. "I'll give her what she wants." As he yanked the dress down to her waist, Carolyn felt the cool air hitting her exposed breasts. She dared a glance upwards, wondering what her son thought of her mature tits. What she saw in his eyes was hunger and that nearly made her orgasm.

Jacob smiled as the lewdest moan he had ever heard, including from porn, emitted from his mother's mouth. He suddenly grabbed her hair, pulled hard so that she was looking up at him, then kissed her as passionately as he could. Carolyn kissed back, her mind a haze of lust and wanton desire; her tongue mingled with her son's and it somehow felt right, like the most natural thing in the world. His strong grip held her hair and she moaned into the kiss; she had forgotten how arousing it was for a man to take control of her.

Suddenly Jacob broke away from the kiss and grabbed his mother around the waist; he lifted her, as if she were as light as a feather, and set her down on the table. Dishes and food were knocked aside; something shattered on the kitchen floor, but neither of them paid any attention to the mess. Grabbing his mother's hair once more, Jacob began kissing her again. His lips found her cheek, then her earlobe; she moaned as she felt his teeth bite down on her lobe, a shock of pleasure shooting straight to her throbbing pussy.

Jacob quickly continued, as eager to taste every bit of his mother as a starving man might be for a five course meal. His lips found her neck and he kissed and bit, hard enough to leave a mark on her. Carolyn felt the skin become sensitive and she knew that he hard marked her. The knowledge of that, combined with the fact that he was continuing down her body, was simply too much.

She cried out in pleasure, louder than she had for almost twenty years, as a powerful orgasm tore through her. Her back arched and she pulled Jacob's head tight against her as juices gushed from her twat. She could feel the puddle of her own nectar forming on the table as endorphins flooded her body. Finally, after what felt like an eternity of rapture, she began to feel the waves of orgasm subsiding.

Jacob, without a moment's hesitation, continued his exploration of his mother's body as soon as she released the tight grip on his head. He grabbed both of her tits and gave them a rough squeeze, causing Carolyn to moan like a bitch in heat. As he squeezed and massaged her left breast, he lowered his mouth to her right. He began sucking on the perky nipple, running his tongue over her areola, before biting down on the sensitive nub.

Carolyn groaned loudly, her pussy pulsating from her son's attention to her tits, as she felt another orgasm rising inside her. Then, as Jacob switched his mouth to her other breast, the dam burst once more. She let loose a scream of ecstasy as juices flooded out of her sopping hole; this orgasm was even more intense than the one that she had had moments ago. Jacob, feeling his body brimming with the energy his mother was releasing, relentlessly continued his assault on his mother's breasts; he licked and sucked, massaged and bit until she finally came down from the high of cumming.

As he pulled away from his mother's eyes, Jacob saw a hunger in her that he had never imagined existed. She gently, but firmly, pushed him back a few steps, then climbed down from the table. She assumed a kneeling position and eagerly undid the button and zipper on his pants. As his dick sprang free, fully erect and rigid, he saw his mother's eyes drinking in just how big her son's dick was.

"Oh my god", she moaned, grabbing the base of his cock and giving it a squeeze. "I haven't seen a dick this big in a long time." Jacob just smiled, then felt a rush of pleasure pass through him as she began to stroke his meaty shaft. She ran both of her hands up and down his cock, gripping it with the perfect pressure, as she leaned her head forward and began running her tongue over his dickhead. Jacob moaned loudly as his mother's mouth closed over the head of his large, thick dick, her hands never ceasing their stroking of his shaft.

Carolyn felt her pussy dripping as she continued to stroke her son's cock while sucking on the head, remembering all of the dicks she had sucked in her life. She had earned quite a reputation in high school, and it followed her into college, as a master of fellatio. However, no dick had ever felt as right in her mouth as this one; her son, whom she had created in her womb, had the most perfect dick in the world and she knew that she would never want another. She suddenly felt the need to experience the full power of Jacob's magnificent cock, so she pulled back her head and looked up at him.

"Fuck my mouth", she said, somewhat shocking herself and Jacob with her choice of words. "Fuck my throat; ram this glorious dick into my face and don't stop." Jacob happily complied, the movements somehow coming to him. He grabbed two handfuls of his mother's hair, holding them like handlebars, then shoved his dick into her mouth. She didn't gag, even a little, as his huge cock entered her throat, a fact that pleased both of them.

Jacob thrust his dick forward until his mother's face was buried in his groin, then pulled backward and rammed forward again. He fucked her skull with long, hard thrusts, as is trying to drill straight into her esophagus, for several minutes. Then, as he felt his own orgasm building, he began to use faster, shallower thrusts, only forcing about half of his cock into her mouth. Finally, with a noise that could only be described as primal, he erupted.

His cock unloaded what felt like gallons of cum into his mother's mouth; Carolyn swallowed as best she could, but couldn't keep up. Cum leaked out of her mouth, around his dick, which he was still hammering into her face. She could feel the lack of air that came from having her mouth jammed full of cock, could feel her lungs starting to hurt from not being able to take it a full breath for several minutes, but she somehow didn't care. It felt more natural and more right to prioritize worshipping her son's dick over something as trivial as breathing.

Finally though, Jacob's orgasm came to an end and he slid his rock hard dick out of his mother's mouth. Her face was a mess, with cum running down her chin and onto her tits; her makeup was smeared and her mascara was running in streaks; her hair was completely disheveled. And yet, she had never looked more beautiful to Jacob; he finally understood why porn actresses looked like that so often. His mother look hotter than anything he had ever imagined and he suddenly felt the need to show her exactly what he was feeling.

Grabbing her by her hair, he lifted her to her feet, spun her around, and bent her over the table. A ripping sound filled the air as he tore her leggings in two; her lacy, black panties were completely soaked with her juices. He yanked the undergarment down to her ankles, giving himself a completely unrestricted view of his mother's exposed cunt. The very cunt he had come from was sopping wet, with streaks of pussy juice running down her thighs. Directly above her twat, her puckered asshole stared at him; it looked so tight and untouched that he wondered if she had ever been fucked in the ass before.

However, he didn't ponder that thought for long; he spread her legs and shoved two fingers inside her cunt. Carolyn moaned loudly as her son's fingers filled her pussy. "Goddamn, you're so tight", he said, a grin appearing on his lips. "I'll fix that." Grabbing her waist with one hand, Jacob held his long, thick cock at the entrance to his mother's cunt, then thrust forward.

Carolyn screamed in rapture as her most powerful orgasm yet ripped through her body like a monsoon. Her son's dick completely filled her cunt as her pussy walls undulated and contracted in waves and she knew, from seeing it up close, that perhaps half of his dick was inside her; there were still many more inches of meat left outside.

Jacob moaned loudly as he felt his mother's pulsating pussy squeezing his dick like a vise. It was unbelievable how tight she was, but, then again, he couldn't remember her dating anyone for several years, at least. He looked down at her wet cunt, stretched wide around his thick shaft, more than half of his cock still outside of her warm hole. He pulled back and rammed forward again, causing his mother to scream out her pleasure as her orgasm grew even more intense.

He repeated the process several times, pulling back and then thrusting forward as hard as he could. At one point, he felt a slight resistance and realized that he was hitting the entrance to her cervix; however, this didn't even slow him down. He thrust forward again, penetrating deep into her womb. The way her pussy gripped him, convulsing on his shaft, felt better than anything he could have ever imagined. If he had known it felt this amazing, he would have started fucking his mother years ago.

Carolyn was thinking almost the exact same thing as one orgasm subsided, only for another to begin. No dick had ever felt this good inside her before and none would ever feel this good again. The way her son's cock filled and stretched her cunt, shaping her womb to fit like a glove, was almost heavenly. She knew that she would never be able to go back to the way things were before this evening. She would forever be a slave to the wonder that was her son's cock.

Jacob moaned as he felt an orgasm rising in him once more, his mother's pussy squeezing his cock as if to milk the cum out of him. He started speeding up his thrusts, hammering into her cunt with unrelenting force. Finally, with a savage howl, he exploded, dumping a huge load deep inside his mother's womb. Carolyn cried out as another orgasm washed over her, while her son's spurting cock filled her pussy to overflowing with his seed.

When his orgasm finally began to fade, Jacob slid his dick from his mother's now gaping twat. A mixture of their cum flowed from her cunt as she, on extremely shaky legs, stood and then resumed kneeling before him. She eagerly, hungrily, licked his dick until every single inch was spotless. Then, to his utter amazement and absolute enjoyment, she got on all fours and began lapping up the semen that had spilled from her cunt onto the floor.


Outside of the house, just down the street, was parked an inconspicuous black car. Inside the vehicle, a redheaded woman listened intently to the sounds of Jacob Samson fucking his mother. "Damn it", she muttered. "I may already be too late." After he had left school, the woman had tailed Jacob to his home. However, he had promptly vanished, something she was not prepared for, and had not reappeared until several hours later.

Upon realizing that he had returned home, the woman had quickly driven her car to where it was parked now. But, as she listened, she knew that she had been caught off guard by this creature. "Fuck", she thought, "I just hope he hasn't impregnated her. If so, I'll have to eliminate her as well." The rules of her order stated that humans weren't to be harmed, unless they also presented a threat. "I'll have to make sure", she muttered again. As the duo finished fucking, the redhead sighed in agitation, knowing the Jacob would be at his most powerful right now. "I'll just have to wait until he falls asleep tonight", she said. "Then, I'll strike."

To be continued...
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