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The next night with Danni and her friends.

This story began with the simple concept, "What happens when the neighborhood tomboy grows up?"

I only intended to write one chapter, but you seemed to like Danni, so I wrote a couple more.

I hope you enjoy,

Tomboy - 3 (gb+m+, incest, exhibitionist, virginity, young).

Story Summary - Danielle really liked playing with the boys, so she plays with them again.

Disclaimer - This is a work of fiction, make-believe and fantasy and is for adult entertainment purposes only. You must be 18 or over to read this story. The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real. And remember, it is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can harm innocent lives beyond repair. Don’t fuck with people’s lives!


Danielle Parker luxuriated in the steaming water of her bathroom shower. She held her firm, lithe, body motionless as the water cascaded down her back. The fresh smelling soap and hot water washed away the dirt and the minor aches from her recent baseball game. With a soft moan, she soaped her already clean titties once again. The game now forgotten, she groped her budding breasts with one hand and washed the soap from her zippered slit with the other.

Danni parted her nether-lips with a single finger, then two; holding her lips open to let the water irrigate her gash. She slid her finger up and down her squeaky-clean cunt, dipping it deep to gather some pussy-juice before making her little bald pussy slippery again.

Oh! She so wanted to cum! To plunge her fingers in and out of her tight cunt. To diddle her swollen clitoris. To feel that exquisite feeling once again! First one finger, then two. She stretched her little hole until it almost hurt. Then she stopped and reluctantly dropped her hands. She turned around and let the water was away any remnants of the soapy residue. After all, she and her friends made a pact this morning; no one orgasms until tonight.


After helping her mother make sandwiches for tonight’s sleepover, Danni began to set the table for lunch. Half-way through, the front door burst open and her older brother Noah came in, carrying groceries from the shopping trip. Behind him was Justin, with another heavy load.

“What all did you buy?” Cheryl Parker asked her husband.

“Oh, this and that,” he replied.

“Dad let us pick out our favorite cereals, and we got cookies for tonight, and soda-pop, and…” Justin said, stopping to catch his breath.

“Did you buy anything healthy at all?” Cheryl asked.

Noah pulled a small bunch of bananas from a sack and smiled at his mother.

“Boys, go help Danni set the table, while I have a talk with your father.”

Noah set the fruit on the table and nudged his little sister. “So, are you gonna?” he asked in a hushed voice.

“I don’t know,” Danni replied.

“Come on!” Noah pleaded. “You gotta!”

“I don’t ‘gotta’ do nothing,” Danni said, staring defiantly at her older brother, hand on hp, before turning away.

“Whud she say?” Justin asked.

Before Noah could reply, the rest of the family came in to the room. They took their normal places; mom and dad at each end of the table, Noah and Justin on one side, and Danni all by herself on the other side.

During a break in the conversation, Danni’s mother said, “Oh, Danni! Thanks for doing a load of laundry. I found your clothes and the pillow-case in the washer.”

“Oh, yeah,” Danni said. “I forgot to put them in the dryer. Sorry.”

“It’s not like you to do laundry, what’s the special occasion?” Cheryl asked.

“Uh…, Conner Copeland spilled something on them last night. And… Uh…, I wanted to get them washed…, before…”

Danni tried to keep from blushing. She wanted to blurt out, ‘before you found all the cum stains.’ But, she didn’t. She had hurried to wash the pillow-case before her mother found it. Plus, this morning, she found her panties on the floor of the tree-house. One of the boys had jerked-off into them in the middle of the night, leaving a huge wet stain. She was sure it was Conner. He had look away just as she picked them up and discovered they were heavy and wet.

“Before the stain set?” her mother prompted. “That’s nice of you.”

“Yeah, that’s it.”

Thinking about last night made Danni horny again. Playing with her friend’s and brother’s hard cocks, watching them spurt, having her pussy licked and played with, sucking all of their dicks and making them feel good. ‘Mmmm, mmmm!’ Her pussy began to tingle.

She looked over at her oldest brother. Feeling a little naughty, she slipped off her sandals and ran her naked foot up his leg and then higher up - right between his legs. She then pushed her toes into Noah’s crotch. Danni almost giggled out loud when he flinched violently and then looked at her with his eyes wide. Danni, began to rub her toes into his groin, feeling for his dick.

It didn’t take long before she felt Noah’s cock growing underneath her toes. She continued to eat her lunch, acting pure and innocent, while she massaged her brother’s now hard cock with her foot. Danni smiled at Noah and licked her lips sensually.

Danni noticed her other brother Justin. He was very cute, she thought. She decided he needed the same teasing. She liked the idea of both of her brothers having hard-ons at the table with their mom and dad oblivious to what was going on. She spread her legs and stretched her toes as she searched for Justin’s lap, slouching in her chair.

“Hey!” Justin exclaimed when he suddenly felt something in his lap. Danni’s toes probed for his cock and balls. She wiggled her feet in both of her brother’s laps.

“What’s wrong, Justin?” their mother asked. Danni’s foot was firmly wedged between his legs.

Thinking quickly, Justin replied, “Noah’s hogging all the potato chips!”

Noah guiltily placed the chips on his plate. There was still plenty left. What was his brother talking about? He looked over at his younger brother and noticed Danni’s foot wriggling in his lap. Both boys grinned at each other and scooted closer to the edge of their seats, allowing Danni full access to their genitals.

“Noah, don’t hog all the chips,” their mother said automatically.

Danni playfully toyed with her brothers. Then, seeing the banana on the table in front of her, she took one and peeled back the skin. Making sure her mother and father weren’t looking, she met both of her brother’s gaze, and then licked it slowly before opening her mouth and sucking the fruit all the way to the back of her throat. She pulled it out and licked it again, keeping watch on her mother and father.

Justin moaned softly. Both boys were hard. Her pussy was wet. Danni felt the hard cocks between her toes and stroked them up and down. First one brother, then the other. She slid her hand into her lap and scratched an imaginary itch as she rubbed her pussy through her thin shorts. She wondered if she could orgasm at the table without her mother and father noticing.

“Danni! Don’t slouch.” her mother scolded.

With a start, she sat up straight and bit into the banana, trying to hide its slick exterior.

“Noah, will you get me some more milk?” she asked sweetly. “Pretty-please?”

“Get it yourself!” Noah replied. There was so way was he standing up with a huge boner poking out of his pants, not in front of his whole family!

“Noah, mind your manners!” their father scolded.

“What did I tell you about your smart mouth?” his mother added. “Just for that, go get your sister some milk!”

“Aww, mom!” Noah whined. He pushed his chair back and stood up quickly. He turned and walked from the room.

Both their mother and father noticed the hard lump in their teenage son’s pants. They glanced at their young, innocent, daughter and saw her trying to stifle a giggle. She had noticed as well. Cheryl decided she would have to have another chat with Danni soon. She hoped none of the boys had erections during the sleepover; how embarrassing and awkward that would be!


Noah, Justin and Danni were walking to the treehouse, cutting through the field at the back of their house.

“So, have you decided yet?” Noah asked her for the fifth time that day.

“Yeah, Danni,” Justin prompted. “Are you gonna do it?”

Danni slung her backpack higher on her shoulders. “Look, I don’t know, OK?” Danni retorted. “I don’t want to lose…,” she gulped, and stopped. Danni almost said ‘I don’t I want to lose my virginity in a freaking gang-bang, alright?’ She knew if she had intercourse with one of the boys, she’d have to do it with all of them.

“… I don’t… want to lose our friendship…,” she said softly.

“But Danni!” Justin began. Noah slugged him on the shoulder.

Justin looked at his brother wondering why he hit him (not that it hurt too much). Noah shook his head, indicating Justin should leave their sister alone for now. He knew better than to push Danni too far.

“It’s OK, Danni. We can still have fun,” Noah lied.

“Thanks,” Danni said.

They walked the rest of the way in silence and soon arrived at the tree-house. Noah’s best friend Conner met them at the ladder.

“Where have you guys been?” he asked. “We’ve been waiting for hours!”

“Mom made us eat lunch, then we had to clean up,” Noah said.

“Yeah, but dad bought us lots of junk food!” Justin added.

They hoisted their provisions and climbed the ladder. As he followed Danni, Noah was disappointed his sister was wearing shorts today. Yesterday, he was able to look up her skirt and see her panties.

They sat in awkward silence for a while. The friends glanced at each other and looked around the large room not lingering on any item too long. They all kept glancing at Danni, remembering the night before, but too embarrassed to talk about it.

“Come on, let’s play a game,” Caleb said. He retrieved a favorite game from the shelf.

“It’s better than staring at each other,” his brother Conner said.

“Yeah,” everyone agreed.

They pulled their pillows and sleeping bags into a circle around the board and the six friends soon became engrossed in their game. Taunts and laughter filled the treehouse, sounding like any other sleepover, as if last night never happened.

After one outrageous insult, Conner Copeland laughed so hard he shoved his face into his pillow to muffle his snorts. This made the others laugh even harder.

Conner pulled his face from his pillow and declared, “Danni, my pillow smells like your ass!” They had uses Conner’s pillow to place under Danni’s butt when Calab licked her pussy.

“Mine’s clean now,” Danni said. “I had to wash it this morning. You guys spermed all over it!”

“We spermed all over you too!” Justin added.


“We sure did!”

“You guys spermed a lot,” Danni said, recalling her wet face, the musky odor, and the salty taste.

“Did any of you guys cum today?” Justin asked. “We made a pact,” he reminded everyone.

They all shook their heads. “No.”

“I’ve been horny all day,” Conner said.

“I’ve been horny all day and all last night,” Noah said.


They tried to finish the game, though their minds were now elsewhere.

“I have an idea,” Caleb said. “Let’s play the rest of the game naked.”

“You mean like strip-poker,” Noah asked.

“What’s strip-poker?” Danni asked.

“No, not like strip-poker,” Caleb said. He looked at Danni. “That’s a card-game where you take off clothes whenever you lose.”

“What’s the fun in that?” Danni asked.

“Oh, it can be a lot of fun,” Caleb said, reminding himself to play cards with Danni sometime soon. “I just think we should play the rest of the game naked. We’ve never been naked in the daytime before.”

“We’ve never been naked in here until last night,” Noah added.

“Yeah, that was fun,” Calvin said. “Playing naked tag was awesome!”

“OK, let’s get naked!” Caleb said. He was eager to see Danni’s young body once again.

“I don’t wanna,” Danni said.

“What? But why—” Calvin started to argue.

“It’s OK, Danni,” Noah said. “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.”

“Yeah,” Caleb said. “But Danni, is it OK if we get naked?”

“I… guess so,” Danni replied. “I don’t care what you guys do.”

Caleb, like most males, thought the sight of a hard cock would somehow get Danni the mood for sex, like the sight of a naked pussy or bare breasts did for him. He tightened his stomach muscles and pulled off his shirt. Then, he dropped his shorts and underwear. His cock flopped out for everyone to see. He tugged and scratched his balls and then stroked his soft penis a few times.

Danni acted like she wasn’t interested but watched him surreptitiously. The other boys soon followed Caleb’s lead. As the boys stood naked in front of each other (with Danni pretending to be bored), Justin’s cock became engorged and erect, his cock pointing upward. His friend Calvin soon became hard as well.

“Let’s finish the game,” Noah said. “I was just about to beat you losers.”

“Like heck, you were,” Conner said.

They all laid back down on their sleeping bags, their bare asses looking round and pale. The two youngest boys rocked back and forth, gently grinding their hard, little peckers.

Noah looked again at the game-board. He was nearly eight squares ahead of Conner.

“Betcha I beat you Conner,” Noah said.

“Oh yeah?” Conner replied. He’s always been lucky at games. “I don’t think so. What’s the bet?”

“Loser has too…” Noah thought furiously. It couldn’t be too bad, just in case he lost. Hmm. They were naked and it was still daylight. “I know! Loser has to run around the tree three times. Naked.”

It was risky. People might be able to see them. He suspected old man Fletcher spied on them with binoculars sometimes.

“You’re on!”

“I want to play too!” Justin said.

“And me!” Calvin added.

“How about you, Danni? Caleb?” Noah asked. He was hoping to see Danni naked again. She was even farther behind him than Conner.

“Sure,” Danni said. She liked to be naked. It would be fun to be naked outside again.

“I’ll play,” said Caleb.

The game became more intense. They watched each other counting squares with every roll of the dice. A mistake was met with outrage and accusations of “You’re cheating!” Soon, the game was nearing the end. Everyone’s token was clustered near the finish line, with some closer, and some further away. Noah only needed a single roll of the dice to win. Justin and Calvin were furthest behind. Danni wasn’t very far ahead of them.

It was Danni’s turn. She didn’t like to lose. Especially to boys. She rolled a six, putting her closer to Noah.

“My turn!” Noah said triumphantly.

“It’s still my turn.” Danni said calmly. She flipped over a card she had half-covered with her hands. “ROLL AGAIN”

“Awwww!” Noah cried.

“You’ve been hanging on to that card the whole game?” Conner asked.

“Yep,” Danni said. She rolled again. Another six. Danni won.

“You’re all a bunch of ‘LOSERS!’” Danni taunted.

“Wait!” Noah whined. “It’s my turn now.”

“Too late,” Danni said. “You’re a loser.” She pointed at her older brother.

“And you’re a loser,” she pointed to each boy in turn. “And you’re a loser, and you’re a loser, and you’re a loser!” Danni shrieked.

“Who’s first?” Noah asked. “It can’t be me. I should’ve won.”

“You’re still a loser,” Danni said.

“Justin is last, so he should go first,” Caleb said.

“I don’t want to be first!” Justin said.

“You have to!” Conner said.

“I’ll go with you, Justin,” Calvin said.

Justin nodded his thanks. The two youngest boys stood up. Both left a pre-cum stain on their sleeping bags. Their penises were now wilted with fear, looking forlorn atop their diminutive ball-sacks.

Taking a deep breath, they walked together to the ladder. Justin went first, followed by Calvin. As they climbed down the ladder, Justin looked up to inspect Calvin’s hairless balls and pink, wrinkled butt-hole. His cock started to rise again.

Reaching the bottom, they both looked around while hiding themselves behind the massive tree truck.

“Come out where we can see you!” Danni yelled, hearing them giggling beneath the tree-house. The rest of their friends were now gathered at the railing, hoping to get a good view.

The two boys looked at the distant houses, and deciding it was safe, stepped out into the sunlight. They looked up to see their friends laughing and pointing. Both Calvin and Justin were now very erect. Their giggling continued.

“One, two three, go!” Justin yelled, and they both ran around the tree in a wide circle, their hard little peckers bouncing and swaying back and forth. Their friends in the tree-house counted each lap.

Out of breath, the two scrambled up the ladder, with Justin leading the way. Knowing his close friend was probably looking up at him, he squatted on the rungs of the ladder and wiggled his bare ass, cock and balls in his friend’s face. Calvin laughed out loud and poked his finger at Justin’s ass-hole. Both boys shrieked with laughter. Reaching the top, they laughed out loud, out of breath, and red with embarrassment.

“Who’s next?” Noah asked.

“Me.” Conner said. He moved towards the ladder.

“Wait a minute, new rule!” Danni said.

“What?” Noah said. “No way!”

“Oh, let her do what she wants,” Caleb said. He was watching the group with feigned boredom. “What’s the new rule, Danni?”

“Well, since Justin and Calvin had boners, I think it only fair that the rest of you losers run around with boners too.”

The boys looked at each other. Justin and Calvin played with their hard, little, dicks.

“Conner, you’re next,” Danni said. “Get a boner and get going.” She giggled. Danni loved having such sexual power over her friends.

Conner stroked his flaccid cock. “It’s not that easy!” he whined, as he jacked his soft penis.

“Will this help?” Danni asked. She pulled up her blouse to show a pink, frilly bra.

“Yeah…,” Conner grunted. He stared at Danni.

“How about this?” Danni said. She slipped a hand into her sleeves and wiggled her bra-straps out of her arms. Then, she pulled her bra around to the front of her body and unclasped it, letting it fall behind her. She pulled up her blouse again, showing off her small breasts. Her nipples began to stiffen.

Conner licked his lips as he stared at Danni’s naked breasts. Danni smiled at him, and while holding up her blouse with one hand she played with her nipples and rubbed her soft lumps with the other. Conner humped his hips as he stroked. His cock began to firm-up. But not fast enough for Danni.

“Come here,” she said.

Conner came closer and Danni reached out her hand to fondle Conner’s balls. It was interesting to see them up close and in bright daylight. She ticked him with her painted fingernails and then pushed his hand out of the way. She gripped his shaft and stroked him while he stared at her breasts and felt her soft hands on his cock.

Danni felt him stiffen in her hand. She stared at his hard cock and admired it for a while. Then, she looked up at him and said, “Get moving, loser.”

“Ughhh!” Conner sighed. His body slumped. He was hoping for more. Conner plodded to the ladder with his hard cock. Danni watched his ass flex as he walked away. He quickly climbed down, and with a long glance towards his house, he walked into the open. Feeling randy, he bent over and pointed his ass towards his friends, mooning them and shaking his butt before quickly running around the tree.

“Your turn, Caleb,” Danni said, after Conner re-joined them.

“Are you going to help me get hard too, Danni?” Caleb asked. He walked towards Danni and stopped a mere foot away from her. He stroked his chubby cock.

“Sure,” Danni said. “It’s only fair.” She winked at Caleb and flashed her pert breasts at him. She played with her nipples and groped his cock and balls. As his penis began to thicken in her hand, he whispered, “Suck it Danni.” Seeing her look of annoyance, he added, “Please?”

Danni remembered Caleb offering to lick her pussy last night, and while she wasn’t sure she wanted to fuck everyone yet, she figured since she had already sucked everyone already, what was the harm? Even if she did have to suck their cocks again tonight. Besides, it was fun having their hard penises in her mouth.

Danni leaned in and licked Caleb’s cock, then she gripped it in her small hand and sucked it into her mouth. Danni played her tongue around his cock-head and swirled her soft lips around his flared glans. Caleb began to harden in her mouth. She sucked and licked him until his shaft was firm and his cock-head was swollen and thick.

“Mmmm,mmm,” Danni moaned. She gave Caleb’s cock a playful slap and said, “Your turn, loser.”

Caleb strutted to the ladder, showing off his long, thick cock. Reaching the bottom, he walked out into the sunlight and began to slowly walk around the treehouse, taking his time and stroking his cock the whole way.

“Your next, Noah,” Danni said to her older brother. Not waiting, she flashed her breasts at him and motioned him over before taking his cock into her mouth. She played with his foreskin first - tonguing it and sucking at his loose skin. Then, she peeled it back and sucked on his pink and purple cock-head.

Danni loved the feeling of a cock growing long and hard in her mouth and hands. She closed her eyes and lost herself in the moment. She sucked Noah until he was rigid, then bobbed her head up and down as she slurped on his hard shaft.

After a while, she felt someone tapping on the back of her head. She looked up.

“Uh, Danni?” Noah said. “You’re gonna make me cum.”

“Oh, sorry.” Danni said, feeling a little embarrassed. ‘Was it normal to enjoy sucking cock so much?’ she wondered.

Her brother walked to the ladder with his hard, wet, cock leading the way. Before long, he too began a slow, leisurely walk around the tree-house.

“I’ll do it again, if you suck my cock,” Justin said.

“Me too,” cried Calvin.

Danni smiled. She leaned over the railing to locate her brother and then glanced towards the house. She had heard a noise.

“Uh, oh,” Danni said softly. Then, she hissed loudly “Caleb, Conner! Your dad’s coming!” Then slightly louder, “Noah, hurry up! Mr. Copeland is coming!”

Noah sprinted up the ladder, hoping he wasn’t seen.

Danni stayed by the railing, ready to stall Mr. Copeland until her friends got dressed. It was not easy, since Justin and Calvin had hidden everyone’s clothes.

“Where’s my pants, Calvin?” Caleb asked, his cock already wilted.

“I don’t remember!” Calvin whined, as he pulled on his underwear and shorts.

“Look in the other room,” Justin said.

“Found em!” Caleb said.

“Where’s my underwear?” Noah asked.

“Justin threw them out the window!” Calvin said.

“Justin!” Noah quickly found his underwear hanging from a tree branch.

“Hello Danni,” Mr. Copelands voice boomed from below. “Where are the boys?” Even from below, he could discern Danni’s protruding nipples. He wondered if his boys were noticing them as well.

“Uh, they’re in—" Danni started to say, gesturing behind her, just before a loud “BOOM” interrupted her. Someone had tripped while getting dressed and slammed into the wall.

“Wrestling,” Danni said. “They are in there wresting. You know how boys are. I came out here to…, uh…, “

“Wresting?” Mr. Copeland said. “Sounds like they are wrecking the place. Maybe I should come up and check.”

“Oh! Hi Dad!” Caleb said, coming out to the railing with Danni.

“What are you guys doing up there?” Mr. Copeland asked.

Danni turned around and whispered, ‘Wresting.”

“Uh, just wresting. Goofing around, you know?” Caleb said, just before another crash shook the walls.

“Well, knock it off!” Mr. Copeland said.

“Guys, knock it off!” Caleb shouted.


“I just came to tell you guys it’s supposed to rain tonight, so you know the rules. If you hear any thunder or see any lighting get your asses home right away. Got it?”

“Yeah, dad. Of course,” Caleb said. “I’ll take care of everyone.”

“Hi dad!” Conner said, coming out of the tree-house.

“Tell everyone what I said, Caleb,” Mr. Copeland said. He waved and said, “See you guys later, and try not to wreck the place before morning.”

“Bye dad!”

“Bye Mr. Copland.”

“Whew!” Conner said.

“Your shirt is inside out,” Danni said to Conner.

“Think he noticed?”

Danni shrugged.


After they all relaxed, Caleb decided to play some more porn on his computer. They all gathered arounds the laptop, and as the sun began to set, they watched another dirty movie together. Caleb had chosen a movie where one woman has sex with five men at the same time. He has spent all morning searching for just the right movie.

Danni watched with interest as the woman first has sex with one man, then another when the man’s friend arrives. Soon, more friends arrived, and the woman takes turns sucking and fucking all five men at once. It ended with one hard cock fucking the woman’s pussy, one in her ass, one in her mouth, and one in each hand. The movie ended with all of the men cumming in her and on her. It made Danni think. She was one woman (well, a girl actually, but she had the same equipment), and she was surrounded by five boys. She could feel just like the woman in the movie; desired, wonton, slutty and sexy. She needed time to think.

The movie ended as the sun fell below the horizon. They all heard the soft rain beginning to fall on the tree-house roof. Danni stood up and unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall. She then took off her shorts, leaving on her frilly, pink panties. She pushed them down and stepped out of them, standing naked before her friends. Danni gave her wet, naked, pussy a quick rub and turned away.

“What’s she doing?” Justin whispered.

“Shhhh!” said Noah.

They all watched as Danni started to climb down the stairs. They peered at her until she reached the ground.

Danni felt the grass between her toes. She ran her hands over her body, starting with her soft thighs and then her belly. She cupped her breasts and stepped out into the warm, summer rain. Danni opened her mouth to the heavens and tasted the sky. She closed her eyes and began to sway back and forth. All her life she had tried to keep up with the boys, always doing her best to outplay them and show she was just as strong and tough as they were. Today she realized she didn’t have to do that any longer.

She was different than the boys. It was obvious. More obvious than ever before. She didn’t have to be hard and strong like them. She could be soft and sweet. Gentle and kind. She could still be smart and she knew she would always consider herself better than the boys, but right now, she knew she could be whatever she wanted to be. Growing up around so many boys had affected her, she realized. But now, she could be happy being a girl. She no longer had to prove herself to anyone. Especially a boy. She could be a soft, pretty girl. Or even a fun, slutty, girl having sex whenever and with whoever she wants. It was her life and her choice.

Danni thought of hard cocks and wet pussies, blowjobs and intercourse. Hers pussy began tingle and she felt a pulse of moisture ooze into her vagina.

Her naked body began to sway. She slowly gyrated her thin hips and rolled her head around her shoulders. Her face was wet and her hair began to cling to her forehead and drip into her eyes.

Danni felt like a sex goddess. All the boys wanted her. They were mad with desire for her. They wanted to caress her body. They wanted to grope her breasts and kiss her lips. They wanted to feel and taste her wetness. And most of all, the boys wanted to fuck her – to put their hard cocks into her tight pussy and fuck her until they came.

“Ooooohhh,” Danni moaned as the thought of making love to someone…, no, that wasn’t it. The thought of fucking someone, getting fucked and fucked hard! Fucking until they both came…, or until they all came?

Danni began to dance in the dark-silvery light. Her small feet caressed the wet grass. Her lithe body whirled around until she was dizzy. The smell of fresh rain, wet grass, and the damp scent of the nearby forest filled her being. She recalled the failed ballet lessons her mother insisted she take and raised a hand over her head to perform an impromptu pirouette. She leaped and danced in the rain, spinning with her arms wide and swaying her hips like an experienced stripper. She felt like Venus, or a sexy wood-nymph as she performed her personal fertility dance to the gods and her aroused audience watching from above.


“Look at her.”

“That’s hot.”

“I’m so hard right now.”

“I’m going down.”

The boys shed their clothes and joined Danni. First, they only watched. Then some danced with her, trying to copy her style, while others gestured obscenely, and thrust their stiff cocks at her, overcome with lust. The boys surrounded Danni and she danced in their midst. As they circled her, she touched each of them on the cheek with her finger tips. Then, she cupped their chins and pursed her lips and each boy bent down to kiss her. Danni flirted from one boy to the other. Each kiss became more passionate until each encounter evolved into slippery groping and grinding.

Danni gripped each hard cock as she passed and gently stroked them. She embraced each male in turn and allowed them to suck her breasts and finger her slit before pushing them away and moving to the next boy. They all began to moan with each embrace until Danni couldn’t take it any longer. When it was Caleb’s turn, she stroked his hard cock, kissed him hard on the lips and whispered, “I want you to fuck me, Caleb. Right here. Right now.”

Danni knew Caleb was infatuated with her. It was Caleb who first told her he liked her breasts. It was Caleb who licked her pussy until she came (without asking for anything in return). Of course, she loved her brothers but she wanted Caleb to be her first. He made her feel like a woman.

Caleb kissed Danni passionately and the two fell to the ground in a torrid embrace. Danni mewed, both in passion and nervousness. Caleb sucked her breasts and touched her warm wetness. He moved his knee between her thighs and spread her legs. Danni bent her knees. She was ready. She felt his hardness probing her. She remembered how large it felt in her hands and wondered how would it ever fit into her tiny hole? Would it hurt? When she felt Caleb’s cock pressing into her, she kissed him hard and thrust her hips. She felt his cock entering her. It did hurt – a little. She bit his lip and thrust again, trying to drive his cock deeper to get it over with. Caleb kissed Danni hard and pushed, willing his virile teenage penis to penetrate her further She was so tight! He felt his hard, fat, cock sliding into her tight, wet, hole. Slowly. An inch at a time.

“Ahhhhhhh!” The world stopped for Danni. She looked to the dark sky until the rain stung her eyes. She closed them tight and gripped Caleb tighter, biting his shoulder. Another inch slid into her, then another. Finally, she felt his balls pressing against her. It was in. It was done. She was no longer a virgin.

Caleb felt Danni’s pussy squeezing his cock. He rolled his hips, trying to loosen her up.

“Hold still! Hold still!” Danni cried. Her pussy felt like it would tear open. Never had she felt anything like this before. Her pussy was stuffed. It was stretched to the limit. It felt… It felt… good! Moaning, she ground her hips against him, reveling in the new sexual feelings

Caleb felt Danni’s actions and heard her soft whimpers. “Are you OK?” he asked.

Danni nodded. “It feels good now, Caleb. Really good. Now fuck me and make me cum!”

Caleb slid his cock back a little, then pushed it forward. Then again. He used small strokes, feeling Danni’s tight, young, pussy squeezing his rock-hard cock. Danni softly moaned in pleasure underneath him. Hearing her encouragement, Caleb began to fuck Danni with long, slow, strokes.

“Wow,” someone said in a soft voice.

“They’re fucking. They’re really fucking!!” another voice stated with a hissed whisper.

“Think she’ll let us fuck her too?” someone asked quietly. It was what they all were thinking.


Danni and Caleb barely heard the whispers but knew their friends were watching them. Caleb slid his cock in with a little more force and Danni moaned even louder. Their friends gathered around them, getting closer and watching Caleb’s pale ass rising and falling rhythmically.

“Yessss!” Danni exclaimed as Caleb again drove his cock into her a little faster and a little harder. It felt so good having a hard cock in her pussy! Danni knew this was what she was made for. Her pussy was made for cock. Her breasts were made for suckling. Her lips for kissing. She pressed her mouth against Caleb and gripped him tighter. She humped back against him, her ass sliding on the wet grass, urging him on.

Caleb’s body responded and he pressed his lips against Danni’s opened mouth. The two of them kissed again, their tongues twirling and tasting each other. Caleb pulled away with a soft slurp and raised his head before adjusting his body. He began to fuck Danni harder and faster, driving into her by moving his ass low and upwards. It felt so good! He drove his cock in and out, and then from side to side as if he was trying to loosen the tight grip of his lover’s pussy.

Danni felt his cock driving into her and moving around inside of her. It was wonderful! Every thrust felt a little different, and each one was better than the last. The new feelings made her smile with pure sexual delight.

“Ohhhhh, Caleb!” Danni moaned. “You’re making me feel so good! Fuck me more! Fuck me harder! Make me cum!”

Caleb fucked the young girl harder and faster. He ground his crotch into her and hammered his cock and slapped his balls against her with every thrust. She was so tight! She was so wet!

“Yesssssss! Like that! Keep doing that! You’re going to make me cum!”

Danni knew she would cum at any moment. Her body couldn’t be denied any longer. The hard cock drove into her cunt, Caleb’s body smashed her tiny clit. She felt his balls slapping her ass. It was perfect. And, what made it even better was knowing everyone was watching her. They all lusted after her and wished they were in Caleb’s place. She didn’t want this moment to end.

“Uhhhh, uhhhh, uhhhh,” Danni panted. Something was happening inside of her. It felt different than when she played with her little clitty or pressed her small fingers up inside of her. This feeling was deeper, much deeper – maybe from her womb or somewhere below her flat stomach.

The new feelings grew and grew. Then, she felt the tingles beginning to emanate from her gut and send electrical charges throughout her pussy and then down the insides of her thighs.

“I’m coming,” she said. “Oh, fuck! I’m cuummmiinnnngggg!”

Danni’s orgasm exploded inside of her. Her toes curled and she arched her back, pushing up against Caleb’s thrusting shaft. She rolled her head and caught her breath as wave after wave crashed over her, each more intense than the last.

“Nnnnnnhhhh! Uhhhhh! Ahhhh!” she grunted and moaned. She let out a high-pitched whine, “Eeeeeeeee!” Her body convulsed once, twice, then again, as the orgasm racked her body.

Caleb felt Danni’s pussy quivering and pulsing around his cock. He drove into her again and again, feeling his own orgasm approaching. His balls began to tingle and that special spot just below them twitched. His groin exploded in orgasm and his clenching prostate sent a large, thick, load of potent, teenage ejaculate inside Danni’s once virgin pussy. He balls clenched again and an even larger, heavier, and thicker spurt of fertile sperm erupted from his cock. He slammed it home as deep as it would go.

Danni’s body was just coming down from her orgasmic, mind-numbing, experience when she felt Caleb harden and grow inside of her. She felt the warmth of his first spurt of cum filling her pussy. Her body responded by beginning another orgasm, only slightly more diminished from the first. She felt the second heavy spurt of Caleb’s cream filling her pussy and it made her cum again.

“Uhhggh!” Caleb grunted. “Take it, Danni!” he said. “Take my cum.” His cock sent load after thick, creamy, load into her womb. Finally! After years of lusting over his friend’s younger sister; her small breasts, her ass, and her pussy, he finally conquered his prey. It was so much better than he imagined it. He had taken her virginity, filled her with his thick sperm, and made her orgasm all over his thick cock. He felt like a stud hearing her squeal like a cock-loving slut as she creamed on his shaft. “Uhhggg! Unngghh” he repeated, punctuating each glorious eruption of his cock with a victorious, guttural, grunt, slamming his cock into her, and driving his still spurting, hard, teenage cock deeper inside of her.

“Ohhhh,” Danni moaned, as another small wave washed over her. Then another. As the tingles finally retreated, she sighed in contentment. “Ahhhhhhhhh!”

Caleb looked down at her and gently kissed her lips.

“Thank you,” Danni said.

Caleb chuckled. “Anytime.”

She felt Caleb start to withdraw and pulled him tight. “Not yet,” she said. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and felt him relax. “Just hold me a little while.”

The rain has stopped and the night had begun to cool. Danni looked up at the breaking clouds and saw the moon and the stars shining down on her. She looked around as if waking up from a dream, seeing her brothers and friends watching her with awe. Their hard cocks seemed to be pointing at her. She felt Caleb’s cock softening and could now feel the cum oozing from her slit. She began to grow cold and hugged Caleb tighter.

Caleb felt Danni’s body shudder and begin to shake. Her teeth chattered. He had to do something. He had to take care of her. He pulled his nearly softened cock from her hole.

Danni felt the cum oozing out of her and running down her ass-crack. It felt warm compared to chill air.

“Come on, let’s go in,” Caleb said. He stood up and offered his hand to Danni. After pulling her to her feet, he gently picked her up and carried her to the tree-house ladder with the other boys training behind. He was surprised at how light she was. Danni couldn’t help but snuggle into his warm embrace.

“Sorry,” Caleb said, depositing Danni before the ladder. “I can’t carry you all the way inside.”

Any other time, Danni would be angry at Caleb. Like, she couldn’t climb a ladder all by herself? She automatically opened her mouth to scold him, she realized about how nice it felt to be held by him. To feel his strength, protection and comfort.

“Thank you, Caleb,” Danni said, fluttering her eyelids and smiling up at him. Maybe acting more feminine was going to be even better than she thought.


Once everyone was back in the treehouse, Caleb turned on the portable heater they used for nights just like this. Danni warmed her naked body in front it while she dried herself with a towel and then wiped her dripping snatch. The boys tried to share the heat with her, their hard cocks poking her as they jostled for position. Feeling better, Danni sat cross-legged on her sleeping bag

“How was it Caleb,” Noah asked.

Caleb smiled at Danni. “It was wonderful.”

“Danni, can we—” Justin started to ask.

“Justin, quit bugging her!” Noah said.

Danni looked around the room. Only Caleb’s cock was softened. The others were still hard. She noticed pre-cum glistening and oozing in the harsh light.

“Yes, we can,” Danni said to Justin. “It wouldn’t be fair if Caleb was the only one to fuck me tonight.”

“All right!” Justin said. He raised his fists in the air. He was going to fuck his sister! He’s sure he would be the only one in his class who had fucked a real girl! “Who’s first?” Justin asked, hoping it would be him (after all, he asked first). To be safe, he exclaimed, “Dibs! I got dibs!”

“Nobody has dibs on my pussy,” Danni told them.

“Oh,” said Justin.

“Since Noah came in second in the game, he can be next. Then Conner. Then you guys,” she said, pointing to Justin and Calvin. “Caleb, put on another movie, please.”

Danni leaned forward and got on her hands and knees. She wiggled her ass back and forth. “Come on, Noah,” she said. “I want to try it like this. Doggy style, right?” She was learning so much about sex!

Caleb started another movie and Danni’s older brother Noah walked over to her. Danni grabbed his cock to stroke him. She marveled at how easily his foreskin slipped over his pre-cum lubricated cock-head. She slid the skin back and forth over his glans before giving his cock a squeeze. Noah then walked behind her. He got on his knees and looked at his little sister’s ass and pussy. He didn’t quite know where her hole was, but was sure he could find it. He moved closer, until his hard, teenage, cock make contact with Danni’s bald pussy. His cock pulsed and oozed more pre-cum. Noah pushed his cock forward and grabbed it with one hand. He slid his rock-hard cock up it up and down Danni’s moist slit. He felt her honey-pit open up knew he found what he was looking for. He pushed forward, and his cock-head slipped in.

“Ohh, Danni!” Noah said. “Your pussy feels great!” Too impatient to wait, he slid his cock deeper into his sister’s pussy.

“Mmmmmmm,” Danni sighed as Noah’s fat cock invaded her pussy. Noah was thicker than Caleb, and she luxuriated in the feeling of having her little pussy stretched and filled once again.

Fully inserted now, Noah felt his body make contact with Danni’s. His cocked pumped. Danni felt his shaft throb inside of her. Noah looked down at his sister’s ass and pulled his cock backwards until he could see almost all of his wet shaft. Then, he pushed it in again. He began to rock his body back and forth. Danni’s tight pussy gripped him. His cock-head oozed more pre-cum as Danni squeezed his cock.

“Damn, this feels good, Danni!” Noah exclaimed. “Your pussy is so tight!”

“I like it too, Noah,” Danni said. “You have a nice cock. It feels good inside of me.”

Proud of himself, Noah fucked his little sister slowly. He humped his hips forward and backwards, measuring his strokes. Just as his cock-head began to withdraw, Noah fucked it back in. He began to make love to Danni slowly, enjoying every sensation as his cock slid back and forth inside his sister’s warm, wet snatch.

“Fuck!” Noah said under his breath. He hadn’t realized making love would feel this good. With every stroke, Danni’s pussy squeezed his cock. Her slick, tight, tunnel massaged his cock-head and his entire shaft. His cock pulsed and throbbed. In his exuberance, he slammed into Danni hard, almost knocking her over as he tried to drive his shaft deeper.

“Sorry,” Noah mumbled when Danni turned her head to look at him.

“It’s OK, Noah,” Danni said. “You can fuck me harder. I kinda like it that way.”

Grinning, Noah slammed against her once again. And then he slammed her again. Danni reached for her pillow and placed it beneath her. She then put her head on it to rest her arms and brace her body. With her arms free, she reached back and pulled her ass checks apart. She felt the air against her ass-crack and her warm, wet pussy.

Noah grabbed Danni’s ass and began to fuck his sister harder. Danni put her arms down and pushed her ass upwards, trying to give her brother a better angle to fuck. He curled his hips back and forth, driving his cock deep and then pulling it back. Over and over, he pounded his little sister’s pussy.

On Caleb’s computer, the porn stars started their exaggerated moans. Danni watched the scene with interest.

“Ungh!” Noah grunted. He slammed her again. “Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!” he groaned with every thrust.

“Oooohhh! Noah. Keep doing that!” Danni cried, as the porn movie moaned and groaned with them. And, whether it was the movie, the new position, the thickness of Noah’s cock, or the taboo thrill of fucking her own brother, Danni began to cum again.

“Do it Noah, fuck me!” Danni hissed. “Fuck your little sister. Fuck me harder! Make me cum again!”

Noah felt the tingling in his balls and drove his cock deeper, making Danni quiver. He pulled nearly out and then slammed it back in. Danni’s tight pussy felt like it was sucking the cum from his balls. Electrical warmth grew in his groin and expanded outwards.

“I’m going to come, Danni!” Noah whispered to his sister. “I’m going to cum in your fucking pussy!”

“Do it, Noah!” Danni said. “Cum inside me. Cum in your little sister’s cunt!” Danni slammed back against her brother. “You’re making me cum, Noah. You’re making me cuuuuuummmm!”

Noah’s orgasm rocked him. He hadn’t cum since Danni sucked his cock last night - all because of that stupid promise everyone made this morning. He had been horny since she had sucked him off; waking up with a boner during his sleep, waking up with a piss hard-on in the morning, another in the shower as he soaped his cock and balls, during lunch when Danni probed his cock with her feet, and he’s had a boner ever since he arrived at the tree-house. His sperm was backed-up and ready to burst.

“Nnnnhhh!” Noah cried, as his orgasm exploded. He drove his cock deep, and sent thick ropes of cum into his sister’s pussy. Again and again, his cock spurted its potent load, pumping and thrusting inside of little Danni.

“Ah, ah, ah!” Danni cried as she came. “I can feel your cum, Noah! I can feel you shooting cum in me!” Her pussy clenched and spasmed around her brother’s cock. His crotch slammed into her ass, sending quivers though her clitty and rocking her body. She raised her head and closed her eyes as a thousand mini-orgasms racked her body.

Noah pumped the last few spurts of sperm into Danni. Then, he shivered as his thighs twitched and sent one last dribble of cum into Danni’s slick cunt.

“Wow, that was awesome!” Noah said. “Thanks Danielle.”

Danni thought about what her brother said. He called her ‘Danielle’ and not ‘Danni.’ He must think of me differently now. She decided she didn’t mind. Danni was that kid who played ball and wrestled in the mud. Danielle was the sexy girl all the boy wanted to fuck.

“You’re welcome, Noah,” Danielle said. She felt her brother pull out his cock. It was too soon. It made her feel empty inside. She rolled over and clamped her legs together.

“You really filled me up, Noah,” Danielle said.

“Uh, yeah,” Noah said. “Sorry.”

“It’s OK. I liked it. I could feel you shooting inside of me. It made me cum really good.”


Danni became aware of her surroundings once again. She glanced at the boys around her. Most were occasionally glancing at the movie and then focusing their attention on her. All of them had prominent erections. However, she felt no shame knowing they witnessed her orgasming yet again. She was learning to like being the center of attention.

Conner began to get impatient. It knew it was his turn next. He walked up to Danni with his cock oozing pre-cum. He rubbed it all over his cock-head before giving his cock a few, quick strokes.

“Uh, Danni?” Conner asked. “It’s my…, I mean, I’m next right? Because I was just after Noah in the game…, So…, uh. Can I fuck you now?”

“No,” said Dannie. She stood up.

“No?” Conner was crushed.

“No. You can’t fuck me now, but you can fuck me in a just a second.” Danni started giggling. “I’m really thirsty and my stupid brother really shot a load into me, so need to take a quick break, OK?”

“Ha! Yeah, sure! You really got me, Danni!” Conner said. He watched Danni reach for towel and wipe her oozing, sperm-filled, cunt. Then, he watched her walk over to the cooler. As she bent over to get a soda, he admired her naked ass and slick pussy-lips.

Danni chugged her cold drink until it was half gone.

“Brrraaaappp!” Danni belched loud and proud. “Excuu-uuse me!” Danni said. “Not very lady like, is it?” She was repeating what her mother always said to her. She rubbed her slick pussy and dipped a couple of fingers inside. Feeling Noah’s slimy, residual cum, she briefly inspected her fingers before sucking them. Then, she put her arms over here head and stretched out the kinks in her spine by leaning backwards, making her little titties stick out. “Ahhh!” she grunted as she finished stretching. “I’m ready now, Conner. How do you want me? On my back or doggy-style?”

“On your back,” Conner said. “I want to look at your pretty face.”

Danni blushed. It was surprising what a little makeup could do. She laid down on Conner’s sleeping bag to avoid getting her own bedding wet. Conner positioned himself between her legs and looked down at her. He couldn’t believe he was really going to do it. He was really going to fuck Danni! He stroked his cock as he admired her. He looked at her small, firm breasts and perky nipples. He stared at her bald, slick, pussy. His cock had softened a little when he thought Danni wasn’t going to let him fuck her.

Danni reached out to stroke Conner’s cock. All of her friends had different ones, and she loved them all. She was beginning to think of them as her personal property; her very own sex toys. She let go of Conner’s cock once she confirmed he was fully hard.

“Ready,” she asked.


“Why not?”

“I want to suck your titties first.”

Danni offered him a small, firm breast. Conner leaned in and latched on to it. He began to grope Dannelle, first squeezing her breasts, and then running his hands down to her thighs before slipping his hand between her legs.

Conner fingered Danni’s slit, knowing her wetness was caused by arousal and his best friend’s sperm.

“Mmmmm,” Danni said. “That feels nice.”

Conner continued to suckle her breasts and explore her snatch. Danni felt wetness on her soft thighs as his oozing cock smeared pre-cum against her.

Danni’s mouth opened slightly as she inhaled, reveling in sexual pleasure. Conner looked at her soft lips and felt the urge to kiss her. He moved his face closer to her and parted his lips. He met her eyes and paused. Would she let him, or would she push him off in disgust? He had never considered kissing Danni. She was just a friend, and who kisses a friend?

Danni knew what Conner wanted and recognized his apprehension. She moved her head upwards and met his lips. The two kissed sloppily as Conner continued to grope her young body. Danni humped her pussy into his hand and Conner quickly figured out how a girl likes to be kissed.

He pulled away and then softly kissed her lips once more. Then, he kissed and suckled each of her nipples. He wished he could smother her entire body with kisses but right now, he had something more important to do. Conner placed his cock against Danni’s pussy and pushed. His cock slid against her lips, missing the mark. He tried again and failed, feeling her soft, wet, pussy lips against his cock-head yet again. It felt good, but not what he wanted.

“Let me,” Danni said. She moved her hand between them and gripped his cock. She guided it to her soft opening and then let go. Conner moved forward felt his cock-head enveloped by Danni’s warm, tight, cunt.

Conner thanked Danni with his eyes and then pushed. Her wet pussy swallowed his cock.

“Ohhh, Danni!” Conner sighed. He pushed it all the way in and then pulled back. “Oh my god!” he exclaimed. Being inside a pussy for the first time was a thousand times better than jacking off. He began to fuck Danni steadily, ravaging her slick pussy, again and again.

“Mmmm,” Danni sighed. “It feels good, doesn’t it?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Conner managed to reply. It did feel good. It felt wonderful. He realized his hard cock was made to fuck a tight, warm, pussy.

“I like to fuck,” Danni said to no one in particular.

Conner knew he wouldn’t last long. Danni’s pussy was sending tingles all along his shaft and down to his balls with every thrust. He began to thrust harder and faster.

“Do it, Conner,” Danni encouraged. She wrapped her legs around his ass and prodded him to move faster. While it felt good to have another cock in her pussy, she was sexually satisfied for the moment. She decided to give Conner a good time, just like the girls in the movies.

“Mmmm, yeah,” Danni said. “Fuck me Conner. Fuck me with your big, hard, cock.” She rocked her hips against him.

Conner’s cock throbbed with Danni’s praise. He plunged his cock in and out of her young pussy, trying to drive his shaft deeper. He felt his balls begin to tingle, so he fucked her with short, fast strokes, letting her tight cunt massage his cock-head, to intensify the feelings. Occasionally, he hammered her pussy-lips with a hard, driving, thrust.

“Unngh,” Danni grunted. “Yeah. Do it. Fuck me, Conner!” She felt Conner’s cock swell and throb inside of her. She ran her fingers over his back and hugged him tight.

Conner began to fuck Danni faster, embracing his imminent orgasm. Her slick cunt-walls seemed to be trying to suck the cum up from his balls. He felt himself cumming and drove his cock into Danni hard. He looked at her face and heard her moan. Hearing Danni’s moans triggered his orgasm. It began with a tickling in his balls and cock. The feeling spread quickly and enveloped his entire crotch before traveling to the spot above his driving ass and down the inside dos his thighs. It was a big one!

Conner sucked in air as his world exploded. His youthful prostate clenched forcefully, sending a thick wad of potent sperm deep inside Danni’s cock-sucking pussy. His hard dick pumped and throbbed as he discharged an entire day’s worth of pent-up liquids. Over and over, he spurted his cum, delivering his hot, thick, load into Danni’s tight twat, until finally, his balls were empty.

As Conner caught his breath, Danni looked around the room. She saw the faces of Justin and Calvin, anticipating their turn with her. Caleb and Noah were both erect again. She sighed. Her little pussy was starting to ache.

Conner soon pulled out, leaving Danni’s creamy cunt empty and oozing thick boy-cream once again. As she cleaned herself up, Justin and Calvin came up to her.

“Danni, can we do it now?” Justin asked.

“Yeah, can we?” Calvin echoed.

Danni admire their cute, hard, little dicks. “Uh,” Danni began. “I’m not sure I can do it anymore right now. My pussy is a little sore.”

“Awww!” Calvin cried.

“But everyone else had a turn!” Justin added.

Danni felt bad, seeing the disappointment on their faces. “Maybe in a little while, OK?” Danni said. “My pussy needs a rest.”

Everyone in the tree-house looked at each other. Danni felt sorry for the boys, but she couldn’t be expected to satisfy everyone every time, could she? She doubted the youngest boys would be satisfied with another blow-job, they would have to settle for shooting off in her mouth for now. She had no other options.

All the boys looked sad. It seemed their party was over. Danni was sure Caleb, Noah and Conner would want to fuck her again before long and she wasn’t sure her little pussy could take it.

Then, Noah spoke. “Did you bring the stuff?” He looked at Caleb.

Caleb nodded affirmatively.

“What stuff?” Danni asked.

“Lube,” Caleb said. “It’s really slippery. People use it for sex.”

“For sex?” Danni asked. Her pussy was already slippery.

“Yeah, for sex,” Noah said. “For in the butt.”

“In the butt?” Danni asked. Why would you need slippery stuff for your butt? How could it be for sex? “Oh,” she said. She understood now. “Like in the movies, where the girl takes it in the butt.”

Danni thought about it. The girls in the films seemed to like it. And she liked playing with her butt in the bathtub. She thought about it some more. Justin and Calvin had the smallest dicks of all the boys and her pussy really needed a rest.

“OK,” Danni said. “Let’s try it.”

“Try what?” Justin asked. He was a little confused.

“Yeah, what?” Calvin added.

“Fucking my butt,” Danni told them.

“Your butt-hole?” Justin said.

“Oh, you mean putting our dicks into your butt-hole?” Calvin said excitedly.

“That sound like fun!”


Caleb retrieved the tube of lube from his backpack and walked over to Danni. He sat down next to her. “Here,” he said. “I’ll help. Get on your knees again.”

Danni smiled and got on her hands and knees. She positioned her ass in front of Caleb and wiggled it playfully. She turned her head to see Caleb squirting some of the thick, gooey substance onto his fingers. She turned back to see the rest of the boys watching intently.

“Oh! That’s cold!” Danni exclaimed as Caleb touched her tight little butt-hole with his slimy fingers. She felt his finger exploring her sphincter, gently prodding it. She relaxed her muscles and his finger tip slipped in. “Mmmm,” Danni said. “That feels weird.”

Caleb pressed his finger into Danni’s tight hole. He pushed it until her ass had swallowed it up to his first knuckle. He then slid his finger back and forth and around and around.

“How does it feel, Danni?” Justin asked, thinking he might like to try it sometime. He exchanged glances with his friend Calvin.

“Mmm, it feels really nice,” Danni replied. She pushed back against Caleb’s finger, driving it in even deeper.

Caleb squeezed more lube onto his fingers and worked it into Danni’s ass. Then, he began to work a second finger inside of her, spreading her tight sphincter gently until both fingers were sliding in without discomfort.

“I think you’re ready Dannielle,” Caleb said. After all, the boys’ cocks were thinner than his two fingers, but he was planning ahead. He wiped his finger on the towel Danni had discarded.

“Who’s first?” Danni asked. ““Oh, yeah. Calvin’s first because Justin’s the biggest loser!” She couldn’t help herself, being so competitive.

However, Justin didn’t think he was a loser at all. Getting to fuck his little sister’s butt sounded like winning to him.

Calvin shuffled over to Danni, his hard pecker leading the way. He got behind her and looked at her wet asshole. He placed his cock against her pink, round hole and pushed. He felt a little resistance so he pushed harder. Danni pushed back against him, her ass-hole opening for him. His stiff dick slid in easily and he shoved it as far as it would go.

“Ahhh!” Danni cried out, not in pain, but in surprise. She was thankful Caleb had prepared her so well.

Calvin didn’t waste any time. He was too horny and needed to cum. He began to fuck Danni’s ass furiously.

Danni squeezed his cock with her bung-hole and heard Calvin gasp. She clenched her hole again, teasing him and toying with his cock.

Calvin fucked Danni like a jack-rabbit and soon let out a high-pitched squeal as he squirted his load into Danni’s ass.

“That was great, Danni! Thanks!” He pulled out his still hard cock and stared at Danni’s winking ass-hole, not believing he had just fucked a girl’s butt!

“You’re welcome, Calvin,” Danni said, please with his exuberance. “Come on, loser,” Danni said to Justin. She slapped her ass. “Come and fuck your little sister’s ass-hole.”

Justin didn’t waste any time and hurried over to Danni. He pushed Calvin aside, who was still gawking at Danni’s ass. Justin put his stiff cock against his sister’s slick hole and easily pushed it in.

“Oh, yeah!” Justin cried. “This feels even better than your mouth!” He plunged his cock in and out of Danni’s hole, doing his best to enjoy the strange sensations and not cum too fast.

Danni saw a shadow cross in front of her. She looked up to see Caleb waving his cock at her. She opened her mouth and sucked it in. Caleb gently fucked her face while Danni sucked and tongued him all while wiggling her ass for her brother.

Justin watched his little sister sucking Caleb’s cock. He watched Caleb thrusting his hips back and forth. As Conner became even more aroused, he began to fuck his sister faster. Looking for something to grab onto, he put his hands on her hips pulled her against him, driving his cock deeper into her bowels. The sensation of Danni squeezing his cock, along with her tight ass and warmth, drove him over the edge. He made soft, quiet whimpers as he squirted his seed, pumping his throbbing cock and squirting out his sperm until his balls were spent.

All too soon for Danni, Justin pulled out. Just as it was just starting to feel really, really good too. She clenched her cheeks to keep the cum from running down her crack.

Caleb pulled his cock from Danni’s lips. “I want to fuck your ass too, Danielle.”

Danni nodded imperceptibly. Caleb stroked his long, fat cock and walked behind her.

“Wait!” Danni said. “I want to try that thing! That thing where the girl has a dick in her pussy and another one in her ass at the same time.”

“DP?” Caleb asked. “Double-Penetration?”

“Yeah,” Danni said. “That. I want to try it.”

“Cool,” Caleb said. “But I get your ass.”

Danni looked at her brother Noah. He stroked his cock slowly. A nice thick cock in her cunt, and a longer one in her ass. Perfect. “Noah, you wanna fuck my pussy again?”

“What about me?” Conner cried.

“I can suck you if you want,” Danni said, shrugging her shoulders.

“What about us?” Justin said.

“You guys just came!” Danni said.

“So what?” Calvin replied.

“Go wash your dicks and I’ll take turns sucking all you guys,” Danni said. Boys! Always wanting their cocks sucked and played with.

Caleb directed Noah onto the floor and then had Danni sit on his cock. Her pussy was feeling better and it felt so good to have her pussy filled again with hard cock. She bounced on her brother’s dick a few times while Caleb squirted some lube onto his cock. He stroked himself a few times and then wiped his hand. “Hold still you guys,” he commanded. When Danni stopped, he pushed her forward until she was almost lying on Noah. With her ass in the air, Caleb positioned himself behind her and pressed his cock against her exposed ass-hole.

“Oh, fuu-uuu-ck!” Danni exclaimed as Caleb’s cock-head popped into her ass. He ass-hole was stretched and her pussy was stuffed.

“You OK?” Caleb asked, knowing he was much thicker than both Justin or Calvin.

“Yeah. I’m good. Do it.” Danni relaxed and gritted her teeth while Caleb slowly pushed his well-lubed cock into her ass.

“You’re so tight, Danielle!” Calab exclaimed. He watched her ass swallow his cock and kept pushing until his balls rested against her. He could actually feel Noah’s cock inside of her. He pulled back slowly and then pushed it back in.

Fully impaled, Danni moved her body, feeling Caleb’s and her brother’s hard cocks stuffed inside of her. “Ooohhh, I’m so fucking full of cock!” Danni gasped. She felt slutty. She felt naughty. She loved it. “Now fuck me!” Danni’s ass and pussy were tingling and she wanted more. A lot more!

Caleb began to slowly fuck Danni, and Noah did the same. Her big brother humped his cock upwards, while Caleb fucked her from behind. After a few awkward strokes, they found their rhythm. Caleb pushed his cock in as Noah pulled his cock out. Danni rocked back against them, loving the feeling of having both her tight holes fucked.

“Ah! Oh, fuck. It feels so goo-ood,” she moaned. “I’m so full!” She laid down fully on her brother and used his body to drive both cocks deeper, sliding back and forth on his firm stomach and grinding her pussy into his groin. Her clitty was swollen and both her ass and cunt were leaking.

Danni noticed Conner standing next to her and motioned him closer. She turned her head and opened her mouth, sucking his hard cock into her mouth. She could taste her pussy and stale cum on his shaft. She sucked his cock clean before inspecting in and putting it back into her mouth.

Caleb and Noah fucked Danni faster and more forcibly. They drove their hard cocks into her, rocking her small body back and forth between them.

Justin and Calvin waved their hard cocks at Danni, reminding her of her promise to suck their cocks too. She moved her head and suckled on Justin’s cock a moment, then sucked on Calvin’s, before returning to Conner. It was hard to keep their cocks in her mouth while she was being fucked in both holes.

Noah began to drive his cock into his little sister. He fucked her hard and Caleb did his best to match his pace. Danni latched on to Connor’s cock and sucked him so hard it almost hurt.

“Mmmmph! Mmmmmph! Mmmmmph!” Danni moaned around Conner’s cock as Noah and Caleb began to fuck her in unison, now both of them driving into her at the same time. They almost lifted up her body as they fucked her.

Danni felt her pussy and ass tingling even stronger now. Another orgasm began to build and urgently crave for release. She felt it growing in both of her holes as well as her clitty and knew a massive orgasm was imminent. She ground her pussy against her brother and rocked her body back and forth.

Before she allowed her body to plunge into orgasm, she sucked Conner, Justin and Calvin one more time, then she had to give up and focus on the quivers in her body.

“Nnnnggghhh!” Danni moaned as an orgasmic wave crashed over her hips, thighs, ass and pussy. Her body tightened and her orgasm made her toes curl.

Caleb and Noah continued their onslaught. Danni squeezed her pussy and clenched her ass. Noah gave a grunt and began to spurt.

“Uhh!” Danni moaned. “Oh…, oh…, oh…!” She felt Noah’s hot cum shooting inside of her. Her pussy spasmed around his cock as she came. Caleb felt her ass clenching, and drove his cock through her tight anal ring again and again.

“Fuu-uuu-uuuck!” Danni babbled. “Fuuu-uuu-uuck meeee!”

She felt a splash of something warm on her face. She turned see Connor furiously stroking his cock less than a foot away from her. Another blast flew from his cock and spattered across her eyes and dripped down the side of her nose. She opened her mouth, wanting to taste it. Seeing her desire, Conner moved closer, and sent another heavy spurt across her lips and directly into her mouth. The taste of cum triggered another wave of orgasmic pleasure. It felt like both her pussy and her ass were somehow cumming at the same time.

“Ooooohhh!” Danni moaned as her body began to shake with the intensity of her orgasm. Even though Noah finished depositing his potent load in her, his hard cock continued to plow her cunt. She came like never before. She felt like a toy – a fuck-toy she thought – wedged between the two strong boys using her ass and pussy, while others used her mouth.

Caleb started to fuck Danni faster when he felt Noah’s thrusts weaken. He didn’t have to worry about coordinating his motions with Noah’s, he could fuck however he wanted to. He wanted to fuck her hard. His balls began to tingle and he drove deeper into Danni’s ass, pounding her small body and making his heavy balls swing back and forth.

Danni came again. Less intense this time, but very pleasurable all the same. “Mmmm,” she hummed. As Caleb pounded her ass, she experienced another small orgasm as he pushed her clitoris against her brother’s body.

After Conner finished spraying Danni’s face, he stepped back and Calvin and Justin took their place next to Danni, both stroking their hard, wet cocks. They too wanted to ejaculate on their sexy friend, feeling as if it was now a rite of passage. They came in unison, their strong prostates sending streams of cum onto Danni’s opened mouth and splattering her face and hair. Another wave crashed over her and then receded, leaving Danni thoroughly drained.

Caleb felt his orgasm approaching and thrust into Danni as hard as he could. Once, twice then a third time before pulling out. He stroked his cock as he looked down on Danni’s ass. He knew he would be fucking either her ass, mouth or pussy most every day, or even better, all in the same day. The thought aroused him. Danni turned her cum splattered face towards Caleb just in time to see thick, white, cum erupting from his cock. It flew upwards in a long arc before raining down upon her. His long stream of cum marked her ass and body and they all heard the heavy plopping sounds as it landed upon her back. More cum flew, landing at the top of her ass. The next spurts painted both of her soft butt-cheeks. Then, he shoved his cock back into her ass and finished his orgasm inside of her.

Danni laid on top of her brother and breathed deeply and heavily. Then, she let out a long, satisfied sigh. She felt Noah softening inside of her pussy while Caleb slowly slid his cock back and forth in her ass. Noah’s cock eventually softened and finally slipped out. Danni felt a gush a sperm escaping from her pussy and Noah felt it slipping down his shaft before it oozed down upon his empty balls. Caleb tried to fuck her ass a bit longer, but eventually he softened too. He reluctantly pulled his cock from Danni’s ass and admired her gaping hole before lying down next to his lover.

Now that they were satisfied, they all were quietly lost in thought.

Caleb wondered how to get Danni alone, to have her all to himself. He wondered if he could somehow arrange a sleepover in the tree-house with only the two of them.

Noah wondered how he could fuck Danni at home, either at night after their parents fell asleep, or definitely when their mom and dad were away. He knew he would try to fuck her or at least get a blow-job from her at every opportunity.

Conner wondered how he could get Danni to play in their basement with him. He had built a nice fort down there. It has plenty of privacy.

Calvin and Justin both wondered how good it must have felt when they fucked Danni’s ass and wanted to try it themselves sometime. They both looked forward to playing with Danni again.

Danni thought about how happy she was right now and how good the boys made her feel. She also wondered how often they could all get together in the tree-house without their parents getting suspicious. She knew she could have all the cock she wanted – all she had to do was ask for it. It was only a question of when and where. And whether it was up here in the tree-house, the boy’s bedrooms, or perhaps in the quiet seclusion of the Copeland’s basement.

Her brother Noah finally broke the silence. “Hey, Danielle?” he asked. “Do you need a towel?”

“Nah,” Danni said. “I like feeling all your sperm on me.” She knew the heater would dry whatever cum she didn’t lick off. Besides, it would be sexy to spend the rest of the night covered in the boy’s jizz, and she thought it would be funny to drip cum on their pillows like they had done to hers.

As she stood up to get a drink and a sandwich (fucking is thirsty, hungry work!), she thought about how everything had changed the past couple of nights. She now felt pretty and sexy and was happy to be a girl. She was proud knowing she made all of her friends cum and knew they now thought of her as a desired and welcomed friend, instead of an annoying little sister.

“Hey, after we eat, you guys want to play another game before bed?” Danni asked.



“Anything you want, Danielle!”

“What do you want to play?”

Danni thought for a while. “I know! How about my new favorite game…?” She thought about the fun game where you have to spin the wheel and then put your hands and feet on whatever colored circle the arrow landed on, stretching and reaching and touching each other’s bodies until someone fell over. But, this time with a twist.

“How about… Naked-Twister!”


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