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Both thrust into new and uncertain situations, Paige and Hope begin the journey of figuring out their respective futures.
The very air around her whipped at her clothing and tore through her hair, the clouds above her roiling madly and the atmosphere tinged with green, causing anything distant to be murky and blotted.

Before her, rising from the crater in the pavement, was the Mother, blackened and all but featureless, her body shape unmistakable as a woman.

Paige stepped forward, possessed by awe and meaning as the Mother formed the nexus of the wind and murk, a veritable tornado swirling around her. As she came closer, the figure turned ever so slowly in the whipping wind and pointed with her arm to the north, where a pair of satellite dishes could be made out.

"There…." the screeching whisper came from the Mother as she pointed, then the wind seemed to crescendo in noise, the Mother turned back to Paige, and yelled at her.


Paige flinched back and felt hands grasping her shoulders.

"Paige, snap out of it!"

Suddenly the vision disintegrated, the Mother faded, the green murk slipped away to nothing, leaving blue skies and direct sunlight in their place. Paige blinked and gasped as reality closed back in.

The crater was still before her, in the middle of the Drive-In parking lot, and there were barrels of radioactive waste sitting in the six inches of tepid water in the bottom. Hope was behind her, having pulled at her shoulders to pull her away from the radioactive crater. Paige looked at her, and everything from the last few days flooded back into her memory, causing a variety of emotions.

"What the hell was that?" Hope asked, staring at Paige with concern.

"We should- should get back inside before the ghouls find us," Paige said, turning abruptly and striding towards the corner of the building. Hope followed after a pause, then shut the door behind them as Paige held her head in her hand and squeezed her eyes shut for a moment.

"Paige," Hope said, "we should talk if we are going to be companions."

Paige turned toward the other woman. Hope was stunning in her athletic outfit, which hugged her hips tightly, and the swell of her chest spoke of a bosom almost as voluptuous as Paige's own set of breasts. Hope's blue eyes were truthful and earnest, and her dirty-blonde hair was long when not tucked under her cap.

There might be more potential here than simply companions.

"Ok. What do you want to talk about?"

Hope slipped past Paige to sit on the couch, her scent wafting close enough for Paige to get a whiff off. She bit a lip to keep her mind in the moment; Hope smelled good. Distractingly so. Hope took a deep breath before beginning.

She spoke of how her memory was muddy because she took a blow to the head recently, just before her brush with the ghouls which Paige had saved her from. She knew that she had come to Lexington with her parents, and had seen them get ripped to shreds by a crowd of ghouls near the grocery store. They were seeking a quiet place to settle down, but now Hope was all who remained.

"I don't have anyone, and I don't have anywhere to go. I don't know what to do."

Paige had sat on the couch next to Hope, listening to her story. When she finished, Paige tentatively put a hopefully-comforting hand on Hope's thigh and patted before removing her hand.

"I'm sorry about your parents."

Hope nodded quickly and sniffled some, before looking straight into Paige's eyes.

"So what brought you here?"

Paige wondered just how much to tell this girl. She decided to start with the truth, and after that, everything just sort of stayed truthful. She told about the raiders she had been with, how she had been betrayed, and how her only mission now was to destroy that raider gang. Her face had twisted with rage, but she got it back under control.

Then she haltingly spoke about the radiation she had slept in after her near-term wounding. She enunciated her visions as best she could, expressing her confusion over their source. And finally, Paige talked about the changes in her body that had happened, assuming that the radiation had changed her as she lay dying. The radiation, or whatever was in it, had even saved her life, causing the bullet wound to close up in her chest.

"I don't understand a lot that has happened to me. But it hasn't stopped me. I have a new purpose now."

"To kill these former friends of yours?"

"They were never friends," Paige said bitterly, "just people I killed and looted with."

She waved her hand dismissively, "I don't even know where they're at though. We based in Lexington, but they could be off doing anything, or have moved bases by now."

They sat in silence for a moment, Paige staring at the wall as she ran her vengeful thoughts through her mind, and Hope glancing between the floor and Paige's face. Finally, Hope broke the silence.

"Can I join up with you?"

Paige was wrenched from her thoughts, and looked over at Hope.

"You've seen me. You've seen me shoot those ghouls, you know I was a raider with no qualms about killing people. I all but raped you last night. And you still want to run with me?"

Hope's eyes narrowed, "You didn't rape me, I just didn't know what equipment you were working with," her eyes flicked down and then quickly back up to Paige's eyes, "and everything else you mentioned just makes you a survivor in this world. So yes, if you'll have me, I'd like to run with you."

Paige hesitated. She had always worked with people who knew their stuff, all the raiders knew how to do something useful, to help with the day to day struggle to survive. As if anticipating her questions, Hope went on.

"I can pick pretty strong locks, as you saw. I can shoot, as you saw. I've been foraging all my life, so I know how to find food and gear."

With a quirk of a smile, Hope got slowly to her feet and sauntered in front of Paige who looked up at her.

"I can also take a cock," Hope said breathily, hands on her hips as she shifted her weight between legs, "as you saw last night."

Paige blinked and took an irregular breath as she watched Hope's hips swing back and forth, and immediately felt the snake in her pants begin to shift as blood filled it.

"Okay, okay kid, you can come with me," Paige said with a smirk.

Hope smiled with glee and stepped forward, pushed Paige against the back of the couch, and sat in her lap.

"I'll watch your back," Hope said, untucking her dark t-shirt and gripping the hem, "unlock your doors," she pulled her shirt up over her head, revealing a pair of unbound breasts, "and take care of your needs," the shirt dropped next to them, and her big perky boobs bounced as she moved her arms, "so long as you protect me and work with me."

"It's a deal," Paige said, looking hungrily at the boobs staring her in the face, "you've got some nice titties, Hope!"

"Thank you!" Hope said cutely, hunching her shoulders and shaking them back and forth, her breasts swaying hypnotically. If there was any vein left in Paige's dick not filled with pumping blood, it was immediately filled. It flexed between them, and Hope noticed, grinding her hips against Paige.

"So what's it like all of a sudden having a cock?" Hope asked sincerely.

"Annoying at times," Paige said, truthfully, "Although it is a lot handier now to pee, I will say that. Had to let out the crotch in my pants to accommodate it. Same with my leathers, my tits had grown a lot during the same event."

"They did?" Hope asked, her eyes dropping to Paige's chest.

"Yep," Paige replied, "they used to be really small, and didn't even need a bra."

"Lemme see?" Hope asked in a small voice. Paige obliged, pulling at her leathers. She had never had a woman ask to see her breasts before, so she hadn't expected the request. It was the least she could do, since Hope's titties were hanging in her face, just asking to be suckled.

The leathers folded down, and exposed Paige's bosom, her breasts even bigger than Hope's. Hope cooed in approval, using her hands to massage the sacks of flesh, which Paige responded to positively.

"Mmm that feels good," Paige murmured, allowing herself to sink into the pleasure she was feeling. With the girl massaging her tits with her hands and her dick with her crotch, there soon came a moment when Paige's rolling eyes snapped open, and she clapped her hands to Hope's hips, freezing them in place.

"What?" Hope said breathlessly.

Paige frowned with concentration, "Trying not to cum."

With a laugh, Hope let Paige's tits go, got to her feet, and began taking her pants off, her titties swaying with each motion.

"You've got the right idea," Paige said and got up to undo her patchwork leather pants, pushing them down to allow her ten-inch monster to spring free.

"Oh my God it's just as big as I remember," Hope said, her brow wrinkling with uncertainty as she came up and caressed the fat and long piece of meat she had held partially inside her last night. Paige sat back down on the couch, her dick slapping against her flat belly, and laced her fingers behind her head.

"Come sit on it," she said with lust in her eyes, "ten caps say you can't take it all."

"Deal!" Hope said, an inexplicable determination gracing her face. Paige watched her step up onto the couch, and crouch down until the hefty head was brushing against her opening, barely visible through her blonde pubes. With a little spit, she drenched the head of Paige's cock, then pressed it against her opening until it popped in. Both of them gasped and exclaimed at the entrance, and Hope grasped the back of the couch as she hovered, letting her vag acclimate.

Then she started her journey down the shaft. Paige could feel the flesh give way as Hope's body accepted the huge intruder, her face twisting as discomfort tainted her pleasure.

"Okay?" Paige asked through her own intense experience. Hope nodded, then put her hand on Paige's shoulder and began crouching on her cock, fucking her where she sat with the length they had gotten in. With each crouch, Paige felt her cock spear deeper and deeper into Hope's body until finally her cock wedged itself against the end of her tunnel.

Her dick was more than halfway impaled in Hope's vagina.

"Well," Paige said as she felt the head of her cock squish against the end of her vag, "that's as far as it goes."

"No no no, I can take more," Hope said, adjusting her stance and using her body weight to press herself downward. Her legs shook and Paige's cock was squeezed by Hope's interior, and Paige was about to tell Hope to stop before she hurt herself, but something gave way deep in Hope's abdomen, and Paige felt her cock slither further inside the hot body in her lap. Hope gasped at the sudden furtherance and Paige groaned as she was stimulated by more slick flesh squeezing and slipping past her dick.

The remaining few inches disappeared rather quickly, and soon Paige felt the younger woman's body come to rest in her lap, as though she were simply sitting there with no penis inside her.

Paige looked down where their pubic hair mingled, no sexual organs visible, then looked up at Hope's face just as the younger woman opened her eyes and grinned at her. She tried working her hips again, but she could only do it to a limited degree; Paige's cock inside her acted like a second spine, holding her lower body in position.

"Hah!" Hope said in triumph, startling Paige because she thought she would be in pain, "I did it!"

"You know that's not normal," Paige said, lifting Hope up some so that Paige's now slick shaft was revealed. But there was no blood as she expected.

"Are you in pain?" Paige asked, confused at how someone's vagina could suddenly lengthen. She was a woman, and until recently had always been one, and knew from experience that the end of the vagina was the end, nothing is going any further.

"Uh-uh, Just feeling stretched, yknow?" Hope said, leaning back slightly, using her fingers to prod her stomach area. Paige gasped as she felt her press against the flesh that enclosed her dick.

"There you are!" Hope said, using one finger to point inward at a point just above her belly button. Paige was astonished, but immensely turned on.

"Well, I guess I owe you ten caps," Paige said, lightly drawing her nails up and down Hope's thighs. Hope smirked evilly, and leaned forward so that Paige had to look up at her.

"First things first," she said, getting her legs under her again and lifting her bottom up, Paige's slick shaft reappearing for a moment before it was consumed again by Hope's body. Paige had been close before she entered Hope, and her concern for her internal integrity has staved off any orgasm, but now it was only a matter of time.

Hope leaned close and kissed Paige on the lips, the nerve endings in their tongues and lips joining the nerve endings in their crotches in delighted song. Paige's system flexed and she groaned into Hope's mouth, feeling the fluids rush through her.

"Are you gonna cum inside me?" Hope breathed, and Paige nodded as her breathing intensified and her brows drew together in effort. Paige's hands grasped Hope's hips and pressed them down, forcing herself as deep as possible, and spasmed as the first burst shot into Hope's abdomen.

"Ah!" Hope exclaimed, feeling a liquid impact against the bottom of her stomach, or so it seemed. Paige groaned viscerally as she emptied her balls up into the younger woman, the hot, slick and tight environment of Hope's body all but sucking the semen out of her.

Finally Paige relaxed, having expended herself. Hope leaned forward and put her hands on the back of the couch for support, her tits dangling in Paige's face. They were both panting, but Paige still took one of the hard-nippled breasts into her mouth, fondling the other with her hand as she rode the crest of her orgasm.

Hope felt all her feelings converge in the moment, the intensity of the physical pleasure and connection building to such a point that she needed to release it. Fortunately, she had a button for that, which she found with a couple of fingers,

"Ohh Paige don't stop suckkiiingg!!" Hope gritted out as her fingers worked her into a frenzy which finally popped inside her, causing a long, wordless, womanly exclamation to emit from her.

Paige looked up as she suckled, watching Hope grimace and writhe as she expended herself. In an inexplicable moment of clarity, she noticed how flawless Hope's skin was, how thick and luxurious her hair was, and the firmness of her boobs in her hand and mouth. She hadn't seen a stretch mark or wrinkle other indication of aging anywhere on her body. Hope might be younger than Paige thought.

Conviction set in as Paige released the breast from her mouth and leaned her head back: she would take care of this girl and make sure no harm came to her. Paige would serve the part of guardian and lover, and Hope would want for nothing, even in the face of such a desperate existence as this. Paige would do her best to do right by this girl, and it was the first concept that felt right to her in a very long time.

Hope lifted her arms and ran her fingers through her own hair, her breasts lifting and jiggling as she did so.

"Wooo!" she said, blowing out her breath, "that was intense!"

"I'll say," Paige said, laying limply beneath her companion, her cock beginning to soften. Hope must have felt it too, because she glanced down and grinned before looking back up at Paige.

"I've slain your monster!" she said and laughed at her own joke, causing Paige to roll her eyes and giggle a little bit herself.

"Just like Grognak," Paige said, causing Hope to crack up further.

"Who needs an axe when you have a pussy!" Hope managed through laughing.

Paige guffawed, and Hope never stopped; she had a contagious laugh, and soon they were both cackling and gasping for breath.

Hope stood up with a humming sound as Paige's softening dick slipped out of her with a wet sound and splatted against her stomach. Hope straightened her legs with her feet together and stretched toward the ceiling, every inch of her body was supple and all but flawless, the middle of her back had a slight black mark that Paige took to be a birthmark.

"Ugh, I may never walk right again though," Hope said, winking at her companion. Paige smiled at her, and got up off the couch, seeking her leathers. She tore some off of the bottom of her shirt and tossed it to Hope, and tore another sheet for herself.

"Wipe up with this, we'll find some soap and clean up later."

They wiped themselves as best they could, and donned their clothing. Paige now had a bare midriff, using her material economically as she now has less.

"Well," Hope said, grabbing up her pipe pistol and making sure it was charged, "let's go find some soap!"

The pair secured the location, killing off the mole rats and finding a bar of soap and some bottles of purified water, along with various rations and supplies. At the top of the projection tower they found a mattress which wasn't infested so they moved up there, where the sightlines were better.

As they sat there eating dinner before cleaning themselves up, watching the light of the day fade, Hope asked a difficult question.

"Are you really going to go kill all the people you raided with?"

Paige put down her fork and pondered. She had been filled with revenge since her betrayal, and it was still hot, but for some reason it was less than it had been even earlier this day. She realized what it was with a smile.

"I may eventually. I don't know. What I do know is that I've got a new priority right now."

Hope cocked her head quizzically, "What is it?"

Paige looked her dead in the eye, "You."

With a gentle expression, Hope set aside her Yum Yum Deviled Eggs and crawled forward to kiss her new companion, which Paige returned whole-heartedly.

They made love on that mattress, their bodies still mucky from earlier in the day, Hope on her back taking Paige's long and thick member all the way up her vagina, her legs wrapped around her as their breaths mingled. They locked eyes and groaned together as Paige ejaculated inside Hope, adding to the mess.

The light had fallen as they moved in their throes of passion, and they sluggishly cleaned each other in the darkness before cuddling on the mattress once more.

"Paige?" Hope said before they passed out.


"I like this. Let's be together forever."

Paige pulled her in close and squeezed. It had been a long time since she felt comfort from another human being, and it was almost overwhelming now.

"You got it."

They fell asleep in each other's arms, at peace.
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