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Sam troubles have ended, haven't they?
Solar time unit = year

planetary time unit = day


Not that far from Queen Triada's planet a portal opened, a moment three human like figures emerged. The male looked at the planet then headed toward it.

Queen Triada's head turned toward the sky as did the Cliverstone's. A small smile crossed her features, "it appears that they were able to find Sam."

Triann's head snapped skyward as she whispered with tears falling. "My Sam thank the universe that you are still alive."

Not far away, Fino's head also turned skyward as a large smile crept to his mouth. "Ah my son! You have done the Cliverstone race proud this day."

A few moments later, the trio landed not far from the group. They then gently floated toward the others.

They stopped before the six Cliverstones that Sam had extracted and then they had been resurrected.

Sam then turned toward Fino, "I know that you are the last of the ruling council of our planet Owt Los. At the moment, I can only acknowledge this, not much else. I am afraid that the last battles I had, have taken far more out of me than I thought."

Triann nodded, then had Sam lay on a table within the domed building. A moment later Sam's eyes flew open wide. "This is the fastest that my energy has ever recovered, how?" Sam asked.

"It is a machine I had developed at the end of our planet. With the help of Mello's mother Cyan, I refined it. We then took it to Ryday's father Rycon, he was able to manufacture it quickly. It has also helped the six of us to regain over seventy five percent of the control, of our power."

Sam nodded his head feeling his body rapidly repairing itself, as well as his thoughts starting to clear.

"I am afraid that with the threat over," it was at that moment he heard Triot scream from outside. Looking out he saw that Thantas, had once again slammed Triot to the ground none too gently. "Well, most of the threat is over, we still have Triot to deal with. Was thinking of asking the elites if, they wished to dispense justice on him." Sam said.

Triann sighed as at that moment Fino and Natita walked up. "As the only ruling body for our race, I think that is an excellent idea. The elites are the only "good" Tetricons we have ever seen. As you observed Sam, they were far different than the rest of their race, forced to serve the leaders."

"I have never felt a, as you say "good" Tetricon, they were more than refreshing to feel. I also believe that they should dispense justice in the case of Triot. Though, I also think that the elites, should know of the atrocities he has perpetrated on our race." Natita said.

Fino nodded as he looked at Sam's questioning look. "Ah! I have added Natita, in an advisory capacity 'til such time that we have more of the ruling eight back. So, son, no rush but, any chance you can start on finding more soon?"

Sam slightly chuckled, as did Mellos who had been quiet the whole time. "I'd say as soon as we rest, then I am going to have to rebuild the Cliverstone energy detector." Mellos said.

"That shouldn't be too difficult," came the voice of Ryday's father Rycon. "Just give me the specifications, the wave lengths and detection parameters. I should be able to recreate it in no time at all."

Mellos could only stare at Rycon as if he were insane. "You do realize that it took me years to make and refine it." Mellos said.

"Oh yes, though as you have said you were unbalanced, with unclear thinking. Now that you are healed, I am sure that you can recall the details easily." Rycon said.

Mellos looked at first Rycon, then the others with a great look of doubt. A moment later Mello's eyes flew open as all the details came to mind, plus she could see more than a dozen improvements it needed. She then turned to Sam, walked up to him, staring a moment. Mellos then proceeded to grab Sam and passionately kiss him. When she stopped the both of them were panting. "Now," Mellos said with a smirk, "that was worth the wait and pain."

Sam of course, could only stare at her with a shocked look on his face. His brain trying to process what had happened.

Thantas walked to her brother whispering in his ear, "close your mouth it looks undignified." Just as quickly she skipped away a giggle coming from her and Mellos.

Sam closed his mouth looking at everyone there. All had a smile on their face though, The look on Drivas, Ryday and Mellos's faces were different. He then looked closer as he recognized the look. It was the same that he'd seen on predators when they were hunting and hungry, oh crap! What have I done now?


A full year Later


Sam was so tired, damn but this project had taxed him to the edge of his endurance. Even with his levels going each time he used the power, it was still a hell of a lot of energy that he had to expend.

A look at the planet they had been working on for the past six months was almost complete. It had taken three of those months to gather what of the planet that had rifted a long distance away.

Sam reached out feeling the last of the tons of material float into place. Looking around, he saw twenty others that were helping him.

They had started with only ten Cliverstones, with the aid of Mellos's machine, they had found more. Just the first month alone they had located a hundred of the children bringing the total to three hundred ten. Then another hundred the second, then two hundred the third. Four hundred, three of the project children.

After that it seemed to stall as none had been located since. One thousand, two hundred ten of the Cliverstone race. There were over four thousand more out there of the project children, still out there. Hopefully the adjustments that the engineers had made would help.

Sam looked at the others with him as he nodded. They all extended their arms as the last of Owt Los, fused with what was there already.

This feels like all but a few grams of it, a scientist thought to Sam.

Glad of that Sam answered. Not sure how much more of this I could take. Just glad that we found seven of the governing eight. Just hate that we have so many crowded on Queen Triada's planet.

Are we any closer to being able to replenish the atmosphere? One of the others with Sam asked.

Not sure if any of you have noticed , the planet has a slight atmosphere. It's just not as thick as it was, though I hope in a few days it will.

The twenty with Sam could only stare at him as a few took readings astounded when they found what Sam had said was true. How have you managed this?

It seems that I have just recently developed the ability to recreate it. Unfortunately, it is very slow going, I've just now got it to a point where it registers. Returned Sam's thoughts.

With a final push from all of them, the last of the planet was restored.

Alright, time to get back to Queen Trada's, Sam thought as he flew a certain distance from the planet. Stopping he turned then opened a portal, he then counted all the people that went through. A last look at Owt Los then he entered.

A few minutes later they all exited near Queen Triada's planet, home away from home Sam thought as he landed after the others. Almost immediately, two females floated over to him, two very pregnant females.

"How did it go?" Drivas asked. "We were both worried, weren't we Ryday?"

"Yes, we have," nearly whispered a still slightly shy Ryday.

Sam nodded as he looked at the two of them. "I hope that Mellos is back, I warned her I'd come after her like I did last time. "Sam said.

"Yes, she's back," A very pregnant Mellos said behind Sam. "Almost a month now, I knew you'd leave to retrieve me if I didn't."

Sam turned a slight smirk on his face as he looked Mellos over. "Ok what is going on? you have never really listened to me threats or otherwise."

"Well, considering what happened last time, I'd like to keep the ship in one piece. Your temper can really be bad." Mellos said as she wrapped her arms around Sam. The other two quickly moved to hold Sam and Mellos.

"So," Mellos said after she released Sam. "I have a few new leads that I will follow up with you as soon as this," here, she indicated the baby bulge. "Has come to term. Your mother and a few others have volunteered to watch her as soon as I can travel."

"Are you really sure..." Sam started.

"I am more than sure, we only have one thousand two hundred, ten, hardly a lot to get the Cliverstone race going well. Plus, I think in just a few days, we can add three more, the first new born Cliverstone lives in over five hundred solar time unity." Mellos said

Sam smiled, finally things were going as they should be. With that he turned with the three females toward the small village of domes.

He looked at the three females that had taken his heart. Mellos, he thought with a smile, had taken more, here he rubbed his chin remembering their fights.
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