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My first assignment for this private airline is a flight to Paris, accompanied by another stewardess. Shortly after take-off, I'm bent over the client's lap giving him a blow job, while he fondles my dangling tits. Meanwhile, the other stewardess is straddling the other client's lap in his seat, riding his cock, with her tits slapping him in the face as she bounces up and down on his shaft.

I was convinced to leave my job as a flight attendant with a commercial airline to try the rarified air as a “stewardess” for a private airline catering to rich executives and celebrities. After blowing the owner of the private airline during my interview, I was offered the job and began my new position two weeks later.

As my first day on the new job began, I found out I was assigned to a Paris flight with a couple of clients, and was handed a risqué crop-top & mini-skirt uniform that was obviously designed to show off my ass and unfettered boobs (as we stewardesses were not allowed to wear bras). As I stepped on board for the first time, I stumbled onto Colleen – the other stewardess for this flight – in the cockpit giving our pilot a blowjob. I stood and watched her finish the job, then she cleaned off the pilot’s cock and slipped it back into his pants, as she smiled at me and told me our company motto was “the pilot always cums first.” Then, in keeping with the company motto, I gave the co-pilot a blowjob in the cockpit, while the pilot fingered me from behind until I creamed all over his hand just before our passengers arrived.


As I stepped out of the restroom after cleaning up following my orgasm in the cockpit, I saw Colleen standing at the top of the gang plank steps to welcome our new clients aboard. It turned out that one of the clients was a regular, who was bringing an associate with him to Paris for contract negotiations. The regular client gave Colleen a peck on the cheek, and grabbed a handful of tit as he stepped into the main cabin of the aircraft. Colleen didn’t flinch, so I figured this was normal for these flights…..which made sense, given everything else I’d experienced since learning about this job. It was about to get even more interesting.

Colleen introduced me to our regular client – Terry – who was a decent looking guy, about 6’ tall, and seemed kind of jovial. He gave me an appreciative head-to-toe inspection as we shook hands, and I could tell by the way his eyes locked onto my jiggling breasts that he had set his sights on getting his hands on them at some point during our trip. Terry, in turn, introduced Colleen and me to Evan, his business associate. Evan was a little shorter than Terry, also decent looking, and had a constant grin on his face that suggested he had been promised special favors during our flight. We had them sit in the leather seats up front, and both of them seemed unable to peel their eyes off our wobbly tits as we moved about the cabin preparing for take-off.

Once we were in the air, Colleen and I got out of our jump seats and started serving our clients drinks. When I brought Terry his rum and coke, it didn’t take long for him to begin grabbing and squeezing things on my body. As I bent over to hand him his drink, he took it with one hand, while unbuttoning my top with the other. My boobs popped out, swaying back and forth, and he put his drink down so he could use both hands to massage them. I stayed bent over so he could enjoy my swinging breasts a while and, with a smile on his face, he squeezed my hanging tits and pulled on each nipple, making them stiffen to his touch. He sucked one nipple into his mouth for a minute, then pulled it out with a ‘plop’, and began sucking on the other nipple. With my hands on my knees, I continued leaning over him as he took turns pulling, sucking and nibbling on each nipple. This was causing little tingly shocks to shoot through my body, directly down to my pussy, which was quickly getting wet from Terry’s attention to my tits.

I glanced over at Colleen and noticed that Evan had also unbuttoned her top, and she was straddling him in his seat while he played with her boobs. I watched as she unzipped Evan’s pants and pulled out his dick. It was almost completely erect, and she began stroking it with both hands while Evan continued to squeeze her tits and suck her nipples. Once Evan’s cock became fully rigid, Colleen deftly raised her hips, lined his shaft up with her pussy opening, then lowered herself onto it with a moan. Evan released her boobs and grabbed her ass, thrusting his hips into her with gusto. Colleen had her hands on the back of Evan’s chair for support, and her tits were slapping him in the face as he rammed his prick into her cunt over and over.

As I watched Colleen getting pounded by Evan, I unzipped Terry’s pants and reached inside for his dick. As I pulled it out and began sliding my hand up and down the shaft, I could tell it was already fully erect. After I had his cock in my hand, Terry let go of my left tit with his right hand, and put that hand on the back of my head, pulling my mouth toward his stiff rod. Still leaning over his lap, I sucked the tip of his prick into my mouth and began bobbing my head up and down. In this position Terry could continue fondling my big, swinging tits as they bounced beneath me in rhythm to the motion of my head. He squeezed the flesh of each tit with one hand, occasionally pulling on the nipples, while using his other hand behind my head to encourage my sucking. It didn’t take long before Terry threw his head back, closed his eyes, and let out a moan as he exploded in my mouth, shooting gobs of cum deep into my throat. He continued using his hand behind my head to keep me sucking on his cock, even after he had emptied his nut sack. I swallowed his entire load, and then after an extra minute or two of sucking his softening dick, he released the back of my head. I held his still semi-hard shaft in one hand while I licked it clean with my mouth and tongue, then gently stroked it some more as he slowly caught his breath.

Right about then, I heard Colleen let out a squeal, and I looked over to see her grinding out an orgasm on the base of Evan’s cock. After her climax, Colleen continued sliding her pussy up and down on Evan’s dick. As I watched, it appeared that Evan’s prick was bigger than I had thought, and Colleen was sliding her hips to the very tip, then slamming herself down to its base, filling her cunt with Evan’s impressive cock with each stroke. Meanwhile, Evan had his hands on her ass cheeks, and was thrusting his hips with each of her down strokes. About two minutes after Colleen’s orgasm, Evan grabbed her ass cheeks and shoved his cock as far as he could into her pussy, holding her there while he shot rope after rope of cum deep inside her cunt.

As I watched Colleen and Evan enjoy their orgasms, I had continued stroking Terry’s softening dick until it was completely flaccid. I gave the tip of his cock a quick peck, then slipped it back into his pants and zipped him up. He reluctantly released my tits, and I stood in front of him while I tucked them back inside my top and buttoned all the buttons.

Meanwhile, Colleen had cleaned off Evan’s shaft and shoved it back in his pants. Then the two of us took turns cleaning up in the bathroom near the back of the cabin, and headed back to the galley to continue our flight service.

After we served them dinner, both Terry and Evan reclined their seats and fell asleep. I told Colleen I’d take first tour, if she wanted to get some sleep in the bedroom near the back of the plane. She agreed, and headed back to the back of the plane. I tidied up the galley, then strapped myself into the jump seat up front and read while Colleen and both clients slept.

I must have nodded off, because it was about 2 hour later when I woke up – still strapped in my jump seat – with a big, semi-hard prick in my face. I looked up to see Evan standing there, with his legs spread and his pants around his ankles. He was stroking his cock with one hand, while holding himself up against the wall with his other hand directly above my head. He leaned into my face, encouraging me to open my mouth so he could stick his dick in. I got the hint….I opened my mouth and sucked the tip of his rod into my mouth. It was every bit as big as I remembered when I watched Colleen riding it to the top, then slamming back down to the base while they were fucking earlier in the flight.

Evan put both hands on the wall above my head to support himself and began rocking his hips back and forth, thrusting his stiffening shaft into and out of my mouth, with my head held in place against the wall behind me as I sat strapped into the jump seat. He was basically fucking my face as I sat there. Given the size of his cock, he was reaching deep into my throat with every stroke, and I was struggling not to gag around his now rock hard prick. He didn’t last long, and in no time he was shooting a load of cum down my throat, sliding his rigid pole along my tongue and moaning, as he emptied his nut sack into my mouth. I used my hand to stroke his softening shaft, pulling out the last few drops of jizzm from the tip of his prick and licking it clean. Then he stood back, pulled up his pants, and tucked his cock away.

He said, “Wow, Lexy…that was great. I had an unexpected wood going on when I woke up just now, and that blowjob did the trick.” Then Evan went back to his seat, reclined it, and went back to sleep.

I checked my watch and noticed that it was time for Colleen to take over while I napped. We were about 8 hours outside of Paris, so I had to get some sleep before our clients woke up. Leaving Terry and Evan sleeping in the main cabin, I went to the room in the back and stepped inside, closing the door behind me. It was pretty warm in the back of the plane, so I wasn’t surprised to see that Colleen was lying naked on the bed, the sheet barely covering the bottom of her legs. I couldn’t help but admire her form…she had beautiful C-up breasts, tipped by perfect, ¼” nipples, and her legs were slightly spread, displaying her ‘landing strip’ grooming just above her pussy. I leaned over and shook her shoulder to wake her. She opened her eyes, then smiled when she saw me and stretched languidly, giving me an even better view of her entire body.

As she started to get up, I unbuttoned my top and took it off, folding it onto one of the little shelves by the bed. She was standing behind me as I leaned over to remove my skirt, and surprised me by reaching around me to fondle one of my dangling breasts. I looked at her with a surprised, but bemused, look on my face.

Still playing with my boobs, she said, “I’ve been wanting to grab these ever since I saw you in the door of the cockpit earlier.”

I laughed, letting her enjoy squeezing and pulling on both tits, and replied, “It seems like everybody grabs whatever they want around here. Are there any limits?”

She grinned back at me and said, “Not really. It sort of comes with the job. If you’re not into it, you don’t last long.”

Colleen gently pushed me onto my back on the bed and pushed my legs apart. Then she positioned herself between my spread legs and began licking and sucking my pussy, while using her hands to continue massaging my tits and pinching my nipples. Little shocks of pleasure were coursing through my body from the attention she was applying with her tongue and hands. After licking along my pussy lips for a while, she used her tongue to focus on my stiffening clit, flicking it back and forth, then using the flat of her tongue to “grind” against my clitoris. I rocked my hips as she sucked and stimulated my love button, then grabbed the back of her head – pulling her hard against my pussy – as an overwhelming orgasm rocketed through me. My nipples and clit tingled with pleasure as I held her head in place and continued to rock my vagina against her tongue.

Finally, I release her head, and she sat up with a giant grin on her face. As she wiped my pussy juices from her chin she said, “NOW you’ve been properly welcomed to the team.”

In a dreamy state I smiled back at her and said, “That was totally unexpected, but what an amazing treat.”

While I lay there marinating in my orgasm – my eyes half closed and my legs spread wide – Colleen began dressing. As she straightened her skirt and buttoned her top across her jiggling tits, she said, “You sleep for a few hours, Lexy. I’ll come get you when the clients are awake.”

She leaned over and sucked one of my nipples into her mouth, flicked it a few times with her tongue, then let it out with a ‘plop’, before heading out to the main cabin and closing the door behind her.

My breathing was slowly returning to normal, and as I drifted off to sleep I thought to myself, “We have a 3-day layover in Paris…..I wonder what THAT’S going to be like?”
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