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Again Kathleen is using me sexually and I have little choice
I woke, my body still sore from my sexual mistreatment by Kathleen and her friends who had used me the previous night. The men had emptied their balls into my arse and also made me swallow their spunk into my stomach when they face fucked me. And my arse still ached from the vicious dildo fucking Dawn inflicted on me…she was right when she had told me I would never forget what she did to me…and strangely I felt my cock beginning to swell at the memory.

Several days passed during which I received a message saying an allowance was deposited into my bank account and similar sums would be deposited weekly…for my services. Kathleen by paying and housing me, and I accepting the situation, now owned me. I was now her plaything, a part of her kinky depravity…and I began to accept it.

Kathleen summoned me to meet her in town at an arranged time. I turned up and Kathleen in an elegant fur and wearing dark glasses like a movie star as sat on a bench. I joined her.

“How are you feeling Dominic” she inquired,

“Sore” I honestly answered.

A half smile appeared on her face “ Not surprising really I imagine,…. My friends left.. err, satisfied and drained”.

I did not smile.

“you know him” Kathleen suddenly said when a guy appeared walking on the other side of the street. It was not so much as a question as a statement.

I looked, and yes I knew him.

I elaborated as the middle aged business suited gentleman continued his path.

“That,s Justin deWinter, our local member of parliament.”

“Yes, you are correct Dominic. And would it surprise you to know that our esteemed Mister DeWinter, and his good Lady Wife ..…..enjoy fucking young men together……conducting a menage de trois you could say!.”

I looked at Kathleen as she continued.

“Of course they have always kept their dalliances discreet… far. I want you Dominic to be their next conquest”

“Your talking daft, I don,t know them or even move in their circles” I said.

Kathleen gripped my thigh and squeezed.

“My dear boy, you will do whatever I ask…UNDERSTAND.” She glared at me and there was anger in her eyes.

“NEVER TAKE ME FOR A FOOL DOMINIC” her eyes returned to normal as did her voice.

“This is what you are going to do” she continued with her plan.

The leisure centre was not too busy at that time in the afternoon. Justin DeWinter entered the male changing room to change for his squash game with his wife. I was already in changing, and was bollock naked searching for my speedos in my bag knowing that DeWinter was eyeing me up. I turned with the speedos in my hand having “found” them and acknowledged his entry.

“Hi “ I said smiling.

“Hello” DeWinter replied also smiling and started to remove his shirt.

I stood there still naked full frontal to him.

“Are you our MP?” I feigned questioned interest.

“ Afraid I am young man”

“Very pleased to meet you sir, especially as I gave you my vote” I lied, and smiled and started stepping into my trunks in front of him.

I pulled the speedos up and the outline of my cock was clearly visible through the material.

“Looks like I could do with your support now” I said laughing as I adjusted my balls in the tight constraints, still facing him.

DeWinter smiled and I left for the pool knowing his eyes were following me.

I swam lengths in the pool while waiting for the sight of Justin DeWinter and his wife to return along the corridor above the pool area from the squash courts. The big clock was approaching the hour mark and I neared the edge of the pool waiting. I saw them emerge and I immediately left the pool and sauntered to the corridor which led to the changing rooms ensuring I was ahead of the DeWinters. I moved my hand behind me as I walked and adjusted the back of my wet clinging speedos knowing they would see that and my arse outline.

I opened the door to the changing room and turned and pretended to be surprised that DeWinter was behind me.

“Good game” I enquired.

A sweaty red faced DeWinter “ Yes….thanks”


“No, the wife is a better player”

“You were playing your wife?”

“Yes…her idea for us to get fitter”

“A couple who plays together stays together” I smiled and we went to our benches and continued small talk as we undressed.

We entered the municipal shower and I saw his naked stocky middle aged body. Hairy chested and back. A paunch that has started showing a tad of muscle definition and a cock that was slightly smaller than mine which grew slightly as he watched me as we talked and showered.

He reminded me slightly of the hairy ape that had fucked me several days ago and even though it was humiliatingly painful I started to get a semi just remembering.

DeWinter saw my cock beginning to get hard and I quickly finished showering and got my towel, wondering if he thought my semi was reacting to him naked.

We dressed and left the changing room.

“My wife will be waiting in the cafeteria, let me introduce you two”

We entered the cafeteria and Mrs DeWinter was seated at a table.

“Darling this is Dominic. Dominic, Julia….Coffee?....and you Dominic?”

“Juice would be good thanks, I need to replace some fluids” I answered smiling and sat.

“You know my husband then Justin”

I smiled and replied taking in her looks. She was quite attractive. Auburn haired, her tanned face still red with exercise and a buxomy body with curves in the right places and a nice pair of tits.

“ Only met him today actually…though of course seen him on tv……oh and I voted for him”

She smiled. “ We must look after our electorate”

He returned with the drinks and we chatted more.

We got on okay and Julia asked why I came today and I said to swim.

“I would love to swim better” Julia said

“ Next time join me in the pool” I offered.

“ I would be too embarrassed in public” she looked to her husband.

“ The funny thing about this is we have a big indoor pool, but Julia being a poor swimmer is hesitant to use it by herself ……….such a waste” Justin added.

We were silent several seconds before he continued.

“I wonder Dominic, if it is no imposition could you give Julia a lesson or two at our pool to get her confident…I know it is a big ask and of course do not hesitate to say no?”.

I smiled “ Of course I would…name the date?”

“How would say tomorrow afternoon…about 6 suit?”

“Yeh that would be no problem” I replied “especially as it’s a indoor pool”.

We spoke a little more and Justin gave their address and I left feeling their eyes follow me. Seems Kathleen plan was working damnit.

I pressed the intercom and the electric gates opened and I drove onto the driveway and got out of the car. Justin DeWinter wearing slacks and pinstriped shirt met me at the front door with a handshake and a accompanying grip on my elbow as though we were old friends.

He led me through their plush house.

We approached a pair of glass doors with clear panels and I could see the pool beyond that was enclosed by a massive conservatory.

“WOW” I exclaimed at the sight. So this is how the other half lives I thought.

Julia was sitting on a lounger a white towelling robe around her.

“Dominic, so glad you could make it darling” she stood and came over to me, a broad smile on her face and gave me a peck on the cheek.

“ You must have a little drink with us before our lesson….. oh and let me take your bag” with that she took my holdall and put it on one of the loungers.

Justin was by now at the the small bar to the right of the doors we had entered.

“Martini Dominic” he smiled and brought me a glass.

“Thankyou, but remember what I am here for….teaching Julia in the pool when I am tipsy may not be ideal”

“Just one, maybe two will do no harm Dom…and I am here too…safety in numbers and all that” Justin answered.

We drank our martinis and chatted. Justin refilled our glasses several times and we all relaxed.

The conservatory was hot from the days trapped sun and the heating and the faint smell of chlorine from the pool.

I wondered how I should proceed as Kathleen would not be happy if I left with nothing for her to use on them as leverage. But they took the lead while our glasses were still half full.

Julia stood and moved to a closet against the small bar and opened it to reveal several more robes hanging on hooks plus several drawers. She opened one of the drawers and took several pieces of material from it.

“You joining us darling” she asked.

“Why not” Justin answered smiling and stood and went over to his wife who was delving in another draw.

“There you are” she handed her husband some trunks.

They walked back to the loungers.

“You do not mind if I join in Dom?”

“Course not Justin….more the merrier” I replied.

Justin looked at Julie and I saw a negligible nod.

“We are all adults here. Why should we bother going all the way to the bedrooms to change. ” Justin stated and started taking his shirt off.

“And besides, Dom and I have already seen each others cocks haven’t we Dom?” he said grinning.

“ And Julia will not be at all embarressed either will you darling……if you aren,t?”

I smiled “No, it doesn,t embarrass me”.

“Good” Justin said and took his slacks and pants off.

I shrugged and started to undress. T shirt, trainers, jeans, and as they both watched… my boxers. As I started pulling them down my semi hard from imagining seeing Julia change flopped from concealment. I also noticed Justins cock getting aroused from watching me strip too.

I reached for my holdall to get my trunks. But Justin interrupted the action.

“Dom, what do you think of my good wife?” He said and undid the front of her robe and pulled it open.

I saw Julia,s tanned body. Her tits had a slight sag from a lifetime of fighting gravity but together with her pink erect nipples looked wonderful. Her tummy was of a middle aged womans who made an effort, not rippled and not fat.

And above her actually short stocky legs a mound of triangular dark pubic hair.

I stood naked displaying a now hard on and they looking at me…

“ I do not think we will bother with costumes shall we…you” he gestured to my groin ”Would have some difficulty putting that in your speedos……nice to see your reaction to my wife though…. And you have a very nice body…and cock Dom”

“Thanks” I replied and subconsciously touched my shaft.

“May I help with that Dom” Julia said and approached with her gown still open displaying her tanned front.

She reached me and placed her hand on my erect shaft. Looking up she smiled as we made eye contact, then she moved her head forward and started kissing my left nipple as her hand gripped my cock firmer and slowly started wanking me.

She bit my erect nipple tenderly and a grunt of pleasure came from my diaphragm in reaction. I moved my hands up and slipped the robe from her shoulders letting it fall to the floor and saw Justin, my member of parliament who I had seen on television talking about the areas politics standing wanking himself slowly as he watched is now naked tanned wife with me. He was smiling.

I kissed her neck as my hands moved down her back to her round fleshy buttocks. I gripped and kneaded her arse cheeks pulling them so her cleft separated more and she responded likewise by grabbing my arse. I responded by cupping her tits and kissing them.

“Over here” Julia said breaking away, and holding my hand moved to a lounger . She turned me and pushed me down gently on the towel covered lounger so I was on my back.

She whispered in my ear.

“ Do you want to taste me……….do you want to taste what you have done to my pussy Dom. I want to feel your tongue in me”

“Yes” I replied hoarsely.

She stood and I watched as she raised a leg to straddle me revealing her hairy cunt and puffy labia lips hanging out of her cunt slightly. What a wonderful sight it was as she lowered herself towards my waiting mouth.

I smelt her musky sex as my nose nestled against her hairy pubes and started kissing and licking the outside of her cunt.

I gripped her thighs pulling them apart further so that I could enjoy her most intimate area fully.

I tasted her sweet sex and sucked on her clit.

I felt my cock being touched. Sensed a mans hand gripping it. My foreskin being moved up and down. My ball sac being carressed..and my balls being gently massaged.

My tongue entered Julia,s cunt.

I felt the wetness and breathe of a mouth going down on my hard cock.

As I was eating Julia out…giving her oral sex, I felt myself receiving oral from her husband.

Kathleen was right about their menage de trois.

Even though Kathleen forced me into having gay sex with other men for her amusement, I was still heterosexual….or believed I was.

But tasting and breathing in a warm moist cunt made no matter to me what sex the person using my cock was….it was all about the sensations my cock and balls were having.

Kathleen raised herself off me. And I looked down to see Justin,s head raising and lowering as his mouth engulfed my cock, making slurping sounds as his saliva glistened on my stiff shaft.

His wife,s hands caressed my chest making her tits droop above me. I instinctively reacted by caressing them.

She lowered her slit down to my mouth again. This time facing my body so she could see her husband working on my manhood.

I felt his finger find my sphincter as my nose between his wife,s arse cheeks was against hers.

I concentrated on the pleasure I was having exploring Julia,s cunt with my tongue as my legs were parted.

The sensation of this husband and wife who I had met only the day before using their hands and mouths exploring my naked body was erotic.

I knew Julia,s hands and mouth was now enjoying my stiff shaft as Justin used his tongue and finger on my arse hole.

I knew he was going to fuck me, but I didn,t care.

Kathleen had already coerced me to having her effeminate toyboy Paul take my arse virginity and make me do gay acts with him and had also filmed the sordid events.

And at a later party she had hosted I was the entertainment for her guests sexually. They all watched as the men used me as a cum bag repeatedly fucking my arse and mouth till they emptied their balls into me again and again.

This in turn was a walk in the park…and I was enjoying Julia.

I felt my legs being raised as I continued feasting on cunt juices. My hands were still on Julias breasts playing with her erect nipples. I felt her hands on my elbows gently restraining my upper limbs.

A finger slowly entered my arse….then a second finger.

Justin was slowly fingering my arse using 2 fingers to loosen me up for him.

It was not difficult, The men at the party had raped my arse into submission and my inner muscles did not give up too much resistance to being violated now.

I felt his cock as it touched the entrance of my anus.

One of his arms wrapped around my thigh.

He gave a grunt as he pushed the head of his prick into me. He pushed more and started moving his pelvis to and fro .

My arse muscles started to slowly relent as his hard cock inched ever more into me.

Julia started pinching my nipples and my back arched in response and Justin forced is cock into me more till he was balls deep.

My cry of pain mixed with the sexual invasion was smothered by her cunt and I tried to get air.

She relented and climbed off my mouth and I could see my legs up in the air either side of Justins face that was red with effort.

Julia moved her naked body behind her husband and started stroking and pinching his nipples and chest while nibbling is ear and neck.

“Fuck him” I could hear her whispering in his ear.

He started shoving his cock into my arse harder and faster, and always balls deep.

I was grunting and gave out cries with every thrust of him into me.

Julia was looking at me a smile on her face at my pained expression.

“ Fuck him….fuck him harder” she urged.

“Give him all you cocks got…..spurt your cum filled balls into the bitch”

Justin,s motivation from his wife made him increase his intensity and his hand was on my now hard cock wanking me in unison to his vicious thrusts.

Julia,s face showed her enjoyment as she watched me being fucked and used by her husband.

“Wank yourself Dom……wank your cock off Dom” she urged.

I was in pain,ecstacy,submissive,used….and obeyed ….. I gripped my cock from Justins hand and frantically wanked myself as he fucked my arse.

“Empty your balls for me….let me see your cum”” she urged louder. Whether directed to me, us or Justin I did not know.

All I knew was I was going to orgasm.

Then it happened almost simultaneously, I was just about to cum when I felt Justin stiffen. He grunted and I felt his cock spurting his man cum into me.

Almost immediately after his first spurt, my cum was shooting out of my balls onto my belly.

I opened my eyes after my orgasm and a now sweaty Justin was still in me.

Julia moved to him and they kissed on the lips and I felt her hand against my arse as she fondled his balls.

“Fun” she enquired.

“Yes Darling….fun” he replied and started to raise himself.

I remained on my back exhausted.

My own cum on my stomach and his cum in my arse and the taste of her still in my mouth.

“Manners dear” Julia urged.

“So sorry” Justin answered and came over to me his cock now flaccid.

He bent and started licking my cum off belly and then he sucked the tip of my cock .

“Mmmmmm” he murmured and rose again.

“ I enjoyed that, you?”.

I stammered. “Yes”

“Good,good….must do it again sometime” he enquired as though we had just had a social drink, not fucked my arse off.

“Yes we must…I would like that” I answered, wondering what Kathleen would want me to do.

Next day I met with Kathleen at a small café.

“ It worked” I told her.

“Went round for the swimming lesson, but within no time they were naked and he fucked me” I told her.

“did he have fun?”

“Yes he had fun”

“And Julia”

“ She did some face sitting on me, and so I licked her out quite a bit…she got very wet. So I would say she enjoyed it. But I think she gets off more watching her husband fucking guys” I answered.

“Yes she does”

I was surprised Kathleen knew but continued.

“So what are you planning…blackmail them?”

“Good god no….never dream of blackmailing my friends”.

“Friends” I repeated.

“Yes Dominic, Justin and Julia are friends. And they have a foible for young men. But they obviously have to be discreet. But part of the fun for them is picking up unsuspecting…err quarries rather than hiring escorts etc. So I sent you and let the rest happen. You thought you were doing the chasing…and they thought they were. Clever don,t you think”

“Devious, not clever”

“Dominic I will tell them eventually…and they will thank me as usual if you really did satisfy their needs. Julia loves watching her husband fucking his cum into young studs”

“They were satisfied then” I answered.
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