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A slow build up over a few chapters with a satisfying explosive climax in later chapters. I promise! Warning. Sexual interactions with step-daughters can be fun in stories and fantasies. In real life it is entirely different. It is often causing trauma and pain. Seek help from a professional if needed.
A few weeks later. Another Thursday night. You got it. Same as before. Katia is away for business interstate. I'm at home alone with Nadine. I’m sitting on the sofa watching anime. Again Nadine makes an appearance. “You mind?” “Sure.” She sits down next to me. Somehow I’m excited. What is she up to this time? But this time it’s different. She just sits there, next to me. Won’t lie down. She’s laughing at the anime. I’m giggling too. “Pretty fun hey?”. “Yeah” she nods back. After a few more minutes she’s lying down. I’m thinking, there she goes! And I’m not disappointed. Again, she closes her eyes and ten minutes later makes a few movements, moving her nightdress up. I’m getting a glimpse of her upper thighs. My gaze is going further up and – my heart starts beating like crazy. My dick is tingling. No panties! She’s got her legs slightly crossed and pushed together so all I can see that’s she’s shaved clean all around her bikini zone. I can’t get a glimpse of her pussy. Again, she’s moving now facing the backrest of the sofa. She’s lying on her side. She’s exposing a good portion of her butt. Incredible! I’m dreaming of seeing her pussy, feeling her. Is she wet? But I can’t see her pussy. As if she had read my mind, still lying on her side, she pulls up her legs towards her body, fetus position. Giving me a view out of a dream. I can see her pussy, shaved. Her butthole. No hair to be seen. Her butt cheeks. Round and perky. Way too hot. I’m twice her age. I can see a slight glistening around her pussy. This show is too good to be true. Again she turns, lying on her back now, eyes still closed. Her feet land again on my lap and she opens her legs a little. I can see her slit. Slightly shiny. Her heel on my dick again. I’m breathing shallowly, rapidly, my heart pumping like crazy. Adrenaline all over my body. My dick gets fuller, harder. I’m contracting the muscles of my dick. Pumping it once. This is so enjoyable. I’m looking at her face, but she’s got it turned to the side. I’m resisting not to touch her. I’d love to run my fingers over her legs, her thighs. Circle her pussy. A large circle at first. Brush against the inside of her thighs near her pussy. Then slowly but surely run my finger up and down her slit. Slightly part her lips. Feel how wet she is inside. But I won’t. That’s taking it too far.

My dick is throbbing. She must be feeling it on her foot which is still resting on my dick. I’m enjoying the moment. I’m closing my eyes, then scanning her body from her feet up to her thighs, her young shaved pussy, her nightdress, her full young breasts and her dark hair. I’m so glad that she’s doing this. It’s very wrong but somehow I’m telling myself it’s ok as long as I don’t let this escalate. After a few minutes Nadine moves again. No more feet on my lap. She’s curled up now on the sofa and seems to sleep. The nightgown has conveniently moved up so that I can see, just, from the backside, her shaved pussy and her butt cheeks and the silhouette of her butthole. The anime finishes. I really don’t want to wake her up. Just enjoy the view a little longer. Eventually I shake her shoulder gently. “Wake up, it’s bedtime”. She stretches her arms, smiles. Drowsy eyes. She gets up, gives me a hug. I hug her back. A bit longer this time. The embrace is a bit more intimate. One of my hands is resting on her upper back, the other a bit lower. I’m feeling the top of her butt cheeks. She’s pushing her petite body towards mine. No panties. I let it last for several beautiful moments and then off she goes, up the stairs, back into her room. “Good night.”

This time I’m so horny I’m briefly considering waking up Katia for sex, but I know how exhausted she always is from work. So I’m just going to the toilet. Precum is all over my dick. I’m finishing myself off. It doesn’t take long.

A few weeks later yet another Thursday night. An unusually cold one. I’m covered in my blanket on the sofa. I’m hearing the familiar tapping of bare feet on the stairs. “Can I join you?” “Of course.” I’m opening the blanket. An invitation to her. She sits next to me. I’m covering her with the blanket. A few minutes pass. “It’s so cold tonight” Nadine says. “Yeah, unusual” I reply. “Do you mind if we cuddle?” Nadine asks, looking into my eyes. I’m melting. How could I say no to that request? “Come here.” I’m smiling. I’m feeling her head resting on my shoulder. Her petite body pushing against my side. She’s pulling up her legs, her thighs against mine. It’s warm. It’s beautiful. I’m not daring to put my arm around her. A few moments later, she’s lifting my arm, resting her head on my chest and placing my arm across her. I’m feeling her breasts. Her perky, sizeable breasts. Pushing against my arm. It feels so good. I’m seeing her cleavage. A beautiful view. I’m already half-hard. I’d love to slide my hand inside her nightgown. Gently brush her nipples, waiting from them to harden. Caressing her breasts, from the tip to the base. Gee, I’d love to suck her nipples and hear her moan! I’m getting embarrassed by my horniness and I’m trying to enjoy the moment. I’m enjoying the soft feel of her breasts. I’m enjoying the anime too.

A few minutes later, she’s yawning and adjusting her position. She ends up putting her hands on my lap. Under the blanket. Her hands are a pillow for her head who’s resting on my lap now. One of her hands resting casually on my dick. I’m wearing trackpants. Thin trackpants. My dick starts pulsating. It swells slowly but steadily. She must feel it in her hand. I’m loving it. I’m putting my arm on the small of her back as if to say: “I like what you’re doing. Keep doing it”. Of course I’m not saying it out loud. She just stays there. My dick keeps throbbing against her hand. By breathing becomes slightly faster and shallower.

I’m fantasizing. It would be nice if I pulled my pants down a little. To free my dick. Her hand on it, her other hand running up and down my shaft. Between my balls. Down to my butt crack. I’d get so horny. I’d love if she took my tip in her mouth, kept going with her hands. A finger up my ass. Jiggling it gently. And kept massaging my tip with her lips, with her tongue and with hand. Taking turns. I’d love to blow my load in her mouth, but not just yet. Savour the pleasure a little longer. First I’d like to slip my finger under her nightdress. Run it up and down her slit, her clit. Part her pussy gently, feel her wetness. Her wetness is her invitation. Come in! I’d wet my finger with her pussy juice, then run it up her clit. Oh so gently. Less is more. Less pressure is more intense. Just run my finger up and down her clit. Feel her clit grow. Listen for moans. Dip my finger again into her pussy. A bit deeper. More wetness. Slide my finger back up to her clit. Dip and clit. Up and down. A bit deeper every time. Listen to her moan, her breathing becoming faster and faster. Move my finger faster and faster. Climax! Feel her contract. And then. Eventually. My turn! Finally! Blow my load inside her mouth. Twitching in her wet mouth. She sucks my dry. Swallows and gives me a kiss. My god! That would be nice. My fantasy keeps my dick hard as a rock. I’m really wondering how wet Nadine is. But I’m resisting my temptation. This is just a fantasy.

When the anime is over, I gently pat the small of her back. “Hey, it’s bedtime”. “Mmmh” She softly moans. She pushes down with both her hands to prop herself up. One hand still on my dick. Her pushing against my dick is unbearably pleasurable. I can’t help but exhale in pleasure. A bit louder than I had wanted. She’s doing her stretch, arching her back. Her breasts are rising. I’m peeking inside the cleavage one more time. How beautiful she is! Another good-night hug. Even longer now. More intimate. Almost the hug of lovers. I’m smelling her perfume, her hair, her shampoo. Floral. Sweet. Her petite body close to mine. As if in an intimate static dance. The feeling of her breasts! A few long moments pass and we part. “Good night”.

Copyright Normann Blaze 2022

Please let me know if you like the story and if you'd like me to write more chapters. It will motivate me :) thank you


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