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A slow build up over several chapters with a satisfying explosive climax in later chapters. I promise! ? Warning. Sexual interactions with step-daughters can be fun in stories and fantasies. In real life it is entirely different. It is often causing trauma and pain. Seek help from a professional if needed.
A few months later. Nothing further happened between Nadine and me. I am half happy, half sad about it. But probably it is for the better. A more normal step-family life. It’s getting warmer outside. Katia is away until tomorrow, interstate for work. She’s away more and more often. I noticed Nadine acted kind of tense over the last few days. It was another Thursday night and after dinner I was on the couch streaming a new series on TV.

I hear her steps on the upper level, but this time Nadine stops half-way down on the steps. “Frank?” her voice is vibrating slightly as if she’s nervous. “Yes, what’s up?” “Um… could you come up and help me out with something? I’ve ordered some clothes online and I’d like your opinion. Which ones to keep and which ones to return? Please?”

My heart is racing. She wants me to come up? To her room? Give an opinion on her clothes? I’m getting very nervous. This is new. Me going to her room? I’m getting tense, but there’s no denying it. I’m so attracted to Nadine, I can’t say no. She’s playing games – I can’t resist to play. “Um… ok. I’ll help you. Not that I’m a fashion guru, but I’ll do my best.” “Thank you so much! I’ll be in my room. Door’s open!” “Ok! I’m coming, just give me a moment.” “Sure”.

I’m pausing the series on TV, getting up from the sofa. What am I doing?! I’m nervously walking up the stairs. There it is. Her room. Door open. I’m approaching it. She’s hearing my steps. “Come in! I’m just changing into the clothes, I’m behind the curtain. Make yourself comfy on the chair” “Um… ok sure”. The back of her room is separated from the front of the room by a curtain. Behind the curtain there are a few open shelves and her wardrobe. The curtain starts moving a bit, then she’s parting it and stepping out. “What do you think?” she asks, posing, her hands on her hips, slightly swinging.

I’m taking in the view, bottom to top, trying not to show my nervousness, trying to keep cool. She’s barefoot, wearing active-wear leggings, very tight. Her legs are long and slim. A beautiful thigh-gap. High waisted cut of the leggings, but low enough to reveal her belly button. Electricity is running down my spine at the view of her belly. So flat, toned, but feminine and youthful. The top leaves her shoulders and arms exposed. I’m loving her slightly tanned skin. She’s so beautiful. Her hourglass figure! She’s gorgeous! “Nice!” She turns around. Her dark, long hair is swaying. What a butt! I’m trying to keep myself composed. “Looks good!” She turns back and says: “Keep or return?” “It looks great on you. Keep.” I’m smiling. “Ok. Thanks for your opinion, I appreciate it!” “Not a problem” “I’ll quickly try on the next one.” “Sure.”

She disappears behind the curtain, pulls it closed. But – I can’t believe what I’m seeing. It’s not fully closed. It’s open, just enough for me to see through the gap. Hardly believing this is true, the scene is unfolding before my eyes. She is standing, pulling down her leggings. Her naked butt cheeks, her legs. I’m seeing it all. And it’s getting better. I can’t believe my eyes! She is bending forward and I’m getting an uninterrupted view of her beautifully shaved pussy, her butthole, her amazing thighs and legs. I’m feeling as if I was dreaming. My dick is getting hard. I’m letting it happen. I’m enjoying this. It’s just too beautiful. She’s now also taking off her top and in the mirror I’m seeing, for the first time, her naked breasts. They’re sizeable for her petite body, C size cups, beautifully perky and round with small dark nipples. I’m taking in her full nudity, her stunning body. She’s slipping on some hot pants and another crop top and parting the curtains. “What about these?” she asks. Again she does a pirouette. She looks amazing. I’ve seen her friends wearing this type of outfit all the time. “Looking great. Keep!” I’m smiling again. “Thank you!” she’s smiling back. “Next one!” she’s announcing. Again she disappears behind the curtain. Again it’s not fully closed and she’s putting on a mesmerizing show. Pulling down the hot pants, bending forward, exposing her beautiful legs, pussy and asshole. Her beautiful petite body, her hourglass figure! She’s slipping off her top revealing her youthful breasts. Oh how I’d love to touch her all over her body. To kiss her everywhere! My throbbing erection is bothering me. I’m adjusting my position while I’m sitting in the large chair so that it won’t be too obvious. Lucky I’m wearing underwear beneath my track pants, it will help to conceal my hard dick. She’s putting on her next outfit. It’s a bikini. She’s putting on the bottom first, then the top. She’s parting the curtain and is stepping out. “What about his one?” Her voice is shivering a little. Her smile is slightly off. She’s nervous. I’m nervous too! And it’s very obvious why. The bikini is very revealing. Modern, high cut bottom. But the triangle at the front is small. It’s almost a micro bikini. It’s barely covering her pussy. An obvious camel toe. It’s so sexy! I’d love to just rip it off and take her right now! Her nipples are also just barely covered by the small triangles revealing the beautiful round and full shape of her breasts. “Um…” is all I’m able to say. She’s turning around and the triangle at the back of the butt is tiny too. It’s almost a string bikini. Her butt cheeks, her wonderful young body’s shape! It’s all out in the open for me to see! She’s turning back. Her nervous look is meeting mine. “I think… this one’s a bit too revealing. I’d be more comfortable if you returned it, to be honest.” Her lips start shivering. All of a sudden tears are shooting into her eyes. She’s struggling to hold the tears back. “Do you think I’m ugly?” Tears are running down her cheeks now! “No darling, of course not! Why would you say that?” “Because…” It seems like she’s holding something back. “Yes, why? You can tell me honey.” I’m feeling her inner struggle. Her mouth is opening and closing slightly but no words are coming out. A few moments later she is finally bursting out: “My boyfriend broke up with me last week!” Tears are running down her cheeks, she’s sobbing. “Oh darling!” I’m opening my arms for a hug. Before I know what’s happening, she’s sitting on my lap in my arms, pushing her near nude body against me in an intimate embrace. Her head on my chest. I can feel a little wet spot from her tears on my chest, through my shirt. Her sobbing is stopping almost immediately. I’m feeling her beautiful bare soft skin, smelling her hair. She is sitting across my lap, sideways. I didn’t notice! My hard dick is pressing directly against the bottom of her bikini. I’m feeling the softness of her pussy on my dick. I’m getting so hard, I can’t help it. My hardness is pushing against her pussy. It’s quite obvious. I’m throbbing. She must feel it. She’s adjusting her position oh so slightly. It is feeling now as if my hard dick is slightly parting her pussy lips, pushing through my undies, my thin trackpants and her micro bikini bottom, into her pussy. I can’t help but to exhale a bit too fast, a bit too loud. Giving away my pleasure. I’m noticing she’s stopped breathing for just a moment and is now also exhaling in a suppressed, soft way, as if to suppress a moan. I’m aware that this whole situation is very wrong but I can’t help myself and I’m letting it happen. “Don’t be too sad darling, these things happen. And you’ll feel better in time. There are many people who love you. Your mom loves you, I love you. Your friends love you. Don’t worry about that jerk of an ex-boyfriend! You’ll be over him in no time”. “Thank you Frank!”. She’s hugging me a bit tighter. I’m hugging her back. And I’m not sure if I’m imaging it, but it feels like she’s very slightly rocking her pussy back and forth on my still hard and throbbing dick. My track pants and her bikini bottom are so thin. It almost feels as if I’m inside her. I’m so aroused, I’m feeling pleasure streaming through my whole body. This stunningly beautiful young girl in my arms, near naked. She’s half my age! My dick is so turned on, I’m feeling as If I’m close to cumming. I don’t want this to end. I’m letting it last for a bit longer. So much pleasure! “How are you feeling darling?” “Much better.” Nadine whispers. The tone of her voice is slightly off. As if filled with pleasure. Me: “I hope I managed to give you a bit of solace today. Is it ok if I leave you to it and I’m going back downstairs?” “Sure Frank, thank you! Good night”. I’m getting up, gently pushing her off my lap and turning around quickly to hide my erection. I’m so glad when I’m closing the door of her room from the outside. I’m going into the bathroom. I am about to pull down my trackpants when I’m noticing a dark, wet stain on the pants, across my lap. I’m touching it with my finger, smelling it. I know this smell. I know this feel. It was her wetness. I’m smelling her wetness on my finger and all it takes are a few strokes to finally release myself. What a Thursday night! My step-daughter is driving me crazy!

Copyright Normann Blaze 2022

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