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On a vacation with my wife and we learned a new type of sex
So, let me explain how I got into Bestiality.

I first must tell you about my wife Linda, she was 4 years younger than me. She was about 5 foot 4 inches tall. Weighted about 95 pounds soaking wet. And had Red Hair.

I met her when I was 27 years old. When my truck that I was driving broke down in Duluth Mn. And I was stuck there for two weeks. I met her at an Army buddies house during this time at a dinner party put on by my friend’s wife.

People talk about true love, and I know most people say no such thing exists. But I fell for Linda, from the first minute I saw her and never regretted it. I married her two weeks after I met her. And we were married for over 29 years. I never regretted a minute. But I lost her to a drunk driver. So much for the sad stuff.

Linda was always very adventurist when it came to sex. She was how can I put it a Nymphomaniac. I guess is a good way. It seems like she was always horny. Which was not a bad thing. And for such a petite lady she could do stuff that would make you cum in your shorts.

And for the first two years of our Marriage, we lived in a Big Rig travelling around hauling freight. Some of my best memories.

Well so how did I get into Bestiality with my wife. Well first it was not my idea it was Linda’s. It had all started when we had been married over 10 years. We were no longer traveling. We had bought a small fleet of trucks. We had bought a home. And settled into life. We were happy had our own business and was doing good.

Well, it was Vacation time for us. So, we tried to decide what to do for our 10 days of vacation we took every year. We both had been thinking about it hard and decided. We have a friend Ray, him and his wife have a cabin up on the Minnesota Canadian Border on Lake Superior. And it would be beautiful this time of the year. Quiet, far enough away from any town. But not so far away that we could not drive in and pick up supplies.

I called Ray the next day to see if we could use the cabin. But as I was getting ready to ask Ray. He said who would have thought, I was just getting ready to call you. So, he proceeded to tell me how him and his wife Mary. Had decided to go on a Cruise for their Vacation. And he was wondering if me and Linda would be able to take care of their place and their dog Sparky for them. So, I ask him when, and he said in 10 days. They would be gone for 28 days.

Well, me and Linda had planned our vacation to start in two weeks. So, I told him about our plans.

As Ray said that we could use the Cabin alright, that was no problem. But they just would not let them take the Dog on the Cruise. I told him I was sorry, so he said he would find someone else., and to stop and pick up the keys to the cabin tomorrow.

I went home and told Linda about getting the Cabin. She asked me if there had been any problems, I told her no, and explain about Ray and Mary needing a Doggy Sitter. See we had Doggy Sit before for them. So, Linda said but why can we not watch Sparky.

The dog has been to the cabin on several other occasions, the dog even has its own bed at the cabin. I agreed, why not.

So, I called Ray and asked him if they had any luck finding a Doggy Sitter yet. He told me no. And that Mary was all upset because it looked like they were going to have to put the Dog in a Kennel. I told him that me and Linda had talked about it. And that we had decided that we would watch Sparky and just take him with us to the cabin.

Both Ray and Mary were so happy. Ray said thank you and that they owed us big time. I told them to forget about it since they were letting us use their Cabin. Well Linda picked up Sparky, and the keys the day before Ray, and Mary left for their cruise.

All I know was Linda had something up here sleeve, and she would not tell me about it. I had noticed these packages arriving from these Sex Shops, and Erotic Boutique shops. Also, that she had spent almost $500.00 in the last week. But all she would tell me is that she would show me when we got to the Cabin.

Well needless to say those last few days seem like years. We finally were on our way. We just had to stop and pick up food and other supplies. It was a long four-hour drive. But when we arrived at the cabin it was so beautiful.

The sun was just setting, so I ran to the power box and got the power turned on. Then proceeded to get the cabin ready. Stuff like getting the well pump going for running water, starting the Hot Water Heater. Since the hot water heater was electric, we knew there would not be any hot water for a while. We proceeded to open the Cabin up and air it out. I then moved all our luggage into the bedroom. And then I hauled all the Groceries into the Kitchen.

This was when Linda started to put all the Groceries away and started to get the kitchen in order. I just stood there and watched. She was wearing this little sun dress that barely covered her ass. And on top of that she was not wearing any panties. So anytime she would bend over, are climb up on the step ladder to put something on a high shelf. I would get a show. I would start whistling, panting, and telling her how lovely she was.

She finally asked if I had anything else to do. I told her no, not that could not wait till later. She then told me to go watch something on TV, she said with that Satellite Dish and all those channels that I should be able to find something to watch. I told her I was perfectly fine with what I was watching now. She just laughed and told me to go, otherwise she would never finish the unpacking, and setting up the kitchen.

She got me a glass with some ice in it and I poured myself some Old Jack and headed out on the sun porch. God how I had forgotten how beautiful it was here at this Cabin. See I had offered to buy it from Ray, and Mary several times before. But they knew what they had and would not sell it. But at least me and Linda had full use of the place pretty much anytime we wanted.

Linda finished with the kitchen and then joined me out on the porch. So, I refreshed my drink and got Linda one also. She could drink and hold her whiskey with best of us. The only thing is it sure gets her motor going, and I mean supercharged.

Well about that time Sparky came in through his Doggy Door and headed in to get some water. He then returned and jump up on the swinging chair with both me and Linda. It did not bother us because the swing was designed for four people. See Sparky was not a Big Dog, he went about 35 pounds and stood about 2 ½ feet from the floor to his back. Now what kind of Dog was Sparky? All Ray would ever say was he is Heinz 57, and spoiled rotten. Then he would laugh.

It seemed one day that Mary and he had stopped by an Animal Shelter, and Mary spotted this puppy. She then fell in love and had to have him. Ray said he caved in and let her get the Dog. He said he would have like the Bassett Hound next to him more. But what could he say, he just wanted to make Mary happy?

Well, I started to ask Linda about some of these things she had been hiding from me. As I said to her, we were at the Cabin now. She just laughed and said you will see. Oh well, she had me. Besides it was getting late, and we were both pretty tired, so we went to bed.

I woke up in the morning, with Linda next to me all sprawled out. I decided to let her sleep. I went downstairs and proceeded to make the coffee. I then went out and move the car into the Garage. And got out the all-terrain cart for running around in the woods with.

I proceeded inside then, and I could smell the bacon cooking. Linda had gotten up and started breakfast. I headed for the kitchen, and then out came Sparky with two strips of Bacon in his mouth. He was headed for that Doggy Door as fast as the Bank Robber heading for the getaway car.

I ask Linda what happen did he steal the Bacon, if so then I would discipline him for it. She just laughed at me and told me no she had given it to him. She said he just sat there with this poor look in his eye. Linda said she just could not say no to that sad look he was giving her. Okay, I told her just as long, as he did not steal it. We did not want to be teaching him any bad habits after all.

I asked Linda what she wanted to do today. She said she had not planned anything. I told her I could think of a few things. She just said wait till later, it will be more then you can handle. I told her how beautiful she was and that she was driving me crazy. She said OKAY and to just wait until after breakfast.

We had finished Breakfast and headed upstairs. Linda took me into the bedroom, and she handed me this box. She then opened the closet doors. And there must have been 8 boxes in there. Different shapes and sizes. She informed me that I got to choose which box to open. I could open the one I had, are trade it for another one. She also informed me that just because it was a big box, it did not mean that there was something big in it.

I looked around the closet and put down the small box she had given me and chose a middle sized one. She told me to set down and open it. I did as she said. I looked inside and there was a piece of paper.

I unfolded it, and it was a ticket for an exotic performance from Linda of my chose. It said I could use it are be kept for later. I decided to keep it for later. So, Linda did give me a sucking that I will never forget then. That was one thing she was good at. And that was giving head. I swear that Girl could suck the chrome off a Bumper.

We both got cleaned up and dressed. Linda said she wanted to go into the woods and see if there were still any of the flowers left. She said she want some for the cabin. So, me, Linda, and Sparky got into the ATV and head into the woods. We knew of a place where there were usually these wildflowers all through spring summer, and fall. When we got there sure enough there was some flowers, so Linda had me cut some for the Cabin. Then Linda said she was a little tired so we all three headed back to the Cabin.

Linda told me to put the flowers in a vase with some water and that she was going to go upstairs and take a nap. So, I did as I was told.

While Linda took a Nap I kind of tinkered around the Cabin fixing a few things that needed some attention. It was quiet, and quite relaxing. So, I made myself a drink and set down to watch a movie.

I had fallen asleep, and when I woke up Linda was cooking diner. She had started the Barbeque And was grilling the steaks. I prepared us both a drink and headed out to where the Barbeque was.

Linda saw me and made a comment about how she was not ever going to get any satisfaction if I was going to sleep all the time. Then she laughed and swatted my rump with the specula she had in her hand.

We set at the Dining table and ate our dinner. Sparky just set there looking at Linda and kind of whining. I could tell he wanted some of the steak. And before long Linda cut him off a chunk and gave it to him. I could tell he sure had Linda under his control. I just laughed and she informed me he should get some to. I told her he will get the bones after we finish. She just said, it was hers and if she wanted to share, she could.

We finished dinner and then I went into the living room. I prepared us another drink while Linda cleaned up after dinner. I went out and got some wood to start a fire in the fireplace. I wondered what Linda had planned for me that night?

So, after three glasses of Old Jack as Linda and me set there on the couch listening to some music. Just enjoying our time together. We both were starting to feel the Whiskey. So, Linda suggested we go upstairs. I asked her if I would get to open another box? She just laughed and said if I was a good boy. We headed upstairs and headed for the Bedroom.

When we got there Linda proceeded to get naked, then she opened the Closet door. She told me to pick out a box. Boy what a decision. I knew Linda and she could be sneaky. So, I picked a large box not the largest, but it was still a good sized one. She, ask me now are you sure that is the Box you want? Boy, I thought she really does like to tease me. I told her yes.

Linda then told me to open it. When I opened it there was an even smaller box? So, I opened that one. This happen three times before I got to a box that was about the size of a carton of cigarettes. When I opened it there was this fishnet bodysuit that I had seen that I loved. I had told Linda how much I wanted to see her in it. But she said that she would look at it and let me know. I never heard anything about it again. Linda just laughed and said that I probably had thought she had forgotten about it. She then told me to go downstairs. Turn on some music grab the bottle of Whiskey, and clear off the coffee table.

About ten minutes later she came down the stairs, in the Fishnet bodysuit. She then proceeded over to me. She handed me the remote control for her set of vibrating ball she had inserted into her pussy. She then proceeded to do a sexy dance on the coffee table for me. Boy was I in heaven.

She was dancing on that table like one of the dancers down at one of those strip clubs. But when I would get ready to touch her, she would say not yet that is what the remote is for. All I can say is I broke the button on the remote in about 15 minutes. But I could tell she was past being horny. About 30 minutes had passed, and she said that she needed some attention from me.

She set down on the coffee table and spread her legs. Since the outfit was crotchless I jump in and started with my tongue. Then moved up and started kissing her. Then moved back to her pussy. I was happy as an 18-year-old boy with unlimited credit at a whore house.

After about another 30 minutes of this we decided to head back upstairs. To the bedroom where I pounded her good that night.

When I woke up the next morning early. I had noticed that the Cabin was kind of chilly, so I went and checked the thermostat. It said that it was 58 degrees, and the thermostat was set for 65. I proceeded on down into the basement to check the furnace. Since it was electric it seems that the heating element had burned out. I do know some about furnace, and AC unit. I thought no big deal I will just start a fire in the fireplace, and there was an appliance parts store in the local town. And it was a pretty popular heating element. They would probably have one.

I spent all that day of my vacation at the cabin fixing the furnace. I was so worn out after dinner that I just took a shower and fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning and was kind of upset that the previous day had been like it was. But that is when I told myself I was not going to let it ruin the rest of my vacation. I went downstairs got the coffee going. Went down in the basement to check the furnace everything was fixed. I did need to head back into town that day to return some parts I did not need.

Linda got up fixed breakfast and ask what I had planned for the day. I told her nothing really that I had to run into town and return some parts but other than that nothing.

About that time Sparky the dog came in and started to whine at Linda. She told him she would get him something to eat in a minute. She said that it was good that I had to go into town because she needed to get some supplies that we were running low on. I said, why do you not make a list and I will pick it up. She said no that she wanted to go into town.

I reminded her of the dog, and what were we going to leave him here all by himself? She just laughed and said of course not, that he had a leash. He could go into town with us. It was about that time that I made a joke about maybe she loved that Dog more than me. Look he comes in and whines, and you jump up and he get whatever he wants that minute. She kind of looked at me, and I had a grin on my face. She then just laughed and said, “well he is just a poor little doggie”.

We went into town that morning. Linda had seen this little Doggie Park and she wanted to take Sparky I dropped them off.

I went and returned the parts, and came back to pick them up, I looked around I could not find them. I was getting a little worried it had only been about 45 minutes. Then I heard Linda, she said there was this coffee shop not too far from the park she had heard about from this lady who was there walking her dog. So, she went and tried it out.

We then loaded up and headed for the Grocery store. Linda said I should wait in the car with Sparky. And that she would be right out. I was setting there waiting I noticed that Sparky sure was worked up about something. He would run around the car and bounce off the windows. Then he would just stop and start whining. Then he would run around the car bouncing off the windows again.

I set there and waited for Linda to finish she finally got done about 15 minutes later. But it did seem like hours. We then proceeded back to the cabin. Sparky had climbed up on Linda’s lap and went to sleep.

When we got to the cabin, I proceeded to unload the Groceries. Linda had let Sparky off his leash. And he followed her into the kitchen to put the Groceries away. Well as I brought in the last bags, here was Ole Sparky trying to hump Linda leg.

I proceeded over to swat him and tell him no. Then Linda said that it was not his fault, and that some lady had brought her Dog to the Park that was in heat. I thought great, after remembering how some of the Dogs we had acted were when I was growing up, and some other dog went into heat in the area.

I remember one night me and my dad, had chased down our German Shepherd. He was over 2 miles from our house. And when we found him, he was knotted up with this female dog. Well about all my father said was that this explained everything.

I wondered if the rest of my Vacation was going to be spent hunting down Sparky now. Linda said not to worry about it, and he would be over it in a few days. Sparky ran around that cabin barking at the doors. See I had closed off the Doggie Door because I really did not want to be chasing him around looking for him.

When he would bark, and Growl at the door I thought well maybe he needed to do his thing. Like pee, or poop. I would put the leash on him and take him outside.

But that was not the problem and trying to get the dog back inside was a chore. We had dinner in peace. See I had lock Sparky in the Basement. That way he would be out of sight, and we could barely hear him.

But Linda was not too fond of this idea, and she was giving me the cold shoulder. I sat her down after dinner and ask her what I should do. I did not want to be mean to the dog, but I just did not want to be chasing him all over the countryside either.

She said it is not his fault, and how would I like it if she treated me like that when I was horny. I kind of thought about it and went and open the basement door. Oh well what could I say she was right after all.

I was hoping that Linda had forgiven me and that I would get me some tonight. I had even moved Sparky’s bed up into our bedroom.

Linda, said this was awful nice of me, and that she had forgiven me. She then proceeded to get undress and I proceeded to eat her pussy. After she had start getting wet and my tongue was doing 80 mph Sparky jumps up on the bed. He was trying to push my head out of the way so he could get a taste, I guess.

As I stop to say something he moved in and started licking away. That was when I grab him and tossed him off the bed. It was not hard, but Linda said why did you do that? I said I thought you would want me too.

Linda said she had read some stuff about the relationship’s women had with their Dogs. I had never really heard about it except from some of the truck driver at truck stops when I first started driving.

Linda proceeded to tell me more about it. I was finding I was getting pretty turned on by this stuff. So, I ask her how she felt about it? She said that what little he had licked her felt pretty good. I really was surprised, I guess. But I knew Linda and she never did want to see any male suffer from not getting any.

She said to help him back on the bed to show that I was not mad at him. And that we would see where it led too.

Linda laid back and me and Sparky proceeded to go to town on her pussy. She was moaning, bucking and groaning in no time. She proceeded to jerk my cock as I let Sparky have it to himself. There was one thing you could say about Linda she did love her Orgasms, and she was known for being multi-orgasmic. She would just keep Cumming until she passed out, then she would wake back up a few seconds later wanting more.

This had been going on for about an hour, and Linda had already passed out three times. She asks me to put Sparky in the Bathroom for a minute that she needed to talk to me.

I did as she asked poor Sparky just scratched at that door and howled. I mean you could have heard this howl a mile away. She asked me to sit down on the bed.

I set down and she ask me how I felt about her sucking Sparky off an giving him a hand job. She said that maybe we would get some sleep then that night. I thought about it. I told her it did not bother me. And that all that mattered was what she wanted and made her happy.

She then told me to let him out. I had noticed that at one time during the night that his penis was out, and it did not look no bigger than mine. He jumps up on the bed and Linda laid on her back. She kind of laid him on her belly as she let him go back to doing his job on her pussy. Then she proceeded to lure his penis out of the sheath. I will tell you this it was not hard. It only took her about 5 minutes. Then she started to work that magical mouth of hers. It was not long and Ole Sparky was pumping his penis into her mouth with a force I had never seen before. She gagged a couple times but kept up. As this was going on, I had climbed up on the bed and proceeded to pump Linda’s pussy full of my cum. I will say it did not take long.

After Sparky finished, he jumps off the bed. He then went and laid down on his bed on the floor. And proceeded to lick his penis.

I then ask Linda about the whole evening. All she said was she was exhausted, and we would talk about it in the morning after we got up.

I slept in the next morning. I was kind of exhausted from the night before. When I woke up Linda was already up. She was in the Kitchen cooking breakfast. I did not know what to expect since what had happened the night before.

I headed downstairs to the kitchen, and here was Linda kind of dancing around and singing and smiling. I came around the corner and gave her a peck on the cheek. She told me to set down. She poured me a cup of coffee, and that she would have my breakfast in a few minutes. I looked down, and there was ole Sparky. He had 4 sausage links in his bowl.

It sure is funny how jealousy can sneak up on you. I was starting to be a little jealous. I caught myself and just blew it off. This was when Linda came out with my plate of food. I had four sausage links also. But one thing, I had eggs, home fries, and toast with mine. And Ole Sparky did not have any of this stuff. We sat there and ate our breakfast.

There was one thing I could tell Ole Sparky sure had mellowed out since yesterday. He proceeded to go outside since Linda had opened the doggie door again.

We set there I was kind of wanting to talk about last night but was not sure how to start. That was when Linda told me how much she liked last night. And that she would like some more.

I thought great, it also had turned me on. She then said that she had read about the Dogs mounting the women. I was really getting turned on by this. She said she wanted to try it out. I just could not believe my luck.

I informed her I was okay with it if she was. We started to talk about it. I did not know anything about it. As in how to do it are even how to get started. She informed me she knew a little, but not much. She said that we would just let nature take its course in the evening.

The day seem like it was never going to end. We finally had dinner and went out in the living room for some drinks. This was when it all got started.

Linda had gone upstairs and put on her little sundress with no panties on. She just set there on the couch while I got her all hot and horny by playing with her pussy. It was after about 15 minutes that Sparky came running in and jump up on the couch. He proceeded to lick at her pussy with that magical tongue of his. It would sure make Linda do things I could not. I looked over at her and asked her how she was doing?

She would start moaning then suddenly, she would start whimpering. I had never seen her do this. And I was worried something was wrong.

After a couple minute she opened her eyes and told me she was great, and that Ole Sparky was getting that tongue up in her to place I never been able to get my tongue. Then she informed me that she thinks that he would start nibbling on her pussy, or at least that what it felt like. She said this drove her crazy. Sparky Penis had become unsheathed a little. She rolled over on her stomach, but this made her pussy so that Sparky could not get to it. And if she got on her knees, it would make it too high.

She then rolled back on to her back but with her legs spread it just made her pussy to low. This was when I came up with the idea of getting a pillow and placing it under her butt. This raised it up just enough so he could get to it.

Linda was in heaven, and so was sparky. But every time he would go to mount her, he would just miss the hole. After a while Ole Sparky went back and laid down and started to lick his penis. Linda was kind of bummed out. She told me she had been looking forward to this all day. I told her I was sorry.

It was then that she informed me that she had found out from the night before that Sparky penis would grow to sizes bigger than mine. I thought about this. I told her it was still up to her. I then brought up the Dog knot thing.

She told me she had thought about this also, and that she was hoping that it was going to happen. See this was one of the things she was looking forward to. Linda did have a thing about stretching her pussy out.

We just set there, and I made us each a drink. Then I started thinking about the problem at hand. I asked her what if I was to grab his penis and guide it into the hole. She thought about this gulped down her drink and laid back down on the floor.

She placed the pillow under her butt and spread her legs. Sparky came over and proceeded to give her pussy a tongue lashing. She was Cumming all over the place. This was when Sparky jump up on her belly to mount her. She told me quick to grab his penis and guide it into her pussy. When I tried to grab his penis, he would just nip at my hand. Hey, all I was trying to do was help him out.

It was about this time that I thought about the night before. See Linda was telling me to hurry up and put his penis into her pussy. See he would jump up hump at the air for about 30 seconds then go back to licking her pussy again. It was at this time that I told her how he would nip at my hand. And that since she had given him a hand job the night before maybe she should try.

The next time he jumped up and started humping the air she grabbed his penis. And sure, enough he did not nip at her hand. She started to guide it to her pussy, when she got the tip in, he then started pounding it like he was a jackhammer.

Then Linda start moaning then he slipped out. He would then go back to licking her pussy. And start all over again. After about 30 minutes and a dozen are so tries. Ole Sparky went and laid down on the floor again where he proceeded to lick his penis.

Linda got up off the floor, and I prepared us another drink. We talked about it. She said she loved how it was hotter than my penis was in temperature. She said she loved how he would just pound the hell out of her pussy. She was just not happy that it would not stay in. So, she could get a real good pounding from him.

Oh well I had tried about everything I could think of. Maybe it was just not meant to be. We went to bed, and I worked her over with one of her huge Dildos. And then she sucked me off. We then went to sleep.

I woke up the next morning, went downstairs and made some coffee. I still had the problem about Sparky being able to mount Linda. I wanted it to happen so bad because she wanted it. I set there and drank some coffee and thought about it.

I came up with this idea about maybe finding something that I could roll up, then tape. And use it instead of a pillow maybe by moving this up her back some would change the angle of the pussy. Hey, it was a thought.

Linda woke up later that morning and I made us breakfast. She was just brokenhearted that we had not succeeded the night before. I told her about my new Idea. She kind of ponder it over for a few minutes an said maybe it was just not meant to be. She ate her breakfast and then went back to bed. I was kind of down since she was.

I knew I had to do something about this, I did not like seeing Linda down like this. So, I went out in the garage to see what was out there. I had found this set of sheep skin seat covers for a car. They had never been opened. I found some duct tape, and some industrial scissors. I was still thinking about the Idea of changing the angle of the pussy a little and see if that would help.

I trimmed up a seat cover and rolled it up to be about the size of a rolled-up beach towel. I thought what the hell, it was worth a try. I headed back to the cabin and into the bedroom. I showed my new idea to Linda. She got a glimmer of hope back in her eyes.

She started talking about it a hundred miles an hour. Her mood had sure changed. And she was already to give it a try. She put on her little sun dress and we headed downstairs where Sparky was.

She set down and I proceeded to play with her pussy getting it all wet. Sparky looked up from the corner of the room and came over and started to lick her pussy. Sparky was to the point where his penis had started to stick out a little bit of the sheath.

Linda got down on the floor, she placed the rolled-up seat cover under her lower back upper butt. Sparky proceeded to do a tongue job on that pussy. After about 5 minutes he jump up on her and she grabbed his penis and tried to guide it in. But it seems that the seat cover would just not lift her butt far enough off the floor.

Her pussy was just to low for Sparky to get into. It was about this time that Linda said well why can we not use both items the pillow, and the rolled-up seat cover? I thought about it and said there is no reason we cannot.

Linda tried that but it only seems to move here pussy to high with the rolled-up seat cover. I thought about it I wondered if we had a less fluffy pillow. Well we did not.

Linda was starting to look like she had lost all hope again. I told her to just wait a minute and let Sparky work that pussy over with that tongue of his. She just kind of smiled. I grabbed the pillow and told her that I still had one more seat cover that I could fold up and cut any way I wanted. She just looked at me with this smile of hope on her face. I headed for the garage. When I got there, I took the other seat cover out. And instead of rolling it up I folded it in several different ways. I found this one way that when placed next to the pillow it had about the same area as the pillow but was about two inches shorter. This was how I taped it up. And headed back to the cabin with it. I showed it to Linda, and she just said that between the fold up and rolled up seat cover this just might work. All I can say was I sure had gotten awful horny from this whole thing with the dog over last few days.

Linda laid down on the floor again, placed the folded-up seat cover under her butt, and the rolled up one under her lower back and upper butt area. Sparky came over and proceeded to give her pussy a tongue lashing. She was starting to cum, she was moaning and groaning. This is when Sparky jump up on her stomach and tried to mount her. She grabbed his penis and guided it into her pussy. She let out a yelp, as the tip enter her, and Sparky started to jack hammer away at her pussy. This lasted about a minute then he jumped down and started to lick her pussy again.

Boy was I disappointed. I thought we had it this time. I asked Linda if she had any ideas. In between gasp for air she said that she thought we were close. She reached down and moved the rolled-up seat cover a little further up her back. Then laid back.

Sparky had been giving her pussy another licking. She was so worked up and horny. I thought what happens if this does not work? How am I going to satisfy her?

Again, Sparky jump up on her stomach to mount her. She reached down and guided the tip of his penis into her pussy. Linda let out a scream as Sparky started to jackhammer away at her pussy. After about a minute she started to cum harder than I had ever seen her cum before. I thought with the way she is shaking she is probably producing enough power to light up New York City. It was when she stops shaking, that I asked her if everything was okay. She just kind of look at me and nodded her head. It seems that we had gotten everything right this time.

I had never seen anything like this, here was my wife with this dog fucking the hell out of her. She was just Cumming almost none stop now. And the Dog just keeps pounding her pussy so hard.

This is when she started to cry, I got a little worried and went to ask her if she was okay. But before I could say anything. Linda shouted out, “Sparky pump mommy’s pussy full of that dog cum. destroy it, harder, deeper” it was about this time that she passed out. She was out about 45 seconds. When she came too Sparky had stopped jack hammering her pussy. He was just pumping it full of his cum now.

She just kept Cumming, she even passed out another three times. They stayed like this for about 10 minutes then Sparky came out of her pussy. And Dog cum squirted everywhere. This was when I had noticed that Sparky penis was about two inches longer than mine, and about twice as big around.

Linda just laid there shaking, moaning, groaning, and trying to catch her breath. It took her about 15 minutes to get herself together. She climbs up on the couch next to me. And gave me a big kiss and said thank you. It was the best thing I had ever did for her. She then went upstairs and took a shower and laid down.

Linda took about a three-hour nap. I was kind of anxious for her to get up. I had a lot of questions. When she got up, I had started dinner. She came down and set down to eat. We ate dinner, I even gave Sparky a hamburger patty he sure had earned it. Linda just laughed and said see I told you. You are just and old softy.

Well, we finished dinner I told Linda to go in and set down that I would do the dishes. Well after I was done, I made us both a drink and went in to chat with Linda. Boy did I have some questions.

But before I could ask one. She started to talk about how it was just so much better than she had thought. How the way that his penis grew in her. And the depth that he was hitting. She just could not quit talking about it. I asked her, so was it everything that you wanted then? She just looked at me and smiled.

She then started talking again about how the dog’s penis, and cum were hotter than mine, and how she loved this so much. And how it seems to just heat, her pussy up and make her cum harder.

She then talked about the force that Sparky used to pump her pussy with. The jack hammering effect. And how she loved to have here pussy stretched and beat up. I never really did get to ask her much about it she was answering all my question with telling me all about it.

I asked her what about me now. I have needs also. She just looked at me and took my penis out. And then she proceeded to ride it until I came.

This went on for the next 3 days at the cabin. It seems like every time I would come it to the Living room there would be Linda, with Sparky the dog pounding the shit out of her pussy.

Our vacation had come to an end, and we were headed home. Linda was a little depressed. I asked her why. She said that she knew she was going to have to give sparky back in about 2 weeks.

I just told her not to worry about it. We would deal with that when it happened. Besides she still had 2 weeks for Ole Sparky to just pound the shit out of her pussy.

Well, the 2 weeks seem to pass quick. And then we were returning Ole Sparky back to Ray, and Mary. This really did have Linda down. What was there I could do? I thought about it for a few minutes.

It was not that hard of a problem to fix. So, I went home told Linda to be ready in the morning. That I had something special for her.

The next day I came home at noon. I grabbed Linda, and we headed down to the doggie shelter. Linda was kind of bummed out, so I told her look around pick out a dog. It would be yours. If there was not one there she liked, then there were other shelters. Well, there was nothing at that shelter that day.

It was about a week later that when we went to this shelter in this other town. We were just about to leave when they brought this 1-year-old Saint Bernard out. Linda saw this dog and instantly fell in love. I reminded her that this was a big dog. And she was a small petite lady. She just told me she could take anything that was thrown at her.

We adopted this dog. Linda named it Tiny. Linda and Tiny together now there are some story. For some other time

So please do not judge my story to hard remember I am not an writer. I am just an old retired truck driver.
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