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Here I am an average straight male, waiting in a dental chair for a consult about a dental implant. Unaware that the next 30 minutes will be spent training my gag reflex for some perverted sex club (revealed in next chapter) I don't know exists.
I lost a tooth, no biggie it's just a tooth you'd think. Let me tell you, you lose a molar in your 40's, your tongue doesn't know what to do. I've been biting my tongue now for months, not fun. I mention this to the hygienist who cleans my teeth, and she tells me I should get an implant. One consult with my dentist later, he agrees, and his office sets up an appointment with an oral surgeon.

A month has gone by, time for my appointment. This is just a consult, I'm expecting some paperwork, someone poking around my mouth, and some x-rays to see if I'm a good candidate or not. The check in goes smooth, I fill out a dozen pages of consents and acknowledgment of terms-of-services forms. Then they bring me back and park me in a dental procedure chair for the consult. This is where something went wrong, or right, hard to say, but I ended up being totally into it.

A nurse comes in, says nothing while she washes her hands in a sink to my right. She then addresses me as Mr. Michael, "Mr. Michaels, this is going to be fun for both of us.”

I thought how cute, my names Michael Johns, it's like when my kids were in grade school. Their friends and classmates would call me Mr. Mike.

I glance at her name tag, and respond, "Miss Trisha, I hope so. I hear this can be uncomfortable, so I'm a little nervous."

Miss Trisha as I'm now calling her was in her 30's, with green eye's, jet black hair, full lips, a strong nose, and an adorable round face. She was wearing a snug white lab jacket over a set of bright red scrubs.

"You don't need to be shy with me." She then looks me straight in the eye and lowers the zipper on the front of her lab jacket past her ample bosom. The red scrub top she was wearing must have been two sizes too small. The top half of her breasts were nearly falling out. The neckline was just above her areola's and bit an inch into her tit flesh, making her decolletage obscene in the best possible way. She must have been pleased with the look on my face, because she smiled crookedly and winked at me. "There, now you have something to look at when you feel nervous."

I didn't know what to say so I just swallowed and kept my mouth shut. Which turned out to be the opposite of what I needed to do next. Miss Trisha jiggled over to my side, using the foot pedals to position me in a sitting posture with my head a little below hers. Pressing her soft boobs against my arm she leans over me and tells me to open up.

I open my mouth thinking this is the weirdest check-up-consult I've ever had. I had no idea how weird it was about to get.

Miss Trisha didn't look in my mouth at all. She just stared into my eyes, "Tongue out, Mr. Michaels.”

Confused but curiously entertained I obligingly stuck my tongue out.

“Not so much, pull it back to cover your bottom front teeth and push out your lower lip, like this.”

I could barely see her mouth, but endeavored to adjust my oral orifice in the desired configuration.

“Good job, you're so cute like that.” She then stroked my temple and smiled down at me.

What an odd thing for her to say and do. I liked being called cute and the contact was soothing, but why? I mean, I'm not hideous or anything, but this is a consult for a dental implant. She's flirting hard, I just don't have that affect on people. This is starting to feel like.. like, something that happens to other people. Decision time, go with the flow or ask her what's going on? The tingling in my pants says go with the flow, so I do.

“You're looking a little uncomfortable,” said Miss Trisha as she proceeded to remove her lab coat, “better?”

Now her giant breasts were properly on display. The jacket was squeezing them together and hid the fact that the scrubs had some give in them. It was like her boobs went up a cup size if that was possible. My mouth already open, gaped a little more at the sight before me. I must have looked calmer because I earned a smirk and a wink from her.

As if things weren't surreal enough she begun her examination of my mouth, or so I thought that was her intent. She proceeded to probe my mouth with first one, than two fingers. At first I thought fun time is over, we're getting to work now. But after almost a minute of her just sliding her two fingers in and out of my mouth along the entire length of my tongue I began to think different. The sensation on my tongue was incredible. (Go wash your hands and try it, tongues have a ton of nerve endings.)

All of this was having an affect on me. Her boobs were still squished against my arm, her face still hovered above, her green eye's looking into mine. Slippery wet fingers sliding in and out of me. I had the boner of all boners. My dick, went from flaccid-penis to throbbing-cock in that minute. Miss Trisha must have noticed. She asked me to turn my head towards her. Her fingers left my mouth; I missed them instantly. Those same fingers relocated themselves to my dick pressing against my blue jeans. She then glanced at her left hand and must of determined them to be too dry. She shoved them first into her mouth, and I mean stuffed. She jammed three fingers all the way into her mouth. She must of been hitting the back of her throat. She worked her hand in and out a little for a few seconds, pulled them out and inspected them. They were now slick with spit and had little bridges of spit connecting them.

"Open up, tongue out".

I was going with the flow up to this moment and hadn't processed what was happening. I took inventory of the situation, Miss Trisha wasn't wearing gloves and had just slobbered all over her hand. She wants to put those fingers into my mouth. Her massive tits are pressed against my arm while her right hand is firmly pressed against my denim covered cock. I opened up and stuck my tongue out a little, far enough to cover my bottom teeth and no further. Those three fingers glide up my tongue and slid back out at a soothing cadence. It was kind of relaxing. My boner seemed to pulse with each inward stroke.

“You've just been upgraded from cute to beautiful.”

If there had been any spare blood supply it would have flushed my cheeks

I have no idea what we're doing, what's the end game? Do I need a safe word? Will I end up in court for harassment? All pertinent questions; I realized I didn't care about the end game, I don't want a safe word, and how can I be the harasser when I'm the one choking on someone's fingers? Choking? Oh no that's a gag reflex I'm feeling!

Miss Trisha must have been expecting it, she pulled her fingers back a little.

"You're doing wonderful, sweetheart. Go ahead and close your mouth, suck my fingers, then swallow a few times."

I did as instructed and immediately felt better.

"That's your nasty gag reflex. You and I are going to spend the next 20-30 minutes training it."

Confused, I simply nod. Not like I could verbalize much while sucking on Miss Trisha's sexy fingers.

"In the beginning it's good to have the right posture. That's why I have you sitting up. With practice you could be in any position you like.", Miss Trisha is still rubbing and squeezing my hard-on as she explains what it is we're doing. I'm still sucking lightly on her fingers. I was wondering what those fat nipples poking her scrubs would feel like in my mouth.

"You watched me throat my fingers when I switched hands. Next I'm going to do the same to you." My eye's must have shown alarm because she paused long enough to further explain.

"It's better I go fast. The gag reflex is worst when there is something just at your uvula. If I quickly push past it the sensation will not be as strong.", She paused to let that sink in before continuing. "Do you trust me?"

Her right hand was still massaging my turgid cock; of course I was going to nod yes.

She pulled her left hand out of my mouth; why does that leave me feeling empty and a little sad? She then spit on it, twice. Told me to open up; which I did. I also put my tongue in place without being told, earning another smile and compliment, “Darling, you are going to break a lot of hearts.” She then leaned up close to me and spit into my waiting mouth.

I was shocked. So shocked I barely noticed her slicked fingers reaching the back of my throat. She held them there starring into my eyes. I felt a little retch trying to build, but fought it down. My eyes were beginning to blur with tears before she quickly slid her fingers out of my mouth.

Her right hand is still on my cock, rubbing me through my jean, "That was wonderful Mr. Michaels. You're doing splendid! The way you powered through those tears is so hot and your puffy red eyes look so sexy I'm getting wet between my legs seeing you be so strong. Let's practice with my hand a few more times before we move on to the instruments."

She was so happy with me, she seemed almost proud. I liked it. I liked how that made me feel. I wanted to continue pleasing her. I wanted her validation so badly that I never stopped to think what she meant by instruments. We repeated 'throating' her hand inside me two more times. The second round started like the first with a little spit to my tongue to lubricate the way. As she eased her fingers across my tongue a memory of a time I was masturbating came to mind. I was watching this short clip of a woman giving head to a typical massive-porno-sized cock. What made me think of that moment was what I did different that night. The look on the actress face was one of pure mindless-lust. It made me kinda jealous, I wanted to get lost in a moment like her. Mentally, I put myself in her place. I imagined that giant dick was in my mouth. The taste of leaking-pre-cum, pushing into my throat. I came hard, real hard. Afterward I felt a little weird for it. Why was that such a turn on? Never had a gay thought in my life; why is having a hand thrusting into my throat such a turn on? It should be degrading, but when Miss Trisha's fingers are probing my tonsils I'm able to be in the moment; like that performer. I feel like she's helping me be in the moment while at the same time intimately sharing herself with me. Is this what women get out of giving head, receiving another being inside them?

The third round of 'throating' started a little different. After giving me a moment to catch my breath. Miss Trisha leaned over me, her mouth slightly open and tongue out. She let a string of drool extend to my face, where she laid down a line of spit across the ridge of my nose, down my right cheek, terminating on my parted lips. The whole time her eyes on me with a look of lust and desire. Seeing her like that drove me further into a state of delirium. Without breaking eye contact or uttering a word she 'throated' me with her hand roughly. Her hand thrust repeatedly in and out of my mouth, pressed against my tongue, violating the back of my throat with each stroke. Still fighting the urge to gag my eyes were blurred with tears.

She removed her right hand from my cock. I realized I've been leaking so much pre-cum that there's a sizable spot on my denim jeans. Miss Trisha rubbed her fingers in the sticky film. “There must be a sizable puddle underneath that denim.” She then slowly moves her hand in a serpentine motion down my tongue and out of my mouth, ” Why don't we free your cock?”

Feeling empty again, “Yeah, free cock.” as I attempt to unbutton myself.

“Let me do that”, she says. She deftly unbuttons my pants and drops my zipper. She wiggles my pants down a few inches then with a quick flip of her hand she lowers and hooks my underwear down under my balls. Not the most comfortable disposition but I'm willing to see what she intends. She then grasps the head of my dick and smears the growing dollop of pre-cum down my shaft. Bringing her hand to her mouth and licking her finger tips, she gives me another wink and pulls her scrub top up over her massive tits. No bra, she was relying on the tight scrub top for support. My dick lunged on its own at the sight of her massive-mommy-milkers. I took in every square inch of her tit flesh with my eyes, desires to do more were racing through my mind. A tiny pooch-of-belly showed recent stretch marks. A recent child birth would explain the overly tight scrubs. Her dark areola's surround perfect erect nipples, making them the best set of tits I've seen all day. My mouth starts salivating at the site of them.

Miss Trisha returns her attention to my dick, retrieving more of my leakage. She plays with the sticky fingers of her right hand admiring the little strands that run between them when she spreads them apart. It feels for a moment like she's forgotten me and is lost wantonly pondering the thick fluid coating her fingers. This pleases me in ways I barely understood, it's like I gave her something back for all she's shown me in these incredible 15-minutes.

She blinks her eyes rapidly as if waking up and abruptly she turns around and opens a drawer by the sink. Out of it she pulls a rubbery, possibly latex, 10-inch red cylinder that's maybe an inch in diameter; one end has a flange at its base the other is rounded. She grasps it in the middle, the two ends flop around as she moves back to my side.

Tits positioned against my arm, "This is the first instrument. We'll only move to the second if you do well enough with it. It's made of silicon, it's soft and pliable. The next instrument will feel just as soft but have a firm core.", she said all that while her right hand slowly stroking my cock.

“Does this scare you?”

“I'm a lot confused but definitely not scared.”

Miss Trisha showed her pleasure with another smirk before throwing her own head back, lifting the 10 inches of red silicon to her lips and sliding it in one motion all the way down her gullet until the flange hits her lips. Then as if to showoff her complete mastery of the gag reflex she turns her head down until she's looking me straight in the eyes. Slowly she removes all 10 inches, never breaking eye contact. Her lips now puffy and stretched as if not wanting to let the instrument out of her mouth look so kissable. I again think back to my recent masturbation session while imagining I was the woman sucking that cock. I was getting close to coming, I reached down to Miss Trisha's hand and stopped her stroking. Signaling how close I was.

“Now it's your turn, assume the position but with your head back.”

I was hesitant for no more than a moment, turned my gaze to the ceiling and assumed the oral position as I was taught. She lowered the spit-slick 10-inch red tentacle to my mouth; the Red Tentacle was the name I assigned it in my head. She had me guide it with my right hand as she quickly fed the first few inches into my waiting mouth. I had another “what-the-fuck” moment at that instant. It was quickly dismissed as Trisha guided my left hand to my throbbing dick. I closed my lips on the Red Tentacle and gently sucked it into my waiting maw. With a hard swallow and probably a push by Trisha it entered my throat and continued down the hatch. I had all but the last three or so inches inside me. The realization sparked some kinky nerve I didn't know I had. I started feeling all warm and fuzzy on the inside, I never wanted to pull it out. Trisha knowing better than I, slid it back enough for me to breath.

“You gotta breathe sweetheart, look at you eyes red and watering, learn to pace yourself. I bet you've never been choked while getting fucked.. it can be a real turn-on,” she said while trying not to grin too much.

A click, like a door latch sounded behind me. Miss Trisha gave the Red Tentacle a little push to have it nudge my tonsils.

“Baby-cakes, why don't you tease your tonsils while I go check on something. I'll be back momentarily to check on your progress.”

She grabbed her lab-coat and pulled it on, closing it and hiding her tits once again, but at the same time they looked marvelous all squished away with nothing but cleavage on display. Wiping her hands on her scrub pants she moved behind me to the door and whatever made the click.

My mind was in a fog at this point, left hand holding my pre soaked cock, right hand grasping a 10-inch red dildo in the middle. Me slobbering all over it, eyes blurred with tears as I repeatedly poke it in and out of my throat. If I'd been paying attention I would of heard the hurried exchange between Miss Trisha and the Oral Surgeon as they whispered to one another.

Unaware of that exchange, a moment later I feel a presence at my side. A gentle-strong hand wrapped around my left hand that was still holding my cock. Trisha was once again leaning over me, dabbing my face with a soft cloth and pulling the Red Tentacle back to a non-choking position. I was in heaven.

“It seems there was a mix-up. Michael Johns. You are here with for a dental implant. Another patient named John Michaels is patiently waiting like the good little gurl he is for me to train his gag-reflex.”, she paused to let that sink in. She gave the dildo a little wiggle, I started sucking it back into my mouth. She was still dabbing my face with one hand wile working the Red Tentacle deeper. The hand covering mine while I gripped my cock began to move up and down. Trisha saw in my eyes that I realized someone else was in the room with us.

“Baby, this may not be why you're here, but we've come so far. Would you like to finish?”

I know I wasn't thinking straight, but I bobbed my head in the affirmative.

“Oh darling we're going to have some fun. You can meet the man who will later take care of your implant after I'm done with you.”

Without warning she pushed the Red Tentacle deep into me. “Uh fuck that was sudden”, I thought to myself. I barely had time to process that there was a man in the room helping me jerk off. “What am I.. what are they..”, my eye's, bulging with tears, were about to shoot across the room, all thoughts stopped. This was so invasive, even hurts a little – also, it felt decadent, I wanted this. My mind was a blank, my whole world collapsed into the relentless caress of that red silicone tentacle massaging my tongue, tonsils, and throat. I relaxed my throat and took it all. The room went dark as my eyes rolled back into my head. Trisha began fucking my throat for real, eight inches of slippery silicone violated my mouth and throat repeatedly without mercy as this goddess used me like a sex toy. The firm hand guiding me as I stroked my cock kept an erratic pace, never letting me get into a rhythm that might build to a climax. The relentless pace of slippery goodness for my lips, tongue, and throat followed by an alarming awareness that my airway is blocked with every thrust. I realized none of this was to give me pleasure, I was being roughly used and manipulated, but that wasn't entirely true. The sensation across my tongue was still exciting, my drooling cock was alive with sensations, and my mind was giving me the best fuck ever as it surrendered to the ravaging I was receiving from this goddess and an as yet unseen man. But as incredible as it all felt; it was missing something.

And then as if my realization was some psychic signal, it all stopped. The Red Tentacle slid out of me, leaving an emptiness I didn't know existed. The rough hand guiding my strokes broke away. Blinking away the tears in a raspy voice I stupidly asked, “why'd you stop?”

I couldn't tell if the two were laughing at me or if they thought I was joking but laugh they did. Trisha was giggling, she was all the cuter as she covered her mouth with the fingers of one hand. The man's laugh was more of a knowing “heh-heh-heh” type of laugh. I think I should have been embarrassed. There I sat, in a dentist chair with my dick in my hand, my shirt soaked with a combination of Trisha's and my slobber, and a man I've never met is laughing at me. It was the most awkward and humiliating experience I've ever found myself. It made me so horny. I've been turned on and revved up many times; never like this! I almost begged Trisha to fuck my throat some more. Lucky for me she had a better plan.

“Oh you pretty little thing, you are so precious. Don't you ever change, darling” Trisha cooed. “If you liked that, you'll love this next step.” She directed me to sit on the edge of the chair as she put it in a fully reclined position. She then lowered it until my face was level with her navel. Then she sat down beside me, she slipped her jacket off and tossed it on the floor. Now sitting with our thighs touching she directed me to spread my legs a little.

“You should take your shirt off too Sugar.”

My hands were shaking from adrenaline as I awkwardly removed my shirt. Anticipation was sending my brain in crazy excited circles without release. No words were spoken. Trisha leaned forward and unbuckled the mans pants with professional ease. He wasn't wearing anything underneath as his half hard cock slipped into her hand. She then leaned towards me as if to kiss me. I leaned into her eager to taste her lips and was only mildly surprised when her tongue traced a line up the side of my face. She's so weird. Done with me for the moment she turned to the cock patiently waiting in her hand. Not able to support its own weight it lay across her outstretched fingers, palm, and onto her forearm. It was at least as long as the Red Tentacle and thicker by half. I was briefly made aware of how outmatched I was in the penis department. She gently took it into her mouth and proceeded to put on a porno grade live sex show for my viewing pleasure.

My mind was still not keeping up with the situation. I've been mistaken for some weirdo who signed up to be throat fucked. Took it, never questioned the situation, I just took it and liked it. No, I loved it. Craved more, and didn't want to think about anything else. I just wanted something jamming relentlessly into my mouth. And now there was a man with his cock a foot from my face standing in front of me. This situation had never crossed my mind, how did this happen? Do I care? No, I don't today is about submission and pleasure, a concept I've never considered in my sex life.

Trisha was excellent at what she did. Her head moved at a mesmerizing pace, keeping perfect time. Her throat would outwardly bulge when the now turgid cock entered her throat. Her eyes would alternate between closed and looking up at the man. Each head bob had that cock sliding between her puffy lips, caress her tongue, and then fill to bursting her waiting throat. I wanted that. I needed that.

I can't say how much time had passed when Trisha pulled her mouth away with a light pop. She looked at me lazily and leaned toward me. Instead of waiting for her I licked her face. I started with her cute and wet chin, dragged my tongue over her lips, made a right across a nostril and gave a wet kiss under her right eye.

The still unnamed man moved forward a little placing his legs between both our parted thighs. His cock slapped between us, hitting first my nose than Trisha's. I pulled back in surprise. Trisha caught it in he mouth. Our gazes were locked. She turned her head so his cock bulged into her cheek. Holding our locked eyes she gave her head a little shake as if to say come here. I leaned in again and gave her proffered cheek a tentative lick. I could feel the firm cock on the other side of her taught skin. This was it, what was missing, the warm, firm, yet yielding nature of flesh. I opened my mouth and sucked on the hard knob confined by her cheek. I could feel her face sliding under my lips as she turned her head towards me. The smoothness of her perfect soft skin changed to the unmistakable opening of her mouth, for an instant our outstretched lips were touching, until a huge, slobber covered cock was suddenly being pressed into my open mouth.

I sucked greedily, not caring that my tight lips were squeegeeing Trisha's spit down my chest. A new sensation, one of taste greeted me, I caught a hint of it when I licked Trisha's face; but now this cock gave me a full taste of pre-cum. Yum, it was warm and sweet and something I could eat all day! My tongue was like a creature set free, slipping and sliding, exploring the tasty, spongy head as it advanced into me, relentlessly heading for home, down my expectant throat. This was no silicon dildo, this was real. I was surprised and disappointed when my throat didn't just yield on the first try. I pulled back a little, not allowing this first cock to escape my mouth. My tongue rejoiced at another opportunity to slide around this new delight. I was rewarded with another drop of pre. I savored the taste and the silky feel of it. I let out a little whimper eliciting a giggle from Trisha.

As fascinated as I was at the taste, feel, even the sweaty smell of this mans cock in my mouth, there was only one thing I wanted. I had to have this magnificent cock flesh deep inside me. The oral surgeon, what an appropriate title for him, pushed his dick into me, gripping my head with both hands. I relaxed my jaw, my neck, and my shoulders; letting him do the work. Tears of joy and ecstasy were running down my face as I felt a pop in my throat and that incredible indescribable sensation of having your throat filled with a living cock rushed from my head to toes. Everything stopped for what felt like a full minute, my air was starting to run out. I felt a wave of dizziness wash over me. Do I tap out? Wait to pass out? I didn't want to disappoint Miss Trisha.

Sensing my resolve and fading condition the oral surgeon adjusted his grip on my head and eased his cock out enough for me to inhale air through my nose. He then waited three heart beats, adjusted his grip and popped himself home again. This time it wasn't as hard and he didn't need to grip my head so tightly. He proceeded to slowly fuck my throat, steadily, as much to let me adjust to this new sensation as to pleasure himself. At this point my mind started to wander. I was still horny as hell, my cock was throbbing each time his cock passed my esophagus. I asked myself if this means I'm gay? I didn't think so, I think it means I like gagging on dick, but I know I still like fucking women. Something for not-horny me to think about. Horny me just did the math and realized this man will most likely come at some point during this exercise. Did I want that to happen? I'd considered tasting my own cum once, but after I climaxed it didn't seem as appealing and I lost interest. Right now I was thinking eating a blast of sticky man cum is going to be so fucking hot.

I don't know when it happened but the hand on the back of my head was no longer pushing. Instead it was gently nudging me to set the pace of my forward and back lunges, driving my face into his trimmed pubes. His other hand was now on my throat, I could feel the pressure of his cock extending my neck into his palm. So fucking sexy. My forward lunges turned into gentle rocking motions using my upper body instead of my neck, slowly fucking this cock with my head. It was like a switch was turned off in my brain every time I swallowed that dick. Pulling it out was waking up refreshed but ready to snooze a little longer. Dreamily I kept leaning into this mans cock until I felt the soft mushroom head pass into my throat, feeling the entire length of cock caressing my lips and tongue, until my face was mashed into his fuzzy abdomen. No longer waiting for the nudges I enthusiastically gave head for the first time.

Trisha was right there with me the whole time, her hot breath caressing my cheek and ear. She'd whisper encouraging words while telling me how pretty I was and how wet I was making her. Then she said the magic words, “He's close. He'll let go when the moment comes. You can do whatever you want with it. With every drop. Make me proud.”

I didn't even think about it. I knew exactly what I'd do. I picked up the pace, eager to please Miss Trisha. After several minutes, with my neck and jaw starting to feel the wear and tare, it happened; he let go. I pulled my head back until his cock head laid on my tongue. I didn't stick my tongue out like you see in the porno videos. I didn't even open my mouth, this isn't a show, this is my time to explore a kink I didn't know was in me; I wasn't wasting a drop. My right hand griped his cock near my lips. When I felt his dick start it's first twinge, I gave a single down stroke.

If it were possible to salivate more than I already was, I would have done it. That first splash of semen washed across my tongue, splashed the roof of my mouth, and coated my teeth. I brought my hand back up for the next shot. I was not disappointed. I think the second was greater than the first. The initial surprise was over, and my other senses kicked in. The load in my mouth was warm, sticky, salty, with a hint of something indescribable. I didn't expect that, I was ready for just salty. Before his cock fired a third time I buried it back in my throat where it belongs. An audible moan from this man I've never met, and a cooing sound from Trisha confirmed this was except-able behavior. Both my arms now wrapped around my Oral Surgeon, cock firmly in my throat. I felt the third, fourth, and a weak fifth load slide down into my stomach. Of the first two loads, some was swallowed as I engulfed the cock, the rest dribbled out the corners of my lips and down my chin.

I sat like that for almost a minute, before pulling back so I can breath through my nose again. My tongue continued to work that magnificent cock while it softened in my mouth. Trisha was enthusiastically scooping the cum accumulating on my chin and chest and wiping it back onto the cock so I could suck and lick it off. I was still unbelievably horny and started thinking about my own release.

The Oral Surgeon, named Dr White by the way. Cupped my chin in his hand and told me I was incredible and I will need to have some images made to see about that dental implant; put his dick away, washed his hands, and moved on to the next room. Trisha helped me clean up a little. My hands were shaking, my dick was pounding in the air. She threw me my shirt and got dressed. The sudden clinical atmosphere took away some of my ardor. She told me to wait and someone would fetch me to take the x-rays, then she too left. A minute later, a young woman in scrubs came in, saw the slobber stains on my shirt and smirked before saying, “Come with me, we'll get your pictures done.”

The x-rays only took a minute, they have a high-tech 180 x-ray machine that shoots 180 degrees in one pass. After that was finished she walked me out to the lobby and said they'd be in touch. I was in a daze, cock still making a tent in my pants as I left through the lobby. I don't think anyone looked at me, I couldn't be sure.

Sitting in my car, my dick was now soft, the adrenaline burned away. I felt strangely satisfied and wondered if I'd ever get the chance to do that again.
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