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Fourth and last step daughter and the sexual explorations.
I had to think of the perfect scenario for the last Step Daughter. The hottest one. Out of all of my escapades, this was the one I lusted after the most.

She was a mouthy, sexy, flirty thing, drop dead gorgeous, great body, and lips that looked botoxed but au natural.

It was interesting my story would unfold the way it did. My wife was out of town visiting a girl friend in Detroit, and was gone for a week.

My doorbell rang at about 7pm, and the step daughter was at my door with a bag. She got into a fight with the boyfriend and wanted to crash. I was annoyed because I had no interest in babysitting this 28 year old while I had the house to myself.

Anyhow, it was summer, she was tanned, wearing a ridiculously short skirt, low cut top, smelled great. I let her in, and I went to my Den to continue watching a football game. She helped herself to a bottle of wine, and sat on the couch, yacking away about how much of a jerk Jerry the boyfriend was, blah blah blah. I was drinking myself, and on about my 12th beer, feeling pretty good. She was laid out on my chez lounger, and it was not until I got up to get a new beer that I realized she was already in to her second bottle of wine and hit some shots of my good tequila.

I sat back down, looking over at this tanned shapely woman, on my couch, animated, slurring and fidgety. She was stroking her legs while interrupting me over the boyfriend banter. Playing with her hair, and I had to now give my attention to her and her conversation instead of my game, which was a landslide for my team anyhow. I put some music on softly and let her ramble.

She knocked her empty wine glass over, and I figured it was time to move on, so I went to get myself another beer and move along to another area of the house. She got up, opened a third bottle of wine, and poured a large glass, drinking it like water. She was completely gooned.

She was holding on to my shoulder in the kitchen, so she could scratch an itch, pulling her leg up in a laughing drunk acrobatic way. Her hair in my face, I could smell her perfume, and I was uncomfortable about the proximity of her on me.

I put a SRV concert on in my basement den, and sat on my recline sectional, with beer on hand. I assumed at this point she would just go to bed, about 30 minutes into my concert, she comes downstairs stumbling with yet another glass of wine, and out of the whole 12 man sectional, decides she needs to sit right next to me, sharing my recline. I had the concert on loud so at least I could drown out any more whining.

Looking at what I could see, I am on my sectional, not 10” next to me, now leaning on me, with her tanned cool legs literally touching mine, she had her head on my shoulder, wine in her cup holder, and she started elephant snoring in my ear. I shoved her over, what I thought was gently, and she fell over onto the next seat, while her legs still on my recliner.

She was bent in a slouch, now with her skirt riding completely to her lower back, exposing a pink thong covering a fully tanned body. I was shocked at how I was now looking sat her sexually not in annoyance.

I grabbed her legs to move her off of my recline, and she simply was not moving. Her legs were cool silk. Flawless and toned. I stroked her legs and had to admit, I was in an aroused state by now.

I was locked in my house, no one around, and here she was three bottles of wine in, snoring and exposed in my basement.

I laid her down on her back, and propped one leg on the back of the sectional, the other on the floor, leaving her completely spread eagle, exposing the very thin pink thong, covering a pierced swollen pussy.

I left her this way, while I sat with the concert on, and rubbing her legs. Concerned she would awaken.

I went upstairs and got into a house robe, to be more comfortable, and came down talking loud to see if I could wake her and get her out of my space.

She was still snoring, still exactly as I left her.

I sat back down on my spot, directly in front of her open exposed inner thighs, and I continued my leg rubbing, now more brazen, slipping my finger under the hem of her panty line, flicking her piercing, and slowly inserting a finger into her. She was wet, and sliding my finger in was with ease. Not one change in her snoring. I was shocked by this, and by my thoughts racing like meteors in my mind.

I leaned myself down on the sectional with my face directly in between her spread legs, and pulled the hem of her panties to the side and began orally fucking this fox.

She was flooded with sex while I drank her up, biting gently her piercing and tongue fucking her sweet wet tight pussy deeply.

It was wrong, but I wanted to fuck her so bad, now that I was rock hard, and the sight too much for me to ignore.

I have this perfect tight tanned body, spread eagle on my sectional, deep snoring, and no one would ever know. So, I removed her pink panties, positioned myself atop her missionary and entered this tight passed out goddess. I kissed her non responsive mouth, and began fucking her with haste as the sounds of her unresponsive snoring motivated me and gave me the security that this was going to be awesome.

I held onto her legs as I fucked her hard and deep, switching from licking her neck, to kissing her fat perfect lips.

I was getting close to cumming and pulled out, took a breather. Got up, grabbed another beer, and went back. I went down on her for a bit again, and took a new interest in licking her tight asshole. I stuck my tongue into her ass, and I fingered her, with quite the ease.

I put her legs up on my shoulders, spit on my rock hard 7” cut cock, and rested it at her asshole, letting nature do its work. She still snored, while I sat there, and let her naturally engulf my cock into her ass.

While I feft the pressure of her tightness suck me in, I lifted her silk blouse and pushed aside her bra and played with her C cup breasts.

By now I was full in to her ass and did a few strokes, as she still snored, knowing this was going to be ok. I got up to an aggressive pace of fucking her tight ass, while rubbing her legs, then breasts and I was at the inevitable tingling numbness of an explosive ejaculation enroute. I slid out of her ass and blew my load all over her legs.

I got a towel from the bathroom, cleaned her up, put her panties back on, and re-dressed her, leaving her on the couch, but, leaving her spread eagle.

I went to bed.

In the morning I heard the shower and knew she was up. I was nervous she would know something, and I went to the kitchen and got a coffee. She came down in a short housecoat, hair in a towel bun, hung over, and said thanks for letting her crash. I asked how she slept, she said very good, no signs of me being in trouble for raping her.

My wife was still going to be gone for 4 more days and she let me know that she wanted to stay for a few days until her boyfriend stuff got sorted. She asked if her friend Jessica could come over tonight and have some drinks and a hot tub, and I said that was ok as long as she did not expect me to be scarce in my own house. She said they would do what I would do, no issue. Jessica was her black friend, a real sexy one, part time model for a local clothier. My brain went to some immediate curiosities how tonight may unfold.

Stay tuned……………
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