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Alycia Debnam-Carey's Master loves to humiliate her - it makes her like a bitch in heat. He pushes her through her most mortifying challenge so far - a play-date with an actual dog. The large Labrador will soon make Alycia his piss-guzzling, cum-swallowing bitch, and show her what it really means to fuck someone ‘doggy-style!’
Her Master ruffled Alycia’s hair as he passed her doggy bed on his way to the door. “Morning, Alycia! You get a bit of a lie-in this morning as I need to pop out to fetch something that is gonna make your pussy wet like nothing else.”

Alycia rolled over sleepily and nuzzled her head against his hand. “Mm, thank you, Master.”

The door clicked closed and she jerked upright, suddenly wide awake. Her Master was getting her a new sex toy and she had barely responded! She was determined to make that up to him - after all, she had an almost bottomless appetite for new sex toys!

She ran over to where her lead was and clipped it to her collar. She may have been too sleepy when he first told her, but she would be straining at her lead in excitement when he came back!

Her Master returned with a large Labrador. Alyciashook her head in confusion as she looked her Master over, trying to spot the bulge of her new toy. She looked up at him with growing alarm as he led the big dog over to her.

He grinned. “What do you think?” He clipped the dog’s lead next to where hers was still tethered.

She backed away in alarm. “But Master-” Her words were cut off in shock as the dog buried his face in her crotch, panting hard as he investigated her heady scent.

Alycia blushed brightly at the naughty feeling of the dog’s warm breath against her naked pussy flesh. “Master!”

Her Master grinned. “Spread your legs, Alycia make some room for that big doggy tongue.”

Breathing more quickly, Alycia lent back against the wall and did as she was asked. She whimpered as his doggy tongue homed in on her clit. She could feel her nipples stiffen. She squirmed.

The dog moved its face lower, his tongue now nudging at her entrance. Her Master grinned. “Don’t worry, you’ll soon return the favor.”

Alycia jerked as the dog’s tongue pushed inside her slick cunt. She had never been made to do anything so dirty before. Her cheeks were almost the color of his cock, but she was loving it.

She closed her eyes as the dog began to face-fuck her needy cunt. His long, firm tongue felt better than she expected, but it was the panting that made her wettest. The panting that could leave her in no doubt that the thing getting her so wet was an actual, literal doggy.

Her Master chuckled. “You clearly don’t need any more warming up. Now it’s his turn.”

Alycia whimpered needily as she reluctantly pushed the dog off her. His taboo tongue had got her so close!

She reached forwards to the knot growing between the big dog’s legs and started to stroke. As she rubbed his bright red tip began to peek out from its sheath. She squirmed. He was becoming a panty-wettingly good size, but there was no way to ignore that she was giving a dog a hand job!

Her Master smiled. “That’s right. Make him feel as good as he made you feel.”

Alycia whimpered a little but kept rubbing. The sheath now felt tight around the dog’s growing knot. Not wanting to hurt him, she carefully worked it free.

“Good girl - now show him what that slutty mouth of yours is for.”

Alycia made a small whining sound then crawled forwards beneath the dog. With his long red cock just inches from her face she hesitated, squirming at the thought of taking the dog’s cock inside her mouth.

Her Master sat to watch as Alycia squirmed on the floor beneath the big dog. “Get his cock down that horny throat of yours.”

Alycia leaned forwards and opened her mouth. The dog’s cock easily slid between her lips. She whimpered. His strong doggy smell combined with the distinctively different feeling of his doggy cock to make it mortifyingly clear just what she was sucking.

She wanted to pull back again, but this time her Master’s hand was on her head, guiding her forwards until the strange pointy tip was making her gag. He kept her there for several seconds, making her feel the full extend of her depravity while the dog panted eagerly above her.

“That’s right, Alycia keep going. Show him that you know your place.”

Alycia whimpered as she pulled back for air, then took the big dog’s cock deep inside her throat once more, treating it to the same kind of intimate blow job she would give her Master.

Hidden beneath the dog with her face pressed up against his crotch she couldn’t help but feel inferior. It was thoroughly humiliating. She loved it.

Her Master ran his hand over her exposed pussy. She moaned into the dog’s cock needily. He chuckled. “You’re so wet! I think you might need more than a play-date...”

Before Alycia could respond, the dog suddenly started to piss in her mouth! Thinking it was cum she swallowed. The tangy taste hit the back of her throat. She looked over at her Master in absolute horror.

He grinned. “Oh, that’s right - forgot to mention. He can still piss if he really needs to go...”

The acrid liquid continued to flow. Alyciawrinkled her nose and started to pull away, but her Master kept her in place with his hand. “Swallow it like a good doggy, or his cock isn’t gonna be the only part of him you lick today.”

Alycia’s eyes went wide, but she didn’t dare try to respond - she knew better than to spill a drop now she could be punished for it. She screwed her face up and swallowed faster, but the repugnant stream was relentless.

Her Master pushed her head deeper over the dog’s cock. “Mm, you’re such a greedy piss guzzler!”

Alycia held her nose to try and make herself kept swallowing. She was still only barely keeping up with the steady flow of urine that the dog was draining down her throat.

Somehow, she made it. The last few drops tasted no better than the first. She contorted her face and pulled off.

Her Master smiled and firmly pushed her head back down over the dog’s cock. “You’re not done with that yet. You still need to make him cum.”

Alycia screwed her face up and whined - with his musky taste still strong in her mouth there was no escaping the reality of what she was doing. Yet every time she squirmed in mortification, her pussy just got wetter.

Her Master grinned. “Looks like you’re gonna be sharing that your doggy bed of yours tonight!”

Alycia moaned even as an excited shiver ran through her body. She loved how much her Master delighted in humiliating her for their mutual pleasure.

She took the dog’s cock back in her mouth and started to suck like it was going out of style - in part driven to do a good job by how much it embarrassed her to do it!

The dog eagerly pumped its hips back against her. Alycia tensed her lips and stilled, letting the dog fuck her face like her mouth was nothing more than a wet hole for his cock.

After a short spurt of rapid movement, the dog suddenly stilled, and Alycia felt his cum start to spurt down her throat. She swallowed it wantonly.

The dog kept cumming. She let the musky liquid pool on her tongue and opened her mouth, proud to show her Master what a good cum-sucker she was for him. He bent to look and grinned. “Good girl.”

She swallowed the mouthful down with a slight moan, savoring what she thought would be almost the last of it. But the dog kept cumming, jetting watery streams of cum down her throat while she kept her face buried in his crotch.

She swallowed down the last of his cum more lustily than she had intended. Her Master grinned. “You’re such a good cock-sucker.”

Leaving her hot and panting like the dog next to her, her Master walked over to the kitchen and picked up her doggy bowls. However, after refreshing the water in the usual fashion, he filled the food bowl with a tin of dog food.

Alycia watched in horror as her Master brought them over and set them down between her and the Labrador. She glanced up at the dog a little warily before hesitantly bending her head.

Her Master chuckled and put his hand out to stop her. “Not yet. Only the alpha dog eats first.”

Alycia blushed and sat back as the dog hungrily gobbled down well over half of the food before moving back from the slobbery mounds of meat to give her access.

“Now you can eat, Alycia.”

Alycia looked up at her Master and shook her head in disbelief. He firmly guided her head forwards. “Eat, Alycia. That’s an order.”

Alycia almost gagged as she lowered her lips to the meat. It smelt like a meal that was meant for an animal. A dog like the one she had just got off. A dog like her.

She delicately took a piece of meat into her mouth as though to distance herself from the crude way in which the meal was served. She screwed her face up and started to chew. Although the mouthful did not miraculously transform into anything other than slobbery dog food, as she lifted her head to swallow, she realized for the first time just how turned on she was by her mortifying meal.

She bent her head and greedily took another mouthful. Her Master chuckled. “I was only going to make you eat one piece of slobbery meat, but it seems your libido has taken over to make you crave the thing you hate!”

Alycia opened her mouth in horror, suddenly eager to spit out the disgusting mouthful. Her Master smirked and pushed her jaw closed. “No Alycia, that’s not how I taught you to swallow.”

Alycia screwed up her face and swallowed down the second mouthful with a blush. Getting off on being humiliated was always so confusing to her, as the more her Master pushed her to do things she really didn’t want to do, the more those tasks gained an eroticism of their own!

She swallowed a few more times and then opened her mouth to show her Master just what a deprived girl she had been for him. He grinned and petted her head. “Good girl. Okay, now you’ve accepted him as top dog, it’s time for you to become his slutty bitch.”

Alycia gasped slightly but a shiver of excitement ran through her body. Her Master reached down and rubbed his hand over her pussy. “Mm, so sticky.”

Alycia moaned and pushed her hips back to rub her pussy against her Master’s hand. He slapped her bottom. “I think you’re forgetting the pecking order!”

Alycia moaned in thwarted need, but her Master’s words only made her wetter. She loved how he kept her so humiliatingly in her place.

She turned her attention back to the dog. The dog she was about to let fuck her! She could feel her cheeks turn a darker shade of crimson. She glanced up at her Master and he smiled.

She put out her hand a little hesitantly and started to stroke the dog’s bulge until his cock tip started to peak out from beneath its furry sheath once more. A shiver of desire ran through her - this was really happening! Her pussy was really about to be filled by the dog’s big cock!

She turned around hesitantly on all fours. What she was about to do was mortifyingly taboo, but her pussy was undeniably primed for it.

With an eager bound the dog mounted her. His paws scratched at her bare skin as his pointy cock-tip sought out her cunt.

She squealed as he suddenly pushed his entire length inside, but her pussy was too desperate for a good, firm fucking to even pretend like the bestial penetration was anything but hot.

Her eyes opened wide as she felt the base of his cock starting to swell. She looked up at her Master in horror. “He’s knotting in me!”

Her Master smiled and petted her head. “Of course he is - it lets his cum go nice and deep inside.”

Alycia blushed brightly but her pussy twitched in excitement. The knot was now about the size of a small fist. The stretch was both painful and pleasing, and left her in no doubt that she was about to be ridden by a canine cock.

The dog began to hump her with as much speed and vigor as you would expect from a dog. He was panting hard, working his big dick with an urgency that would put a teenage boy to shame.

Alycia’s eyes rolled back into her head as the dog pummeled into her. It was so wrong, yet it felt so right. She was being fucked by a dog! A dog was about to get off in her cunt, yet the only thing she could think was that she needed to get off, too!

However, before she could quite cum from her excitement, the dog tensed and jetted his doggy seed deep inside her. Alycia moaned in frustration.

She started to gyrate her hips, needing just that little bit more stimulation. The dog dug his paws into her. Unable to grind without getting scratched up, she paused with a whimper. She looked up at her Master as her hand shot to her pussy. “Please, Master!”

He smiled and gently pushed her hand back down to the ground. “You’re here for his pleasure, remember?”

Alycia’s pussy twitched. She was now nothing but the dog’s bitch, and she loved it!

The dog was panting hard over her back, his head held high as he filled her stuffed cunt full of his seed. Alycia’s head was lowered, tossing from side to side as she tried not to rub her needy pussy.

As suddenly as he had entered her, the dog pulled out. Alycia howled as he pulled free as though the knot wasn’t there. She reached back to clutch her aching pussy. The dog’s cum dribbled down over her fingers.

Alycia started to rub herself again, too turned on to stop. Her Master grinned. “Looks like someone’s warmed up for a nice long fucking...”

Alycia looked up at him hungrily. He grinned. “But the dog needs to recover a little bit, so it looks like you’ll have to wait!”

Alycia mewled pitifully. She got up onto her knees and pawed at her Master’s crotch. “Pleeease, Master!”

Her Master chuckled. “I’m not gonna have a dog’s sloppy seconds! Looks like you’ll have to persuade someone else...”

Alycia’s cheeks blushed crimson as she crawled over to the dog. He was looking very pleased with himself as he sat wagging his tail. She put her hand between his legs and started to rub, but he moved away from her.

She crawled forwards, squirming her thighs together as she went. “Oh please! I just need a little more...” She reached her hand out. Again the dog moved out of the way.

Her Master grinned and pulled his phone out of his pocket. “This is working out even better than I’d imagined. You really are his horny bitch in heat!” He dialed a number. “Hi Eliza! Would it be possible to keep your dog for a little longer?”

Alycia blushed hotly. “Eliza! As in Mistress Eliza?”

Her Master held up a hand to shush her. “...Yes, he made her his bitch almost the second he entered the room! I can’t wait to show you the video...”

Alycia looked around in horror, suddenly noticing the little camera on the table. She hid her head yet couldn’t stop squirming - she loved the fact that her Master had filmed her depravity.

As her Master continued to talk to Mistress Eliza over the phone she moved back over to the dog and started to rub once more. Quick though he was once inside, she was sure that this time she would be able to cum before the dog did...if her Master let her!
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