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Monster, sci Fi, non consent
Sorry it’s been a while since I have posted but work and hard drugs, you know how it is.

My name is Cassandra, call me Cass, I am what’s called a Traveler, apparently. I have used a new drug to travel faster than light to a planet and a spaceship.

On my second trip I brought back an advanced mini super computer that has a self aware A.I. that calls itself mainframe.

The cable guy was taking his time setting up my new high speed internet, wishing he would hurry I need to get to my crappy day job. The man seamed annoyed that I didn’t have a television or a computer in sight.

“ The company tells us that we have to hook up some kind of device before I leave.” He said in a grumpy bitchy tone of voice.

“ I know but all I need is the Wi-Fi thank you.” I said trying to give a winning smile, or at least what I hoped it was winning.

Reluctantly the man switched the Wi-Fi on and mainframe beeped in my pocket.

“See?” I said with a smile. “ It connected with my phone. I hope you have a good day.”

I set mainframe down and told the Asian faced A.I. that I was off the work.

In a rush, knowing I would be late to a job I didn’t need anymore but liked doing. My heart rate went up as I focused on the trip ahead. My focus has been better and better since I started experimenting with this new drug.

It's like it is washing all the other things I have ever taken from acid to magic mushrooms.

I pulled into the parking lot and checked my phone to see just how late I was…what the Hell?

When I left I knew I was going to be 8 to 10 minutes late at least, I am 5 minutes early.

I got my shit together and hustled inside, and clocked in. It’s Thursday again I am looking forward to tripping on my third dose of the new drug.

My panties keep getting damp as I anticipate what new sexual romp this dose will lead to. Work goes smooth all day my manager has gotten over her shock of my turn around.

I am sure she was on the edge of firing me for my bad performance and chronic tardiness. Now she was hiring at moving me to shift leader. That’s not happening mainframe has been data mining digital coin for most of a week.

I have a corporate credit card hidden in the car and my house is paid for and owned by another dummy company. I need this job to help me stay social and keep me from having time to overdose.

And the end of shift I head out eager to play.

“Cass, can you take out the trash on your way out?” the manager asked, most of the time I would say no since I am off the clock.

Without a word I grab the bag and head out the back. Jamal is standing in the shadows by the dumpster. A chill hits me and my heart rate spikes.

“You been avoiding me strawberry, I don’t like this kind of disrespect.” He growls as he sticks a big hand out to try and grab my arm.

I blink five or six times and it seams like it will take him a week to get close to me. I had time to look around as he slowly reached for me the city sounds were gone. I have just about stopped being surprised by strange stuff at this point.

I ducked around behind the large black pimp and kicked him on the side of the knee as hard as I could. There was pain in my foot even with the steel toe on, but I watched as his knee hyperextended. I fell back into real time and heard the knee crunch like someone snapping a tree branch

Jamal screamed in confusion and fell sideways his legs flying to the side like he got hit by a car. I retreated to my car with a light limp leaving the screaming Wana be pimp on the ground.

I opened my car door and put it in park in front of my house. I guess this is my new mode of transportation I thought with a chuckle.

I hardly had the energy to walk in the house my stomach growling I began to eat anything I could find. After I had eaten at least two meals worth of food I realized mainframe was talking.

“User?” the device said in an Irish accent “Are you I’ll? I have not seen you consume this much food in one sitting.”

I filled the A.I. in on the fight with Jamal while downing 2 bottles of water.

“It would appear that you were able to trigger a temporal event to defend yourself. It was likely due to your raised heart rate and adrenaline. You burned a lot of calories in that short burst, it should become less problematic with more experience.”

Pushing that thought aside I went upstairs to dig out my stash of the new drugs. I teased out the one marked with roman numeral III and put the others back in the hidden compartment.

I moved all furniture out to the walls of the living room and sat on a new yoga mat. Dressed in shorts and a tank top I had 2 water bottles. I fell a little bad that I have been leaving plastic bottles in space but hydration is a key part good trips.

Sitting crosslegged I tucked in bottle between my legs and opened the other one. I tossed the pill into my mouth and washed it down, the movement hit sooner than ever!

Water pouring from the bottle over my face overfilling my mouth. The visual representation of travel plunged towards me like a green lighted tube. The feeling of speed was higher than last time. The bottle between my legs pushed against my gut like a bus was parked on me. The other bottle fell out of my hand and vanished.

I found myself on green swath of ..grass? More like ferns. A canopy of jungle overhead a bluing light came from the alien sun.

The trees were blackish green and the trunks looked like twisted rags, their branches intertwined above. Vines were all over but the ground was not covered completely. Dead leaves and bits of branches were between the ferns.

It was quiet, I didn’t hear any birds animal or even bugs. The place didn’t have the normal smell you would expect from a forest. No flowers, not the smell of compost, hardly even the green smell the ferns.

I felt like I was in a vast empty hospital, I walked forward a bit feeling like I was the first living thing to make a sound in years. I felt slightly dizzy and tried to control my breathing.

I realized I was not hyperventilating so I slowed my breathing more. I have been on high oxygen ventilators like a lot of junkies, I recognize the slight bite of high percentage of O2.

I heard a noise and turned slowly my blood turning to ice eyes wide. One of the vines moved like a snake, what looked like a flower pod opened.

It was an eye, or looked pretty much like an eye with a vertical slit like a cat. At the edge of my vision I saw other vines moving and opening eyes. The was variety to the shapes and sizes of eyes some like fish, goats, frogs, even humans, and a few with triangular pupils.

“Hi,” I said “I am friendly, you can call me Cass.” I was proud of myself for keeping the hysterical tone out of my voice.

The triangular eyes can closer from 3 directions one to my right and left and one behind. Tiny little vines quested forward to touch me, like hairs and It raised goosebumps on my skin.

Still trying to seam friendly I kept talking, “I am a traveler, Would you like some water?” I opened the twisted top and sprayed a little water on a nearby root.

“I like water too see?” and squirted a little water into my parched mouth, it felt good and I had a little more before wetting another root.

The vines were coming closer they radiated curiosity now. One gently took the bottle from me I gathered my courage and brushed my hand down it. It felt like tough leather that needed oiled. Several others brushed over my exposed skin while the eyes looked in from all angles.

The bottle was empty now and there was a vine feeling around inside it. There were vines under my shirt now and one wrapped around my stuff left nipple. A testing squeeze made me moan and then it was way too hard and I shrieked in pan and snakes at it. All the vines jumped back and froze in place.

Shaking I smiled and said “Be more easy like this I said reaching toward a vine and gave it a light and then medium hard pinch. The vines came back in with hesitation but more gently. I top of my top and it was taken by other vines and I saw them start to unravel the threads.. the end of the vine I was holding opened slowly exposing waxy yellow bumps like a corn cob inside out.

I stroked my finger up and down the slot feeling the soft bumps. Other vines were pinching and rolling my nipples now starting out easy and ramping up slowly to medium hard.

My shorts started to unravel, “I am going to have to just start doing this nude from now on.” I said with a laugh.

As soft vines started to explore my now dripping pussy I went my fingers with my fluid and wet the vine I was stimulating. “ Like this easy and first like before.”

I realized that I was pretty well covered by now and tiny hair fine tendrils had pierced my skin in spots without pain

Fear hit me like a bucket of cold water, I drew a shuddering breath.

“Do not fear soft one “ a soft feminine voice was in my head.

“What?” I said like an idiot

I felt my awareness start to expand seeing my self from above, behind, near and far all at once. At the same time I could feel the what seamed like hundreds of vines and tendrils stimulate every inch of my skin.

“ I am merging our nerves there have been no animals of any kind on my planet in ages. I must study you and this …feeling.” Both me and this (creature, plant?) Came at the same time. The earth underfoot shook and quaked.

The vines found the entrance of my pussy and ass, the probe at my ass oozing some clear slime and it slid up inside me. The fine nerve like tendrils pierced my nipples, and my clit. I could see even more of the world some spots vast desserts of sand dead plants brown but somehow not rotting.

The intelligence I was connected to started triggering orgasms like a kid turning a light switch on and off. Faster and faster until I screamed again.

“ Please there is too much oxygen if I keep breathing like this I will pass out.” Darkness was at the edge of my vision and my ears were ringing.

The orgasms stopped and I controlled my breath. The stimulus from the anal penetration almost pushing me over. A larger bulbish shaped vine slowly began pushing into my dripping count. I bit my cheek to hold off.

“God that’s good go slow at first please.” I said with slow even breaths. W-why are there so many dead spots?” I asked as a hard orgasm hit both of us again, God I love double penetration.

I was suspended off the ground now like a wonderful sex swing. One of those odd corn like bulbs in each of my hands my thumbs stimulating the bumps the vines mirrors my movements moving in and out of me in tempo.

I felt like a puppet but I was pulling my own strings, a really complex way to masturbate. The soft vines caressing my skin and nipples almost causing sensory overload.

The voice spoke in my mind “Before I became self away there were animals and microbes here. As many became the One that we are now we felt them eating at us.”

“In ignorance we struck back at all levels not realizing that the microscopic animals helped to break down nutrients In the soil. And larger animals moved seeds around. We, I have held movement to a minimum to lower the needs for the fading nutrients in the soul.”

I could feel our minds trading information this was a female mind spread all over this world. No CO2 was expelled by animals for the plants to breath, no manure for the roots. Death and a deep loneliness was all she had felt for years.

She was a fast learner when it came to sex the vines fucking in and out of me were working in perfect random now. I was flexing my core trying to encourage parser penetration and I was getting it.

Both plant based cocks were swelling in girth now stretching me to my limits. The pinching and pulling on my nipples ratcheting up to just the point of pain. A long rolling orgasm shook me and most of the planet.

I knew she was exploring my DNA and physical structure. Plants are naturally good at chemistry and this one had a brain the size of a city!

Now I was bouncing up and down throwing my body has down on the two plant dicks. My pain tolerance going up vines right around my small tits making them purple. A thorn pierced my left nipple and I came so had I almost passed out.

I could see a lump moving up and down my stomach from the vine ramming in and out of my arm like I was being fisted by a prize fighter. It left like the vine in my pussy was trying to penetrate my cervical head.

The idea seamed hot as Hell so I pounded even harder, practically jumping up and down on my green girlfriends dick.

“You are covered and filled with flora and fauna from at least 4 worlds.” She told me. “I am taking samples you have saved me, you are welcome here any time.”

I felt my cervix dilate and came again almost fainting from hyperventilation. A vine wrapped around my neck chocking off my air.

Yes! I screamed in my mind cumming again. Now I was under her complete control she allowed just enough air to keep me alive.

Liquid flushed into my bowels giving me the best enema I have ever had. A part of my mind saw her removing dust mites and skin mites from earth, the bird people, and the red haired symbiot.

I knew I was now cleaner than I have ever been, she also took samples off my blood to look at every bug I have ever had.

I was now a rag doll no control over my body in the least. No coherent thought was within my grasp, I was reduced to a sex toy. I loved every minute, hour, week?

The sun set and still I was fucked rougher and harder, a chemical was added to the lube that healed any damage as soon as it was done. In the dark I felt the plant dicks in me get larger, pain flared but faded making me cum again in masochist glee.

Dimly, distracted I asked “Are you going to kill me?” I had no idea how long I had been ruthlessly fucked, I wasn’t mad maybe a little worried. It was hard to tell where I began and she ended in my mind and nervous system. There were 3 vines fucking my overheated pussy and 2 in my ass. Even one down my throat to regulate my breathing.

The question echoed between us for a long while. The sun began to peek over the horizon and felt an abrupt shock on her side and guilt stung her, a little bleeding to me.

The motion of the vines violating me slowed to a stop. I was gently lowered to the ground and one at a time the female cocks pulled out of me, each one pulling an orgasm from my exhausted body.

I came slowly back to myself and got control of my body a little at a time. A smile on my face I slowly sat up, a thorn was still through my nipple. It was curled around until it touched itself looking a lot like a cat claw. The wound was healed and the only way to take it off would be to cut it.

A single tendril was still in my arm I could still talk to her. “Does this mean we are engaged?” I said tugging at the green piercing.

“It contains DNA data and a sample of my mentality I hope you can take it home your machine people mind can make use of it. You also carry a seed of mine within you, plant it near your home and I will be able to communicate with you soon.

I tried to make sense of that last when my return tunnel pulled me towards home, at the last second I realized I left another water bottle behind. Great I am interplanetary litter bug.

I was outside my house again it was least midday and I was a good 100 feet from the house, oh joy.

Groaning I got to me feet and staggered toward the house, as I got close to the front door my stomach cramped. I went down in a crouch and strained instinctively, so something was coming out of my pussy!

I put my hand down and felt something hard coming out, it plopped into my hand with a bunch of green slime. It looked like a sunflower seed the size of a baseball but all green.

I used my free hand to dig in the flower pot next to the door and buried the sticky seed. I got my spare key from the fake rock and let myself in.

I went to the kitchen opened a cabinet and popped off the top of a can of soup and drank it cold.

Mainframe beeped and her screen lit up. “Grettings user, I was becoming concerned.”

I ignored her and opened the fridge and drank a bottle of Gatorade with the door open. I ripped open a block of cheese and began to eat it.

“It was an interesting trip this time.” I said voice and hands a little shaky. “How long has it been?” I said looking around, there was a film of dust on the counter. The milk carton was swollen in the refrigerator, not a good sign.

“Seventeen days, twelve hours.”

I felt dizzy “ Well I imagine I have been fired from work.” Looking down to my phone plugged into the charger, 17 missed calls.

I listened to the voicemails frost angry and then panic and then angry again. Beating a man up and leaving him in the parking lot was one thing but, no call no show they fired me by voice mail.

The last message was from the dealer I got the new drugs from. She sounded worried and asked me to call when I had time. And three more text messages from her said the same thing.

I was too tired I took a long hot shower absent mindedly tugging at my new piercing and crashed nude into bed…
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