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My Sister in law is forced to fuck their Pitbull, because my sorry ass Brother taught him to do it to her when he was away.
Chapter 1

My brother had to go work out of town for a couple weeks, so he asked as did his wife Patti if I’d come stay there to keep her company, and such.

Being more than ready to get away from my dreary ordinary life, and away from my husband, and let that family of his go take care of him.

I packed and my sister in law Patti was right there to pick me up, and went to their home which is a couple towns away from where my husband and I live.

Got there and unpacked and in their guest room.

My brother had already left with their whole crew to go out of town and do the job they were going to do.

So it was just Patti and I there along with their huge pitbull/boxer Toro they had named him.

I guess a fitting name for him since every time he saw a visitor at their house he’d charge at you like a wild bull to get him some petting.

Truly by how he’d acted the numerous times I’d been there and visited, I had this deep down womanly feeling that Patti and Toro had something going.

The way he would crowd up on me all the time wanting to sniff things he had no business at all even trying to do.

And more so than that the way he would shove that big broad headed nose of his between my legs was even more my thoughts something was going on.

Nothing much happened the first couple of days I was there, except she would go to her bedroom to take a nap and right behind her was Toro and his nose pushed right up between her legs trying to get at her privates, of course she just swatted him away, though really I think it was because I was there.

I swear I could hear sounds coming from their bedroom, that sure were not sounds of taking a nap, but sounds of getting fucked by Toro!

The third day I was there and vacuuming the hallway leading to both my room and theirs, Patti of course was taking the nap as she’d tell it every day, and I couldn’t hear anything at first due to the vacuum cleaner running.

But I had shut it off and was about to roll the cord up and go put it away that I heard it!

Yes Toro, oh Yes Toro oh do it boy, oh do it like that to Momma. My sister in law Patti was crying out.

Now Patti was a short woman barely 5ft. tall maybe a couple inches taller than that. Blonde hair down to her shoulders and kept cut like that. Blue/Green eyes and not terribly big breasted at all though maybe a size and cup bigger than my small 31B size ones.

But she had a big bubble butt on her which alone made her stand out in a crowd and turn men’s heads.

Suddenly out of the blu Patti screamed out; “No Toro oh no Toro, don’t do that!” “I can’t take that Toro!” followed by a loud painful scream.

I truly thought he was attacking her by the sound of her screaming at him and the terrible pain she was in.

So I ran to their bedroom door and flung it open to go help her with whatever it was he was doing.

There on the bed was my sister in law Patti totally absolutely naked, on her back, her legs hiked up feet on the bed and spread wide open, with Toro up between them, and laying over the top of her belly, up between her breast, his head on one side of hers.

Had she been clothed you would just think they were rough housing with each other, but she was naked legs spread wide out Toro up between them and he was thrusting at her with his hips like crazy.

She had two big throw pillows right up under that bubble butt of hers heaving her pussy right up where he could easily fuck her, and fuck her he was doing!

Believe me I’m not ignorant at all to a dogs anatomy in the least, and far more so since when living at home our own pet took me many times, so I was not in any way shape or form confused about what was happening.

Toro was buried to the hilt in that hairy blonde pussy of hers, and by how she screamed and was acting he had buried that knot up into it, as he now lay over her cuming like everything up inside her pussy.

Oh her head throws and screams and cries, timed perfectly to my seeing that big sack of balls of his jerking up and down, knowing all to well exactly what that meant.

I could not see anything right up between them at all, though I sure wanted to!

But I stood right there in that doorway watching as Toro fucked and filled his bitch up with hot dog cum.

She to was cuming like crazy for him, her whole body shaking, and trembling as she was herself having a powerful orgasm, then she screamed out; “Oh Yes Toro oh give it to me boy!” “Oh your cums so hot, oh fill me Toro, Oh fill me with it!”

He was pleasuring her, as much as she was pleasuring him.

I got out of the way and closed the door in full awe of what I’d just witnessed and seen.

As I continued to hear the loud gruntal moaning sounds of her pleasured desire by him.

I stood there just outside the door, stunned and in total unbelief, of what I had just witnessed inside that bedroom, still hearing her loud sounds and his own heavy breathing, joining together in unison of their combined pleasure of and for each other.

Now I wasn’t naïve at all about this in the least, in my years at home, our own dog had fucked and licked me to pleasure, and he for sure kept my mom well satisfied!

But this was different, this was life in the adult world, and I had just witnessed my sister in law getting fucked by their very own pet dog.

The continued sounds of their mating still fully evident, by what I was hearing from the two of them together.

Knowing all to well from my own past knowledge of it all, had my own belly twitching and writhing and my mind filled with the relapse of it from home.

Toro had flat out knotted her, and knotted up her pussy good! Filling that lithe belly of hers with his hot dog cum!

I wanted to run as far away from this as I possibly could. Only my feet and legs wouldn’t budge, the total consumption of it all in my mind, had me outright glued to that spot.

Still hearing the sounds of their combined pleasure coming right through that door, as I stood there listening to it all.

Finally somehow I was able to force myself to get away from that door, to stop hearing the sounds from within that room!

I rushed to the living room my mind still filled with everything that I had witnessed and heard from within there, my own breath labored and filled with some strange deepened outright lust of my own from it all.

She was getting fucked and pleasured and I wasn’t!

How long all that lasted in that bedroom I cannot recall time wise, I was to lost in my own world of disgust hatred for myself for feeling as I did about all this.

But finally I heard that door open, and Toro came happily bouncing into the living room, his snout covered in his and hers combined mess, his thick long tongue lapping out gathering everything he could into his mouth, savoring every bit of their outright combined pleasure, as he strutted about like he was the absolute king of what he had just done in that bedroom.

My eyes shot wide open as I saw the full outright sight of his manhood between his legs!

Still fully extended from his sheath, his dark red hot colored cock was outrageously thick, covered and dripping everywhere of their combined juices, a huge almost large orange sized ball semi-deflated yet still swollen out covered in everything itself from their sex session.

More or as much disturbing at what I was so gawking and in awed disbelief of was the tip, because it was long and tapered from the thickness of his shaft at least 2 or 3 inches in looks long like that.

Oh it made me instantly shudder all over knowing all to well just where that had been in my sister in laws pussy!

All the while as I stared and awe stricken at Toro’s manhood, I had heard her slowly struggling to go down the hallway and into the bathroom.

Toro had just strutted himself right over to his bed spot in the living room laying down and his huge thick head leaned into his body licking up the remains of their juices from his entire cock and heavy thickly set of balls.

After that he just outright fell asleep, laying there breathing so heavily still panting as he had been.

Sometime seemed to pass as I heard her finally coming down the hallway and into the living room, a total wreck of how she was messed up so.

Her long blonde hair totally a complete mess matted all up with where he had apparently drooled all in it, not thinking I guess as to my even being there she was still naked her hands slung over her belly grasping it with the hurting pain she felt upside her deepest depths, her thick blonde haired mound matted all up with her and his combined cum.

Her legs spread outwards as if she had just jumped off from a long hard horse ride, telling the full tale that she’d just been fucked by his huge dog cock and so stretched open from it all made her walk like this now.

Scratches were evident all over each of the sides of her waist and all over her belly and up to near her small breast where her nipples were hard as stones from the pleasure he had just given her in that bedroom.

Right to the kitchen she struggled to go into and got her several glasses of water chugging it down trying to regain her totally dehydrated state from I know had to be her outright draining of body fluids orgasms she had endured.

Then gruntingly hurting as she walked to go back to her bedroom I heard her, still holding her belly with her hands, walking back just as she’d walked in, and had not at all paid me one bit of mind being right there as I was.

Hours and hours and hours now passed, as Toro lay in his bed asleep, and she off in their bedroom sleeping off her own being fucked as she had never been before.

Finally after all this time and I to had fallen asleep right there on the couch, having vivid dreams of what I had so witnessed and encountered this very day, waking up disturbed as hell by it all, my own pussy was on fire with the lust filled thoughts and dream of it all.

She came out of her room still slowly getting about, grunting in the pains of walking about still from it all and went into the bathroom, as I heard the tub filling with water then being shut off and heard her every once in a while loudly grunting painful sounds.

At last I heard her coming from the bathroom the tub draining, as she slowly walked back to her bedroom, and dressed then came into the living room going to get yet another round of water down, still trying to get herself hydrated from what she and he alike had done in that room.

Coming back into the living room she slowly walked bowlegged into, wearing a loose pair of shorts with just a t shirt on, she struggled painfully to her chair and sat down and began drinking down a mixed drink now, sitting back into the chair struggling to even do that without pain.

She swigged that mixed drink right down, as I knew she was hurting so I got up took her drink glass and went and made her another, and me my first one.

Returning with our drinks she said nothing, but could not at all look at me telling me she felt and was dealing with the almighty guilt this causes we women to feel after this has happened.

I said nothing either and just went right back to the couch and sat down drinking down my own courage water, to somehow come to grips with all this myself as much as she was herself.

After getting up several times and making she and I alike more drinks, things seemed to tame down in both our minds, becoming more adjusted to this outright unbelievable event that had occurred.

At last she could at least look up at me, though quickly turning her head away in total disgrace and guilt, knowing I had heard and seen it all!

Then out of nowhere when she was as tipsy as I was, Toro wakes up.

It was about to become known just why this was going on!
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