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Accepting your sexuality is not an easy road, to accept you are curious about the taboo, is even harder, To step into the world of fantasies is something else.

But to fall in love with the one that wants to take you to the extreme.. WOW! is that love, or Lust.
The dream was so real. I was floating in sheer bliss, finally the woman i had fallen for was holding me tight, cuddling me and tenderly stroking my face, such tender wet kisses and her sexy voice seemed to sooth me, I slowly started wake.

Just look at You... What a slut.. hehe come now slut. My turn.

I opened my eyes, I was standing, Sue holding my hands tightly at my side, she was slowly walking me backwards, I felt my back at the wall, her hungry mouth closed over mine before i could say anything.

I felt her probing tongue part my lips and dart across my lips before forcing itself into my now eager mouth, darting in and out dancing with my own tongue, in and out in a fucking motion.

I gasped as I felt her hand between my legs.

trying to close my thighs together as i felt the trickles of fluid starting to drip down my inner thighs , embarrassed by the cum leaking out I tried to squeeze her hand away.

Sues knee forced itself between my legs, raising it up hard into my leaking pussy then forcing my legs apart, lowering her knee just enough to slip her hand in and up hard against my dripping cunt,

I felt her fingers probing and teasing my enlarged clit then slip into me, I shuddered and moaned still so tender from being fucked so violently by her two dogs.

So sore Sue I managed to murmur and so messy.

Her tongue found my mouth again, her wet tongue fuck,, sending me into a deeper state of arousal. her fingers slid lower then up, the gentle touch against the plug still firmly in my ass hole, The sudden tug then the relaxing feeling as Sue pulled the plug from my body, my anal cavity feeling so open.

I heard her discard it to the floor and instantly run her fingers back up against the entrance to my open cavity.

I tried to move away from her fingers, Her body pushed into me pinning me to the wall, biting my lip hard, her fingers slid easily into me then out and back in again with such force it took me by surprise.

Turn around Slut!! Face the wall. Now Slut.!!

Yes! Yes.. I managed to mutter before i felt her hand grasp me by the shoulder and spin me around slamming me hard against the wall face first.

Her hand shot between my legs, her knee forced my legs apart and I then I felt her fingers delving into my wet cunt

Omg I gasped and arched my back pushing back against her, only to find her hand moving from the front to the back, in one quick motion her fingers started to probe my ass opening , Then they were inside.

ohhh fuck I cried and tried to move forward. her other hand delved into my still dripping cunt then slid up my belly over my breasts, pausing to brush my hard nipples, then before I realized, they were forced into my mouth, the taste of dog cum and my own juices mixed, her fingers pushed deeper into my mouth,

I gagged as my head came back, I felt her fingers slipping deeper into my anal cavity I tensed, then felt the pressure relax and Oooohhh fuck something so large seemed to slip deep into my ass.

All of her fingers were inside me. I relaxed and my body started to respond to this new sensation, I could feel my muscles reacting and uncontrollably my hips started to rock in time with her cum covered fingers. surprised at how easily she had slipped her fingers into my usually tight hole.

Cum for me Slut. Like your ass fucked to eh.

Cum Sara make that body respond, get them hormones raging. Ohh my fucking god you are such a slut.

I responded so fast my body shook and as I came, my legs started to shake so bad.

I could feel Sue's fingers moving deep inside me, her soft whispers in my ear, then the bites on my neck and a sudden push..

.I screamed and then the pleasure rushed through me, her whole hand was now deep inside my gaping hole.

The sensation of the slow gentle in out motion as she started to fist fuck my now hungry ass hole,

I looked down and in amazement could see a bulge in my belly. then in a sudden rush I came so hard, watching in disbelief as the massive amount of dog cum sprayed out of my pulsing pussy as I shook and writhed against the wall with the fist of my new mistress deep inside my anal cavity.

Gasping for breath I felt another orgasm starting to well deep inside.

Come Sara my Slut, Time for a wash then my turn with that magical tongue of yours, Then sleep my Darling, tomorrow will be busy for us.

So much for you to learn. and only 9 to 10 weeks to learn all there is to know about breeding puppies hehehe.

The smell of fresh coffee and the chatter from Sue as well as the gentle shaking slowly brought me out of a deep sleep, I rolled over stretching and yawning, my whole body stiff and tender, my lower half sore and tender I ran my hands down over my still erect nipples surprised I still felt so horny. Slipping my hand between my legs i was shocked to find I was still seeping out a sticky fluid, holding the sheet over my naked body and feeling a little embarrassed about the sticky mess between my thighs I reached for the coffee Sue had placed on the bed side table, her back was to me as she drew the curtains wide open.

Rise and shine sleepy head . Work to be done and kennels to be cleaned then to the clinic to prep a new bitch host

Ohh and it might be wise to clean up before you go near the male dogs, giggle giggle . if you know what I mean.

Blushing and feeling quite bad now after the event, and so embarrassed that she had mentioned it, glancing down and horrified to see the sheets were wet through, omg my legs squeezed together and the noise that came from between my legs startled me.

OHHH My ! Sue exclaimed, look who got greedy on her first day, My My I will have to keep an eye on you wont I.

Just make sure the boys have enough left to do their job, Giggle giggle.

Twenty minutes Sara. .then work honey.. and don't drip all over the floor heheheh.

You really are a K9slut aren't you...

Showered cleaned, coffee gone and in a panic looking for my clothes, remembering we hadn't gone to get them yesterday, I raced with a towel wrapped around me. back into the bedroom to find a thin blue dress on the bed, just a simple sleeveless dress, I franticly looked for underwear, but nothing.. Just the dress.

looking around for my bra and panties, but they were gone, pulling the dress over my head and shoulders, it was quite open and as I lifted my arms my breasts were exposed through the side. I heard Sue shout for me to hurry up.

Sara " HURRY UP " Oh yeah, I will get you some more clothes later Hun..

You will be right with that for now honey,, there is just us here today, and that's all I have here.. mmm not much of you I haven't seen already, hehehe.

I gazed at the mirror and slowly turned around, I may as well been naked, the dress was way to short and way to open under the arms, my nipples showed and the thin material seemed to cling to my ass making it very obvious that i wasn't wearing panties, the dress barely covered my bum and by bending slightly it rode up enough to expose me entirely naked on my bottom half, Shrugging and smiling I walked out feeling quite naked but incredibly turned on, Why I had no Idea.

"Well".. You certainly over dressed for your first day Didn't you..mmmmm look at you, I might have to make that your new uniform..

Make it easier to keep an eye on that wonderful body of yours , and watch you grow my sexy slut..

I smiled and twirled around holding out my arms and giving her a good display of what wasn't so well covered. watching her eyes as they seemed to devour me a grin spread across her face. and that wonderful warm glow seemed to radiate from deep inside me once again.

Thinking to myself she could make me do anything so easily with that smile.

By the end of the day I was so tired, never had i worked so hard, washing and cleaning, eight female dogs were all in various stages of pregnancy and each one had to be measured checked and cleaned, and recorded for progress reports to the puppies owners, then medicated exercised and fed again.

The male dogs all had to be fed cleaned and exercised, It was a mission working around the males, every one of them were huge and all seemed intent on shoving their noses in my rear end, all day I was jumping and slapping them away.

Each time Sue saw me pushing the male dogs away she would just giggle and say something in French that I had no idea what she meant but the seductive smile that followed each comment made me blush and remember her words from the morning about making sure i cleaned myself well. silently vowing to be more careful in future.

The next morning, there was more of the same style of dresses hanging in the robe when I came out the shower, Still no underwear", I frowned and called out,

Hey Sue did you get to grab my clothes from my unit like you promised.

Ohhhh Honey, I went around around, but the locks were changed and a note on the door saying you have been evicted, and once the remaining arrears have been paid you can get your stuff back, Sorry Hun,, I was going to tell you after your shower. I grabbed a few things for you to wear until you get organised, I will deduct it out your first pay check Hun .

I Stood looking at her with my But why face on.. NO undies.. They didn't have any my size ehh, breaking into a smile, You pervy French women all the same.. just want to see me waltzing around half naked. oh forget the half, There isn't anything covered Hehehe..

All the better to watch you grow into your role Hun, hehehe and grow you will . I hope!

Time seemed to pass quick, before i knew it nearly three weeks were gone, there had been no more advances from Sue just the occasional hug and a quick kiss on the cheek whenever we were close,

While scanning one of the bitches to record the info from her chip, sometimes Sue would accidently touch my shoulder and neck with the scanner and it would beep

Her response always the same, joking about maybe I need to register you, or been hanging out in the kennels in your spare time eh.

I would blush and say nothing. always wondering if she had guessed that I was.. I was still puzzled by why I felt horny 24/7.

Sue was always busy and I seemed to be taking on more and more roles around the kennels so when the day finished Sue would bid me good night and leave,

I would shower and head for my bed, the urge to touch myself never seemed to diminish. if anything it started to become quite frustrating, on some nights I would sneak down to the kennels and drop my flimsy dress off and crawl into Ares's run on my hands and knees,

Still very wary but confident he would never hurt me, his displays of dominance were all show, and deep down I just knew he was gentle, At least until he mated with me,

Satisfied that no one would ever know about my night trips to the kennels I was at least partly relieved of the sexual urges building in me.

My entrance into his kennel on my hands and knees and the departure in the same manner but slower and teasingly seductive in my mind , was now a part of my nightly ritual.

He would trot up and down the run growling and snarling, as I made my way to the gate , then put on his display of dominance as I entered nudging and forcing me to submit then prod and nip lightly until i would let a small trickle of urine run down my thighs before he would start to dominate me then take me in his wild frenzied manner.

Then patiently wait for his huge knot to subside before releasing me to crawl to the door of his kennel, him now showing me the indifference of a satisfied male finished with his toy, Me on hands and knees, satisfied and leaking his cum from deep within my gaping pussy doing the crawl of shame back to my room. always with a deep glow inside.

Waking this morning, I felt lethargic and drained, slightly nauseated, almost to the point I didn't want to get up, dragging myself to the bath room I suddenly threw up over the floor, my legs were shaky and my head spinning, I sat and waited until the feeling past.

Wow ! wonder what brought that on. Fetching a mop and a bucket, I heard Sue call out.

You awake Sara.. I need to use your loo for a sec Hun, Morning..

No Wait Sue, please I had a bit of an accident , so sorry i don't know why, I need to clean up a bit first.

Ohh you poor baby, here let me get that , You sit Hun , I will get you a drink, here sit Hun how do you feel.

How long have you been feeling off Sara !!

Looking me up and down with a strange look on her face almost like a hidden smile.

Just a few days, but nothing like this before, I.. I'm fine now don't know what brought that on. Yesterday I didn't feel to good but I wasn't sick,

Wow it took me by surprise that's all, I'm good now, just find my UUUUUNIFFORMMMMM and my PAAAANNNTIEEES. Oh fukkk thats right I dont have annny, and its nearly that time againnnn.

I need to wash my sheets, a few warning spot , But if you dont want me to wear any maybe you can wash them..

A bit snappy this morning are we, Sue responded with a wide grin, mmmmmm maybe you should lay of the chockies,, looking a bit cuddly around the middle there.

Unexplainably I felt the tears well up in my eyes, I turned away startled by the sudden urge to cry.

I walked out sniffling and trying not to burst out crying,

I never get upset I thought and wiped away the tears feeling gentle hands on my bare shoulder, turning me around and embracing me Sue started to shush shush honey..

You will be okay, here I got you, come on let it out sweetie tell me what's wrong.

I... don't know I sniffled and looked around for a tissue, her soft words and cuddle making me feel so warm and loved, I embraced her back, the sudden pressure against my breasts brought a gasp from me, she held me back at arms length and looked me up and down, a small smile on her face,

What's wrong Hun.. are your breasts a bit tender as well sweetie, oh my they look a little different kinda swollen around your nipples .

Yeah,, strange, maybe i am coming down with something, my nipples are tender too and look I said as I held my hand under my tender breast, the skin around my nips looks darker than usual "ouch" they are kinda sore too.

Here sweetie, slip the towel around you and come with me, maybe we should give you a bit of a check over,

Here come don't worry about the towel, no one else is here , Let's check you out and maybe you should rest up for the rest of the day.

Naked and feeling emotional I let her take my hand and slowly walk me into her examination room that we had been examining all the pregnant bitches.

pointing to the same table Sue instructed me to hop up and lay down,

feeling embarrassed for the first time about being naked, I lay back and glanced down the length of my body at my usually taunt midriff, shocked to notice it was indeed noticeably relaxed.

I lay back closed my eyes and tried to relax, the room started to spin, I partially opened my eyes and watched Sue's hands automatically reach for the on switch to the scanner and computer monitor, then slightly angle the screen away,

Puzzled but thinking it was just habit, i saw her glance at the screen then quickly hit the keys on the key board, the flashing on the monitor and screen started doing their self test thing like it did before we scanned a bitch.

The scanner was in her hand and I wondered if it was just habit again as it briefly passed over my shoulder, the familiar beeping and whirring from the computer module alerted me and i opened my eyes,

Her back was turned slightly and i saw her grin at the side of her face just like she did every time we scanned a bitch and found her in pup, I watched in amazement as her fingers flew over the keys, then turning to me, asked sweetly for me to turn on my side.

Roll on your side honey, I need to make sure nothing is wrong with your vitals.

Puzzled still I rolled over and closed my eyes again, her hands ran down my side poking and prodding, then i heard her hit the keys again,

Okay sweetie, on your back and knees up Hun. just need to make sure nothing nasty is going on in , You know where.

Come on honey open up I will be quick.

I looked her in the face and saw that wicked sparkle in her eyes and that shit eating grin on her face, I raised my knees frowning and still unsure what she was doing, I felt her fingers probing my vagina, I twitched and a shiver ran through me, mmmmmm a bit tender she asked quietly.

I nodded and bit my lip. tears started to well up again.

Sara, I think your night time visits to Ares might have been a little over done,

Shocked ,I looked at her. wwwWhat do you mean, Umm I don't get you, I stuttered completely taken off guard.

Sara Sara Sara, I forgot to tell you about the camera's didn't I.. Heheheh, I know you visit your sweet heart almost every night, I watch You !!

and I must admit you have him eating out of your hands, well almost your hands. and you do put on a wonderful performance the way you crawl in on your hands and knees, whimpering and rolling over like the submissive K9slut you are, for him to sniff and lick your pussy and cute little ass hole, letting him nudge you into position so he can fuck your pussy and ass however he wants

Then that Display you put on wagging your ass in his face while he cleans you up, and crawling back out the kennels like a sneaky little slut.

Hmmm, Some very nice videos for future reference Hun.

My face drained of colour and I felt the bile building up in the back of my throat,

Camera's fuck I never thought.. Stuck for words I just stared at her, then blurted out, You watched me every night, Fuck how could you Sue.

Omg you recorded me! my face started to burn then i looked at the screen.

OH fuck was all I could manage, In horror I absorbed what was flashing across my eyes.

Record for host K9S... Registration number xxxxxxxx.

Date inseminated xxxxxx..

Dates mated... Daily over Four weeks. Breed unknown, Female eggs supplied and implanted from pedigree cane Corso, registered bitch, and pedigree Ridge Back registered Bitch.. Blood pressure . Vital statistics etc etc. Fertilised by pedigree Cane Corso, Registered name Ares",

Cross fertilised by by Pedigree Ridge Back, Name Zeus .

Subsequent fertilization on free will by above pedigree dogs in controlled environment daily. Medicated to remain in heat daily. Anti rejection medication administered via food daily.

Updates .. possible fertilization successful, tender breasts and nipples, Areola colour change evident signs of morning sickness, visible signs of stomach swelling.. mood swings, and emotional behaviour, period missed signs of light spotting in bedding. Possible "Pregnancy Positive" yet to be confirmed, awaiting blood test and hormone tests.

Shocked and in a daze I lay naked on the examination table, staring at the screen that we used every day to record the pregnancy of the host bitches and here i was looking at information that had just been downloaded from me..

my hand drifted to my shoulder, fingers probing and coming to a halt on a tiny lump at the base of my neck, I rubbed at it , the small lump moved and rolled around just under the surface, my eyes locking on Sue.

WTF Sue, Tell me this is a fucking joke right, pointing at the screen I yelled ,, and what.. wwhatt is that K9S shit, ohhh pleeesee tell me this is a joke ehh. it is isn't IT!!!

SARA! calm down Hun.. You should be well aware what is happening.. Didn't you read your agreement Hun.. I did tell you there was no going back if you agreed...

DON'T fucking HUN ME !! just tell me what this means, i started to shake and choke back more tears.

Mmmmmm how can I put it...Ummm,,, Sara hhummm Your in pup.. Your going to be a Mum.. Congratulations Sweetie , you did say you wanted puppies heheh,

Tears welled in my eyes, my body started to shake, I ran my hands down over my belly,

"Sue"!! Don't fuck with me, it's not possible.. No No it's not is it.

Yes it is Sara.. And you signed up for this, look at the data Hun ! you know it's right,

What! How did you do this to me.

My memory flashed back to the supposed medical and the first encounters with her dogs, the subsequent and frequent night visits to the kennels and the constant horniness I felt,

Then the visions of the instruments we used on the bitches to inject the active female eggs ready for fertilization by a mate,

I froze as i recalled my first few days here, the intimate moments with Sue each time she held the strange shaped thing and each time she would insert it so deep inside of me, the light head daze I felt, then led me to the room, The fucking breeding room.!!

My mind reeling and dancing, suddenly I felt sick. My memory of the injections and the empty blister packs I had found in the bin each time Sue would bring in her meal packs for me,

So grateful that she was so feeding me,

Omg she was medicating me for her fucking dogs, keeping me in heat.

Struggling to get up I hadn't felt her secure me in the stirrups or my hands being strapped to the table, aghast and helpless I watched as Sue turned around and gently rubbed my belly with the gel we used for an Ultra sound scan, in horror and holding my breath, I watched the screen light up.

Watching her run the scanner over my belly, seeing her smile broaden, my eyes were drawn to the screen.

Tap tap tap. the screen with the data for the host bitches lit up, my mouth open wide... Time stopped, I watched in absolute horror as the words appeared.

PREGNANCY CONFIRMED... Registered breeding bitch host, K9S Number XXXXXXXX. Confirmed Six Puppies.. expected, Whelping approx Six weeks, Bitch in good health, Due for Quarantine until delivery date, .. Suitable Bitch for future breeding programs, Acceptance of natural fertilization evident. Presents well and eager to Mate.

Sue walked over to the side bench , picked up her phone and started dialling.

In shock I listened to her calmly talking to someone.

Yes it is confirmed, You will have six healthy puppies ,in about six or seven weeks, Noooo, the Bitch is well, she is my favourite, so obedient and so very easy to train, ohhh you want to secure her for your other show dog,

No thats not a problem, I will pencil it in, maybe need a couple of weeks rest before we inseminate her again,,

Big dog is he ?. No no she can handle quite a load this one.

The realization started to sink in, The memories of the end of the day encounters with Sue, Her quick kisses and brief touches then the giddy giddy feelings as she kissed me and made love. always making jokes about me wanting puppies and the special she always used .

Specially made for you she would say as I closed my eyes and accepted the wonderful dildo deep inside my body, the sensation as she would whisper and tell me to enjoy, then the sensation of something deep inside me always feeling so much like i was being filled with fluid.

SUE !! you knew I was going to the kennels every night after you would leave me horny.. Didn't you. You kept filling me with eggs each night didn't you. Knowing i was going to let them Fuck me.

I was starting to become hysterical and so emotional the tears started flowing,

Then I suddenly felt a flutter deep in my belly the feeling sent a shiver through me.

Ohhh Sara,, Look! Did you feel that Hun, Look Look they are moving they are moving can you feel them sweetie.

The look on Sue's face was Ecstatic and the joy was so evident.

Horrified as a small lump protruded from my belly, and resettled then followed by more small movements ,tears poured from eyes as the final proof of what was happening to me became reality, I looked into Sue's eyes and watched as her tears ran out and down her cheeks. pure joy written all over her face, Some how it softened my shock as her hands gently ran over my tender belly,

Honey ! You are going to be a mum, You look so good Hun.

Sue!! How could you do this to me!! My tears flowing The emotional turmoil rushing through me mixed with something else,

A slight glow deep down, for a moment I smiled through my tears and the strangest feeling swept over me, my nipples tingled, glancing down I saw a drop of whitish liquid form on each nipple, my mind raced and strange calm settled over me.

Honey ! Sue cried Look at you, The Glow, You look absolutely radiant..

Suddenly her lips pressed against mine, her tongue parting my lips, delving deep into my mouth, darting in and out chasing my tongue,

I responded, moaning and darting my tongue into her eager mouth, my hands still restrained, the unbelievable sensations in my breasts, the tickling feeling as liquid started to run down my breasts, the ache between my legs,

Eyes closed I savoured the moment then the slight movement deep inside my womb brought a smile to my face.

The sound startled me then i realized it was my own voice shouting in joy.

Omg I'm pregnant, then the soft gentle kisses fluttering down my neck over my breasts and then the sucking sensation on my hard tingling nipples I felt the release of something from within my breasts it felt strange but so nice, glancing down and feeling so damn horny, i watched in fascination as Sue dribbled my milk down her chin.

Something felt so right as i looked into her glistening eyes, another slight movement deep in my belly brought a grin to my face.

Closing my eyes I drifted into a deep sleep, the dreams and sensations, a strange calm that seemed to be filling my entire body, somewhere deep inside i felt a warm glow radiating outwards, oh such a weird dream to be having, as the warmth of sleep embraced me.

i thought I felt a flutter deep in my womb, strange thoughts flickered through my unconscious mind, puppies rolling and running around me, strange noises and a sweet sweet voice dripping with a sensual french accent somewhere in the distance whispering what a wonderful mother I will be.

Will Sara wake to find it just a dream.

Can Miss Suzanne La'chance get away with her secret breeding program. Can Sara accept her new role in life willingly as a breeding bitch, or will the horror of what is growing inside her tame her feelings for her new Mistress, or perhaps her French lessons will continue allowing her to knot only get her tongue around the french anatomy but actually learn to cope with the maternal instinct motherhood.

To be continued.?


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