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The continued story of how during the pandemic of 2020 I was faced with the prospect of unemployment and turned to the world of camming as a way of making some money. This is a crossdressing story so if that isn't your thing then please move on :)
We woke up many hours later, still intertwined, my morning wood throbbing as Ellie slid inside my panties and wrapped her hand around it. This was a much better way to wake up than usual, and we proceeded to have a really relaxed slow fuck. She reached a much more low key orgasm but I knew I wouldn’t cum without something in my ass so she retrieved another one of my toys.

This time however she said that she wanted to taste my load direct from the tap, so I laid back, she slid one of the larger dildos inside me and began enthusiastically sucking on my cock. At the same time she began to slowly push the large toy in and out of my ass, the combination of her mouth and the toy and me reaching the peak in no time, but just as I was about the crest she removed the toy and popped my dick from her mouth.

“Why did you stop?” I whined, “trust me, this will be better” as she resumed taking my entire length down her throat, it was then that I felt her two fingers easily sliding inside me, she curled them round and began aggressively massaging my prostate, I went from being somewhere where near cumming to on the brink in a matter of seconds.

“Urrgghh, fuck me Ellie” I screamed, and she took her cue, her mouth sucked harder and her fingers worked faster. Quicker than I had ever experienced to date, that ball of white light ignited inside me, flashing down my entire body and surging to my prostate, she persisted with the rapid strokes, her hand how pumping my cock as her plump lips sealed my head, her tongue lashing the base, begging to suck me dry.

With an almighty blast I felt the ripple of cum fire directly into her mouth, she flinched, caught off guard by its force as the following jets flowed with less strength. She continued to milk me, draining every last drop, sucking and swallowing as much as she could. Eventually my twitching subsided and my cum ran dry.

She climbed up my body and kissed me deeply, she still had some of my juice in her mouth which we shared, savouring its unique fruitiness. She sighed on top of me, relaxing into a long embrace. This had been one bizarre turn of events, but one I could not be happier with. With or idle chat, Ellie mentioned how different real cocks are to toys and that I shouldn’t be put off by the idea of trying it. I knew she was referring to Marc, but I wasn’t really ready to go there yet. Somethings didn’t need to be rushed.

We took some more pictures together, but as we were looking at them we talked about maybe doing a combined show, it might work out really well for both of us, as well as the fact we would clearly enjoy it. Besides I would never turn down the opportunity to be together again.

For the rest of the morning we just hung out, we talked about camming set ups, lighting, and all the drawbacks of being a broadcaster. She had me model some of my outfits which I took great pleasure in doing, especially when I could see her clamp her legs shut a little and her nipples would visibly harden, I loved having this effect on people, even more so to know it worked on someone like Ellie.

After a few hours of playing dress-up we were both pretty worked up again, Ellie needed to get back home and we both needed a shower, so we climbed in along with our favourite toys. She had me impale myself on a dildo stuck to the wall as she slid onto my hard cock at the front. Wrapping a leg around my waist to get extra leverage to fuck.

It was so sensual with the water cascading over us, she kept on whispering dirty thoughts into my hear, talking about the scene I did in the shower where I screamed out Marc’s name, and how he would feel so much better than the dildo, I was too enraptured with being buried insider her tight pussy and her nipples jostling with my own to be able to stop her. The thought burrowed into my mind and it was inescapable as I felt my orgasm arrive and my ass clamp onto the toy, wondering what it would really feel like if it was real.

I barely noticed that Ellie came too as I filled her up with another generous load, I could see it leaking out and immediately dropped to my knees and lapped away, our fluids mixing to make an intoxicating cocktail, we embraced and kissed some more, cleaning each other and just enjoying being together.

We parted with a lingering kiss and a promise to meet up again, but at the same time, it felt like we were just enjoying each other’s company, I didn’t feel like we were officially a couple, Ellie was so blasé about it all, I had even more to think about in addition to the decision about whether to take the promotion and leave all this behind.

It was now mid-afternoon, despite the day’s activities I felt that familiar feeling of desire burning inside me. I couldn’t really understand it, I was horny again but I didn’t feel like starting up a broadcast, the night and morning with Ellie had instilled a yearning for more human physical contact and as she had gone I only had one option left.

I knew sending a message to Marc would be a bit of a risk in my current state, nonetheless I reasoned that I would just tease him as per usual, work myself up a bit and then go at it with my toys when I returned, all for my own gratification. With hesitation I sent him a note asking if he would like to go for a run.

A few moments later my phone pinged with his reply “sure thing, I’m just finishing up with a client, but howabout we go to a new park, I’ll send you the location, see you at 5 by the main entrance”. I knew the park he was talking about, it was a 20minute bus ride away and as we would probably be running for quite a distance I didn’t want to arrive already exhausted.

The park was much larger than our regular one, the lower section was more traditional, cut grass, neat rows of trees and flowerbeds, but the upper part merged into a forest area, with dirt path trails weaving through the trees and undergrowth. It would be nice for a proper change of scenery and a slightly more challenging run.

The weather was sunny, and really nice and warm even in the shade so I decided to put on some running shorts instead of my usual leggings. I hadn’t worn them before, and I didn’t realise how short they were until I pulled them all the way up, they nestled my buttocks and I grinned checking out my behind, Marc was going to have a hard time if he decided to follow me as I felt myself swell a little at the view. A running vest, my phone holder and my trainers and I was good to go - after a little application of some very natural looking makeup.

I caught the bus from the end of my road, and suddenly felt much more exposed than ever before, it was a strange feeling to have considering the sheer number of times I’d broadcasted to hundreds if not thousands of people wearing much less. However as guys and girls checked my smooth toned legs out the embarrassment turned to pride, they did look really good after all.

Hopping off the bus at the park entrance, I walked over to where we had agreed to meet and started doing a few pre run stretches. After a few moments I was interrupted as Marc greeted me and we hugged slightly awkwardly. He stepped back and complimented me on my legs, not wanting to be put on the back foot so early I boldly flexed them for him and gave a little spin. Deliberately drawing attention to how these shorts extenuated my pert butt.

The flush of colour to his face immediately confirming that I had won this round, even if I was the only one playing the game. We set off through the gates and along the main path. With it being such a nice day there were plenty of people about enjoying the afternoon sun, it made progress challenging as we dodge children, buggies and dogs. Frustrated with not being able to get into a rhythm we took one of the side paths that lead to the wooded area.

When it is sunny in London people flock to the open spaces, for any chance to bask in the sun, and as we left that area and headed into the shade we encountered fewer people, until eventually it was just Marc and myself, jogging, chatting and generally enjoying a rare bit of uninterrupted nature in a busy city.

Part of our one-upmanship had evolved into trying to take each other deeper into the woods, the trails and paths becoming smaller and less used, the undergrowth getting thicker and more dense. Eventually after what must have been a good 8 kilometres we battled through some overgrown ivy and brambles to a bit of a clearing where a tree had come down and the log lay perfectly as a place to rest.

Both out of breath we took refuge and agreed to lay off our competition and relax a little. Sitting down on the stump we looked around, surrounded by nature, only the sound of wildlife and a gentle breeze rustling the leaves on the trees. It was hard to believe a place could feel so isolated in the heart of a city with nine million people.

As we sat there and chatted I couldn’t help but replay the mornings events over in my mind, the things Ellie had whispered into my ear in the shower. Her not so subtle encouragement to check Marc out, or to even go further. As he spoke I daydreamed about earlier, I could feel my body tingle and flush heat as I imagined the scene again, Ellie pressed to my front, and instead of the dildo, Marc was standing behind. I involuntarily moaned out loud and immediately covered it up with a cough.

He looked at me quizzically, before commenting how nice it was to be out with people again. I had to agree, it had been a long old lockdown, isolation from interacting in person now felt like a luxury and I thanked him for bringing me to the new park. I was looking at him with a smile, my heartbeat picking up pace, there was a brief pause and I could almost see him thinking of something to say. He opened his mouth just as his phone rang loudly in his pocket.

Startled he pulled it out and answered, and I was left staring at his pocket, or should I say the bulge to the left of it. I couldn’t help myself, Ellie had planted the seed and now I had to admit I was curious. Whoever was on the other end of the phone didn’t seem very happy, Marc spoke with a calm voice, apologising profusely and promising the make it up to them. With a flustered expression and a shake of his head, he hung up the call, switched his phone to silent and turned his face towards me.

"That was my 6 o’clock appointment, she didn’t get my cancellation message” he said looking a little concerned, “is that because of me? You shouldn’t have agreed if you had work to do” I responded. “It’s fine, she was quite reasonable really, but it does mean I’ll have to give her a free session to make up for it. And I would much prefer to be here with you anyway” he looked at me, eyes burning into mine. It was my turn to blush, my lips suddenly dry, unconsciously running my tongue round them. “I hope I made it worth your while” I said in a whisper.

I hadn’t realised how close we had become, was I leaning in? or was he? I felt hesitation, I knew what was happening and it all seemed to be in slow motion as his hand moved up to cup the back of my head. Our lips met and my hand rested on his thick bicep. It felt totally different to Ellie. Suddenly I was the meek one as his extra height and bulk towered over me.

Without realising I parted my lips and his tongue immediately slid in, I was on autopilot, my body responding without my conscious thought. Our kiss deepened and his light stubble scraped and scratched as we moved in unison, I moaned as his other arm slipped round me pulling me in closer. My hand slid down to his chest and stomach, toned abs flexing beneath this t-shirt.

For the second time in as many days I was kissing someone passionately, having not done so for years. My mind was racing, I knew Marc was a guy, and so was I, did this make me gay? Did I care? Ellie wasn’t bothered, should I be? As these thoughts coursed over me, my hand moved lower down and came to rest on this thigh, feeling him flinch I hadn’t realised how close to his crotch I was.

We parted the kiss, and he looked at me with the brightest of smiles “that was absolutely worth it” he beamed and I leant back in to continue our embrace. I could not escape the vision Ellie had planted, the thought of what a real cock would look like up close, what it would feel like in my hands and what it would taste like in my mouth. I felt myself harden tucked in my panties, shit, I was so turned on.

Marc began to wander as well, his big hands roughly pawing at my top. My nipples instantly reacting and aching for his touch. I could no longer supress my moans, with Ellie it had been purposeful but delicate, but this was more insistent, more animalistic.

His hands meandered down further and panic began to rise, I did not want him to discover my secret, not here, alone in the woods, I wasn’t sure how he would react and I was in no way able to defend myself if he became angry. I needed to move his hands from there, I re-positioned them back to my chest and while it briefly entertained him they soon travelled south again.

I was also beginning to feel very uncomfortable in my shorts, they were too tight to contain my swelling member, and as well as I had tucked it, if things continued as they were it would be making a break for freedom in no time at all. Pulling away, breathing hard as we had hardly paused since his lips met mine. The solution came to me, all be it taking a leap of faith I wasn’t sure I was ready for yet. My hand travelled between his thighs, instantly resting on a very warm and very hard package.

“I really do need to make it up to you for missing your client, I hope you’ll accept my apology” I said with my best puppy dog eyes, my cam girl persona coming on with a vengeance. He looked startled as my hand stroked and rubbed at his crotch before relaxing a little as I continued my ministrations.

He shifted slightly and his bulge rose even more in my hand, bringing his arm down he rested it on my knee before starting to slide up, his touch directly on my smooth skin was delectable but I knew where he was going and had to stop him. Swiftly moving I pivoted, kneeled between his legs and pushed them apart.

The outline of his dick now clearly on display and the faintest of damp patches visible from the tip, I reached up to his waist band and went to pull them down. He lifted slightly and gradually as his shorts and boxers began to slide down, a well-kept patch of hair before his member was eventually revealed in all its glory.

I couldn’t believe I was doing this, my mind was conflicted, but my desires won out, Ellies whispers echoing through my head, I had to at least try, how else would I know. With his shorts round his ankles everything was on show for me. He was immaculately presented, hair trimmed and smooth below, my trembling hands moved to grasp it around the base.

He wasn’t enormous, maybe a little longer than my own, seven inches or so, but definitely thicker and as I pulled his foreskin back it revealed a large angry looking mushroom head with a bead of precum already spilling out. Once again I licked my lips, looking up at his face as Ellie had done to me only the night before.

I extended my tongue, my first taste of cock that wasn’t my own. It immediately felt different, the spongy texture, the heat and the pulse of another person beating through its length. Next my lips made contact and I opened wide just as I had done with Biggie’s dildo, if I managed to take most of that length this shouldn’t be any trouble I thought.

In my mind I imagined there were cameras, that this was just another show, that I had to do this for my fan’s approval, but as Marc’s moan echoed through the trees I was brought back to the reality that I was alone with another guy, edging his swollen meat further into my mouth. All the practice with my toys was paying off as I felt no discomfort as his gland made contact with the back of my throat. I slid off with a pop savouring the new musky taste, the sweat from our run not deterring me from returning it to my mouth.

Marc gasped as I pushed further this time, my throat accepting the intruder and my tonsils contracting around his helmet. A rush of pleasure rode through my body. I could feel my own trapped penis surge with energy. If sucking a dildo could turn me on, this was cranking me up to eleven.

I moaned, the vibrations causing Marc to follow, for a few moments I simply repeated my motions, pulling off and stroking with my hand before sucking all the way back down. Each time he bumped into the back of my throat the same immense reward of pleasure coursed through me. I could feel the beginnings of my own climax even without touching myself and judging by the noises my partner was making he wasn’t far behind either.

With each thrust down my gullet I edged closer to the peak. The sudden realisation that I would cum in my shorts, and even though I’d already done so today, being this worked up I knew it would be a significant load. I couldn’t risk soiling myself and having to run all the way home wet and sticky.

I continued the motions on Marc cock, and I could feel him begin to tense up, I didn’t have long before he was going to cum and with my free hand I managed to release my trapped member. The cool air wrapping round it, suddenly released a long string of precum flowed from my tip.

Steadying myself I grasped Marc’s balls with one hand, started pumping vigorously with the other and kept my mouth tightly sealed around his head, my tongue lashing at the underside in the way I knew I loved doing on my own.

Marc’s eyes were wide, his breathing ragged and course, “I’m… your… I can’t hold on much longer… you’re going to make me cum” he said with stammering breaths. “Give it to me” I hissed and sunk all the way down his length. His balls tightened and his meat expanded in my throat. As the first splash cascaded out it triggered a chain reaction, sparks firing from my throat, down my spine, igniting that ball of white light and initiating my own orgasm.

I hadn’t laid a single finger on my own cock and it just began to spew load after load out onto the forest floor, I swallowed automatically, barely able to register the taste as it was so deep. I pulled back, still pumping with my hands, eking out every last drop onto my tongue.

I could now taste his essence, and while not as pleasant as my own, it felt every bit as rewarding. My own now softening dick still dripping as waves of my own orgasm began to subside. I cleaned his tool, marvelling at how it went from being so hard and angry to soft and relaxed.

Marc was still breathing hard, and I was too. This had been so intense and I never in my wildest dreams would have thought that I could cum just from giving head, I had an inkling after the way Biggies dildo felt down my throat, but this was so much more. Ellie was right, a real one was so much better, not least feeling responsible for making someone else cum was the maximum power trip, especially a big strong guy like Marc.

While he caught his breath I gently suckled on his now soft cock, licking it clean and buying myself time while I clumsily tucked my own limp dick back inside my panties. It wasn’t quite as neat as I would usually, but under the circumstances it would do. I rose unsteadily to my feet, pulling his shorts back up so he wouldn’t look down at the mess I’d made.

He chuckled, and pointed to a spot on my leg, looking down a long string of cum gently making its way down to my knee, the rest making a sizeable pool spattered under the felled tree out of his view. I scooped it up and brought it to my mouth, I instantly knew it was mine and not his, I had a delectable sweetness that couldn’t be matched. He looked at me dough eyed “I can’t believe you did that” he stated, “well I wouldn’t want to go to all that effort and then waste it” I replied grinning mischievously.

I thought I would be more repulsed at the act I had just completed, the taste of him still lingering in my mouth, but instead, seeing him so helpless and out of breath, so utterly satisfied, I felt the same sense of pride as when I completed a task on my broadcasts, no, that was wrong, I felt a greater sense of achievement from this. My very core beamed with satisfaction, doing these things online and seeing a visible reward was one thing, but feeling it, tasting it and experiencing it was on another level. My body simply hummed.

Looking at his flushed face “I hope that fully makes up for you messing up with your client because of me” I quipped, the confidence now overflowing as our ego battle of flirting resumed. He stood, reached for my chin and scooped something from me, I took his hand and guided it to my mouth, sucking his thumb and cleaning of the last morsel of his seed.

“You’re incredible, y….you know that” he stuttered, once again faltering under the power of my seduction. “I do” was my reply, as I lead him by the hand away from the fallen tree and the puddle of my own fluids just in case he saw it and started asking questions.

My legs were still a little weak, and I didn’t feel I had the strength to run, Marc seemed happy enough with our stroll with his hand wrapped tightly around mine, as we made more small talk and basked in the setting sun and the afterglow of our orgasms.

We reached the busy area of the park and decided to resume jogging for the last part. It was hard going as I wasn’t as well tucked, I could tell Marc was in some discomfort too as his pace was way off. As we neared the park gates, we slowed to a walk, his arm wrapped around my shoulders and I leant into his.

We stopped in a less crowded corner, facing each other I slipped my hand around his neck and pulled him down for a kiss. It was gentle but intense, our tongues lashing each other, his hands roamed down my side before scooping my buttocks and caressing them through the thin fabric of my shorts, his touch immediately eliciting a gasp from my mouth and I could feel him smile through our kiss.

Our battle of one-upmanship was still raging, just as his once again rising member began to poke into my stomach, I instantly wrapped my hand round it and he jerked back. Face flushed and eyes pleading me not to continue. “You can’t do that here! Everyone will see” I laughed and released my grip, another round to me.

Walking hand in hand to the bus stop, just as the number 214 pull into view “we should do this again sometime” He half asked hopefully, I once again had all the power and loved the thought of him hanging to my every word and action. “I guess that would be OK, but I’d prefer you made sure you were properly free, I can’t be held responsible for making it up to you each time” I quipped, his face once again blushing as he recalled what I’d just done to him. One last drawn out hug as we reluctantly parted as my bus arrived “I’ll send you a message” blowing a kiss at his goofy face as the doors closed and I pulled away.

Holy crap! That was intense. My mind raced with what I’d just done, the consequences of the last few days events replaying through my mind. I’d taken time off camming to help figure out what to do, and in the process given myself even more to consider, if it was a mess before, it was giant cluster fuck now.

My hands trembling, I fired a message to Ellie, not telling her what I’d done, but intimating something had happened, of course she instantly called me and I didn’t want to have this conversation in public on the bus. She kept trying to ask questions, and I couldn’t answer, my body betraying me as it flushed crimson and my nipples and cock began to swell. Eventually arriving at my stop, still on the phone I dashed home and into the house. Panting as I closed the door behind me and could finally spill all the beans to Ellie who was impatiently waiting still on the phone.

We spoke while I got undressed, but agreed to have a video call once I’d got out the shower, I was very sweaty and more than a little sticky in certain areas, not least it was fairly evident from the tightening skin on my face I hadn’t cleaned it very well. I’d travelled all that way on the bus with another guys cum on my face, how embarrassing! I giggled to myself.

Refreshed and with some casual clothes on I called Ellie, she answered and immediately berated me on my appearance and the fact I was using my phone and not the computer. I wasn’t dressed badly, just simple, her on the other hand was sitting there, fully done up, a divine outfit sculpting her body, makeup the works. I actually struggled to get the words out so taken aback with how hot she looked.

I apologise and fired up my computer and the lights, she insisted in staying on the line and watching my transformation. She picked an outfit she wanted me to wear, the boots and even the makeup. Propped up against the mirror I could see her gently gyrating as I applied the finishing touches to my look, “are you playing with yourself?” I lambasted “can you blame me? You look like my living wet dream, I knew I should have just come over instead” she added with a pout.

I walked back to the bed heels clicking on the floor and switched our call over to the computer. With the higher resolution and her image filling my large monitor it was much more personal, almost like she was sat the other side of the desk “there that’s much better, we couldn’t be having any fun on a little phone screen” she had a devilish grin on her pretty face, and I knew she was already scheming.

She asked me to recount, in absolute detail what had happened with Marc in the forest, and as I told her I could feel my body responding, it was so hot, the details of how he felt and tasted. What was going on in my body as his cock hit the back of my throat, the way it cascaded down my spine and concentrated deep below.

I was also enjoying seeing her clearly get into it, I wasn’t sure if she was just using her hand or a toy, but she was definitely getting very hot under the collar. I couldn’t deny my own urges and I started stroking myself as I spoke.

When I detailed the sudden approach of Marc’s orgasm and how it supercharged my own she started audibly mewing, light moans as I coaxed her into her own climax. Describing the finale sent a shudder down my spine, my cock flexed at the memory and Ellie cried out as she came hearing my words, it was so erotic and so empowering to know I was the cause.

I slowed my own stroking, but couldn’t stop entirely, Ellie regained her focus and told me how amazing that must have been and how jealous she was. I beamed with pride, and couldn’t help but admit it was hot. However I was still concerned and asked “but sucking his cock, doesn’t that make me gay?” she scoffed and responded “there is no way you are gay, not after last night with me anyway, and what does it matter? it’s just a label for other people to use. If it makes you happy why not do it?” she had a point, although I felt guilty there was no way I could deny I’d thoroughly enjoyed it.

Our conversation turned to our outfits and our toys, and it wasn’t long before we were challenging each other to do things with them. Our outfits gradually peeled off, the toys got larger and deeper. Ellie definitely had a thing for seeing me deep throat my toys especially Biggie’s dildo. Spurring each other on, we pumped and stroked in unison as her cries rang out through my speakers matched with my own. Deliberately pooling my cum on my stomach to she could watch me feed it to myself and swallow it all down.

It was perverse but oh so satisfying. The whole time Ellie had been describing how a real cock feels inside you, how as good as the best toy is, nothing compares to the real thing attached to someone who knows how to use it. I wasn’t sure what she was up to, and it only added to the confusion around our relationship. We couldn’t be an item if she was pushing me to have sex with someone else, surely.

We chatted some more, floating the idea of a shared broadcast, maybe some special videos that we could use on each other’s platforms. We chose some images and posted them to see what sort of reaction we would get. Both satisfied and very messy, we said our goodbyes and I stayed on the computer, catching up on all the messages and stats from my accounts.

Looking at the numbers, even accounting for the last few days without going live, I still had a steady income, it wasn’t a huge amount at the moment, but I could see the trajectory and with this kind of growth I would be in a really good place in 6 months or so. But did I want to be doing this in the future? It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it for the most part. However the whole thing with Ellie, not knowing where I stood, and Marc. What about Marc? I did like him, but not like that, well, I had to admit I liked his cock more than anything else, but more than that I wasn’t so sure.

Where was all this leading to? I had a nice easy path of taking the promotion, it was simple and neat. A better job, more money, more interesting work and a nicer team, or carry on as I had for the last few months, the end payoff may be higher, but it was all so complicated. The relationships already confusing, the cold hard reality of having to tell my family and friends. How would I be received? And did I even want this?

Exhausted both mentally and physically I quickly showered but just dried myself and slid into bed naked, no energy for moisturiser or picking out clothes. Welcoming sleep as my eyes closed and the covers wrapped around me.

Waking with no alarm clock, I had no idea what time it was, except one body part knew precisely. Standing rigidly to attention without the usual lace constraint, my morning wood throbbed insistingly. I pulled the covers back and wrapped my hand around it. No matter what direction I chose with my life ahead, I knew for certain that playing with myself as well as my toys would remain a constant.

As I idly stroked myself I couldn’t help but think of the choice that lay ahead, I still had a few days before I had to give an answer, but I was no nearer to making a decision. I reached over to my nightstand and picked a medium size toy and some lube. Accepting its girth as it spread me, sinking to my depths.

For a while I just chased the best feeling, picking up on my body’s cues pumping the dildo faster or at a different angle. Couldn’t however shake the images Ellie had put in my mind of what it would feel like with a real cock in there, not just any cock but Marc’s, now I had an actual life visual reference I could see it and feel its texture, my mind flashed with thoughts and the heat quickly built as a rapid orgasm surged through me and erupted from my flailing dick, semen spewing all over my smooth hairless body. I grasped my penis and stroked it frantically.

I’d cum, but it wasn’t enough, I had more left. But it I couldn’t bring the feeling back. Frustratingly I stopped, not entirely satisfied and annoyed I hadn’t got the release I craved. Climbing out of bed and running through my usual morning routine I thought about my options. If I was going to go back to presenting as a guy, and take the office job I’d need to try my clothes on again, I hadn’t worn male clothing in over 3 months, and in that time I had worked hard on my fitness and physique.

My lower drawers were still filled with a mix of the clothes I used to wear. I pulled out a pair of smart jeans and a suitable shirt, the kind of thing wore nearly every day when in the office. The first thing I noticed was how rough the fabric was, nothing like the delicate and soft items I had become accustomed to. I couldn’t bear the thought of wearing my old boxer shorts, at least I could keep the nice fitting panties.

The jeans I chose were slim fit, and as I slid them up my legs I realised just how much my body had changed. My thighs and ass were at least an inch if not two bigger and I struggled to pull the belt loop over them, and then as I buttoned them up there was another inch of spare material to my waist. Adding a shirt to the top, it seemed to hang off me awkwardly everywhere, had I really become that much slimmer, I knew my stomach was, but it appeared that my arms and shoulders had slimmed down a little too.

Standing, looking at my reflection I felt ridiculous. It was all so ill-fitting and clumsy. I turned and looked from the back, my ass was straining against the fabric and it hung loosely everywhere else. And then there was my face, without makeup, even just a little, it seemed odd and out of place.

If I was going to return to the office I would need an entire new wardrobe, possibly even some unisex clothes that actually fit my new shape. Stripping back down I could finally see the changes in their entirety. It was subtle, and there was no escaping that my male frame was underneath, however the thickness of my thighs and the curve from my ass was a real sight to behold. I had achieved some amazing results, with nothing more than dedicated exercise, good diet and commitment to change.

I left my old clothes in the bottom drawers and picked out something from my more recent purchases, casual, comfy but still quite figure hugging, I was proud of my new shape, the very least I could do was embrace it right? Still thinking to my episode in bed this morning and the remnants of an unsatisfactory orgasm still clung around in my mind. My head was all jumbled up. Scenarios and combinations of future events passed though, what did I want to do, which route was best for me? So many questions that I didn’t have the answer for.

I sent a text to Ellie, while she might have been a corrupting influence, she was the only other person I could confide in, no-one else knew what I was going through. She called back moments later and her bright voice instantly lifted me. I talked a lot, she listened attentively, chipping in every now and again. There was no obvious solution, it came down to a choice between the complexities of officially living life as a cam girl, it would be impossible to hide the sculptured eyebrows and nails, and my persistent use of the lip plumpers had already left them a little fuller than they had been before even without recent application.

Then the messed up relationships I had started to form, not knowing where I was with Ellie, or what meeting up with Marc would lead to, if he would even accept me, a backdrop of no financial security and the possibility that I would have to present myself to my family and friends as a girl, it was the most risky option by a long way. Or going back to a regular job, a well-paid one at that. I could of course carry on enjoying myself at home, but I would have to stop camming and delete all my accounts just in case a video of me got out and destroyed my career.

Ellie had been listening patiently, I skirted around our lack of official relationship status to her and she simply stated that I should do whatever would make me the happiest and I replied saying that I just didn’t know. Her final suggestion was to go all in for the last couple of days. Book an appointment at the salon, have the full works, see how it made me feel and then I would know for sure.

I let it sink in for a moment, she did have a point. While I had been emersed in the cam girl life, and the odd trip to the salon to get my hair and nails tidied I had always played it safe. If this really was going to be my last opportunity to experiment, why not go out with a bang. I could hear Ellie clapping her hands on the other end of the line. “I’ll call my people and see if they can fit you in” she stated enthusiastically.

The plan was to get fully dolled up, go all out and put on the best show I could, a farewell blowout as it were. I still hadn’t decided, but at least this would put it all on the line and I could let the fans decide, if there was enough support and more importantly tokens that would go a long way to sway the final outcome.

Half an hour later my phone pinged with a message from Ellie, they had a slot first thing the next day, I agreed and that was it. I spent the rest of the day nervously keeping myself occupied in the flat. A bit of gaming, some tidying up and organising, I re-engaged with my fans and posted about the big show I had planned for tomorrow.

Somewhat settled, I did at least have a plan, even if my fate lay in the hands of the strangers who would tune into my next show. By the time I had sorted everything it was getting late and my libido had returned with vengeance. My asshole itching with an unmistakable desire to be filled.

In preparation for the big makeover in the morning I decided to attach my breast forms, with the added time I could blend them in better, and I knew they would tick all the boxes for my fans. I hadn’t worn them in a while and I had forgotten how pleasant their weight felt attached to my chest, they really did complete my curves.

I pulled out the outfit I would wear to the salon, and thought about all the things that I might have done, we’d booked a 4 hour slot so there was time to do pretty much anything they had on offer. And then I turned my attention to what I would wear tonight. I wasn’t going to cam, so this was all for me, a final act of utter self-indulgence. I rummaged through every single item I had, cherry picking the very best.

Standing by the mirror it was impossible not to feel attracted to myself, no-one would have a clue I wasn’t a girl, the slightly angular features of my face, my nose a little larger perhaps giving it away a little, but my contouring was on point and did its very best to balance everything out. The ultimate giveaway was that I was now sporting a tent in the front of my dress, my rock hard cock prying up the lace fabric and peeking out.

I stroked it watching myself, smiling at the refection. Things rapidly escalated from there I brought my stool with one of the larger didoes attached, and Biggie’s replica. Still fully clothed I stepped into position, and pointed the rubber phallus at my entrance. I knew it would fit, but I had done no warm up, I just wanted to get it inside me. My rosebud parted under the pressure and I let out a little yelp as it gave way to the silicone intruder.

Inch by inch I slid down, deeper and deeper. Never taking my eyes from the mirror. As I felt my ass make contact with the stool I knew I had no more to go, I was stuffed full down below. Bringing the second fake cock to my mouth I preceded to give the best head I could muster. Slathering it with my tongue, forcing it into my mouth and down my throat.

Flashbacks filled my mind as the scent of Marc’s erection recalled. I pushed further and that peculiar sensation of my contracting throat connecting directly with my prostate to push me up on to a very high euphoric plain. I lost all self-control and began hammering my ass up and down on the stool, in unison with the toy in the mouth.

I struggled to stay focused on my reflection, no matter how captivating my image was. That surge of energy was building and I beckoned it to arrive faster. Increasing my pace I rammed the massive dong in my mouth further down, holding it in place my head swam with a tsunami of endorphins. I held it in position as I bounced harder and deeper.

I placed a single hand around my prick and barely got one full stroke before it hit me, I would have screamed out loud enough to break the windows if my gullet wasn’t stuffed full of plastic cock. My body spasmed erratically as wave after wave crashed over me. My dick spurting ream after ream of cum which splashed all the way over to the mirror, I was the very picture of orgasmic bliss.

My airway still restricted it took all my strength to remove Biggie’s dildo, I hadn’t even realised how much was inside me, but it was very nearly the entire ten inches. My throat rasping as the intruder left. My legs too weak to lift me off the stool and remove the dildo impaling my backside.

After a few minutes my heartbeat had come down, my breathing was somewhat regular and I groggily stood enough for the toy to fall out of my well stretched and thoroughly satisfied hole. If this morning had left me wanting more, I had well and truly made up and then some.

Gathering strength I undressed, put on my very favourite silk nightie and slipped between the sheets on my bed. It was relatively early, but tomorrow was a big day and I wanted to feel refreshed.

My alarm beeped and I arose feeling spritely, as was my little stiffie nestled in its silken enclosure. I’d have a shower and sort it out in there picking up one of my more modest toys on the way to attached to the wall. Stepping under the hot water I soaped and cleaned myself before easing back onto the plug and initiating a steady back and forth over it.

Today was all about embracing the last opportunity, to go out with a bang, and as Ellies words echoed though my conscious, I didn’t reject the idea that the dildo attached to the wall could very easily embody Marc. I didn’t have long in the shower so this was only going to be a quicky, with my nipples encased under a balloon of silicone I had both hands free to play with my cock and balls.

The idea that the toy slipping in and out of my hole as I thrust back on it was a person wasn’t a huge stretch, being able to visually put the image together of Marc from the forest only rose my enthusiasm. I wasn’t going to call his name, but I sure as hell was going to imagine every bump and vain I traced with my tongue was now ploughing in and out of my ass.

Fisting my cock faster and faster my climax arrived with a crash, both hands scooping and collecting every drop of my nectar so as to not waste any. I drank it down, savouring the unique flavour. If I stopped camming there was no reason I should stop taking the supplements, after all it’s not like anyone in the office is going to accuse me of drinking my own cum several times a day.

Popping off the toy, I felt refreshed and fully ready for the day ahead. I had been given instructions not to apply any products other than moisturiser, all the treatments and makeup would be arranged there. With plenty of time I carried out my yoga and morning exercises, lamenting my decision to attach the breasts the night before as the extra weight threw off my balance, A light breakfast and quickly getting dressed I was ready to go.

I met Ellie at the salon and she introduced me to the team, Ellie noted that all the girls there knew about me and while I initially flushed red with embarrassment, and scolded her for telling everyone my secret, she said it was essential so that they could get all the treatments right. We sat with the head stylist who talked through all the possible procedures they could do. They went from the more traditional scrubs and masks to full on fillers and Botox in far more depth than the place I’d visited before.

With Ellies help we picked out the ones that would make the biggest impact, with nothing being too permeant, the only exception was a lip treatment which was like the ones I used at home, only a bit stronger with the effects lasting up to a week which was fine.

For the next 4 hours I was primped, pumped and polished to within an inch of my life, my hair was dyed, cut, and styled and as I sat at the makeup table I wondered what the end result was going to be like. They had kept me facing away from the mirrors the whole time, but judging by the look on Ellie’s face and the fact she kept biting her lip in the most adorable way, I was looking pretty hot.

Finally the big reveal. My chair was turned and my eyes adjusted to the bright lights surrounding the mirror. “Oh My God!” I exclaimed. I always thought I did a pretty reasonable job of my own makeup, but this along with the hair, my false lashes and everything else was on another level. It was perhaps a bit much for a lunchtime stroll down the high-street, but looking like this on a night out would see me the centre of attention.

Ellie was visibly swooning, her hands clasped to her chest, the other girls who had worked on me all congratulated my results, their expertise had really taken me to another level, if this really was a last ditch do or die effort, then there was no more I could do. I looked perfect.

It took me a good while to stop looking at my reflection, the girl looking back at me was so far from the person I was not too many months ago, those undeniable male physical traits in my face professionally softened and made to look less obvious in a way that I’d never achieved before. I was a little sad that I might not look like this again, but at the same time I knew I was giving it my all for this all important performance.

Ellie hugged me from behind, beaming at the salons handywork, and whispering entirely inappropriate things into my ear. I could feel myself swell and berated her for triggering me so easily, standing, she moved round to face me and we embraced, still looking in the mirror over her shoulder I felt my eyes tear up. As I sniffed Ellie pulled back and immediately dabbed my eyes to prevent me ruining my makeup.

“You look perfect” she smiled and I had to hold my breath to stop the tears flowing, “I don’t know what to say, it’s all just too much, I …” and I promptly burst out crying, so much has been building up to now, the pressure of the journey and the significance of the decision I had yet to make came pouring out of me.

I blabbed and bawled for maybe 5 minutes, Ellie trying to console me, the girls in the salon fretting that I was undoing all their work, and eventually I gathered myself enough to stop. I’d made a complete mess of my face, and they were less than impressed with me. I began to apologise profusely but could feel myself star to go again. Calming down and sitting back in the chair, they reworked the areas I’d ruined and not long after I looked great again bar the now slightly red and puffy eyes.

Taking time to thank them all, with Ellie by my side I eventually left, makeup intact and a bag of supplies which they’d put together for me. Out on the street we walked a little, I felt so different, without a mask or sunglasses on I was all out there for everyone to see and judge. But rather than be self-conscious about it, I felt empowered and emboldened, especially with Ellie so close.

We stopped outside the café, where she told me she had to go. I was sad but knew this was a step I would need to take alone, we looked at ourselves in the reflection of the café, she leant her head on my shoulder and said how proud she was of me, and I thanked her for all her support, and everything else, with a wink. We laughed and she held my face, planting a very delicate kiss on my lips. “Whatever decision you make, we’re still meeting up for a coffee, you got that?” I nodded and kissed her back, lingering a little longer this time.

“Don’t start that again, you’ll make me late” her face a little flushed as we parted, I blew her a kiss and she smiled back at me. That little flutter of pride rippling through me as I acknowledged the power I still had over her, it would never get old. I looked to the window again, I was on my own, but rather than feel unsure, I had a surge of positivity. I still didn’t know what the outcome would be, it really was up to the show and the fans, but I felt confident by the end of it, I would know for certain which direction I would take.

Walking home I took my time. I made a point of placing my feet with each stride, of practicing all those movements I had rehearsed time and time again since this whole thing began. Knowing how good I looked and seeking out anyone who would notice, I bristled with good vibes each time I caught someone’s eye. The double takes from guys walking with their girlfriends and their judgemental glares. I felt like I drew more energy each time it happened.

Returning to the flat, I had no reservations or nerves, I just wanted to put on the best show, to give it my all, and to know that no matter the outcome, I had taken the most out of this opportunity. I placed my bags down, and set about organising my space. I remade the bed, adjusted the lighting and cameras, cleaned and set up all my toys and props and finessed the backdrop.

It was all set, and with only a few hours until showtime I began preparing. With my makeup all done it was just a case of re-applying the lipstick, maybe a little touch-up here and there, but the main work would be in my outfit, and seamlessly blending in my false breasts.

I did some easy stretches to make sure I was as limber as possible, the restriction of the additional breast forms grew easier as I worked through my routine and by the end of it I felt like my balance had somewhat adjusted and they felt much more part of me than when id used them previously.

I ate a light meal while I checked what I wanted to wear, having already made my choices I fussed around ensuring they were perfect. Before slowly slipping myself into them. The thong was a favourite, lacey and only just contained my limp dick which instantly began to rise as I adjusted the straps and felt it settle into place. Next I rolled up the stockings, they were so silky and soft, it felt sublime to stretch and pull them all the way up. The matching suspender belt was quite wide, but aided the illusion of my waist being narrow and naturally framed my crotch and ass perfectly.

The top finished off the 3-piece, a little larger than my usual, but having to contain the silicone mounds it needed more support. But the little openings at the front allowed the fake nipples to extend through and covered enough to ensure they looked as real as possible. I also had a pair of gloves which would have to wait until just before the show. There was something unspeakably sensual about wearing them along with everything else, they heightened every touch and given that I was already leaking precum, I would need to dial down the horniness until the show began.

Adding a pair of my finest and highest heels I gave myself the once over standing in-front of the full length mirror. I flushed as I took in my reflection, I had done so much better than I ever imagined, I was by no means perfect, there were some male traits which would be impossible to hide without surgery. But I looked damn good, and more than anything I felt ready to see this to its conclusion.

With a deep breath I logged into the computer and greeted my fans as they joined, there was a real sense of occasion, nearly every one of them commented on how I looked and it was all positive, my well blended false breasts even fooling them too. We chatted and joked for a while, I teased and picked on the regulars in a way that I always enjoyed. The power of being a tease, and knowing the effect I had on them really was addictive.

I answered questions about Ellie which they were all very keen to know when the collaboration would be happening, and what was happening with Marc. I deferred as much as I could, with everything that was happening, I hadn’t really put much thought about future events with them, this was all about deciding my career, about picking a path through this mess I had created for myself.

Eventually with more people joining my room the first of the targets was set as I told them that the outcome of tonight’s show would dictate the future, and their participation would directly affect that. Following my well-trodden formulae for previous shows I posed and teased, before moving onto the toys, I laboured my progression, wanting this to last for as long as possible, if this was to be my last, I wanted to go out with a bang.

Of course my cock had other ideas and would regularly break free from its miniscule lace prison, there being a seemingly never ending flow of precum much to my audience’s praise. I revelled in each challenge the room set me, taking one toy after another, sucking with glee when instructed and easing it in and out.

I still struggled to comprehend how the sensation of it sliding down my throat could elicit such pleasure, I could feel my rock solid dick throbbing each time I pushed it to my depths. Eventually they permitted me to start using the plugs and I hurriedly began working my way through the sizes.

The show was going so well, more and more people joined and there was a real buzz in the chatroom, debates and arguments raging about how they wanted me to finish, which outfits I looked best in and their energy flowed directly through me. I had been on camera for over two ours by this point, and edging for nearly all of that. The pressure in my balls was becoming unbearable, and my hole itched for something truly satisfying.

I set the parameters of the finale to the room, and they chose the toys and the position. I shouldn’t have been surprised given that my most popular videos involved the two combinations of Biggies dildo and me being wrapped over myself finishing over my own face. I was of course very happy to oblige, I hadn’t used this dildo since last time on cam, and having not cum all day I was desperate to taste my nectar especially as it would have built up so much.

Before I arranged myself I could see mixed in with the other donations of my regulars including Biggie, was Ellies name, which flashed up on screen with a note goading me on and a very generous tip, she was making it abundantly clear which option she wanted me to take, and if only it was that simple I would have already made the decision. I reminded my fans that this was it, and that I was still unsure which way to go, it was up to them to make it undeniable.

I took a breath and started to warm up the toy, it was so much bigger than the rest of them that it took plenty of pressure, but eventually it eased in. the feeling of it stretching me out and making its way deeper clouded my mind, that fog of desire washed over me and took me to my happiest of places. Through partially closed eyes I could make out my image on screen, it looked otherworldly, a sublime example of feminine beauty sprawled across the bed, cleavage rising and falling with each breath, the sizable dildo gently sliding in and out and the sounds of pure unadulterated bliss filling the room.

The only thing out of place was the dripping rod of hardened meat sticking out from her thong, I gripped myself and grinned at the screen, I could hardly believe that girl was me, that I could be this stunning. Getting lost in the vision, I cupped on of my breasts and once again lamented at the lack of sensation, they looked so good, but I wanted to feel it too and I wondered what real breasts on me would feel like. My pouting lips so full and juicy but the temporary treatments would be diminished within a day or so.

Is this what I wanted for my future, could I really take it to a place that I couldn’t go back from? My mind racked with all the possible outcomes, and I suddenly came back to the room as a huge donation landed ringing out its fanfare. How long had I been daydreaming? All the while thrusting this massive plastic dong in and out of my ass.

I was so close to cumming I had to remove it and take a few controlling deep breaths, I was near to my target, but my desire getting the better of me once again, I assumed the position my fans had voted for. Rolling my legs over my head I was surprised how close my cock was to my mouth. The last time I had worn my fake tits they really restricted my movement, but today I felt more limber than ever.

I added some more lube, and slid the toy back in with ease, while I doubt I would ever take it without hesitation, it had certainly stretched me and every inch of it filled my hole and pressed deliciously against my prostate with each stroke. I could hear the pings but not see the screen too well, from the corner of my eye I could make out my figure coiled up, it was the epitome of hotness, a girl covered with a sheen of sweat, huge lifelike dildo sliding in and out and her lips closing round the head of her own dripping cock.

Only that was me, my ass being fucked by a giant toy, and my big red lips sucking my own cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. With each passing thrust I seemed to be able to get more and more in my mouth. With a seemingly unnatural flexibility I edged it deeper, my thrusts to my ass getting harder and more frantic. I could feel my climax rising, but this was building far deeper and more powerful than any in the past.

Loosing myself to my body’s desires, fucking my hole faster, harder and deeper I craved the impending orgasm, Ellies voice entered my head, I recalled the way she taunted me in the shower, teasing how a real cock feels so much better, how Marc’s cock would feel so much better. Each time I pushed the dildo to my depths my own cock pressed further, my moans muffled by my own meat, I sucked harder drawing it deeper and as I felt the waves begin to build, I couldn’t remove the image that Ellie had placed in my mind, the thought of this dildo being Marc came into my consciousness as the tip of my cock brushed the back of my throat in the same way that Marc’s had in the woods and like the ignition on a rocked being fired, my climax burst forth with all-consuming force.

The first, gigantic burst jetted down my throat, my body spasming and jerking my cock from my gasping, moaning mouth. Dildo buried to the hilt as another blast coated my tongue and lips, its delicious cream filling my senses, another string shot over my face, followed my another. My face was spattered and my tongue lapped frantically, trying to bring in as much as possible. My hand now wrapping round my throbbing pole, pumping it for all that its worth.

I lost count of the number of loads, my body protesting at still being bent over, I uncoiled clumsily, the dildo squeezing itself out as I continued to orgasm, my whole body consumed and writhing as the waves crashed over me gradually diminishing. There was nothing left but the sound my ragged breathing, twitches of aftershocks still flowing through me, my hands idly scooping up cum for me to suck off with relish.

The rushing sound of my heartbeat slowly subsiding in my ears to be replaced by the rapturous ring of donations dropping. I could barely open my eyes let alone focus on the screen, partly due to my cum sticking my right eye shut. I wiped it clean and licked my fingers. Still breathing heavily my body weak.

I replayed the visions that had come to mind at the point of orgasm, was Ellie right, would a real one feel so much better, did I want to feel what that was like? Would that be a step to far? Did I really want to make that jump? My mind running in circles and the post orgasmic fog beginning to clear I managed to raise myself up. I was a mess, drying cum seemingly covering most of my body and face, it still hung to my chest and I laughed as I scooped up a little from my silicone nipples.

Sitting at the computer I managed to clean my eye enough to be able to see properly. My total for the show had obliterated any previous record, my viewing figures were through the roof, and one of my moderators pointed out that I wasn’t only the top trans model, but also on the top page of all models.

For some reason I flushed with embarrassment, thousands of people had just seen me fuck myself and cum all over my own face, and then feed my own seed to myself, what if someone recognised me. And then it dawned on me. If I wanted a sign of the direction I should take it couldn’t be any clearer.

Tonight might have been an exception, but overall my shows were brining in really good money, the paid for content was growing too and if it carried on as it was, in a few months my income could well match that of the new job offer. Could I really give all this up? Could I really stop camming? I read messages from my fans, they adored me and the feeling of being desired, was just too much to give up. Sure I could still have amazing orgasms on my own, but I liked people watching, I needed people watching. And what about the things I had imagined? There was unresolved business there for sure.

I smiled at my viewers, and after pausing for dramatic effect I pulled out my phone, opened up the company email and with sticky fingers from my drying cum set about writing my resignation and accepting their offer of voluntary redundancy. There was no way I could go back to being an average guy in a regular job, I enjoyed doing this far too much. I craved doing this far too much. I paused briefly, my thumb hovering over the button, the feintest hint of uncertainty before I hit send and my future was sealed.

I told my audience, and messages of support flooded in. I thought I would feel terrified, but I actually felt relieved, the weight of the last three months suddenly lifted, I was no longer bound by having to return to work, the thought of having to go back to being the old, insecure, unconfident me was no longer an option. I could only be this me, the cam girl me was here to stay.

I said my goodbyes, kissed my fans goodnight and shut down the chat. I thought about the future, suddenly possibilities and options filled my mind. I had been saving cash in the belief I would need it to survive. Only now I’d had a dual income most of this time, this show alone was like getting an entire week’s salary in one go, and I would also be entitled to a sizeable redundancy settlement.

But if I was going to grow my cam business I would no doubt need to put some more money into it, better equipment, regular trips to the salon etc and with the outside world opening up more as the threat of Covid faded, I would need to fit in as the girl I was presenting. Would I need to go to the doctors? get documents changed? I looked down at my cum stained body and recalled the things I thought during the show, if I wanted I could do anything, breast implants, lip fillers the works and I might have to in order to grow the business.

All of those things were for another time, I wouldn’t need to rush, I had my rent covered for at least a year. My phone buzzed in my hand, Ellie sent me a congratulatory text, and we chatted a little, she wasn’t pushing, but we more than hinted that a combined stream would totally have to happen in the future, that is once we’d been out to celebrate my decision. I felt content, excited and free from the constraint’s id been living under for so long.

But there was something else that was niggling away at the back of my mind, and I knew there was only one solution for it. I felt like the last remnants of the old me had finally ebbed away, Cam girl me was in charge now and I would shy away from nothing.

Opening up my contacts on my phone, I found Marc and simply wrote “Hey Marc, fancy going for another run through the woods tomorrow morning?

The End

(for now)


This feels like a good place to pause it, like a block buster movie perfectly set up for a sequel, there is plenty more I could write about, but our heroine has tumbled down the rabbit hole and come out the other side a changed person, literally. I will come back to this story as it absolutely has a couple more chapters in it as life after lockdown brings new challenges for our protagonist, and I already have adventures planned for them.

But I’d really like to start on some of the other ideas I’ve had while writing this, I’ve over 20 different concepts sketched out already. And this story wasn’t never meant to be as big or as long as it has become. It has consumed so much of my time, totaling 100,000 words taking around 1,000 hours of time. But I have thoroughly enjoyed writing it, turning myself on with it, and reading the messages of others who have appreciated it too.

Thank you all so much for the feedback and positive comments, I’m very grateful for every single one. There will be a pause before the next stories are published, as I am going to try and write them all in one go rather than chapters. But hopefully they will be worth the wait.


2022-05-13 22:03:26
Loved this series. My ass has been well used while reading! Can't wait for more.

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