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“Tomorrow” she said as she passed out. I was still going but she had completely gone. I took a chance and pulled out of her cunt and smeared her arse with our juices. Then I slipped into her. She was so relaxed that it was easy. I could feel the cum building inside of me, then I burst like a fountain inside of her.
Chapter 7 Different ways

Jean and I, had begun exploring and experiencing our different sexual fantasies.

She was becoming more and more open to new things. She had never given me a blowjob, always saying that it didn’t really interest her. I had been bringing porn movies home that showed many different sexual appetites. Gay, Lesbian, Mature, Pissing, Cuckold, Bi sexual, I even brought home a “Mom/Son” movie. I thought that this might be a step too far, but she watched and we fucked afterwards.

One evening after John had left she asked if we could have an “open marriage” “I thought we were in this together?” I said

“Oh yes, but sometimes I want to experience sex by myself. You can explore your own way too and we can share experiences” she said. “Okay. If that’s what you want” I said.

That weekend she was off out with some of her friends. This was the first time in all our years together that we had gone separate ways. It felt very strange. John called round for a few drinks and was surprised to find me alone. We had a few beers and was watching a porno. John asked if I minded Jean being off out on her own? I told him a was apprehensive about it , but it’s what she wants, so I go along with it.

“Are you free to do the same?” He asked.

“Yes, she’s happy for me to try elsewhere too” I answered. We changed the movie to a “Daddies” movie. I found it interesting to see guy’s John’s age fucking and sucking. Before too long, John had his cock out. I stripped off and put my hand on it. “You have a Nick cock John” I said.

He replied, “it would be nicer in your arse”.

I got on my knees and bent over.

“No” he said. “Lay on your back. I want to look at you.”

I lay on my back, legs up. He put a pillow underneath me to lift me higher, then I felt his cock push it’s way into me. John wasn’t the first to fuck my arse and it brought back memories of my first time. Soon I felt him stiffed and he came in my arse. It felt so hot, like lava burning it’s way through me.

Chapter 8.

After John left, I went to bed. Thinking about what we had done and what Jean was up to. My cock was hard. Cum was still making its way out of my hole. I couldn’t help myself and started to wank. One hand was on my cock, the other started to finger my tender arse. I soon came again and fell asleep.

I woke after hearing a sound. It was Jean coming into the bedroom and stripping off. From the noise, it was obvious that she was more than a little drunk. Looking through half closed eyes, I watched her strip. She had that “just fucked look”.

“Are you awake?” She asked. I played dead. She came and shook me.

“Hey, you awake?” I continued to make it look like I was really well away and mumbled noise’s.

She pulled back the sheets and looked at my cock.

“Umm that looks like it’s had a work out” she muttered. Then her fingers strayed to my arse.

“Umm fucked too” she said.

She climbed over my face. I could smell her cunt. She then lowered herself over my face and started rubbing her cunt on my mouth. Christ she was soaking. She began rubbing her cunt over my face. I pushed out my tongue and started licking and swallowing the cum and her juice.

“Yes” She said. “Don’t stop your the best licker around”

She came twice then rolled off me. I climbed on top and slipped into her, moving slowly.

“Did John fuck you?” Yes, I said. “I want him to fuck you while you fuck me” she said

“Tell me about tonight?” I asked.

“Tomorrow” she said as she passed out. I was still going but she had completely gone. I took a chance and pulled out of her cunt and smeared her arse with our juices. Then I slipped into her. She was so relaxed that it was easy. I could feel the cum building inside of me, then I burst like a fountain inside of her.

Chapter 9 John introduces me to his group.

John became a really good mate over the next few weeks and months. We went fishing together and off to the football together. Jean was off exploring her sexuality with other people. I didn’t realise it then, but she was really becoming a bit of a slut.

One evening in the pub, John asked if I would like to meet some of his friends? I asked “what kind of friends”? He told me he was a member of a group of older people who just like some fun.

“Even at our age and older we still need and like sex” he said. I said ok thinking it might be a bit of a laugh.

We organised an evening when Jean would be out and went back to his place. After a while, some of his friends showed up. Men and women. There was about four couples and two guys on their own. Most were retired like John. The drinks started to flow. John put on a porno and before too long cocks were out and cunts being rubbed. There was some good looking woman on their knees sucking cock and not their partners. A woman came over and sat next to me. Not bad looking, but definitely in her 70’s. “Why isn’t your cock out?” she asked putting her hand on my crotch. I told her to get it out if she wanted. She very quickly undid my jeans and got her hands on my cock. “Ummm, nice young cock” she said. She was naked but not as full of wrinkles as I expected. Her tits were saggy, but I found that a turn on. I placed my hand on her cunt and pushed a finger into her. She was dry. Lie down I said, I need to get it wet. She lay back and I took a closer look. I began rubbing her clit and she was moaning. I needed to get into her, so I spat on her cunt and rubbed it in.

Just then a guy came along and said “let me help you get it wet” with that he stuck his limp cock into the entrance to her cunt and began pissing. Piss flowed out of her cunt onto my hand. He finished and I pushed my rock hard cock into her. He stayed next to me and grabbed my balls. I took hold of his cock. He told me that it didn’t get hard anymore and that he loved watching his wife getting fucked. I was banging her hard now. She suddenly came squirting. Fuck she was wet now. I came too filling her with my cum. The guy got on his knees and started to lick her out. I sat back and watched.

John came over and asked if I was enjoying myself? “Yeah I said. Just waiting to get hard again” “we can soon solve that!” He said. “Here take this” he said handing me a blue pill. I took it and started to stroke my cock. I was soon hard again.

It was tuning into quite a night. I wandered over to a woman who was being fucked in both holes. She took my cock into her mouth. The guy fucking her cunt grunted and came. He slipped out letting his cum dribble out. I took his place and slid into her sopping cunt. As I began to fuck her, I felt my arse being fingered. Then a cock took the place of the finger. The cock really stretched me. It didn’t take long for me to cum and I felt my arse being filled with hot cum. I was fucked twice more. My arse was filled to overflowing.

Later when I got home, I found Jean in bed with some guy she’d picked up. I sat and watched waiting for her to tell me to lick her clean. It didn’t take long…

To be continued……
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