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The title of this chapter is the phrase my best friend used when what happened happened. They want it to be their mission to "let the monster out of its cage" because "its been hidden for too long" idk what that entails but so far it seems it includes a lot of alcohol but more on that later.

I grew up in an overly religious conservative family. I was only allowed to watch certain shows, certain movies only listen to certain weird music. I had to go to church every sunday and never asked questions about any of the weird stuff ffrom my childhood like the restrictions until when the election happened. it was my first real vote and i wanted it to matter. I hated the jerk who was in office but my family and church supported him. so I started asking my family why we supported...that man. I'd ask questions and like always any questions I asked were shut down with "do as your told" and "respect your elders, child..."

Once I turned 18 I started really wanting to experience everything other girls my age and younger was. Just me and friends talking about sex resulted in me getting a three hour lecture from my mother, a screaming hour from my father and even spanked by him. Did I mention I was over 18? But I didn't resist. I never did when i was spanked. My friends say the "cult" was making me submissive but i don't know if that was all true it was partly the religion but also part me. Maybe, the cult was taking advantage and strengthening something that was already there. I was also timid and never liked to say no if asked for favors. I don't know because honestlyi never got to have a mind of my own.

The urge to move was already there for a few months and lucky for me I have great friends who all have been super supportive. I finally moved out when I was supposed to go to prom a few months ago. Everything was set up i was looking for a date a month before and that's when my parents told me I couldn't go and that was that...I screamed and told them they couldn't do this. My mother then said the old phrase "you live under our roof" and that was it. I went into my room and packed the few things that were mine. Unfortunately at this point, it was almost midnight and I didn't wanna wake and bother any of my friends so I grabbed my bookbag and my gym bag full of my clothes and walked out to the living room. "You will never make it out there alone" "You are breaking your father's heart" "You are going against our faith" everything was just words at that point and I walked out and suddenly I was alone....and the only place I could go was my neighbors and that may be a bad idea...but its the only idea I had...

I walked across the driveway and under the trees and i saw the light flashing from Mike's tv through the window. Every other room in their house was off, which meant his parents were sleeping. I knocked on his window gently. He appeared in front of it and opened it slowly. I stood outside shivering as he looked me over before saying anything.

"Kelsie, what are you doing here?" He asked which was a valid question because even though we were neighbors we had nothing in common. We were both in the same grade but lived very different lives Especially considering rumors are he deals drugs and was caught having sex with a few different girls a month but he always seemed nice when he did see me even if he was checking me out. I thought maybe he'd be able to give me a ride to a friend's house.

"I need a huge favor," I whispered so as not to wake his parents. "I need a ride."

I could see the smile in the darkness when he gave a big wide grin. "I'll get my keys and meet you by my car..." With that the window was closed. I really hoped Jess was awake. She had told me over and over i can go to her whenever but I also knew she was a bitch when she was woken up.


We sat in his car as he headed down the street and looked me over in the corner of his eye.

"You always go out in pajamas?" He asked. I realized I walked out after packing in silk pink shorts with rabbits on them and a red hoodie over a white t-shirt with no bra.

"I had enough and I left in a hurry," I told him still feeling brave and not horrified at the fact i was completely on my own.

"Woah really? You okay?" he asked. I looked over at him and nodded determined to continue feeling good.

"Oh yeah, I'm great. Finally, I can do what I want."

"The world is your oyster, baby," he laughed. " Finally open yourself up to new things. Good for you...I always thought it was a little weird how religious your family is," he said matter of factly.

That stung a little but I mean he was right it was weird but did that mean he was calling me weird? I lowered my head and went quiet. I felt something and looked down his hand was on my knee and he was rubbing it softly. I swallowed hard not sure if i wanted to stop him or not, not sure if i liked it or not. I remained still continuing to stare ahead as he rubbed up my knee.

"What's first on your list? Probably get a job right?" he asked leaving his hand rubbing my knee. It almost felt soothing.

"Nope I already have one I've been working for a year and a half. Thats one good thing," i told him.

"Well look at you such a good girl," he teased.

Those words do something to me. Ever since my dad called me a good girl ever since I was little or one of the elders at church. I just felt beaming with pride and at the same time i liked how it made me feel when I was a good girl.

"I am a good girl," i told him. "Just on my terms."

I saw Jess's house down the street and pointed it out to him before he turned to the side of the road and turned the car off before turning to me. I just looked at him confused.

"speaking of terms...this ride was under my terms..."

"I don't understand," I told him.

"Ever hear cash grass or ass? Well i'll be nice and settle for a blowjob...or you can get out and walk that hot little ass down the street in those little silk shorts."

"but someone may see me walking....but...i never did.....that....before" I said looking down as he was undoing his seatbelt and then his belt and pulled his jeans down. The first penis I've ever seen except for my fathers. I just stared at it in the darkness. I could see how long it was even in the dimmed car. Mike moved his hand from my knee to the bath of my head and strokes my hair.

"Come on be a good girl....on my terms and suck my cock for the ride," he half demanded putting pressure on the back of my head.

I wanted to stop him and say no but I didn't want to upset him because he did drive me and everything and he was being nice to me. Maybe I should be nice to him...Then I thought about my parents and that made me angry and wanting to show them. I opened my lips and let him guide my mouth down until I felt the warm head of his cock between my lips. I reached over and started rubbing his cock feeling my first. I didn't have much change to do anything else as he pushed my head down making me gag and slapping at his legs and the steering wheel my mouth impaled on his cock. His hand wrapped in my hair pulled me off and i gasped and inhaled and exhaled as much as i could before he pushed me back down on his massive cock.

"that's it, baby. Holy shit if I knew you'd be this easy i'd have done this forever ago. keep sucking I'm almost there"

Almost there? I wondered as I started bobbing my head on my own gagging but getting use to it as i started tasting the goo (precum) coming from his dick as I sucked.

I saw a flash and looked up his dick still in my mouth. "Say cheese," he said his cell phone snapping a picture just as he threw his head back and forced my head down more not letting me up as he exploded thick gooey cum into my throat. I could feel it jumping and pumping more and more out. It jumped like 7 times. He pulled me off and i held my mouth breathing heavily. He turned the car light on and looked at me eying me, taunting me with just his look.

"WOW didn't spill a drop...few starters can do that," he said turning the key and turning the light back off as he pulled back on the road his dick still out. "You ever need a ride same price, that sexy mouth," he said pulling into Jess's driveway. "and don't worry that picture is only for me, he promised but seeing his smile i didn't buy it for a second. I jumped out of the car and raced toward Jess's front porch and rang the doorbell.
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