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A private sex club transforms a plain lady.
The Orchid Slut

You finished work at the bar and are walking home just after midnight, your favourite music playing through your ear buds not really thinking of anything just in auto pilot on the familiar route home.

You don’t hear a thing, suddenly everything goes black as a sack is pulled over your head and down your body then a cord pulled tight below your elbows pinning your arms to your sides. You scream but two pairs of strong arms pick you up and you land painfully on a hard floor and you are aware of movement as the van drives off, still unable to hear, your music continuing in your ears. You smell an unusual odour you can’t place as you drift into unconsciousness.

You awake in the dark, laying on a concrete floor, you move and take in a deep breath due to a sharp pain in your right wrist, but your breath rasps as you take the deep breath. Your neck has a metal band round it, tight enough to cause your breathing to rasp but loose enough for you to breath. You can feel metal bands on your wrists and ankles, you try to move but your right wrist is secured to something. Using your left hand, you feel your right wrist and discover it has a metal band with a ring on it bolted round your wrist with a chain attached to the ring, you feel down the chain which is about a foot long and is secured to a ring set in the concrete floor. Crying as you feel your restraints, you discover they are all bolted in place with no chance of you removing them.

You scream as loud as you can until you are hoarse but no one comes. Eventually you sob yourself to sleep on the hard floor.

You wake needing to pee, you shout out desperate for the toilet, no one comes no matter how loud you scream, you can’t hold it any longer and manage to squat and pee, your grateful to hear your massive wee trickling down a drain. You stay squatting unable to move away from the wet floor but eventually have to sit in your own pee.

Finally, you hear a key in the lock and the door opens blinding you with light. Two men come in and fix a metal pole to your metal collar and something to your left wrist manacle then they take the chain from your right cuff, you immediately try to pull away but a strong electric shock shoots from your neck to your left wrist.

Using the pole to manoeuvre you getting you to stand and lead you out of what you can now see is a cell. Both your captors wear leather hoods so you cannot see what they look like. They lead you down a short corridor and then into a brightly lit large room with a big sunken bath, a stainless table, treatment tables, a toilet, a bidet, a hair washing basin, cutting area with various hair and beauty products. A female gaoler is waiting, older than you, very stocky with a hairy chin and greasy straight hair you are pushed backwards until your butt comes against the stainless-steel table and the female gaoler commands you to lie on it, you get up onto the cold metal surface which is a bit smaller in size than a single bed. You feel your wrists being secured to the sides, your ankles lifted up and spread as they are secured into rigid hangers and a blind fold fitted.

Scared of what is going to happen, someone swabs the side of your nose then something hard semi inserted, a loud click and a sharp pain tells you who ever it was had pierced your nose, you feel them swab your nipples then one at a time they are roughly pulled away from you and each is pierced. Then you feel them swab your cunt, you scream “No” and start to struggle but immediately receive another agonising electric shock, you hold still as they pierce your clit hood the pain is so intense! The piercing is a ring with a dangling pear that would be rubbing your clit if you were wearing nickers.

Without warning your gaoler grabs you by the hair and pulls you to the big sunken bath and pushes you in. The water is scalding hot, the gaoler pulls you to the other end where it is shallower and pulls you up to stand then the gaoler proceeds to wash and scrub you all over. Your gaoler then leads you to a metal gurney, she commands you to get onto it and secures you on your back with your legs in stirrups. The gaoler then takes great pleasure waxing and ripping out your hairy unkempt bush until you are totally smooth then she waxes your arms and legs so the only hair left is on your head, when she has finished, she releases the restraints puts a jug of orange coloured fluid and a glass on the table and orders you to drink it all.

Half way through the jug you need to pooh, you go to the toilet beside the shower, there is no privacy, your gaoler sitting reading a magazine watches you. You get to the toilet just in time and explode. Your gaoler brings the jug and glass to you and tells you to remain on the toilet. You continue drinking, every few minutes your bowels evacuate as the fluid does its work. With an audible sigh of relief, you finish the jug of fluid but your gaoler immediately hands you another and commands you to keep drinking. By the time you finish drinking the second jug there is just fluid coming out of your arse. Your gaoler leaves you sitting on the toilet until you appear to have run dry. She tells you to put on a pair of nappy pants that she hands you then takes you to a side room which has a wooden bench as a bed, the door closes, you hear the door lock and the light goes out leaving you in complete blackness.

You sob lying on the uncomfortable bed wondering what on earth is going on seeking comfort that they have no intention of harming you or they wouldn’t have pierced your nose, nipples and clit hood, eventually you drift off to sleep.

You wake up feeling more refreshed but starving, your stomach feels so empty then you realise the nappy pants you are wearing are soaked and feel heavy, the room is still black but after a short time you are blinded by the bright light being switched on and hear the door being unlocked.

Your gaoler orders you out and tells you to sit on the hard stainless-steel chair, she seems oblivious to your soaked nappy pants hanging down, you start to tell her you need to change and shower but the look she gives you shuts you up and you do as your told sitting in the warm wet nappy pants. Your gaoler then hands you another jug of the orange fluid and commands you to drink. Very quickly it starts to take effect and you rush to the toilet relieved at the opportunity to remove the nappy pants, you sit down and are amazed small lumps of pooh still explode out of your arse. Still sitting on the loo, you finish the jug, what comes out is now just clear orange fluid. An hour after finishing the jug, you appear to have stopped dribbling fluid out of your arse, your gaoler orders you to pick up the nappy pants and wring them out down the toilet then put them in the bin.

You gaoler tells you to get on the stainless-steel table and orders you to lay on your left side and to bring your knees up to your tits. You feel cold lube on your ring then a spout inserted and what feels like gallons of warm water flowing deep inside you until it starts to become painful, she stops, pulls out the nozzle and forces a well-oiled plug in your tight virgin arse causing more pain, she tells you to lay still. The discomfort increases but finally after twenty minutes or so your gaoler tells you to stand in the shower cubicle and remove the plug. You do as your told and are relieved by the instant relief as the water squirts out of you, completely clean with just a slight tinge from the fluid you had been drinking, when you feel like you have finished you go to step out of the shower but your gaoler tells you to stay, she has obviously done this before as over the next half hour your arse continues to squirt clean water.

When your very butch gaoler is satisfied, you have finished draining, she orders you into the bath which is just as scalding hot as the previous day.

Your gaoler leaves you to soak for half an hour or so then comes over and washes you thoroughly including your tits, arse and pussy which she takes great pleasure in probing non to gently with her fingers. When she has finished, she dries you off then takes you to the hair cutting station. Your gaoler has many talents and over the next hour or so transforms your hair then washes it applying sweet smelling oils before drying it, then she takes you to one of the treatment tables and applies fragrant oils to your whole body clearly enjoying herself as she massages the oils into your breasts making your pierced nipples as pert as organ stops at which point, she tweaks them with a different oil that makes them burn and swell. She massages another oil deep into your cunt which makes you so wet and puts a warmth deep inside you before turning you over and injecting more warming oils into your arse which you can feel relaxing your tight ring.

When she is finished, she takes you to the makeup station and proceeds to make up your face, when she has finished, she stands back and says “Good you look like a Pharaohs whore I think you will pass”, you feel your pussy get wet and your arse relax as you look at the image of the beautiful slut in the mirror, the heavy makeup and eye liner has been perfectly applied with bright red lipstick enhanced by liner. Your gaoler then bolts fresh shiny steel manacles onto your neck, waist, wrists and ankles then she goes to a phone on the wall, you can hear her say that she had finished. A short time later the door opened and a handsome dark-skinned man in a fine three-piece suit enters. In his well-spoken manner, he tells you to stand then walks all around you and finally congratulates your gaoler on a good job before leaving again.

A few minutes later to large men in overalls enter, they draw back some curtains and expose a platform with a metal gantry on it. Your gaoler commands you to get on the gantry and very quickly your wrists, waist and ankle manacles are secured to the frame leaving you unable to move and are then left alone for what seems like an eternity. With nothing else to do you study the gantry which is made of sections so that different parts can move and it appears to have some form of mechanism which you presume is what moves the various sections.

After some while the two men and your gaoler return, the men are now dressed in suits, your gaoler is in just the same state as before, butch, greasy, with too much facial hair and pungent body odour as if she hadn’t washed in days. Between the three of them they thread chains through the rings in your clit hood and nipples, through a ring on the neck manacle then they clip all three onto a piece of flat metal, you wince as they lift the chains and realise the other ends of the chains are connected to heavy weights. One of the men holds the flat piece of metal up and clips on the free ends of the chains. The chains are then connected to your nipple and clit rings where they pass through them, your gaoler commands you to open your mouth and the flat piece of metal is put in across the width of your mouth. Your gaoler is smirking as she informs you to grip the metal with your mouth or the weights will drop ripping your piercings out as they fall. You are horrified and scared but are very aware that your pussy is starting to drip at the thought.

A buzzer sounds in the room, the platform jolts as it starts to move, you look round and see one of the men has a control and the platform must be on wheels as it starts to move towards a big set of double doors, the other man opens the doors and you hear the sound of cheering as you move sideways. You don’t have to wait long to see the platform is moving out on to a well-lit stage with an audience seated right up to its edge in what looks like a very small theatre with a couple of dozen people seated. The platform stops centre stage with a spotlight on you, you are petrified but can feel your cunt dripping down your inner thighs.

The man who had inspected you when the gaoler had first finished preparing you walked onto the stage with a microphone and addresses the crowd.

“Members welcome to this evening, tonight we have taken a plain wallflower and converted her into an Orchid of a slut, as you can see she is so keen her legs are glistening in the lights with her necta flowing with anticipation, let us hope she does not drop those weights! Without further ado let her tormentors begin they’re magic”

Three enormous men in skin tight satin outfits and leather hoods enter the stage and bow to the audience, all the lights go out except the spotlight fixed firmly on you. Without warning you hear a crack and searing pain across your back but remember just in time not to let the metal fall from your mouth stopping you from screaming. You can feel the heat of the welt from the whip but before you can recover one of the men hits your left tit with a riding crop, your cunt jets out your nectar at the pain and the people cheering. Then something firm and flat hits your right buttock moments before the riding crop hits your right tit then the whip lashes your back and then your left buttock is assaulted. The man with the crop runs it up the inside of your thigh then holds it in the spot light for the audience to see your cunt juice dripping from it and sparkling in the strong light which draws crude shouts from the audience.

The three men then continue the assault on your naked exposed body with members of the audience starting to call out where to hit you next, the worst is when the riding crop whistles up and hits your cunt so hard but instead of crying you cum so hard. You can’t believe what’s happening and can’t understand why you can’t wait for each of the assaults despite the tears flowing down your face. Occasionally the end of the whip curls round your body and finds your nipple, it feels like it must have ripped it off but there is nothing you can do but utter throat screams, keeping your teeth tightly clamped on the piece of metal supporting the weights making your jaw ache so badly.

Your back feels raw from so many whippings, your tits and cunt are so bruised yet you are so aroused the pain just seems to make you more excited. The assault stops as suddenly as it began and one of the men who had bolted you to the gantry removes the weights, the chains and the mouth piece.

The three men then stand in front of you facing the audience and rip of their one-piece satin suits, there are cheers from the men and gasps from the women in the audience. You can see from behind that the men are very toned and are wearing leather body harnesses.

Suddenly the platform and gantry turn so you are side onto the audience then the gantry moves so you become face up and horizontal as you are then lowered down.

Your head is pulled back making the manacle hurt the back of your neck and feel even tighter to breath. You find yourself staring at the end of the biggest hardest cock you have ever seen, the angle of your head has opened your mouth and the man doesn’t hesitate to force the mammoth cock deep into your throat ignoring your muffled cries and gagging he just keeps pushing deeper and deeper. You can feel his thick shaft pressing your flesh against the metal throat manacle he is so thick. Then you feel a cock at the entrance to your wet cunt, it pushes in and as wet as you are you feel like he will rip you apart, even once his massive head is through the opening he fills you to stretching point with his shaft as you choke and gag on the cock in your throat. Once they have both forced their cocks fully in, they start to fuck you from both ends, you think you’re going to die, unable to breath and retching up thick drool which escapes round the shaft stretching your jaw but at least lubricating its passage as he fucks your throat relentlessly. You can barely hear the cheering crowd over the pounding in your head due to the lack of breath. Your whole body is racked in an orgasm on the cock in your cunt as you squirt over the man fucking you, you cum so violently the manacles securing you to the frame cut into you painfully grating on bone making you cum even harder. The man in your throat pushes so deep your nose and face are pushing on his balls coating you in your own thick strings of drool.

You feel the third man ease himself onto the platform beneath you then feel his giant cock at the entrance to your virgin arse, relaxed by whatever the gaoler had put in it. The gantry lowers further then the man thrusts up ramming his cock through your tight ring making you scream on the cock in your throat and spurt over the man fucking your cunt which results in both of the standing men slapping your tits hard. The cock in your arse is stretching your colon inside you with its girth and its length is so painful when he pushes fully home. The bell end stretches you deep inside, its painful but such a weird sensation that you have never felt before.

Despite the pounding in your head, you can hear the jeering crowd. The two suited men controlling the gantry come in from either side then bind each of your big tits tightly with rope making your tits swell and turn purple, your nipples swelling and standing out even further. The ropes on your tits are so tight your tits go numb as the three men in harnesses move around so they each fuck each of your three fuck holes.

The onlooking cheering crowd should shame you but despite how ashamed you are the crowd turn you on so much, something you cannot understand, normally so shy the three men are doing things to you that previously you thought were disgusting.

You feel the one in your arse swell even further as the man roars and pumps an inordinate amount of hot cum even deeper into your bowels, this triggers the other two off who both cum together, you can feel the cum in your battered cunt seeping out round the seal of your pussy on his cock. The one in your throat cums so hard but you have no option but to swallow it all as he shoots it so far down your gullet.

All three continue fucking until they gradually soften then pull out, they move to the front of the stage and bow to the audience before leaving the stage.

You hear the compere ask the audience if they enjoyed the show which clearly, they did from the cheering but a cold shiver runs down your spine as you hear the compere with the microphone “So now she has been prepared and can’t be damaged who wants to have some fun with this Orchid Slut?” you can hear the sound of people getting up, the sound of zippers and other sounds as people hurry to undress. The first person onto the stage is a woman who walks over and loud enough for all to hear says “So you little slut you want my husband’s cock do you” then spits in your face to much cheering, she then squats on your face and says “Show me your worthy of his cock eat my arse” you have no idea why but you can feel yourself dripping and readily lift your head and start licking the woman’s arse which is sweaty from where she’d been sitting watching the show and had clearly got quite excited and pungent. As your trying to get your tongue through her tight crinkly ring you feel the first cock push deep in your cunt wet from your cum and the cum of the huge man who had filled you. A hand grips your throat almost choking you and forces your face harder against the woman’s arse, you feel someone putting fingers in your stretched arse you hear a man shout out “Fuck it’s such a slack bitch” he roughly shoves another fat finger in then another, it’s starting to hurt but feels so good as he then pushes hard and his whole hand disappears inside your arse, “Fucking hell my whole hands in, the last time my fist got close to entering something was when I won the heavy weight championship but that was his mouth!” The man then starts pumping his huge fist in your arse making your whole body move, the man fucking your cunt cums so quickly and says to the man in your arse “The sensation of your hand in it while I was fucking it was sensational, I’ve not cum that quick in years” Another calls out and says “Hey don’t wreck it yet we all want to fuck it first” You feel the man pull his fist out of your arse, you feel the void and crave it to be filled, you can’t believe your own thoughts. You don’t have to wait more than a couple of seconds as the boxer rams his cock in and starts fucking your aching arse. A man pushes the woman sitting on your face so she is laying back and starts fucking her while you eat her arse and another man starts fucking your pussy, he’s big but compared to the others he feels loose in you as he fucks you. The woman cums on the man’s cock and her cum drips down over your face and hair, but it does the trick for the man fucking her as he tells her to stand then he shoots his hot load all over your face, the woman quickly squats and slides around on his cum then orders you to lick it off her, when your finished she stands, holds your mouth open and spits down your throat then walks away. As soon as she leaves a cock is quickly pushed down your throat and starts fucking you with relish.

A man starts slapping your tits with one hand while wanking himself with the other until he shoots strings of cum over your purple swollen tits then tugs your nipple rings before saying to no one in particular “I’ll fuck it once it’s got a good load of cum in it”.

A hand grips her throat tightly and you hear him say “Shit man I can feel your cock in its throat”, the man fucking your face says “Grip it tighter it feels great” the first man responds squeezing your throat tightly against the rigid cock lodged deep in your throat, it works, the man pulls out and sprays his seed over your face and chest including over the hand of the man gripping your throat, he releases and tells you to lick his hand clean, you don’t respond and several hands start slapping your face, tits and body telling you to do as your told. You comply, the massive hand tastes funny and you realise it’s the hand that fisted your arse, it’s huge and the thought of it being in your arse makes you cum just as another man was about to start eating your pussy, your squirt goes in his eyes and he starts beating your body calling you an inconsiderate cunt.

So many cocks fuck you, your face and hair are covered in your thick drool, spit and cum your cunt and arse ache and are permanently wet with cum dribbling out of them, despite being numb your tits ache from being slapped so hard. Eventually the fucking’s subside as the audience lose interest and wander over to the bar.

The compere gets on the microphone “Members please enjoy a couple of drinks while you recover then we need to clean the Orchid Slut and remove the bindings from her tits” “In the meantime we will provide a demonstration of our deluxe fucking machine which some of you may feel would be a good addition to your playrooms, please feel free to experiment with the controls”. He has barely finished talking and you feel a massive dildo being inserted into your arse and another into your pussy then pushed in deep. When turned on the two work in harmony as one goes in one comes out but with such force and so fast you can’t help but scream but quickly your screams become moans of pleasure as your exhausted body is racked by permanent orgasms.

Your moans attract an audience and then people start playing with the controls, speeding up slowing down, reducing and increasing the length of the stroke, changing the pattern so they both go in and out together. Then one asked “What does this red button and the dial do” The compere replies “Press it and find out”. You scream as an electric shot jolts your body, the members roar with laughter and start pressing the button, then one plays with the dial and all you feel is a tingle, a woman then turns it fully the other way then presses the button. The jolt is so severe your whole body goes rigid, you open your mouth to scream but nothing comes out. The woman laughs and you hear her say “Now that’s far more fun” she then presses and holds the button, the pain is so intense, everything goes black and white spots appear before your eyes and your ears fill with white noise. You are aware of loud shouts then go unconscious. As you recover you realise the shouting wasn’t for you but for one of the members who had leant against the metal gantry and had also received a shock, sufficient for him to collapse on the floor. The machine is switched off and the compere announces “To avoid any other members being hurt we will remove the machine so you can continue using the Orchid Slut” The crowd are now less enthusiastic but still keen and unlike you, had clearly recovered as you can see many have hard cocks. A woman spits on you and makes some comment you can’t hear but then everybody seems to join in spitting on your body and face, several pull your mouth open and spit in your mouth, others spit on your pussy and one holds your eyes open and dribbles spit into them.

In your semi-conscious state, you feel tugging on your tits and suddenly the binding ropes are removed, the sudden rush of blood hurts so much you scream out but are quickly muffled by a cock being jammed down your throat as others start laughing and slapping your tits so hard no one knows if the tears streaming from your eyes are from pain or by choking on the cock in your throat.

You feel a cock enter your arse it feels so painfully stretched the man starts to fuck you then stops and holds in deep then you feel the hot stream as he empties his bladder deep in your bowels and brags to the crowd about what he’s doing, the man in your throat pulls out then stands waiting then calls out “Someone hold its mouth open” immediately a willing pair of hands forces your mouth open and pinches your nose just as the man starts to pee aiming straight in your mouth, you let it over flow and are immediately slapped hard around the face and told to swallow, you know you have to comply, then you feel someone pissing on your tits just as the man in your pussy cums quickly followed by a strong jet of hot pee deep in your pussy. More join in peeing all over you, the worst is on your face it stings in your eyes so much, your hair is soaked. Eventually the members wander back to the bar laughing and make crude comments about you, leaving you dripping with piss and spit with it draining from your pussy and arse.

The platform begins to move and you are wheeled back into the preparation room, the frame rotates and you are released from the gantry and dragged to the metal chair. Your gaoler passes you a drink which you drink down quickly, the room starts to spin and all goes black.

You wake cold and still wet with piss, the manacles are still fixed to you. You look around and discover you are in a bus stop. It’s dark but you are in a well-lit area. You start to cry, exhausted, used for sex acts you had never even thought of but crying because just the thought made your pussy wet and gave you butterflies in your stomach.

It’s late but there is still traffic on the roads, no sign of anything to cover yourself with and no sign of a cab anywhere. You try to flag down a car but they swerve round you sounding their horns. You hear the beat of music and see a bar, you need help and it’s your only option. You make your way to the entrance and push the door open to find the bar is crowded with heavy music blaring out. You start to make your way to bar to get help, at first no one notices you then you hear a wolf whistle your heart sinks but your pussy starts to drip but that will be another story….
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