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An erotic reunion
The Reunion.

I wrote this tale after I rediscovered an old flame on email and got chatting on MSN Messenger. To this day we still stay in touch in the same way.

This couple had embraced, but moved on unaware of how each other felt. They had each been tormented over the years by seeing each other with different partners until they both settled down with families and drifted apart. The only contact being a Christmas card exchanged each year.

Now quarter of a century on, there respective marriages failed they have arranged to meet. Both are aware that the other would have changed.

He arrives at the motel room with time to spare and draws the curtains leaving the room darkened but with sufficient light to be able to see, he puts the door on the latch and waits.

On time there is a gentle knock on the door. He takes himself to the bathroom and can hear the door opening and then closing with a loud click as it is taken off of the latch. He undresses, as he knows she will be doing in the main room. He is embarrassed to see that he is already erect with anticipation, beads of moisture forming on the tip.

He enters the room and sees her naked in the darkened room, they embrace tongues dancing eagerly in each other's mouths. Both show their excitement without meaning too. His hardness is trapped between them throbbing so both can feel. She manoeuvres them still in the embrace to the bed where she gently pushes him down to sit on the bed. She is aware that he is so excited that he won't last long in his current state.

With her hands on his shoulders she leans forward gently pushing him back onto the bed. As she does so she sinks gently to her knees running her hands down his chest, his manhood pushing between her breasts, she can feel the wetness he leaves in it's wake.

As she gets lower he can feel her breath on the head of his glands and is beside himself in the memory of her expertise.

She gently takes the oozing juice from eye of his glands with the tip of her tongue savouring the saltiness she had lasted tasted so long ago. Circling his head with her tongue she can feel him twitching uncontrollably, knowing she is driving him crazy she takes her time, gently licking and caressing the whole of his manhood with her tongue before taking his glands into her mouth.

He feels the warm wetness of her mouth closing around him. He feels like he is going to cum there and then.

She sucks on his cock, which is pulsating with his rapid heartbeat. She draws the fluid from him, licking the shaft at the same time. She lifts her head so that he is almost out.

Slowly, so gently, she lowers her head back down until she feels his hardness at the back of her mouth, his head set against the entrance to her throat. With a little more pressure she feels him enter her throat, almost with a plop as it passes the initial constriction.

She pauses to allow the natural rejection by her throat to pass then eases on feeling is hardness pushing deep into her throat.

He can feel the tightness of her throat wrapped around the head of his cock then she starts to swallow causing the muscles of her throat to ripple around his glands.

Unable to breathe she comes back up gasping gently for air. She licks the whole of his shaft and can smell his manhood so close to her face, she gently licks his sacks, which are also swelling and subsiding with his excitement as if they were a pair of lungs.

She moves back up, takes his head into her mouth, with one hand she gently massages his shaft, with the other she ever so gently massages his balls, occasionally tickling them by lightly scraping them with her fingertips. Knowing how excited he is she gently wanks his shaft feeling more pre cum ooze into her mouth, which she spreads around his bared helmet with her tongue.

Drawing deeply she again takes him to her throat. He feels the sensation and unable to hold on any longer she feels him swell and jerk as his hips buck around below her. She draws harder and takes the flood of hot semen that jets from his eye to back of her throat. She takes his head into her throat feeling his swollen head pulsing against the stretched walls of her throat, as more cum bursts down her throat. When the flow subsides she releases his glands from her throat but holds it with in her mouth to lick away the remains of his cum savouring the always salty but always unique taste.

They both move up onto the bed. Embracing and kissing he can taste his own saltiness on her tongue. His hands move to her breasts, gently he plays with one of her already swollen nipples, so sensitive as she is already so turned on from taking his glands in her mouth. He gently massages her breasts, tweaking, pulling and gently pinching her nipples until they are hard. Then he moves his head down to her bosom where she feels his hot ragged breath on her engorged nipples.

He gently circles one with his tongue before tantalizingly teasing the tip of the nipple by touching, so lightly, with the tip of his tongue. Eventually he stops tormenting her and takes the nipple fully into his mouth, drawing it in so that it extends even further into his mouth. He swirls his tongue around the nipple inside his mouth and then holds it in his mouth by gently biting and nibbling the nipple from base to tip. He gently massages the nipple which aches where it so engorged she knows how he must feel when his cock is engorged in the same way. After taking her second nipple into his warm mouth he moves on down to find her neatly shaved mons.

He can smell the mustiness of her woman hood, he is eager to quench his thirst on her. He traces the triangular outline of her pubic hair before running his tongue down the inside of her thigh from front to back then back up on the other thigh. Then nothing as he lifts his head slightly. She's left, wanting to push his head down into contact with her expectant pussy.

She feels the heat of his breath as he lowers his head back down, she feels the tip of his tongue push between her sopping lips and gently run down the groove from just behind the hood of her clit to the opening of her entrance.

He savours the taste of her juices, which have been flowing so freely from long before she even got to the motel. He continues to lap at her pussy's crease being careful not to enter her or touch the hood of her clit. He licks away the juice that has gathered.

She knows from the sensation in her clit that it must be protruding from its hood without any assistance from him. She cannot prevent the involuntary shudder as she feels the tip of his tongue circle the hood of her clit with out actually touching it. Although expected she jumps as the electric shock of his tongue touching the tip of her clit shoots through her body. She is oblivious to all else as he sucks her clit from it's shroud and teases it with his tongue, gently nipping with his front teeth. Her body tenses as the first of her orgasms surges through her causing her to break out in to a sweat of passion. Her pussy leaks love juice so fast she can feel it trickling down and pooling in the entrance to her anus before running on down to leave evidence of her pleasure on the linen.

He moves his tongue back down her crease and laps her fragrant juices to quench his thirst for her that has been building all this time. Then she feels his tongue move down past her pussy, licking away the trail of wetness. Again she shudders unintentionally as she feels his tongue circling the crinkle entrance to her anus gently taking her fluid away leaving her dry.

Again she feels his head lift, then feels his tongue pushing into her love canal, lapping the walls and moving the tip around causing sensations so unlike any thing else. He eases the entrance to her pussy open with his fingers and strives to push his tongue as deep as it will go. She can feel the slight roughness of his shaved face against her skin. He withdraws his tongue and concentrates on her pussy's groove and clit. He inserts his finger into her and finds her most sensitive spot, which he works with his finger. She can hold off no longer and again her body arches up as she is once again filled with an orgasm more intense than the first.

Whilst giving her the pleasure of his tongue he has again become hard. So hard the fluid is flowing freely from his eye. As her orgasm subsides she feels the entrance to her pussy stretching as so slowly he enters her. His hardness has no flexibility but oh so much better than the cold toys she's been using of late.

As he continues to enter her slowly, he takes himself into the hilt making her feel so full, he waits allowing her body to accommodate to him ensuring her sensitive ovaries move aside so as not to cause her pain. He withdraws so that just the tip remains at the entrance to her pussy, then he slowly inserts himself so slightly before withdrawing again. He again enters, slightly further this time withdrawing slightly faster than he entered. He continues this feeling the sensation of her pussy gripping the mushroom shaped head of his glands, each time entering slightly further. He maintains this for some time raising her frustration that his hardness is not in her to the hilt.

All of a sudden he drives into her hard all the way, not so hard as to hurt but hard enough to take her by surprise, causing an involuntary moan as the air is forced out of her lungs with the suddenness of his lunge. He holds deep inside her enjoying the feeling on his rock solid manhood and the look on her face.

Slowly he withdraws and continues to massage her inner walls with his solid cock. Again she orgasms, so satisfied to have him deep within her. Her pussy is so wet and eager for him. He is so excited he can't control himself and gradually becomes faster and more selfish, this only serves to take her to higher levels of ecstasy. Feeling his manhood swell and jerk she again orgasms feeling the heat of his cumming inside her. To him he feels so big to her, she feels so full. He pumps the last of his seed into her, her pussy contacting in spasms around the root of his cock. They both collapse into each other, both so slippery with the sweat they have both built up.

They lie together quite still breathing hard recovering from the physical exertion and the energy spent in cumming. His cock shrinks down to its flaccid state and slips from within her.

She eases his head from her chest and moves down to take his glands into her mouth savouring the combined taste of her own sex mixed with his salty cum. She is surprised to feel his tongue licking her pussy clean, his tongue entering her with his fingers. She becomes aware of his cock growing within her mouth and redoubles her efforts with her tongue hands and mouth.

He laps at her enjoying her pussy juices, which are still flowing strongly with the attentions of his tongue and fingers. Her juices bring with them the remains of his cum which he tastes properly for the first time. This causes his cock to twitch and grow faster with her tongues caressing.

She jumps as his fingers wet from her pussy caresses the eye to her anus. She becomes aware that he is gradually applying more and more of her sex to the crinkly eye.

Slowly he eases a finger in lubricating her tight hole. She wants to protest but doesn't, trusting that whatever he has in mind will be for her enjoyment. Slowly he applies more love juice make her as slippery there as her pussy has become. His cock is once more solid in her mouth, pulsing in time to his raised heartbeat. He inserts a second finger into her and ever so gradually opens the entrance to her tight hole, adding more of her juice all the time.

He moves withdrawing from her mouth. She is still kneeling with her bum in the air. He inserts his solid manhood into her pussy and slowly works it in and out for a few seconds getting it thoroughly wet with her juice.

He withdraws and then she feels the tip of his hard cock against the entrance to her, now well lubricated, bottom. He applies slight pressure. At first nothing happens, he pushes ever so gently and she feels her anus starting to open to allow him in.

So slowly he eases forward feeling the tightness of her ring. He feels the plop as his head gains entry past the ring. She feels the suddenness of this invasion, at first a little uncomfortable. He stops pushing and allows everything to get used to the intrusion. Then he slowly pushes on in. It feels so full. Eventually he is in her to the hilt. He is so solid and feels so big.

He carefully rolls her onto her side and locked inside her he manoeuvres them both to the edge of the bed where he sits her up on his lap.

She feels his hands come round to the front and gradually work there way into her pussy, slowly masturbating her as she does so often at night when alone. She feels so full the feeling is unique. Slowly he starts to work her backwards and forwards, not up and down. Then he gradually moves himself within her until he feels his cock flick the inner most part of her. She feels it too a sensation so intense. Repeated every time he moves her backwards and forwards.

Inside her it is so tight for him he knows he will not be able to hold off for long with the warmth enveloped so firmly around his throbbing erection, aching where it is so full.

Very quickly the intense flicking takes her over the edge of an orgasm so intense, so different to normal orgasms. The contraction of her body around his solid staff is all too much and he pumps, with a groan, more hot jism deep into her body. Even that deep, she can still feel the heat.

As her orgasm subsides, she knows even then that what ever her thoughts had been of anal sex she knows she will have to experience it again as it was just so different and intense to normal orgasms.

They both collapse back onto the bed. Both sated and spent. Eventually they both go to the shower to wash each other. But that will have to wait for another time.

The Reunion Part 2.

They walked across the dimly lit room, there bodies glistening gently with the exertions of there love making. They enter the shower turn on the hot water to bathe each other.

He stood behind her and with the soap starts to create a lather by reaching round and massaging his soapy hands on her throat and shoulders. He moves down and gently soaps her voluptuous breasts she feels him grow hard yet again, his manhood pushing up between her legs. She can feel it at the entrance to her sex and feels her juices running onto him where they mix with the water and flow down to his balls and down his legs.

Her nipples grow hard to his gentle massaging. Again she can feel that now familiar sensation as her body becomes more excited. He holds her close and moves his hands down soaping her belly washing away the remnants of there earlier love making. The shower is powerful enough to keep her nipples erect and aching as it hits her chest like an onslaught of pins.

His hands move down to her neat triangle of hair, working the soap into the carefully trimmed bush. Then she feels him lean in to her more as he reach his hands down to the front of her pussy. Her clit is already peeping out from it’s hood and the sensation of his soapy hands gliding over it’s tip sends shocks of electricity shooting through her groin. He reaches round under her, pushing forward to do so. He soaps between her legs careful not to get the soap inside her. The soap mingles with her juices that are now flowing so freely. He is amazed to feel that she is still so wet. She can feel his hands soaping between her legs, soaping her and his hardness at the same time using long strokes.

He takes the shower head and careful washes the soap from her body, the showers powerful spraying feeling like a thousand pin pricks to her body as he moves it gently to and fro washing away the soap. As he moves the shower down between her legs, the blast on to her clit is almost too painful to bear but at the same time brings her so close to orgasm but not quite.

She feels him move away and then he moves her legs apart as he turns, crouches and then lifts his face to her pussy, eager to savour more of her musty juice. He runs his tongue back and forth along her groove careful at this stage not to touch her now fully exposed and throbbing clit. He licks into her entrance then she feels him sliding his fingers into her tunnel of love massaging the sensitive tissue of her inner walls. As even more of her love juices flow, he laps them hungrily. By now he can sense the closeness of her orgasm.

Suddenly he nips on her exposed clit and sucks, ramming his fingers deep inside her pussy, stretching her narrow channel. Electricity courses through her body tripping her over the edge and causing her orgasm to sweep through with such energy that her legs sag.

He feels her react to the orgasm and has to support her legs to stop her from collapsing. She has lost all control of her body. He feels the heat of her hot fluid splattering onto his upturned throat and chest, as she pee’s herself in her excitement. He feels the hot fluid run over his chest, some runs round the sides to his spine where it runs down to his sphincter. The rest flows down from his stomach round the root of his solid prick, over his balls to his bottom where it all runs off of him creating the strangest sensation. He stands again and sluices off under the shower.

She turns to him and soaping her hand massages his back and shoulders whilst embracing him in a kiss, there tongues shooting into each others mouths and entwining, exploring each other as there hands explore each others bodies. He is so hard she can feel it pushing against her stomach, not yielding where it is so engorged.

Her hands work there way down his back where she is able to soap the base of his spine causing him the urge of wanting to pee himself. He manages to control himself. His prick bucking as he tenses the muscles to prevent himself peeing. Her hands move between the crease of his bum where she cheekily massages the tight crinkled hole of his sphincter with a soapy finger, applying just enough pressure for the ball of her finger to nestle in to the opening. Again his solid manhood bucks at the sensations she is creating.

She slowly draws her soapy hands round his hips, stepping away from him to release his rampant manhood from between them. She gently encircles it with her soapy fingers, feeling the involuntary jerk at her touch. She slowly massages the soap into it using a slow wanking motion. She can see he is beside himself clearly on the brink of showering her belly and thighs with his silver liquor. Careful not to bring him off she stops. Taking the showerhead she washes him off. The showers powerful spray dimpling the skin as it passes over his flesh. Scared of tripping him over the edge she washes the soap from his phallus careful not to provide any further stimulation.

He watches and as she soaps his aching penis. As she wanks him gently he realises he is about to be granted the release he is so desperate for. Suddenly she stops. Leaving so close to the point of no return that he wonders if he will shoot his load even after she has stopped. Using all his will power he resists the urge to grab his enflamed prick with both hands and bring himself off. Slowly the sensation subsides slightly and he is again able to breathe. She washes the soap from him with the powerful shower. Taking great pleasure in aiming it at his sphincter, which reacts involuntarily by clamping itself, even tighter shut than before. This causes a globule of pre cum to ooze out of the eye of his penis, which bounces involuntarily. He closes his eyes and prays he can maintain control when she carefully hoses off his glans.

She again reaches behind him and gently rubs the base of his spine. His solid dick bounces. He mildly flinches tightening his grip on her shoulders. She continues to massage the base of his spine until she sees he can hold off no more and sees a jet of golden pee shoot from his engorged prick causing him to moan. She guides his prick to aim the jet onto the floor.

As he feels her start to massage the base of his spine he realises that his bladder is full. Trying to control him self he tenses his inner muscles to prevent himself from having and accident. She continues to massage the base of his spine and with the noise of the running water it is impossible to hold back any longer.

He feels the incredible surge through the length of his engorged solid cock as his wee surges up the restricted tube leaving his eye as if an ejaculation which lasts until the flow subsides as his bladder empties. The sensation heightened by her wanking his solid prick wile he pees pushing it downwards to aim at the floor.

When the golden stream has finish she carefully showers off his still solid dick, moves round and takes it into her mouth. Amazingly it seems longer and fatter than ever and the rim of the helmet catches momentarily in her throat. This is all it takes to force this incredibly exited man over the edge and she feels his thick hot salty fluid splatter against the back of her mouth. She immediately pulls him from her mouth and masturbates him, almost viciously to ensure she drains the last of his cum from his balls. The silver fluid blasting from his eye and landing on her bosom where she was now kneeling in front of him. It the slid on the water between her tits, down her tummy and caught momentarily in her thatch before being washed away.

She takes his still solid glans in her mouth and licking and sucking him until he subsides, savouring the last taste of his manhood.

She lets him slide from her mouth, stands up kisses him deeply as if to take some of his taste with her and then steps out of the shower where he remains.

A few minutes later he hears the click of the motel door as she finally leaves.

Now they meet when ever they choose or just chat on MSN.
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