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Warning. Sexual interactions with step-daughters can be fun in stories and fantasies. In real life it is entirely different. It is often causing trauma and pain. Seek help from a professional if needed.
After our wild encounter just now Nadine and me have been lying on the sofa in a tender embrace for a while. My cum is smeared all over our bodies. “My cum is drying up. Do you feel it?” “Yeah, it’s kind of yucky.” “Shall we hop in the shower and wash it off?” Nadine’s raising her head looking me in the eyes with a spark of excitement “Yeah Frank, let’s do that”. Nadine’s lifting her naked body off my naked body and is getting up from the couch. I’m taking in the view of her stunning petite body and I am getting up myself. “Huh?!” is all I manage to say as Nadine is grabbing my dick and gently pulling on it. “Follow me!” Nadine is walking in front of me turning her head over her shoulders, looking back at me. Still holding my dick. A big smile on her face and craving in her eyes. She walks in front of me, slowly. Up the stairs. Her ass! So hot. I can’t believe I’ve just been inside this beautiful, perky, young ass! I’m feeling a new wave of excitement and joy washing through me. How bizarre this is! My stepdaughter is so incredibly hot and she loves playing these games with me – a middle-aged guy. It's very wrong, but at the same time I haven’t felt this alive in a long time.

I’m getting half-hard. My cock is still in her hand. I’m catching up to her and can’t resist but to grab her ass a little and gently run my finger between her cheeks over her pussy. “Hey!” Nadine fake protests. Now my face has a big smile on it too. We’re opening the bathroom door and are entering the spacious shower. Nadine is switching on the water. It’s splashing all over her head. She’s lifting both her arms putting them behind her head. Face tilted backwards. “Aahh! So nice!” she exhales. Her sizeable breasts are lifted by this pose. Her belly is stretched, her belly button elongated. How flat her belly is! How petite she is! My dick is swelling further. I’m putting some shower gel in my hands. “I’ll help you wash my cum off you baby.” “Sure Frank.” I’m stepping closer to her. My erect dick brushes her belly. I’m massaging the shower gel into her breasts, her neck, her shoulders. Enjoying every bit of her perfect young body. I’m massaging it into her shaved armpits, her back, her belly. “Mmmhhh” Nadine’s enjoying it. I’m crouching in front of her, running my hands around her back, her firm butt cheeks, her thighs. How soft yet firm her body is. I keep working my way down to her legs, to her feet. She’s leaning her back against the shower. “Lift one leg up a little baby.” Nadine complies and I’m lifting her foot off a little. Running my slightly foam-covered fingers between her toes. Nadine giggles a little “Tickles!” I’m looking up through the spray of water and I’m getting a nice view of her hairless pussy. I’m washing the foam of her toes and start kissing her big toe. Her middle toes. “Aaahh” Nadine’s exhaling. I’m sucking a little on her toes. Licking between the toes. She’s flinching a bit because of the unusual sensation but she’s loving it. “Aahh. That’s nice Frank. It’s turning me on!”

I’m sitting down on the shower floor, pressing her foot on my hard shaft, against my belly. I’m feeling her toes, her sole on my dick. I’m moving her foot up and down my shaft. “This is hot baby! I’m feeling so much pleasure.” Nadine’s putting two fingers on her clit, starting to circle it slowly. “I like feeling your throbbing cock against my foot.” “Come sit down here with me”. Nadine’s sitting down opposite of me. She keeps playing with her pussy. “I love watching you play with yourself baby. It’s so hot to see the desire in your face while you’re working your pussy.” “Mmmmhh” is Nadine’s reply. I’m stroking my hard cock now taking both her feet and I’m sandwiching my dick between the arches of her feet. Up and down. “Oh yeah baby!” Nadine’s inserting two fingers inside her pussy and playing with her breast with the other hand, pinching her nipple. I’m getting so turned on! “Come closer baby, sit on my thighs. Open your legs. Put your pussy right in front of my dick.” Nadine does as I requested and keeps playing with her pussy and clit. I’m pushing my hard dick against her pussy, vertically. “This so hot darling!”

My hormones are going wild. I know she’ll move out soon. And there are so many fantasies I still haven’t fulfilled. I want her to piss on my dick while I’m masturbating! I’m kind of embarrassed by this thought. But I know that I want it. She’s just 18. Can I really ask her to do that? Her body is so young, she looks so pure. I really want to know what it’s like to feel her pee over my hard cock, running down my body. “Nadine?” “Yes?” “I have another fantasy” I’m pausing. “Yes?” I’m getting a bit hesitant. Nadine’s facial expression changes a little. She notices that I’m nervous. “What is it Frank?” “Um… I’m a bit embarrassed to admit it, but…” I’m pausing again. Nadine stops playing with her pussy and is looking at me. “Just tell me Frank. I’ll say no if I don’t like it, don’t worry.” “Ok baby. I haven’t tried this before, but I have fantasized about you peeing on my dick while I’m masturbating it. While I’m close to cumming. I want to know what it’s like! You’re so beautiful! I wouldn’t ask anyone else to do this. I’d like you to be the first to do that to me. Because I’m so attracted to you.”

Nadine’s pausing. She isn’t saying anything. I’m sweating. Have I asked for too much? Oh well. Fortune favours the brave. If she doesn’t – suddenly Nadine answers: “That’s so wrong. But I like it if it’s a little wrong. And it’s kind of creative. Let’s be dirty. Let’s be adventurous. It turns me on.” “Thank you so much baby. I really appreciate it.” I’m moving my face to hers, kiss her and give her a hug. Just the fact that she has agreed to this fantasy makes me so hard. I’m throbbing. Overcome by excitement I’m lifting Nadine up into a standing position. I’m turning her around facing the shower wall and enter her pussy from behind. She’s turning her face around. “Oh Frank!” I’m kissing her while I’m pounding her. “I love you so much Nadine.” I’m feeling so much. The hot shower water has made my dick more sensitive, more receptive to pleasure. Her perky butt is bouncing off my dick “Aaahhh!” she’s screaming. I’m already feeling so turned on. I’m taking my hands off her petite waist and I’m spreading her butt cheeks a little. Her asshole is gaping a bit – still open from our previous session. I can’t resist this invitation! I’m slipping my dick out of her pussy and push the tip gently against her anus. “Mmmhh” Nadine moans. I’m entering her so easily and I’m feeling her tight ass. I can’t get enough of this sensation. And what a view! Her heart shaped, hairless ass. Her slim waist. She’s so stunning! And my dick is inside her ass! I can’t believe it! I keep pumping her, carefully, enjoying every bit of this incredible sensation. It doesn’t take long and I’m already feeling like cumming.

“Baby, I’m already close to cumming. You’re driving me crazy Nadine!” A brief kiss on her lips and I’m sitting down on the shower floor, just a bit outside the water spray. I want to feel her piss on my cock. Undiluted. No shower water in the way! She’s crouching in front of me, very close. Planting her legs left and right of my legs. Spreading her legs wide open. Her pussy is just a bit above my hard dick. I’m looking into her young, gorgeous face. I can’t believe I’ve just asked her to piss on my dick. I can’t believe she’s about to do it. She’s looking down at the floor, as if embarrassed that I’m watching her pee. I don’t blame her. It is weird. “I’m trying.” “Take your time darling, no pressure.” I keep stroking my dick in anticipation. I’m so excited that she’s about to perform this intimate, private act in front of me. It makes me feel so close, so connected to her. There it is! A few drops! A stream! I’m feeling her warm piss on my balls, running down to my asshole! It’s so weird! I’m getting even hornier! “Aahh. I’m so close to cumming! This is so hot!” Now I’m feeling her warm stream on my dick. “Yes darling, pee all over my hard cock. Pee on my tip!” “Fuck yeah Frank!” “This feels so great baby, so wrong, so amazing! So intimate! I’m loving your piss all over my cock!” I’m feeling so much pleasure. More! More!! More!!! The novel sensation of her warm piss running all over my throbbing dick and my hand pushes me over the line. I’m cumming! “Aaahhhh!! Yeahhh!!!!” I’m pumping a big load of cum directly on her peeing pussy. I’m looking at her gaping pink asshole and without thinking I’m grabbing her, pushing my dick inside her asshole and pump my cum inside her ass. “Oh my god Frank!” Nadine’s still peeing. As I keep pumping my cum inside her I’m feeling her warm piss running over my belly, at the root of my shaft, down my balls, between my ass cheeks. “What a sensation! I’m in heaven!” As I’m still contracting I’m hugging her and we’re kissing passionately. I have never experienced anything like it before. I’m so glad this fantasy has become true! How fucking odd and how fucking wonderful!

Only now I’m noticing that her stream has stopped and that she’s grinding her ass on my dick. “This is so exciting Frank! I’m so glad we did this! I’m so turned on by this!” “It was amazing baby! Thank you for doing this!” Nadine’s mouth is half open, her face an expression of desire. She’s rubbing her clit now with one hand, circles and looking me in the eyes. “Frank?” “Yes baby?” “I know that I’ll have to move out soon. This will all be over soon. I want to make the most of it. I’m feeling so intimate with you. Will you…” Nadine is hesitating. Looking down. “Yes baby?” “Um… will you… I’d like to also experience this. I’d like to know what it’s like to be peed on while cumming.” I’m looking down at her hand. She’s still playing with her pussy! Inserting two fingers and gently stretching herself. “Um… yes of course baby. I’d love to do that. Are you sure?” “Yes Frank! Kiss me! Squeeze my boobs! Play with my nipples!” I’m complying and Nadine’s breathing heavier and heavier. I can feel her tensing up a bit as she keeps masturbating. “I’m close Frank!” She’s sitting in front of me on the shower floor spreading her legs. Masturbating faster and faster. “Do it! Pee on me Frank! Pee on my aching pussy!” She’s looking into my eyes. Her gaze full of yearning.

I’m kneeling in front of her. I’m already half erect again! I’m taking my dick in my hand and pointing it straight on her pussy. I can’t believe I’m about to pee on her. On this goddess of a stepdaughter. I’m focussing, trying to relax. Waterfalls. Think about waterfalls! I’m listening to the shower noise in the background and slowly I’m feeling my muscles relax. I’m almost there. It’s about to happen. I didn’t realize how full my bladder was! A stream is gushing out, straight onto her pussy in full force. Nadine’s eyes go wide. For a moment she’s frozen. Stops masturbating. “What da…? Oh yeah!” she stammers, exhales. Nadine resumes masturbating, much faster than before. “This is..! Fucking hot!” Suddenly she spreads her pussy lips. A pink butterfly with an opening in the middle. “Pee inside me!!” I can’t believe what I’m doing but I have already obeyed and turned my stream straight into her opening. I’m peeing inside my stepdaughter’s vagina! What am I doing? Without noticing my dick got hard while peeing! “Oh yes Frank! This is so… this is so… Aaaahhh!!!!!” Nadine is screaming and flicking her clit left and right like crazy. My pee is splashing all over her legs, her belly.

All of a sudden she’s in doggy style position, still masturbating. “Pee inside my ass! I want to feel you. I want you to fill all my holes!” In disbelieve I’m seeing myself spread her ass cheeks. Her anus opens wide and I’m directing my stream straight inside it. Some of my pee disappears inside her ass, some of it splashes back onto me. She’s looking back at me, at my erect dick peeing on her. “Put it inside me!!” I’m moving closer to her anus, pushing in the tip, then my shaft. “Oh yeeeessss!” Nadine’s masturbating like wild. What has gotten into her? She seems to be into this. “Have you stopped? I can’t feel your warm stream anymore?” Nadine asks. “Sorry baby. I’m trying to resume it.” My dick is inside her asshole, doggy style. I’m trying to relax, to pee again. How weird. I normally would do this in a toilet. Not with my hot stepdaughter’s body wrapped around my dick. It’s so incredibly hot to imagine that I’m about to pee inside this gorgeous young goddess. I’m trying to relax. I’m going to pee inside her ass! There I go! I’m peeing while I’m inside her! It’s so weird! So wrong! So fucking hot! “Aaaahhhhh” Nadine screams and pushes one of her hands inside her pussy. I can feel her hand! From the inside! She’s jiggling it. “Fuuuuckkk!!!! Aaahhhh!!!” Nadine screams from the top of her lungs. I can feel her asshole contract rhythmically as she cums while I’m still insider her. Still peeing. I’m getting a glimpse of her face. Her face is filled with orgasmic bliss out of another world.

She’s moving forward. I’m sliding out of her. My bladder is empty. A spurt of my piss is gushing out of her asshole. “Oh baby!” I’m kissing her. “Oh Frank! This was so intense. I loved it. It’s… just so wrong! So intimate!” “I’m so grateful I could experience this with you. This is a very special moment. Not many people find someone to experience this with.” “I love you Frank.” “I love you too Nadine.” We’re getting up on our feet. We’re hugging. The warm shower water is washing over us. The fresh scent of shower gel is in the steaming air. And ever so faintly, slowly disappearing, mixed into it, a slight hint of our urine.

Copyright Normann Blaze 2022

Please let me know if you like the story and if you'd like me to write more chapters. It will motivate me :) thank you

Rex AllenReport 

2022-05-22 14:56:02
I hope there will be more. I loved all chapters, however they could have been a little longer with a few less chapters. Overall, it was a good storyline. Please write more.


2022-05-21 00:32:13
Oh please I hope there's more , my poor pussy is just twitching so much . I am going to try peeing on my guys dick oh yes yes yes .


2022-05-19 17:06:17
This rating is for all eight sections, save for section 6 which is missing. I find the actions of both characters not believeable at any level. I do like the writing style. He manages to retain the characters through to the end, not an easy accomplishment.

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