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My thoughts and advice on the female nature, with advice.
A Coyote Essay: Female Nature

It used to be so simple. Men and women. That was it. I'm struck by how complicated things are now. So much talk of genders. Of more than two.

Nature though, nature keeps it simple. Nature and evolution have come up with a system that the penis gets erect, penetrates the vagina, and ejaculates. The vagina and uterus take this seminal fluid and grow a new being. This continues the species.

I'm amazed at the evolution from its most basic principle to how we as humans are now.

At what people RISK in order to achieve orgasm. Their marriage. Their children. Their careers. Their FREEDOM. All in the pursuit of… releasing that ejaculate or reaching climax.

What I've begun to realize lately though, and the subject of this essay, is the female nature. Especially in today's age of radical feminism and equality, I find it especially interesting.

A woman will present a false front. She'll present a strong and independent personality that is to say, "Don't fuck with me. Don't underestimate me. I'm in charge."

Women in politics. In police. In business. They say they want power. They want equality. They want choice.

But do they really? And how do we get to that core nature?

Sex is by far the easiest way.

Sex is our most primal of things. Humans have no instincts anymore. Unlike a newborn giraffe which can run within an hour of being born, everything we do is taught…

Yet have you ever seen a woman get pushed onto a bed? Have someone climb on top of her? How about how natural it is for a woman on her hands and knees to naturally arch their back?

Her legs spread. Her hips rise to allow access. Her hips turn so as to present her vagina for penetration. These things are the closest things to instinct we have, and a woman's is to submit.

Be honest ladies, while it feels good to climax with your hand, or a toy, or even while riding a phallus, your most powerful orgasm has come from someone else bringing you to it.

Story time:

A woman is married to a man. She has a bluetooth vibrator they picked out together. One day, she texts him that she's put it in. They connect on the app and he puts on a mode that is a low boil. 1-3 out of 10, with lengths of nothing along the way.

They then get dressed and go on about their day. Shopping. Riding in the car. Grocery getting. Yard work and gardening if they're so lucky. And all along the way, the toy is pushing her inner nature to come out.

Her husband notices not only does she become openly more touchy and feely, but she looks at him differently, she talks to him differently. And after several hours, she's become the ideal example of femininity. She doesn't want to cum, she doesn't want to have sex… she wants her man to take her. To tell her what to do. She wants to, and needs to, allow him to be the man and let her give in.

That most powerful of orgasms? You know, the one where someone else is doing it for you?

That's because the female body has evolved over time in a very specific manner. A woman is noticed by a man. Her body, from her breasts which attract a man then feed the progeny she carried for him, to her wide hips with which to endure the passage of that progeny, to the instant heat in her loins, getting her ready, without even trying, for him to penetrate her, does everything it can to entice that man to release his semen inside her.

Then just knowing he is hard enhances her arousal. When he touches her at all, another flush. And especially when and during sex, her body does everything it can to make HIM climax.

Even the moaning and screaming is biologically tied to making the man release, and even to attract other men with which to breed.

But she lays there and needs her partner, or partners, to bring her to climax. She grips and moans and gyrates, but she allows them to bring to the mountain top.

And there it is. That's what I'm talking about when I say the true female nature. Submissiveness. Agreeable. Docile. Reverent to their man. Subservient even.

And I know that in today's pressure for equality and feminism, it can be hard for a woman to allow herself to embrace this nature, but there's nothing wrong with it.

Especially if she has a man with that masculine nature she needs. Embracing ones true nature will only enhance not only your sex life, but your normal, everyday doings as well.

Have you ever noticed when a woman is pregnant? How seemingly her attitude changes? Sure she goes through hormonal hell, but as she goes along, and as she progresses through, she softens. She nests. Ever wonder why?

Becaise other than when her pussy is completely on fire from the bluetooth vibrator.

Now let me clarify as well, that I've said women and men. But really, while biology is a huge part of this, feminine and masculine personalities come into play here, greatly.

I've personally seen two soulmates find each other, and the woman was the masculine one, and the man the feminine. Not saying they were trans. They enjoyed sex. She had two children by him.

I posit this challenge to all the feminine people out there: go buy a bluetooth toy. Lovesense, we-vibe, you can pick. Then let your masculine partner control it.

Notice how your demeanor changes. Notice how you become more submissive the more aroused you become. And the key to your nature: the more you submit, the more aroused you become.

Notice that your partner in turn reverts to their natures as well. They begin to take charge. To begin to assert themselves over you, another innate turn on for you.

But also notice their true nature come out. They're not abusive. They're not cruel or mean. The true female nature will make the true masculine nature come out, where the goal is to take care of and provide.

And when these two natures coalesce?

Well, try it and find out.
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