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Warning. Sexual interactions with step-daughters can be fun in stories and fantasies. In real life it is entirely different. It is often causing trauma and pain. Seek help from a professional if needed.
I have been an emotional mess. Ever since my stepdaughter Nadine brought her friend Angela home and we… -it is hard for me to finish the thought- ….we had a threesome. A fucking crazy pornstar experience threesome that is! It was an epic sexual marathon! The girls put on a performance… I’m still lost for words. Back then, as I was about to express my doubts to the girls, about the inappropriateness of this whole situation, the usual happened. My dick took over. I got horny and couldn’t resist the temptation of these stunning teenage goddesses. It’s so wrong. Where did they get the ideas from? Did they watch too much porn? Am I taking advantage of their not fully developed brains? They’re 18 for Christ’s sake! At the same time. Wow! They are making my wildest fantasies come true. So many things I’ve dreamed of – they just do it! And it’s so strange. They’re into it. Should I just enjoy this? I should! Life is short. I’m middle-aged. Who knows how long I can keep this up! And it’s gonna be over soon anyway. Nadine’s move-out date is closer than ever.

It’s Thursday early afternoon. Katia, my soon to be ex and Nadine’s mom, is away for business as usual. I’ve been going wild with anticipation. It’s warm outside today. I honestly can’t wait to cum inside Nadine’s tiny body. I don’t even need a pornstar experience. I just can’t get enough of her petite body. I just want stick my throbbing dick inside her little pussy and relieve myself inside her. No holding back. It’s needless to say I’m crazy about her. I’m probably obsessed with her. I’m working in my study, looking out the window. Our backyard pool is just out there, right in front of me. I’m already fantasizing about Nadine. She’ll be back in the evening. Soon – my thoughts are interrupted. I’m hearing the entry door open. “Hey Frank!” “Hey Nadine! Back early?” “Hey Frank!” I’m shocked. A male voice! Nadine knocks on my study door. “Yes come in.” “This is Mike. He’s my friend from school. Do you mind if I have him over a bit? It’s a perfect day for a swim in the pool!” I’m speechless. She’s bringing a guy over?!? Mike is wearing a singlet. He’s ripped. Tanned. Taller than me. Chiseled chin. Dark wavy hair. He looks like a bloody model! He looks like the kind of guy Nadine should hang out with. My raging jealousy slowly settles. Nadine’s way out of my league. Way out of my age-group anyway. Shouldn’t I be happy for her that she’s bringing a guy home who’s in her league? In her age group? Is this her way of saying good bye to me? Good bye to us? Probably. Probably it’s for the best anyway. “Sure kids! Have fun!” I’m trying to hide my sadness.

It’s torture what I’m seeing through the window by the pool in our backyard. Nadine has changed into her white bikini two-piece. It’s high cut. Sexy. Small. Not slutty, but stylish. How does she pull that off? Her friend Mike is wearing swim shorts. He’s topless of course, showing off his six pack. I don’t even want to look at this. Now they’re laughing. Flirting. Nadine is putting her arms around his neck. No! They’re kissing. I’m shivering from jealousy. I’m sighing. I’m feeling terrible. Now they’re in the water. She’s putting her legs around his abdomen. They’re kissing again. I can’t take it anymore. I’m going to the kitchen, pour myself a fizzy drink. I’m looking out through the kitchen window. Nadine’s now in the far corner of the pool. I’m seeing Mike’s muscle packed back. He’s standing right in front of Nadine, facing her. He’s moving rhythmically back and forth. I can barely stop myself from dropping the drink! Is this for real?!? Are they really…? It definitely looks like it! Nadine’s throwing her head back as he is grinding against her. She’s moving her top to the side, exposing her breasts. Mike’s all over her breasts, licking them. Did she think I can’t see her from my study? Or is that what she told Mike? So that he won’t shy away from fucking her? I’m feeling pissed off. I know I shouldn’t feel jealous but I can’t help but being pissed. Now they’re out of the pool, lying by the side of the pool. Mike’s fucking her missionary, now doggy style. Now she’s blowing him. Why am I watching this?! I force myself to tear my gaze away. I’m going back to my study, devastated. I’m looking out of the window. There’s just Mike lying on one of the sun chairs now. Nadine’s nowhere to be seen.

I’m hearing a knock on my study door. “Yes? Come in!” It’s Nadine. Her hair is still wet. She’s still in her white bikini. I’m looking at her. I’m angry. I’m disappointed. I’m devastated. I almost feel like crying. Or like yelling at her. But I’m saying nothing. To my surprise Nadine’s coming closer. She’s sitting on my lap, hugging me burying her head in my chest. “Nadine? Why did you do that?” Nadine remains silent. What is going on? Why doesn’t she reply? I’m trying to part her hair to look at her face but instead she’s turning her head, burying her face in my chest. I’m noticing that she’s hugging me tighter now. What is this? She’s sobbing. I can’t help but hugging her back tightly. A few moments pass. “I’m sorry Frank.” “What do you mean Nadine?” “I’m sorry. I’ve… I wanted to… I thought it was a good idea but then… it felt wrong.” I can’t really follow her. Except that she seems to regret fucking that guy in front of me. My goodness! What was going through her mind? I just keep hugging her. “I’d like to make you feel better Nadine. I don’t like seeing you unhappy. What can I do to make you feel better?” is all I can say. It sounds silly. But I’m lost for words. I don’t want to make a scene. Who am I to make a scene? She has just banged a hot guy her age. She shouldn’t have done it in front of me, but to be honest, I’m not her boyfriend. She’s not my possession. I can’t expect her to only sleep with me. Heck, I should be happy that I’ve managed to get into her pants!

“Why are you always so understanding Frank?” Nadine’s looking up to me. Her eyes are slightly red from crying before. “I can’t be mad at you” I’m smiling at her. “I wanted to make this a thing Frank. I thought it would be hot if you watched me having sex with Mike. And I wanted to have sex with you after, watching Mike through the window of your study. It was my fantasy. Would that have turned you on?” I’m taking a few moments to process what she just said. “Honestly I don’t know Nadine. I don’t expect you to sleep with me exclusively. But watching you having sex with Mike, unannounced, it was… painful. I didn’t like it. I just can’t help myself but feeling jealous. But at the same time I’m happy for you if you sleep with someone your age. I truly am.” “That’s hot, Frank. I like that. I’m also not jealous that you’re sleeping with my mom. At least that you used to… sorry, I shouldn’t have brought that up.” “That’s alright Nadine. Oh my… what a mess. Life Is messy. I’m sorry Nadine. I thought things would get better at my age, but my life is still messy.” Nadine is a bit more cheerful now. She’s giving me a kiss on the cheek. “So… do you want to try?” she whispers. “You mean having sex and watching Mike through the window?” “Yeah.” “Nadine, I’m not sure. Did you sleep with Mike you know… without protection?” I can’t help but ask that. I know it brings down the mood but I’m not interested in getting whatever Mr. Muscle got. “I’ve used a condom Frank. I’m responsible. You should know that.”

I’m hugging her tightly. She smells like chlorine. Her soft body! Feeling her pushing against my body. She’s half naked. So young, so attractive! I can’t hold myself back. I’m slipping off her white bikini bottom. I can’t believe Mike was just inside her! She’s pulling down my trackpants. I’m already hard. It turns me on that she’s… she’s… such a slut? That’s she’s a naughty girl? At least I can fuck her raw. Mike can’t. I’m sitting in my swivel chair. I’m pulling her close to me. She’s straddling me. My dick is sliding inside her tight wet pussy. I’m starting to feel a whirlwind of emotions. I’m angry, relieved, turned on and pissed off. I’m holding her petite butt up a little and start pounding her. So hard. In an out! So much pleasure! “I can’t believe you just fucked Mike.” “Yeah I just fucked Mike.” I’m fucking her even harder. “Was he good?” “Yeah he was good!” “Was he better than me?” “Maybe.” “Oh yeah?” I’m so turned on by Nadine. She’s just fucked another guy and now I’m fucking her. I’m feeling blizz! “Oh yeah? Was his dick bigger than mine?” “Yeah maybe.” “Did he fuck your ass?” “Yeah maybe.” “Oh yeah? Did you like how he fucked your ass?” “Yeah maybe I liked it. Maybe he was even better than you.” Why am I loving this so much? “I love it when you’re talking dirty Nadine.” “Oh yeah? Do you get turned on by dirty things?” “Oh yeah!” “Do you get turned on by kinky things?” “Oh yeah I love that Nadine!” “Do you get turned on that I’m your stepdaughter?” “Fuck yeah! Do you get turned on that I’m your stepfather?” “Oh yes Frank. Should I call you daddy?” “Call me daddy!” “Yes daddy, fuck me!” “Are you my baby girl?” “Yes daddy. I’m your baby girl. Fuck your baby girl! Fuck me!” “Oh yes baby girl, I love fucking you so much! I love fucking your young body! You’re so tiny! You’re so hot! Fuucckkkk! I’m gonna cum inside you baby!” “Yes come inside me daddy!” “Yes baby girl, so close, so close, oh yeaaaaahhhhh!” “Yes pump it all inside my aching pussy daddy. I’m feeling your big dick contracting! Yes fill me up with your hot cum daddy! I love it when you cum inside me! It’s so intimate! Only you are allowed to do that!” “Oh baby! Fuck! You’re driving me crazy!!! Aaaahhhh Yeaaaahh!!!!” I’m cumming uncontrollably inside my stepdaughter. The mix of emotions! Being angry at her. The ecstasy of fucking her. The fear of losing her. Clinging on to her. It’s driving me insane. I’m feeling so much pleasure, so much passion. I can’t remember the last time I came so hard and so fast!

As I’m cumming inside my stepdaughter I realise I didn’t watch Mike for a second. I completely forgot he was even there. I’m turning my swivel chair around. I’m looking out of the window through the sheer curtains. He’s still lying there on the sun chair, sizzling his ridiculously hot model body, sunglasses on. Should I be grateful that Nadine fucked Mr Muscle? Because our sex afterwards felt so kinky, so intense? Maybe I should. But honestly I can’t wait till he gets out of my house. “Did you watch Mike while we did it?” I’m asking my stepdaughter. Nadine smirks: “Maybe.”

Copyright Normann Blaze 2022

Please let me know if you like the story and if you'd like me to write more chapters. It will motivate me :) thank you


2022-06-07 15:21:39
Love this so much. I'll probably read anything you ever write

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