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Brother and sister are forced to quarantine during the pandemic by their parents. Boredom takes over as siblings do something they never imagined they would. Who knew dry humping could be so good.
It had been almost a year since our family decided to lock down during the covid pandemic quarantine. Our parents were terrified of the family getting sick and went to the extreme of not allowing any of us to leave the house. It couldn’t have happened during a worse time for me. I had just started dating a drop dead gorgeous girl from school where we are both juniors. Every day we would call, text and even sext. I had gotten her to send me some pretty amazing picture and videos of her hot teen body in sexy poses. I often spent most nights entertaining myself while jerking off to them.

My sister on the other hand had never dated anyone. She had our parents convinced that she was a sweet innocent girl but I knew otherwise. Being only a sophomore at the same school, she was already known as the slutty one. She often went out with different guys and had a reputation of being a tease. Even though she was my sister, I was still a guy and knew that she was very attractive. At 5ft 5in tall, blond hair, petite body and perky B cup boobs, she was a head turner. I know it was sick of me, but I often would check her out at home when she would walk from the shower to her room wearing a robe.

As we approached the one year mark of us not being let out of the house, my sister was getting on my nerves. She would often drop into my room, unannounced and just bother me. Today was no different. After barging into my room and flopping onto my bed, she said hey Tobi, what are you up to? I told her it was none of her business and to get out. She responded jokingly that I was looking at porn. I had enough of her so I turned around and said, as a matter of fact I was watching an orgy of hot blondes getting fucked. Her response took me off guard, awesome let me see!

Up until that point we had never spoken about porn or what the other person has done in the bed with someone else. I could only attribute her response to her being at her wits end of containment. I responded to her that it would gross her out and I wasn’t going to show her. She jumped up and walked over and said, come on put it on, I really want to see what you were watching, I bet it’s hot. With nothing to lose I turned the monitor back on and hit play. The video picked up where I had paused it. The scene was about 4-5 attractive blond girls in their early 20s, all getting fucked by a group of 10 guys. They were all in different positions and different numbers of arrangement with some girls getting double penetrated by some guys where other girls were just getting fucked by one guy.

My sister stayed the course and said, that’s really hot as she got closer to my desk. I sat and watched while she stood and watched the porn play out in front of us. When it was wrapping up which felt like an eternity, she went back and laid on the bed. She asked how often I jerk off. I responded with why the hell are you asking me? She said that she has been so bored she just wants to talk about something, anything and didn’t care. Anything to change the daily boredom that we’ve been experiencing. I won’t lie, I was feeling the same way. The days blended together. I told her I usually did it once a day usually at night when everyone went to bed. I asked the same back, she said she used to at least once a night but up to 3-4 depending on how bored she got. Lately she said she hasn’t for a couple weeks, that it had gotten boring and not entertaining. She went on to say that she just wished she could sneak out and fuck someone or hell, even get fingered by someone at this point.

I told her I knew how she felt, that I had gotten so many dirty pics from my girlfriend and just wanted to fuck her. We chatted on for a while and started to open up more, this was the most exciting conversation we’d had in months. Eventually our parents, John and Megan, had finished working for the day and emerged from their home offices yelling that we had to help them start dinner. We got up and walked out to help.

The next several days were similar to this. Christa would barge into my room and start talking about something on her mind or she would join me in watching something perverted. Today when she entered I was watching a video of a couple slowly grinding on each other. The guy was on his back wearing gym shorts and the girl was on top wearing just a pair of panties. She was moving back and forth and grinding her pussy into the guys cock. We both watched for a couple minutes when Christa asked what the video was called. I moved the mouse and read out, Brother and sister dry hump part 3. I started to turn red when she responded, pretty hot video. I mean clearly they aren’t related but hot. I was glad she didn’t think I had searched this out specifically and also that she thought it was hot. I responded, yeah it’s different then your normal all out naked porn fucking so makes it hot. For a second she said, no I mean, well yeah that’s cool too. HOLY CRAP. She was meaning that it was hot that the couple was supposed to be a brother and sister, not the way they were going about it. Part 3 of the video ended and Christa walked out.

I wanted to see how perverted she was. The next day I searched up some more brother sister videos and had them queued up playing. Christa ventured in around 2pm this time with her laptop. She sat on my bed and said she was finishing up a paper she had to write. Damn, I wanted her to pay attention to the videos, not work on school work. I told her cool, and went about what I was doing. She glanced up a couple times and then closed her laptop up abruptly. She was interested. She sat on the edge of the bed and leaned forward. She asked if that was the same actors from the other video which I said they were. The video was at the end so the next started. I noticed her tits were rock hard pointing through her shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra, she normally does. Man her tits were so perky that they didn’t even sag a little. I must have stared too long, she blurted out, hey perv the show’s up there. I spun around having been caught when she chuckled and said, I’m just joking, I don’t care if you look at all.

Still feeling horrible that I got caught I didn’t want to look again but I was just too turned on by how they looked, I turned just my head and asked, you sure you don’t care your older brother perving on you with a chuckle. She said, Nope I don’t care at all, honestly it just nice to be noticed by someone again. I fully turned around and took in the sight. She was wearing some small tight shorts and a tight t-shirt. I focused on her tits and could see a slightly darker color being her areolas around her nipples. She continued to watch the video which made me happy, she was not making it awkward for me, allowing me to fully explore her boobs with my eyes. Not to push my luck I turned back to the video and watched the end. Christa asked if I was still getting kinky stuff from my girlfriend which I responded yes. That she had been sending me longer and longer videos lately. Christa asked if she could see them but got cut off by our mom yelling that we had to clean-up the house. I told her before we got up, sure we can watch them later.

Cleaning and dinner took forever. Finally our parents went to bed for the night. About 5 minutes passed and I heard Christ’s door open and her footsteps coming over. She opened my door without knocking, walked in and quietly closed the door behind her. She was wearing some loose fitting shorts and a tight tank top, this time with a white bra on underneath which I noticed she put on earlier when we went to clean. I hadn’t thought about it earlier but that means she came in here earlier not wearing a bra on purpose for me. All she said was, lets see it! I was already lying in bed not knowing if she was going to remember that I said we could watch them later. I got out of bed, only having a pair of boxers on for sleeping and went and got my tablet that I usually use to play her videos on when I jerk off. I brought up the folder and clicked on a video I knew was very hot.

On the screen my girlfriend started to do a strip tease. Taking off her shirt, then pants, then slowly her bra and panties. She rubbed her hands all over her body and started to pinch her nipples. By this time my sister and I had opened up about talking about sex with each other. I asked her if she got turned on by my girlfriend. Christa responded yeah that she was very attractive. I let the video play on until my sister and I were both sitting on the bed watching my girlfriend have an orgasm on the screen. That thought went through my head and I chuckled. Christa asked what, and I repeated what I said in my head out loud and she also chuckled. She then said, well at least we’re not board anymore. I haven’t been bored in weeks since you showed me that orgy. I responded that I agreed that I had enjoyed the last couple of weeks. The next words out of her mouth took a turn.

Christa said, have you ever wondered what I look like naked? I told her that I wasn’t going to lie that I had pictured it, that I wasn’t an idiot and knew she was hot. She then said, I could show you, I mean what’s the harm in me giving you some entertainment and making your day better. Plus it turns me on showing off. I didn’t want to respond too quickly so I pretended to think about it for a minute then responded, yeah if you’re down for it I’d love to see what you look like. She reached right for her shirt and slid it over her head leaving her bra still on. She then picked her butt up off the bed and slid her shorts down. I think she had planned this ahead of time, she was wearing a matching bra and panty set, and it was very lacy with some semi see through spots. I could tell she had a thin strip of pubic hear down the middle. I could also see the outline of her areolas and her nipples poking through. She sat down on her legs in a kneeling/sitting position and stopped. Letting me take this stage of undress in before she continued. She then resumed and unclipped her bra letting it fall to the bed. In front of me was an amazing pair of perky tits.

I was lost in amazement of what was in front of me. For some reason it was even more erotic that she was my sister, the taboo of the moment just fueled to it. Out of corner I heard a moan and realized I didn’t pause the video. We were still listening to my girlfriend start her next movie where she was using a vibrator on her pussy. I couldn’t help but laugh, Christa joined me in laughing. This brought a moment of clarity and against my cocks advice asked her, are we crossing a line here. She responded exactly as I needed her to. She said, maybe but who cares. I’ve been stuck in this house for too damn long and I want to have some fun. Even if that’s my brother at this point I don’t care. Honestly if you promise not to get weird on me and not to say anything to anyone, I really don’t care what we do, then she held out her pinky. I held mine out as well and interlocked them, both of us saying, pinky swear.

She then got off the bed standing on the floor and slid her panties down giving me for the first time a view of her fully nude body. She even gave me a slow spin showing off her ass as well. I mumbled slowly, fucking gorgeous!. She then said, I’m not going to lie, I’m so turned on being naked in front of you right now. I haven’t felt this excited in a long time and then she sat back on the bed. I told her, same here, I’m so horny right now. Then I decided it was my turn to take the next risky step and asked her. I hope I’m not going too far out on a limb here but what do you think about us doing the same thing as that video we saw of brother and sister and do some dry humping?. Her face revealed a smile very quickly. She said that she’s been wanting to do that since she saw the video but didn’t want to freak me out.

I laid backwards on the bed and she climbed over me on her knees. I placed my hands on her legs and she leaned back putting her weight back on me. The warmth of her body felt amazing on my cock. I could feel the outline of her pussy even through my boxers. We sat like that for a second when she slowly started to rock back and forth. It felt amazing. My cock was pointed down to our feet and was aching in this position. She could tell and knelt up for a second while she reached down and push my cock through my boxers to point up towards my chin then kneeling back down. This new position felt amazing. She was dry humping her pussy against the underside of my cock. Instinctively I brought my hands up to her boobs and cupped them both. Her eyes shot open for a second taken off guard but then put her hands over mine and helped me squeeze them giving me re-assurance that I could do what I want. She dropped her hands leaving mine as I started to pinch and rub her tits.

Christa was getting pretty worked up, I could hear her breathing change as she tried to keep as quiet as possible. Even though I jerked off the night before, I knew I didn’t have long to last. After several more motions I started to pump load after load of cum into my boxers. When I finished cumming I felt a little self-conscious that I had cum so quickly and my boxers were soaked with it. That is until I opened my eyes and remembers that my sister was completely naked on top of me. She had a huge smile on her face when she said, I just made my brother cum. Right on queue, my girlfriend was moaning over my shoulder on screen, we both chuckled as Christa went back to her room for the night.


2022-06-19 08:07:38
Fantastic sexy story


2022-06-18 12:48:26
Great strory. You wrote wonderfull. More please


2022-06-05 10:21:38
Holy crap that was hot. Hope more is coming!!!

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