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Warning. Sexual interactions with step-daughters can be fun in stories and fantasies. In real life it is entirely different. It is often causing trauma and pain. Seek help from a professional if needed.
Ever since my stepdaughter Nadine has brought home her friend Mike and had sex with him by the pool in our backyard, knowing that I’d see them, things have been different between Nadine and me. I still can’t help but feel jealous and pissed off that Nadine did that. She did apologize. Yeah, that makes it better. But still. It was insensitive of her. She did hurt my feelings. Anyway, she’s 18. I shouldn’t be mad at her. I’ll try. And we had great “make-up sex” after all.

It’s another Thursday. I’m home alone. Nadine’s mom, my soon to be ex-girlfriend Katia, is away for business as usual. I’m working in my study. I’m hearing the front door. “Hi Frank!” “Hi Frank!” I know those voices! Nadine of course and… Mike! Mike again?! “Hey Nadine and Mike!” “You won’t mind if I have Mike over again?” Nadine yells from the hall. “All good! You guys have fun!” I’m yelling back. Of course it is NOT all good! She made me so jealous last time. And I told her I didn’t like seeing her having sex with Mike by the pool in our backyard. But yet she brings him home again! I’m feeling rage boiling up inside me. I hope she’s just bringing him over for a swim. Or well… I shouldn’t be jealous if she’s having sex with him. I just really hope she won’t do it again by the pool which is just outside the window of my study. I really don’t want to watch them again. I hope she’ll honour my request and be intimate with Mike out of my sight.

I’m watching the scene unfold through the window of my study. Nadine and Mike are in the backyard again, by the pool. Again she’s wearing her white bikini. She looks so hot in it! I love how the white is accentuating her tan. She’s so stunning! Oh no! Is it groundhog day? Again they’re flirting, laughing. Kissing! Please Nadine, leave it at that! But it doesn’t take long and they’re in the corner of the pool again. Mike is sliding off her bikini bottom. Now he’s pulling down his shorts. I’m looking at his ass! Yikes! He’s lifting Nadine onto the edge of the pool. He’s spreading her legs. A few moments later he’s pounding her. I’ve had enough! I don’t need to see this! This is disrespectful of Nadine! I’m leaving the study, going upstairs in my bedroom. I’m opening the curtains. I’m so glad this window doesn’t provide a view of the pool. I really don’t want to see this! It’s torture for me.

I’m sitting down on my small two-seater couch in my bedroom and I’m taking out the laptop and try to keep working. But I’m getting distracted. A deep sadness is overcoming me. It’s the first time Nadine has openly defied my wishes. Rage is mixed with my sadness. How could she?! She’s hurting me on purpose. Well, this will be over soon anyway. The move-out date for Nadine and Katia is just around the corner. I’m trying to focus on work. I’m feeling slightly better. A good amount of time passes. I’m not seeing anything unusual. I’m not hearing anything unusual. I’m happy. Now I’m hearing the front door open. It’s Mike leaving the house. Good.

“Frank?” I’m hearing Nadine’s voice muffled from downstairs. “Fraaaank?” “I’m up here!” I’m yelling back. I’m hearing her steps running up the stairs. A knock on my bedroom door. “Yes, come in!” There she is! Her long dark hair is still wet from the pool. She smells like chlorine. She’s still wearing the white bikini. She's barefoot. I’m looking into her dark eyes. My face can’t hide my anger and disappointment. I’m just looking at her. Nadine is looking back. “What on earth? Why did you do that again?” my voice is trembling. I’m clearly pissed off. Nadine seems taken aback, but just for a short moment. There’s something else in her facial expression. What is it? Do I see a smirk? Why would she? Is she happy that I’m angry at her?! She’s taking a step closer to me. Looking straight into my eyes. “Are you angry at me Frank?” “Yes Nadine! Why would you even…” I can’t finish my sentence. I’m thrown off by her smirk! Why is she…? Is she happy that she knows how to push my buttons? “Why would I what Frank?” “Why did you purposely have sex with Mike again – where I can see you? I told you it hurt me last time and that I don’t want you to do this again!”

“Why do you think I did it Frank?” I’m just staring at her. I’m lost for words. “Don’t you like a naughty stepdaughter?” She’s stepping closer to me. She’s still smirking. What on earth? Is this another of her games? She’s clearly upping the stakes. Pushing my buttons. Not afraid to hurt my feelings! I don’t know what to make of this. I can’t help but thinking that she’s going too far. It’s getting spooky. But as soon as I heard the words “naughty stepdaughter” coming out of her mouth I got turned on. I’m already swelling up. I’m still unable to say anything. “What would you do with a naughty step-daughter who doesn’t obey you?” She keeps eye contact with me. “Do you think I deserve some punishment?” Holy shit! Adrenaline is washing over me. Now it’s clicking! She pissed me off on purpose so that I can punish her. Should I punish her? I’m feeling my swelling dick pushing against my trackpants. Bloody hell I think I should punish her! She deserves it! She’s stepping close to me, she’s just right in front of me now.

“Don’t you think I deserve some punishment? For fucking Mike again? Right where you could see us? How his big young cock entered my petite-“ That does it! She’s pushed me over the line! In disbelief I’m watching myself how I’m pulling her onto the couch. Her ass is bent over my knees and she’s lying across the couch, belly down. I’m raising my hand and I’m dropping my hand flat on her ass cheeks. Spank! “Yes! You deserve a spanking! You’ve been very naughty today!” “Aaahh!!” Nadine exclaims. “You’ve been very bad today Nadine!” I’m grabbing her ass cheeks forcefully and release them. Adrenaline and a sense of power is washing over me. I didn’t know this side of myself. And admittedly I AM angry at Nadine. “Yes daddy, punish me!” Nadine exhales. Is she enjoying this? It surely sounds like this is one of her fantasies! I’m grabbing her by the hair at the back of her head and I’m turning her face close to me. “Do you like fucking Mike just to hurt me?” “Yes daddy! I do! It was great to get fucked by his large throbbing cock!” Spank! I’m hitting her ass with my flat hand. More forcefully this time. “Aaahhh! Yes daddy! Punish me!!” “You’re liking this, huh? You’re not supposed to like this. You hurt me. Now I’m hurting you!” Spank! “Aaaaahhh!!! Yes daddy! Hit me! Hit me harder!!” I spank Nadine one more time! Her ass is turning red now. To my surprise my dick is throbbing hard in my trackpants. Am I into this?

“Take my track pants off and suck my dick!” I’m pulling her by her hair into the direction of my crotch. I’m trying not to hurt her too much. I’m slowly feeling less angry and more turned on. “Yes daddy!” “Faster! Do as I say!” “Yes daddy!” Nadine obeys and inserts my cock into her mouth. She keeps blowing me. In and out. The look of her hollow cheeks as she opens her mouth to accommodate my dick! Pure bliss! “Yeah this feels good baby! I’m going to push it inside you. Further than before. It’s your punishment!” I’m pushing my hard dick deeper into her throat. Wow! I haven’t done that before! If feels great. So tight. The pleasure! I’m releasing her after a few moments and she’s gasping for air. I’m feeling sorry for her but at the same time I’m enjoying her punishment. “Yes! Discipline me daddy!”

I’m pulling her up by her hair. “Straddle me! Sit on my shaft!” “Yes Daddy. Ahhh!!” “You’re so wet. I can feel your wetness all over my dick!” “Mmmmhhh….” “Will you give me permission to do with you as I like? It is your punishment.” “Yes daddy. I do give you permission. Do with me as you like.” As soon as I’m hearing her words I’m feeling so turned on. I love having power over her. She’s mine now. I can do with her as I want. I can use her for my pleasure!

I’m bending her over my knees again. Keep spanking her heart shaped butt. I’m ripping off her bikini bottom. I’m running my finger along her pussy. Nadine is soaking wet. She’s on my bed now, doggy style. I’m inserting my cock into her tight pussy and I keep spanking her petite butt cheeks. “Aaahh! Yes daddy!” I’m pumping her. Spanking her. Grabbing her by the hair, pulling her head back. Keep fucking her! “Yes baby! It feels so good to punish you!” “Mmmmh… keep punishing me! I deserve it!”

I’m mounting her missionary style now. Her legs are wrapped around me. I’m taking my free hand and I’m pushing against her throat. I’m choking her. Her mouth opens a little. She’s looking straight at me. Her face is turning red. I keep thrusting her. How dare she fuck Mike again! I’m releasing my hand. She’s grabbing my hand and pushing it back onto her throat. “Keep choking me daddy! Keep-” “Like this?” I’m chocking her again. She keeps thrusting her pussy against me harder and harder. She seems to love this. She’s opening her mouth as if in a silent scream of pleasure. She’s contracting her pussy. How tight she is now! She must be close to cumming.

“I won’t fuck you anymore. This is my punishment.” I’m stopping my thrusting. My dick is throbbing inside her. She stops for the shortest moment. Then she keeps thrusting like crazy. Moving her hips up and down, sliding, pushing up against my dick. I’m releasing my choke again to let her breathe but to my surprise she’s pushing my hand back onto her throat. She’s thrusting like crazy. Her face is blushing. Veins popping. Now she’s twitching all over my dick! Contracting rhythmically. She just keeps going. Her hand still pushing my hand against her throat. She’s arching her back, pushing herself against my dick. So deep! I’m so deep inside her! She keeps contracting. I haven’t seen her cumming for that long! I’m so close to coming too! So much bliss! Finally she’s done and removes her hand from mine. “Aaaahhhhh!!” Nadine is gasping for air. Breathing heavily. “Oh my god Frank!” Several more heavy breaths: “That was - so - intense!”

I’m not ready yet to drop the role-play. “That didn’t look like punishment to me. You enjoyed this way too much. I’m not done with you yet. Come in the shower with me. Yes! Sit in the corner. Take off all your clothes. Spread your legs. Play with your pussy. Yes! Will you give me permission to pee on you? As your punishment?” Nadine is looking at me. Do I see some hesitation in her eyes? Before I can even finish my thought I’m hearing “Yes Frank. Do it. I give your permission to pee on me. Shower me in your yellow! I deserve it for fucking Mike in front of you.” “Do I have permission to pee you your face?” “Yes Frank. I give you permission to pee on my face?” “And on your hair?” “Yes Frank. I give you permission to pee on my hair.” “And your pussy?” “Yes, pee on my pussy. You can pee all over my body Frank. It is my punishment.” I’m wondering if I’m going too far this time but seeing my stunning teenage stepdaughter playing with her shaved pussy in front of me and submitting to me is too hard to resist. It’s incredible. I want to do it. I want to shower her in my fluid. She deserves it for intentionally hurting me.

I’m so turned on by this situation – my dick is hard. I’m trying as best as I can to pee. I’m aiming straight for her face. I’ve never done that before. “Open your mouth.” Nadine complies as I’m releasing myself straight into her mouth. My urine is gushing back out of her mouth. I’m aiming higher now, on her forehead. She’s closing her eyes. Now on her hair. She’s getting soaked in my fluid. On her sizeable breasts. It’s splashing all over the shower, running down her petite body. Running down to her hairless pussy. She’s rubbing her clit faster and faster. Is she enjoying this? My stream is hitting her pussy directly, her hand. Splashing all over the shower while she’s flicking her clit hard. I’m loving it! This is so crazy. This does look like punishment!

I’m lying down on my back, still peeing. My last reserve. “Sit on my fountain!” She lowers herself onto me and I’m peeing inside her pussy as I’m entering her. I’m running dry. I’m lifting her ass with my hands and I start thrusting. Harder and harder. “Do you enjoy your punishment?” “Yes Frank. It’s amazing!” “Do you like it how you’re soaked in my yellow?” “Yeeesss! It’s so wrong! I’m yours. Do with me as you like!” I keep fucking her harder and harder. She’s all mine? I can do with her as I please? That’s so fucking hot! My thoughts are looping in my brain. I’m looking into her beautiful face. I can’t believe she’s mine. She’s gazing back at me, her sensual lips half open. “Kiss me Nadine! I want to taste you!” As I’m kissing her I’m tasting a slight hint of my urine. I just peed inside her mouth after all. This is so kinky! I keep smelling her. This is so wrong! She shouldn’t smell like this. I’m pumping harder and harder.

“Kneel before me! Yes. Do you give me permission to cum all over your face?” “Yes daddy, cum all over my face. Don’t hold back. It’s my punishment.” “What if I cum on your eyes?” “You can cum on my eyes Frank. I will allow that. To atone for hurting you.” “Open your mouth! Yes Nadine! Stick your tongue out! All the way! Yes!” I’m so close to cumming. I’m feeling like I’m about to explode. My dick is rock hard, covered in Nadine’s wetness. I’m pushing my tip down against Nadine’s tongue. Her face! She’s so young, so pretty! She looks stunning! I can’t believe I’m about to ruin her face with my cum. I’m brushing my dick left and right on her tongue, pushing down hard. “So close! So close!! Take this! It’s your punishment! I’m cumming! Aahhhhhh!!! Yessss!!!!!” The first shot misses her mouth, straight onto her nose. The next one right over her right eye. The next pump on her lip, inside her mouth! “Yes Nadine, take this!!” Nadine’s flinching as my cum hits her face. She closes her eyes but keeps still. What an intense orgasm! So much cum! I keep pumping. One shot hits her hair. The rest goes inside her mouth. I’m feeling so much pleasure and satisfaction. Sexual Nirvana. I’m slowly returning to my normal size. “Swallow my cum! Clean yourself so that I can kiss you!” “Yes Frank!” Nadine complies immediately and I kiss her passionately. I’m tasting a slight hint of my urine and my semen on her lips. I’m hugging her now. Nadine hugs me back squeezing me surprisingly hard. Burying her head in my chest. She's shivering slightly. I can't tell if she's cold, if she's shivering due to an emotional release after her punishment or if it's from sexual excitement.

I’m switching on the shower and I’m washing Nadine’s cum and pee soaked hair, face and body with shampoo and body wash. She’s scrubbing me in return. As we’re fresh and clean I’m kissing her softly and hug her. “What on earth did we just do?” I can’t help but ask her. Nadine is looking into my eyes. A smirk appears on her face. “You’re thinking too much. I hurt you and you punished me. It was my fantasy. I loved it so much, Frank!”

Copyright Normann Blaze 2022

Please let me know if you like the story and if you'd like me to write more chapters. It will motivate me :) thank you


2022-06-09 14:40:20
Please continue this degrading filth for us filthy readers

Rex AllenReport 

2022-06-09 08:22:11
Great story so far. I would like to see how this ends. Does she stay with her stepdad after her mom moves out? Does mom get involved agait with a 3some? Many different endings.


2022-06-08 13:26:38
keep it up!!!

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