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Part 1 in a long-awaited day of sexual relief for Daisy and Max
Daisy awoke early that morning, eyes still sore from the week of paperwork, but her body fresh and ready for her weekend plans. She’d been preparing for this day for quite some time and the late hours at the office weren’t going to ruin what she’d been planning. Rolling out of her bed, she had to dance on her feet as her dog Max paced around her and huffed impatiently for his breakfast. Max was a German Shephard, a short-haired sweetheart that she’d trained herself over the past two and a half years. As she prepared her breakfast and morning coffee, Max paced around the kitchen, trying his best to be patient as she handled her own needs.

‘Thank you for waiting so kindly.’ Daisy rubbed the top of Max’s head, placing down his filled bowl of kibble, which as she retracted her hand he quickly began devouring. By the time she had sat down to eat her own meal, Max had already licked his bowl clean and curled up at her feet.

Oh yes! He’s ready.

Daisy felt giddy, almost giggling as she sipped her coffee and spooned her muesli into her mouth. See, despite Daisy being an intelligent young woman she had little luck with finding a good man. Perhaps her standards were too high but whenever she went on a date with a promising candidate, she found that over the course of the day, any feelings she harboured for them quickly soured. It wasn’t as if she wasn’t interested in the opposite sex. God knows she had tried experimenting, leading to a last-minute embarrassing exit on her part. Now at the age of 26, her frustration had peaked. That’s why she had adopted Max all those years ago. Her parents had suggested that she get a dog for protection as she was living on her own, the plans of today just a deviant whim she thought she’d never act on. However, as she had raised Max from an adorable puppy to the handsome dog he was today, and the fact that her luck with men never improved, those perverted thoughts had become a commitment.

Daisy looked down realizing she’d been lost in thought and that she had finished her meal and coffee a few minutes ago. Max nuzzled his wet nose against her feet. It was time for their morning run.

And you’ll be getting plenty of exercise afterwards as well, my boy.

Slipping into her running gear and Max into his leash, she took off out the door and hit the pavement, her stride falling into a rhythm that matched her four-legged partner. The two of them made their way around the series of streets that had become their running circuit, sweat beading on her olive skin while Max barely seemed to tire. His pants came out heavy while his tongue lolled out of his mouth, but it was Daisy who was the one slowing them down. Pausing for a moment to catch her breath, she knelt down by Max and scratched the back of his neck while ruffling his fur.

‘Looks like you’ve gotten faster than me boy,’ Daisy managed to gasp out between breaths.

Max cocked his head, then on seeing her smile nuzzled up to her and gave her cheek a long lick.

‘Hey!’ Daisy shouted in a laugh. ‘Okay enough of that, let's head back.’

The two of them quickly set off again, Daisy’s mind now focusing on that kiss Max had given her, feeling an ache between her legs and thankful that her sweat would be hiding any other dampness.

Coming back into her apartment, she quickly discarded her clothes as soon as she closed the door, bunching them into a ball and tossing it into the laundry to deal with later. She similarly relieved Max of his collar and leash, calling him to follow her as she walked to the bathroom. Flicking on the lights her bathroom mirror displayed herself in all her nude glory. Daisy had always taken care of herself, eating right, and exercising regularly to maintain a slim and toned figure. Her dark brown hair fell not far below her ears, cut in a short sporty style. She pulled a pose, placing her hands on her hips which she accentuated with a twist. She allowed herself a quick moment of pride as she smiled at her long slender limbs, shapely hips, and tanned skin that was glistening with sweat. If she could’ve changed one thing it would be to make her chest a little larger. She had always hoped her b-cup would grow just a bit more as she matured.

Oh well.

She supposed that they did suit her athletic body quite well. Daisy turned her head noticing that Max was standing beside her with his mouth open and staring at her, as if happily grinning. She smiled back.

‘I’ll take that as a compliment. Let’s get cleaned up.’

Giving a dog a bath was never exactly easy, but Daisy was happy at least to have a walk-in shower where she could get in beside him without worrying about slipping in a small tub. She’d done this many times now and made sure that Max was used to it, so it was simple enough to get him to stand under the stream of water without him jumping around too much. She got Max sorted first, taking a comb to his tangled hair and getting the mud from out of his paws. He didn’t really need a proper bath, he didn’t smell, in fact Daisy quite liked his musk. However, for what she planned next there was something that she needed to clean. Though she had practiced this and made Max comfortable with it, she couldn’t help but feel butterflies in her stomach and bite her lower lip. Afterall, today was the real deal.

Her hands moved from his back, circling around his sides and to his underbelly, carefully and slowly until she reached his sheath. Max didn’t seem to notice much. He had his eyes closed happily enjoying the warm water and being close to Daisy. Very gently Daisy began massaging his furry package, being sure to watch Max for any signs of irritation. Slowly she began to feel a lump form beneath the skin and fur, she continued all the same, being sure not to get too excited herself. She rubbed her fingers against his sheath more, licking her lips as a small red nub finally appeared past the wet fur. Max let out a huff, she looked to his head and saw his tongue now hanging out of his mouth, his head pressed against her shoulder which she took as a sign to continue. Turning back, she saw that his canine cock was now quickly pushing past his sheath until it was fully revealed and dangling beneath him. Daisy remembered to breathe, taking her hand from his sheath and then to his warm cock. She marvelled at its size, probably 10 inches she guessed, its tip was completely red, while the rest of it was strangely pale all the way down to his knot. Red veins spiderwebbed across its slick surface, her hand could feel them pulse in her hand, filling it with warmth. Daisy shook her head, remembering what she was doing. She gently worked her hands along Max’s length, careful not to excite him too much and only to clean off whatever gunk was stuck to it. Perhaps she had enjoyed herself too much as just as she was about to turn to her own cleanliness, Max turned his head down between her legs, spread open in a deep squat. She made a squeaking sound as Max’s nose tickled at her clit and his tongue tested her honey pot. She sprang back up to a standing position, careful not to push Max away as he became more interested in her smell and flavour and make him think that he was doing something bad.

‘Let me finish washing myself first.’ Daisy promised him with a pat on his head. Max seemed to understand, taking a step back and sitting down on his hind legs while Daisy quickly rinsed the sweat from her body and the sleep from her eyes. After turning off the shower, she commanded Max to stay while she grabbed them a pair of towels. She made sure to pat Max dry first as he quickly shook off whatever was left no sooner than she had taken her hands away. Daisy laughed as she now dried herself of the water that Max had shaken on to her and around the room. With the two of them now sparkling clean, Daisy led Max to her bedroom, commanding him to sit again while she made her bed and cleared space for the two of them. After covering her bed with even more fresh towels she finally took a seat and patted the space next to her. As if rehearsed Max jumped up, happily applying her with more warm and wet licks, more dog kisses to her naked skin. She laughed happily, enjoying the feeling of his rough tongue caress her arms, her belly button, and her chest. One errant lick caught one of her nipples causing Daisy to moan involuntarily. Max noticed the sound and stopped, looking to make sure she was okay. Daisy rubbed his head encouragingly, sliding further back onto the bed and spreading her legs. Max noticed the movement and turned back to investigate. His wet nose again hit the mark, a bullseye, pressing against her clit briefly as his hot breath smothered her crotch. She gasped at the sudden sensation, opening her legs more without even thinking. With more access now given to him, Max moved down towards the quickly moistening folds of her labia, taking a few sniffs and then deciding that it was a good idea, began lapping at her entrance. Daisy moaned louder now. His tongue felt so good. Hot, rough, and never seeming to tire of her taste. He focused mostly on the folds of her labia, but sometimes he’d surprise her, licking to either side for a few errant dribbles of her sexual fluid. Daisy finding a rhythm to his service, managed to come to her senses for a few moments, looking up at her dog and seeing that once again his cock had slipped forth from its sheath, his red and white engorged member hanging lazily beneath his legs. Seeing how close it hung to her chest, an idea quickly formed in her head. Her hand moved slowly, so as not to startle the boy from his task, until it reached the shaft of his penis, carefully bending it backwards until it was pointed directly at her face. Deciding to take the risk, she shuffled towards him, steadying herself on his legs which she then dragged closer to her. If Max noticed he didn’t seem to show it, simply adjusting his head to compensate and now perhaps happier to have a new angle to appreciate her treasure trove. Holding his cock with both hands now she pointed it at her face, its extended tip nudging against her nose. She lifted her head, pursed her lips and gave it a warm kiss. Daisy didn’t look to Max to see if he noticed what she was doing, she was entranced now. Her kiss quickly became a lick, which after his bath was simply salty from his excited excretions. She licked it again, moving her head forward and taking it into her mouth. She rolled her tongue around his head, enjoying how it pulsed against it and left salty dribbles on her tastebuds, proof that she was doing something right. Her head began to bob back and forth, lips growing slick against his shaft, tongue running along its underside and guiding it where it needed to go. She moved faster now, his shaft driving deeper into her mouth, its tip rubbing along the roof of her mouth and then to the back. She sucked and slurped as Max’s cock pulsed and released more precum into her waiting mouth. Daisy had forgotten the pleasure Max was delivering to her slit at that moment, taking more enjoyment from this forbidden act. If she could focus on something else now, she would be happy to see that Max’s own ministrations had slowed, his mind now getting clouded at the pleasure Daisy was providing his cock. His licks now came slower, more deliberate as if he were the one now trying to encourage Daisy to continue. Finally, Max’s cock expanded in her mouth, its entire length pulsing with need. Daisy leaned forward, pushing his huge length as deep as it would go. She soon felt his seed spray against the back of her throat, quickly dribbling down and into her hungering belly. Reaching the limit of her gag reflex, she pulled back, letting Max deliver the rest of his load onto her tongue. His semen was salty, perhaps slightly metallic, but also smoky at the same time. The first thing Daisy thought of was a thick miso soup, which surprised her. In her late nights of research, she’d heard and feared that it was meant to taste terrible, but she was already liking it, perhaps even loving it.

Maybe a nice breakfast protein supplement from now on. She thought wickedly, quickly brought back to reality as Max let out a short whine. She was still sucking on his cock, the last of his emissions already drained by her greedy mouth. She slipped the head of his cock out, which made a popping sound as it left her lips.

‘Whoops. Sorry about that boy. I know that must’ve been quite sensitive.’

She sat back up onto her butt, giving Max a scratch behind the ears. Max was quick to forgive her after how nicely she had treated him, giving a series of licks to her cheek to show that all was forgiven. In the afterglow of the event, Daisy let him lick away, his tongue finding the edges of her mouth as he tasted what he had just filled it with. His tongue quickly focused on her lips, which Daisy as she was about to stop him realized after what she had just done, probably wouldn’t do any harm. In preparing for this day, she had discovered that wolves often licked each other’s mouths to ensure everything was okay. Daisy opened her mouth letting Max’s tongue pass by her lips and move over her own tongue and against the inside of her cheeks. His long and powerful tongue tickled against her gums and prodded her tongue expectantly.

Let’s see how you like it.

Daisy in turn stuck her own tongue into Max’s mouth, who recoiled at first in surprise, but then happily pushed his head forward and against hers. Daisy copied his movements, moving her tongue quickly over the parts of his mouth and then rolling it against his own tongue, wrapping them against one another as if in a wrestling match.

Oh my god. Daisy thought to herself. I’m making out with my dog! If anyone saw me like this, I wouldn’t be able to show my face again.

The thought didn’t dissuade her, however. By the day’s end, she’d be doing a lot more than that.

Running out of breath she broke off their make-out session. Using the full-length mirror in her room she wiped away the drool from her chin and cheeks and brushed her hair back into a reasonable position. She glanced at her figure, her cheeks flushed, nipples pointed and erect and her privates glistening. She looked pretty damn sexy. She turned her gaze back to Max, who had sat back giving her some space and regarding her with his tongue hanging out his mouth like the goofball he always was. Her eyes moved down, noticing his long cock still sticking out from his sheath, still not completely satisfied.

‘Don’t worry, big boy. I’m up for another round as well.’



2022-06-15 19:53:23
Break up the long paragraphs. Great beginning to the story.

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