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Several women have told me that they have fantasies that go something like this...
Kate woke up suddenly in the middle of the night. Her body jumped with fright. Was that a noise? Yes. Shit. Fuck. A burglar. She heard heavy footsteps coming up the stairs. Her heart was pounding. She froze with horror, clutching her duvet tightly. Her bedroom door creaked as it opened and a bright torch-light shone into her face.

She grabbed at her phone beside her bed. Although she knew the battery was flat, she hoped it might scare him away if he thought she was calling someone. But the man grabbed the phone out of her hand and threw it across the room. She couldn't see him at all, as it was dark and he was pointing the torch at her face.

"No! Go away! My boyfriend will be here soon," she cried, hiding as much of herself as she could under the duvet.

She heard a deep chuckle. "Yeah, right. Your boyfriend." Clearly that bluff wasn't going to work.

"There's some jewellery in the top drawer of that cupboard," she said, pointing, her voice and her hand shaking with terror. "Please. Just take it and go."

"I don't want your jewellery," said the deep voice, slowly.

"What do you want then?" she asked.

He sniggered. Suddenly she regretted asking the question as she realised exactly what it was that he really wanted. She shivered with fright and her fists clenched up around the duvet.

"You know what I want, Kate. But I'm gonna tell you anyway. I. Want. Your. Cunt." He spat the words out slowly, emphasising the consonants. "And you want my cock, don’t you, you dirty little slut!”

She felt her pussy clench with fright and shock as he confirmed her worst fears. He wanted her body. And how the hell did he know her name?

"No! No! You can't! I don't! How do you know my name?”

“I know a lot about you Kate. You’re a slut who spends hours on porn sites, reading dirty stories, chatting to strange men and masturbating!”

“No!” Shit, how did he know this?

“Yes. You’re a filthy little whore, aren’t you Kate!”

“No, I’m a good girl.”

“You’d better be a good girl and do as you’re told. What would your work colleagues think if they knew what a dirty slut you are? You’d better hope nobody tells them.”

Fuck! Was he trying to blackmail her? “No! Please! Go away!”

But he came closer, climbing onto the bed and reaching out to touch her, the bright torchlight still shining in her face. His hand grasped her hair and pulled it backwards, holding her head tightly down against the pillow so he could look at her face. She grabbed at his hand and tried to scratch him with her fingernails and push him away. She couldn't see his face, as he had some kind of a mask over his eyes and nose, but she caught a glimpse of a strong, square jaw with stubble.

He went back over to the door and she heard some rustling and clinking noises. She still couldn't see anything as her eyes had been dazzled by the torch, but she guessed he had some kind of bag of tools. Then he came back over to her.

"No!" she cried as he took hold of her hand. His fingers felt hard and rough against her soft skin.

“Yes. You are going to submit to me, Kate.”

She tried to pull away from him, but he was too strong. She felt something firm but soft, like a leather cuff, wrap around her wrist, and then pull tight as he fastened some straps. A cold, metal chain touched her arm, which he then pulled across and locked onto one of the rails at the top of her bed with a solid clunk.

He took hold of her other arm and again she struggled, her arm muscles straining against his, but in vain. He cuffed her wrist and clamped it to the rail on the other side. She was helpless. Her arms were stretched out and tied down. She was completely at his mercy, feeling terrified at her vulnerability. And yet, to her shame, there was also something arousing about being restrained like this.

"Now, let's have a look," he said, slowly pulling down her duvet as far as her waist. "Very nice, Kate." She could hear that his voice was dripping with lust as he looked at her breasts through her thin nightdress. Thanks to the cool air and the fright, her nipples were stiffening against the fabric.

He ran his hand slowly over the swell of her breasts, his fingertips brushing her nipples through the silk, making her tingle. "Your nipples are getting hard, Kate." He tweaked and twisted them firmly between his finger and thumb. "You need a fuck, don't you, you horny little bitch!" She didn't answer, silently telling herself that it was just her fright and the cold air making her nipples stiff.

He grabbed the fabric of her nightdress in his big hands and pulled hard, ripping it open and suddenly exposing her breasts to his lustful gaze. She screamed. He clamped a hand over her mouth and his other hand grabbed at her left breast, his strong fingers sinking into her soft flesh.

He pulled the duvet off her and threw it down on the floor. She was left exposed on the bed in only her ripped nightdress that only came half way down her thighs.

“Nice legs Kate! I’m looking forward to fucking you.” His hand crept up her thigh, tucking under the hem of her nightdress. She tried to keep her legs pressed together. She caught another glimpse of his face in the light. He licked his lips.

Suddenly he pulled his hand away. "But first, you're going to give me a blow job."

"I am not!" she said. "Just you try. I'll bite it off!"

He chuckled again and went back to his bag over by the door. He came back and sat on the bed with something in his hand. He held it right in front of her face, illuminated by the torch light, so she could see it. It was a large steel ring with two straps attached to it. “Do you know what this is, Kate?”

Kate’s heart pounded as she looked at the hard steel ring glinting in the torch-light right in front of her face. Instinctively she tried to grab it to push it away, forgetting that her wrists were securely locked to her bedstead.

Nervously, she answered his question. "No. What is it? What are you going to do to me?"

"It's an open-mouth gag. The ring goes in your mouth, behind your teeth, holding your mouth wide open, and the straps fasten behind your head, holding the ring in place. So I can fuck your pretty little mouth. You'd like that, wouldn't you Kate?"

Kate looked at the ring with horror. It was very big, about two inches across. "No! Please!"

But he pushed his fingers into her mouth and forced her jaw open. She felt the hard steel ring stretch her mouth open as it slotted in behind her front teeth. Then he pulled her hair, lifting her head up off the pillow and fastened the straps tightly behind her head. She tried to protest, but all she could manage with her jaw held wide open was a gurgling noise. He put two fingers in her mouth, feeling her tongue.

She heard him unzip and take his pants off. Then he was straddling her, his knees either side of her chest. He tugged the torn nightdress down and rolled her breasts around in his hands. His fingers played with her nipples, brushing over them, tweaking them, pulling them. She tried to prevent it, but couldn’t - her nipples were getting erect.

"You want it don’t you, you horny slut! Your nipples are hard for me. You want to suck my cock don’t you!" He laughed and pushed his cock in between her breasts, using his hands to press them together around him as he slid up and down between them.

She shook her head. "Uh - uh!" was all she could say with the gag in her mouth. She felt his stiff cock slide higher, up out of her cleavage to brush her neck. His hand grabbed her hair and pulled her head up and forward so he could penetrate her mouth. She could smell his sweaty balls as he got closer. The head of his penis entered her mouth through the steel ring and he groaned. It felt huge, filling her mouth and pressing against her tongue. She was forced to taste his slippery, salty pre-cum leaking from the tip.

"Fuck, that’s good Kate. Now lick it. Stroke it with your tongue. And suck. Work it with your lips."

She tried to shake her head again, but she couldn’t move much as he was holding her head firmly. She wasn’t going to give him what he wanted. She kept her tongue still and kept her lips off his shaft.

"Look, here’s the deal, bitch. Do as you’re told, suck and lick my cock, and you’ll get a load of hot cum in your pretty mouth in four or five minutes and I’ll take the gag off. Or, don’t cooperate, and it will take longer, you’ll be stuck in that gag for fifteen minutes, and the end result will be the same, you get a mouthful of cum."

Kate thought through her dilemma. The hard steel ring holding her jaw wide open wasn’t painful, but it was uncomfortable. She wanted to be out of it as soon as possible. She couldn't fault the logic of his argument. Reluctantly she submitted to his instructions. She could move her lips enough to close them around his cock, giving it a squeeze. And she pushed her tongue up against the underside of his cock, stroking the sensitive area at the base of the head, hoping that she could get her ordeal over quickly.

"Good girl," he growled triumphantly as she yielded to his demands. "Yeah, lick it right there, that’s the spot!" He grunted as he fucked her mouth, pushing his cock in and out, going a little deeper with each thrust. His penis wasn’t too long, fortunately, but it was thick, especially near the base, almost completely filling the ring when he pushed in deep. As his cock reached the back of her mouth she choked a little. She was gasping for breath and her eyes were watering.

"Suck it you little slut, you know you want to…" A constant stream of filthy talk came out of his mouth, telling her what to do, abusing her. His breathing was getting faster and he was starting to moan. She knew he was getting close to orgasm. The thick cock in her mouth was starting to twitch. She braced herself to receive his cum.

Suddenly he pulled out of her mouth and she felt his hot, throbbing cock press against her face. An instant later he roared like a wild animal. She felt his cock flex hard and a jet of hot cum shot across her face. Then he plunged it back into her mouth again and she could feel it pulsing and spurting, squirting his load over her tongue and into her throat, while his hand gripped her hair tightly so she couldn’t move. His semen filled her mouth, hot and salty and sticky. The squirts of cum gradually got weaker as his orgasm slowly subsided.

"Fuck, I needed that. You’re a great cock-sucking slut, Kate! Now, you can swallow it." He withdrew his softening dick from her mouth, squeezing it so another drop of cum came out and dropped onto her cheek.

She thought for a moment. She didn’t want to spit it out and make a mess of her clean bedsheets. Reluctantly, she did as he asked, gulping down most of his slimy cum while some of it seemed to linger, sticking to her mouth.

"Good girl, you liked that didn’t you, you horny cum-slut!" he said, untying the strap behind her head and taking the big ring out of her mouth.

At last she was able to close her mouth again. But she couldn't get rid of the taste of cum in her mouth, or the streak of it across her face. He got off her and lay down on the bed beside her, panting.

"Okay, you’ve had your way with me. Now unlock my wrists and go," she said.

He laughed. "What? We’ve hardly started. We are going to have so much fun together, Kate. Now, it’s your turn to cum, little girl!"

What the fuck? thought Kate. I can’t stop him using my body to get himself off, but he is not going to make me have an orgasm. She was determined to deny him that satisfaction.

"What? No way. You are not going to make me cum," she said firmly.

"Oh, you reckon? There’s a challenge!" he said. "Now spread your legs for me."

Kate kept her legs pressed firmly together.

"You are going to have to learn to be more obedient, bitch," he said. He went to his bag by the door again, to get something out of his bag and bring it back to the bed. She couldn’t see what it was. But she felt it. His strong hand took hold of her ankle and she felt a cuff fasten tightly around it.

"Have you worn one of these before, Kate?" he asked, as he buckled up the cuff around her ankle. "It’s called a spreader bar. It’s for restraining disobedient bitches who won’t do as they’re told. The bar hooks onto your ankle cuff like this… then we take your other ankle and strap a cuff around that one too…"

Kate tried to keep her legs pressed firmly together, with her thigh muscles tightly clenched. But the man took hold of her ankles and prised them apart, using the bar for extra leverage. Then he clipped her other ankle onto the bar. Her legs were held open by the bar, about two feet apart.

"And the length of the bar is adjustable!" He fiddled with the bar and she found her legs being forced even further apart, until he locked it in place again.

He stood back and looked down at her. "How does that feel, does that turn you on, you submissive little slut? Are you soaking wet at the thought of what I’m going to do with you, with your legs locked wide open and your wrists tied to the top of the bed? You look so fucking hot like that. In your torn nightdress with your tits bursting out. And that streak of cum across your pretty face. I think we need some pictures!" She wasn't going to admit it to him, but she felt helpless, exposed and vulnerable, and also, yes, a bit aroused by the restraints.

He shone the torch in her face and took a picture with his phone. "That’s good, my cum on your cheek, dripping off into your hair." Then he tugged the top of her dress down further and took pictures of her exposed breasts. He grabbed them and squeezed them, tweaking and rolling her nipples until they were hard, then took more pictures.

"Now, like I said, I’m gonna make you cum, that’s what you want isn’t it you little nympho!"

"No," she said again, "I’m not gonna cum."

He put his hands on her knees, and slid them slowly up her thighs, pushing the hem of her nightdress upwards. She tried to close her legs, but she couldn’t, the bar holding her ankles wide apart kept her spread wide open. Her pussy was exposed to his eyes and his encroaching hands.

"What a beautiful pink pussy! Shaved and smooth for me," he said triumphantly, as his hands slid around the curve of her hips, pushing the ripped nightdress up around her waist. He put his hands back on her knees and then his fingers worked their way up the inside of Kate’s thighs until his fingertips touched her swollen pussy lips. He parted her lips even wider with his fingers.

"So fucking wet Kate! Your hot little cunt is dripping for me, you horny girl! You really need to be fucked, don’t you. Desperate to cum for me aren’t you, dirty little slut!"

"No, no," she said, but she realised she wasn't even convincing herself. He was right, she had to admit to herself, she was getting very wet as her body responded naturally to the restraints on her wrists and ankles, the stimulation from his fingers and the dirty talk in his deep, powerful voice. Her resistance was starting to crumble.

He cupped her pussy in his palm and put two fingers along her slit.. "Let’s start with a finger…" He moved his hand down and curled one finger so it started to penetrate her. She gasped as he pushed it in further. "Yeah, you like that don’t you, let’s try two fingers." He withdrew the first finger and then pushed two inside her. "So wet and tight. You are going to be such a good fuck, Kate!" He stroked and massaged the inside of her pussy, probing and exploring her.

He took his fingers out of her, holding them up to her face and shining the torch on them. His hand was coated with her clear, slippery secretions. There were strands of it between his fingertips. He smeared some of it over her face, and licked it off his fingers.

"Now, what’s the best way to make you cum Kate? Fingers? Tongue? Vibrator?"

He went over to his bag again. She heard a click and a buzzing noise. "It’s quite a big powerful one Kate. You’ll love it."

He was between her spread thighs again. She felt his tongue licking her slit, and his stubbly chin brushing her thighs and her engorged pussy lips. She tried to stifle her moans, feeling ashamed to acknowledge her sexual arousal, as he licked her slowly from her pussy up to her clit. Two fingers plunged inside her, curling forward, rubbing her front wall.

Then she felt the vibe. She screamed. The vibrations were so much more powerful than her little vibrator, and he was holding it right up against her clit. Too close. Her delicate, sensitive clit was getting a hammering. Again she tried in vain to close her legs, her ankles straining against the cuffs holding them apart.

"No!" she cried. "Too powerful! Stop! Please!"

But he didn’t stop. He pressed the vibrator against her, at the same time pumping even harder with his fingers in her pussy. An intense surge was building up deep inside her. She knew she was going to cum. She couldn’t help it. The powerful vibrations shot through her body. She was gasping and panting. Her whole body was tensing up. Her wrists and ankles tugged against their restraints, enhancing her agony and ecstasy. She threw her head back and started to moan. Her hips heaved up and down against his fingers and the vibrator.

Suddenly he pulled the vibrator away and took his fingers out of her, leaving her humping thin air. "Noooooo! Don’t stop!" she wailed.

"Oh, I thought you wanted me to stop? I thought you didn’t want to cum?" he teased. She felt her impending orgasm fade and disappear. It was so frustrating.

He put the vibe back, pressing it against her mound and moving it down to just above her clit. She moaned and heaved her hips up again, and the intense vibrations brought her close to the edge again. But he pulled the toy away again at the crucial moment. Again he edged her, teased her, denied her.

Then at last he pushed his fingers deep inside her, pressed the vibe on her clit and held it there, and said, "Okay you can come, slut! Come for me now you dirty whore!" Kate shook, bucked, clenched, and screamed as the powerful vibrations combined with the effects of the repeated edging, the restraints, and his strong, abusive voice to give her a huge, shuddering, out of control, spasming orgasm.

Instinctively, Kate tried to press her legs together as she climaxed under the influence of the powerful vibrator on her clit and the man's strong fingers working away deep inside her pussy. But she couldn't close her legs. The spreader bar attached to her ankle cuffs kept her legs spread wide open. So her shuddering, contracting pussy was open to his gaze. She felt humiliated and ashamed that she'd been forced to have an orgasm.

"Fuck, that was hot, Kate. Do you usually scream that loud when you cum? And you are so fucking wet! Look, it's dripping out of your cunt!"

She didn't attempt to answer. She was panting, getting her breath back after her massive orgasm. She knew he was right, her juices were oozing out of her as her pussy muscles continued to flex.

"Now I'm going to fuck you, Kate," he said firmly. "I'm going to take your tight, wet pussy and fill you with my cum. Are you on the pill, Kate?"

"No," she said, hoping that if she said that, he might not cum inside her.

"Silly girl. You should be. You never know when that little pussy is going to get fucked and pumped full of cum."

He grabbed hold of the bar that was holding her legs apart and lifted it. Kate felt her legs being hauled up. He pushed forward, so her splayed knees were either side of her breasts and her feet were pointing up in the air. She was aware that her pussy and ass were spread wide open in front of him. Sitting there, vulnerable, exposed for him to take.

"Oh yes, pussy and ass. I can take my pick. Are you ready to be fucked?"

"No, please!"

While one hand held the bar, pushing her feet right up, he raised the other hand in the air and brought it down firmly, slapping her ass cheek. She cried out at the stinging shock, and the initial pain gave way to a warm tingling. He spanked her again and again, each slap making her yelp.

She could feel his hard penis, pressing up against the back of her left thigh. He slid it across until it was lying along her slit. "You want it inside you, don't you, horny bitch?" he growled.

She didn't answer. Her emotions were conflicting. Her pussy felt like it wanted to be fucked, but her head said no. She knew that he was going to take her anyway, so there was no point in answering. With his arm, he rocked the spreader bar forward and back, controlling the position and angle of her defenceless pussy. As he rolled her to and fro, she could feel his cock slipping up and down her slit, getting covered in her pussy juice.

He leaned forward over her, pressing on the bar, pushing her legs up even higher. With his other hand he steered the head of his dick down to her gaping hole. She braced herself for the inevitable.

He thrust it deep inside her, grunting and groaning. "Fuck that's good Kate. Wet, tight cunt. Just what I needed."

He was grinding against her, trying to get as deep as he could, adjusting the angle of her body by maneuvering the spreader bar. She could feel the head of his cock stretching her open and filling her, and his balls dangling against her ass.

"Okay, I'm going to ride you hard now!" He pulled right out of her then plunged back in again, fucking her hard, pounding her, drilling her. She cried out, not knowing herself whether it was a cry of pleasure or pain. Her wrists and ankles tugged against the restraints as his vigorous fucking pushed her body up and down the bed.

"Yes, you needed a good hard fucking didn’t you, you horny slut. And you want it up your ass, too, don’t you."

He pulled out of her pussy, and with a finger, spread some of the juice leaking out of her pussy down her crack, wiggling it into her ass. Then he pushed the bar further up her body, bending her even further, lifting her ass higher until she could feel the head of his cock pressing there. Kate had experienced anal sex a few times but found it uncomfortably tight unless she was intensely aroused, and didn’t usually enjoy it.

"No, I don’t like… please be gentle!" she begged.

His cock pressed hard against her tight asshole and after a few moments of resistance her muscles yielded to the pressure and she felt his hard penis stretching her ass open. Fortunately his cock was coated in her slippery pussy juice, so it didn’t hurt her much. Instinctively she clenched up in response to the invasion.

"You’d better relax, soften up that ass," he said, pushing in deeper. Kate tried to relax, as much as she could with her arms and wrists restrained and her legs hauled up to her chest and his big cock fucking her rear.

"Fuck that feels good, doesn’t it you slutty whore," he growled as he started to pound his cock in and out of her, going deeper up in her ass with each thrust.

At last she felt him tense up and gasp and she knew he was about to cum. Again she heard the same animal roar as when he had come in her mouth. She felt his cock throb and flex inside her ass as he pumped his cum inside her, grunting and gripping her firmly with his hands.

Eventually he pulled out of her and allowed her legs to go back down onto the bed. She could feel his hot semen leaking out of her, onto the sheets.

He untied her ankles and wrists, took off his mask and slipped into the bed beside her. "Happy birthday gorgeous!" he whispered into her ear as he wrapped his arm around her.

"Oh, fuck, thank you, that was amazing," she said, kissing him. "And I love all those new toys!"


2022-06-26 12:28:54
It made me hard keep up the good work


2022-06-16 18:59:17
I have seen this story on the top of the list for what seems like weeks and it was always rated at 100%. How could a story be that good I thought, so even though rape isn't my thing at all I had to read it and now I know why it is 100%! It's a very good story! Congratulations!!!


2022-06-11 21:32:34
Well, happy to see this at the very top of some list here on SexStories. I don't remember what I clicked (it's all very confusing), but there you are!! Congratulations.


2022-06-08 22:17:36
Loved it - yes I made myself cum reading this. Getting taken is a big thing for me...


2022-06-08 13:21:10
that was awesome! wish there was like 10x more of this

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