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“There are two new boys at the gym. They are not very tall, they have slim toned bodies. And they are hung, really hung,” I tell my lady Sarah in the afterglow of a wonderful sex session.
“Would you like to meet them and have your way with them?”

“You know me well enough to know I would. What about you, are you comfortable with me having my way with them? Or are we going to share?”

I took the two boys aside before we showered the next day and explained Sarah loves having an extra man, or two, around once a month. “She loves being licked and teased before she blows her man of the moment. And she is good, very good. Would you like to see some pics of her in action?”

The two boys were rapt as I showed them some pics of me licking her with her legs over my shoulders. Then some more of her sucking my thick, nine-inch erection.

“Is that you? Very exciting, who took the pics?,” they asked. ‘Your cock is almost as long as ours, thicker though.”

“Sarah asked me if could take some pics of your equipment fully erect to show her and tease her with.”

“That’s fine, but we will need some stimulation,” they both smiled and teased as they introduced themselves. “We are James and John, both bi, James is more of a ladies man than me, and he is just a little longer than me.

As we watched each other shower together I enjoyed the stimulation of teasing and flaunting my cock to it’s full, thick, nine-inches for the boys while I watched them tease their cocks until they were pointing up at forty-five degrees.

“Do you think your lady will like us?, they asked as they teased their erections while I took some pics of them in a private locker room to show Sarah.

“Do you think she would like a pic of me sucking your very thick cock?,” John asked as the other boy, James, licked and sucked my nipples.

“We often operate in foursomes, one with you and your lady promises to be very exciting,” John whispered as James licked, sucked and chewed my nipples. “Do you think your lady would like me do this to her nipples,” James teased as John had me on the brink of orgasm.

I love having my nipples licked and teased while another person is pleasuring my cock. These boys are incredibly talented and I am looking forward to sharing them with my lady.

“Tell me in detail what they did to you?,” Sarah asked obviously very pleased with the pics as she scanned through them. “This Sunday at three, I want them.

“Are the two boys for me or both of us?,” Sarah asked as we showered together an hour before they were due.

“Let’s see how it plays out,” I replied. “Though I would love you to watch a twenty-years younger boy sucking my cock.”

“And I would love to watch. You know your pleasure is my pleasure,” she smiled as we kissed while she stroked my semi-erection. “Especially if the other boy is licking my cunt lips while I watch.”

“What would you me to wear for the boys? And what are you going wear for them?”

“Less is more baby,” I told her as I watched her try on some outfits that highlighted her gorgeous ass.

“Do you want me to tease the boys?,” Sarah asked as I helped her on with a tiny, black, string bikini and tied the knots at the sides of the knickers. “Does my ass look big?”

“Yes,” to both questions I replied as she watched me slide on a skimpy, high-waisted male thong. “And you you know you have a magnificent ass.”

“Your large cock is very obvious in that thong,” she smiled in appreciation.

“Good, I want it to be,” I replied already aroused as Sarah oiled my naked torso before I oiled her ass.

“What do you want me to do to tease the boys? Anything special?,” Sarah asked with a smirk.

“They are twenty-years younger than us. Flaunt your naked body for them, and me. Tease and turn on the three of us. As an extra tease I want them to watch me tongue fuck you before they have us.”

Sarah was out of sight when the boys arrived as I tried to make them comfortable while we made nervous small talk about the gym.

“Hello boys, I’m Sarah,” she smiled with great aplomb and confidence as she made her entrance in killer heels and her string bikini.

“I have a few sexual fetishes, one is hung men. I love being licked and teased, and I love having my ass worshiped. I am old enough to be your mother. Does that turn you on? It turns me on,” she teases as struts around the room to show them her almost naked body and glorious ass poking out of her knickers.

“Would you like to watch my man worshiping my ass? I was hoping you would,” she tells them as they watch on speechless as she rests on her hands on the wall and I kneel behind her and lick and kiss her glorious ass cheeks as she watches their reaction in the wall mirrors.

“My man told me you two boys are hung, longer than him, but not as thick. Get naked for me and my man, show us your equipment,” which they both quickly do.

“Wow, have we turned you on?,” Sarah teases very pleased with herself as she ogles their erections pointing up at forty-five degrees. “Now undo the ties on my knickers. Now slide off my man’s thong.

“You are both almost bald, I love it,” one of the boys mutters as he takes in our pubic areas.

“Almost as long as you boys, but thicker, much thicker,” Sarah whispers as the three of them ogle my throbbing semi-erection as I stroke it for them.

“My man told me one of you licked his nipples before the other sucked his very thick cock. Is that true?,” Sarah asked.

“Yes, true.”

“Then do it again for me. I want to watch,” Sarah told them as James licked and sucked my nipples as I gained a full-on nine-inch erection.

“Now watch while he tongue fucks me. I love him bringing me to orgasm with another man watching, even better two men,” Sarah tells them as she parts her legs and arches toward me.

Huge sexual tension as I kneel and grasp her ass cheeks and lick my way up one of her thighs with one of her feet on a stool.

“Wow, oh fuck,” the boys and Sarah sigh in unison as my tongue teases Sarah’s clit. The boys move closer as they watch me pleasuring Sarah’s cunt lips with my tongue. An extra turn on for Sarah and I as we ogle the boy’s very erect and long cocks.

“Lick and suck my nipples James, just like you sucked his.”

“Do you like that boys? We love an audience,” Sarah whispers, very aroused as she motions for John stand alongside her so she can fondle both of their erections.

“One more orgasm for me, then you can have us,” Sarah takes great delight in telling them as she has both her hands on my head urging my tongue into her.

“Today is about you two boys. Did you enjoy our foreplay for you?”

“Or perhaps one more item of foreplay to tease you?”

Sarah takes control and lays me on my back on a low firm bed. “I am going to sit on your face, then bend over and suck your thick cock while the boys watch. Would you like to watch boys?,” she teases. “We do love an appreciative audience while we sixty-nine.”

“That was just a tease, now let’s get serious,” Sarah tells them after less than a minute.

“Very serious,” she smiles as she expertly slides a cock ring along my erection and fastens the clip under my balls.

“These are our sex stools,” Sarah tells them as she organizes James and I sit on two, high stools facing a full length wall mirror with our feet barely touching the floor.

“This is very exciting baby, two twenty-year younger boys for us. And they are hung. I want to watch John give you a blow job. First up I want you to watch me while I suck James to orgasm.

“Is that what you had planned? Then I want to watch John blow you.”

“You know it was what I had planned,” I manage to mutter as John teases my, thick, nine-inch erection with two fingers.

“You can look at my ass in the mirror while I suck your big, long cock James. And you can look at the other two men’s erections at the same time. They are not as long as you.” Sarah teases as she kneels in between his legs.

Wonderful, erotic feeling watching my lady sucking a twenty-year younger man while his buddy is teasing my erection as foreplay before he blows me while they watch.

In less than two minutes James is very agitated as Sarah sucks the tip of his cock and uses her hands to bring him close to orgasm. Then his whole body spasms as he spurts and and gushes as Sarah slides a clenched hand along the full length of his erection.

“Fuck, thick so thick,” John tells me as he wraps his lips around my erection and scratches my balls.

“Enjoy baby, your turn on is my turn on. And watching that is a huge turn on. Would you like James to suck your nipples while John is blowing you? I would.

“Is that what they did to you in the gym before you took their pics?,” Sarah smirks knowingly as James licks, sucks, then chews my nipples. He is very good and obviously very experienced at it.

John is using a combination of sucking and hand on my erection. These boys are an absolute sexual pleasure combination. And even more even exciting with my lady watching and enjoying.

“Are they good baby? Your big thick cock tells me they are,” Sarah whispers. She knows from experience I am close to orgasm. Very close. I have wanted this ever since I first saw the boys naked.

“Would you like to kiss my ass while the boys bring you off?”

“You know I would,” I mutter as she positions herself.

“Then do it,” she urges as she watches John slide his tightly clenched and along my erection. Once, twice, …, eight, nine, ten. Then a huge, energy sapping orgasm with my lady and two boys watching.

“Next time two women for us. Or you would you prefer a woman and a man?,” Sarah asked later after the boys had departed and we were in the bath together comparing our experiences and turns on.

“Surprise me, your turn on is my turn on baby.”
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