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After Anne's divorce is finalized, Chrissy and I take her out on the town, and end up at an all-nude, male strip club. This is a first time for Anne and me, but we enjoy the naked guys and bouncing dicks so much that each of us heads to a VIP room with a stripper for some 'special attention', where we end up getting extremely well-fucked until we have explosive orgasms.
I’d never been to a male strip club…..didn’t really even know they existed. But when my friend – Anne – got divorced, my other friend – Chrissy – called to tell me she was taking Anne out on the town….did I want to join them? The plan was to have a nice meal, drink too much wine, and end up at a male strip club where we could ogle well-hung guys…. drink more wine…..and ogle more naked guys.

I said, “Sure. Barry’s out of town again this week for work, so any day works for me.”

Chrissy said, “Don’s going hunting this weekend at the deer lease, so let’s do it Saturday night.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said….then added, “Actually, I’ve never been to one of these places….I’m kinda excited about checking it out.”

Chrissy exclaimed, “Oh, Paula, you’ll love it. The guys are all well- built with huge cocks that are barely covered….until they’re uncovered….it’ll blow your mind. I go whenever Don goes to his deer lease with his buddies. Since Barry’s out of town a lot, you might want to join me sometimes.”

“I don’t know….I guess we’ll see how Saturday goes…”

On Saturday evening, I put on a red, halter dress that hugged all of my curves beautifully. I couldn’t wear a bra with this dress, so it allowed my unfettered D-cup tits to jiggle and sway beneath the fabric, showing off obvious nipple bumps through the thin, stretchy material. Underneath I wore a pair of T-back panties that helped hide any panty lines around my hips. I was a bit self-conscious at first, but – with a little help from some wine while I dressed – I ended up feeling sexy and adventurous by the time I was driving to the restaurant to meet Chrissy and Anne.

We met at a nice restaurant just down the street from the strip joint, where we ate and giggled and drank too much wine….just like we had planned. Afterwards we left our cars where they were and walked to the club with the sign that read “Totally Naked Guys” blazing in the darkened window.

We were shown to a table near the center stage, and I spent a minute checking out the place and what was going on. The guy on stage was a good-looking, muscular guy who was gyrating his torso, and thrusting his hips in rhythm to the heavy beat of the music which filled the entire room. His naked cock was impressively big, and it was flopping around between his legs, along with his balls, banging against his thighs as he swiveled and “danced” to the music. I could see that he had an elastic strap around his waist that sort of looked like a jock strap without the cloth covering his dick…..and as I watched other women approach the stage, I realized this was so they could slip bills underneath the strap while he danced in front of them.

Right about then a waiter approached our table and stood between Chrissy and me. He was also well-built – like all the other guys I saw around the room – and naked, except for a tiny G-string underwear that left his ass cheeks completely exposed, with a sheath for his dick and a sack for his balls. The fabric of his sheath was so thin, I could see that he was circumcised, with a nice, mushroom shaped tip to his cock. He seemed to recognize Chrissy….which made sense, since she said she comes here whenever Don was at the deer lease….so after a familiar exchange with her, he asked us what we’d all like to drink.

As we discussed what drinks to order, I noticed Chrissy’s hand slip beneath the waiter’s ass cheeks and between his legs, where she started running her fingertips up and down the length of his shaft. He didn’t miss a beat and continued discussing drink options with the three of us….even as Chrissy’s hand continued toying with the head of his prick and fondling his balls through the material of his G-string. Once all our drinks were ordered, the waiter stood where he was for a few more seconds, smiling down at Chrissy. After a few more strokes, Chrissy released his dick and pulled her hand out from between his legs, giving his ass a quick squeeze as she did. Then he left to place our orders at the bar.

Chrissy winked at me and said, “That’s Tony. He’s a dancer, too, but some nights he just waits tables. He’s one of my favorites.”

As we chatted amongst ourselves, I continued checking out the room. In general it appeared that waiters and dancers all wore the same outfit….which meant they were completely nude, except for a G-string with a sheath for their shafts and a sack for their balls, which allowed both to bounce and swing freely as they moved around the room or danced on stage. It was also obvious that this was optional, as I could see waiters at several tables with their G-strings pulled aside as women fondled their nut sacks and stroked their exposed cocks. Some had full erections, but most were only semi-hard. All the cocks were impressive, and my head was on a swivel trying to take it all in.

I leaned over to Chrissy and said, “Isn’t there a rule about touching their dicks?”

She said, “I guess so, but it’s never enforced. All the waiters and dancers let the customers stroke their pricks and fondle their balls….it increases their tips.” She nodded to some closed doors in the back of the room and said, “If you want to do more than fondle them, they have VIP rooms over there.”

Tony came back with our drinks, and Chrissy squeezed his ass cheeks and cupped his balls from behind again, as he placed the drinks around the table in front of us. As we sipped our wine, I started watching the new dancer on stage and was particularly impressed. He was good-looking, with a great physique, and his dangling shaft was long and thick, swinging wildly between his legs as he gyrated to the music.

Chrissy saw me watching him, and nudge me with her elbow. “Go up there and put some money in his G-string.” I laughed, then decided…”what the hell.” I grabbed a five dollar bill from my purse and walked up to the edge of the stage. He saw me approaching, and he ‘danced’ his way over to where I stood. He rocked his hips a few times above me, making his penis and testicles flounce and sway. Then he squatted down in front of me, with his legs spread wide and his semi-hard prick dangling right in front of my face.

With a devious smile on his face and his eyes locked onto my swaying boobs and nipple bumps he said, “Hi, beautiful. What do you have for me there?”

I blushed when I saw where his eyes were looking and laughed a little, making my tits jiggle more – which he seemed to appreciate – then I held up the five dollar bill and slipped it underneath the G-string strap around his waist, bumping my hand against the head of his cock as I did. He stayed in his squatting position for a few more seconds, with his legs spread and his big dick bouncing precariously close to my face. I was kind of mesmerized by the way his long shaft swung back and forth between his spread legs. Then our eyes met for a second before I smiled, turned and headed back to my table.

For the next 20 minutes, or so, the three of us were drinking, laughing and taking in the sights around us when Anne told us how much fun she was having, and how good it felt to be out of the house, and among handsome, well-hung guys…especially since they were naked. Chrissy pointed to the VIP rooms in back and said, “You can always spend a few special minutes with one of the dancers back there. It’s probably been a while since you’ve had a decent fuck, right?”

Anne laughed and said, “You’ve got that right. Steve and I hadn’t had sex for almost a year before we finally got divorced….and it wasn’t all that great when we WERE having sex. He’s not that big, and – frankly – he’s not that good in the sack.”

As she said this, her eyes kept roaming the room for one of the dancers who were offering lap dances or trips to a VIP room. She caught the eye of one, and he sauntered over to the table, with his semi-hard prick swinging back and forth between his legs as he approached us. His cock was tucked into the sheath of the G-string around his waist, although we could easily see the outline made by the head of his cock and all the veins of his shaft through the thin, stretchy material.

When he got to the table he stepped up to Anne and gently gyrated his hips, causing his dick to swing slowly in front of her face. Her eyes were pretty much locked onto his jiggling rod as he asked….”See anything you like?”

Anne smiled up at him, reached out with one hand and traced her fingertips up and down the length of his swaying pole and said, “Definitely.”

“How about if we take this to a VIP room in the back?” he said, with a big grin.

Anne glanced at Chrissy and me, then back at the dancer and said, “Sounds good….lead the way.” As they left the table, Anne looked back at Chrissy and me and gave us a big smile before slipping through one of the VIP doors with her new dancer-friend.

Chrissy and I looked at each other and giggled, agreeing that this is exactly what Anne needed following her divorce, then turned our attention back to the mostly naked cocks and balls swinging and bouncing around the room.

A few minutes later, I felt strong hands gently kneading my shoulders from behind me. It felt great, but it surprised me, and I turned in my chair to who it was. It was the dancer I had tipped on-stage standing behind me. He had a huge smile on his face, and the shaft of his long prick was hanging directly in front of my face, nearly bumping into my nose.

“Just wanted to stop by and say ‘thank’ for the tip while I was on stage.”

Trying not to stare at his beautiful, dangling cock in my face, I said, “It was my pleasure.” I let my eyes shift down to his swaying dick for a brief second, adding, “You’re fun to watch.”

“Thanks….my name is Thad….you interested in joining me in one of the VIP rooms for some special attention?” He asked, with a grin.

I had to admit to myself that watching all the bouncing dicks and naked man-flesh around the room for the past hour had me totally aroused and extremely wet. I looked over at Chrissy, who smiled and nodded her approval, then looked back at Thad and said, “Sure. Why not?”

Thad grabbed my hand and led me to the VIP room right next to the one Anne and her dancer had disappeared into.

I had never been in a VIP room, so – while Thad closed the door behind us – I took a second to look around. A couple of things stood out to me. First – there was a big, wide, over-stuffed chair with rolled arms that looked VERY comfortable. I could imagine several ways it could be used to do what I thought Thad and I were about to do. Second – it wasn’t as dark as I had expected, which I liked. It meant I could see everything going on, which I definitely preferred.

And lastly – I was surprised that I could actually hear Anne in the room next to us pretty clearly. She was obviously being fucked by the dancer she had chosen. I could hear her grunts and exclamations as he pounded his cock into her pussy over and over. I smiled to myself as I listened to her fuck noises through the wall….”Unh…Unh…Unh…Oh my God…that feels…so good….Unh...Unh…Unh…”

This had me even more aroused, and by now my pussy was absolutely dripping. I turned to Thad and noticed that he had already tossed his G-sting aside, leaving his impressive prick swinging freely between his legs. He pushed me back onto the big chair, kicked my legs apart and stepped between them, draping his semi-hard dick across my chin. He gyrated his hips a bit, which caused his shaft to gently slap my face as I settled back into the chair cushions and enjoyed the sensation of a stiff cock rubbing against my cheeks.

With one hand on the back of the chair for support, Thad leaned into me, using his other hand to grab his growing dick and nudge it against my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked gently on the tip, then opened a little wider and drew the whole shaft into my mouth. Thad moaned, then started slowly rocking his hips until he was sliding his pole in and out of my mouth in earnest. I eagerly bobbed my head back and forth on his growing rod, using one hand to stroke the entire shaft as I sucked it, and using the other hand to fondle his dangling nut sack bouncing against my chin.

Between Thad’s moans I could still hear Anne next door moaning and grunting as she enjoyed a good dick-pounding. I smiled around Thad’s erection pumping in and out of my mouth as I heard Anne’s rising voice from next door…”Oh, my God…..I’m going to cum…..Oh…Unh….Unh…Yeah, just like that….Unh…Unh….Ooooohhhh, fuck that feels good…..Aaahhhh, God, that’s amazing….Aaaahhhhh…” Just as Anne’s moans started to soften, I heard a grunt and the obvious sounds of her dancer finishing inside her – “Yes …Yes …Yeeeeesssss …Unh …Unh …Unh …. Aaaaahhhh, yes….” This was followed by low murmurs from both of them, along with the squishy sounds of a stiff shaft sliding slowly in and out of a cum-filled pussy.

I pulled Thad’s thickening rod out of my mouth and began stroking it with one hand, jerking it to full erection, while using my other hand to stroke my pussy lips and rub my throbbing clitoris. I was absolutely drenched now, and I wanted this cock inside me….NOW! Still pumping with one hand, I pulled my panties aside with the other, then guided the head of Thad’s penis to my dripping pussy and pulled him gently toward the opening. He took it from there, cramming his entire cock into me with a single big push. Oh, my God, that felt good! I was so wet he slid in easily. I let out a moan, grabbed his ass cheeks with both hands and pulled him hard into my aching cunt. Thad slammed his dick into me over and over, causing me to grunt with every thrust. I moaned and rocked my hips in rhythm with his pounding prick.

Thad pulled the top of my halter dress down so that my big boobs popped out and started bouncing back and forth on my chest. His eyes were locked on my tits for a minute as they swung freely, bumping into each other from the force of his thrusts….he was clearly enjoying the show. Then, with a big grin, he grabbed both of them, squeezing the flesh and pulling on the nipples, as he continued pounding his cock in and out of my cunt with gusto. His dick was hitting all the right spots inside my pussy, and I let out a squeal as a climax rocketed through my entire body. I grabbed Thad’s firm ass cheeks tightly, mashing his groin hard between my spread legs, and held him there while I ground my clitoris against the base of his cock. In less than a minute I felt a second orgasm wash over me like a warm tsunami. I moaned out my pleasure, holding Thad’s hips tight against my crotch, as my climax slowly ebbed.

Thad let me enjoy my two orgasms, then flipped me over so that I was on my knees, facing the back of the chair, with my legs spread and my pussy fully exposed to his huge dick in a doggystyle position. He wasted no time lining up the tip of his cock with my gaping vagina, then slamming it all the way in with a massive thrust. He began sliding his prick into and out of my snatch again, in earnest, picking up the pace as he went. He reached underneath my chest and started squeezing and fondling my swinging breasts, which were bouncing like crazy from the pounding he was giving me from behind. I used one hand to support myself against the back of the chair, and reached between my spread legs with the other hand and began rubbing my clit, as I sensed another climax approaching.

My clit-rubbing worked, and I exploded into another amazing orgasm, as Thad continued to squeeze my boobs and slam his shaft into and out of my vagina. Just as I moaned out my third climax, I felt Thad grab both my hips and, with a mighty thrust, erupt inside me, sending rope after rope of warm, sticky cum deep into my drenched pussy.

I laid my head against the back of the chair and closed my eyes for a second, relishing my ebbing climax and enjoying Thad’s stiff pole still sliding in and out of my soaking wet twat from behind. Cum and pussy juices were dripping down the inside of my thighs, while Thad continued pushing his cock in and out of me, slowly emptying the last bit of cum from his nut sack into the depths of my cunt.

As we caught our breath, I noticed that I couldn’t hear Anne in the VIP room next door anymore, so I figured she and her dancer had finished her ‘special attention’.

After a few more minutes, Thad pulled his softening dick out of my pussy with a “plop”, then handed me a towel to clean myself with. After I wiped up everything, I slipped my panties back in place, tucked my tits back into the top of my halter dress, then got up and adjusted my dress around my hips. I watched Thad put his G-string back on, sliding his shaft into its sheath, and tucking his balls into the G-string sack between his legs….ready to go back to work.

There was a mirror on the wall next to the door, so I checked myself out before we left the room. I decided I looked OK, so Thad opened the door for me, and I headed back to the table, where Anne and Chrissy were sharing giggling conversation….about her ‘special attention’ from the dancer, no doubt.

I sat down and added my ‘special attention’ story to the discussion, and we laughed and drank and ogled the swinging dicks until they closed the place and we had to leave.

After that amazing night, Anne started going to that strip club several times a month. Chrissy joined whenever her husband was at the deer lease with his buddies, and I went with them whenever my husband was out of town on business. I guess we averaged about two to three times per month, depending on whether or not it was hunting season. We each had our favorite dancers, and we all made very good use of the VIP rooms.
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