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Warning. Sexual interactions with step-daughters can be fun in stories and fantasies. In real life it is entirely different. It is often causing trauma and pain. Seek help from a professional if needed.
I’m still processing what happened with Nadine last time. She hurt me intentionally so that I can sexually punish her. It’s hard to wrap my head around it. I did enjoy the power play. I did enjoy punishing her. It was an intense sexual experience. But did she really have to go that far and hurt me on purpose by having sex with Mike right in front of my window? Despite me telling her previously that I don’t like that? I can’t help but feeling that she’s going too far. Also, when she brought her friend Angela home and I learned that she’s told Angela about our secret, I started to feel uncomfortable. I thought this was a thing between Nadine and myself. She’s my stepdaughter after all. I could get into big trouble. Nadine also mentioned that she’s “talking” with Katia, her mom, my soon to be ex-girlfriend. How much does Katia know about Nadine and me? I feel like I’ve lost control of this situation. Should I just tell Nadine that this is too much for me? That I’d like this to stop? To avoid getting us into trouble? I’m very conflicted and I’m feeling like I’m a terrible step-father.

It's another Thursday. Katia is home for a change. She’s packing stuff into boxes. She and Nadine are going to move out soon. Katia packing her things feels like a symbol of our relationship’s failure. I’m growing uneasy. I need to get out of here. “I’m going out for a bit Katia. Will be back in the evening after dinner. Is that ok with you?” “Sure Frank. See you tonight.” I’m returning in the evening. It’s dark. Some lights are still on in my house. I’m entering through the front door. “Hey, I’m back!” No reply. I’m walking into the living room. Katia’s lying on the sofa. She seems to sleep. A bottle of wine on the coffee table. Empty. A wine glass half full. Katia’s wearing shorts. Hot pants I should say. A white singlet with spaghetti straps. How similar she looks to Nadine! Naturally tanned skin. Dark hair, shorter than Nadine’s. Katia’s stature is slightly taller than Nadine. Her breasts are sizeable, just like Nadine’s. Her body is slim. Not as petite as her daughter but giving her age she’s still a hottie. One of the reasons why I fell in love with her in the first place.

As I’m turning around I’m tripping over a box. Bang! “Frank?” Katia’s turning her head on the sofa. She’s squinting her eyes. “Is that you?” “Hey, yes I’m back.” She’s sitting up on the sofa, putting her hands on the back of her head, stretching. “Mmmhhh” she’s exhaling. As she’s arching her back her breasts are lifting. She’s not wearing a bra! Her nipples are showing through the singlet. The shirt slips up revealing her flat tummy and belly button. She looks so hot for her age. I can’t help but regret that the relationship with her doesn’t work out. She’s away for work most of the time and lately has barely shown any sexual interest in me. As I’m about to head upstairs I’m hearing “Come here Frank.” Katia is patting the sofa next to her. I’m sitting down next to her. She’s taking my arm and leaning against my shoulder. She’s sighing. I’m wrapping my arm around her waist and I’m enjoying the feeling of her warm, soft body. I’m smelling the wine in her breath.

“Too bad it had to come to this,” she says looking at me with drowsy eyes. “Yeah Katia. It’s sad. I wish we could have made it work. But I guess it is what it is.” “Yeah. It will all be over soon.” To my surprise she’s resting her hand on my crotch now. I’m feeling her fingers through my pants. Straight on my dick. She’s looking into my eyes. Pressing down on my dick. Circling her hand. I’m swelling up. It must be the wine. She hasn’t initiated anything sexual in a long time. “At least we’ve been talking about it and we’re splitting up on good terms” she’s whispering. I’m breathing out. Slightly shivering from pleasure. Before I know what’s happening she pulls down my pants and wraps her lips around my dick. Her mouth feels so warm, so familiar. I’m hard and throbbing. Her lips keep going up and down my dick, her hair covering her face.

As I’m throwing my head back I’m seeing a silhouette from the corner of my eye. I can’t help but flinch from the surprise. Nadine’s sitting on the stairs! The stairs which run down to the living room from the upper floor where her room is. She is watching us. My eyes widen. I’m looking at her, nodding my head in the direction of upstairs. Signalling she should go back up into her room. Nadine’s reply is a smirk on her face and she’s shaking her head left and right. She’s getting up onto her feet now, walking downstairs. She’s stomping her feet. Louder than usual. Katia’s head is darting up from my crotch and I’m quickly throwing the blanket over my naked crotch. “Hey Nadine,” Katia manages to say acting as casual as possible. “Hey guys! What are you up to?” Nadine asks with a grin as she’s sitting down next to me on the couch. She’s casually slipping under the blanket without revealing my nudity.

“We were just saying how sad it is that all this is coming to an end. That it had to come to this” Katia says. Nadine’s taking my other arm now, leaning against me. “Yeah it sucks that you two can’t work it out.” Nadine says. “I wish you could fix this. I’m getting along well with Frank and I’m going to miss him.” I’m feeling Nadine’s bare thigh pushing against my bare thigh under the blanket. She’s wearing her night-dress as usual. I can’t help but getting turned on by that sensation. Suddenly Nadine rests her hand on my thigh under the blanket. What is she doing?! Her mom sits right next to me on my other side. She won’t try anything with her mom present, will she? My heart starts racing. I’m starting to sweat.

“Yeah we’re going to miss each other for some time. It’s going to take a while to adjust after we move out. But it’s for the better” Katia sighs. “Why don’t you give me a hand Nadine? Let’s carry these boxes to the room near the entry door?” Katia asks Nadine. Thank you Katia! That’s a good move. Make Nadine get off the couch so I can pull my pants back up. “But mom, I just want to relax on the couch. Can’t it wait till tomorrow?” “Come on, let’s do this. No protesting.” “Noo… It’s too late! I’m too comfy here!” Nadine objects and snuggles up to me as she’s moving her hand from the outside to the inside of my thigh closer to my throbbing dick. I’m exhaling involuntarily. Katia briefly looks at Nadine. Her eyes are slightly drowsy. It must be the effect of the wine and just waking up from her nap. “All right Ms. stubborn. You win.” Nadine laughs and switches on the TV.

Why did Katia give up so easily? Doesn’t she know I’m naked under the blanket? Shouldn’t she put more effort into shooing away her daughter from the couch? “I don’t think this is a good idea. Shouldn’t you put away the boxes first? There’s so much clutter in the living room” is my attempt to get out of this situation. Katia is lifting the glass of wine off the table and makes herself comfortable on the sofa snuggling up to my arm on my other side. She’s taking a sip and speaks softly: “Sorry Frank. I’ve changed my mind. Let’s watch something. It may as well be our last movie night together. I’m done moving stuff around for today. It is late after all.” “Alright girls, movie night it is then.” I’m confused. Katia’s behaviour doesn’t make much sense. Is she drunk? She can’t have forgotten that my pants are down to my knees underneath the blanket.

The movie starts and some time passes. It doesn’t take long and Nadine is teasing me with her fingers running up and down my inner thigh underneath the blanket ever so slightly. Brushing against my balls. Brushing against my dick. I’m getting an erection. Now she’s gently massaging my tip. It feels so good. But I don’t want Katia to notice. It would be my downfall! My mind is racing. How do I get out of this ridiculous situation? I feel like I’m trapped with no way out. Nadine is getting bolder and starts to stroke me faster. Although Nadine is taking great care and the blanket isn’t moving, I’m afraid that Katia will notice. I’m extremely aroused and at the same time I’m freaking out. Both girls are leaning against my arms. Should I move one arm under the blanket to try to stop Nadine? It’s a tough call. Nadine has been really subtle with her hand job. She’s making micromovements. There’s no vibration, no movement visible on the blanket. I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to start a struggle with her under the blanket. It may just draw Katia’s attention. I’m looking over to Katia. She’s still cuddled up to me and watching the TV screen.

Nadine is twisting my tip now. Left and right. Squeezing it. She’s making the tiniest movements with her fingers. I’m feeling every bit of it. It feels so good! Precum is all over my tip. My breathing is getting faster. I’m feeling so much pleasure. I can’t focus anymore. Katia is just next to me. Suddenly Katia is adjusting her position. I’m feeling her lips nibbling on my earlobe. I’m smelling wine in her breath. I’m feeling Katia’s hand on my face. She’s turning my face towards hers. She’s kissing me. First gently, then more passionately. At the same time Nadine keeps stroking my dick faster and faster. I’m so close to cumming. I can’t believe what’s going on. I’m getting a handjob from my stepdaughter while I’m French kissing her mom!

Katia and me have been fairly relaxed around the house, showing affection in Nadine’s presence. That was before our relationship deteriorated. Therefore us exchanging kisses in front of Nadine isn’t anything unusual. Nadine has seen that before. I love feeling Katia’s voluptuous lips and sensual tongue. She is such a good kisser! Nadine continues stroking my hardness. More intensely than before. So fast! I’m moments away from cumming. I can’t take it anymore. So much pleasure! Nadine’s handjob feels so good! So good! Ecstasy! And Katia’s kisses are driving me crazy! I’m trying to keep kissing as normally as possible as I’m cumming. I’m pumping my cum out underneath the blanket as Nadine closes her hand around my tip. Stopping my semen from soiling the blanket. I’m relieving myself into her hand as she’s rhythmically squeezing my tip.

I’m finished. I’m relaxing. Leaning further back into the couch and I stop kissing Katia. She’s running her hand through my hair and is giving me a brief peck on my lips. I’m putting my arm around her waist and I give her a squeeze, leaning onto her shoulder. I’m feeling Nadine’s thigh pushing a little firmer against my thigh as she’s cuddling up to me now on my other side, leaning her head on my chest. I’m resting my arm on her waist and I’m pushing her close to me. I’m feeling post-orgasmic contentment. Hormones of relaxation and cosiness are streaming through me. I’m enjoying the sensation of the two warm, soft, beautiful women cuddled up against me. All the time I’m trying to push one thought away: “Did Katia notice?”

Copyright Normann Blaze 2022

Please let me know if you like the story and if you'd like me to write more chapters. It will motivate me :) thank you


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You're a master of coming up with these tension scenarios it's great

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