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Fun in the hot tub and some more messy fun in Gracie's back yard
Gracie took Jenny's hand and led her out the back kitchen door into a beautifully landscaped back yard. Large Evergreens hung over a tall wooden fence and Jenny knew they'd have plenty of privacy. At the bottom of the fence there was a rock garden complete with gorgeous flowers going all the way around. A beautiful garden in the center of the back yard was surrounded by gorgeous Cherry Blossom trees and it smelled heavenly. A moat surrounded the garden center complete with Lily Pads, frogs and newts. Jenny took a step towards the center and squealed as she felt a spray of water from behind. She turned around to see Gracie giggling with the garden hose in her hand and Jenny let her spray off all the creamy goo from her dripping body. 

Gracie giggled again, "Now do me!", and handed Jenny the hose. Jenny swirled the stream of warm water all over Gracie's shimmering body  then pulled her close to share a hot wet kiss under the spray from the hose. In a swift motion Gracie snatched the hose from Jenny's hand and reached under her tank top to lift it off Jenny's dripping body. Jenny took the hint and proceeded to lift Gracie's top off as well. Jenny let out a soft moan as Gracie slid down her skimpy micro skirt then knelt down to slide Gracies even skimpier skirt down with her teeth.

Now just in bra and panties, Gracie took Jenny's hand and led her over the tiny wooden bridge into the center of the garden. Jenny let out a stifled gasp as she saw the in-ground hot tub in the center. The two girls stepped into the still warm water and Gracie turned on the jets. The warm water swirled around their bodies and immediately warmed the two girls up. Gracie took the opportunity to kiss Jenny hard, slip her tongue between her soft lips then reached behind her to grab a small plastic container. She unscrewed the cap and poured a generous amount into the bubbling water. Almost instantly the bubbles turned into a bubble bath and the two girls sank neck deep letting the bubbles and the steaming water caress their bodies.

As the bubbles continued to swirl over their bodies, Jenny and Gracie met in the middle. Two sets of lips met and the two girls moaned softly. The kisses intensified and two soft tongues tangled, twirled and lapped at each other. At the same time the water seemed to swirl harder and the bubbles seemed to increase and slide over and under the two girls writhing bodies. The kisses seemed to grow desperate as soft hands slid over wet bubbly bodies until Jenny felt a finger slide down the crack of her tight ass. Gracie slid her panties halfway down her soft ass and without warning slid two fingers slid deep inside Jenny's pussy. As Jenny let out a soft. moan, Gracie pulled her mouth away. A long string of saliva lingered between their two lips and Gracie whispered into Jenny's ear and pulled her tight

Jenny's knees nearly buckled as she heard Gracie's words, "You can be as loud as you need to, my neighbors on both sides are gone for the  weekend." Jenny squealed as she felt a third finger slip into her quivering hole and felt Gracie spin her body and push her hard up against the side of the hot tub. Gracie let out a growl and suddenly became forceful and dominant. Jenny's head was pushed down and she felt her legs being kicked apart. Gracie reached below the now steaming water and ripped off Jenny's panties. Jenny felt Gracie's rock hard she cock slide between the crack of her ass and without a word Gracie drove her girl cock all the way inside her. 

All Jenny could do was hold on for dear life as Gracie penetrated her. "Uhhhhh..." was all she had time to moan as Gracie thrust over and over and deeper and deeper into Jenny. "Ohhh fuck harder!!" she wailed and Gracie grabbed onto her hips and began to pound her mercilessly. "Fuck me Gracie!!! Fuck my PUSSY!! FUCK MEE!!!" Gracie did not hold back. Pushing Jenny's head down with one hand and grabbing her creamy hip with the other, Gracie impaled Jenny even deeper. Jenny screamed as she felt Gracie's thrusts even harder and deeper than she thought possible. "FUCK ME LIKE THE DIRTY WHORE I AM!!!"

Gracie bent down and sunk her teeth into Jenny's soft shoulder then slid out almost all the way out of Jenny's tight hole. Gracie bit down even harder and Jenny screamed again, "GRACIE!!!" As she felt Gracie's cock slide once again deep inside her, Jenny's eyes rolled back in her head and she pushed back hard to make Gracie slide even deeper up in her. Gracie pulled Jenny's head back and at the same time hit bottom. A split second later Jenny felt Gracie's cum flood her tight cunt with a huge hot gooey load of girl spunk. "GRACIE!!", she screamed once more and heard her screams echo through the yard. Gracie continued to thrust deep in her and Jenny felt Gracies sweet load fill her pussy to capacity. Jenny felt Gracie's girl cock slide balls deep still oozing cum into her. The two girls held that position for what seemed like an eternity until Gracie slid slowly out of Jenny's well fucked pussy. Jenny slowly turned around to once again meet Gracie's juicy lips with hers. Two bodies ground against each other and held each other tight as the warm water bubbled and massaged their bodies.

Spent, the two girls slowly climbed out of the hot tub and Gracie reached over to turn off the jets. Hand in hand they slowly walked around the yard stealing occasional soft kisses. The warm southern California air dried their bodies. Finally the two started towards the house and as they carefully stepped around the mud puddle the hose left earlier, Jenny pushed Gracie right into the mud.

"Your turn slut..."
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