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Zania has real issues so her folks take her to Dr Leggit unaware his psychiatric business was a front for a high end BDSM and Pony Girl fetish club
Zania Duroe had come to the end of the road. She was most unhappy, she had self harmed, she had low esteem and worst of all she was almost twenty one and her dad’s heath insurance only covered her until her twenty first birthday.

Dr Leggit seemed the last hope for the family. They already had power of attorney from the courts as Zania couldn’t make decisions for herself. They had put her in re hab three times but it had done nothing for her. Every time she came out she relapsed in weeks, picking up with a succession of low life boyfriends who loved that she loved BDSM, being whipped, degraded and everything which sent her spiralling down until she was so degraded degrading her wasn’t fun anymore.

She needed someone to love her for herself but she was so low that she had next to zero personality. She also had anorexia, tattoos up her arms and legs and the hair shaved off one side of her head, and incidentally one side of her pubes, and a wide variety of nose, tongue and ear studs, listing only those you could easily see, not counting the nipple rings and labia rings. She wasn’t exactly Hello magazine front page material.

Dr Leggit ran a retreat away up in the hills away from town, an old property with forests and a lake, even his office was part of an old ranch maybe ten miles off the highway down a dirt road through the forest. The Duroes drove carefully over the rutted track avoiding tree roots which rocked their cheap Ford Focus sedan around like a top in a whirlpool. They parked where it said “Visitors”

Dr Leggit welcomed them into his office, putting out his cigar as he did so. He wiped the ash off the papers on his desktop. and invited them to sit down. His white coat had seen a few days since it was last laundered and his shoes weren’t exactly sparking, the whole place looked run down and run on a shoe string.

“So Doc what do you think you can do?” her Dad asked.

“Take em back to basics,” Dr Leggit replied, “To where what they do don’t matter a fuck, if they wanna do it then let them, they soon get bored because there ain’t much they can do, not with plastic plates and no sharp knives or pencils even.”

“You really a psychiatrist?” Her Mom asked.

“Trick cyclist, hell yes, Unicycle, Penny Farthig, Electric trials bike, all in a days work,” he replied, “You were joking right?” He paused, “Here look my credentials, cost five hundred dollars to have these faked, you’re not expecting Harvard standards for a Wal Mart sticker are you?”

“Well, I don’t know.” Her mom said awkwardly.

“Look lady I get results, loads of testimonials,” he insisted rooting through a load of clippings in his drawer, “Shit treatment for Nickle and Dime price, still she survived, That’s my favorite,” he joked, maybe joked. “What do you expect for five hundred dollars a week with an opportunity for her to earn some tips to off set it?” “Hell you wouldn’t get a motel room for that down town.”

Dr leggit stared at the couple. A Secretary with a winning smile, legs up to her armpits and a body right out of vogue stepped into the room. “Excuse me Dr Leggit,”

“Fuck the fuck off I’m busy,” he said brusquely.

She shook her head, smiled sweetly, and left them to it, “She’s coming along nicely that one.” he opined, your kid could maybe do the same, maybe not, anyways round we’d have a job to make her worse.”

Zania grinned, no way would her parents leave her in the hands of this sham of a fraudster, and she was wrong, the checking accound always has a closer bond than wayward daughters.

“Just a fortnight to begin with,” Zania’s mother suggested, and her Dad agreed, though never seeing her again would maybe have been a better deal with three more, sort of normal, daughters to bring up.

“Holy shit you cannot be serious,” Zania spluttered.

“Let me see, John Mackinroe, nineteen ninety seven Wimbledon London?” Dr Leggit replied, “I really like those old quotes.”

“No,don’t be stupid Daddy!” Zania squealed but her Dad had already put his sugnature on the release form.

“AmEx OK?” he asked.

Dr Leggit waved him away, “Pay when you collect her we can offset any tips that way.”

The Duroes went to leave. Zania really freaked, she tried to leave with them so Dr Leggit had to grab her round the waist and wrestle her away from the door to let them pass. Zania struggled but fairly quickly she realised he was stronger than her and escape would have to wait.

Zania calmed down. “You can’t keep me here!” she shouted.

Dr Leggit ignored her, “Actually I can,” he replied after a moment or two, “So let’s discuss your treatment, you self harm?” Dr Leggit suggested?.

“So?” Zania queried.

“A Strait Jacket will cure that,” Dr Leggit laughed, “Yes Strait jacket and 24/7 public service TV.” He aleady had a Strait jacket in her size, “All you have to do is decide on your accomodation, come and see the different choices.”

Zania had little choice but to follow him out to the back, “Here is standard,” he announced, showing her basically a horse stable stall with a table for food and drink bowls, and a TV. He pointed to a closed door, “That’s deluxe, but five hundeed dollars a week won’t buy that,” he said and finally he showed her the basic, like a broom cupboard. “That’s basic."he explained.

“You can’t even turn round in there,” she protested.

“Yeah but it saves having to use a strait jacket” he explained, “Gets boring after a while, though.”

“Don’t be an idiot, what about standard?” she queried.

“Sure, you wear a straitjacket.” he advised.

“Oh big deal,” she snapped.

“Nothing else," He advised, “What do you think.”

“You’re mad,” she said.

“OK basic it is.” he laughed, it was the work of a moment to push her into the basic cubicle and slam the door. He hadn’t cuffed her wrists, but he put the lights out and left.

He hadn’t needed to cuff her hands, the closet was padded like a padded cell.

“Let me out,” Zania screamed. “Let me out you bastard!”

The first eight hours in the tiny space were not too bad, Zania’s voice stared wavering about five hours in and she ran out of new curse words but there was no where to sit or lie down, she tried jamming her knees into the sides of the space to rest but nothing worked.

She screamed for Dr Leggit. He heard her over the intercom and watched on the infra red CCTV camera. Every muscle and joint ached, her body was a seething mass of pain and then the burning need to pee started screaming in Zania’s brain.

The final straw, a full bladder, “I need the bathroom! Let me out!” she protested. She struggled against the urge but the it became unbearable, a small dribble escaped, she panicked.

Eventually somehow Zania eased down her jeans and relieved the pressure all over her feet.

Zania sank to her knees jamming herself in the cubicle. Dr Leggit called up a couple of other guys and huried to help. He flicked on the lights. Zania just about collapsed as he opened the door.

“Upgrade?” He queried.

Her jeans and pants were half way down her thighs. “I wet myself you bastard.” she snapped and she tried to run, she managed about half a dozen steps before she fell.

Mike, one of the assistants caught Zania easily, he was six three and very very fit, he liked sport, any sort of sport, and he caught and held Zania even before she hit the floor. “It’s OK sweetie,” he said, “I got you.”

His voice reassured her, He lifted her. Dr Leggit had the nlack leather strait jacket, Mike helped him slip it on, it had the join at the back. Both arms went in facing forward and then the jacket fastened at the back and the sleeves were pulled around behind her and secured.

It was very tight, even Zania’s modest breasts were squashed uncomfortably when the straps were pulled tight. “What you doing?” she demanded.

Mike lifted her like she was nothing and took her outside the building, “No stop!” she protested uselessly as he carried her helplessly with her jeans and pants down to her knees.

The morning sun had just risen. “That’s bad,” Dr Leggit agreed, “Lets get you cleaned up.”

Mike set her down on her feet. She couldn’t do anything with her pants down and then the other helper John, took hold of a hose pipe and started spraying Zania’s pubes and her jeans and panties with icy cold water.

“That’s better,” Dr Leggit laughed, “You learned anything?” he enquired.

“That you’re a bastard?” she asked.

“No, you don’t decide when you piss anymore,” he explained, “First thing a kid learns is holding its piss in, you can’t even do that.”

“Big deal,” Zania agreed.

“So pants up or pants down?” he asked

“What the fuck?” she asked incredulously.

“You choose, nasty wet pants or nice fresh air, so you can piss when you want.” he asked, “Probably best to keep them down, you’ll only piss them again.”

John never gave Zania any choice, Mike lifted her up and John took her trainers off and dragged her pants and jeans off her ankles. He threw her clothes in a heap on the ground.

“For fuck’s sake,” Zania wailed.

John took a piece of cloth and carefully dried Zania’s legs off. His fingers touched her pubes and a lovely tingle spread through her.

“How’s that?” He asked.

“Fucking wonderful you dork,” Zania replied sarcastically.

“Are you comfortable now?” Dr Leggit asked.

“Of course not you dork,” Zania protested, “I have a bare ass and my tits are squashed flat.”

Zania looked around, all around the yard were horse stalls, three sides, house at the forth, nobody was watching except the three guys.

Dr Leggit felt around Zania’s breasts, felt where the fabric was tight and marked it with a pentel white marker on the black. Then they took her inside, to the regular stall, with bowls of food and water on a shelf. John and Mike held her while Dr Leggit removed the strait jacket and instead cuffed Zania’s hands with soft leather cuffs chained together real tight and put some on her ankles but with a longer chain. Then they left her.

“Come back!” she screamed. They went away. She soon got fed up with screaming. Then the TV came on. Playing Groundhog Day, the Movie over and over again.

She tried to get to the food, it wasn’t easy with her hands tied, and it tasted vile, Museli, like black currants in building sand, and the drink, that was even harder to drink from her bowl. Wal Mart Cola or paint stripper she wasn’t sure which. The bowl had a pipe leading to it. Every time she drank some it refilled. Every now and again she screamed.

The piss demon reappeaed, there was no bathroom, nothing, floor was level, she hoped, because when she finally pissed it might run across the floor so she had nowhere to lay down.

She tried to piss a tiny amount in a corner. Dr Leggit opened the door. “Give her a hand John,” he ordered.

John had a bucket and in it a kidney shaped bowl, he threaded it between her knees and said “Piss,” It was the kindest thing anyone had ever done for her, she decided as she delightedly emptied herself.

“Fresh from the tailors,” Dr Leggit announced as he proudly produced Zania’s strait jacket, “Made to measure.”

John and Mike held Zania as Dr Leggit removed her Tees shirt and then her bra. She stood there, quite helpless, an unwelcome tingling started between her legs but soon turned to horror as she saw two holes in the strait jacket, breast shaped holes neatly stitched.

In moments her hands were released from the cuffs and pushed into the strait jacket sleeves which extended well past her finger tips and fastened behind her. The strait jacket also fastened behind her back with many leather straps but this time her breasts were fed through the holes at the front. As the straps were pulled tight it pulled the material hard against her chest forcing her breasts through the small holes until they stood out proudly.

Dr Leggit took some photographs on his cell phone. He was really proud of his marking up as the black leather perectly encircled her soft pink breasts showing them off to their best advantage. Apart from the jacket Zania really did look awful, her tit rings were different sizes, her labia rings were just plain ridiculous, a guy could get his pubes tangled up in them, and her clit ring looked like it only went through the hood not the clit.

He made notes, then he told Mike to sort her out. Mike cut off the Labia rings with pliers,they were cheap plated brass, more like a key ring for car keys than proper labia rings. Dr Leggit threw them in a corner in disgust.

Her partly shaved pubes could wait but her hair was ridiculous Dr Leggit decided, it could hardly be worse so he just cut away most of the surviving hair on the one side of her head and left her looking pretty much like she had had a prison haircut.

“I’ll take you outside for a piss after dark,” John said reassuringly as they left her alone to “Groundhog Day” for the umteenth time.

Zania found herself focussing on John, waiting for his return. She really really needed a fix, a bottle of Jack Daniels, a dildo, anything to take her mind off the mind numbing emptiness which surrounded her. She sat on the hard floor, stood, leaned against the side of the stall, she lay down, she screamed every now and again and when the sun went down she knew she had been betrayed.

He came around 10pm, “Hi honey, pee time,” he laughed, He left the door open for her and she stumbled outside in her bare feet, her ankles still bound and chained on a short chain. Out of the door and into the cool summer night, with just the faint glow of the yard lights and the dark star speckled sky above

“Piss,” he whispered.

Her body obeyed unconsciously, the golden flow cascaded where John indicated, down a drain.

“You total fucking pervert!” Zania protested, as John gently dried her with a soft cloth but she felt really good and then John carried her back to her stall. To her amazement she found a mattress laid in her stall and the TV showing regular programs quietly.

“When you behave you get treats,” John whispered, “Now I have been nice to you so you have to be nice to me.”

He left her to her thoughts.

Dr Leggit came next morning, just before daybreak, he sat beside her, “How are you feeling?”

Zania thought a moment, “Total shit, rock fucking bottom, what the fuck do you think moron.”

“I think you are full of shit,” Dr Leggit replied, “Take her outside John and sort her out would you?”

John took her by the shoulder and led her outside. Just beside the door was a hose pipe and a drain. The pipe had a long tapered slender brass nozzle. Quite gently he took her by the neck, pressed her head down, dipped the nozzel in a tub of grease on the ground nearby and inserted the well lubed nozzle of a hose pipe into her anus.

“Shit,” he whispered as he turned the water on.

“Fuck!” Zania exclaimed with the shock of cold high pressure water blasting inside her, “For fucks sake.” Her belly swelled and pressed on her bladder making her piss, then equally suddenly John removed the hose.

Water gushed out, brown water, then the nozel was back in and out again. Four times and in minutes Zania was as clean as a whistle inside. John wiped her down.

“Oh fuck,” Zania swore, she felt totally clean inside, empty but clean, it was a wierd feeling, like she had no control anything any more. All she could do was shout and scream. So she did.

Dr Leggit had finally had enough of her rants. At his signal John and Mike held her firmly and he fed a big black rubber ring gag into her mouth. “Ngh Hugf,” she protesed unintelligably and he fastened it behind her head.

“Peace at last,” Dr Leggit chuckled as Zania was reduced to making gurgling noises and stamping her feet. She tried to work out which day it was, for fucks sake how much longer.

The mask came next, over her face and pulled down at the back. Normally her hair would have been pulled through a hole at the back like a pony tail but her hair was far too short. Her ears protruded incongruously through the black leather mask.

“What the fuck is this,” she tried to say, but she couldn’t make herself understood.Then a heavy leather collar was placed around her neck. She suddenly panicked, with her gag and collar she couldn’t even eat.

She struggled, someone slapped her bare backside, “Easy,” Mike cautioned, “It’s OK, I’ll look after you.”

The leash came next, a long leash, Dr Leggit held the end and pulled, Zania had to follow, him as he walked methodically across the yard. The concrete apron gave way to gravel which hurt her feet, she couldn’t stride out or save herself if she fell. Complete panic, she knew she would hurt herself if she fell. She tried to scream then she stumbled. Suddenly she felt Mike’s strong hands on her shoulders.

“I’ll get you some boots,” he said as he lifted her easily and carried her towards the far side of the yard, Dr Leggit opened a doorway and Mike carried her in. He sat her on a bench and loosened her ankle chains.

A whole row of Long black boots stood on shelves, and leashes and collars, all sorts of items.

More worrying there was welding equipment and branding irons, tiny ones. Shiny brass rings, bells, like cow bells but smaller. Dr Leggit ***********ed a pair of boots and tried them on her. Too large.

The second set of boots fitted perfectly. “Nearly ready,” Mike whispered, “Nearly ready to meet the other ponies.”

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