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I advertised for a roommate to split my rent with, since I was struggling to make ends meet. One month I couldn't cover my half of the rent, and my roommate offered to pay all the rent in exchange for having sex with me any time he wanted and total nudity around the apartment. I agreed, and for almost two years he got sucked and I got fucked nearly every single day.
In my infinite wisdom as a young adult, I graduated from college with a fairly useless degree. I was able to get a job at a local retail outlet, which paid enough to barely cover my monthly costs. My earning potential was limited, which meant I had no choice but to have a roommate to help cover rent when I got an apartment.

I figured out that sharing a two-bedroom apartment was cheaper than paying for a one-bedroom by myself, so with what little savings I had, I managed to cover first and last months’ rent for a two-bedroom apartment just outside the downtown area. I immediately put up flyers and advertised in the local paper for a roommate to cover half the monthly rent. I was a bit surprised at how few responses I received. I was getting kind of desperate when I got a call from a guy interested in sharing the apartment. I hadn’t really thought about sharing an apartment with a guy, but….why not? I told him to come by that evening so we could meet and discuss the details.

After my shift at work, I was sitting in my living room watching TV when the prospective roommate knocked on the apartment door.

When I opened the door I saw a fairly attractive man….maybe 4 years older than I was…with broad shoulders and a big smile. I stuck my hand out and introduced myself, “Hi, I’m Chrissy. Thanks for answering my ad.”

“Hi, Chrissy. I’m Trent. Yeah, my offices are just around the corner, so this might be a perfect fit for me.”

We shook hands and I said, “Come on in, Trent. Let me show you the place so you can check it out and see what you think.”

I showed Trent around the apartment, answering the few questions he had, and finished the tour in the living room where we sat on the sofa and chatted for a while. He seemed really nice, had a really good job – making a lot more money than I did – and after just a few minutes we decided that he would move in and we’d become roommates.

Trent was a good roommate, and we became good friends…goofing around, sharing meals, the occasional foot rub, sometimes even wrestling on the sofa when we got silly. We enjoyed the same foods, so the refrigerator wasn’t a problem, and we both had about the same level of neatness to our house-keeping. His girlfriend, Faith, was really nice, and he seemed to get along well with my boyfriend, Scott, so all the pieces fit nicely.

Everything went pretty smoothly for the first 3 months. Then I had car trouble and the repairs cost much more than I could afford. I was sitting at the dinette table by the kitchen poring through my financial situation when Trent came home from work. He noticed my consternation and came up behind me, rubbed my shoulders a bit and asked, “What’s up, Chris?”

Almost in tears, I said, “My car’s in the shop and the only way I can afford to get it fixed is if I don’t pay rent this month.”

When Trent heard this, he stopped rubbing my shoulders for a second. Then he started up again, moving his hands a little lower on my back, and said, “Wow. That’s tough….what are you going to do?”

“I have no idea,” I said, my eyes getting moist. “I honestly have absolutely no idea.”

Trent leaned over my shoulder and said softly into my ear, “I have an idea.”

Still sitting at the table, I turned my head to look at him and said with a hopeful smile, “You do? What?”

Trent smiled and said, “How about if I pay your rent this month?” As he said this, he slipped his hands around to my stomach, then moved them up to my breasts and began gently fondling my boobs over my t-shirt. I never wore a bra in the apartment, so he had a good handful of my 35DD tits, as he massaged and squeezed them while making his offer.

My eyebrows shot up when I heard his offer and felt his hands on my breasts. I knew where this was going, and – to my surprise – I wasn’t all that put out by it. He was an attractive guy, and sometimes when we’d wrestled on the couch or jostled into each other around the apartment, I’d inadvertently bump into his crotch, and couldn’t help but notice that he seemed to have an impressive package. His hands always seemed to find my big tits and ass cheeks whenever we wrestled, too, so I was pretty sure his interest was piqued, as well.

“So how would this work?” I asked, with a wry smile on my face, as he continued to play with my tits, using his thumb and fingers to search for my nipples through the thin cotton material.

In response to my question, he got a little bolder, reaching under my t-shirt and continued fondling my boobs as he clarified his offer.

He said, “I’ll pay the entire rent for our apartment. Every month. In return, I get to have sex with you whenever I want. Blowjobs. Handjobs. Fucking…in the kitchen, in the shower, on the sofa….whenever, wherever.”

As he said this, he pulled my t-shirt over my head, releasing my boobs so they dangled and swayed in front of me. After throwing my t-shirt aside, he went back to massaging my tits while he waited for my reply.

I had to admit….I was enjoying the sensation of his hands on my boobs, and my nipples were becoming stiff as he tweaked them. I said, “I guess I could live with that…..unless Scott is staying over.”

“Of course,” he said. “The same for when Faith is here. But other than that….total access.”

Grinning at my good fortune, I said, “Shit. I can’t believe I’m going to do this….OK, I’m in.”

“One more thing,” Trent said.

“Oh, yeah…what’s that?”

Still leaning over my shoulder and playing with my tits, Trent looked at me and said, “No clothes.”


“Yep.” He pulled me up from the chair I was sitting in and pushed my running shorts down over my hips, taking my panties with them. I stepped out of them and he tossed them over by my t-shirt and said, “When we’re in the apartment, you have to be totally nude….all the time.”

I laughed, saying, “Well, if I’m going to be nude, then you have to be nude, too.”

He smiled and said, “Fair enough,” quickly pulling off his work clothes and tossing them aside. I found myself focused on his boxer shorts as he pulled them down until I was finally able to see his cock. It was as impressive as I thought it would be. Fondling my boobs had begun to arouse him, and his prick was already semi-hard, sticking out from his torso in a gentle arc, ending in a mushroom-shaped tip that seemed almost too heavy for his shaft. He kicked his boxers over next to my clothes, then returned one hand to my breasts, while slipping the other one between my legs, rubbing it along my now extremely wet pussy lips.

I couldn’t take my eyes off his bouncing shaft and his big, swinging nut sack dangling between his legs. I reached out and wrapped my hand around his growing rod and began slowly stroking it from base to tip. My God, it felt tremendous!

Meanwhile, his fingers between my legs had found the opening to my pussy, and he slipped two fingers inside, while using his thumb to rub against my clitoris. Holy shit! I could barely stand up. Between stroking his impressive cock and fondling his balls with my hands, and his fingers and thumb twiddling my cunt and clit, I felt a massive orgasm explode through my body. Fortunately, Trent’s hand between my legs helped hold me up as my knees became weak from my climax.

With my head thrown back and my eyes closed, I reveled in my orgasm.

“Holy shit, Trent….I just came….that was amazing!” I exclaimed.

As soon as my climax began to ebb, I began pumping Trent’s cock faster and harder, paying extra attention to the bulbous tip, which seemed to drive Trent crazy. His shaft quickly grew in my hand to its full erect length of about 9”. I couldn’t help but notice that it was longer….and thicker….than Scott’s dick, and I found myself anxiously anticipating having it stuffed inside me.

Trent seemed to sense my readiness, so he grabbed my ass cheeks and lifted me onto the edge of the dinette table. He pushed my legs apart with his knees, then grabbed his raging hard-on in one hand, lined it up with my pussy, and slammed it into me in one massive thrust. Oh my God, it felt fantastic! It filled my cunt completely, hitting all the right spots. As he pounded his thick prick in and out of my dripping wet cunt, I felt another amazing orgasm begin to wash over my entire body, sending fluttering shocks of pleasure from my nipples to my clit.

Trent had both hands on my tits, squeezing, slapping and pinching as they bounced wildly in rhythm with his thrusts. I wrapped my arms around his neck and spread my legs wide, locked my ankles around his lower back, and rocked my hips into every one of his lunges, willing him deeper and deeper inside me.

As my second climax waned, I could feel Trent increasing the pace of his strokes, and it wasn’t long before he grabbed my hips in both hands and slammed himself as deep as he could get into my pussy. He erupted with a huge load of cum all over the inside of my cunt.…I could actually feel his warm, gooey jizzm splashing against my vagina walls. He grunted several times, continuing to pound away, as he unloaded all of his splooge inside me until it spilled out from the sides of his pumping shaft and onto the floor between his legs.

When his nutsack was finally empty, Trent pushed his stiff rod deep inside me and just held it there. The two of us stayed like that for a couple of minutes, enjoying the throes of our orgasms and catching our breath..…me, sitting on the edge of the dinette table with my legs spread wide; and Trent, standing between my legs with his dick still balls-deep inside me while he gently fondled my heaving breasts.

Finally, Trent pulled his softening prick out of my pussy with a ‘plop’, and the rest of his spunk, mixed with my pussy juices, splashed onto the floor beneath us.

“Wow, Trent….I had no idea,” I said between heavy breaths.

“Right? That was amazing, Chrissy. I knew when I first met you that you’d be a fantastic fuck.”

I laughed and said, “Well, you’re pretty damn good, yourself….OK, I guess being naked starts now, right?”

Trent chuckled and said, “Yep.”

So, I climbed off the table, grabbed a towel and, with my tits swinging beneath me, knelt down to clean up the mess we’d made on the floor. Trent was still standing by the table, his flaccid dick dangling between his legs just a few inches from my face, so while I was squatting down to clean up the mess, I leaned over and sucked the tip of his cock into my mouth. I licked and cleaned his entire shaft with my lips and tongue, then released it from my mouth and enjoyed watching it sway back and forth between his legs.

Still naked, I started putting together something we could eat for dinner. Trent and I sat next to each other and ate the meal I had prepared while I fondled his flaccid shaft under the table, and he toyed with my breasts and nipples in between bites.

Starting that night, whenever Scott or Faith weren’t sleeping over, Trent and I slept in the same bed….sometime his, sometimes mine. It didn’t really matter.

Each morning, Trent got whatever he wanted. Sometimes he’d wake up with a hard-on that needed to be sucked until he shot a load of cum down my throat. Sometimes he’d bend me over the kitchen counter and fuck me from behind until we both creamed all over his pumping shaft. Afterwards, we always showered together before getting dressed for work.

Evenings usually included a quick fuck in the kitchen or bent over the dinette table as soon as we both got home from work. Later, we’d typically lounge naked on the couch while we watched TV, with Trent sitting on one end of the sofa, and me lying down with my head in his lap. I’d casually stroke and suck his cock as we watched a movie or something, while he fingered my cunt and rubbed my clit. Eventually, he’d become fully erect, and by then my pussy was dripping wet. He’d either fuck me from behind as we lay on the sofa, or we’d fuck with me straddling his hips and bouncing up and down on his shaft, while he sucked and fondled my jiggling tits.

I don’t think Scott ever suspected anything. In fact, this arrangement worked out perfectly for about two years before I got engaged to Scott and moved in with him.

Faith and Trent only dated a few months, but his other girlfriends didn’t seem to suspect anything, either. Right about the time I got engaged to Scott, Trent got promoted at work and ended up moving overseas. I guess, in retrospect, sharing my first apartment with a roommate turned out to be a really good idea.


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