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He had spent the past while tongue fucking and fingering her ass to prepare it for what's about to take place. He just pulled his thumbs out and her asshole hardly closed. That's when he decided she was as ready as she's ever going to be. Pouring more advocado oil over her ass he gently rubbed that really cute little mole with his thumb. He gave it a little lick with tip of his tongue then looked at how her ass glistened from the oil.

He stood up and sized up his 7.5 inches to her body. His cock being just under 13% of her total body length, he lined himself up to enter her ass with his head. She shrieked out as his head went in. His fingers tightened on her hips and he pulled her back into his body hard, shoving the full length of his cock into her advocado oil lubed ass. His cock was buried into her anus, right up probably past her rectum. He wouldn't be surprised his full blooming cock head was bordering at her colon. Her sphincter clutching onto his dick like a vice grip, burning around his cock as it was thicker towards the base. He pushed forward again ensuring he couldn't go deeper. The then rubbed his hands over her back and leaned forward to cup her AA breasts, the weight of him leaning forward putting more dick pressure inside her ass.

He started rotating his hips moving his fully buried cock in her asshole. It was tight in there. More tight than her pussy yesterday. Her pussy was designed to stretch to fit his cock but her asshole and anal tunnel wasn't meant to have this huge 6" girth inside of it. He started pumping her and felt the tingling of wanting to cum brewing within himself. He didn't want to cum just yet, he wanted to fuck that ass long and hard. He fucked her ass slowly for a minute or two, pulling out until just his head was in then pushing all the way back in until his body slammed into her. Then he went a little faster, plunging into her hard. He tightened the grip around her waist to pull her into him as he pushed forward into her.

This was hard work, she was tight, his cock was being held tight by all the walls in her ass. Sweat was running down his back as he cock fucked her ass ramming all he has in and out of her. He couldn't hold his cum from erupting anymore and pushed forward as deep inside of her as her could. He held himself there for seconds before he blew the full might of his balls deep inside her rectum, pumping his cock slowly and in short strokes deep inside her to squeeze out everything there was to give. He felt his cock softening so he grabbed a glass he had ready and held it under her anus to catch his cum as her pulled out of her.

He was out but there was no cum coming out. He had blown his load so deep inside his sperm was taking a while to leak out. He told her to push like she did with the water earlier but she wasnt responding. She had lost consciousness again while he was fucking her ass. He put the glass down on the table and picked her up, she was still tied folded with her hands behind her back. He held her over the glass like a bottle and pressed on her tummy to assist the sperm to escape. Cum started running out of her asshole, which at the point was gapping to the point her piles almost peeked out. He shook her to get more cum out but when the glass was almost quarter full he figured there wasn't much more to retrieve.

He put her down on her back and held up her head as he poured the cum from the glass into her mouth while holding her nose closed forcing her to swollow the cum. She gained consciousness by choking on the cum but quickly swollowed it to avoid drowning on it. He untied her and she laid out on the table.

He went up onto the fly deck and grabbed some ice out of the ice maker. His dick was sore from the tightness of her asshole. He put ice on his shaft to ease it and drank beer while replaying the anal assualt in his mind. The thoughts for him hard again. His shaft was too sore to be hard but that ass fucking was hot and his dick agreed.

He then went back down to the aft deck where she was lying limp and lifeless on the table. She was spent, done, had nothing left in her. There wasnt even energy in her to lift an arm, to lift a hand, to lift a finger. Her legs were bent at the knee and she couldn't even stretch it out straight.

He rolled her over onto her back and grabbed the avocado oil bottle. He threw oil liberally over her pussy, over her asshole and over his cock. Her anus was gapping. There was still hope that her pussy lips might close again but that butthole was another story. She still couldn't move, she didn't even have the energy to move her eyeballs to see him. He lifted her legs up and pushed her knees into her AA breasts. She had no enegery to resist so it took no effort to keep her like that.

He rammed his cock deep into her pussy bottoming out in the first thrust. Her flat tummy bulging just below her belly button. He pumped her violently a few times then pulled out and pushed his cock deep in her ass. He fucked her ass again for moment before pulling out and ramming it back into her pussy. In her pussy, out her pussy, in her ass, out her ass, in her pussy, out her pussy, in her ass, out her ass, in her pussy, out her pussy, in her ass, out her ass. He kept fucking her hard in both holes.

There was so much lubrication slipped right in and out with zero resistance. Sometimes he couldn't tell which hole his cock was in at the time. He just pulling out and slamming in again, allowing fate to decide if it's going in her ass or her pussy. There was no more cum left in his body so he could go as long as he wanted, limited only by what his fitness level allowed. He started running out of stamina. Frustrated as hell he finally stopped with his dick embedded in her....... well he had to look down to see where it was embedded. He saw its in her ass so he pulled it out and pushed into her pussy and pumped slowly in attempt to get his cock soft.

He was back on the fly deck drinking beers and soaking up some sun while regaining his strength. She was still lying on the table completly lifeless but conscious. Her mind could process the sun moving in the sky, the swells of the ocean and the movements on the yacht but any instructions her brain sent to her body to move got lost in translation somewhere because her body just wouldn't budge.

It was nearing dusk when she just sat up and balanced herself. She was starving, she was sore and she was weak. She managed to stumble into the salon to the galley to grap some water. He saw her and told her there was food for her and she has to eat something as she must be famished. She looked at him with a deathly glare when he laughed and assured her it's safe to eat, last night's activities won't be repeated today. She sat down at the bar counter and he brought her a variety of light finger foods. He was exhausted too, not near close to her level but still tired.

After showering that night they sat up in the Owner's Cabin and watched TV while pigging out on various luxuries. She fell asleep quite quickly and he took the opportunity to examine her sleeping body. At roughly 5'1" and 95lbs; her 28" bust, skinny 26" waist and 30" hips fit her perfectly. She had bright burgundy hair going down to her shoulder blades which was now in contrast to her bruised and beaten flesh.

He positioned her to lay flat on her back with her skinny arms and petite hands with long fingers along her side of her body. Her tummy was flat from just under her AA breasts all the way down to just above her baby smooth mons with only her rib cage and hips bones protruding ever so slightly. Her pubic bone caused a little bump between her mons and her bulging clit which had the sexiest newly stretched out and swollen pussy lipsjust below it. She had long, straight and slender legs with a thigh gap about as wide as his three large fingers. Her size 4 feet were soft and smooth ending in cute toes.

He the flipped her around to see her ass. Her butt cheeks were full, round, firm and bruised. He spread her cheeks apart to see her large gaping anus which had this really cute little mole just to the side of the entrance. What a difference since when she arrived. He broke her in, pushing her to the limits to see what she can handle and she hasn't disappointed in any form or way. He fell asleep and the woke the next morning in each other's arms. He starting rubbing her clit and pussy lips while she sucked and licked his morning glory.

They both enjoyed different types of sexual pleasures over the next few days. She even experienced her first real orgasm while riding his dick. From the first time she boarded the Lundrim Seksi to the time she left she was fully naked. On the last day of the week she was collected from the boat by a man on another smaller boat. This man looked at her and commented "man you really fucked her up solid". When she was gone he pulled up anchor and made his way out of international waters to his home port.

This is the last part of this series but the next series is in the planning phase......
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