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Connor craves humiliation and Rachel obliges. (Note - If there had been an M/M theme available I would have included it.)

I don’t know if there will ever be Vignette #2 or Vignette #3, but if such should arise in my mind I’ll have ready made titles for them.

* * * * * *

At five in the afternoon on this early spring day the sun was already casting shadows. As Connor climbed the steps to the stoop of the red brick row house his whole body was sensitized in anticipation of what would be required of him this day. He had a sense for it because he’d been ordered to take a purgative the day before and restrict himself to clear liquids. He didn’t ring the bell or knock because he was expected at just this time.

He entered the front hall and turned to the right. Through an archway he saw the familiar drawing room. It was elegantly, though sparely furnished. But today there was a new piece of furniture. A wide leather divan was placed in the very center of the room, and on it, lying on his side, his head propped on one hand, was a naked man. He watched Connor expectantly.

“Connor, this is Eric,” said Rachel. She was young middle age, her hair drawn into a chignon, and wearing a plain full skirted, burgundy taffeta dress with matching heels. Her bearing was stately.

“Would you remove all your clothes here, where Eric can watch you?”

Connor moved to the indicated place and hung his suit coat on the back of a nearby chair. He sat down to slip off his shoes and socks and began unbuttoning his shirt. When he stood to finish with his shirt, baring his chest, it became obvious where Eric’s preferences lay. By the time Connor had removed the rest of his clothes, Eric’s erection was complete.

Connor’s own genitals quickened as he basked in the humiliation of being displayed to this man as a sex object.

“Alright, Connor, now I want you to impale yourself on Eric and bring him to climax.”

A visible wave of contractions traversed Connor’s abdomen. He had never been with a man. The prospect was daunting and tantalizing, especially knowing Rachel would be watching. He approached and Eric obligingly turned on his back and raised his arms to grasp the decorative post placed crosswise at the end of the couch. He was about Connor’s size and age and beautifully muscled. Connor placed one knee on the near side of the couch and swung his other across Eric so that he was kneeling at the right place. He was vividly aware of his legs enclosing the smooth skin of Eric’s sides and hips. When the tip of his still mostly flaccid penis trailed across the hair on Eric’s belly it stiffened a bit more.

He reached behind and took Eric’s erection in his hand and guided the tip to his anus. He leaned back, against Eric. It took some maneuvering to guide the other man into himself. And it was painful, but a welcome pain. Finally the head of the penis passed the sphincter, causing more pain for Connor and much pleasure for Eric. He grinned up at Connor and arched his hips.

Now that the erection could slide into him fully, Connor was overcome by a sense that he had, indeed, been impaled, that he was a sacrifice for Rachel. He arched his back, to better feel the invasion. But then his pain began to be mixed with pleasure. As he moved forward and back it was as if he were pumping more and more blood into his own penis. His breath quickened.

“Wait,” said Rachel. “Can you pause a minute?” She raised a camera to her eye and tripped a flash. “I’ll have this enlarged and hang it over the fireplace.” Connor experienced an erotic thrill at the prospect of his humiliation being displayed at Rachel’s whim to who knew how many people.

“Now, Connor, don’t come before Eric is done. OK. Resume.”

They did, with Eric taking over the rhythm. Connor’s erection was as stiff and hard as it had ever been. His need left no room for any other thoughts. He tried to slow his breathing until Eric came with a cry. At that Rachel gripped Connor and stroked him up and down. He panted loudly until his semen sprayed over Eric’s chest and he collapsed on the other man. At that Eric slipped out of him and Rachel laid her hand affectionately on the place where he had been. The two men’s orgasms gradually subsided and Rachel told them to take a shower together.

The shower was large enough for two, with nozzles above and on three sides. Because he was still within Rachel’s sphere, Connor remained passive when Eric stroked him lightly. Rubbed a nipple with his forefinger. Cupped his balls. It was not unpleasant. Connor accepted the salvific pressure when Eric washed his sore anus with his soapy hand.

After toweling off the men re-entered the drawing room where Rachel was sitting relaxed in an easy chair. Connor kneeled before her. Eric dressed in jeans and a tee shirt and quietly exited the house. Alone now they watched Connor's penis grow. He offered the erection to Rachel for her further amusement.


Much thanks to visioneer at for helping to fine tune this little piece of writing.
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