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Warning. Sexual interactions with step-daughters can be fun in stories and fantasies. In real life it is entirely different. It is often causing trauma and pain. Seek help from a professional if needed.
My stepdaughter Nadine, her mom Katia and me have spent some time in the sauna. It was an incredibly pleasurable time for everyone. I’m still trying to comprehend what happened just now. It was crazy. Crazy good. The heat of the sauna is getting too much for me. “Anyone up for a skinny dip? I’m overheating in here?” I’m asking. “Sure.” “Let’s do this!” Nadine is the first to get out. She’s already naked from the previous massage session and runs toward the pool. Katia drops her towel too, grins at me and makes her way to the pool. I’m following closely behind. Splash! Nadine has just bombed into the pool! “Aaahhh! This is so good! I thought I was melting in there!” Nadine proclaims with a smile on her face. Katia jumps in the pool right next to her. Splash! I’m next. “Oh wow! This feels amazing!” I’m hearing myself say. “It is so refreshing after all this heat!” I’m enjoying the feel of the water all around my body. No clothes. It is liberating. I’m still feeling post-orgasmic content from the previous sauna session.

The girls are swimming a few laps. Oh my goodness! At the end of the lap Nadine is tumble turning like a professional swimmer. As she dives down her ass and pussy surface for the shortest moment. What a view! I’m joining the girls for a few laps and plant myself in the jacuzzi. Katia follows, sits down next to me and Nadine sits down opposite of us. I’m putting my arm around Katia’s waist under water. Her naked body feels so pleasant. So soft! “Who’s switching the jets on?” Katia asks. “I’ll go!” Nadine climbs out of the jacuzzi. She props herself up on the ledge. How beautiful her back is! And her slim waist. She pulls her petite body out of the water and ends up on her knees for the shortest moment. I can’t help myself but I’m getting semi-hard. She walks over to push the button and returns. Her breasts are bouncing with every step.

Nadine re-enters the pool: “You won’t mind if I sit next to you mom?” “Come here darling.” Nadine sits down next to Katia. Katia puts her arm around Nadine and they cuddle. “You won’t mind if I sit this way and put my legs over your laps? Then the jet will massage my back at just the right spot” Nadine asks as she turns 90 degrees and puts her back against the corner. “Sure” Katia replies. Nadine extends her legs and rests her thighs on Katia’s lap and her lower legs on my lap. Her feet and ankles dangle off my thighs free in the water. I’m turning my head towards Katia and lean on her shoulder. This way I’m getting a great view of Katia’s breasts just right next to me and of Nadine’s nude upper body. Nadine’s breasts are bouncing slightly in the bubbles. Her nipples are visible on and off. I’m enjoying this beautiful moment with my two girls.

“Mmmh this is so relaxing” Nadine purrs and leans back. At the same time she’s spreading her legs and retracting her feet a little. I can feel her feet slide over my thigh onto my dick. As soon as she touches my dick she stops. She uses one foot to push my dick against my belly. She gently plants the toes of her other foot on my balls, making circling movements. I’m getting throbbing hard in no time. I’m looking over to Nadine. She’s put her head back onto the ledge of the jacuzzi. One arm is around her mother, the other under water. Her breasts are now fully out of the water, glistening beautifully in the light like a Greek goddess. She’s got a slight smile on her face and looks content.

I’m sliding my hand underwater. There are so many legs! I’m working my way around Nadine’s legs which are across Katia’s thighs, on to Katia’s inner thighs. Her legs are slightly parted. As I’m moving my fingers close to Katia’s pussy I’m noticing that she’s sitting directly on a jet. I’m feeling the water pressure on my fingers. I bet Katia is having a good time! I’m sliding my hand up, place my finger on her clit and start gentle circling movements. Katia turns her head towards me and gives me a kiss: “It’s such a wonderful evening isn’t?” “Mm-hm,” I’m replying. “Soooo goood!” Nadine concurs. Nadine is changing the position of her feet underwater. She’s sandwiching my dick between her soles now! Oh my goodness. I love the pressure, the feel of her feet on my hardness. She’s moving them up now, to my tip and then down pulling my skin all the way down. The sensation on my tip is incredible! I’m feeling so much more than usual! So blissful! The hot sauna session just now must have dilated my blood vessels.

Katia is removing one arm from the ledge of the pool and slides it under water. Suddenly Nadine’s feet stop stroking me and instead just press strongly against my dick as if I was in a sandwich press. I’m flinching slightly. Nadine is flinching slighty too and resumes stroking me. She’s opening her mouth now and breathes more heavily. Oh my god! The bubbles are hiding it, but I’m sure Katia is pleasuring Nadine with her hand under water. What a beautiful circle of ecstasy! Everyone is giving and receiving pleasure at the same. I don’t want this moment to end! It’s paradise on earth! I’m putting my head back and gaze at the star filled sky above us. Katia is getting more turned on and starts thrusting her hips as I’m playing with her clit. Nadine still has her head thrown all the way back, resting on the edge of the jacuzzi. I can’t see her eyes. I can’t resist but to put my arm around Katia’s breasts, squeezing both of them as I give her a sensual kiss. She’s sliding her body down a little, submerging her breasts as she’s spreading her legs further giving me full access to pleasure her. The jet must be pleasuring her butt hole now. I keep playing with her nipples, squeeze her breasts as I’m sliding in and out of her pussy, then back up to circle her clit repeating it all again and again. She’s breathing so heavily now! She starts clenching her pussy. Oh my goodness is she about to–

Suddenly Katia grabs my wrist under water and sits up straight in the pool. My fingers are sliding out of her. What is she up to? She puts one arm around me and her other arm also emerges from the water. She puts it around Nadine’s shoulder. Nadine is lifting her head, looking at her mom. Nadine must be disappointed that the pleasure she has been receiving from her mom has stopped. Nadine stops stroking my dick with her feet momentarily but resumes now. “How did you like my massage today Nadine?” Katia asks out of the blue. “Um… it was great, thanks!” Nadine replies. “And how did you like Frank’s massage?” “It was nice too. Yours felt more professional though, mom. No offence Frank,” Nadine smiles at me. “Thanks for the backhanded criticism Nadine,” I’m countering. I can’t believe I’m able to have a conversation while I’m getting a footjob from my stepdaughter. “Would you like me to teach you a few massage moves Frank?” Katia asks. This this is getting interesting. “Ok sure”. “Alright,” Katia says as she moves Nadine’s legs off our thighs and moves into the corner of the jacuzzi. I’m disappointed that Nadine’s footjob is over now. My dick is so hard. I’m so turned on. It must be the effect of the sauna. I’m moments away from cumming. “Sit in front of me Frank, your back towards me,” Katia continues. “Ok.” “I’ll start with shoulder techniques. Nadine, sit in front of Frank, your back towards him. I’ll show him how to massage you while I’m massaging him. He can mirror my movements.” “Ok mom.”

Oh my goodness! Where is this going? Nadine is sitting down in front of me. She moves her body closer to mine. Her shoulders are now right in front of me. Now she’s pushing her butt backwards against me. Oh my! My hard dick pushes right against her butt crack. I’m trying hard to suppress a moan. As we’re starting with the first massage move, Nadine keeps subtly rocking her ass back and forth, massaging my dick between her ass and my belly. So good! I can’t hold back much longer! “How is Frank doing, Nadine?” “Not too bad mom!” “Ok let’s move on to the lower back. Lean forward,” Katia instructs. I’m leaning forward. Nadine is leaning forward too and pushes her ass back against me, sandwiching my dick between her cheeks. Oh my goodness! As I’m continuing massaging Nadine’s back she’s reaching back with one hand, pulling my throbbing dick down. She’s pushing my tip straight against her backdoor. I’m so close to cumming! I’m continuing my massage as good as I can. I’m feeling how Nadine is relaxing her entry. She’s pushing hard against my tip. I’m slowly entering her. How tight she is! I’m feeling so much! Her rim is so tight against my shaft. More blood is accumulating in my dick. I bet my tip must be purple! Nadine starts wiggling her ass slightly under water moving it back and forth. I’m losing it! This is it! You got me! I’m going to blow my load inside you! Explosions! Fireworks! Heaven! Fuucckkkk yeahhhh!!!!! Aaaahhhh!!! I’m feeling my dick twitching, pumping my semen inside my stepdaughter’s ass. It keeps going. Again and again! Oh my gooooodddddd!!!! I’m cumming even harder than in the sauna!

As I’m finished I’m realizing that I’ve unconsciously sat up straight, pushing against Katia’s body behind me. I’m feeling her breasts on my back. I’m making small, ridiculous circling pretend-massage movements with my hands on Nadine’s back. I wasn’t good at hiding this orgasm. I wonder what’s going on inside Katia’s head. How does it feel to witness your boyfriend cum inside your daughter’s ass as he’s leaning back onto your naked body? I’m looking back at Katia. Her facial expression answers my question. She looks so turned on! She’s breathing heavily. Her mouth is half open. Is she sitting on a jet? The look in her eyes! It’s almost as if she was high on drugs! “I think I need a break from massage lessons. There’s only so much I can retain in an evening. What would you like to do now?” I’m asking Katia and Nadine. I really don’t know where this is going. Katia seems to be turned on beyond anything I’ve seen before. Nadine is looking at Katia. Katia is looking back at Nadine intensely. Several moments pass. No response. I’m taking action. I’m sliding out of Nadine and slide off the jacuzzi’s underwater bench into the middle of the jacuzzi, kneeling underwater before the girls. Underwater, I’m sliding four fingers of one hand in Katia’s pussy, massaging her clit with my thumb. I’m doing the same with Nadine’s pussy with my other hand. The reaction on the girl’s faces! Glorious. Katia starts frowning from lust. She looks like she can’t take it much longer. Nadine’s mouth is wide open, she’s breathing heavily. Katia’s moving close to Nadine. Putting her arms around her. Cuddling with Nadine. Nadine is doing the same. Nadine’s hug is going lower. Her arm is squeezing her mother’s breasts.

Katia is opening her eyes, looking into Nadine’s. Their heads are moving closer. Oh my god! Are they going to kiss? Katia’s arm is now also sliding lower, hugging Nadine around her breasts. Are they going to go full out? No games of pretending anymore? There! Nadine is moving her hand closer to Katia’s breast. As she’s about to reach Katia’s nipple, Katia slides her body further into the water, covering her breasts with bubbles. At the same time she’s pushing her pussy harder against my fingers inside her. Nadine is following suit. What I would give to see what the bubbles are hiding! They must be caressing each other’s breasts and gorgeous bodies as I’m pleasuring them with my fingers. Katia looks so far gone! She’s moving her head so close to Nadine. Her lips are almost touching her daughter’s. She’s closing her eyes, embracing Nadine. Oh my god! Are they going to kiss? Suddenly Katia starts shivering. She’s pushing the side of her face against Nadine’s face, embracing her avidly, cheek to cheek. Nadine hugs her back. Katia’s whole body spasms. Her pussy contracts erratically as she orgasms in her daughter’s loving embrace. She keeps going, violently arches her back and her pussy briefly surfaces revealing four of my fingers inside her, stretching her. What a view! After a few blissful moments her contractions become slower and she collapses on Nadine’s shoulders, eyes closed.

Nadine looks at me. Straight into my eyes. Her mouth is wide open. She must be close as well! She forms the words with her lips, silently: “Harder! Five fingers!” I should have known. Nadine loves to get stretched. I’m complying immediately. Nadine flinches briefly as I put my fingers together and insert them until my base knuckles. She reaches down to her clit and starts rubbing it like crazy as she arches her back raising her upper body and pussy out of the water. Her pussy is right in front of my face! I’m pushing my hand in and out of Nadine’s opening with tiny, very fast movements, like a vibrator. Nadine is rolling her eyes back. She contracts. Oh yes! She’s going to cum! Sploosh! A small squirt of her female ejaculate hits my face to kick off her orgasm. Her face is a grimace of lust. She immerses her body and keeps twitching on my fingers. She’s cuddling up to her mother’s chest, above her breasts. Katia is embracing her, resting her cheek on her daughter’s head as Nadine keeps convulsing. The contractions become further apart. She has finished now.

Katia opens her eyes and looks at me: “Come here Frank. Group cuddle.” Both girls open an arm for me, inviting me in. Their faces are radiating an aura of post orgasmic contentment. I’m smiling back at them and put my arms around them. I give Katia a peck on her lips and Nadine one on her cheek. I’m feeling like the luckiest man on earth. I love my step-family!

Copyright Normann Blaze 2022

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