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In part two we pick up the story of Emma and her Uncle Steve the morning after their first sexual encounter together.

I slowly came awake, not wanting to leave the wonderful dreams I’d been having. My bed was oh so comfortable and for some reason, my body was feeling a wonderful tingly sensation. Sunlight streamed through the open curtains in my bedroom and I squinted my eyes trying to get my bearings. That’s when I saw a head of tousled brunette hair draped across my groin. More awake now, I realized that soft, warm lips were kissing up and down my semi-erect cock, sending waves of pleasure through me. I could feel a small hand caressing my balls like a child playing with a new toy. I grinned like an idiot, realizing that I felt happier right then than I’d felt in years.

“Good morning, gorgeous,” I said softly. “What a wonderful way to wake up.”

She didn’t answer, but suddenly, my back arched involuntarily as I felt her warm, wet mouth engulf the head of my cock. She sucked gently on my glans while her tongue made wild swirls all around the tip. I couldn’t help but groan loudly.

“Em, baby, that feels fucking fantastic, but I desperately need to pee. If you don’t stop, you're going to get splashed with something other than semen!”

I felt her lips slide off my cock as she pushed herself into a sitting position. She was still totally nude, and for a moment, I forgot about needing to pee.

“Morning Uncle, I hear that golden showers can be pretty sexy, but if you need to go pee, then make it quick!”

I took one quick look at her stiff nipples and hightailed it to the bathroom to relieve myself. While there, I took a minute to brush my teeth and swish some mouthwash before heading back to the bedroom. Em was lying on her side seductively rubbing one finger through the folds of her wet pussy. As soon as she saw me, she raised the finger to her mouth and sucked it clean before returning it to her warm crease. My cock had deflated after peeing, but now quickly rose to the occasion.

I quickly reclined next to her and gave her a deep, soulful kiss. Then I reached down and took her hand from her pussy, and moved her wet finger to my mouth, where I sucked and savored her sweet nectar. She shivered as my lips caressed her slippery digit.

“Fuck, Uncle Steve, even the little things you do make me want to cum. I can’t wait to see what else you can teach me.”

I moved closer and took her into my arms and kissed her again, enjoying the feel of her tongue on mine. Her hand clasped my hard shaft, and she began a slow, lazy rhythm. It was remarkable, we had both just woken and already were hornier than hell. As much as I loved kissing her lips, I needed to spend some time with her breasts. For such a slender girl, her boobs were full and round and easily a C-cup. I reached for her breast, amazed at how soft and substantial it was. Breaking our kiss, I leaned in and nibbled gently on the rubbery points of her nipples.

Em sighed, “Goddamn, that feels good. Most boys just kiss my boobs. They seem pretty lost as to what else to do. This is so much nicer.”

Normally I enjoy a long foreplay session, but with Em’s beauty and with everything being so new and taboo, I just couldn’t wait any longer. I rolled her onto her back and positioned myself over her. She smiled at me and opened her legs wide, almost folding her knees to the bed. I’d forgotten how flexible teen girls could be. My cock was already poking random spots on her pussy, so she reached between us and positioned my cockhead at her hot, wet opening. Wasting no time, I pushed forward slightly, feeling my glans split the lips of her vulva.

She was wet and my cock had been leaking pre-cum, so I easily slid three inches inside her warm sleeve. This time I shivered at the sensation of her vagina gripping my cock like a long-lost lover. As before, she was tight, and it took a minute of sliding in and out and pushing until I managed to bury my entire eight inches inside her. The heat and tightness were mind-numbing, and I could see from Em’s face that she was in her own, personal, happy place.

“You okay, sweetheart? I’m fully inside you.”

She smiled again and shook her head yes, then closed her eyes to revel in the experience. Unlike last night, I wanted this time to be soft and sensual. Rather than a race to orgasm, I wanted to take her on a slow journey to ecstasy. I was still on my knees and upright, which gave me a spectacular view of her beauty as I slowly stroked my full length in and out of her snug pussy. I grabbed one of her bare feet and raised it to my lips, where I kissed up and down the sole.

“Ooh, that’s different,” I heard her say dreamily. “Normally my feet are ticklish, but not now. You’re giving me shivers.”

I smiled and sucked one cute toe into my mouth and caressed it with my tongue. I could tell she enjoyed this because I felt her pussy quiver around my cock. Feeling emboldened, I sucked each of her toes until she moaned with delight. Seems like she just learned another new sex technique. I gave equal attention to her other foot, and that was enough to push her over the edge. I felt her vagina squeeze my cock as I continued to thrust, and her first orgasm washed over her. It was a small one, and her body only stiffened once or twice before relaxing again.

“Oh, my!” she laughed. “Who the fuck knew I could cum just from having my toes sucked?”

I sped up my pace as I lowered my body to hers. Now she was supporting part of my weight, and I used the opportunity to nuzzle her breasts. I teased her with little kisses and nibbles, and sometimes took her entire areola into my mouth and massaged it with my tongue. I continued this for another five minutes when I felt her second orgasm hit. This was also small, and as it passed over her, I could feel a flood of wetness seeping from around my cock. Her vagina was loving the mini-orgasms.

My orgasm had been right at the edge for some minutes now, and I’d been fighting it to delay as long as possible. But it was time for some relief. I started thrusting even faster and Em responded by curling her hips upward in sync with me. I kissed her hard on the lips and felt her tongue immediately slide into my mouth. As I pumped into her sopping wet pussy, I sucked hard on her tongue and used my fingers to continue tweaking her nipples. Faintly I could hear my balls slapping against her body and I could hold out no longer.

As I drove my cock as deep into her as I could, I simultaneously pinched her nipple, hard. My cock erupted with a huge jet of semen that must have blasted Em’s cervix like a firehose. This pushed her over the edge and she climaxed. Her entire body stiffened, and her pussy clamped down so tightly on my cock that it hurt. Spurt after spurt of hot seed flooded her womb as her pussy convulsed around my shaft, milking me of every last drop. Even after I had nothing left to give, I continued thrusting, just enjoying the intense experience. Faintly, I heard a disembodied voice in the distance.

“Oh, stop, please stop!” she said over and over. “My pussy’s too sensitive and I’m going to die from pleasure!”

She had to repeat it a few times before my overloaded brain heard the message. I quickly slowed my pace and came to a stop with my cock still buried as far as it would go. I could feel her vagina continuing to spasm from her enormous climax. I propped myself up on my arms so I could look at her.

“Hi, baby,” I whispered, not wanting to startle her. “I’m sorry, I got so lost in my orgasm that I couldn’t hear anything for a moment. Do you want me to pull out or just stay still?”

She opened her eyes and gave me a weak smile. ‘Just stay inside me, it feels good and won’t rub against my super sensitive pussy. I can’t even describe how good you made me feel. My entire body is vibrating from head to toes.”

“I have to agree, I don’t think any woman has ever given me the pleasure you just gave me. If we weren’t related, I’d marry you tomorrow!”

She smiled at my joke and shifted her body slightly to get comfortable. We were both soaking wet with sweat, and our heartbeats were just beginning to return to normal. This had been a fuck for the ages and I just wanted to bask in the afterglow.

“I can feel you getting soft,” she said with a hint of sadness in her voice.

“Yeah, it never seems to last long enough. But frankly, just looking at your beautiful face is all I need right now.”

“Ha, hardly beautiful. My hair is a mess and I must stink after all the sweating. I desperately need a shower.”

As she spoke, my cock softened fully and Em’s vagina pushed me out with a sad plop. I rolled onto my side and touched her face with my hand.

“I need a shower too, but not before I do my morning swim. It’s a little later than I normally go, but I try to never miss a day. What to join me?”

She pondered the question and said, “Let’s do a swim. Even though I’m tired, I know it’s better to get outside and be active rather than lie around the house.”

“Great! Wear a one-piece swimsuit. No bikinis for a long swim. Sometimes the waves can be rough where the cove and ocean meet. If you wear a bikini, there’s a good chance you’ll lose at least one piece of it and have to swim back naked.” I saw her smile at my words and I went on. “I’m being serious. I’ve rescued two young women just in the past few months who were out too far and lost their bikini tops or bottoms. As sexy as it sounds, it’s no fun.”

“Yes sir,” she said and saluted me. I watched as she scampered bare ass naked down the hallway to get dressed.

I changed quickly and waited on the patio for her to join me. Ten minutes later, she appeared wearing another one-piece Speedo, this time in fluorescent yellow. Once again, I admired how well the tight suit showed off her figure. Then it occurred to me, this girl would look beautiful dressed in a potato sack.

“Since this is your first time doing a long swim, we can shorten the distance to make it manageable. Normally I do five miles, but let’s try one mile and see how you feel.” I held up a bright orange float tube and said, “I’ll bring this along in case you get tired. It’ll make it easier for you to float and rest.”

We walked to the water and waded in. Quickly the water was deep enough to swim, and we took off following the natural shoreline of the cove. I slowed my pace to allow Em to keep up, though, for a beginner, she was doing well. Periodically, we would stop, and I’d adjust her arm or leg movements to maximize efficiency. Luckily, the winds were light, which kept the swells manageable. At about the half-mile point, we stopped, and I assessed her stamina.

“Em, we’re about a half-mile from home, so let me check your pulse and breathing.”

I was amazed at how relaxed her body was. Neither pulse nor respiration was much above her baseline. A testament to her superb physical conditioning from school sports.

“How are your muscles?” I asked. “Any cramps or weakness?”

“No, none,” she replied. “I feel about the same as one of my long training runs. I think we can keep going.”

Ultimately, she had the stamina for a complete three-mile loop, and I couldn’t have been more proud of her. I knew that after a week or two of this, she’d be hitting five miles easily. By the time we reached the house, we were both feeling it. We each hit the shower and met out on the patio about an hour later. I had my protein smoothie and Em had made herself a vegetable egg white omelet with whole-wheat toast. We had an enjoyable brunch talking about everything and nothing.

The day passed lazily and by dinner time we were both ravenous. Em was in the mood for meat so I took her to a place in town that’s known for their charbroiled steaks. I had a huge porterhouse, while Em chose the petite Filet Mignon. It was a wonderful meal, and again I let Em sip some full-bodied red wine. By the time we got back home, we were stuffed, tired, and mellow.

I sat to watch some TV while Em moved all of her stuff into my bedroom. With that, we officially became a secret couple. At one point, I heard Em speaking with her mom, so I used the opportunity to speak with Kate and convince her to let Emma stay for the entire summer. She was a little reluctant since she was getting lonely herself, but knowing this was a rare opportunity, she finally relented. She even agreed that maybe she would visit near the end of summer to relax and then travel back with Em.

I was in front of the TV when Em joined me, dressed in a silky tank top and sleep shorts. She sat next to me and snuggled tightly against my body. I loved feeling her warmth and wrapped my arm around her and pulled her close. She looked up at me and we kissed softly. I could see she was worn out from the day’s activities and figured sleep would come soon. As much as she tried to act like an adult, she still was a growing teen who needed a lot of sleep.

“Uncle Steve,” she began, “would you be upset if we just sleep tonight? My pussy is a little sore, and I’d like to take it easy for a day. We could do other stuff if you'd like.”

Again I realized how young and vulnerable she was. She was so smart and strong-willed that it was easy to treat her like she was much older. In some ways, I still needed to be the protective uncle.

“Em, of course we can just sleep tonight. This is not a race. We can move at a slow pace and see how things go. I love you dearly and want you to always feel comfortable.”

She gave me a big smile and kissed me again before settling back down to watch TV. But within ten minutes I heard her steady breathing and saw that she was asleep. I stayed up for another hour before carrying her to bed and tucking her in with a kiss on her forehead. She was so far under, she didn’t even stir.

The next day was Monday and we were back to our normal weekly routine. Em swam with me a few mornings and, as expected, her distance slowly improved. With my newfound exuberance from my summer romance, the ideas for my book flowed steadily, allowing me to make good progress. Em and I resumed mild sex play, but we still held off on intercourse. The plan was to wait for the weekend just to be sure.

By week’s end, we were out for our usual Friday night dinner in town. This time, I limited Em’s wine consumption so that we could stroll the shops after dinner. Making good on my promise, I bought her the matching seahorse necklace to go with her bracelet. She, of course, was thrilled and smothered me with kisses once we were back outside.

As we walked, I said, “I have a big surprise for you tomorrow. But it’s a secret so you’ll have to wait.”

I quickly learned that you should never tease a teenage girl. She proceeded to pepper me with a million questions, trying to get me to spill the beans. She begged me for a hint, and I finally broke down and told her we were going on an all-day excursion. But that was all I would tell her.

That night in bed, she used all her feminine wiles to get me to talk. And I have to admit that when she had my cock in her mouth while her warm hand stroked me, I almost gave in. But she made the mistake of making me cum too quickly and she lost the edge in our little battle. As a consolation prize, I licked her pussy until she climaxed all over my face. Call it a win-win.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early. I asked her to wear her favorite swimsuit covered up with casual street clothes. Around seven o’clock, a delivery arrived consisting of a chilled picnic basket and a separate cooler with drinks. We grabbed a quick breakfast and piled into our car for the thirty-minute drive.

“Now, will you tell me where we’re going?” she whined.

“Soon, Princess, soon,” I replied. “Just a few more minutes.”

I pulled into the marina and parked. She still didn’t understand what we were doing. She saw some people walking with fishing poles, and I saw her face darken.

“Please tell me we aren’t going fishing all day,” she said so morosely that I had to laugh. “Sitting in the hot sun waiting for a fish to bite doesn’t sound like a fun time.”

“No worries, Princess, fishing is not on the agenda today. But it’s good to know that it should never be on our agenda!”

She grabbed the cooler and I carried the picnic basket and duffle stuffed with towels and blankets. I led her down the pier to the far end, where a gleaming white cabin cruiser was moored. I had her wait while I stepped into the rental office, and soon emerged with a packet of paperwork and a set of keys on a bright yellow flotation key ring. She saw the keys and her eyes widened.

“Did you buy a boat?” she gasped. “I’ve never been on a boat this big before.”

I laughed and replied, “Not bought, rented for the day. It’s a 30-foot Galeon 300 Fly sport cruiser. I’ve rented her a few times since I’ve been down here. I like to explore the multitudes of coves and inlets in these waters. In just a few months, I’ve managed to find quite a few isolated beaches. I thought you and I could spend the day exploring and playing.”

Her face lit up with a big smile and she clapped her hands like a child seeing a parade for the first time. It made me feel good knowing I picked an activity that pleased her. I helped her up the plank and we stowed our gear below deck. A dock hand untied us and I secured our mooring lines before firing up the engines. I showed Em how to raise the anchor, and I slowly maneuvered us out of the tight space into the open waters of the cove.

We cruised slowly for the first mile or so as I explained the basic rules of boating to Em. Once we were clear of the no-wake zone, I punched in the coordinates of the first cove I wanted to visit. Then I opened the throttles and heard Em whoop with excitement as the wind and spray swirled around the cabin. She was grinning from ear to ear and occasionally would poke her head out to feel the ocean spray on her face. A few times we crossed the wake of other boats and she screamed with pure delight as our boat hopped and skipped over the waves.

It took us about forty-five minutes to reach the first cove. It was a narrow inlet about fifty feet wide leading to a larger lagoon. As expected, the area was deserted so I maneuvered to the far end and anchored in deeper water. It was roughly high tide and I didn’t want the boat to be grounded later in the day. The boat came with a powered rubber dinghy, which we used to travel to the beach.

“Let’s set up under this row of trees,” I said. “This will give us decent shade for most of the day.”

“This is so pretty!” she said, looking in all directions. “Is that a waterfall over there?”

I looked where she was pointing and said, “Sort of. I guess that rainwater collects in the higher elevations and works its way down. It’s very rocky in that area, so the water spills over the boulders into a small pool before feeding into the sea. It depends on the rainfall as some days when I visited, the flow was just a trickle. But it looks pretty good today.”

It was only ten o’clock, but already quite hot. We both stripped off our clothes and I got to see her swimsuit choice for today. It was another teeny bikini, pure white with bright blue strings tied at her hips, neck, and back. Of course, it looked stunning on her. The various bits were so small that some of her untanned skin was visible. But I had a plan for that.

We ran into the surf and spent an hour swimming and horsing around. There was lots of kissing and fondling, and I quickly learned my niece could be quite a cock tease. She would swim up behind me and reach between my legs to fondle my cock through my trunks. And as I turned to retaliate, she would dive deep and surface twenty or thirty feet away. Other times, she would hug me and wrap her legs around me, grinding her pussy against my cock. Then just as quickly she would kick free and dive again, surfacing in some random location. She was quite the vixen.

Back on the beach, I spread out two big blankets and pulled drinks out of the cooler. We relaxed, enjoying the sounds of the surf and seabirds as the breeze cooled us. I spent a good bit of time admiring how translucent Emma’s wet swimsuit had become. I could easily see her areolas and nipples, and the crease of her pussy was perfectly visible through the unlined fabric. I remembered Kate’s words and agreed that Em’s choice of swimsuits probably wouldn’t be legal in her home state of Utah.

“Ready to do some exploring?” I asked. “I have snorkel gear and we can swim around looking at the fish and other marine life.”

“Another thing I’ve never done,” she replied. “But it sounds great!”

“Oh, and one other thing,” I said seductively. “As you can see, there’s no one in sight, so we can skinny-dip while we snorkel. If you’ve never swum in the nude, it can be an erotic experience.”

I saw her smile at the thought. “That sounds a little naughty,” she cooed. “I did swim topless in my friend’s pool once. But this will be quite different.”

We both stood and I dropped my trunks first. Em looked a bit hesitant as her eyes scanned everywhere, making sure we were alone. Then with a quick pull on a few knots, her bikini dropped away and she stood before me completely naked. My cock instantly went to half-mast and I heard her giggle.

“Boy, you sure do get hard fast,” she cooed. “I guess I should be flattered that little old me can make you so horny.”

She walked toward me, grasping my cock in her soft hand, and stroked me. Then, just as quickly, she let go and hightailed it for the water. I grabbed the snorkel gear and chased after her, hard cock flapping as I ran. In the water, she embraced me and we kissed, both feeling my hardness pressing into her belly. I lifted her and she straddled my cock between her thighs. She used her hips to flex so that her pussy rubbed the length of my shaft, and I used one hand to hold her ass while the other hand massaged her breasts. We pleasured each other for several minutes before untangling our limbs so that we could explore.

Side by side we snorkeled pointing out various underwater sights to each other. The area teemed with colorful fish, and the seabed was covered in barnacle-encrusted rocks and small coral reefs. But honestly, I spent a lot of time just looking at Em as she swam. Free of the constraints of a swimsuit, her breasts were able to jiggle and float as she glided through the azure water. The view was mesmerizing and it was erotic watching her nipples stiffen and soften as she moved through the different water temperatures.

Sometimes I would fall behind just so I could admire her pussy smiling at me as her legs kicked. I spent the entire time swimming with an erection and had to be careful I didn’t scrape my cock on anything sharp when we swam near the bottom. A few times she saw my distress and took me in her hand to provide a few quick strokes. She even surprised me by swimming underneath me, removing her snorkel, and sucking my cockhead into her warm mouth. It was like nothing I’d ever felt before, and by the time we got back to our blankets, I was ready to explode.

We tumbled to the blankets and wrapped each other in a bear hug. We smothered each other in kisses as I rubbed my rigid cock along her belly. I learned long ago that seawater does bad things to natural lubrication and that if I wanted to make love to her, then foreplay was a must. I used my hand to massage her pussy, feeling that it was wet but not yet slippery. As I stoked my fingers through her warm cleft, I used my mouth to suck and nibble on her rubbery nipples. She was starting to moan and I could feel my cock buzzing at the thought of soon being inside her.

I slid down and nudged her thighs apart and covered her pussy with my mouth. Licking upward through her slit, I used my tongue to tickle her clitoris with each pass. I could taste that her juices were beginning to flow and I used the tip of my tongue to slide into her tight vagina. Her hips bucked as my tongue entered her wet sleeve, and I felt her hands grasp my hair and pull me tighter against her pussy. I flicked my tongue rapidly as I slid up and down through the soft folds of her labia, and Em responded by moaning loudly. By this point, my cock had drilled itself into the blanket and I knew we both were ready.

Coming up for air, I quickly turned onto my back next to her and took her hand.

“Em, honey, let’s try it with you on top this time. I so want to be able to play with your boobs as we fuck.”

“Sure, okay,” she panted. “Anything you want so that I can feel your hard cock inside me.”

She climbed over me, positioning her pussy just over my erect cock. A steady drool of pre-cum was leaking out of my pee-hole and running down my shaft. As she lowered herself, I could feel my glans make contact as the lips of her vagina expanded and oozed around my cockhead. She moved slowly as inch by inch of my shaft slid up inside her hot, vice-like sleeve. Soon she was sitting on my crotch and I was inside her as far as I could go.

Placing her palms on my chest, she lifted herself until just the tip of my cock was still in her grip before lowering herself again, burying me to the hilt. Up and down she stroked as both our bodies quivered at the intense sensation. Soon she had a steady rhythm going and I smiled as her breasts bounced and jiggled only inches from my face.

I used both my hands to massage and caress her bouncing boobs. They jiggled and quivered and felt weighty against my palms. Em’s head was bent backward and her eyes were closed as she rode me hard. Her mouth was open and a steady litany of “Oohs” followed each downward stroke. Between her sexy sounds and her tight vagina spasming around my cock, my orgasm was nearing the surface. I used my fingers to pinch her nipples as I lifted my hips to meet her thrusts.

Em’s orgasm hit her hard, momentarily ruining the rhythm she had going. She recovered and continued to hump me as I felt her vagina squeeze my cock even harder. She had to be getting tired, but she showed no signs of slowing and within a few seconds, I climaxed, spraying her cervix with jet after jet of hot semen. Feeling me shoot cum into her, she lost rhythm again and began slowing her stroke. In this position, with my cock pistoning her snug vagina, my semen squirted out between our bodies as she slid up and down my shaft. Now it was my turn to be too sensitive.

“Em, honey, it’s too much. Can you stop moving?” I begged. “My cock feels like a million electric shocks are flowing through it.”

She stopped and rested all her weight on my hips. She was breathing hard and sweat dripped from her hair. I watched fascinated as a lone drop of sweat ran down her breast and hung for a moment on the tip of her nipple before finally falling onto my stomach. I was still hard inside her and could feel her heartbeat through the tight walls of her velvet sleeve. I felt like I squirted more semen than any time in recent memory. I was one happy motherfucker. Or, I guess, niece-fucker would be more accurate.

She shifted her position and I felt my cock slide in and out slightly. This caused another blob of semen to ooze out of my cock. As we recovered, I began to feel my cock soften and knew that it was only a matter of time before I slipped out of her. I took another moment to fondle her breasts, just enjoying how supple and warm they were.

“What is it with boys and boobs?” she asked with a grin. “I have all these parts you can play with and you go for the tits every time.”

“Can’t help it,” I said softly. “Boobs have always been a favorite of mine, and yours are so beautiful I just can’t stop touching them. They complement perfectly the other gorgeous parts of you.”

“Well, I can feel you’ve gone all soft and squishy on me so I think it’s time to unkink my muscles.”

She lifted herself and we both heard the wet plop as my cock fell out of her. That was followed by a stream of our combined juices that puddled all over my groin. We both needed to rinse off so we got to our feet and raced each other to the water.

We spent a good long while just swimming and playing grab-ass in the warm waters. It felt good after all the sweating we’d done and it gave us ample opportunity for more kissing and touching. It seemed we just couldn’t get enough of each other. Eventually, our skin got quite pruney so we dragged ourselves back to the blankets to relax. Within minutes, we were both fast asleep, lying naked under the shade trees as a cooling breeze dried us.

It was the heat that woke me. A burning sensation across one arm. I cracked open one eye and saw that it was late afternoon and the sun was now encroaching on our shade. My arm was already pink from exposure, and I knew it was time to move. I looked over and saw Em still in the shade. Lying on her side facing me. I spent a moment reveling in her pure beauty before gently touching her arm to wake her. She was slow to rouse, but eventually cracked open one eye.

“Wow, how long did we sleep?” she said through a big yawn. “I felt so comfy, I didn’t want to move.”

I looked at my watch and estimated we’d been asleep for almost four hours. And by the rumble in my stomach, I remembered that we never ate lunch. I got up and moved the picnic basket so that we could dine in the shade.

“Oh, wow!” she said. “I forgot we brought food. Hope it’s something good!”

I opened the insulated basket and found the contents still nice and cold. We feasted on crab cake sandwiches along with potato salad and a crunchy vegetable salad with vinaigrette dressing. We each had a beer and soon were stuffed and sleepy again.

“It’s too late to hit the second cove today,” I told her. “But I’ll rent the boat a few more times during your vacation so we can do this again. Assuming you want to, that is.”

She grinned and said “Hell yeah I want to do this again. This was one of the best day trips of my life.”

We sat for a bit longer, both still naked as the day we were born. I couldn’t stop admiring her beauty, and I felt my cock start to stiffen. This did not go unnoticed by my new girlfriend.

“Well, well,” she cooed. “Looks like someone is not done playing yet. Let me help with that.”

She crawled to me on hands and knees and forced my legs apart. She kissed the end of my cock and then proceeded to give me a spectacular blowjob. I just sat back as her warm, wet lips caressed my glans and her hands tightly stroked me. As I came, I let out a loud groan and spurted into her mouth. She swallowed every drop and then climbed into my lap and kissed me hard. I hugged her and put my mouth close to her ear.

“That was wonderful. Can I return the favor?”

She smiled and shook her head and said, “I’ll take a rain check. My pussy is a little sore and my legs are tired from all the humping. Can we save it for later?”

I kissed her again and just held her close as the soft breezes blew. Sadly, it was soon time to leave so we packed up and motored the dinghy back to our boat. The ride to the marina was fun but uneventful, and by the time we docked, Em was curled up asleep on one of the beds below. Once we were tied off, I carried all our supplies to the dock and then went back to wake her.

We were wearing only our swimsuits and as we walked to the car I could feel dozens of eyes, both men and women, admiring Em as we passed. She seemed oblivious to the stares, or perhaps she secretly enjoyed the attention. Regardless, we made it to the car and drove straight home. We were both still full, so stopping at a restaurant for dinner was no longer desirable. But that was fine, as I knew the weekly grocery delivery had occurred and we were well stocked for any late-night cravings.

That evening, we made it halfway through a movie before Em asked to cash in on my orgasm offer.

“Someone owes me an orgasm,” she declared suddenly.

I smiled and said, “Yes, Princess. Please remove your nightshirt and panties.”

“Um, I’m not wearing any panties this evening,” she cooed. And then pulled her shirt over her head.

My cock lurched at the sight of her. No matter how many times I saw her naked, each time was like the first time. Her stomach was flat and tight, and her legs were slim and well-developed. Her ass was compact and very smooth and firm, no doubt a benefit of all the running she did. And she had two sexy dimples on her lower back on either side of her spine.

I reclined on the sofa and said, “Sit on my face.”

She did a double take and then asked, “Do what now?”

“Straddle my face, and lower your pussy to my mouth. I’ll do the rest.”

She did as asked and soon I had a soft, warm vulva pressing on my lips. I held her hips and began licking every inch of her pussy, which soon had her squirming. As I licked, I reached up and fondled her breasts, doubling the stimulation. Quickly, I could taste the sweet nectar of her juices as her pussy responded to my sex play. Every so often, I would use my hands to lift her hips so that I could slide my tongue into her vagina. This was her favorite part as she humped my tongue trying to drive it deeper. She only lasted about ten minutes before her climax hit, and my face was bathed in warm juices. She continued to hump my face until at last the wave passed and she lifted herself off me. We both were sopping wet so she ran to the bathroom and brought back wet and dry towels to cleanse us.

She then knelt on the floor next to me and kissed me, massaging my mouth with her tongue. As we kissed, I began stroking my cock, which had come alive again. She offered to help, but instead, I asked her to just lay on the floor and let me jerk off to her naked body.

“I’ve never watched a man masturbate before,” she said shyly. “This will be fun!”

She pulled over a footstool and sat in front of me. I relaxed and began stroking myself faster as I admired her. She seemed fascinated by my technique and leaned in close to watch as beads of pre-cum leaked out. Between licking her pussy and staring at her now, my orgasm came quickly. I had just started to peak when Em reached between her legs and plunged two fingers into her vagina. Just seeing this pushed me over the edge, and my cock began spewing weak streams of semen onto the floor. It was a small orgasm, but pleasurable all the same.

We spooned on the sofa for a bit before heading off to bed, where we both slept soundly after a full day of fucking and playing. The summer had just begun and it already was the best one of my life. I was happy that we still had plenty of time to do even more.


It was Sunday morning and Em and I had just made love. The bedroom’s sliding doors facing the ocean were open, and the gauzy white curtains billowed from the breeze passing through the house. Em was sitting cross-legged on the bed as I reclined on my side facing her. She was brushing her hair and I was content just to admire her physique. It was my rest day from swimming and I was contemplating getting up to make us some coffee when Em’s cell phone buzzed. I saw her look at the display and answer it as if on autopilot. She pressed the button, not fully realizing she was accepting a video chat call.

“Oh, hi, Mom,” she said breezily. “I wasn’t expecting a call today.”

I froze, a cold clench gripping my gut. Kate could see Em and the surrounding room, and I dared not make any movement that might disturb the bed covers. I don’t think Em immediately recognized the danger.

From the speaker, I heard, “Hi, baby, sorry to call so early. Looks like you’re still in bed? And are you naked?” Kate said, with her voice rising an octave.

I saw Em’s eyes widen at the realization that her mom could see her and that I was lying completely naked next to her. She shifted her body slightly so that the camera pointed more towards the billowing curtains.

“Uh, it’s not that early here,” Em replied as she pulled the sheet up to cover her nudity. I just woke up and was enjoying the cool ocean breezes, as you can see behind me.”

“Yes, it looks lovely,” Kate replied. “But why are you naked? Have you been sleeping in the nude at your Uncle’s house?”

I saw Em swallow as she formulated a reply. “Only sometimes, Mom. It’s no big deal. Uncle Steve likes to open all the doors and windows at night, but sometimes it can be hot and sticky. So, once in a while, I sleep without my nightshirt just to be more comfortable. It’s not like anyone can see me.”

“Well, I understand,” Kate replied. “But I’m not sure it’s a proper way for a young girl to act when staying in a man’s house, even if he is your Uncle.”

“Mom!” Em said with exasperation, I’m going to be seventeen soon, I’m not a young girl anymore. Anyway, was there a reason you called this early?”

“Stop trying to grow up so quickly,” Kate admonished. “Enjoy being young while you can. But enough of the lecture. I just called to say that I’m traveling for my job next week and won’t be easily reachable. But if you do need to call, use my work cell number, okay?”

“Sure, Mom, okay. I love you and hope you have a good trip.”

They chatted for a while and then said their goodbyes as Em hit disconnect on her phone. I saw a wave of relief pass through her at the realization of what could have happened. We both had gotten careless and needed to pay better attention. Easing myself out of bed, I left to go make the coffee we both desperately needed.

We spent a lazy day just resting and enjoying each other’s company. Em had taken to sunbathing in the nude now because she was determined to eliminate her tan lines. The stone walls surrounding the patio were high enough to shield her from any prying eyes walking the beach, but it left me with a perpetual hard-on whenever I joined her outside. I guess there are worse things in life.

That afternoon, I fired up the grill and cooked some tuna steaks for our dinner. Em made a big salad and roasted some garlic potatoes and we had a mini-feast outside. As we ate I could see dark clouds building on the horizon and by the time we had cleaned up the rainstorm had arrived. It rained most of the night and later in bed, we were both lulled to sleep by the gurgle of rain in the gutters and the low grumble of distant thunder.


For most of the week, Em joined me on my morning swim. She was a quick learner and could easily do four miles now. My new book was moving along well with me knocking out ten, sometimes fifteen pages a day. At this rate, I would have the first draft ready by September. Em, for her part, was doing her best to distract me. For some of my outside writing time, Emma would tan sans swimsuit and would ask me every hour or two to help her apply sunscreen. These ten-minute breaks to slather lotion over her back, legs, and sexy ass were enjoyable respites that I believe helped fuel my writing.

I would have loved to kiss her and fondle her during these breaks, but we had to keep our relationship private. While no one on the beach could see us, a few of the neighboring houses were tall enough that we’d be visible from the upper windows. Em had gotten comfortable with public nudity, but we had to be careful.

This pretty much became our weekly routine that summer. I wrote all week while Em sunbathed, or walked the beach. She’d started jogging on the days she didn’t swim with me, determined to keep herself conditioned for school sports in the fall. She even managed to read a few books from my library on the days the weather drove us indoors. It was a wonderful summer and I was ecstatic that Em was part of it.

Some nights or weekends we would visit the surrounding towns to experience the various dining options or to walk through the endless array of shops. Aruba has some wonderful downtown areas and we tried to visit as many as possible. A few times we hit touristy areas to walk the boardwalks and enjoy the amusement rides. Em loved roller coasters and she dragged me onto every single one. I hadn’t had that much fun since I was in high school.

I rented the cabin cruiser a few more times during her stay and we visited many of the locations I had discovered when I’d first arrived. For me, the most memorable excursion was in late August, just as our time together was coming to an end. I had saved this trip for last because it offered some unusual scenery and allowed an opportunity for us to explore. My timing was fortuitous as after nearly three months together, Em was getting a little restless and we both felt the stress of the looming separation.

It was Saturday, a few days before Em’s flight back home. We had expected Kate to be with us, but she never did break free from her work. And as much as I would have loved to see my sister, part of me was happy to have Emma all to myself for a few extra days. As before, we drove to the marina and carried our supplies to the rented cabin cruiser.

As soon as we were motoring away from the dock, Em stripped off her street clothes, revealing the last of her new bikini purchases. I had seen her in many swimsuits over the summer, some revealing, some formfitting, but all gorgeous on her. And this suit was no exception. It was a simple triangle bikini in sea foam green with knotted bows at her hips, neck, and back. The fabric had a ribbed texture and conformed perfectly to her curves. Against her dark brown tan, she looked stunning.

Today’s trip was the longest yet, requiring nearly two hours to reach the cove. I was glad we had left extra early so that we’d have plenty of time to enjoy one of our last days together. Today’s picnic basket featured some real treats and I’d even secreted a bottle of champagne away in the cooler. I wanted to celebrate the summer and how Em had made it the best one of my life.

As we arrived, we were able to tie off close to the deserted beach. Someone long ago had sunken fat mooring posts near one end of the beach and we anchored there. Emma and I floated the insulated coolers to the shore and I set up a big umbrella in the sand for shade. We were all set for our big adventure.

We spent the next several hours climbing rocks and walking through all sorts of unusual vegetation. I showed her a large freshwater pool formed from runoff from the higher elevations and we swam in the clean, crystalline waters. The pool was cool, almost chilly, and felt wonderful on our sun-baked skin. But as enjoyable as it was, I still had one more site left to show her.

As we sat on the edge of the pond allowing the sun to dry us, I said, “Em, I wanted today to be special and I hope you’re happy with the location I chose. I have one more surprise to show you before we break for lunch.”

Em was sitting with her feet in the pond, slowly moving them back and forth. Tiny wavelets radiated from her legs, eventually splashing against the far end of the rocky pool. She gave me a big smile and said, “This place is simply beautiful. The landscape is different and this pool is so damn clear and pretty. But honestly, just being together and having you all to myself is all that I needed.”

I pulled her close and kissed her, savoring the softness of her lips on mine. She felt good in my arms as I ran my fingers down her bare back. I was trying to imprint the feel of her in my brain so that I could remember her once I was alone again. This threatened to make the moment sad so I pulled myself together, got up, and took her hand.

“Let’s get moving, it’s only about a half-mile to the caves.”

“Caves?” I heard her ask as we walked down the foot-worn path.

The path curved and twisted as we descended back to sea level. After about fifteen minutes, I saw the entrance and pointed it out to Em.

“See that opening?” I said. “It’s about ten feet wide, and the cave goes back about a hundred feet.”

“And other than a big dark hole, what’s there to see?” she asked, seemingly unconvinced this was going to be enjoyable.

I took her hand and guided her to the entrance. From where we stood, the cave seemed dark, just as she expected. And the floor was littered with sand and bits of seashells. Certainly, nothing that seemed inviting.

“Uh, I don’t know about this,” she said in a low voice. “Looks a little spooky. And there might be bats or God knows what else.”

“Trust me,” I replied. It’s dark in the beginning, but then improves as we get farther inside.

“Kay,” she said softly.

I led us inside, feeling the gritty shell pieces on our bare feet. Five feet inside, it was very dark and we paused to let our eyes adjust.

“It’s hard to see from here, but in a few more feet there is a twist to the cave and then it opens up into a wonderful space. I think you’ll love it!”

Holding her hand, we walked carefully towards the left, where I knew the cave descended and then twisted back on itself. As we rounded the bend, we stepped down into a chamber that was huge, easily fifty feet across. The ceiling towered over us and was partially open to the sky, allowing sunlight to flood the interior. Immediately we could feel the air temperature rise as we moved from shadow to light and the humidity, already high to begin with, ratcheted up a few notches.

All this was visually stunning enough, but what really caught the eye was the large pool of sunlit seawater near the center of the space. The pool was calm, though you could see the water level rise and fall slightly in synchronicity with the waves in the cove. The water level was about a foot below the floor of the chamber, but would rise steadily on the incoming tide. Eventually, the entire floor of the chamber would be underwater, though not deep enough to be a risk.

“Holy, crap!” I heard Em exclaim. “This is fucking beautiful! I don’t know what I was expecting, but this certainly wasn’t it. Can we swim in there?”

I laughed at her glee and said, “Yeah, we can swim. See the far side where the floor slopes down towards the pool? We can use that to get in and out.”

“Look! The water is moving, but there’s no wind in here.” She said.

“Best I can figure,” I began, “is that the bottom of the pool is open to the seawater in the cove and as the waves roll in the surface bounces. I’ve been here enough time to see how the water level rises and falls as the tides change.”

We walked to the slope and dipped our toes in the water. It felt as warm as the cove and seemed very inviting.

“One thing to watch out for. Parts of the pool edges are a bit rough, especially at the far end. But the half where we are standing seems smooth. I guess the moving water over thousands of years has worn away most of the roughness.”

I stepped behind her and took her in my arms. I nuzzled her neck and kissed my way down to the vee between her breasts. She moaned, pressing her firm ass against my cock and massaging it.

“We can skinny-dip here,” I whispered as I untied her bikini bra.

I helped her remove it and she turned to face me. With one swift motion, she pulled my trunks to my feet and I kicked them aside. My cock stuck straight out, nearly poking her belly. She took me in her warm hand as I tugged her bikini bottoms down her legs. I kissed her again and helped her kick her swimsuit aside to join mine.

Turning, I dove into the water and then surfaced quickly to help Em into the pool. I needn't have bothered. My eyes caught a blur of naked beauty, followed by a soft splash as Em joined me. The water felt wonderful after the heat of the chamber and we swam and frolicked in the sparkling, sunlit pool. The seawater was a crystal clear shade of azure and it was easy to see everything underneath the surface. This included my beautiful, sexy, and very naked niece. Soon we were locked in an embrace, kissing and fondling each other, desperate to make every second count.

Em was straddling my erection and we both enjoyed the sensation of floating as the movement of the water allowed my stiff shaft to rub against her sensitive pussy. As we kissed, I massaged her breasts, feeling the rubbery peaks of her nipples graze my palms. We were both getting more excited and knew we needed to do more.

“Can we fuck in the water?” Em asked in a voice tinged with lust. “It seems like it would be very different.”

“Yes, we can and I prepared for this.’

I maneuvered us to the pool’s edge and I grabbed the small canvas bag I’d brought with us. Among the sunscreen and first aid supplies was a small tube of waterproof lubricant. I squirted a large glob onto my hand and reached underwater to coat my cock. Then I squeezed a glob on my fingers and reached between Em’s legs so I could apply lube to her vagina. It would have been better to do this out of the water, but I was too eager to delay.

“Nice,” she whispered as my lubed fingers pushed into her vagina.

With my back against the sloped edge of the pool, I lifted Em and positioned her over my cock. Since we were floating, the moving water made it tricky to line things up, so Em reached down and helped guide me to her secret place. As I felt my cockhead touch her vagina, I lowered her body, feeling my shaft slide easily inside her tight warmth. After months of fucking, Em’s vagina had adapted to my girth and now with the ample application of lube, I was able to sink completely inside her in a single motion.

I paused, allowing Em a minute to get used to my rigid cock inside her snug vault. I wrapped her in my arms and kissed her, enjoying the sensation of our intertwined tongues. I had both hands holding her ass as I squeezed our groins tightly together. As we floated in the moving water, I could feel my cock making tiny movements in and out of her vagina, which created a maddeningly erotic tingle for both of us.

“My God, this feels good,” Em murmured.” I feel weightless in the water, and your cock is tickling me in a deliciously painful way.”

Holding her close, I began a slow thrust, feeling her velvet tunnel caress my aching cock. This movement caused us to bob in the water, but I was able to use one foot against the side of the pool to keep us in place. The sensation of making love to her surrounded by warm water and brilliant sunshine made this experience like no other. I stayed deep inside her, using shallow thrusts to make sure we didn’t drift too far. It took only a few minutes for Em to have her first orgasm, and I loved feeling her body shudder in my arms as her vagina squeezed me even more tightly.

“Ooh, that was so wonderful,” she cooed as I continued to push into her. “My entire body shivered even though I’m submerged in warmth. I’ll have to remember this trick!”

“Let me try something else,” I grunted as I began moving my cock more quickly.

I reached behind her and used a finger to get some lube clinging to her pussy lips. Then I moved upwards and pressed the fingertip against her rosebud. Recently, we had introduced anal finger play into our sex games and Em was still undecided about whether she liked it. I saw her eyes widen as my finger slipped into her anus.

“Oh! That feels interesting. Not bad necessarily, just different.”

“Let me know if I should stop,” I said as I pushed my finger fully inside her ass.

The dual sensations of my cock and my finger were positively affecting my young lover. She had her eyes closed and had begun thrusting her hips back at me. Her lips were slightly parted and I took the opportunity to kiss her. All this extra movement was making it harder to hold us in place and we started to drift towards the center of the pool.

I could feel my orgasm peaking and since we were floating in the middle of the pool, I leaned back and thrust as deeply as I could into her pussy, feeling my glans bump the rubbery ring of her cervix. My cock erupted as an enormous jet of semen blasted her vagina, and my balls clenched as they were sucked dry. Em’s second orgasm hit hard as she felt my cock squirting inside her and her body went rigid. I could feel her vagina spasming around my cock as if it were trying to drain every drop of my seed. As we both climaxed, it was getting more difficult to float, but I managed to keep both our heads above water as our orgasms washed over us.

Then, far too quickly, it was over. My semi-rigid cock slipped out of her and after the heat of her vagina, the water felt cold and uncomfortable on my shaft. We tread water and held each other, kissing as we held on to our post-coital glow. I knew that one day when I looked back at my life, this moment would rank among the best.

“Uncle Steve,” Emma said softly. “I know when I started this trip, my goal was just a summer fling. But as crazy as it sounds, it seems to have become so much more. I think I’ve fallen in love with you and now, I’m scared as to what that means. Please don't be angry with me!”

My heart ached at her words. She looked so frightened and vulnerable that I had to tread carefully with her.

“Em, Emma, this time with you has been the best of my life, without exception. You are smart and confident, and so achingly beautiful that my brain has trouble absorbing your essence. I’ve been terrified to admit this, but I am so deep down the rabbit hole in love with you that I worry how I’ll survive after you leave.”

Em’s face lit up in the most brilliant smile I’d ever seen. Even though it was an impossible situation, just the acknowledgment that we both loved each other romantically was enough validation for now. We could have talked for hours, but instead, I felt this was a good time to head back to the beach.

“Listen, this is an enormous topic and one that we can’t solve here. Let’s make our way back to the beach so we can have lunch.”

We swam back to the sloped edge of the pool, noting that the water level had risen substantially during our visit. We quickly donned our swimsuits and I guided her out of the cave and back into the brilliant sunshine. From where we stood, it was now quicker to swim back to the beach, as it was a mere quarter-mile around the edge of the cove.

Minutes later we were back at our beach and everything was as we had left it. I repositioned the umbrella and cracked open the coolers. I had ordered a special treat and for the next hour, we feasted on chilled lobster with an assortment of fresh salads and fruits. I also pulled out the hidden bottle of champagne and two plastic champagne flutes. I filled a glass for each of us and handed one to Em.

“Wow, how fancy!” she laughed. “Is this a special occasion?”

“When I planned today’s trip, I wanted to celebrate our wonderful summer together and toast your visit with a bottle of Dom. I knew I was going to miss you dearly and wanted today to be special.” I took a moment to compose myself, not wanting my voice to fail as I said the next part. “But after making love in the pool and hearing that you feel the same about me as I do for you, the day has taken on new significance. I love you with all my being, even though I know what we both want isn’t possible. It’s not legal and not safe for any child we may conceive. Plus, it would destroy my relationship with my sister, your mother.”

Hearing my words, she looked devastated. As if she’d expected me to whip up a miracle to make our relationship possible. I had been agonizing about this for weeks and even had an idea or two, but nothing like a real solution. Which made her sadness all the more impacting.

“Everything you say makes sense in my head!” she spat back at me. “But nothing you’ve said makes sense in my heart. There has to be some way to allow this to happen.”

I moved to sit next to her and took her in my arms. We cuddled for a long while as she wept silently into my shoulder. Finally, she calmed and we were able to pack up our things and head back to the marina. As much as I’d wanted today to be the highlight of her visit, I’d managed to screw it up and make it one of the saddest.

Back at home, we both took showers and got dressed. I planned to relax on the patio, though I was unsure if Em would join me. I was halfway through my beer when Em padded out onto the patio. She was barefoot, wearing a simple pair of pink shorts with an oversized white t-shirt. It was a comfortable-looking outfit and, of course, looked cute on her.

“Feeling any better?” I asked softly. “I’m sorry if I upset you earlier today. I wanted our day to be so memorable, but now it is for the wrong reasons.”

“I’m okay,” she replied. “I understand all the rules and laws and blah blah blah. But it doesn’t mean I can’t be mad at the world about it.”

“Well, I do have an idea, but it requires great patience and still doesn’t guarantee it won’t all blow up at some point. And the odds tell me that even if we try it, the possibility of success is close to zero.”

I saw her perk up as if I’d thrown her a lifeline. “Tell me your plan,” she ordered.

“Okay, remember this is just an idea. Simple to say, but so very difficult to achieve.”

“Stop stalling and just spit it out,” she groused.

I took a deep breath and said, “My plan is that I rent this house again next near and you spend the summer with me again. Then we do it again the summer after and the summer after that, and so on until you graduate from college. It doesn’t always have to be this house or even Aruba, each year can be a different exotic location.”

I saw the wheels turning, but could tell she was still unsure as to how this made any difference.

“Okay,” she said slowly, but you’re talking many years for this plan. And how does it change anything?”

“Ultimately, it doesn’t change anything legally or ethically. But it does show us both if our relationship can survive long periods of absence. For example, anywhere along the way, you could meet a guy at school who sweeps you off your feet and this would all end.”

She chewed on my comment and said, “Yeah, I can see how that would work. And the same would go for you if you found someone else.”

“Yes, true,” I admitted. “Though at my age, I’m more assured about the kind of woman I love.”

“So assuming we do this and we make it to graduation, then what?”

“Then it gets tricky,” I admitted. “We could never be legally married, but we could live together. We could never have our own children, but we could adopt or even use a sperm donor so you could experience giving birth. Other than your Mom, we have no other family so it would be easy to fly under the radar.”

“Yeah, but what about Mom? She’d never accept this, would she?”

“Probably not, but it’s hard to say. Maybe if we showed her our commitment and years of togetherness, she might consider it. But frankly, I feel that’s a problem better left for the future. Considering the likelihood of failure along the way, why worry about your Mom now?”

I saw her smile and then with no warning she burst into tears. I got up and hugged her tightly, feeling her small frame tremble against me. I gently rubbed her back as I felt the warmth of her tears soak my shirt. As she calmed, she explained through her sobs that she was crying with relief that there was a path forward, even if it was risky.

And that, dear readers, is how we left things. We spent our final days together making love and touching and kissing as much as possible. I put my book on hold that last week and spent every second with her.

On that sad, final day, I drove her to the airport and waited with her as long as I could. She texted me as soon as she was seated and then she was gone. I watched as her plane arced into the bright blue sky before trudging back to my car and making the sad, lonely drive back home.

I stayed in Aruba until the end of September finishing my first draft. I sent it off to my publisher for review and started packing for my trip back to the states. Emma had already sent me dozens of texts showing me all the activities in her young life and I was happy to see that she was happy. My heart ached with the separation, but I had to push that aside. Now all I had to do was survive the year and hope that Emma would still want me next summer.


Thank you for reading my story of family romance. Perhaps, one day, we will find out what happened the following summer…


2022-08-03 11:34:49
Superb, wonderful story. I can see this will be a series I hope for a part three, but will still enjoy re-reading parts one and two.
The totally reality ending was the clincher in a well told, correct grammar, fantastic tale.
One of the best stories here.

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