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Lisa is taken further
Letter No 2

August 2012

Your wife and me

So your wife came to me the other night, when I opened my front door there she was, in just those black high stilettos with the 6” heels she can barely walk in and hold up black stockings and that black neck choker with the silver words ‘sex slut’ on it, exactly as I commanded her 30 minutes earlier, when she phoned me!

I think maybe she ought to start wearing that outfit around your house maybe one day a week; now that would be fun. I suggested this last year, but now I think she will accept doing it, if put to her, because she is now on the verge of inviting one of your sons over here when she is having a session. I say this because for a couple of months now I have been daring her to phone back home when only your sons are there, I’ve only done so when it’s been just me and her, and at first she said no, but then on her last visit here, she actually did phone back to the house, I said she had to let it ring for a whole minute, neither one picked up. She was trembling somewhat, a mixture of excitement and maybe fear. I had an electric vibrator on her clit at the time and she was gushing. Each time it is just her and me I will get her to do this and at some point one of them will pick up!

I think this dare for her is rather like when you first had her playing an exhibitionist and flasher in the park; she told me at first she was dead nervous just being topless and then that changed slowly to the point where she wanted to be caught. I’ve never told her how I first saw you two and her stripping off bits of clothing as you wandered around, till the point one day she was naked for about 2 minutes and that quickly grew to 10 minutes or more and then when you saw me and told her to undress immediately knowing full well I was watching.

More about this at the end.


Her makeup is light but tastefully applied. But you knew that because you watched her get ready and saw her walk across. I now know that as I suggested, she leaves you naked with a hard on tied to a chair till she gets home, so you are there thinking about what your beautiful wife is dong for me. She is meant to confess all to you when she returns and have you lick her clean, but I wonder if she confesses everything, or is she too embarrassed by how much she enjoys this nasty fun? I have wondered and I can’t obviously ask her; do you tell her to call me to make these dates or if it is her own choice, my feeling is it is her choice. Do you know how well she is into the K9 fun now, yes I know you’ve been here on about 6 occasions when she’s played, but do you know she’d done maybe another 20 sessions in the last 6 months.

As always the first thing we do is kiss. Your wife is such a passionate kisser and it gives me a chance to feel the hardness of her nipples and wetness of her pussy, I know her arousal is started by the preparations and the exhibitionism of coming to me like this. I always leave the door open and the lights on in the hallway as we kiss in case you or someone else can see. After our kiss we move inside and close the door. Inside she unbuttons my shirt and pulls it off whilst kissing down my chest, she undoes my trousers, as usual I’m not wearing any underpants and my cock springs free, she kisses her way down, she knows to ignore my cock for the moment, licking my things and pulling the trousers down. I sit in my big chair and I lift my left leg and she kisses my shoe. She has become so much sexier doing this in recent months, she licks the upper leather, before then licking the sole and heel and trying to take as much of the toe into her mouth, then she repeats it all again. At first to make it easier for her I wore near new shoes, now I wear an older pair which I wear to do gardening and walks in the park, so she’s licking off mud and grass and who knows what off them. Then she pulls tem and my socks off that foot and sucks my toes, before repeating it all over again for my next foot.

With my trousers and shoes gone she now licks up my legs. I put my legs up on the chair arms wide, so wide apart so she can get easy access. You know she told me she likes the fact that I don’t wash or shower for a few days before she comes over, now I have her suck my balls I hold my cock while she sucks on my hairy nuts. That felt so good that I started rubbing my cock across her face for about 15 minutes and when I looked down I had slimed her whole face but she never stopped sucking my balls. It felt so good she really likes sucking my balls she said it’s something that you want but she doesn’t do for you.

Now I have her fetch my little bag and I sit more upright in my chair; she kneels in front of me. At first I start pulled and pinching her lovely breasts and nipples, hard making her gasp a little. She holds her hands behind her head as I do this, it’s time to bind them in a rope figure of eight, tight enough to change the colour from that creamy white to a shade of purple, making her nips stand out even more, hard and more sensitive, now when I pull and twist she groans. Next telling her to lean back I take the canes and whips from the bag. Starting slowly I strike each breast with the cane to start with slowly and getting harder with each strike, till her boob judders as the cane hits and a red mark is left. I switch to the small ’cat of nine’ tails after each breast has received about 30 blows and the red and purple is livid. With the cat I strike the upper and underside of her breasts, again about 30 blows to each breast, now her nipples have swollen to almost twice their usual size; but she knows later on I will use these much harder and she will climax time after time, maybe 5 times within a 20 minute period, it will be her calling out, ‘harder’ ‘again’, ‘faster’, till she can take no more.

The next task, is one of her favourites, she kneels upright in front of me, cupping her breasts her engorged nipples beckon me. Taking my ***********ion of pins with bulbous heads, yes these have longer and thicker pins than those of a few months ago when she first tasted one. Taking her right nipple first I push in the 2” pin fully home right at the top of her nipple in the 12 ‘o’clock position, right on the point where her nipple is about to change to creamy white breast, only the bulbous red plastic head is now visible. Eleven more matching pins are now inserted in the same way to form a circle around her nipple. This is all repeated on her left nipple. At each insertion she gives a slight wince, Finally I take the two final pins, big thick 4” pins with black plastic heads, one for each nipple, each goes into her teat right into her breast. As each of these monsters goes in she groans, but no safeword. Now her nipples are almost obscured by plastic.

I get her to put a leg over each arm of the chair, spreading her thighs wide apart, she hold onto the back of the chair for support, my cock is so hard it is nearly touching her pussy, but that is for later. I now put my hand to her pussy she is so wet from arousal, I sink 4 fingers of my right hand into her without any problem, folding my thumb round I push a little a little resistance and my whole fist is inside her she gasps and cums. I slowly push and pull my hand forming a fist or sliding it up deep in her pussy. Lisa cups her breasts, she is actually squeezing and pulling them, I lowered my head to her nipples and I bite and chew, she groans in pleasure. After a few moments, with my teeth I slowly start to bit and pull her nipples into my mouth, she groans in ecstasy. Finally after 10 minutes of this, I pull each pin out slowly with my teeth. You know it sometimes hurts more coming out than going in. she groans some more and cums again. I take out the red ones first, her nips bleed a little as each come out but it’s for a moment only and I suck the blood. Finally as I pull out those two evil black pins last, she bleeds a spurt for 2 or 3 minutes, as each one comes out so she climaxes against my fist. I remove my first wet with her juices; I have her lick them off.

Now we move to the trick I love the best, after a few moments of recover, I nod to her and Lisa gets up and goes fetch my ‘cat’o ’nine tail’ whip again. She now sits in also the same position again, with her legs wide apart on that chair, maybe a bit pushed forward, her vagina is swollen and red, labia lips wide open, I can almost see up her love channel, her labia lips and clit are engorged in arousal, dark red. The first strike I make is right onto her exposed cunt; not very hard, a couple of the strands of the whip hit right inside her channel. She always flinches at the first few strikes, even though they are the softest. I strike out at about once every 15 seconds, getting progressively harder each time, and the 15 seconds allows the effect of the hit to be felt and recede before the next one. By the end of the second minute I am hitting quite hard and she is gasping, not in pain but at the pleasure build up, she is thrusting herself forward and spreading her legs wider, the braids of the cat are hitting her labia both inner and outer and clit, all are swollen and engorged even more now. Your wife is close to a climatic orgasm, but I keep the tempo the same keeping her hanging there in pleasure, I am hitting her harder now and we both know I can keep her on the verge; till she begs me to go harder. We are both breaking a sweat after maybe 6 minutes now and she shrieks ‘harder’; I keep the same flow, till she says ‘please’. At that I lay into her harder and harder, after 4 or 5 thunderous blows, her body starts to shudder and convulse in an orgasm, she cries out as she cums. I strike her a further 6 times as she comes out of it, she shakes her head for me not to, but I still do and she knows I will.

Your wife, her sister and their mother are the ones who I like to pussy whip like this, they each love it and so do I, its magnificent seeing a woman climax this way. I have introduced their mother to a very special cat’o ’nine tail’ whip, it is an extreme whip, it is not soft leather like the one just used, no each strand of the ‘9’ is a hard cord and within each end of that cord is 4 small metal rivets. I use it on the mother one those final strokes. Oh she agrees to it before I start and almost each time she agrees. I use it on her tits and pussy. Your wife and her sister have seen it, I showed it and explained how I would use it, but neither of them has yet to take it out of the cupboard. I’ve watched them both look at it hanging there, in the last year your wife has twice run her hands over it; she did so again tonight, I think she was almost ready to take it up. I won’t force that, she has to pick it up and bring it over.

With her still in a sexual frenzy, I have her kneel in front of me, and now my legs go back up in the air over the arms as far apart as I can go, she knows now to lick my arse out and down she went no hesitation. Her tongue went straight into my arsehole and boy that felt great. She licked all around the crinkly hole and those nasty bristle hairs around my arse. When I know she’s coming over I don’t wipe my arse too well, she’s never paused in her licking. I had her do this for a long time it felt so good. Did you ever think she would suck my arse? Do you get off thinking of her doing that? Maybe you would like to do that for me while she watches?

After she ate my arse out I made her suck my cock. She still gags easily when I push into her throat, but we will work on that, she continued sucking me and she is very good at that now, but I wanted deep throat and pushed her head all the way down to the base and held it there till I started to cum. It was a heavy load so she gagged but swallowed it all and continued sucking because she knew I was going to pee. She still struggles to swallow my pee down if I piss too hard, but I hold her head hard to my body as I let rip. Your wife splutters and chokes as she gulped my urine down, but she is so much more experienced at taking it these days. I could pee gently, let her swallow each gulp, but this is a show of her submission.

When I let her go, her eyes were red from the choking and her makeup is smeared that she looked so pitiful I took her in the bathroom to clean her up, just wash her face a bit; also she has thrown up in the past when I peed too fast. Don’t be concerned, she loves this rough part, when she started to visit me I had given her a safe word to stop play at any time but she has never ever used it and you know whenever she visits me she is wet and ready, eager and willingly to play and she knows most of what is coming, I keep pushing her to see what limit she will go to, but no safeword so far. Of course I took things slowly at first just to see how kinky she’d go and to be frank we’ve moved on to things much further than I’d ever imagined a woman like her would go along with.

As she bent over the sink, that great arse of hers pointing right at me got me hard all over again. With my cock hard again I stuck my cock up her arse no lube, not even any pussy juice on it and boy did she groan. So I started to fuck her really hard and after a few minutes she started fucking me back. Cuck that arse is really tight - do you ever get in it? Well she reached back and started rubbing her pussy but I made her stop and grabbed the toilet brush with its hard plastic bristles and shoved it up her cunt and she went wild. I only lasted a few more minutes with her jerking like a wild woman and came deep in her arse. I know she came off two or three times. I took the brush out and made her be still with my cock still deep in her arse, I managed to piss some more up there. She was moaning and grunting the whole time. I had her get up and step back into the tub and face the wall and hold her arse cheeks open and let everything out for me to see.

After draining her arse I told her to get on the bed and then the doorbell rang. I went to the door and four of my buddies were there I had invited them over to join the fun, this was the first time I’d had them all here with your wife although she in familiar with all of them but previously in ones and twos. They have fucked her pussy and arsehole, pissed on and in her, like all my mates they love watching her play with the dogs. So they know what kind of sexy slut she is. You might have been here with a couple of them I’m not sure.

Like me these guys are in the 50’s and no specimen of manhood except for good endowments. Each guy prior to this night had probably had your wife 4 or 5 times before, so they knew she was a slutty bird. I think they and the other 3 mates who’ve been here with her as well, all think, what is a woman like her doing playing these games with me and them, same applies to the other females friends of yours, I guess.

We went back to check on your wife, she was lying back on the bed, looking delicious, of course she’d expected company but maybe not 4 of them. So I told the guys to undress and come into the bedroom. When they came in and saw her they all got instant hardons and my friends have some rather large cocks and two of them are black guys. Her smile was definitely one of welcome. Without prompting she got up to say ‘hello’ by sinking to her knees and quickly sucking each cock for a minute or so, these guys are all uncut and all knew best to come over unwashed. I had one of my Buds lie on the floor and she immediately position herself over his hard cock and sank her pussy onto it, I told two others to put her hand around their cocks. she wrapped her hand around each of their cocks so I told the last bud with the biggest and black cock (10 or 11 inches) to get up there and she just sucked him into her mouth, like a lolly.

When my Bud started fucking her it didn't take long for her to start bucking her hips in rhythm with him and her mouth really started work on the big black cock in her mouth and wanking slowly the other two cock. Of course they weren’t going to pull on condoms; I wasn’t concerned about any cum in her pussy, but told them they could shoot them cum anywhere. I knew things would become messy, with cum and piss, because all these guys already knew she’s a piss slut from previous sessions, so we moved the action to my bathroom.

The bud in her cunt pulled out and came all up her body and tits the one in her mouth shot down her throat and she started to gag again but held it down this time. I had the other two let her up and had one go sit on the toilet and had my slut get on all fours and suck his cock, while the last bud fucked her arse. My bud getting sucked came too quick and she swallowed it all without gagging.

He got up and she just hung her head over the toilet and got arse fucked. So I handcuffed her around the toilet and he pulled out and came all over the back of her head. One of my buds said he had to go pee, knowing she was a piss pot. So he went in and started pissing on her face, into her eyes and she drank a lot of it down, some dripped into the bowl, but Lisa never said no. Each friend took a turn and her face was a mixture of tears, piss, and eye make-up.

After all four of my friends had pissed across Lisa’s hair, face, eyes and a lot of pee into her mouth, some still splashed in and around the toilet I made her lick the seat clean again. Then I asked her if she wanted to say the safe word and she meekly said, “No sir, no I will not say it”.

So I told the guys to watch what I do. with Lisa chained with her back to the toilet I stood over her and shat all over her breasts and I asked her again if she wanted to say her safe word and she shook her head no. So I told her to wipe my arse with her tongue and put my arse in her face and Lisa licked the shit from my arse crack and it felt so good I make her stick her tongue as far up my arse as she could get it. (Oh my cuck! did her tongue up my arse feel like heaven and of course I was loose and she went deep).

I looked up and my buds was just staring and the one with the biggest dick had a raging hard on again so I told them to shit all over her and big dick asked if he could fuck her up the arse, as he was empty (of shit). When Lisa heard that she pleaded please no not that. (Only later did I realised she made no objection to my directions to my Buds to crap over her!). Not hearing the safe word I told him to go ahead and fuck her arse good and hard; while he used her pussy juice as lube on his cock and shoved it all the way in. He went in quite easily I thought, he breath caught and she obviously tried to relax. As I said one of my friends buried his cock in her arse, her as she cried a little as he went all in.

Encouraged by me one of the other’s took my position so she could eat his arse out, once he was fully hard again as he was getting up he shat a couple of turds which fell onto her tits and then belly. The next bud to shit on her put his arse right in her face and made her lick his arse clean and Lisa did until the guy passed a huge long turd right into her mouth. I swear she didn’t close her mouth, nor she didn’t move her head away; she could have done both, but no, she let it slide into her mouth; she started gagging, but swallowed it down, seeing her do that the guy shot cum over her belly. The rest of us all got hard again. The buddy in her arse had cum off, and that left one guy who now assumed the position over her face.

So I felt sorry for her and told the other two guys to wipe their asses with her lovely hair. Lisa was having her arse tore up and shit on her body and in her hair and in her mouth. Her eyes were swollen and so blood shot and crying. That big dick pulled out of her arse and put it in her mouth and came down her throat. My bathroom was a mess, so I freed her from chain, and told her to clean up, there were little lumps of shit from me and my buds dropping onto the floor as she got up, she had shit smears on her tits and belly. She knelt and picked up each shit lump in turn; she just popped each one into her mouth and swallowed, then licked at any marks left on the tiled floor. We all just wanked till we shot spraying her face with cum and a few spittle’s of pee.

All the cum and pee mixed with the shit she’d swallowed in the past 30 minutes made her gag again. I let her have a few moments, but she didn’t vomit it up, which surprised me. I told my friends it was time for them to leave; they were sexually exhausted by now anyway. I freed Lisa and helped her up to sit and I rubbed her legs until she got the feeling back in them. She was such a mess and smelled like shit that I told her to stand in the shower told her to shower, whilst she did that I asked her why she hadn’t said the safe word yet.

She looked at me and just smiled and said, “There wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle”

I asked her about the shit play and my friends, she blushed a bit, and said it wasn’t so bad; she just hadn’t been quite prepared for it!

I asked her how many times she came, during the past hours. She looked at me and said ‘So many, it was fab’ anyway maybe she just lost count. But she is one hella of sexy woman.

Of course, the thing is now my mates have experienced scat play with her, they’ll expect to do that on future visits, of course as you already know, they and I expect it of her sister and mother and Nina as you yourself have seen and witnessed and join in on. From what you had told me previously, I honestly hadn’t expected your wife to take this so easily, I seriously think she has experienced this before. I’m really looking forward to using her at least once a week.


As you and Lisa both know your two boys have regularly seen her clad only in just heels and stockings or knee high boots, within your house and they watch when she comes over here dressed with only that on. I like to invite her over here at a time when I know the boys are still up, and/or around the time they go up to bed. Lisa has a love to hate feeling about my continuing to tell her to do this, she has never refused and she is often so very wet afterwards. However she must have done this naked trip across to me at least 50 times by now over the last 2 years, so it needs stepping up. My suggestion is this: in future once she undressed and ready to come over to me, she must go find you wherever you are in the house and kiss you and say bye, before leaving immediately to come to me. It will be entirely your decision as to whether your boys are with you or not!

When she was out of work last year on several occasions when I could get time off or shift work, I came over to your house to play. On maybe on a dozen occasions I left her naked and in bondage on your marital bed. I would leave her in a state of arousal and time my exit before your sons got home from school. Lisa made no protest about this even when she knew what I had in mind. The first times I closed the bedroom door and made escape pretty easy from her bonds, as she didn’t protest I left the bedroom door wide open and increased the effectiveness of her bondage. Not so much as to make it impossible, but difficult and I tried timing things in order for her to be caught out! I tied her up in the garden at least twice and the garage – although that was not very good as the boys would never go in there. I initially stopped the garden one because if she didn’t get free and the boys went into the kitchen or lounge there was no way they wouldn’t see her. Only after the events below did I consider the garden again.

One day on maybe the 9th time, I pretended to leave the house one day with her tied up and wanted to see how long it would take her to struggle free. With the bedroom door wide open, I could see her but I was out of her line of sight, I watched and she didn’t move, then it struck me, ‘she wants them to catch her like this’.

But no, not quite, she waited till she heard the key in the front door, before she twitched a muscle. I was a bit concerned the boys would see me, but they went straight into the kitchen, had they come upstairs they would have found their mother still pretty much struggling to get free. There was just no way either could have missed seeing her! Once she was free, she gathered up all the bondage stuff we had used and put it all away. Thankfully you have a big house, because by then I had ducked into the other bathroom. I watched as she walked out onto the landing wearing just her knee high boots and called out to the boys to see if they were okay. They cried out that they were, had either of them come out into the hallway, she may well have been caught. As it was she stayed there, I think she was counting, must have been a good minute before she went back into the bedroom and pull on a dress, nothing else and went downstairs. I was able to sneak out the front door then.

Naturally I wanted to repeat this and push things further, the above had given me a new insight into Lisa’s attitude. But we could only pursue this game in the afternoons when I was free from work as would be Lisa; she was temping at this time as you know. Over the next 4 weeks I was able to repeat things and push on a bit.

About a fortnight later in similar circumstances to the above, I left her in bondage again in the bedroom. Again there was no protest at all. This time her bondage was at the foot of your bed standing upright with a ball gag in and a blindfold on, I had bound her breasts tight with a rope till they were becoming a shade of light purple, plus I had placed clamps with a few lead weights on her nipples and labia and a spreader bar between her ankles. The blindfold enabled me to observe her more openly. With her hand tied behind her back, she was definitely tied more securely as well and she must have been well aware of this, I did think to make her release impossible, but backed off. Again I left her, but hid myself awaiting the boy’s arrival.

I’d expected to see some movement in her as the front door opened.

But no! If they called out and she didn’t respond (she couldn’t with gag in) would they come looking for her?

Did she not hear their arrival?

Was she going to wait it out till she was found?

Then I heard a third voice (as must have Lisa), because only then did she start to struggle free. This was at least a 5 minute gap. It didn’t take too long to free herself once her hands were free, maybe 5 minutes; there was no frantic effort, steady and calm. Again once free she didn’t grab clothing but collected all the bondage stuff whilst still wearing just her high heels. I watched her walk out into the landing area as before, called down and was responded to by one of them, she waited a half minute then walked a few steps to the head of the stairs, she asked who they’d brought home and waited again after a reply. She looked out towards my house, maybe expecting that I might be looking out to see that she was free. I was willing her to go down further. I could tell the three lads were still in the kitchen. The door of that room was open and they were quite noisy. Had they come out, they would have caught her! She wouldn’t have had a chance to move away unseen. Again she waited maybe 3 minutes, like me listening to their noises, then walked back to the bedroom and pulled on a dress and went downstairs.

The next time maybe 3 weeks later was almost a repeat of the above, except no friend, this time she left her breasts bound tight with the clamps and weights hanging off her erect nipples; again she walked out to the landing and to my amazement she stepped a few steps down the staircase, standing there before she called out to your sons. I did hear a slight ‘break’ in her voice as she spoke. I heard their response and she didn’t immediately turn back, she held there for maybe over a minute. She moved back to the bedroom in no hurry, and left the door wide open, I saw her remove the bondage pieces and massage her breasts and body a bit. She kept looking at the doorway and at first I thought she had seen me, but no she was lingering. She was still in those sexy high heeled boots and again she walked out into the landing and to the top of the stairs, pausing there for maybe a minute, before stepping down maybe 3 or 4 stops. She was now fully exposed in that long window on the staircase; maybe she thought I would be looking out, because she looked across to my house. She held there for 4 minutes or more, with me mentally willing her to go down further.

When I asked her about how things developed after I left her, she said she got free okay each time, if I asked about ‘being caught’ she shrugged, saying she hadn’t been. I told her I’d seem her standing on the stairs, still naked, she coloured a bit, I was playing with her pussy at this time and asked her how close she got to going all the way down the steps, she was wetting up and just said ‘Very’.

So I’m thinking net steps is either:-

Put her in near naked bondage that is almost impossible to wriggle free from and leave her in a room like the lounge where your boys will go in to see TV and or catch her as she tries to get back upstairs, or

On one of her visits to me, have her get ready and then bring one or both of them over with her. She has almost told me that if I command it, she would comply. On the first time I would keep thing quite mild, but of course once she has broken the taboo of bringing one or both over, I will increase the games up to the current level quite quickly.


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