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Dinner out with Victoria and her training continued.

Once again in the shower Victoria is on her knees, cleaning my balls and cock lovingly caressing it followed by the rest of my body. I leave the shower and dry off but this time leave the room and my sweet little fucktoy to finish cleaning herself. Once she is finished she asks,Is there something my Master would like me to wear tonight? I smiled and said please pick out a nice sundress I will be taking you to out to one of my favorite seafood restaurants. I am in the living room waiting as if I stayed in the bedroom we would just end up fucking again. Eventually Victoria comes out stunning as ever in a tight little red sundress. I smile approvingly as she spins in front of me modeling her little dress. Perfect. I say except for two things. No bra, no panties! She laughs playfully and quickly removes both as we are heading for the door. I gave her one more command. TWO!

She quickly bends over places her hands on her knees as requested and I pull out a remote controlled vibrating egg out of my pocket and playfully slip it into her still wet and wanting pussy. Mmmmm It makes me feel full just like you she exclaims! Little does she know it does much more than that.

On the way to the restaurant I tell her she can ask any question she likes about her training. Master how many positions do I need to remember? 10 I reply. Why do you give them numbers? I explain as we move from position to position I want to keep you excited and on the edge of orgasms as much as possible. It is much easier to give you a number so you know exactly what position immediately to move into then to try and explain ruining the moment. She giggles and says it works perfectly. Master I never come down from my high and I love it! Then she asks, Will there ever be anyone else besides you and me? I reply that depends. Depends on what? She asks. Depends on you. She gives me a puzzle look as I continue to explain.

The relationship between a Master and his submissive fuck toy is very special and very deep as they have complete and total trust in each other. You will be my only fuck toy and I will be your only Master. What if I want to show Ashley what we do and let her be a part of our time together? I tell her Ashley will not be my fuck toy. Ashley could however be your pet. As your pet, she will be your responsibility. You will decide if and when she joins us with my permission of course. You will be her Master and she will be your pet. You can only play with your pet with your Masters permission and your Master will play with your pet only when you present her to me. Victoria giggles again and says I love my new role as you're fuck toy and I cannot wait to bring my Master a new pet!

We are now at the restaurant in the parking lot as we get out of the car and meet at the back of the car I say TWO!

Once again Victoria bends over placing her hands on her knees. I take her hands off her knees and put them on the back of the car. From behind I reach around pinching her nipples and then pull my cock out of my pants, placing the tip at the entrance of her slick wet cunt. With her bent over the egg is sitting against her g-spot as my cock slides over the egg and deep in her love tunnel. As her mind is grasping the thought of me fucking her in the parking lot. I turn on the vibrating egg which makes her knees buckle. Oh God oh God! Oh God is all she can say as her legs continue to tremble as I fuck her with three or four hard strokes

I then pull out and say THREE!

Now she is on her knees in her red sundress licking her fresh juices off of my cock. ONE!

Standing in front of me. I kiss her deeply and passionately tasting the mix of juices on her tongue. You are always my fucktoy anywhere and everywhere I tell her. Never assume being in public does not mean I cannot give you a command to satisfy me. You need to trust I will always keep you safe as I have parked in a position that nobody could see what we just did.

Victoria gives me a huge hug and kiss and says Master, I would have never come with you if I didn't completely trust you I will always do as you command.

Once in the restaurant I continue to turn the egg on and off at opportune times. As she is trying to order her dinner I have the egg vibrating and pulsing in her pussy watching her try to keep her composure as the waitress asks what she wants. We both know the waitress knew what was going on between her legs as she gave us both a cute little smile. Sitting next to Victoria as we eat. I continue to slip my hand up under her dress rub her clit and pinch herr hard nipples as she attempts to eat her food quivering and shaking on the verge of an orgasm. As we get up to leave I notice a big pool of her sweet juices on the bench where she was sitting. What should we do about the little mess you left? I asked jokingly? Leave it for the waitress. She says maybe someday she'll be one of my pets! I laugh as my fucktoy has just as naughty of a mind as I do.

Back at home she undresses as soon as she walks through the door and I remove the 1/2-in collar she wore for dinner and replace it with the 2 inck thick leather collar with the D rings.


Giggling she says please Master what is eight? On the bed on your back head hanging off the side so I can bury my cock deep down your throat. Gladly she says as she skips to the bedroom. When I arrive her mouth is open long dark hair hanging to the floor off the side of the bed with her eyes closed. I pinch her nipples as I watch my cock disappear completely down her throat. My balls covering her nose. I fuck her this way for several minutes giving her enough air to breathe before I shove it completely back down her throat once again. Finally satisfied with this position. I tell my little slut NINE!

I now lay down on the bed on my back and say nine is you straddling my face while I eat your sweet little cunt. I lick and suck all of her amazing juices filling my mouth like a sweet dessert. My hands grip her tight ass as I move her around on my face. Muffled as she is now grinding her pussy hard onto my mouth. I say FIVE!

She rolls over onto her back. Pulls her legs wide their hands behind her knees. I take a length of rope slip it through the ring on the cuff on her wrist and pull it down to the corner of the footboard on the bed. Using another length of rope, I do the same with her other wrist, pulling her arms out to the side towards the lower corners of the bed. I now buckle cuffs on her ankles for the first time and again using a length of rope to pull her ankle up towards the headboard and fasten it to the corner of the bed. Again with another cuff and another length of rope I pull her remaining leg up in the air and over towards the corner of the headboard. Her legs are now up on either side of her head towards the far corners of the headboard. Her wrists are holding her body from sliding up as they are tightly bound down to the footboard. This is all about me now as her sweet pussy and ass are both soaking wet waiting to be filled. As a begin twisting and pinching her nipples I drive my cock into her pussy then into her ass back to her pussy and back to her ass over and over. Not fucking her hard and fast but slow and deliberate enjoying every moment. May I come Master I finally hear breaking the thoughts of my own bliss. Yes my love is my reply as I begin to unload in her ass then back in her pussy then back in her ass feeling both holes with my hot seed.

I release the buckles on her cuffs as She curls up in my arms kissing my lips then kissing her way down until she is cleaning my cock with her mouth. May I sleep after I finish with your cock she asks? Yes my love I reply as I drift off to sleep feeling her tongue and her mouth cleaning every drop of our fuck juices off of my cock.
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